The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1933
Page 3
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.TUESDAY, AUGUST IB, 1933. JJT,YTHEV[LLK, (ARJUCOUHIEH NEWS PAGE 'THREE iu" Chicago's Gangsters Off to Prison Cells Chlsholm of MY-mphls wrvo (.( Mr. nnd Mrs.'-Percy Vinceni Friday. Ml" Ophelia Knocks eiiteilaln- (d wiih u wwk, end parly at, Horse c 'ioe lake for the Misses lintn iBalfs. Doroiliy Williams, Mm-y Kllen Jackson. Mnrjorle Hill, mid MPMIH. BIHIe Friizler. Howard rrn- >Ier, Biutdy" Wuddell nnd Alfred Williams Jr. n.-. niul Mrs. OM-IU- liiuk.'iliilr j luuv ri'turned from n visit wllli ii-lullWE ul N'i'w Albin.y. Miss. Mrs. Cm Us Fivrman spent lubl 'irk in Memnhls vlsitlnv, hr-i-. inoihei. Mrs, Cliuule Pipkin, • I Mrs. Charles'Elk!m IHLS geliirn- .'d Iran Jo.n'sboto whcie slu> nt.- .(••-ndc'l lliti summiT si-sslim of A. (.nil Nf. college, ,1. C. IViklns Jr., went to Now- iwrl. Aik., Sunday to nun Mrs. IMklns, .who iirctmipnnk'd him; home, lirlore l»-r ivt-cnl n.:i Mrs. 1'i-rklns was MI.K S Hm|i M-ll ol Duni-nn, Okla. Manila |Kpi-cdy Indiclmmls and trials lor Chicle imir(t ; ms. s!iui|;sU'rs and racketeers Is the rule miner that riiy'.i new nnd vigorous war on llic underworld. Here an- sliown Mime 110-odd prisoners, .vn- t-Hi in rrnC-ni days by judueo who uavi 1 up uieir viic';illons, l>eniy put on a train for Jolit-l, \slu-ii' lilt com it-ted men svlll <lo lime in Slutesville orison. Work lor Food Baskets When Men Siriks IWoineu of ihe district around Toledo, O.. v.-cnl to \vork- on the roads lo provide food for their lani- lilies when jobless husbands "struck" for cash payment Instead of orders for. groceries with which {Toledo and Lucas county had been paying .unemployed Tor relief v.ork. H(-re are a down (VOIIK-II and several children at work on u road project. N R A News To help Hie- people o[ this community to understand aiid C0;0fierale' in the national recovery program ' Ihls column will appear dally or as occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any leqniremenls of the President's Re-employment Agreement or other features of the recovery movement' arc Invited to .submit. Inquiries. 'Blytheville employers nrc begin-,is only working four, six or eight 'nine', to use the .- Questionnaire hours during the day. For exam-' •printed at the end of this column. Inn Him; in their reports '°n llow phey-. are-carrying out their part of iie . ; NRA )>roi:vam, through in:i-easing pay. .sliarlcnliig hours and liullHIS new- men and woine.ii lo plr: An employer may not be required to come to work at a cerr tain hour; put in a few hours'a work; then take more Ihtui the Imve been submitted and are,!;ioM' being considered. A very few "'have ucelved final .approval, and quite a number have been given teiu- iwrary approval. A* soon as iiny L-ode.s are adopted Hie local committee will receive cou'.cs^oml hnvc thpiu available for Infoi-jnation rlf Ihe publlli. Some reports have reached the Iccal committee that a few or ouf people ure not maklnf; a sincere effort lo (in their Oils j[io- F!iam. We are linppy to slate thai these reporl.s liave been .few sun' indicate, that Blytheville has i no more than its proportionate share of tlmso individuals who. aUyays seek to cheat on a proiMisltion of this kind. The consumer cnmpaKa weed out any -chlsClei:; anc John Holland ol Hlylliovilli- 1., .'pending ihe wi-ek In Munlhi us tin- of Ui'.iny Fi-ndlcr. Donald Stiurl of Manila molur- <'d to Memphis Monday nnd I nought buck n new mtJluiryi:!' 