The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1933
Page 4
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1933 BLTTHEVILLK. (AMJ OOCM« PAGE flVl < CIASSIHED SECTION Wa nts CLASSIFIED f\DVERTISING INFORMATION Dttly rmt« per Une lor consecutive taierUone: (Five «ver««B w*<Ji to » lint) One time per line lOc I*e times per line per day 08c Three time* per line per d»y We <5U Umei per toe per cUy .. Die Uonth r«U per Itoe ••••"•• Ulnunum cbaife Me Ads ordered lor three or limes »nd 'topped before Lion will be charged for the number of times Uie ad appeared and adjustment ot bill m»de. All ciattHled Advertising copy tubmJtted by persons residing out- •ide ol tbe city must be accom- <j, by cash. Rates may be computed Irom above table. iOOB COW, youus calf- Will I'.freof, and set up their claims; Campbell, Home 2, Clear. Like.| otherwise the same will be for- Itp-k21;cver barred and precluded. Dated tills 8!li day of August, FOR SALE —Four wheel trailer willi bed, suitable for imy purpose. Also 11! foot llglitwclglil lUh- ing bout. Cull W. L Ciuiton ill 163 or 405. 9c-kIO REAL ESTATE 100 acres JO Culliratioii on graded highway. Daily mull, fair iin- picvenu'iit.s, lart'd orchard, tree range. Special burwln. 5600.00 tciins. 4C8 acr-' crt>.» farm, 150 r.cies bo;tc:». •jiae'c. Joe Chapln, Kavenden. Ark. 3pk8-3 1933. It. L. OAINKS. Chancery Court Clerk. Held. Evranl 4: Henderson, Allys. for Plaintiff. Pkotfe -Operator" Turtw ','"*" , l *° >Tf*^«». * Dtuihter of the Hill ?S" Cfl|1 ^ l>u M ^ Illl'i — Tlvlpl 01 niiinbore,"' Mr*, Zion Apostle Fights Voliva SOKORA, Cul. iMugglii'c "wrung Lvim .Llewellyn luis found her idisil vocation lilph un (he bleat. '.vtndswCfl Sonoi'u Pass. 7,000 leet up In llir Sierras. Mrs. Llewellyn spent inosl of her 30-plu.i years training l phone operators In I'orlland, Oi'c., < Weltlilnj; 'only* H' (Blinds^ Mill mmln'lng just a bil moiv Hum live njoli -Alii fcfK'iuls iver iiimmer Binl full months pildlnst nshi-r- tinn. hiiDlere' and vucaltoiibU i'.Uo Ihe Hides, S.OOO lu U.OOO foet ttltl- l-'rci[Ui'iitl}' rldlnp. with Ih* -pick now tnilltt, "I'm ihrougli with uf- nce «ork". I'd crawl Into a hole and Ale, raUwr- t)wn relurn to lie city." •' .- . . ' ASTCHUA, Oiv. iUl'1— In wilh otltei- tlilu«6, eounty tluners believe elcctluu cuaU be tiutMd. At the line also I'ARMS and IKii.cs, easy pay. nieius. Ethel B. Thompson, C.v vuthersville, Mo. BpM-8 Mu'nUnl StUi Out Tret*' MIS90UI,A, Mont. Million young trees (UP)-aevcli be wV out ' in Ijiinii.'d ovor arcus.of the St.' Jot,' 'o*Aler«;wjd «Uwr na' , tional .rprfctii'. of tlorittna northern JeUho, Bl»rilni !8«pt! 20, ] forestry ofliciitls have *nnounccd. - THIS CURIOUS WQRLJ) - POUI/l'UY WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 10-ck-lM Mo responsibility will be taken iar more than one Incorrect ln- .ertion of any classified ad. : Advertising ordered lor Irregu-' lar inscrtious take the one time- rale. FOR RKNT FURNISHED APARTMENT; 81 WALNUT STREET. CALL 313J ll-p-k-18 1'honc 3% or 307 BUSINESS JWRECTOKV" ! THREE ROOM incuts, newly MODERN apart ' decorated. Oic 1 Klrby Drug Co. Also apartment m Kentucky Avc. F. Simon, 164. EXPERT Typewriting and Ad- oing Muuune S luaukenship, Plione W=- 116 E. Hose. Mrs. J. J. Davis—Phoue 421 Registered Spencer Corsetiere -' 1-rigidairc-lWco Only authorized n-igiduirc Delco light service. B. A. office Jhunc B1-rcsld:nce and Miller, 414 ONE or two rooms on North Railroad strtct, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Ncwr. MICE LA11GB bedrooms. Itt. 31(J W. Walnut. TWO NICELY Furnished Bed- roouis. 