The Buffalo Enquirer from Buffalo, New York on January 11, 1924 · 8
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The Buffalo Enquirer from Buffalo, New York · 8

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1924
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i1 (Entertainments? ; Mrs., JWbert O. Frost of Delaware .venue entertained guests at tea on Wednesday afternoon. Mob. Lynn Stout of Morris avenue will entertain a bridge luncheon xslub on Tuesday, January 22. 'Mrs. Ernest "W. Jones of Highland avenue will entertain a. fcridge club on Fridav evening. The Saddle and Bridle club in Amherst street announces a series of five . horseVehows, to be held monthly, the 'first one will take place today. Thse .nHii mcmhAm' tihowi and only Worses owned and ridden by members an be shown. There will be seven classes, including the best boy or girl rider urader sixteen years old. saddle fcoraes of different Kinu, a pe'"-ejice clas for Jumpers, heavy weight riding , horses and an exhibition of iharness Horses. The entertainment committee is in charge, with Mr. m -r -mnnix rhiLirman. tjanguuu x-. t . . -' t t .itv.s. will eive tea from 8' until 6 o'clock this afternoon in honor of Mrs. Louise A1-mon Squires. , V. Miss Eleanor Carson will give a bridge party this evening at her Jxome In West Delavan avenue. Miss Etberta Estywill give a bridge irwirtv this afternoon at her homen Windsor avenue In honor or jyuss irenka Ivanowskl. who will return to Jew. York early next week., llavenue will give a tea this afternoon i at' 4:80 o'clock in honor- of her ftnother, Mrs. Edward J. Barcalo, who ' s leaving soon for California. ' Mrs. Nathan Oppenheimer, Jr.. will i (inn ivi it vv . jwvu v.. u -fcer liome in Linwood avenue in honor J itertain at bridge tnis anerny"" trf Miss Ann Pendleton oi w asuius- i over . auii buii ui i"o tu'uip i prizes ana rerresnments. xne roi-fton. who is her guest. the train formed by a larga bow of lowing committee is in charge: Mrs " Miss Ida Elliot win entertain gurais jfct bridge this evening. I Z . ' , . a xvii ll m t- Francis ffwlll entertain at bridge this evening . . i.i Tiut Marimr nf .All HUklUl V. - " I an nonor oi W tA. rr .lilt 1ML I UW Ufc 1 'Kvracuse. who is the guest of Mrs. c. iBaCh Utley. Mrs. Edwara J) en- l5i T thT Twentieth Century ilub. and L l.nfhann VAflrnlllv I WBYRz Kernow entertained at dinner tor juiaa iyiaLnw". Mr. and Mrs. William C Warren, I uuw -i r..yill give i a supper party 50 rervening in nonor 01 u(iI- . I Dexter P. Rumsey. wb.o will sail next Wednesday for tne Meauerranea.ii trip. Mr. OreshAm Anarews wm kxv luncheon on "y""1"' chito for Mr. ana jmxs. jvumscjr. I ' . . . ... ...Mrs-WiUlam B. oyt nas STii AmhrTt Zt on Sun- 'day afternoon IWrangal. to meet DtUVUCDSV mr Mrs. Lawrence H. Gardner jm ,1.,. a ritnner . tnis evening m . , j 1 I" D -.r- 1 'mr. r'Viarlpn M. nonor ot I Peabody. . utio. -rpUa Laverack gave a tea I last Saturday in honor of Miss Ger wniMtn who has been spena lng the holidays in Buffalo and Who will sail fOf ISgyp ttomorrvw. iur. ana xxh. at gave a dinner on Tuesday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Charles their Jiome in Summer street. - Mr. and Mrs. James B. Fenton will cive a supner party next Sunday evening. Among those who entertained guests at luncheon at the Graduates' a.xvintlnn clubhouse after Mrs. Wil- li.m fi-rajit Barney's Current Events Harry .inM vefcterdav were mrs. Ohisholm, Mrs. Hugh Russell and Mrs. jpilip Becker uoetz. Announcement ! ..tack-Welch. - Before an altar of lilies flanked on bithar nidA tiv tall candles, the mar- - m T,Talr. dnlie-htftr of nage " X.. w..i, ,n a-- -vrvpmoM TT. A.inrV. to I Stuart T Cary Welch, son of Mrs. wurgn ptuvj. " . ,.. I . . t. UAv.av wm sniprnnizKU M. L. i '30 o'clock last evening in innity , " AT. x.. i-on,on T Tiavla. I CJlUrCn, iT. . . jpjnciAwns. . o j i i niiHr i uiiL clx luco v. ..i, ..Vim "V1? C.1! u. Tv." "of' .7.17 th. -, , 1 ,).. lirM and her Oarty marcnea to tne I mv .lnLKrvua ill mo w.M.vf - i l"',:-Z xn- Maz-t n irlven niittr "r - -- i of silver cloth with a tight . av Tflmpr 9tna w f ii h i riV. .mi full skirt with flounces o . ..n teliver lace, ner iui with silver lace aDDUQUl ana ai- I rWiin suvei T ..j ached to a cap OI saver lace anu i range blossoms. She wore silver Winners and her bouquet was of I allies of the valley, white lilacs, and I lavendar Orchids. 