The Times from London,  on October 13, 1885 · Page 11
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The Times from London, · Page 11

London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1885
Page 11
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Woodsy Kveninf. ' There is do ehartx - . In th eooditlon ot the Newer Markr, which raneins Inactive, Mid rather re in tendency. A further trifling decline ha recurred in the chirps for loan for the day mod in th quotation for tbe disoorat of thro month' fcenk rrcr. For several lava the import of cold nave exewdod th experts of the metal, And so m that condition of thing ontrnuce the nine of montr will reobfthlr ctre way little br little under the influence of the incroMing com w ution lor bills. There Is a very ample margin Mtwi the rate at which money can be bor - rewvd and that at which bill can be obtained. TV risk of letting Abe bill rate down it growing lee ad losa, in aopearanoe at any rate, aa the eeaeon advance, ana the mere fear that adrereo forcicn rtcSmnp may raddenly lead to shipments of bnl - iioa i never onoofh to stop a decline in the dls - r ,;';t rate except when the llank a reaerro is very ; a . indMKi. or at ume wnen money U scarce. V e subjoin our usual table : : Vette(r tubal. V. T - ..1 "1"' A ' 'I 1 4ar rwO.U. iataa I wlU - a. I nlha.1 mat er T.r I PUc O llHMl t i in 1 Hn 1H r - e - On the Stock Exchange Trice have bcon a little irrv.ruUr, and business ha beon restricted, owing t iu being the ere of the Fortnightly Settlement, but the tone waa tolerably firm, except in the F irctpj Market,. where the dulncaa which waa tho feature at the end of last week continued to - day. The future course of events In the Eat ia sUll recarded with considerable apprehension, although there waa a report that Germany had made proposals with a view to mottling the Bulgarian question, which had been approved by the other Powers. The wraknesa here was, of course, increased br the continued depression on the Paris Bourse. "The Fund closed a shade above Saturday closing rcieos, in spite of the gloomy aspect of politic. The market for Home Government Securities opened without change from Saturday's quotations, but the tone beoame rather farmer just before the clnee. Consols leaving off at 100$ 100. both for money, and tho November account, a rise of p. ev 'and Beduced Three per Cents, also rose I t W's 4, but New Two - and - - Half per Cents, were a shade easier at &$. Colonial Government Securities were rather dull in tho raoroinp but closed practically at Saturday's prices, ekorrt the Scrip ot the recently issued J ew South Wales llree - and - a - Iialf per Cent, stock, which was firmer at premium. Indian Guar&ntoea Railway stocks were unchanged. The "Homo Railway Market has been steady, with scarcely any business doing. Brighton Deferral stock opened dull at' Vrtt, bat recovered subsequently, owing to tho trafio return being less unfavourable than had been expected, and it closed at 97, a rise of i since Saturday. South - Eastern' Deferrvd rose closing at DC J, after "baring touched 91. The Scotch stocks were also a shade harder at the close, at an advance of about I each, but the ' heaw stocks were scarcely altered. London and forth - Western closed at 162J, and Scrth - Eastem at 152, the latter being lower than on Saturday. The tratfic receipts of tho undermentioned railways for the past week show the following changes when compared with those for tho corresponding period of last year s lucre. South - Eastern, C3H. Decrease. London and Brighton, CLSM. The Canadian Bailway Market opened firmer for Grand Trunk securities, in sympathy with the advance shown in the American department. Operators showed but little inclination to enter into fresh transactions in view of tho Settlement commencing to - morrow, and tho tone remained steady ail day .with but few fluctuations. Finally ,the First reference and Four per Cent. Guaranteed stocks wore about J higher than on Saturday, while the Second Preference fell about t. Canadian Pacific shares were again father inquired for, and closed J higher. . The American Railroad Market has been well supported to - day by purchases both on home and New York account. The solo exception to tho general rise is Philadelphia and Beading " common wi.ich has further rereded j to "J, on an official cableram,irhich we give below, referring to tho pro - cautionary steps taken by thobondholders to provide for the event of a foreclosure being found unavoidable. For the same reason tho General Mortgage bonds have advanced 2J, to 76. The market for Er.e shares, which was so active on Saturday, has been, comparatively quiet, and their price Only rose J to IP". Tho Second Mortgage bonds have ri - a to 77f. Apart from these, the buoyancy was general. There . has been a strong; arbitrage demand for Union Pacific shares at an advance ri 1J. to ZA. Louisville and Nahville shares and Lake Shore advanced 1 each, to 45J and 79J ectively, and there was a rise of about in C uicagoIilwaulceo, and St. Paul shares to 83J. At the meeting cf tho Denver and Bio Grando anare - hrlders to - dy, a report of which will be found elsewhere; the assessment of So per share in exchange for $12 Preferred Stock was confirmed without any opposition. After hours tho market generally continued firm, the ehief feature being the rise - in Wabash Preferred, which advanced to 1 j, and the General Mortgage bonds to 421 riw of each. Th Mexican Railway Company's stocks oponed anil, but closed rather firmer, the Ordinary at 211 1 the First Preference at 751, being a rise of J irt the latter case. Tho stocks of tho Anglo - Arn sican Telegraph Company were in some de - sand, the Preferred rising 1. Pie Foreign 3Iarket has been dull, on tho w?.' lie. for the reasons already mentioned. There was k - .me little inquiry for Egyptf an issues in the t to the news that Sir H. D. Wolff's t i;on U, after all, likely to bo successful to some ex tn ; but tho moderate advarico established in tfi ir prices was. partly lost afterwards, owing to thr weakness in other descriptions. The Unified b ;dse!.scd atC4 3 - lC, a rise off. Tho heaw fu 'nthe Paris Bourso on Saturday caused T ;rk sh and other securities to open flat ; but as a ; irtial recovery in French Three per Cents, was n .irted subsequently, they left off firmer at - ut Saturday's closing prices. Group 1, which w so much depressed on Friday, rose j. Otiiaan Bank shares, however, closed J lower " n tiealthv tone. i assuming a i micu iwaveu agaua icic on f a decline, but above the lowest points touched. I! '. - Man stock jf. 1873 was well CTpported, tho i 'an trices lWna rather hicber : but Italian 1' - ; ite was a little dull. Spaaish Four per Cents, w ' deieed, leaving - il at 66), a fall of J, t rumours that the settlement of the Caroline Liainls question is not proceeding quite so satie - 1 1 ri!y m hud been hoped. Among South An. rican stocks, Uruguayan bonds were again 1 wer, lit Braxillan issues wore steady, tho L . of 1679 