The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE New ; Books Arc Good , , Guides HI. Preparation . of Special Menus ny MIIS. n VY.VOB .....„„ XHv Smkc Staff Wilier Ouis Is a dieting nation Hollywood beauties have set the fashion In bodies that are slender nnd •• diets that ave dangeious But dielmc should be legimlcd us a wiloas matte. Musicians lake It Wla»sl)'. so do nutillioiihts And ,-Itnder bodies me hot the only P'lmose of dicls. As ovciy molhPi knowi, In nnv ( family 'there is often need for n t "let for anemia, for diabclcs, for undci weight, for atlPifjy leqinip- monts 4Iow can the imtiaincd Jmii-cwlfe Hud iccine, and menus 01 interest when <,omo member of nor family must go on a .special menu' First, MIC shouM consult Her family physician then she inlshl piofitnWy read two valuable new books which e | V ,. B «ieial nti- trlilonnl and recipe advice to the In5 man rood In Health ana l)l>.<>.v(, Dietetics Simplified, Is by L J. Jtoj&t. Pli i), now coiiMilUnl In mitrItion with ft nationally known imlitntr and fonnriiy Instructor cf.medicme at Unlversiij of Chl- rago and Yale Unnci.sUy mitl M T. Portci. M .A Hwd' of Home fcconomira nnd Nutuiion, Depail- r<ent of Public Welfaie. utlcn, f{ i , with an excellent public health f'M liosuHal iccoul of expenence. This authentic book evplalns the ^^mteVlSJetaCfo'Ke Its sections on cookeu for special diets and Hi, menus antl recipes foi men. women and clitldicn Mho mutt ailheie to diabetic m<vi- i' 5 , or tubeiculosls, .jrtlnltls ,inc- mia- and other special diet' \-lll b? of Incalculable help | 0 ' the pl!»)Pd housewife. Diabetes ha.s become a widespread modem problem. Thanks to insulin, |he dmbctlc can Ino his nmmal life without damjo and thanks to (he teieullilc .stud- along the same line, it can usually bo done when expert advice is nt lund, at, it Is in thb piac- tical and IhoioiiRhly icllnble Ixiok uy 0i. Bnrt«: It contains not only medically correct diabetic menus nnd .special measurements given In temis of familiar household utensils, but iifco many simple ye(, [„. '.cresting ,rcci|)c? for the' diabetic an his, narrowly restricted fowl for Cook and Patient ' A Diabetic Mnnual, bv E t I3oi {PJ M rj f Associate Piofe\soi "f Medicine. Umveisity of penn- lUvanln ami Akslitnin Editoi of llio Cjclopedia of Medicine, is n t'° Q |!' th ° hc " lsesufe * vl] " Irtcz diet mole o The wlclo open .spaces mak< '•«)iii for a rcstliffls nppellto faring fever hits the palate, loo Keller treat It to n lev; of Bayer dishes. from out where UK west begins, t lliirlicruril M t«' (j o .. Pour pounds .sparcrlbs! 1 !ai"p pnlon, sliced, 1-2 cup catsup, salt pepper,' 1 cup water, -.1 (able- sMoiis vlncunr, I )- 2 tablespoon: Worcestershire .sauce I table spoon salt. 1-3 lenspo'on red pepper (and that means "red" pepper), 1 teaspoon paprika, l-a ••xxm black pepper, 1 teaspoon ilil inmter. Clean sjiarerlbs. then rub with rait and pc-pper. pjnce In roasting jinn. Combine all (he other Ingmlleiils nnd mix thoroni-bly. Pour over. Hut jipnrcrlbs.' Cover pan. Place !ir moderate ovi?:i V.1SO degrees p.) and roast for i l-a hours, uncovoi-lni; for the lust half , hour. . nnsto frcqiioiitlv Don't he surprised If you discover B cltslr. of mashed potatoes peek- Inrr around ihe comer. Mashed polnlnra nre "(hat tray" nbout barbecued .fijinrcrlbs. , Maybe It's .spring.' : Ooldi'n West Toiij! ••• • (4 lo 0 servings). One fresh lonuiie, 1-3 clip oily. (ATtK.h COURIER $$f Merc Is Melody From Skil lei of Faincc! Beverl Hills Bachelor cnp chopped onions, 1-; oil, i clove (tin-lie;-3-4'cup-seedless raisins. 3 cup.s : tomatoes 1-2 chopped p.recri peiiper, I la illccd green olivw, i (en. salt.