3. IXIUIM MLCkA., n.siA vuv ..w, was matron of honors- She wore a. ,f;owtt of white crepe Koma trimmed with deep bands of silver lace and with a m,?,?!."; .wore a tiara of brilliants and carried asierui' Welch, sister of the groom, was maid of honor and wore a gown felmilar to that of ' the matron of honor's and carried Easter lilies and orchids. The otber attendants, Mrs. Courtlandt Van Clief, Mra. Daniel J. Kenefick. Jr.. Mrs. Robert Garrett -s Clean- Child's Bowels with n "California Hg . Syrup" Hurry. Motner I Even constipated, MOTHER! lZ?!i0J?l Mr. and Mrs. Sigismund de Ivan - e&SSVBl?0 a.rethe guests of Mr. and . ..,. JWSKS?. JwfJnJ1 " .- . -. . ZSSto , wltttSrtoIfc Conlams no rarcotica or sootamg arugs. ssay uau iornia" to your druggist ana avoid counterfeits. insist upon genuine "California Fig Syrup" which contains i .i.- ...r.... , 7 f-( A-;;?;., l l I i ' ' "J" I t i d V r m z i - -' v4 ' , ''"'"v' , ' , '''' - I i ' t V ''s '' X , , ' ' 'I 7" ' f i IVfRS. DANIEL J. KENEFICK, JR., who will leave soon to spend several weeks In the south. OmahaMrs. Theodore Irwin. Mi Carolyn Bushnell. Miss Marjorie Knox, Miss Adelaide xxmaiason ana Miss Martlca Smith, wore gowns like that of the matron of honor and car- ried Easter lilies. Lansing C. Holden. of New Tork ' " " " . . . r.:: I were Greenough Townsend of Oyster nflv Pnhort t. Rodirera of Havre de .tx7inAm r ctMrAo.-n T I nf nhlojum. Til., nnd Philln Metz. Livinarston Frver. Daniel J. Kenefick. Jr., George Appleton, Thomas Rams- dell, Jr.. Edward deCernea, iaui urreen, juim . oprasuo, vuanra Gurney, Jr, and William T. JebD, Jr., of this City, and Paul Green. Mrs. JiacK, motner or xne Driae, wore a pailleted gown of dull silver American -Beauty tune, wmcn was ai- utneu ioi "" u,Zt- Jl ,i. L, r K,tiii-i. "V"1UC w 1 rr-vT:",V "i xne Kruuni a uiuiutr wui ui.. - Vet. the drapery held by a buckle of rhlnestones. . ... w . m.wv..w. . a . . A.. a V t . T A 1 a reception ioiioweoai t i , - V I George I. Seney. the bride aid groom rcUclVDU U V OUU AUIO. j'iciv,iv, a. ana me Dnaesmaius. Mrs. Welch's gc-ing away costume J!i.lw-S t.a icr nt of Shaven tovv 4tv, KTc-n fn-r -fin.. ncS wai cmM th - Huxk. 4-Vk - wnmn Till i, .i,v,. - cueists were Mr. and Thomoa ConkHn: Enaien Conk- Florence Fraley. Lansing hwi,. Mr. nd Mrs. I. H. Lew. New vrir Uv t v. vrr nd W. n. nnon tt- rv.iam .Tii n.Tr snii I Mp Tnoma' w. Fta'ucaae. Roches- ter. N. T., Col.and Mrs, J.B. Mac- lun Tftrftfttft lint I lavln nn Calhoun, Sti Louis, Mo, Mr." and Mrs. William Southam, Hamilton, ' - - I Ont.; JRobert Rodgers, Havre de muto, mu. , uiccuuuku iuhuscuu, r. - .ar. . t. . rt Ovster Rav. T... T V. ' , . Tr , . Z: TOni -IT . . . -'JL . U. V . . ..... '1'"" I Beach. Rochford-Morrow. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henri Roch ford of Snyder, N. YM announce the marriage of their daughter, Dorothy rilonnro n Tjfr Pai.l Randnlnh Glendora, to Mr. Paul Randolph niace at. the Morrow, which took : place at the! home of the bridegroom s mother. Mrs. Henry William ' Vauchelet, of t Hollywood, Calif., on January 8, 1924. nue has returned from Wilmington, Del., where she has been spending v. ,ok- ,, . , ,, . , ,r i Mr. ana mrs. jcuswunn ivx. Diauer in New York before leavine vester- day to spend the remainder of the Winter at Miami. 1 Miss Mariorie Knox returned ves- I terdav from a short stay in New I Tork. I Mlss Josephine Elliott will leave lh flrnf nf na-rt nrsclr fnr n vlaU In th Pittsburgh. ivi r . arv Kparnp irppn xiriii nsn I -- " . " . . . I on aturaay irom in ew xorx. on me omir, "Man" tr. ,nn I f . v. ... ivir. h ni rvi rs. ftHvmiiiir t. n rr -xri 1 1 . " r . - ,: nex,U weeic ior iiaiy ana wm rnn vihit wnnin. -t Tt m'b n n T7,r. I : ; " r - . Anna Aust, treasurer; eaaie JJam- land hufnra wtnrntn hnmn thai. . ' . , . . . . 37 " .ul.. ". x CUI unj. i Mr- arid JVIf8- L5"in Stout oi Morris r" ,uo.. .? iwiuu .uwui... imw weesa visit m oaiumure. ak, i ""J tna loot r,t tha i.irtn moV. ' . , , . " a,vw I tneir nome in jorto ico. , Mrs. Henry Norris will return next week from Jamestown where she has been spending a fortnight with her " " . " Mr. and Mra. 0. E. Foster will sail on February 2 on the Majestic to spend three months in France. Mr. and Mrs. Lester B. Lasier will on the BaJtlo on Pebruary 2 to take the Mediterranean cruise. Mrs. Cary Field Clay will return to her home in Paris, Ky, after spend- ing a short time in town the guest of her mother, Mrs. William Pooley. Mrs. McLean of Bathurst, New FVZ?' Miss Marie Manges left on Wednes- ! toir fnr. MoHnnol T3q r-lr Qemlnorir Mrs. Lowell Frost of Hollywood, California is the guest of Mrs. Robert O. Frost for several weeks. Mrs. C W. Miller will sall on Feb - ruary,. lor.tne west inaies. - Miss Alice Pryor and Miss Florence Morgan will leave the latter part of the month for their home in West Virginia, after spending a short time in town tne guests oi mra. wonroe jvianges. Among those wlio were in isew rone to ma Don voyage w air. ana flui.tuuij iuuiyi! tof Jamaica, wera jurs. aneton aiuri hjiu Qauenier- oi vjrrsou!fooru, i in. v.., iormeny oi. cunmo, ana air. and Mrs Walter Browii of this citv. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gaston of Del- Awaits a. venue icii Mil euucsiaj iu .. a . nr. j A I spend the rest of the winter at Palm. jueacn. , . Alias jjeatnee jsicKiora nas return ea to scnooi at warrenton, va, ana Mr. Edward Bickford to Hotchkiss, after S A V, , .v . I and Mrs. Harold C BicMord ol West , Ferry street for the holidays. Mrs.' Frederick de Peyster Towns- end COmes f rom " COODerstOWn this week to be the guest of friends In BUnTalO. , - . Mrs. George H. Selkirk leaves today for Bt Peterahurir. Fla..' for - the rest I of the winter. . I airs, o oiui J., jr4 ana -Miiaa kenka de Ivanmho has ben - i n.-.ith Mr. nrt mi-sl Karn a Morton Ety. will return to New Tork .tenor- - I ic,v, rrt r.rtrin """-7- .T-T:r ' 1 rar. ana ivire, vnanes tu. mnry I Granger place are spending the win Club Jlotes Charity Organization Society. One child sleeping with her sick mother and three others sleeping with their father because there are only the two beds In the family is the problem put up to Miss Elizabeth Helmar of the Charity Organization society. Miss Helmer therefore asks anyone disposed to help this needy family by donating a double bed, with springs, mattress, eta., to communicate with her at the Social Service building, No. 181 Franklin street. - Another family known to Mlse Helmer requires a .table on which to eat their 'meals. The father Is in a hospital, afrid the mother and eight chil dren are at home, A boy from another poor family asks someone' who has read and is I through with Popular Radio. Popular 1 Mechanics and the Scientific Ameri-I can to let him have those magazines to react. New England Women. Liuewlu b. lnAi"nnfcwl" .t,slXt.nJ?.y vthe t. , o.f vrft ttwis. w- men on Thusdajr February 14. la tne parjorB Df Lafayette Avenue FreSbyterian church. Each member m bring photograph of herse.f taKtn wnen sne was a cniia. Mrs. c, Blrch st0ner Is chairman of a -ranee J r3110? totoner 18 cnairman or a.-range- ments. Circles of Light Card Party and , Dance. The Circles of Light will hold their nrst cara party ana aance or tne sea- i son in their new home, Saturday eve ning, January 12, at ,Ne. 1052 Her- tel avenue, corner Delaware avenue. There will be excellent music, good! Lora Webster.-Mrs . Lottie McBride, Mrs. Ida Jaeger, Dr. J. H. Watson, M"es -Hoefner, Roy Brace and Ar thur Greenwood Barnard Colleae Alumnae. . I samara college Alumnae club wm uuia 113 mommy meeung wmorrow n rreninnn or f HP nnmA rT ftllfla JMR1A I Hoffman in Winslow avenue7 Plans r0r the card narty to be held to raise 1 money for the Founders Fund will be meetin tea wl" w BC1 Ieu The Movers' Club. At tv. 1, Mothers' club of Buffalo, at the Wnti Statler. Mondav A.ftAmnon. .Tnnnnrv 14. at 2:30 o'clock, the resident. Mrs. Robert N. Miller will reside. Mr Chauncpv .T Hamlin win snonV nn "PhihHn fnintnn iin tho , PasUc. Age." Mrs. Charles C. Slairht and Mrs. Washington A. Russell will lead LUS CllSMl&Slon I oiud. The Fourth Zonta Club card assem- oiy nas oeen errangea xor ;aiuraay. -26, in the grill at the Hotel UtAtl.. These assemblies have been the most popular social functions of the season and arrangements have been made for 100 tables of Mah Jong, pedro bridge and five hundred at the next party. taSe and hlsSres ?elist from :aDle ana ngn SCOreS TeglSterea irom I .5!3 .,1 those who have attended all the as- ..v.i: 1 v. 1 . ; - . i I end of the season. ivirs. naipn v . rnxDy ana iviiss i r I"" "J."rS't"f- Jr,;; ' , xr " ot " " TuMk, mov v.. ruV nV.nnAl at S. 2111 V illi J. ' On Tuesday, ' January 15, Mrs. Bryant Glenny, Sr., will be the guest of honi0a the. ?onta Pl' ,at lun F" Y Sr clCKL: D"e ,,a " "le board of directors for Craig Colony &iiu win uisscuBS me worn ina.1 js hainr dna hir ty cfat hor Past Noble Grand's Association Of Erie County. TriA annual fnvta lutinn n, nfflac. of the' Past Nobla Oranda' asaoo.ia- tion of Erie county was held on Wed- nesday evening at Golden Rod par- Mors. OnAam and Snrlne strpets. Mrs. Susan Williams. ' the retiring presi- - elfitad Vvir Afro TTitto Rollflald a a mar " ' "V". T 7 shal. The following officers were in , ,,,.. TTHro nr-AO;or.f Ida Mincher, vice-president; Louise . . - . retennan, recoraing secreiary; ina- tllda Beckerf financial secretary; .. . . . Daen, waraen; Mauae ceeaon, con- Iduntress: Cornelia. Berrv. chanlain: ' ' Elizabeth McArthur. guardian; Kath- anne S""?. url" . iVirs. Williams, xne retiring presi- Ment. wo. nrcscntod -ith n enM wrist " " , ' . 