riilng f. " No transactions in gfdd were reported at tho v 4 England, Tho Jiepaul has arriyod with i' ' .Oifi in gold .from Cldna, and thoTacus, from t Jl.v. r yU, JMt fx.Hiliami.ton oH the 16t4 (as left 'LUton with 4B,6m in sikxria for lS.iiwa4flr lf frti!to, lil - l )( IHikt 'lff. l i 1 m sift flelnHMH ral - M lH.M M ' ' ill' - M. ItH kiilai HtlfltillinK " U Atkikll f - ; tl)ll!inll iihd llie iict)ii)ie FaUuLt ' " - l'n lit ftlUrntloni llUJiee J'ajief also Was Atih Corn FJtchangi t)Ulncs4 M slow in Jit st Friday t shauco of (nh on English ahd en fifteign sorts. Finut malting batley "carcp and firm, Imt secotidary sort ftre rather v Giinding descriptions remain quiet. '; - U firm and onts are steady, iT - j 'r'"'t " firm, and sales were t an advanco of Cd, por tJn. Paris Correspondent talegraphs that tho tW??M Sin Innnenced by the tmlltlcal sltua - In ranee aiut t n.w. rm k. r. . i MaU SJtkt.. f.l - - . ni. - rtMhjng a Jrl below Uut of tho closo & 3?,rw,Jfr 'n "l 78' - WO;. ;p. wgt touehlnff 7S. 22c. and W. We., toft off wr - arl - a.iifci per 0nU. bogan tt JJJ - Miftft.touMnfl 106f. COo,, left off at IVnL bS?' tl,060f. lift off at aoor. iveaeecnabsx eut. tao. lcree par Oonbv, 78f. TOo. i Italian. Wf. 40o, 1 Bpanlsh External, K6f 1 Egyptian Unified. Sit. 37o. Turkish, lSf. R5o. 1 Ottoman Bank, HM. 57o, j tv. on I . ri 01 Ai The foUowtng tekenun from the prrwident of the Philadelphia and Beadlnc Beiboad Company has this day bea rsoaivod at the London agency v - "Trostees have besn eotborleei tesske straa to eon - aeooe foreckmr norelli(s throof h iohrt aeiloa ot the Ueorral, Iaoas V On" - CoasolkUtad UorV rsffw, and obula denre tt forsolosur, so that, la event lulurs rrcrruiiulloa pUa, foreelosar beeomlait aeete - arr, proemnan wul be la frWadly aad not ad Term hands; Ttnsttws imported it lmrolltie lobmlt to creditors and sharshoUen U Ua SnaaeUl norfsaUatloa ia the nxxll - brd torn as jrosstnittad to tbrm, and concluded that an arbitrary plan shonM be formulated, which. If sufficient aaarnta cooid be rrorund to warrant such action, should h roaJe Tolnntary. Trutra reported to the Whelaa - Ilartol JulnX CoonUttre, whe ananlmousVv apnrorsd soeh cooras. Trastea are cootlnaln( t ormaUtloo 01 plan Vaard 00 mlaetton reataU sod Interest, with dw protecMoa to erery claas." As attention is being devoted to the Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company's affairs at present, thone concerned may be interested to road the subjoined extract from a letter, dated itMUrUinhU fWk. o Mi. 1 1 : ,v . City this morning. It must, of oonrso. be kept in mind that any snoh improvement as is here spoken of must depend On there being a considerable revival of trade s We believe that a eorahmatlon has been nearly per m icthji am too ueaainf, oj which the revenues of the latter company will be larrelv I - ik. rw : ..... .. .V mataa that Uw propoMtioa - now . under eonsideratioa between h latter two companies will Increasa the receipts of the Reading Hillroa by aboot J 1, 500,000 per annum, almost all of which will be profit, became it will arias from laereaacd transportation charges." The following are the Customs returns of common denominator and compared' with the same ugura in xoo Bzrrmn Ixroais m m Tons. Ociftarrrnas - 117 Ki m Or M M M M M LsM Ua a Baraias .. M M M ' 1.450 1.JS1 a rWsMaks - . UHt 1.549 I, Ml MM rDretfarswsoca - - ,, .m I.S13 ixaz g.r?a Taraaofabc .. .. m .. CUJ.OSl ' C05,S3J lxrosTs, JascasT 1 to Szttzkbu 3a I IS. I 1S94. Oorp al I - crlptlo m m 55 o5 Valao(aboT M .. UUT1.043 '471,(11 The following replies to tho letter of " Bank Manager in xrlday's article on the proposed shortening of banking hours on Saturday : Oetahar 10. " Sir, 1 regret that ' Bank Minafer ' should consider rauwr nam on uanc cleru ; on Wa contrarr, I am aesiroua or akllnr tbetn in the aaxly eloung morement, but maintain that I am jurtifird In considering the financial necessities of the great bulk of their customers. A bank oceopies a totally different position 4o that of - uoj vi viiu , wbot panies may or rosy noi call again on MomU . ; but it is another ease with those .who depend In fact, to whom 1 time is money.' ' 1 remain. Sir, your obedient servant, " C. L." The subioinod communication refers to tbe same subject. It is evident that there is more than ono interest to conciliate before the movement can succeed t " London, Oct. 10. " Fir, If X T. Z.' wul pull together withMinring - Une flnns.we may yet stop the closing of banks at 1 o'clock on Saturdays. There is no doubt that,whsterer sympathy may bs felt - for bankers' clerks, ths oppwition to early closing is becoming very strong. AVe consider that - in times of general complaint of business lesring London it would be preposterous to drire It sway still more by converting the Saturday half holiday practical It into an entire one. A large number of brokers and merchants who now come to town from 11 to 3 o'clock would not come at all if banks closed at 1 o'clork.acd we are anit i.irn that our clients are not so much dependent upon London that wj wm noi cna n more conTrnieni to Buy elsewMere il London merchants will work five days a week only, "We hare now frequently .to return orders on Saturday afternoons and they are executed elsewhere. - In Net, many firms who, oat of good nature, hare not opposed the early dosing now admit that thev bare great doubts as to the wisdom of their decision. Ate hste good reason for believing that many of those who kept neutral will assist the movement now on foot In Mincing - lane for resisting the innovation. " We sre. Sir, your obedient servants, 44 MERCHANTS." The - leUawing proposal relates to the same subject : M London, Oct. 10. " Sir. In rcplv to the two ronrsnorxVnt wl In T. Tintt of to - day point'out the IneonTrnienres which would probably arise were the London banks to clone on Saturdays st 1 p.m., I would suggest that pay day,' both as regards transferred from the eui ternary Sattirdar to cithrr lnnv or M'ednekisy in each week. J1t such sn arrangement, srhlch I Tcnture to think It would bo ay to bring about, a. r - vi too pimiii more, ment would be removed, and tho adoption of such halfhearted measure as closing at 2 n.m. wouIJ b nnM quite nnnerrssa'ry. " ice public ougot not to lorget that a great amount of work remains to be it rformed 'after thn t.rTim .lnnr. K.... been rUned for' tbe day. - As an instsnee in point s - Wt closed to - day (Saturday) in my office nominally at - 2 p.m., but it was nearly C o'clock this e Toning before my duties I am. Fir, yours, ic - " lOUIQN HANK CLERK." The following relates to tho opening of tho now docks at Tilbury : Sir. As the onenins of the new docV at T!t.n. announced for the 1st of Januarv next, will increase. I.t distance, the risk of goods in trsiuit to the upper docks UN warciiwujn, QjeirutDH vaiTUMl mquuv now I Oil riHIC is provided for. lollries of Insarence contain a rlsose ' Including risk of craft to and from the ship,' but it has been contended that the liability of the underwriter