1017 Walnut. Mrs.. Kd Hardln. • ^lc L. (i. Muss Blythcrille's cut rate undtrlakcr^ BARBER SHOP Glow*' Sb M np«B_Btop i Djndn.II MODERN furnished apartment. Good location. Oall 135. BonclUa Missagcs Tone Up the Face FOR RKNT-Fui . Broadway Barter Sh°P, 205 Dcujan. LigliLhousekceplng Rooms, furnished, with private bath. 1030 West Walnut street. . 16ck!3 •—Furnished Apartment. ICck'S k8-l« CLEAN ESS. TAILORS Modern Cleaning & Laundering First Class Storage 171 l-ck-8-n Store Your Winter With BljIutviSlc Garments Laundry Attractive bedrooms lor young men, .518 W. Main. Call 309. WANTED TO REN1 TWO Furnished Rooms, must be' reasonable. Call Virgil Shepherd at 306. tf d h ,1 Let us CLEAN and IMAMEHS. Pho_nc_180. 12efc9-» SPORTING GOODS ; WANTED TO HUY _|^|_^ UjIGHEST PRICES.paid for tires, "-^ • irtncr" tubes, iron, metals, m££- :ines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf nan, 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 8-ck-9-8 are INQUIRE "about our Golf Ball Sale —you will be surprised at the ofter. Hubbard Hdw. Co.^ ^ AUTOMOTIVE SALESMEN WANTED EXPERIENCED man or woman with car lo handle quick selling product here. Hall Sisters Shoppe. 31ck31 MISCELLANEOUS Have that broken gluw installed In your car while you wait. W6 cut *rd Install class In any make car. Shoust-Littk Chevrolet Cu. 8-U-. k9-l RUSSELL ANDERSON In ctar;c Chryskr Garage New Van Norman Borin; Machine Work Guaranteed - - Phone 888 fiet us paint your car before fall. Prices arc still reasonable on painting and body repairing. Wrecked cars our specialty. Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l Auto ,\II Kinds The Ark-Mo installed Co. 10-ck-O-lO /\n Notice, (lii)sc uning Bankrupt Sales Co.. pltasc call and pay same Gr;md leader. Aaron Ro:>cntliii1 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE Notice is hereby given . that a suit has tins day been filed in the Chancery Court for the Chicka- M District of Mississippi Co:m- ty, Arkansas, by J. Nick Thomas against Clyde Robinson: Ada nnb- i;!60ii; Mrs. O. W. Miller; Mrs. Lr.e Richardson; Mrs. Paul Elam; Tom Miller; Mary Phillips Robinson and Mrs. C. D. Elam, by which said plaintiff seeks to quiet and «r- lirm his title to the East Fifteen I acres ol Ihe North Hall of tlie North Half of the Southeast Qua-. 1 Bad circulation may injure your ter of Section Ten (10) in Torn- molor. -We'll put your radiator rhip Fifteen Ho) North. Rung-.In shape for a small amount. We repair any make of radiator. Shousc-LMle Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phene 66 2c t9-' B/.TTER1ES NEW FORD BATTERIES RenUl-Rccharging-Rcpairin; 117 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24c 1:8^4 H your battery is -weak call 633 for quick battery service. We Mil New sud Rebuilt Batteries. Sliouse-LUIle Chevrolet Co. 8-lc k9-l IMPLEMENTS' C'arlaad at Wagons Get Our Friees tint BjrnDi rmtict C*. Across Fr»m f»»4<>aic*. 