The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 19-14 BLYTHEVILLE (AJUL); COURIER NEWS •. :': -/TI Detroit Takes Four Striight^From !' —. . ^4r • ^"^ ™* ™ ** Tigers Hot On Reader's Heels; Cards Keep Pace Flag Bound Browns Lead Tail-end Sox } By Only Five Games Hj Unilcd rrcss The slipping New York ' Ytmkccs nave tumbled out of first, place In the Ami-rlcim League, giving way to Hie .fast-stcpi>iiig . si. Ixmls Browns. The Browns, .who lost to Ilin Washington Senators yesterday, owe (heir 1 lend to (he Detroit Tigers who knocked off the Yankees to . 3 in a IG-innlnfi gnme nl Detroit. Tile : victory was the fourth straight for the Tigers over the Yankees. The winning run went across when Jimmy Outlaw singled anil Don Ross doubled him lionie. Hal Nowhouser worked the last eiaht innings for the Tigers to B'ct credit for the. win while Alley Donald went eight innings t/> At St. Louis the Browns missed a clinnce lo take a wider lead over the Yankees as they lost to the Washington Senators. 11 to S. Stan Spence, subbing al first base for Joe Kiihcl, was the big gun for the Senators. He drove in five runs..Jack Kramer started for the Browns, 'but he lasted only five Innings. Will Lefcclvrc won for the Senators. At Cleveland the noston Red SD,\ squeezed out a 7 to Q victory j^ver the Cleveland Indians. The ^>« won willi n story book finish. With" two cut in the ninth, George Mctkovich homered with two men on base. ' The Philadelphia Athletics-Chicago White Box E'amo was postponed. In the National League the New York Giants stretched their winning streak- lo six straight by bent- Ing the Chicago Cubs 5 to 3. Danny Gnrdelln's seventh-inning homer with one nmn on the winning runs. base drove in Al Boston the St. Louis Cardinals The tlefeated the Braves 4 to 2. Cards scored the winning runs alter two men had gone down in the sevcnlh> The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Cincinnati pitcher Dick Barrett tripled doubled to drive in f.our runs. Al Brooklyn tho Pitlsburgh pi rates beat thfl Dodgers 2 lo 1 on home runs by Dahlgren ailu Johnny Barrett. Left-hander ,Frilz Ostermueller, S™ scnUto Syracuse of 'the niterna- • tiona'l League the";pddger.^" now is back in the majors with . the DOPE BUCKET Bl J. P. FBtKNU WANTS TO TALK Robert (Rcd( Baxter was never a .shrinking violet. There have been precious few limes-111 his life, when he didn't have something to say. 1 wager. He Is as outspoken and free with his speech as anyone I ever saw. He fairly bubbles over with enthusiasm in whatever undertaking h e currently Is engaged, and it certain things llml he doesn't relish or like come up he doesn't mind speaking his little piece, regardless of the outcome. "Red" came home on furlough from Williams Wield. Arizona, the oilier day to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C .M. Baxter and our few minutes together over n cup of coffee, and a limited-size piece of fresh strawberry pie (that's a military secret—lone hasn't figured out what became of her share) revealed .that more than a year In Hie colors hasn't changed the big, strapping, happy-go-lucky carrot- top. Only one change I could detect. I never saw him look better physically. Weighing around 190 pounds, h e was a picture of perfect health. "Where are your stripes?" I jok- ngl yasked, brushing the clean shirt sleeve where they usually are. "I don't have any," he said without a blink of (he eye: "I'm just plain 1 Private Baxter, and, frankly, I cion't care. They have to have someone in Ihis man's army to do the work and the fighting. To date. I have been doing the work. Now I expect I shall soon be firing a few rounds at Jerry or those little yellow bellies, arid I don'l care STARTED AT ST. LOUIS one soon there. I haven't made a play for any- just trying to do my Red did relax and became quite ft w " *"•-'- —•-•.-work. And I like it fine." Roberts Joined the service while working in a defense plant at St. Louis and was sent to Jefferson Barracks. After a short time he asked for a transfer Into the air corps and was assigned to Santa ipliia Phillies beat A r ina ' Calif - thence to Williams Reti<; 8 to 7 Philly Fle1 "- Incidently, he moved into the Barrett tripled and Ficld i"*t after LeRoy Ross, a former Chick, received his wings and commission. , "You remember Buddie, my kid brother, don't you?" And how could I forget the blond chap who did such a fine Job those seasons under Coach Joe .. ,. ,. 