ceases with the landing of the goods at the dock where, for the ship's convenience, the cargo is discharged, and that from thence the responsibility rets with tlio lightermen, who in turn repudiate it. Nor is their business one which could reason ably be saddled with a liability unlimited in extent. Abroad docks snd wharves hsre been treated as the ship, and fcr a given time the risk of conveying goods to their destination wlthla the port of discharge has been thus specially provided for.ami the introduction of such a clause in policies of insurance for the port of London would seem a desirable way of settling a question which should no longer be left in doubt. " 1 am, bir, your obedient servant. Wo havo received the following notices : Mr. Frederick Fetcrson TVard has been elected chairman of the Scottish Australian Inrestmeiit Company (Limited) in the place of tbe late Sir Charles AVhetham. Tce - 13tn Coupon of the Bonds of the General Debt of the Daira Ssnieh will be paid on and after the 15th inst. in Faris at the Iianque Franco - gyptionne, in .Alexandria at the Iiaaque Frsnco - Egyptienne, and in London at the impenai ham (umlted), Lothbury. PRODUCE MARKETS. StOSDiT Etssiso. ,Ta. Messrs. FTswes and Herts state - that catalogues advertised for this week eomprlse a total of about MfitiQ paeUgcs China snd V,im Indian tea, as sgsin.t .H.TU) pscksgss Chins and S1.400 Indian tea sold st suction during the part week, The lsrgest auction pf Indian tea of J be present ssasf R was held to - dy, a - he 0,50Q ik - agM Indian, ?Wi (leiJau, so.) 3H1 Jv Uas - wcrB pflere4 M laostly s14 a gsanrsy f sfy ttMy ricM. (laly gffsn wr5"ll H fff Wfmd ir tbs t'Wns. Mwt - t , r,8ipwksgsi s.d ,t Ui n fflltrna fhl4 HrftiM lumn wllfug a nf ,Ukit - r l fjrw, bf" W.dr lb, VUm ifiri bmIh is Mam If ha lswtirijB nhmn is U aftfly Mle pretlrms to the upejlhg ef Ihe salrs, 1 avlbaf Ihe oUi SAM.Utl'H ISFiitMB fefsfkfisa t8 lbs 8Hrt MM wKlfh rMrimMiHHf , MesW, Htf jf ihti Hht MelloWM - W wnshUir drtisrstifnf mI D.0 - K)riiHl, bf which ttil teW illile.1 hf wilislri weepings. Durinf the trrvrm of the sale 1,WB chests hareWn wltWrswn. iflto rhesls (lncludin thesbote i.wij wumirawn; uitb wto iub sale tnls Usy. Ue sales rorumnir.,1 this morning, and hare gene off throughout the dar with a more rrneral demand arxi more animation In the biddings than has been tbe rasa for some time past. The small proportion of Iegsla rrslise.) about Cd, adrance, but has scarcely been sufuslent te test priees r Oudrs and Plant Oudes, especially those cf ertlnary qnatity.have mrt with a brisk competition at (VI, to W, above the last sales' rate. Knrnaba of all sorts have been in active msn4 at an advance on tbe UstJuly rstes of id, to (M, fortheun delrable sorts, and of 0t, to M. for tlie useful consuming andsnixnt qualities, Ury leaf Madras, aobl rr - s.llly at about t. adranes, J'rowistcm liave bought In ZX rhniU, (raving 715 chests sol J. Last lot 1.W0, BllKMPfom Mssan, t7hshrirs,Merel, ana Co.'i l?tt rircular.l Uelivsrles tkreuf h oar conditioning honsa show tbst bttslnsM during bVptstnber has beta scare I v Bert active than la the prendinf rooutn. and confirm the opinion tut consumption of Uk on toU muktt ii dKUtdly amaasr Uun t was Ust year. The result of tbe recent tesAoafftba silk weawrs of Lyons has been to oblige manufacturer, to iMreaw the number ef looms In the eowrtry. and the production of silk roods baa consequently ,U,.,B0t,.W.n nM'ily redooed. The economy Insllk is J. . irS. "i rr" , - lon " "natures of cotton, wool, by a further slight decline iwiees ot sevsesi classes of European raws, uhlna Tsatleee bavw been partku - rry de. rdurtaf the past month by the fereed sale, for account of a foreign house, of some 800 bales of old silk at 9 to O per eenthelaw mnl m n . m . low tradsa of Canton have, mi th t .i ' . r.'""" - . T . mi eceraty, in Japans. U Sli WSf, na ,"r - r0 been wry dlffloult to Iricessrs Irregulsr. On the remarket prices . ?,nM hr? vd somewhat slnee the beginning fl0.! 7 "J1 n - reneral dnmano, beta .J ?v "iL"''0,1.?.'? - Thit improvement coincides with the arrival of the first orders for the swing season, stxl msv rcihlT b furlh,. i ,;;,.H JS" of Pt prices be tai - ninto eon, sUeratten. The class of goods now in fashion is not, how - . , larvsrai'ia vo sua to insure anv steal change yet a while In the position of tbe artlrUThe Freneh s - oarai elections are net yet over, and it is too early to n V - ,iD&aeoot h7 r lUely to have in their results upon business. OOTTO - . The market ta rmt.f '. l ll "fI r.,pi?r AfBcrl6n 'oturea, which dosed fvSiii ie'7. - Tk,"Jr r!008 rtlay amosnt to about osa., ami Northern, al - wn ITT. txaeial report of the London Metal C - Ioing llices. Copper 4Jhili bars, r o.b.'s. A&irs.fd.&.CMB. , dittoTthree monTS S0 lbs i lis. fid. Tin. Straits and AustraUaaSl to 91 10s, L200 bales, fnclndln TtnnorelU. .4 sj 4 1516d. to fid. Tmr Th . ' "IT' vefcrDecember, 5 H - Cld. October, 5 24444. to5 2W4d.: February - March, 4 2fl4d, per lb. for middlms LmZT Oorraa airn Tnr. Official report of the London Metal Cash, I&3 tosTlOKs. cash ; Straits, three months, nominal. r,, XZr - - Paw "ad,, 11 Ss. ; English pig, 11 10a.: spelter. 14 2a. fJ. t ni L 1 "s. Cd., special brands.. Quicksilver, o'2s. 6i, Arsi .ra ctx - Mr, - BobeTt,d John HeweUon state thst cakes are still in moderate supply, and with a limited demand are unaltered ia price, liice meal U la more request; at slightly better values. English linseed to.V sx - war, house ; American broad thin Calcutta seed I, 7 12i Cd to 8 ex - shlp ; broad thin American. , ,s. fd. ex - ship - ; ditto. La Flats, 7 8a. 9d. to , ' - "P i .American aecorticsted cotton cake, 6 12s. 6d. to lM 15s. ex - warabonu T.n.1 l. cake, 3 ex - warehouse ditto, rape cake, 3 15s. to 4 ex - warehouse. - Ji?!?" - Xr?r - """oolloton and Son report that there Is a pwu uuuiauu we una ana cnoice samples, which are not plentiful, and they sell readily at rather enhanced rates, white medium and Inferior lots meet with little attention, and beinr m over - abundant snmJ i. .J t.?f1Jn.baJ'r' f?TOUr'. 11 anticipated by some that leyhillFsir which is held this week will give an improved tone to the trade and cause brewers torealiie, better Uian they do at present, how comparatively scarce choice samples aro this season. Continental markets report a fairly active business. - Fkovtsioss. Fine quality butter upholds late value. but the trade finished op dulL Friesland, fine, HGs. to 120s. ; finest, 122s. to 12f. ; Normandy, 112s. to 120s. t Jersey, 84s. to 100s. Danish, 120s. tol3Ca. per cwt. American cheese of fine quality is firm with a steady de - n . i, V ". " iHiana pnees are mgner and j mm uu uie quay, nut not quotably par. Bacon qnoutions given on Friday will stand good FzTROLXtrx. Messrs. Arthur Ttrmi m n . tv.k prict have sgaln during the past week been in favour of ouyi business connnnes limited and principally confined to supplying the immediate requirements of tbe trade. ,me,J?1 Wn?rd miU Fennsylvanian on spot sold at 0 ll - lGd. to .d., according to brand. Wharf, prompt, quantity, 4c, j month, 6d. toBlMrrf. ; Noiember - Deeember, 6 lMOd. to 6Jd.j January - March, CJd. In the river in course of landing there are 50,811 barrels, afloat for London direct 74,000 barrels, and loading 38,000 barrels. To - day's msrket closes steady, spot. 6d. to ? 