- Wnsh tongue pliinue in boiling atei nnd cook kuilly until (en- del Dnin coin u ith cold v,a- tei and slnnd i few mil Hicn sk-in iu,d cut off mots in .1 largo frjlng p.m, ], ca( Ulo oil nnd add onions and gmilc cook until bum n, Add laisins sllr until coafcd with oil an d i,, (lis all to boil simmei "i mlnutf, Plfice cooked, peeled (onyuc In oistlnt; pnn Covei with this inuce Roist In modnate o\en dealers r) foi nljoul l hoiii CABBAGE Texas Green Lb. Zc > TREAT-YOUR5ELF FROM -^QUR own GARDEN GRAPEFRUIT Pink'-ftrrai 6 for 19c POTATOES Fauci WIUIc 10 Lbs. 35c - SUGAR Pure Cane IQLbs. 49c TOMATOES No. 1 Cans Each 5c */. J Kay Your Utilk SCCI!H I'Voni Us! BRAN FLAKES , Okay 4 Boxes 29c ; PET MILK Z Tali or 4 Smaircam ; For 14c • WHITn TMSCU1T, 2-1'U )S COOK EASY, 21 Lbs. ss 90c FRYERS Milk Fed - Lb. 3Sc PORK SAUSAGE Lb. ISc VEAL' CHOPS " Choice K. C. Lb. 20c Choice U. S. 1,1). Choice IJ. S. Lb. 7'Can Shoulder ^Lh. PROCESS BUTTER Lb. 35c A stay dinner win re-cstflbllsh man's si-lt-estcein, Sinrdy far name at his old friends, no womc of the family visible—and if s B | ways fair ii-f.ithfi- W bcn good fe loiv.s Kct together, puimy, mor well-intentioned wives don't under stand llic uses of the stag dinnei Music inaj' charm the snvagc breas but such u womanless feast will d it cv<-n i)<!ilcr. , V/liat <lo Hie "bnile.s" want? Will —let's ask a licverly ]|i|l s imche lor. Nelsiju Eddy Is f.'itnows foiilii ^.lnt' dlnner.s. fn fuel, nn fnvllatloi to one of Mr. Eddy's "dinners » clsht" Is rated, ninbrig. the mal slurs of Hollywood almost us hij.|, ly as a ufd (o dinner at the Whlti House. JJ.sU.-n lo (his—not Nelson I-jd iiy's music, bin the melody of hU Crcain of MiiKliroom Soup (Por'12 Vtieii) ' One. pound fresh" mushrooms 2 finiirt.s beef or chicken stock 1-2 cup lititter, M C1 ,p ( |our, 2 cups cieam and milk, halt nntl half wine glass Jsniitci-ne («-liH(- wli sail, |icpj«r and'onion t« taste. Chop mustiroonis and onion, add lo meal or chicken ..stock and simmer half an hour, strain,, plnce stock bacf? nn nre. Comblpc biittci iml Hour, salv and irepper. Thlck- ^n stock ivitJi this. .Simmer until '"Slitly thickened, then reduce heat ind.add milk mill emiin. Heat 1,11 lo not allow to boll. After cream s uddi-d mid wine and remove from Uc- in once. "Dinner has begun l!imt»( Pliicls nf sole mi \V!ilcri'i-es.H : "'or la. liut men only) Six pounds fillet of sole 1 ciuait cookiiic; oil. 3-4 pound butler, juic" 4 lemons, llnely cho/jped parslcj 'all and. pepper, watercress sea son fillets with salt nnd pepper Plimse nilels Into large pot at least hair tilled with boiling on 1'ini fish until both sides ,„•< golden brown. Remove and drain on bloUing paper. Line a lar ?( . wooden bowl will! pjrky watercress Place fillets on (he «•»- tercrcss. Sprinkle with melled but ter, liiiiion Jidte.. iiarsley and s; ir nlsh with lemon slices And of course there Is slcak— broiled bachelor style. Use u pounds for 13 men, tenderloin 01 -li'loln, cut 1 1-2 inches thick. Leave on some (at. cm steaks Into scu- nreic portions, uub each lighih with a clove of savlic, season with 'alt aiUl pepper. Broil \m rack under flame, lurninir tre- J- iinlil done to the kina-.s Sllglilly unclcrrione warns Mr. Eddy, Is the masculluc'.pri-furt dice. Serve on a scrubueir.-ifhdn ' Lids Are Useful, Too On Cakes or Dressed Up in Desserts It Always Pleases Even the dependable old cnniilslcrs have gone!ict!c-.iow they rear sculptured bciuily in wood, sized the same as other container' f tea, collec, salt, ete., they h,,vc detachable - n.casmini; devices 100 «, laside the M, They are truly handsome as well V irac- tlcal kitchen adjuncts, modelled in the form of paper bags. Precious as an Heirloom sou want to Icruc n heirloom, crochet this With steak. E d French fried on- eLri"'i L>VC " m u ' h 'PlKd : potatoes. wsert Is .sweet but not rich-old- nsh oncd strawberry shortcake. Af- er lha, lb e re should be coffee , the living room, clears and ciff lcs:,,!