1 . It. K. lludMin in. O^crola Monday ort businr-SH. Mr. nnd Mis. I.ce David nnd daughter Anna Lee nnd S Olis- son have returned from Kansas City, Mo., Vi-lu-iu Uiey nllemlt-d Ihe funeral of Mr. Ka'.luy Williv S. WeinsU-in spent the weekend In Memphis. O. C. CiuiHilii and IYU- Scott mutored lo MontUti- Sunday to see the ball liiimt kvlwccn Moneltv and MJlden. Doiigln:; Rynu nf Martin, TL-III.., is spending the week hi Mnnlln iu- the of Mr and Claude Miller. Mr. and Mis. W..W. Slum- of Blylheville \v»rv Hie But:.!. 1 , of .\tr. und Mrs. W. .'I'homn.son Sundiiy. John Sturdivant of RullierEord Tenn., is visiting, U. TJ. fliiniorant. lunilly Ihis week. Hcbeit aairelt of Hiillie.'lnul '1'enn., is the uut-.-jl lit lllllilli.iiu.'r i.nd family. Mrs. O. W. ••Sellers !r-lt for I.iv- mij.stoii siii'J Niishi-Illi-. Tenh., lo: 1 >n i:XttildiT(l visit w-'h ii.-Uilivi-s. IJ. A. Siin::o «li:i:> k-fi .fc:r Ar- nla, Miss., to move hi:, furniture 1 .0 Manila whure he c.x]i:cLs to mike his hume. ] Miss Hilda navl-i. who is allena- | nil-: college at thr- .',. ;md M. at: Jone.shoro, visited her paivnin in Manila' Sunday. • . Mr. nnd Mrs. O:W1 Argo nf,Lil- ; :•, ininl .1! (lu> lli'ialdn l)i' Cuba, t nl u. ii :l:civn In :il.<j\v phuUi, with '.iiii .\i.n-hadci owni-il llavitir: n< ».• rap.-r. alter n:i- mub linil i- sill! i Isluv. and nu-ii ILIVIIH; finnlluiv ujiai'l. Cuban Celehranls In Bloody Carnival Courier hours for meals; cornel cheaters when 11 Rots irttn .fill back in the middle of the after-1 swing. Iliitcliins Sunday. M!is|[!: nnedy accompanied Mr.' !• son llenny WTIV in Uiythevllle Knn- Oovcrnur Flnyil Olaini ot Mliuid- euln was ruiiilmlcd ol n |il(?d£0 niado mOri! tliaii 11! yc^rft HKU ivlxin ^hartcii Harris (nliove), ' convlctoil cf nuirdvr In WasliliiR- ' ton, 1). .0., n|)noiiled in him for ' alu. Ulsini, un prosucntlni; nttor- nuy ot fluuiiupln Conity, Minn., luiit Harris to loll 111 1 ill8on a roh- bei'y cliargo of whleli Olsou.later tiellavcd him Innocent. On Knv- rclcaao tljroe yeurn Inter,01- oon naUl. "1C tliero'a nnytliliiK 1 can titor do for /on. let i.Vj know." Ads P&y. Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Cooling nnd jodllilnK hint Slur tJiiiliiiiui units on llxMkln, seridlnf U-.sU'd iiLLMJklnr.i deeply Into pore* win-re II 'illicitly kills tlcli, Utlcr, , tf7C-nui, foot Hcli, rli.Kworni, Minify L.icli if It-fulls.—Aitv, ORANGEADE Made from fr« Klp*ntd tle Rock were the Bnests : of Mr. .'nil Mrs. Hiitcliins Clarice. Keni Mis. Aigo to Little R.icl:. Mr,;:ai.(l Mi:;. 'A; Fftuitor anil - r |,i. ivi |,| h)Mi-ilciil spirit of ihp Ciilinii veiol .l*uM-*r l.ini* Slnh-n f.PO.KA'Ni;. Wash, (l)l') .Thieves here dlMiiantlod a power Ji'C and Mule ;t.r;QO fei-l. or .nippp-jr vire.''A kit .of electrlfian's itxil 1 ; were also stolen. city ion is lyplllnl In Ilihi slreM. MTIIO in I In- rnplhil. Thf «a-i a ill-: trnrlive. bldndy [•amlviil — Men nnd UUIIH-II— l.inidiini, .slniihi:;. rliu-iini; -• paiudlni;, i". klllhi" — N.ilive.i in niilhiiuIKh iwliinir:; — lilltr dilltireii (iinu'd wllli Hulix ____ i;ll|?,Mi:i liear- ii>l> crmli' b:i:ini-r:i....!ill in larlL-brnllon nf IHi- dcv nlall and flight cit 1'iv.slilcnl. Mai-hnito. f)nr llrsrsidl l-'rnin l-'irc r,,":ir lieiv lie Hlo])|«'<l lo pnl out nr.iiiln.inl rendinl Ilin doer, wlilch .U. On-. iUl') — As|:m:ill brush liiv, 'I'lappnl in llnijv.a:. rnllrMy miuirald, mid loul; Haul Mralnard