3 ,_ .. "He's the 1 real honor earner In our 'family. He's been In the Navy Pirates. Fritz refused to report to f ° Ur fam " 5 '- Hes ?, e , en ' ln the Nav ? Syracuse when the Dodgers sold J?"'^' C °™ th V^ S^ liiin several days ago. ?f,e chiefs " en nv indicative of ..'ntllnA] +illp iv.nfin.. t... nn ll!.._ I.I... UlttllJ Settled this matter by selling to Pittsburgh, Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE .' Memphis. at Atlanta. : Little Hock al Chattanooga. ', New Orleans at Nashville. NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago ill Brooklyn, night. St. Louis nl Philadelphia, Jilght. Cincinnati at Boston. Pittsburgh at New York. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington at Chicago, nigllt. , Philadelphia al St. Louis, night. New York at Cleveland, night. , Boston at Detroit. major engagements as a 111111 member of a destroyer. He's been In the Pacific area all the time. H c Is a machinist mate, first class. "Another brother, C. M., Jr., is a sergeant and is stationed in Ilajy^ He is a radio operator and has" seen service In Africa, Sicily and Italy. ' "Those boys have done all right. Perhaps I will get, this training over and Join 'em In the conflict soon." , 'But let's talk about something else," he pleaded as the last bile of pie slipped down the hatch and the coffee cup drained to the dregs. And I. knew what was coming. The redhead was' Itching for a good ol 1 snorts bull session, centered 'around his favorite game of feolball. And so we delved into the sports for more than an hour and n half, winding up with a com- Commercicr/ Classes In Shorthand-Bookkeeping-Typing MRS. L. M. BURN ETT Degree From Accredited College W010 Iicarn Phone 3210 Premium Wheat PLUS Fine Milling EQUALS Shibley's Best FLOUR - - - The flour that needs less shortening! WALLPAPER Now 15c 30c Light Fast Now 20c 3Sc Washable Now 24c HEMILTONE (Soy Bean Paint). . . . ; :2.40 qal. HYKLASS Creosote White: 2.50 gal. SOUTHLAND White 3.00 gal. DUTCH BOY White . 3.50 gal. CERTAIN-TEED GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 167 Pound 4.50 square—210 Pound 5.50 square E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ?.,.. Friciidl/ Building Serrlce pnrlson of the -great 1935 Chick eleven with the rest of the tribal powerhouses. "Thai's the greatest team Dlylhc- vllle High school ever h'nd, not because I played on It. I was Just plain lucky. Bill the record speaks for ilself. Scored more thtm BOO points nnd could have rolled up more If they wanted It. The line wns iarge nnd powerful, the backfield brllllaul and versatile. I rate Hcrschell Mosley as ihe greatest all-round halfback we ever had slid Eddie Sallba tops with the fullbacks." And who was I to argue with him. Personally, I feel much the same way, though I would liked lo have seen the 1939 learn at Its brat, say the night they played South Bend, ind., ngalnst thai outfit. II would be quite a ball game, I'm athlnklng, pimincr. • . But Robert was just too modesl when he said he was lucky to play on that team. "Red" earned a spot al C !i(i, ntid lie got It the hard way. He had lo work and like the very dickens, too. I shall never forget those 'early days of the 1935 training period. Prom th e outset, Coach Carney Laslle wns sold on the gangling alert youth for an end post. He told him the Job was his— If he would earn it and then hold it. RED EARNS JOB Well; for a time I wasn't so sure he could make It. There Is a lurking suspicion Hint Coach Lnslle had his doubts on days. The biggest obstacle was pass catching. The redhead just couldn't hold 'em, for some reason or another. Finally, in Coach. Ace - desperatio «vo|j^iatiun i^isuun. uoacn Ace No, I haven't stayed at one place Puckett was assigned to him Ace long enough to earn a stripe, ex- would go down with him on the cepl the last one and I may have heaves loosen yelling', "loosen tip- up!" After so long a