^ nsh |,, g 5lor|es Or £ er kind of story they like. Let the women of the house go tol bed y F ° 8 " ° Ut '° U enough. Morning Sherlock Turnips (Serves 5) 2.tablespoons butter Salt and pepper lo taste 1-i cup finely-cut tparslcy 1 egg (well beaten) !'j cup grated cheese. Place mashed turnfui li, n twui <'»<' «dd melted butter soa^onhig and parsley. Blend well. Mac "in well-greased baking casscrol,. and cover with well beaten cge s.H - kle with grated nhcese Pinoe in cold oven, set oven l, ca t control to 400 degree nnd bake ai>i>ro\-i inately 30 lo 35 minutes, Sf,^ ' J St. Patrick's P[ pe Wlial's a party without fav especially a St. P,u' s party j *>"t hn« t,, spend much ,U°y "'< fnvors. cither. Here's an n,? Propriate ami inexpensive one "^ can make yourself. Or if the cliil nren are having „ part,.. Jt '! , h 1'ltte guest make his mvn -n rv «re sure to ha>e lots of f,, n dn ..... St. Pat's Itat iilriSlfs . . •• ^..», vnn-iiui. uili KUi "LOIJS edspread. The orl Bina , from w h,ch this photo s raph wa.s madc%va S f B' fine, pure ten; Today, however,-you can get an ™i,all v nice .jcrccrlzcd; thread that: gives the-finished piece a lovely lustrous sheen -Directions for this are found in ri book- "Crochet for Pleasure and Prom," ctioao. in addition, you receive directions for a popcorn ind nn worn bedspread, luncheon set, hot dish mate, buffet set filet -mil and clmir back set, baby bonnet, bootees etc ' ' To order, ask for No. C6CWO, or tear out illustration and send with' 0 cents stamps or coin. (Any three lo cent "Make It Yourself" p,t- '•""•• only. 25 ccntO Addrow your order to BLYTHEV1LLE COURKR CITY, AIO^ Be sure to give name and" complete 'add^sT' A Rood dramatist c an round out any triangle. A batch of buckwheat cukes can do this .same to 'he triangle ot spring, n he-man jippctlie and new maple syrup, "ill all clever .wives understand that drama of the breakfast hour. Young mnple syrup like.s to stay "P niRlits. Wed this'nauiral sweet-: I'OKK to the .snioothnc.s.s of cream. 1-ack in i cc an ^ salt-behold a dessert as regiil as any ever cou- ""iveil by. the most ambltiou-i nf i-cnch chefs. Vermont I'.-nfuit W to G serving. 1 ;) 1 cup -inaple syrup, 3 spun egos, 2 ciips;craiin, pinch salt . B ™t eggs well. Heat maple S,T up. stir gradually t,,t n beaten ^gj Si'er, hot water, cook until mix ture begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Remove, from heat >™t until cool. Whip the cream Mowly pom- the maple mixture into the cream .beating constantly. Pack in mold, cowr tishtly Surround with ice and salt ii 'Jqual parts lin( j s[nnrt [m . ^ m J hours. Or else place In frcczlm tray of your 1 mechanical refriger- Por tlie full flavor of this boon pi the maple [ o stnigelin? man"""1, serve it plain, merely land willi a few chopped nuts hot over pudding or over ice cream. For a cnp of maple syrup use about 2 tablespoons chopped nuts. Boil the syrup first for 4 minute,';, then add nuts, and watch yor customers do the rest If ,i natural." Pure maple syrup Is .simply the product of evaporation of maple •>P, or of dissolving of inaple su- wr in water, with the resulting r yi'»|) not over 35 IJCT cent water and weighing M0 | fss t i, an u Domids to the gallon. Such is the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration. So if you my maple syrup prices, be sure you get maulc syrup, , lot „ mixlllrc or sugar syrup and maple su°ar These mixtures, often are called ciuie and maple syrup" That »ay mean that you are buyiii" Plain sugar syrup, flavored with a few drous of maple syrup The typical "cine and' maple" mixture contains from 12 to 26 Id-cent maple, it's wholesome enough, but it's not maple 'syrup *o riont expect it to taste like the -eennine product. -And now for a lib-liter subject. ' , • Casliliain Jhiplc Cream (-1 lo 0 .servings) One tablespoon plain gelatin 2 tablespoons cold milk, 3-4 cup hot milk. 2 eggs, i cup maple syrim, pinch salt. Moisten gelatin 'with 2 taule- soons cold milk. Then add the 3-4 Clip of milk. Separate yolks ,froiu white of eggs find beat each well Add the beaten yolks to milk mixture. Cook over hat water until mixture begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cool slightly, then add maple syrup. Onto the stiffly beat- jniURSDAY, MARCH''18, 1937 . Banana Breaii 1 cup sugar •"i cup btiltsr 2 -es?s (beaten light) 3 la.'xe bananas :, 1 '.t tablespoons sotir milk 1 l.