1V " . . watrh. the elft of tha members of JTr . , "T:u T"v:i VU -JXTitiZ-- r AMMETT RITYS FMPIRF STATE GROUP OF PAPERS (BV the Vnitei Prut.) 'Rochester. N. Y., Jan. 11. A charter haa been Issued at Albany to the Gan nett Company, In'o, of Rochester, Capital stock of 7,500 shares of no par value has been authorized. The incorporating directors are Frank K. Gannett of Rochester, Frank E. Tripp of Elmira, . and Pretise Bailey of i I U Ilea. The company mentioned above has nurohased all tha interests of Dr. W. J. Copeland and E. R. Davenport In thik Rnchostor TimM-TTnion. TItica 1 ohservpr-Dismatch. Elmira Mornins Advertiser. Elmira Star-Gazette and j the Elmira Sunday Telegram, with the Ithaca Journal-News of which Mr. I Gannett is nresident. forminac the em- I pjre state group of newspapers. Mr. i Gannett Is president of the Gannett 1 Company, Inc., and becomes the pnn- clval owner anj directing bead of this gup of newspapers. It is not an- i nounced what consideration was m- volved in the transfer of these in- rKAlbto JUKI rUK I rvOlTrn 1 atai JVViiJVrlUlU ITLrUl i ip.ntiomn ,!- i. a .nsihiA iror. aiot" said Jude Noonan in countv ceurt yesterday when the jury In the case of Frank Lojacano, No. 101 West pi,. xth rHmtnoii, MnZ stolen ennd. returned Wr- I diet of not euiltv. I Ttlonnn .l ntvusprl of hlivlnc an automobile, belonging to D.' Wain- I man rl9Tl. from n man nami1 TSrtll- I iams in Buffalo, who was 'supposed I to hsva r.Mn authorized bv Wainman I to mak the -sale. Loiacano'a rood , record as a faithful worker stood him in good stead, the court commented. I . r . . ... . FORUM SPEAKER. I victor A. inlander, secreiary-treas- urer Of the IlUno State Federation I ,a,mKi f t, Town rrv.T " . uc,u. " , . r;1"10 - at i.-u ociotk m me jjiji"w wn- BELIEVED SHE WAS WEDDED , 1 - TO LI That's the Story Miss Westbrook Tells at Sensational Hearing. , (Special Telegram U The Enquirer.) Blnghamton. Jan. .11. Br. Willis Linn, soldier of fortune and wealthy pnysician. or Koctoester andi Bliqg-hamton, intends to fight to a finish a charge of violating the Mann act. it was indicated by nis attorney. Question asked by his counsel. H. J. Hennessey, of Mies. Mildred Westbrook, Linn's former office nurse and accuser, in cross examln- latlon at the Dhvslcian's hearimr be- fore United States Commissioner Wickham bore this out. a sensation came at the close of the hearing when Miss Westbrook testified that she and Dr. Linn went through what she supposed was a marriage ceremony at -Washington There was no hint of a weddin ceremony until Miss Westbrook made his statement. Under, fire of crosa examination, the nurse told of rnysterlu rite In a. room tn the C2t,ental-htu ' J,h day af ter Bhe arrived at Washington. After she and Dr. Linn had regis tered at the hotel, she declared, they went to Arlington cemetery. - There walking around the tomb of the "Unknown Soldier," Ds. Linn tohS her he intended to have their union 'blessed by bothi .law and religion, ' witness teetmea, Telia of Alleged Marriage. They went to the center of the city where Linn left her, to enter a big Btone building, Miss Westbrook de clared. He rejoined her soon after wards and said he had a license and that he knew a Justice of the peace who would marry them, she testified. Conlnulng, she said: , "On the way to the hotel he called up a man I believed to be the justice. We then went to our room. A few ... . - mmutes later a knock sounded on the door and ; ; a dignified soberly j l . .t 1. Ztlrll ' u fii T.inn a-nA mM.if tn Ltnnrl and w did We wem or- Mered to join hands. He risked me if I would take the doctor to be my law fully wedded husband, and I an swered, Yes.' A similar question was out to Dr. Linn he also said 'Yes' On cross examination the defense went back to the time before the Washington trip when Miss West brook was taking care of " Dr, Linn, ill of pneumonia, in his apart ment. There, again, a surprise was "gEt a,fl W- A.u.v. - she stayed faithfully day and night rarinff fnr tho lrtnr. until hl mother came, a week later, from Rochester, Then the attorney for the defense asKea ner: "Did not Dr. Linn's mother order you out of the house?" "No. she did not." . "Didn't she tell you to leave?" "i wouldn't put it that way." 4 Dld not Dr. Linn's mother, within an hour before you did leave, find vou with another man In th dennrt- ment of Mrs-' Leets' talng the Hoctnr'a murtmcntf" doctor's apartment?" vj. Reads Letters. rpu. nr. xr ...,.. appeared to be letters from his pocket, reading from them, asked: J'V" wnl-5 11113 to JJ1. J1IM Oil February 12, 1923? (A date after the Washington trip) : iou knew you never