15mlQ W. to C 11 - lfid. NovemUr - Deeem - ber, 611 - 161. Turpentine during the early part of week was quiet at 25s. Od. to 26s. on spot, but afterwards Improved rapidly to 2f. Cd. to 2Cs. Od. on spot, 27s. for NoTeoilcr - December, and 27s. - Od. for January - April. To - day's market closes quiet, spot, 2fis. 7jd. to 26s Pd t November - JJectmber, 2G. 9d. to 27s. Mineral Lubricating OU. English, Scotch. American and Russian manufactureblack from C 10s. to 18 ; amber, from 5 to 13 ; cylinder (tlack, filtered, amber, ie.) from 11 to 30. Oils. Linseed 23s. 7Jd.'ito 24s. ljd. ; English brown rape, I3s, 3d. ; American spirits of turpentine,27s. per cwt. Fetroleum, Cd to 7d. per gallon. Tallow. The market is quiet and quotations as follow - New T.Y.C., on the spot, 35s. t Australian mutton, 28s. to 29s.; Australian beef, 2Gs, to 2Ss. Loin CrjrntaL Fish Makket, SMiinnnn, Oct. 12, There wss only a short supply of finh, with a quiet trade. Quotations: Soles, Is. to Is. 2d. per lb. : slips, lOd. per lb; ; turbot, lOd. to Is. per lb.; brilL Sd. per lb. I cod, fd. per 1U ; plsice, 4d. per lb. ; skate, Od. per lb. ; fresh haddocks, 3d. per lb. ; live eeK Is. 2d. per lb. ; dead ditto,l(Vl. per lb. whiting, 2s to . per dozen ; fresh herrings, M. to 101. per doren ; bloaters, Is. Cd. to 2s. fd. per doxen ; kipper, 2s. to 4. prr dozen; mackerel. 3d. to 4d. each ; oysters, Scotch natives. Is. 6d. per dozen ; Whitstahla natives, 2s. per dozen; Dutch, 2s. per dozen ; Anglo - Fortoguese, M, to lUd. ir dozen ; crabs, 3d. to 2s. each ; lobsters, 9d. to 2s. Cd. each ; dried haddocks, 2d. to 1. each ; shrimos, 3d. tiwpuit ; winkles, 2d. per pint; Digby chicks, 6d. pet THE CATTLE TRADE. METltOPOLITAN CATTLR MARKET. Moitpat, Oct J3. Tbe total number of beasts exhibited for a - de in this market for the week ending Saturday last was 4,420 ; the corresponding week of 1881, 3,100 i 1 883, 3,610 ; 1882, 3,170 18S1,3,0; 180,4,700; 1S7U, 4,900; 1878, S.1S0; I877! 3110 j soJ 1S7C.7.18C. Trade In the beast market opened to - day with more life, whish, however, wore off as th day advanced j prixei have been rory fluctuating, thcreforo extremely difficult to quote ; best quality animals are very scarce ; no pro - speet of a clearance, for top value undermentioned rlasdrs ws qhote as follows i Scotch, f. 4d. ; Iferefonls, 6s. 2d (exceptional fis. 41.); runts, fs. 2d.; Dcvons, 5s. 2d. ; Lincolns, 4s. lOd. J Irish, 4. 8.1.; fat cows, 4s. 6d.; Danish. 4s. 4.1. to 4. Cd.; Canadians, 4s. 8.1. pel Mb. Inllie theepniarkct tboro is more inquiry, therefore mom tone in the trade ; prices have an upward tendency although not suffeient to bo quotable ; a clearance is looked for. Top value as follows : 8st. to !st. half - breds, 5s. 4d.; 10 - stone dittorfs. 2d. to 6s. 4d. ; Uptons Ilamn - sbires, Ss. 2.I.: 12 - tone Lincoln, 4s. M.; 10 - stono Kents 4s. IOI. ; 11 - stone Irish, l'anUh wethers, fis, 1 Cana disna, 3s, M. ur fib. The demand for calren Is extremely quiet ; tho lest Eoc - Ii.h make 4. 10d - per 81b., while foreign ditto are almost unsaleable. A slight improvement in value Is rejiorted for small pigs, but large sorts are sn exceedingly bad trade at from 2s 8d to 3s. per 81b. ' SrrrLV. lirturt. .. 7.5M .. tn ... w Bmtthh. Par CIli., tatlDf tbs offaL iBfcrtnr. Meon4. B"f .. .. .. 3s e.L . 4a et ' Mnttoo J. M. .. 4a, M. Veal .. .. .. U. Bd. .. 4a. m. Sulk 3a. Od. ., 3a ljd. alllcb eova, 16 to 27 (r bead. 7nazioic. Far Us,, slokins tbs offal ' JalMtor. Kseeed. Pert .. , 3 6d. .. 4a. w. Mnttna ,. 3a 64. .. 4a. 40. Asnivais. Hearts. I rroa SantltDd , . 20 I From Mldlnod.IIomo. and lioia Ireland.. .. (Ml Werttcn Coun .. 50 Deuta hbwp aad Urn la.. falTM Hilca euwa .. 101 v Total a.2b0 rtni. 5s. 4.L 5. 4.L 4a 101 4a U. rint. td. U Cd. IleMla. F011EION CATTLE MARKET. DrrrroaD, Oct. 12. Number of animals in the market this day 1 Beasts. 2 IRS - calves, 130 ; sheep, WIS I pigs, lid. ' ' ' nAELlSOTOir. Ot. I2. - Tbe ise ef cattle was brts m son. b ds lor tal til to 42S 10a ; soeoudw sffrtiTl? S7 each. AimalUbowofsbsrpstlatsuM. ".iuUi LIVKBIWH. Ort. 12. - 8upc!ics ef stock IIC15 catUa maA I am ah.p en 1m, tfcai. laat Moud j. Oattle wtre In .lw dcnTa0di3 loel print Id ilw.athir witb tlit rIuotd prtoca rulloj to, rh m.1! and iuius ll.l.d upap lb. b.xt. Sheep rather betUrVullbSftEJ,! tlai.i are sualtircd. Ti.t i porta from JrcUn l le Great liriuln ?, tbe week radlnf 3d, amounted to M.600 etttle eol llsal beep, tsaeturi decrcMe of about S.COu at compared with the cotrJ V!'!?. ?" ?l.lMt Jiuaution - M, U. to M,d, ; wnUuiT id t IHd p lb. ; telllo, ft. Ut iia itt cel. lift wtUht ' Itlnbef laif. fia.le ori.e4 atb sit" - . . lund HiMinnli Lui,Q. - Vae:a1st)5lHMV,,a, 01 ta U. p., ii AlUiLWi hilt MoiitMAhtSRiliS HlUHtdlttnl aiilnpfUlf bf i'sflt hiiV bh - lef Kiblirs)liin It blsH fhf tttpldyiiitf iallei.f rvtnniuhlMitloh to Mehtmarire. h ptopossl is tlfuri up rtp Uriel frora fouf holnls Itlrnj around tlie bill, in such way that the rope towing a train Dp ere side Of Ihe bill will be wound up by the snrne cylinder and same engine, which aya off the fops sf the train that detrsnd on the opposite side. This system has been alirs'l r sucressfnlly tried at Lyon on ths fins which runt up to the heights of Croix - Houssa snd Fourvleres 1 snd It is idsln tlist a ronaiderable tat ins rnnut be serund by employing a stationary engine instead of locomotives. The new lines when carried out will le a great boon for the 100,000 people who lire on ami around Jlontruartre, Fi ap Loss or I.JM. VesWrtlsjr afternoon serious fire, resulting jn the suffocation oftwotlttl rhlUrth, oesurre.1 at 17, Woodtreet, Westminster, In a house oosuplaii rhleriy try lodgm. Tbe nslghbouri saw stuck laaolng frora the front rrx m on the tblnlfloor, which was tr nantedby a Jin. Ntnn, a lodger, ami bar bll ilreo. Tin mnibsr bad gone nut a little while, More, and thetloor wa locknl. It m, bowtvrr, rrtmirHIr bitk open, sad lb potlre and flrritisn, aaalsttal l y ths t Bates el the, sotm threw a quantity ef wstsr on the (lames and succeeded in snMuIng litem. Tbe two Litis ihlldrtn, who ff ft four and tws years of ags mpectlvsly, war found lying upon ths bed In a tuff oca ted itata, aad a bstlea ihewej that la both cases lift u sitiact. Atrmttngof tbaaharaholders of the Dnrrxa and Slo OlLAir lUirwAT Oompany vu held yesterday at the effl - of the KDglUh AasoaUtloa of American liond aad Bhare Ilolders, Great tnachester - street, to consider tbe fniU made between tbe bond aad share holders' fT,"llAUft M' rr II,rrln' n iweddsd. remind them that by the scheme of leorslsatlon issued by the bondholder,' committee last May the shareholders were to be asaaaiei ta a share, and were to receive 618 