-jispoon lemon juice 'i t^aspDon soda 1 !i teaspoons baking: powder 1-4 teaspoon salt 2 cups (lour 1 cup coarsely chopped nutmeats. Cream nutter and sugar. Ad-.l S?s, llisn bananas, put throu<;ii £«'ve, and liquid ingredients. Add ""is and silted dry ingredients. Blend thoroughly and place In loaf pan, place in cold ovon. jjakc approximately one hour at 400 degrees. t / BOSTON (UP)-Asked for |1 tlsphone' number, Arthur Pled er Boston orciiesti'a conductor, bhisi,' mgly reached for a telephone d '«lorj- -i n=v S r/ he ex-plained hnve an> icason to call inysdf up."' Cheese Roll Biscuits (Makes 2 do/.en biscuits) 2'/a .'Clips general purpose Hour 1 teaspoon salt '4 tcas)woh soda • > 2 teasjwons baking poivder 1"! eii]) lard 1 cup Initternillk I cup American cheese (grated) Mix and sitt together all drv Ingredients. Cut in the lard Add buttermilk, mixing lightly wi th a lork. Turn dough otit on a floured bread board, knead lightly and roll Sprinkle grated cheese over dou»li' «nd roll up like a jelly roll. CnUn J-4 inch slices, place, cut side u» on a wcll^rcascd baking sheet and Place in oven which lias been ure- hcatal to 425 degrees. Bake Tor 40 to 45 minutes. en whites, pour tills mixture slowly, adding a pinch of salt nnd beating well. Chill. Serve with whipped cream. A far cry from syrup for buckwheat cakes, but a's all in the same family. I insist on MeCormickls Cinnamon because it ' makes better apple desserts Smoked Ham THERE'S A NEW TASTE SENSATION IN WILSONS TENDER EXTRA MILD Q GREAT HAM DEVELOPMENTS (/XTi'rjon'i oriRtnil Tender Midc Ham. Hone in—rcjdj-[ 0 senc or just licit and vti, i^ NVilson's TcaJcr Mide Him "oncless in tins, cooVcd and resiiy to cit, 'j Tender Extn'MitJ Certified SmoVcJ Htm. Must be cooked before $mito CO**" Great Britain 11.15 about Private schools, will, '370,000 W pU- n BAKE 16 MINUTES TO THE POUND ACCORDING TO YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE Your whole idea of smoked ham will he changed (he moment you try ihis new modern smoked ham—cook it as you most enjoy ham—and you will thereafter always insist on it. It's so tender—.TO savor)—and >« so mild. Savcscooktngdmeandshrinkigc.too. WE SUGGEST THIS RECIPE ' COOK YOUR FOOD with ELECTRICITY Vj Ti> c Its * COOL - CONVENIENT - HEALTHFUL - ECONOMICAL - FAST and SAFE - - See Your Dealer or ' Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "DEPENDABLE LOW-COST ELECTRIC SERVICE" SPECIAL THIS MOP DUSTER WITH 48 IN. PLAIN HANDLE Here's as handy a mop as has ever been made! Wing shaped il twists and bends easily inlo corners around tables and chair legs, absorbing every fleck of dusl. And because the handle joint is reversible it's equally efficient on your walls'' A lamb's wool bumper makes !t ; scratchless. Green yarn'. ONE TO A CUSTOMER ' Sherwin-Willlnms Hot or Cold Water DECOTINT 5 for 39c Not on ordinary koiso- rn'ine. Covers more surface. Applied in 1/5 less, time. No brush marks. Won't craclc or rub off. True Value WALL PAPER CLEANER Easiest, best way to renew wall paper appe'ar- °nce, window shades, j^c. No streaks with True Value 1 ' cleaner. FOR APPEARANCE AND PROTECTION •Made with long, quality bristles. Paints smoothly For varnishing, enameling. A brush yo'/i! use tor years. Lin-X LINOLEUM FINISH'^. 89.} Keep the footsteps off linoleum—let a coat of this long lasting finish tab the wear. Dries quickly. Easy to clean. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. ' r "The Progroasivc Slorc". .T.M,Shousc ... Wilson Hcnrv Ptione 35

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