gave me one cent in your whole life.' "No, I did not write it." After staying three days with Dr. Linn irt Washington at Continental hotel, Miss Westbrook said, she returned to Blnghamton. She went back to Washington and, on finding Dr. Linn gone, telegraphed him at Plamtersville, S. C. Then she joined him tne re, being introduced as his wife and being present at fashionable house parties, she said. She received him at her home when he returned the following spring and the affair ptarted all over. The case was adjourned and evidence of department of Justice agents will be taken later by United States Commissioner Robert S. Wickham. ' DUNCAN DANCERS n DELIGHT AUDIENCE Visualizing the beauty of the ancients wnen tne aance was part nf ha temnlo rftnal and warn mnlnr. Ij ""V"; .7.7;" " 7 .u giauueag, uo-ppiuess, j ' j 3 : A. VT. oauueas , ueapan, ino xjunca.ii 1 Dancers-mae thelr-first SulCalo a.x- I pearance at the Playhouse last even ing. . - The entire programme was delight- I ful. with the most beautiful numbers "5, thiLc,e liie- sif LhA uviiii a uuci ai 11104 v,ixv ktiv uaiiw iu Schubert's "Les Petite Riens" and I .T , - x. If caJled the dancers many tlmes brJng. them before the curtain. Max Ra binowitsch, at the piano, played the accompaniment for the dancers. VETERANS' BUREAU NOW SOUND, SAYS' HINES (Bt the Vnitei Preet.) Washington, Jan. 11. The United States Veterans' bureau has been re I organized on "sound business nrinci I Dies and is ready to t down to work," General Frank T. Hines, dl- rector , of the bureau, announced here today. I Sweeoinsr administrative changes. I effective January 15, involving the I shifting of some division beads and I the noesible curtailment of clerical personnel at a future date were an- nounced by Hines, Lemon and Strawberry Surprise Special g M Ln.lMUlI 1 M 5 V?. SPLIT IN BRADY FAMILY IS Brothers and Sisters Take Op posite Sides in Battle Over $75,000,000 Estate. (Bt the International Ketci Berviee.) Albany. Jan. 11. When Nicholas F. Brady was recalled to the 'witness stand before Surrogate George Law yer this morning there was every indication the fight to oust the executors and trustees of - the $75,000,000 estate left by the late. Anthony N. Brady would continue for at least six weeks. This marked the fourth day of a searching examination of Brady by Isidor J. Kresel, counsel for Mrs. Carl Tucker and Mrs. Francis P. Garvan. of New York, who are seeking to have their brothers, Nicholas F and James Cox Bradw, and the Central Union Trust company of New York, ousted as executors of the vast Brady estate. It was reported about the court room today that the spilt in the Brady family has been widened materially in the last few days, following the charge by Nichqlas F. Brady that the contest of the accounting of the estate for 1919 and 1920 was not brought in good faith. Mrs. James C. Farrell of Albany, another sister, has lined up with her brothers in the fight. Friends of the Brady brothers charge that the will fight was started following an argument between Nicholas F. Brady and his brother-in-law, Francis 'P. Garvan, over money matters. Special Sleuths "Jacked Up' .99 by Chief Police Chief Zimmerman had the specials from the fourteen precincts in the city before him today. He told them he expected action from them in cleaning up the precincts. He gave them much the same line of advice the detective-sergeants re ceived yesterday and told them to take him at his word when he said that if they did not wake up and show results "they would be out of jobs." The chief made a deep impression on the detectives. They left his Of fice feeling that he was administer ing more than the ordinary routine call-down which a policeman figures is a part of hie lob. Zimmerman told the detectives he was never more serious In his life and that-the de' tectives must go after the crooks or the crooke will cost them their jobs. KARL J. H0UCK DEAD; HOLD FUNERAL MONDAY Karl J. Houck, only son of Charles and Florence Weigel Houck, and assistant bookkeeper for the Western Savingsbank, died yesterday morning in" his late residence. No. 151 Masten street. He was a graduate of St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. . Mr. Houck is survived only by; his parents. ' Funeral will, be held on Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock from his late residence, and half an hour later from Our Lady of Lourdes church. Rev. M. Phillips, pastor, will officiate. Burial will be in Pine Hill cemetery. "WIVES OF By Frances THE FLIRT. Can the girl who has flirted for years settle down and become a good wife? . This Is in substance the question asked by "John Jr.," who