21c k2i FOR SALE VOR BALE — Eteclrlo Teakettle, like new, cheap. Phone 930. tf. FOR SALE CHEAP—5 room house on Kentucky Avc.. or will trade lor properly in Caruthcrsville or Haytl. Mo. Sec J. W. Bader, Dly- theville or Gallic Galnes. Caruth' ' »1> k17 FOR SA1* 1 Safe. H40 Lbs, 175 (Caryl J Safe. GOO Lbs. $50 (Reliable) FOB my store. Pe.rfecl Condilion BURKE HARDWARE'CO. He k21 Eleven '(111 East, in County, Arkansas. plainlifl particularly seeks .set aside, as constituting a i.pon nis title, the following matters. to-v;il: Decree of Chnnccry Court, rendered May 10, 1033. in case number 5035, styled Mary Phillips Robinson, plaintiff, versus Clyde Robinson and the defendants • above named except Mrs. C. D. Elarn, which Is're- corded in Book II, at page 190. of the records of the above named court. H<iiort of sale submitted by il. L. Gaines, as commissioner of said court under the above decree, showing a sale lo Mi's. C. D. Elam of the East 71-j acres of the lands above described, under date of June 27, 1033. which is on file in the office oi the clerk of said court but not recorded. Commissioner's deed from R. L. Gaines, Commissioner, to Mrs. C. D. Elam, attempting to convey Jitc lands' last above described, which • deed Is dated June 27, 1933, and Is on file in the office of the clerk of the above named court, but Is not recorded. Order of the above com I, dated June 27, 1033, approving the above mentioned commissioner's deed, which is on file in the olficc of the clerk of the above named cowl, but is not recorded. All parties having or claiming lo have any interest In ot to th« properly first above described, are warned to williln six appear In said court weeks alter (he date breaking trail, fording loy, ml In UH McGregor pre<|nct al un CiUinatnl coot OUH BOARDING HOUSE TREE KUCVCO1D THH SWQQLOS 'OLP65T LFVIN6 7H1NQ/ ITS ASC ISEJT1MATEO TO KNOT UBSSTHAN 4000 'TON fAV WORD ft— TU£ W«£ SPtOtS ^ EGAD A. PA.IR t IJET'S stfe A WATEU MUD SNIPES Z-^-AH NVt.tF \ MY B\«0 NET TO SNAJ?E: THOSE STUPID - LOOKING CR£ ATUUES VORSCfrAE. ZOO AVIARY 2 ~~TU& "DUMBE-ST Of- THE ^EAWEUtO VAMliy I YES -• AND "SILLIER THAN LOONS J &ET 0UT SO YOU CAN WALLOW SNORT VWVWEV WE WANTT TO TOO, TH' WATER LE.VE\- VALPARAISO, CHILE, WHICH IS StVERAL HUNDRED AMLES FARTHER. AXJTH THAN BfOOf JtAN£/AO, LAND AAAAAA\ALS AND BIRDS HAD THEIR ORIGIN AS LAND REPTILES, AND THE REPTILES SPRANG FROM AMPHIBIAN STOCK, WHICH MAO FISH FOR ANCESTORS. N'; iiuovci Gk*mi f tlie. religious inurement centering at Zlon, Ml., und is f L'cr|iieiilly incn- lioaed :is Voliva's sure Neal is iireacliiiiE i" Chicago la : defiance ot V0liv»'« orders, ^ WITH Llm permission of Hie Mexican Ministry ol Agriculture, tor-,. Inns hnve iH'cn iimtle of n near (lie aiaiil Ti'ile tree. Tlio ring tomil of this intw shows ii.s ugi' lo Uc aboui ui. thousand years, and. by comrmrlng It.v size with tliul of (liu Tule tree, tlie latter could Hardly bu less Innn 40tiO years old. ' NKXT: Arc (.arc white .cnlls ever licrn? THK I'OOH HSH! BOOTS AND HKH BUHDIKS • HLC.V. s. PAT. Of r 'o«» "Y r WASH TUBBS TCRRWE UPl HtS IAMOS », TERRIFIC. 1RVIN& HOOK. HE'S UP AGWH, LtFT. T»10 MEN COMBKT. SU1&. VERSUS ACROSS THE BLISTERING DECK — GOU61M&« KICKING, SUUfe-lNt. ONES W HIM M*P GETS TVW HEfcUS PLANTC5 IS HI'S JUST WHAT so HUNCH<S \ COULD ft f3f\L<=- Op HftS 1 0 To T, CHUCK 1 . LUMCH . j V'tA LGftDIM 1 SP, Tc oKl FEED DEPOT *NT> HJS FRIENDS KIDOIM' MUTHIM' ! ! THAT'S STRAIGHT.... WHY, WAIXIW' RACK BED? rVWlAT /FBOt/l THAT HIKE. VOU ySHETALXfeD A BOUT- WAS •THikK-SO? s/ A SWEET BOY YOU WERt \VI<Y DID 6HE H'>V£ TO 6E. UP Hr.RC. 'THE Sft TIME WE ^RE ? SHUCKSM DOfT KMOW IT,-BUT FEEL TH1&' WA.Y AB/5UT PRETTY - HOW YOU HiO yjCH YEAH...AM' KJOT *, WORD ABOUT ME?

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