Red, time, memory. Belli cnmo In the >nme same nnd nl joncsboro, ,Lea by "Bo" Johnson, scurrying sjufrlcunp liullbnck, Ooiwstoro slipped dm In front, 8-0, and things' began to look pretty blcuk for out, side. But, ns the clilck Mockers and (aclflo''-' went to work the tide began to turn, nud Blylhcvlllc won .going Hwuy. <_ •, About midway, the Chicks' Imd worked lh c ball down to about tlie 30-ynrd strliw. Captain HcrscheU Mosley cnlled for n puss Into the end zone to i!c<l. As the ball WRS snapped nob took oft like a wild duck. But something went vfrong wllh the piny. As Hcrky faded back to heave the nugt'et lie found l|s receivers completely covered. So he staged one or his famous broken Held clashes. Bob provided the;' fl- nnl avenue by crushing Johnson with u vicious block that must have jarred lio's father In tho stands: When lied got to Ills feet. Johnson was still ou the nnxlnd. Looking down on him ns lie Iny doubled up nnd apparently out cold, Red blurted out where everyone, conlrt hear: "So you're (h c great [Jo Johnson'." Bo gal up and finished the game, though still shaken from the powerful Impact. Liiter, Hcrky ai\d Baxter pulled n novelty pl«y thnt worked like n charm nml which displayed their Ingenuity. Hcrky heaved a short PUSS to Red, ilien wheeled around end. took a beautiful Intern! nml raced some 50 ynrds for a touchdown. As they filed Into the dressing room after Ihc (fnine Conch Luslie nskcd what kind-of play WHS tlwt. nod pined up with imrcstriilpc* enthusiasm. "Aw. that one we cook'- e<l up. Wasn't It a pip, coach?" Wlmt could Lnslle soy? Men In Service Dotmld Wayne dec. tv-s, who Is undergoing his boot training at Wllllarasburg, Vn., soon will arrive' hi Blythovllle for a leave with his family. His home Is on South 21st Street. " Robert Ed Thompson lias completed bis course at the Navy Pier In Chicago and has been promoted to seam'an 1-c, n.m.rn. He now Is Involved Robert w stand out vividly in my Cook, stationed at lhc Naval "Air" tldn in Pcnsacola, Pin. After completing his Sta- San Die go, '•, 2-c, si»nt Ills Eddie Miller After Tinker's 5-Year Record By Unlicd- Press Out In short field for cln- -••• ... ^..Ulllll;^! ml- yip ^;jn- ?iminll Reds l,)iesc dnys Is Kddlc Mlllcr-a guy who makes errors »r° rtcn ns iwiw kcc " s Por (lie msl four seasons Kddlc nas , lo)>])e[| (he Nntlonnl f,engnc h 1 :^'ffSfL i M icuii »^ ™*..»«»,. ! lc ' s ffNl^r'^'o'iig agiiin, |itcklng'"iiii cyer y( ] 1]n ^ h(il comM )lls i|s welt. n.s drives tlial would bo lilts .willi anyone 1 else playing short- 51pp. No«' It-looks as (hough Kddlc I L" 1 ^,!' '!« 8t '' n te'!t nowi'w Atlanta Knocks Chicks, Barons Back In Lead Ambitious Vols Only Half Game Behind Leaders Ily Unllcil I'rc.w , Those Nashville Vols me In strldo mid heading up In the South- Association. Today, (hey have " e th ° , , ° who holds the record. In one tfspccl Miller- If he romes o>" <m. lop (ills year-will set a pace even more Impressive than the one, set by the old Chicago Cub P«r « tllle this year would make live straight tor Miller, while Tinker could lake only two straight. He Picket! up his oilier lbra> chnni- !>loii5lil|) S nl odd Inlervnls. Uddlc's closest competitor . yv,"'"" *-*v.->i-.ii tujii|j^tuwr toi fielding lionors In ih e Nntlonal Lenijuc Is Mnrty Mnron of tlic St. Jxmls Cnrdlimls. Marty always hns stayed close lo Miller In the |)er- cenlngo column—and his fans clnlm nes a better playmakcr dun Clnclnnall player. Miller lit full ith- avc- lavo with Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE Birmingham ; ... . . 90 u RBR Memphis ;, Nnshvlllo ' . ,..'.., Little liock Atlanta . Knoxvlllc CJhntllanooga . ... New orlenru 1 -. .... AMKKI(MN~ New York ...... . Detroit Washington , I'hlludoliihln . . , Boston Olavi'lnml . Chicago NATIONAL ..... ID 14 578 JO jjj 543 18 16 G45 . .... 17 15 ',631 . ...V 11 22 314 .,.,, 10 23 ,303 LF.ACIUK W. L. Pet. . 24 ID .558 . 20 10 . ,5!>0 . 33,20' .624 . 2020 .500 . 10 10 .-.000 . 19 21 .415 . 10 23 AM . 10 21 ,432 IKABUE AME Washltigic , Detroit 4, nines), PhllcKlMttl 81 Louis ; New York A collcctl< en In 1800 hlbloiic r'oi Bprl Save Ga Tires. G< Pi AMERICAN LEAGUE f i? ,J m 7. Clovplan.u.e.T'. ?,?