naturally hesitate at Inviting a life-time of trouble by marrying a girl who has never shown any symptoms of possessing a heart. What are his chances of happiness with such a girl? "She has been engaged again and again, always tiring sooner or later 'yet never entirely giving up the man. There are about four who still hover about. I met her two years ago last summer and soon asked her to marry me. It was later that I heard about her rather fickle nature. Yet for two years we have remained equally devoted. She assures me that this is different. Is it? Can she ever be anything but a flirt? She admitted to me that when she first encouraged me it was merely for fun and that she fully intended to drop me when the summer was over. What is your opinion? If we are goin to marry, I feel we should do so; but, on the other-hand, it is no matter to chance "'She never tries' in any way to make me jealous in fact, she knows my disposition inclines that way, and is very considerate of my feelings. She is twenty-four ye.ars old. and I am thirty-three. Is it repre hensible In me to question her sincer ity? I sometimes feel that it would be better to have it end now, but that Is only when something has occurred to disquiet me. Only a month or so ago a man blew into town from some where and proceeded to stage a rusn. You will be -well remembered if you ghre a Mother Drake's Fruit Cake to your friend for her birthday. Mother Drake's . Fruit -Cake has a distinction like its flavor exclushrehr its own. It is also suitable for an anniversary piesent,its quaEty having the spirit of a least in it. Its traits and nuts, citron and peels, are from . j. sunny Italy and romantic France WIDENED ,r y( If 7 rtV 'A L 1 i ii.n in i ii.. iu iimra TTENTUCKY HAS WOMAN STATE SECRETARY Mrs. . Emma Guy Cromwell, elected secretary of state of Kentucky, has Just taken up her official duties at Frankfort. She Is the only "woman In the United States to hold this high executive office. BLAMES PRETTY ACTRESS FOR TROUBLE Jacqueline Logan, Screen Star, Named as "Other Woman" Jn Melford Divorce Case. . (By the International Nev Service.) Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. It. The name of pretty Jacqueline Logan, film star, became a rattling skeleton in the closet of George Melford, prom inent movie director, yesterday, when his wife's suit for divorce was tried. . Mrs.- Melford, whose real name is Mrs. George Henry Knauff, hesitated before revealing the name of the wo man because of whom, she believes. her husband deserted her and their thirteen-year-old daughter. '"Is there . another woman?" the court asked Mrs. Melford. "They tell me there is," she parried. "Who is the woman?" again de manded the court. Melford visibly slumped in his chair across the attorney's table and bit his lios. There was a loner drama tic pause. In a whisper Mrs. Melford replied: - "She is Jacqueline Logan." Melford then was called to the stand and asked why he had left his wife. . "Because I don't love her," he scowled. "Are you in love .with Jacqueline Losran?". asked the court. - "I know the young lady, but I am not in love with her. I simply don't love my wife and want to live my life." Melford replied. Recalled to the witness stand. Mrs Melford said that she wished to free her husband "because she wanted to make him haDDV." "I still love him very much." she added with tears in her eyes. "I shall alwavs -love him." Judge Summerfield, In granting the divorce, scored Melford for "casing a fine woman aside after years oi wiie- hood." TOMORROW" McDonald He had once been engaged to her and decided to try it again. She evidenced no interest in him, but my feelings were mixed and hard to analyze one moment I was all fear that her Inter est mieht come to life again, and the next I was blarhing her for being able so completely to lose interest in a man she had "once promised to marry and I could see myself in his shoes after about two or three years of married life. Has such a girl the stamina for wifehood? Or am courting disaster in fooling with the idea of ever marrying her?" And all that we can say is ,that every day in the world some seem ingly heartless little flirt .discovers that she has a heart and lays it quite confidingly and meekly upon the mat rimonial altarVrand usualiy does not take it back. So "John, Jr.." has chance, just'as every man who loves. Of course, some girls are more de nendable than others, but just be cause a girl has flirted in the past is no reason to believe that she will consider marriage lightly. The fact that she has been serious for t,wo years would seem to indicate a change of heart. Ir. "John, Jr.'s" place we would walk right up to the bat, and that's orobabtar what "John. Jr.," will do: But isn"t it, weird, with all the serious girls in the world, it's the little flirt who collects all the hearts and all the engagement rings? 