of prefer, eao stock la exchange. It was also stated that there should be Issued nearly I25.OO01O0O of preftrecos stock, forming 1 - ri and parcel ef the stock which the shareholders wers so reonvo iot Us assessment. That,brieffy,wai the position of affairs when thev met on tha 28th of If.. t.. v, too, tbe market price of thelx shares was about 1 3. After the appointment ef the committee by the thareboUera, they at once saw lb, adriaabilliy of baring the co - opera - ' '?",rBteh theysricceededin getting Mr. Ilalrocht, the rrprcaentaUre of those gentlemen, to est completely with them. That - mil 1 ,Ur - .OT 112.000,000, all of which wa. ..m, unu we or rwo oiner K?,, 11 would be very advantageous it the English '$5!?U "T,!b - their cotnStrtodl rimiLrly 7i?tlT tor"' ,? Uoe - Tho committee felt sure that bV v SSJI - T1''.""18 - tbatbyconceloI Wbondholu'crmt ltm, U"T. "3 throughout thetEns they had evinced a moat friendfy interest In thTahare - hJlA7 t!. r".TcnUES th" interests of the bono? .T'w "f"""' tbe bondholders.' eom - mlttee the sbahoUers' committee admitte.1 that th. J",: - - ; - money required by prior lien bonds. i.7,tf1vWlt' u time, that in that easea Z', ' i "ryTf. c?UJa. ea and the share - Ik . K " ina ine botuinoMers. As to tbe aTU 0Ut shareholden. tbeyrepUed that .TTf5 UtiZtioa - Two genUnonthe aHXhf r'l!Tn." ot money, and and th. tw .r, SZinr - T 'TTVW "I"4? amount. k .C woum nave turn ceil to carry the oontest. through a good many rourts in America.' 1 iTK.. "tlfrt.,0 - h. ,Ute1 trt fortunately for tlltil tTf Pf otiations with a gentleman who Amrrt - eHanTT TT j L " committees in Hew York, zSrtZr:, V,?"? w.ho thoroughly conversant "t. - . J, f 1W oeiaus, and who was a verv able TJ - J?Fla rLt" 'id - They u e! devoured to And outthe sum thai was absolntelv reauired Mrl T ClAlm' tho "betterments," sil iu the otber items which were enumerated. After a rood deal .iT5. ,? .7 tXD1 that information. The shsre - t tX . .n ' v u Mvised the committee Iv5!tlmT mld Z" heen just sufficient to tha?in K llabUitles. with the certain knowledge that in a short period another default would occur. It was also necessary that the sum fixed on should beffldent " arriving at tbe amount arranged en a. requisite .11 those point. Had been eonridered. On the question of the seenrit. .k;,ktv. .k t0J. bi.w.b',ttta took Fl vl finally they arranged that the third clause of the scheme of reg.nb. , i r . , ,7 w mnuinea as louows : steck ; the o d stock. to pay aa assessment of 80 per thare ?lf, tS?1 tck.,or whien 6 in TanTMVol ?HifJ cent, preferred stock of the compsny will bm5ft.;,v'h! Mml'"Dfl4of preferred stock to te retard in the treasury, and tuned if necessary for future lilt 1 TKJf"n,d the 116 - xi'ni by the arrangement.) The proceeds of assessment are at once to pass into the hands of special trustees, with strict provisions for their appUcation to pavment of exUting boating debt (there was. he interposed, no floating debt now except one sum, woich belonged to the new company), atd of the expenses or foreclosure and reorganisation, to betterments, and to tquipments. The details of the appointment of a - ??! . lrnstf to b hereafter agreed upun. The bondholders committee have also agreed not to require the shares to be deposited by the date advertised - namely, the itnof October ; and they further agree that at least a month s notice shall be given by advertisement as to date and mode of payment and dr posit of shares." That was the rough basts of the agreement which had been arrived at, and if no further details had been put In, It was because certain circumstances might arise. If the bondholders' committee were correct In what they bad said as to the railwsv there seemed to him to hn n .n . h. dividend. He concluded by moving a resolution approv - ng the bar is of an assfssment of $(1 per share against an ... - 1 1'iTiemu nor it, ana sutborixuig the committee " to enter into nrh u,n.,i .u for the receipt and disbursement of the assessment monev, and for tho issue of tho preferred stock referred to, and also with respect to any other modification of the scheme dated May 1, as the committee may deem to be in the interest of tho shareholders, lit. 3, Trice (English Associstion of American Loud and Hhare llolJerti. in; k. observed' that the reduction in the assessment reprcsenteil a saving to the shareholders, of ?760,'jOO. Of course with the, advance in the price of the aharea, it had been more difficult for them to rednce the amount of the assessment. In fixing the assessment at $C, they had had to take into consideration tho necessity of not crippling the railway. A brief discussion followed, and in answer to questions the chairman sUtod that the preferred atock would bo behind all existing bonds. It would, however, form port of a large total, and would havo a market at Amiterdani, Nw lui.uuuiDuui. Ane resolution was tben put, and declared carried unanimously. .The Itta annual general meeting of the shareholders of tbeNKwLrwx. and Hrazilus Bahk (Limited) was me nuices, 1 oneuuoiuo. yara. air. John White Later, who presided, obscrvnl t h.r ll ,t,. ;,.. were, they wrre able to present a report which bore - gsrdcd as extremely good. In going through tbe accounts, he stated that the reserve fund of t223,0u0 showrj an in - creae cf 2J,000 cornnarcd with last year. Tbe profit was i..C00 againat 76,000. This reduction had arisen partly through the depression, which they bad had every - right to anticipate, but it had bocn caused mainly by what they could not have foreseen namol v. bases l. i..r.:.. dishonestly. Fart of the business of the bank was to clro lartiitics to tnoao icreiving eooda sroins: to Iir,il When tbe eoola arrivsd thev wern t.T..I n ,1,. Government warehouses, anl tho eonsignees askel the bank to give tbera bills of ladins? for the mifi.ol entering there. The bank exacted trutt receipts by which the consignees rendered themselves liable to holt tho goods for the account of tho bank, ami to pay thera the money if tho goods were sold. - He was sorry to say that that had been deviated from a circumatance which unfortunately had compelled thim to give more restrictive oiders than might perhaps bo well for tho interests of tho liank. As to the trust receipts, that was a matter which called for the attention of the merchants ami tha Uovernnient of the merchants more especially in the principal towns of llraiil. Merchants in this country on tbe arrivsl of their goods could obtain warrants against them on which money ronkl be borrowed, but the llraxilian merchants did not possesa u.,iwiu,j, uunuiuuiw vniTrnunrni wouia arrange to give tbe merchants warrants.Duttinir a atamn nn t ru It would facilitate tbe working of the merchant and would etmUe the banks to make advances, thus benefiting them, lleverting to the accounts ho said that, with the amount brought forward, they had an available balance of 78,420, of which 12,600 had been absorbed by the interim dividend. They now proposed a dividend of lis. a share.making 8 per