££ 'SV. LIuU^' ''""'I r York 3 '(16 >lrp*-. 2,')3rook)yn \:' 4 > '^ 4. lioston 2,4 . ^r" la 8., Cincinnati. 7,~.^ roil Macoil'-N O* 1 ^ '*> -i-i — •_ n * tJ.^ » v n't got tar lo „„. ., moved Into a. second-,,,,,,;!: uu wmi Memphis, Jusl u step behind tho W L UlrmhiBlmm Hnrons. I St. Louis ,,. 20 13 Last night, Nashville licked New Clnclimnll; '.'... U2 10 ••••••v •••i>i*v , tiintij i uiy utrtLU i'Lw Orlouius 14 lo 2, uilil .sciil the f'i-1- Icans Into tho ICURUO cclliir. Seventeen Vol hll.s were tnlllcd, Ineliid- lu« Eil Molieo's homer ,wllli two men on biisc. 'Hie Pelleitns rcitcli- od Oarlh Mann for eight, but couldn't do imicli scoring. Clmtlnnootju moved out of lilace. tlianka lo that unm Iholr own 14 to 11 win over l,Ullo liock. H was the lookouts' first victory after five losses, uiid they won In n big way. Tho Triwclcra threatened lo tnke Ihc same In Ihc third when five runs were scored with none oiil. Hut Joe Clcnry re- ntul r 1041 he took 251 stralghlt field- Inp chances \ylihoul n bobble. H.c's a handy man for the Iteds to have as (hey flcht the. tough battle to overhaul the Cardinals AdvcrUsInk 'l'l|i • CAMEHON, Mo. (UP) — flic Cameron , News - Observer, (tally newspaper, here, -added Us contribution to (lie collection of the "Slgn- of-ltie-Timcs" stories recently when It printed tile following: "A worthwhile tip:-When liel|i wanted, be 'Please'." advertising for sure • say .Afmorsl with his wife ami-young S. r. jr. They arc niaklug "t" while Mr. Cook Is In the Navy. were scored. Memphis fell'fi'oni Iho lend when the Atlanta Crackers beat llicm 3 to 1. for Clio fifth straight Atlanta victory, nick Mnunoy of lh c Crackers A ml lhc Chicks' Uoyd rirown engaged In u light pitching-.balllc —the Crackers (jetting six safeties and the Chicks seven. Birmingham ( O ok advantage of the Memphis loss and cioupled It \vilh it w|n over Knox,vlllo to re- gnlu first ]ilace In the loop. The Barons bent the Smokies 4- to 2 on Howard Fox's 'BOVUII hit hurling. The same clubs moot' again tonight in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Kiioxvlllc; and Nashville. For 35 years, Arthur'i'lshbink (,r Juliet, III., searched for his falhcr only lo nnd. him living 100 yards away from his own homo. Plljjiblirgli , Now York . Drooklyn . I'hlliulelplitn Ml .DID 20 16' ,671 18 20 M 18 21 .-IS2 10 10 10 23 11 24 .457 AR'i ,314 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Clmllniioogii !•!, Little Kock'll. ninnlUfilmin 4, Knoxvlllo 2. Atlanta 3, Memphis 1. Nashville 14, New Orlcniw 2. Bl DOLE EXTERMINATORS C'giilracl Service hi I' t'onlroL Krc« Kstlinn(«K. . 115 S. Third Phone 2751 it t*m wani M 3m Bon* SELL BB THE IfOV ABR NOT CSPiO tn cuh! Ako Ubcral tn4e-ln •llmraacf for AMn Hardy Font. Co. Ml K. M«ln FhMW IWI OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT Hales :iml Service HARRISON ^AllTO PARTS CO. . 517 W. Ash Phone 2583 As of June 1 May again joB ititAir Corps Enlisted Reserve E NLISTMENT in the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve is once more open lo qualified young Americans . i : who want to win- their wings on the "greatest team in the world"—an AAF air combat crew. • In April, thanks to the airirnindedncss of America's youth, the AAF's personnel program was well ahead of schedule. More than enough men were in training, and in the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve, to meet scheduled quotas for combat crews. At the same time, the need for men in other branches of the army was urgent. Therefore, opportunities to join the AAF —including the iT-year-old Enlisted'Re- serve—were suspended. t As the Commanding General pointed out, the suspension of enlistments in the Reserve was intended only as a temporary measure. According!)', -effective June 1, enlistments have again been opened in the 17-year-old Enlisted Reserve in order to insure a sufficient number of qualified individuals for training this fall. The AAF is a Team Today, the AAF is the largest, most powerful air force in the world. Fighting side by side with the planes of our Navy and our Allies, it has won control of the air in every theatre—and has carried the war to the military and industrial