9 Earn Interest from January First MONEY deposited in the Buffalo Sayings Bank on or before Saturday, January 12th, will "draw interest from January 1st. . Open for business every - Saturday evening from 5 until 9 o'clock. BUFFALO SAVINGS BANK FEDERAL TROOPS PLAN ATTACK ONPACHUCA ObregonV Forces Hope to Re capture Great Silver Mining Camp from Rebels. ' (By the International Kerne Berviee.) Mexico City. Jan. 1L Federal troops will be sent, out at once to re capture Pachuca, which was seized by the rebels Wednesday, It was of ficially announced by War Secretary Serrano. Pachuca, which is sixty-six miles west of this city, la the largest sliver mining camp in the world. It was seized by a rebel force under Gen. Cavazos. Official announcement is made that War Secretary Serrano will have per sonal supervision over the movement of the federals against Vera Cruz on the southeastern front. Advices to the war department state that the rebels are continuously falling back in that district. The revolutionary forces have not yet offered battle to the federal troops advancing upon Vera Cruz." the war department announced. The federals are led by Gen. Eugenio Martinez. After reviewing the federal troops on tne western rront at laraptua, President Obregon delivered an ad dress, praising his men and predict ing success for them upon tne field of battle. Queen Elizabeth Is Badly Hurt in Auto Crash (By the International Ktice Berviee.) Paris, Jan. 11. Queen Elizabeth of Greece is in serious condition today from injuries received in a mysterious automobile accident , at czernowitz, Roumania. according to a dispatch printed by the Jaris Midi today. It is suspected that tne motor car was wrecked by persons having de sisms on the life of King George and Queen Elizabeth, the dispatch added. The mystery of the affair is deep ened by the fact that King George. Queen Elizabeth, Queen Maria of Roumania and the Roumanian crown prince were reported to be in Italy. The motor car collided with an other. King George was thrown out but was not hurt. The Greek sov erelgns have been cautioned by the police to guard their lives. RESTAURANT ROBBED. A duplicate key thief entered the lunchroom of 'Joseph Asgostico, No. 289 ; South . Elmwoodi avenue, during the night and took $19 from the cash drawer. ( WHY WOMEN LOOK 60 AT 40 With dark circles under their eyes, sallow complexions, drawn expres slons, drooping shoulders, a lagging Step, many women of forty have the appearance of women of sixty. In many cases this condition is caused by overwork or neglect of such warn lng symptoms, as headaches, back ache, nervousness, displacements, and irregularities which indicate ailments peculiar to women. If all women so afflicted would only rely upon Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound it would restore them to a normal, healtbv condition, and the premature signs of age will soon disappear. Adv. (Dinner Dances Supper Dances 4C- Hotel Statler j The Vincent Lopez Statler Dance Orchestra plays in the Main Dining Room from 6 to 9 (no cover charge), and from 9-.30. diazce sc is seamcr-ftse comb Afternoon Tea. 3-.30 to 5:30 Ml Kthin Sung. VtellnlK M1M Manila Gompte. Hmrptat BUFFALO ENQUIRER Buffalo Courier BUFFALO. N. T. Jed INDEXED. STANDARDIZED AND POPULARIZED ACCORDING TO j THE BASIL L. SMITH SYSTEM. INC. , PHILADELPHIA, PA. t . All ads ara restricted M thulr mn classification and to the regular Courier-Enquirer style of tjrp. i CLASSIFIED RATES Dally rate per line for conseentiv In. sertions Including Morning Coarter and evening enquirer at tna ona rat. ancn QI7I ........ JUO to Three days 11c 10c Ona day .... Ha Ho A Special rates for yearly adxertlslne on request. The Individual advertlaementa .r ar. . i ranged under these headings In ao al phabetical order for quick reference. - f Advertlainar Antnrt fnr immiiii . r sertions takes the one time Insertion rate; no ad taken for less than basis Of two lines. Minimum eharc. li"x- minimum cash. 24c Count six average words to the Hn. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES Charge. Cash i rv r - rwi p Combination Dally Inch Inch Courier-Enquirer $2.60 $t.ii bunaay courier .00 X.75 ' Minimum Charge On Inch. , Light Face Cut Permissible. Char ued nda will be received b tele. phone and if paid at the Courier-Enquirer office within seven days from me iirst aay oi insertion casn rat wui be allowed. Ada ordered for three -or seven days and stopped before expiration will only be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment made at the rate earned. Rate per count line for whit space ads set In nonpareil is th same as a line of type as is figured twelve Uoea to the Inch. Publishers will be responsible for only one incorrect insertion of an advertisement. They reserve the right to edit or reject any classified advertisement copy. i Copy for Sunday Courier should be at Courier-Enquirer office Friday even-in,, to Insure proper classification. Telephone Seneca 278S and ask for a Want Ad Taker. Standard Classification. ; 4 Funeral Directors. 6 Funeral Flowers. 6 Cemetery Lots, Monuments. 7 Lodge Notices 8 Coming Events. 9 Personals. 10 Lost and Found. . . II AUTOMOTIVE. A Automobile Agencies. H Automobiles fcr Sale. 12 Auto Trucks for Sale. 13 Auto Accessories. 14 Garages Autos lor Hire. 15 Motorcycles and Bicycles. " " 18 Repairing Service Stations. 17 Wanted Automobiles. . HI BUSINESS SERVICE. " IS Business Services Offered. 19 Building Contracting 20 Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating. 21 Dressmaking Millinery. 22 Heating, Plumbing, Roofing. 23 Insurance. ' : 24 Laundering'. 25 Moving, Trucking. Storage. 26 Painting, Papering, Decorating. 27 Printing Engraving. . 28 Professional Services. 29 ReDairine:. i 30 Tailoring and Pressing. 81 Wanted Business Servle. "" IV EMPLOYMENT. 32 Help Wanted Female. 33 Help Wanted Male. i 34 Home and Spare Time Work." 35 Solicitors. Canvassers. Agents. 36 Situations Wanted Femal. 37 Situations Wanted Mai. j V FINANCIAL. T 38 Business Opportunities. - 38A Investment Property. 39 Investments, Stocks, Bonds. ' 40 Money to Loan. . - V 49A Money to Loan Mortgages.. 41 WANTED To Borrow. VI INSTRUCTION. 42 Correspondence Courses. - ' 43 Local Instruction Classes. 44 Musical Dancing. Dramatic. j 45 Private Instruction. i 46 Wanted Instruction. r VII LIVE STOCK. . " ' 47 Dogs, 'Cats. Pets. 48 Horses, Cattle. Vehicles. 49 Poultry and Supplies. 50 Wanted Live Stock. VHI MERCHANDISE. 51 Articles for Sale. 51 A Barter and Exchange. 52 Business and Office Equipment. 53 Boats and Accessories. 54 Building Materials. 55 Farm and Dairy Product. 56 Fuel. Feed, Fertilisers. - 57 Good Things to Eat. 58 Home-Made Things. 59 Household Goods. - - 60 Jewelry and Watches. 61 Machinery and Tools. 63 Musical instruments. 62A Radio Equipment. - , 63 Seeds, Plants and Flowers. 64 Specials at the Stores. 65 Wearing Apparel. 66 Wanted To Buy. DC ROOMS AND BOARD. 67 Rooms with Board. 68 Rooms without Board. 69 Rooms- for housekeeping. 70 Vacation Places. v 71 Where to Eat. 72 Where to Stop in Town. - 73 Wanted Room or Board. X REAL ESTATE FOR RENT.. 74 Apartments and Flats. 74A Apartments Furnished. 75 Business Places for Rent. "6 Farms for Rent. . 77 Houses for Rent. 78 Office and Desk Room. " 79 Suburban Tor Rent. 80 Summer Places for Rent. 81 W-anted To Rent. XI REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. R Brokers In Real Estate. 82 Business Property for Sal. 83 Farm and Lands for Sal. 84 Houses for Sale. Single. 84A Houses for Sale. Two-family. , 85 Lota for Sale. , 86 Resort Property for Sale. 88 Real Estate for Exchange. 89 Wanted Real ""Estate. XH AUCTIONS. 0 Auction 8alea. Announcements Foneral Directors 4 MRS. FRED MUNCH Funeral directoSfcr Wm. Hell Geis, assistant; 2029 Niagarl St. Bidwell 0007. Bidwell 6352. SAUERWEIN. HENRY Funeral dlrec-tor and embataier; formerly located oa Niagara, is now at 2268 Main. Crescent 4219. ' " - Fersonalav ARTIFICIAL LIMBS-rDeformltr aPPU-ancea, .truss.- supporters, -elaetio hosiery, suspenders, crutches, wheel chairs, arches. James Beck. Inc., ISO Broadway. ' - ' - BATHS Masag. electric and flagella-tion treatment- gtven by scientific op-erator. 1425 Main S t. Topper 4921. . COLLECTIONS Wages, accounts collected; reasonable. Eagl Agency. 30a Brisbane Bldg. - - " ... DETECTIVE Licensed and bonded; long established. Forgarty Detective Agency, offices 614 Brisbane building. Seneoa 1063. Residence, Sen. 3275-W; DR. ROWB 110 N. Pearl St, Buffalo, women's diseases; cures without opera -tlon; low charges; advice free. ! EXCHANGE your old trunk for a new mil v w Franklin Sts. ' ' y FAMILY HOMES-waniea lor rauiurcn,. .ii htn,iiir and free tMme. AO- ply H. F. Hunt, Department pf County Welfare, 237 Terrace. Buffalo. N. Y. HAVE your old traveling bag dyed black to look like new. Farel's Trunk Store. Court and Franklin Sta. LEAVE your washing ma chins trouble with Irr. 253 Allen St.: electric or wj-ter power.; Tupper 113; established 1904. LOOK AT Farera 13.64 bags Faira Xruak Store, Coart and. Franklin 6t. 1 F

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