cent, on the paid - up capital, aad s bonus of 2 per cent., to tr&nafer 1'.,000 to tbe reserve fund, and to carry forward - 13,420. The reserve fund must be regarded as absolutely 11 no - unary to guard against certain loss unless tho liraxilians returned to "prepayment, and tho Government arranged that there should be no more deficita in their yearly estimatea. If tbe Brazilian Government would simply do what other countries in a similar financial position had done notably, the United States and make the import duties payable In gold, thereby enabling them to reduce 1 no inoonvertloio paper tasue.tney would bo able to resume specie paymenta much sooner than was now thought poaaiDie. tie male tnese remarks because, as a practical man, he saw the danger of a country meeting its liabilities by a paper issue. Tbe reserve fund of the benk.whichwouM now amount to 240,000, was In England, and they had nald the nenaltv for oettlnf it home, ltut tnr th fn in Setting their money home, they would be paying a divl - end of 12 or 13 per cent. He concluded by moving the anopuon 01 iue report.' x am non. rascoe cnaries Ulyn (deputy chairman) second ol the motion, which was carried unanimously, lis eolations were arterwards passed re - elect - In r the retiring directors and auditors, amxrintinr Mr. John lieaton (who has been manager of. the bank since its formation) to a seat at the Board, and (at an extraordinary meeting) changing tbs name cf the bank by omitting the Word " JVsw " and inserting in the articles 'of etsociation of tha sompany authority to (ha JJoarJ to. appoin$ S man? Sglng director. alf - JMF sndi l the mU ,hb lbs rats pf ,S rs cc&t.isu nsi rrnn'irmf" 1 " r ' r.B CT 2: ni i iwcfuRBrftii - j OOBNXCILKOB,JtAJMjnE. JloxfniT.CteTja. Tbw U snueely somoch bostne passing as en Friday, but tbe trade ia equallv firm, and th. . i on that day has bees malntainad. Dry English wheats are 6d. dearer, and foreign wheats art Cd. to Is. deaswoo tte week. Flour b steady, and sette descriptions Gd. NurTT r"" ""7 ri. UaU steady. Beans I "v i .rct4 aoBsrca oo. so aa. dsarer. Aarv or Con nr Usuwn nan Oct. S to Oct. 8. wa .. ifej .. ..I 4.740 Bas Z ?e Z "lit lUsieted.. M OtSer seeds riuw. brele Ia, sacks .. Totai, Abxivals or Cob ix Loxdc veoh Ja.v. 3 to uct.s. 46.S13 Ll I.0S4 1S.0BS n.srr 7XC.1 P Ciu L463 U'44 SIWS i.tu Jtn. I " " - J77.eM Beans , r tarreU 1.177 ; - jjgj' H.wJ Do,css l.JS4J0 KxroxTs or Com reox Lotdox ntcx Oct. 8 to Oct. 9. - UStj tlaa - a UCS I rthev stads .. Odbjv IxcroaTKD ur thxJVTxzk etdxd Octobxk 3. Cwt. 1 Cw r re XT - J" Wleat Meal British Gram. 'rQr.l Per Qt - WlMat Halt t - sea 0 T), ..dertjat ff kWl sod tfeatral ArfsHo. (8.K. Ii, an for SeftemM rM f9D itnti ff5,r5J j tbmw et tha O - ndnnaa niraii.ti uomtujii. T""?' "T aesreaeetii I new Urieeat and orth - Kaiter ISeptsnbsrl, aa laereaee nf Sli.111 ,,, and MetlUsa JeMi - mbfri deervsee i.f 4.4il t aad YUkibarf. hhrettporl. and I'aeiOo l - ptemlr an Inereats ei H.ESJ. Ths tr.fflo noelirU ef tbe LemW4Veaetlai RaUear from tbs lit to la Hh Intl. esMsateJ ta 114.277 Sorlat, thowies aa taeree of aerial at sorsrartl silk tha eirrttfuadlsi Hris4 el last tear. The rswlet ef tbs Oitean Ttaueaf foe the week sedlas Sept M ts a ilenreaM ol CtiO. Thoef at the avwihern liraaulaa 1U4 unm am w ' m. wmrm r,Dta gtums . TkalraiitsreerisWMiat 1 rraniuM sahnwrlaerslef UmlleiV let las west rmamA'm. w, 1 if ..u,. .mJ luaiUiia Ooiaatai tfU f sfaW t ths Lends Itsilae Xn ewnlei T,l'Crrl Onnpser, FHra'O.1 afiVt i4 ssSISSmS raanias iiinr. Ueist an MtrVM oj iK,toA tt sneiBtM wilt t.s set fttp3 - Waeat,whMs la, o!4 Paired .. llo - old rlojr, ymt norhw Loo. Tom r.KsrfaUeadetha 52 H i so"1' - ZJ to .. SS 33 Barler, mlUni .. SS l 1 ua i, e iMISf . .. .. u IS aUt,aatlt.a, .. M JS Da.iowo - m.4e hit .. - It r rjo..Bmwo .. H SS 30 Da..booe,holda .. - S1 Oaw.KncU.Bew .. 20 SS Do., euonlrx, heat I beeaa. wlaaw, aew. . ). M a - hsa .. .. a - al lxUU. ok .. 3J - J4 FOKXIOW GKAIS (EX 8 Kir AKD IT UKAJTAET). rksar. aer rgCIh. THE MAILS, . JS to 36 JO - 1. tprtns .. .. Jt, 37 o. 2. eprlBS .. 34 3 Italath .. .. .. M 37 tUoraisa S Q ron 34 3) AatUMlu .. .. 3 37 hew Zealand .. ..33 34 !., tone berrv 32 55 (McaUa .. .. 2t 34 Boobar.. .. ...IS 36 KBrraehee M ..33 31 Pereiu (eleaced) M 30 34 Penua luodeaaenl 15 30 laM a aLmUibr 13 36 Saanoaka .. 32 35 Kabaaka .. .. 34 33 Atlma IS 33 Oklrku 1Q M snarl uuuiu.111 if Zl lMx.en6lcekcamu XT 33 OUiforala an OvefM 34 tt AaatraUan .. ..34 3$ VewZaalaad .. ..20 31 CM MM ,,2333 Oermea ,. M .. a 14 Hax(aasi .. 30 te 40 w rut Roud lWr. t 4305b. . puaeiaa ... .. JT Ml , oea 17 IS IVnnc .. 15 14 Smrma II 3S Fraach. serSllUa xa 32 taaU,ti44Slb. .. 364.) lo.Bae.lan. pee 30na. 15 17 Do, do t"120tu. H 21 ITfwZealaa(Lpar3S41h. 11 32 Amerieaa,pw 3341a... 19 IT Caraduo. p 3201a, U 11 Betas, pet 43011). Kuiorwaa .. S3 IT Ktrvtiaa .. J$ V orra .. 4 S Xfl rtmt, per aa. Caoadlea .. tVealila, par 8041a. On. Betds (rx Smr An rx GraitastI IreiMl a a 1 Btrrweo, pet 4iea.i a ?JTr,,'!?,r " 44 4 cMeilw.ii4ss4 - J 3Tta3S liombpee 4161s. .. 1 Brown CalssUe .. 35 3s . 1 seroiepcre x js BaiTisH Stxva. nmUri. Wrn,.leeh. i to 12 lo.. white, a - a If Baeeaeed. see ar. 44 es Vensaoec. pec ewt. 20 24 Caotir, pet qr.' .. ., Italiaa KreeraM, ser or. 43 to SO 11 to Teree, per qr. .. 3S 14 TnloUua pet ieV U I'OEDOS SZXCS. 1 vyriiwa. iwj 1 pee ew V 43 aa Ml Teres, ret 504tK . 11 In K TJiT "TT WJ" f? ii) taerTJip.i"tah,pav4641b. .4 Aleile der ewtt . . .. SS M Brerm. lteiia see neapeeea. per XJUb. .. 32 341 41b. .. .. .. 33 W Harteot beat.puW41b. 41 M Laeer. per ewt, " " 64 71 'TT '1 ' Mulct, per 4601b... "21 - 22 Carairar.perewt. .. 23 41 i TrlfoUam, per ewt. - 25 27 DARLIVarOY. flat IT TV. .t, - . - k . . . both Keidieh and Jor.ira maklnc la per sr. awn mooer. Kofhah red vbeel. le. la to. td. rer boll e( le, hi - k . iT niore than ret Barter made 7a bd. for snadirs eortt, and nelllnc aboot Ea. per boC Locf eats, Sa to 6a ; abort ditto, (a 64. to 7s IdT LI ElirOOL. Oet. Ii What! rraieter en m(. l In em - ore of the anfaeoureMe aewe fmm v...e j.ti. 1 . ' - 1 "iorn oeeueea 14. pet eeotel ; ladiaa re law tura lowr. Mriera Starr aad Ca't Hen rrasciee telrarsra adrieea 1 ... urm., xreieoit nesar. uiearancea ot wheal aod flour to I oiled K laedotn and CnnUaenl toe Ike wk l. 1 k. ir.k IDA uel 10 26,00 qrt. ; 14 1, Bee oeataLtl Me, Fmebl Ht toclna ITh - "de J . 60. la equaUias 33. per iuib, cotl to tblppert 0.1.1. LtDl)W,Ort l2. - A Urr. ttleo.We.an4 rood aaraplet ettUr dUj - cU of. All klodt of sraia la peroaarvr dearer. Enallth wheal, per rm.b.l of 7511m while. 6e. Cd. to a sd. : red. im 4A w. ijf trl. J. per .ruarter, 13a le 3Sl Oale. old. per oaarter. 24. 