hearts of Germany and Japan. It is daring tb: enemy to "come up and fight." Yet its losses have been less than anyone had anticipated or even dared to hope. ! That all this has been accomplished is , due, in large measure, to the fact that the AAgyair combat crew is ' morf than just planes and men. The combat crew is a team . . . the greatest fighting team the vybrld has ever seen . . . with Gunner's, liorribardiers, Navigators and Pilots flying and fighting together, to win. And any young man who wants AAF wiiigs shouJd keep this idenl of teamwork uppermost in his mind. It is the key 'to AAF successes in battle. It will be the key to his own success in the AAK. If you want to fly with tin: AAF, you may.apply at any AAF Examining Board for enrollment in the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve. Upon passing the preliminary qualifying physical and mental tests, you will become a member of the U. S. Army Air Forces—OH inactive duly. This moans that you will not be called for training until you have reached your 18th birthday. If you arc at work you may remain on the job until you arc 18. If you arc in high school, you may elect to finish the semester you are in when you become 18. If yo.u are a high school graduate, not over 17 ycars.and 9 months, you may elect to take advantage of the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program, which provides freccollcgctrainingfornicn approaching military age. When called, you will first be given "basic" training. During this period, you will take "aptitude" tests to determine whether you will be classified for training .13 Gunner, Bombardier, Navigator o;;plot. I; ,'. " Your Place on the AAF Team If you have an outstandingly high apti- tude rating for n particular position, you may be given imopportunity to compete for the classification that you prefer. Hut it is important to remember that all jobs on the AAF team are vitally important . . . that air combat crews not only arc chosen from the veTy cream of the nation's . young men, but that each seat in every plane must be filled by the man Int 41/11/1- jW to fill it. ' ..'.-' Gunners go into actual combat us noncommissioned officers. In addition to being the world's best aerial marksmen, gunners may <iunlify as trained technicians—in radio, armament or. airplane mechanics. Pilots, Navigators, and Bombardiers arc graduated from training as 2nd Lieutenants or Flight Officers. _Your job, and your rank, in the AAK' will depend upon your own demonstrated .•ibilitics. For full information as to qualifying for the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve, sec your nearest AAF Examining Board or local Army Recruiting Station. ' For I'rc-Avialion Training ' Whether or not you have yet reached 17, you can begin now to prepare yourself to qualify for the Air Corps Enlisted Reserve. Sec your local Civil Air 1'atrol officers about C.A.P. Cadet Training , .. also see your High School principal or adviser about recommended courses in' the Air Service Division of the High School Victory Corps. Both Oder excellent prc-avia- tion training . . . nnd help point the way to AAF wings. U. S. ARMY RECRUITING SERVICE FLY AND FIGHT WITH THf AAF k A A8MY Atft FOttCfS , GREflJSST TEAM Iff THS WORLD Bprlny »ai Bummer ,', , v ii ki 11 .. —' J *>' ' Per/ormanceJ , T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chry»ier l)»»ler r*rt* * Serrtoi Ul W, Ash rhm* llij WK Fir.Li AH,, DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS , AND HAVE XOU MONCI STEWARTS Drnf Sttt e „ Mt^l_ —_ M i * » Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Innl Aen>« fr.m Illfh 8cb**i WANTED:; Bring Your Leftover'', SOYBEANS to Us. Blytheviiie Soybean • Corp: 1800 West Plioncs 856—857 ,. Open 7:30 , '„!' Show Starts 7:45 . Friday and Saturday'^ <•' 'Frontier ; -t /; Kobirl I'.ilgc, Anne Clj ami" Lei) Caril'lo ( ^ SKKIAL. 'King of Ihe^MomuW t » Saturdfly" .- ; ,£, ; Midnight SHow -j Starts II I'. M. t 'Charlie Ghan In The Chinese Cat' with Sidncj Toler & Joan Womlbury •Selected'Short' Sunday and Monday" A SALVO of THRILLS! ^ xritA rrcy BT wiorg* tfvei * Adcpwm qj

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