10 Me. It LO BIT. Oct. 12. Poor etiefulena. eJ ... V....I done. Uul fee eaaiplee oa offer. SVIMOX. Oct. 12. - A11 tanrplw ol dry RnrUeh or foreUa wheat eciU rdllj at aa adreaoe ot la per qr. oa Ihe week. Out of wwvlUloo ! latei ratea iieat IvU ot barlej la reijaetl at loll prices t sscoadarj STATE OF TRADE. tSkavtiiftKi t s4 uiwiuJnKt'rk IfiiV IrxarUioai tmt$i luvrs, ?at Uoal Heady, BARN'S LET. OCT. 12. With the entire, atom. t th. crodnction of rolled iron and a moderate output of pLr. the iron trade bas ruled rather onlet of lat. Dnrinif th r,tJ iucig w nirur ucmanu lor oouae coal, witn raiuer ucnrr prices, oiutstoncs being quoteu lally as nigb as 10... and IWnslev aeam from 7s. to He. fil. nor tm Trade with London lu both of these qualities was well maintained. Gas nuts bare also been in request. Silk - stones tasking from to 7s. per ton. Tbe business done in steam coal for shipment from tbe llumbrr was fully up to the average, as it was also for smelting, but 7s. per ton rviumuru tue uigotst quotation, buck was ta ratner moderate request, making from 2s. Cd. to 4a. per ton. Coke In steady request for slut - furnace purposes. I1KLFAST, Oct. 10. The market durinir tha weeb was quiet in most departments, although as compared with the previous week or two tbe tone was better, and a little more commence sppean to nave been felt in the future, and more inquirv prevails for some rlasres of raile. View. Irgo supplies were brought to the local markets of Ulster this week, tbe great proportion of whirfi was of a fair modiuni quality. It met with a ready sale al prices previouauy ruuug. 1 arns. in I no range of uno welts a steady consumptive demand is kept un. a few mm orders being placed, and fcr tow sorts there is a good business passing. Supplies are, however, plentiful, except in the case of superior lines and tows, and prices are quite steady but not any higher thia week. On export account demand ia still rather slack. Linens. lirown power - loom goods more off pretty reirularlr. thourrh riot much increase is noticeable. Hand - loom makes not iuat ao freely taken,but prices all round are maintained. Bleached and finished linens for home consumntion are metina with a fair demand, which shows signs of increase, and prices are quite firm. KRADFOUD. Oct. 12. The wool msrket toJsT Is rtr,.e quieter in tone than it wss a week ago, but prices are still maintained with firmness. The businessdoing in most classes of Knglishwool is of a restricted character. Countryrataeare unfavourable to any materialdemand for this market. Eotany wools are in moderate request, the demand in both crossbred and fine torts is very restricted. Mohair and alpaca are quiet. The yarn market is without material change. Trices ore generally firm, though in some cases spinners sre not indisposed to vield a slight concession to secure orders. A fair amount ofbutlners is doing in I kit any yarns, and spinners are generally well employed. No change for the better can be reported in the piece market. The demand in all departments is about the same as last week - CORK. Oct . 12 - Ttntter .Vint. im. . ... 1 - in. . thirds. 64s. : fourths. J0i. : suDerfloa. V22L rln lfrT." ! mild, 85s. Keiis. FirsU, 101s. ; seconds, 81s. : thirds.' t)7s. ; One, 10J. In market 1.470 fiikins, classified ss follows r Firsts, 409 ; seconds, 5C9 ; thirds, 267 ; fourths. xo , arias, 1 auperuna, u ; nne, V3 ; mild, 11. egs, 4. GLASGOW, Oct. 12. The pig - iron warrant market has been steady to - day, with transactions . on forenoon 'Change at 42s. fid. and 42s. 7Jd. cash.closing with sellers at 42s. 8a. cash and 42s. 8id. one month ; buyers Ji. per ton less. In the afternoon business was done at 42s. 7)d. and 42s. 8.1. cash, also 42s. M. and 42s. 8d. one montb,closing with buyers at 42s. 8J. caib and one month sellers id. per ton more. LIVERPOOL, Oct. 12. The cotton market has been ?ulet, with no change in tbe dsman.1 eo the part of manu - actursr and tha pricts of American staple showed a dawnwaM teadency. a the future dcpertiuafit fbtra was not rouct) 4oBg. ttarkist adricst frora the ether aide war. Lwtr ii&rwitbUn4iB(f hs uufatoufabls llurssu ft l"lHH Hf St ni HJ Ms is saufuiutm,, 'fa FwW( (4 rl,f iWU 'wfs 4g,al UK wQllr&iVl W l'"SPfB Pf S jsoet Tha raFaliiia td the isw rW - IM.4irMlTJr AMWesfl mm B(M IS rrrMffl!;ttlinire fiftWfi .! BiifeH: llfstlllirj la IF IlinlrtJ WHirrtt i rtf Wisti jrt Wf iWtiM, wn frt effrtirig lfe4Wrr4 wa - Indian l mrxleltfj feiu4t Snd 1 Hrtt , hhe Mtiffsdi - Tm 04 I Mies irt! rvtirnaterl St t.VW bUt bf whieh &l ArnefleaH and tu Rait Indian were Mi ttweaktleri atvi fofeiperb Tbe Dstes eernhris OJirO bales American at did. te eid.i 30 Pemarni Ac, at H.i 100 Ceara anJ Araeaty at 9 " - lOd., 4UU gybtiStt SI 0 13 - lCd. to fid In llrtrtiii - J, wlUt free effrtirig IfidprreM wSafj ,ts it i !e Tl reravlan, st 0jL te (d. and TOO Burst at 4d. io 0 - iHd. per lt. ratnres were nuu, and two to three joints lower according to tha midday official report, aad the tender were 1,200 bales, et which 100 were en letter dockets, Tbe opening was quirt and rather lower, sad there was a further loss through reports aboot the strike being protracted. Bubseqeently the news that some Old ham operatives had resumed work canard aa Improvement which was strengtbensd by the receipt being less than etpected, and the close wi firm at two points below rUlorday, Th late quotations were S WAS. tot October deliveries, buyer I J3 - o4d. for Oetorsv - November, snd 0 'Si - tW. fcr November - Decern bs, seller i SSM44. for Decern btr - JtritiAry, arl S944Md. for JaAaafT - ystiruarr. Myers 1 ftelMd. for Kshmary Marsh. rvl I J0 - &M. for X tare ft - April, sells - S 33 - 9M. for ApritMay, Ttlns sad 0 JrWlM. for May - Jaaa, baynr. Ia roral prodite caa inrarvsry qatst, bul iricws I lady, sad beet oomlaslly fKwwTkOetorVM con,TiWu Pxyawowt tJLtLL T"terikr - sperieaeed wet ead foggy weather j eaH cf th. Eaks tbe wind changed to the araHk - weet, tacre - W to . U - itw,U high - as. wkieh brske overhVahTp,' 0.proSb. CWeltherrisiahad freth rf T with Lwavy .roalU. Ou Oct. 7, UklTbw loW 34 1 W, tbe Friaia spoke aTYTlaoD. Line tteam'boaad west, aad oa the 11th, la las. 49 34 long. 7 43 VrTthi Norweg - ii barquo H. J. S. bouad eaat. The FriaU had on board 21 oabia and 83 steerage r - angers, snd. havmg loaded pi - insm a, prooeexled at 1 45 ajn. for Cherbourg and Hamburg. TheP. and O. steamer NepaoJ. from Shaaghal and Marseille - , arrived at Prymouth at 8 30 a.m. yesterday. - fjnl aprleneed moderate sad light wiuit and 1M 'vjather np to Gihraltar, from thaooa to Capo Villaao Jjghi winds and hxy weather, and thence to riymootb strowg gab - trom north - wert with heavy seas. lathe bay the I"?. "r7 hih ad ko - rtbe ship fore andaft, butdid no material dnag, , but It found it way into tbe T - TC T"? - 11 down. Tho lisml aailing date. wrrw - ShanghaL Aug. 21 1 Mf.27th, Singapore, 1, W h ; and iUr - tlle. Oct. 4. The Nepaul brought eight paengn, including fire distress.! r ..... goM bullion and silver coin nlm iOSrJt. and tho f, . "r583 slab, of tin. hmp, 505 bales of ci - ZJZZZJ? .i:!!f, rf fT" .Wieo. n.vlaedat " - The Orient Line atnw rv31 , . Aurtralia. arrived at Port Serf at 9 Tm. Tsy tS nme line tteamer Orient, from Aostr - Ja forLoextoo! pawl G.braiUr at 9 a - m. verterdaT. "uon, . The Canard Line wteame - At - .nl. n . arrived at New York, at 10 pun. on Sunday." TheSS line steamer Seythia left Boston at noon, aa Saturday wS 131 reiBwengari. (ROaf IXOTD"!.) BARBADOS. Oct. la - Tbe West lalian and rVdftt Oornpan s steamer , Yucatan, from Liverpool, arrived hen today. The ItojalMallOorapanj'i tteamerDon, Southampton, arrived. here at 7 ajn. on tbe 7th hart. , .". " - - TboP.ondO. steamer Eangalora left here this afternoon for Hongkong. 0 uPv' S U - - Ti Wuna I - steamer orW: man left here to - day. f11 OCTV 10. - Th. BirdLiao steamer Arocet, trom London, ha. arrived here. CEARA. Oct. 10, - The Booth Line rWmr CrriL ftxf Maranbam. Para, and New Tork. kit ben to - day. C JLOMBO. Oct. 8. - The Clan line stesoer Clan Mae ketme, from Calcutta and Madras, left Lere tc - dav f London. CO LOS", Oct. IL Tbe "vTest India and Pacific Coxa, pony s steamer Australian, arrived here to - lay. DARTMOUTH, Oct. 12. - The Direct Uz rUames Burnley, from London for tbe West Indies, arrived ban to - day to embark mails. DOVER, Oct. It. Tbe Union Steamship CcsupaaV steamer Roman, frora Southampton for Hamburg, pawed here between 10 and 11 p.ra. yesterday. The BelgiaaRod Star - Uae steamer IMgealaad. from Aatwerp forMew Tork, passed here to - day. OCT. 12. The Notional Line steamer Erin, from Loaaoa for New York, pwe4 hare to - day. The North German Lloyd steamer Rbeia, frora Bremen for New York id Southampton, paaasd bore between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m, to - day. FASpET. Oct. IL Tbe Onion Uno steamer Wyominjr, the Twin Screw Line steamer St Rosans. and the Cunard Lice steamer Etruria, ail three frora Liverpool for New Ttork, passed here to - day. Oct. 12. The Johnston Line steamer Mentmore, from Liverpool for Baltimore, passed here at 8 a.m. to - day. GALVESTUN, Oct. 10. The TVest IndUa and Padf4 Company's steamer Andean left here to - day. GIBRALTAR, Oct. . Tha Anchor Line steames Britannia, from Calcutta for London, left here to - day. Oct. 12. Tbe Anchor Line steamer Asia, from the Vija for Bombay, passed here to - day. GLASGOW, Oct. 10. Messrs. Donaldson Brothers' steamer Colina, for Montreal, left here to - day. GRAVISEND, Oct. 10. Messrs. Lamport and Holt's steamer Orion, for Montevideo. left he btw rv it - The Direct Line .teamer Zoe, for Jamaica, left here at j j a.m. to - oay. i. ne r. ana v. steamers Tenetia, from Calcutta, and Cathay, from Bombay, aai the National line steamer Canada, from New York, passed here to - day for tbe docks. . GREENOCK, OCT. 10. The Alloa line steamer Siberian left here to - day for Halifax. Oct. 12. The Allan Line t teamer Norwegian, from Quebec, arrived here this morning. HONGKONG, Oct. 1L The P and O. steamer Hy. das pes, from London, has arrived here. KILDONAN, Oct. 12. The State line steamer State et Nevada, from New York, passed bare this moraine bound np the Clyde. LISBON, - Oct. 10. The Bed Cms. Line stramef Cearense, from Liverpool for Para, arrived here to - day. LIVERPOOL, Oct. 12. The Allan tine steamer Parisian, from Montreal : tha Cunard Lisa from New York ? sad the Warren line .teamer Missouri, from Boston, arrived in the Mersey yesterday. Tbe Warrea Line steamer Roman, from New York; ," the Beaver line stesmer Lake Superior, from Montreal ; and the American Line steamer Indiana, from Philadelnhle. I. .. Mersey to - day. The Inman line steamer City of Chicago, from New York, arrived off Holyhead today. LIZARD. OCT. 11. Tbe French Transatlantic Com. panys steamer St. Simon, from New York for Havre, passed here at 2 Li a.ra. to - day, showiag night aignaU. Oct. 12. The Univu line steamer Lord of the I ties, from New York for London, passed here to - day. aiATA, Oct. 12. The Clan line .teamer Claa Matbeson, from Calcutta for Londoa, paaasd hero to - day. MELBOURNE. Opt. 11. Tha T n Shannon arrived hero this morning with the outward Leo don malls of tbe 4th ult. MONTRE.1L. Oct. 11.Th - ATI. tj r - i casslan, from London and Quebec, arrived hare today. usisi, jui. i - iMutaua steamer Claa' A'pfns left here to - day for Mauritius. NEW ORK.Oct. 12. Messrs. Lamrwwt nlf. stoamer Plato, from Rio Janeiro ; the Anchor Line steamer Columbia, from Nanles : tha VWl.n.l a - Company' (teamer Leerdam, from Rotterdam ; tbe French Tranaatlantio Company's steamer Normandio, from Havre ; and the Olcn Lino steamer Olenearn. front Shanghai, have arrivsd here. Mesars, Lamport and Holt's steamer lost ell left hero yesterday for LiverpooL Tbe North German Lloyd steamer Ems leaves here on the 14th Lost, with tbe Australiaa and New 7.t.1 mails, received 4 San Francisao. OLD HEAD OF KTNSALE. Oct 1iV . T..a aridHolt'. steamer PoscaL frora New York for Liverpool, - un. a ji.iu. tv - uay. FACILLAC. OCT. 11. The Mearles Uaritimee steamer Congo arrived here at 5 p.m. to - day. with loe mward t renen malls from the River Plate snd BraxiL " PLaMOCTH. OCT. 11 Tho Roval Mail Comnanw'. steamer La Plata, from Southamnton foe En ,n. A left here today. PORTLAND. OCT. 11. The Monarch Una Assyriaa Mouuch arrived here at 5 pjn. to - day from London, and left for New York. I'RAWLE I"OINT. OcT.12 - Tbs Densnn art Tt 4 - Company's steamer Eeta, from London for Demtrars, kc, passeil here at 10 a.ra, to - day. QUEBEC, Oct. 11. Tbe Dominion Line steamer Texas left here yesterday for BristoL rOCT. 13 The Beaver line steamer Lake Huron, from Liverpool, has arrived here. SCILLY. Oct. 11. Tbe Behrtan Red Star TJn efam 'VVe.ternland, from New York for Antwerp, passed hers st930 p.nx. today, OCT, 12. The - North German r inv.4 steamer Neckar. from New York for Bremen, patted hera " at 3 30p.m. today. .4 act. SHANGHAI. Oct. 12. Th. p. arvt O .t rr dasps. arrived here this srsniag with the outward Ltwdoa ' Dtui at taa sia uiw SHIELDS. Oct. 11. Tha Arrow Lina or..., r'.u for New York, left hero to - day. ' SUEZ CANAL, OCT - 10 - - The Hteam NavLratkn Oem - pany MMord) steamer PMtenshire, from Nagasaki fe hew York, (eft Port Ball this evening. Oct u Tha Metaairetiaa Ifaritimee etm.e V.n - a 1. c jcrMr(l,e,MarriTdat8aeS, . " - 3t ygngjIAMA, fipT, 9 - Tb Wea.rM Uritim (iiffTlit'il ?M1M4.) ?M1tTBiSreArd ti fe sama llfW MMftl ffeH Hmtf, tim UvHrWt COMIMWJ, IJtf. H.sfThe MU line rtrtfrir! V. , fftrtn Caleuita, left befi this Starttnw In fiW tk. rams line rtmef IliH, front Uvetford fof Calcuh, arrived here en tbe sftefttaoa ef the 10th Last, f be BNtiah Indie ttamS Mettuwlla. Ima finw M l.l..f.. arrived bete yesterday morning. FATHER POINT. Oct, IL The Dominion Lias steamer Orafon passed here to - day, KURRACUEK. Oct. la - Tbt British tsdU ite.mtv Dak. of DevoMhire, frora Lendcm, arrived her yaaterday . - afternoon. OUEBHL Oct. Ha. The Alias Ltaa ei. rv4l. pniaa arrived here today. The Raaver Uae stsamsr Lake Ifetylgoa soiled henee yesterday. wwfliVllXJt, OCT. 10. The QaMraland Ut , itesmer Dike eC RitberbukL frara Iadr fa Rptsu. arrived her ysstorday. Oct, iSTb mmm Ua iveamai rr,iro jjrwooft, it oers yestords for Uodea. . COAL MARKET, OH. If. (Taica ra Toir at rm dam ot th M AturJ BWalW - Wast Baet. 1 SJ. Well. - J -

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