dio\e nver n road S middle of it Mini n urall :lin- fnsvu. i l't-r Ic his luinii! DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME Before Breakfast Kvcry Morning Gc At All Stores u«cl Restaurants Bennett's Dairy I'honc 74 \\ noon and work a few hours. Em- • T 1 ^ eral is for 5.COO.W10 new Wllli the pnsslu" of.the period I pioyee IIOUVE musi be continuoivs. i Jobs by Lnbor Day. and nil indl- lif sl«nii.F Ihe (isreemenL-; and; If desired, an employee may l« : calions are ilint ii will be aehiev- lidoutinK Ihe coilrs indications are siwn half a day off in order to ! ed through the wholehemled snp- |hni: Ulvtlir-vlllr employers are well ( have iliem wort: on all the days port winch is being riven Ihe Nf!A |in their way lo hVini; addstcd to Iliis -new method of beating the Impression. .Some misunderstanding |o Ihe Ktnggerlng on employers nf the week and not exceed the nl >d its officials. The \vcinht of - . '«™ "° I e ncl lllc " xt ate to maximum number permitted. : the program is beginninu to mflke . ... arc'advised that where ne- : )ls * lf . felt throuBhout the nation btive - 5 t-o porters, errnnri boys, or flunk- - ™ d ".* loc , al committee believes „..,. are emnloyed. nnd whose work lh ^-.v». *"' be very evident m iionrs' Iwen prevalent-among does not necefsiiate his devotlnc ilytlieville employers ar.d (he local Ihe entire day to the Inlwr hut is oinmltlee makes the followiiiB more in the nature of pa"- I'me [ in that connection: "it work, lh:.t it. is permisihle for Hie - - 5 pei-miwibie to have an employe employers to work out a^sal.sfnc- ™^ '" <" >" I ' liiirup when Hie ome. to *-ovk at any hour of the tniy wage payment with these cm--* 10 horn is called, lay and work for any number of ployees. Where the employee is' — loins within the permiltcd maxi- rcmiiml to work the lull number num. so lorn; as the hours are of hours, however, it. us understood •onlinuoiis It is not permissible, that he will come within the prn- to so stagger an cm- visions of the agreement or code. IM SPO CAR BUT inv.-eHT o so sagger n - v . loyci's hours as to necessitate he ; It is expected that code releases [.r she holding himself In readiness will come rapidly .n the near ui- or the entire day when he or she lure. More than lyclve_numlrea The following short will be r, part of the daily locul MR A column nnlil the time comes for the regular chcck- > campaign. All employers and signers of the President's Re-employment Agreement, are tcqu?Mcd lo clip this form, fill in the answer.-, tn the questions and return the blank to \\u office of Iho Courier Naw.s or lo tl'.e local NRA commltle.' hpailquarlers in I lie Cluunljer of Commerce offices:— 1 <We> have signed Ihe Prcsul-?nfs Ri--eini>loyment Agreement and arc conmlying \villi the pravisions Ilierrol. (Yes or No). I (We' had employees -.vlun Ihe Ai;reemenl was signed. I (Wet have shortened the hours of employers. ; I (We) have increased the pay nf employers. T i We) have discharged employees. I (Wei have decreased the pay of employees. T (Wei have Increased our monthly payroll S ir iWr' l.avr ntlclrd full lime and »arl lime employees. T. (Wrl arr (arc nol) displayin? the Blue Enjlr. I r\vri li.ui- nol r.lsnr;! ihe A^ri-ement for the following 'Wei have r.i^r.rd Ih? A^vt-ement and exix'cl lo be complying Hie provticns thereof by Name .. Address Wilson tv Persona] Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee Wilson and sons R. E. Lee III. and Frank left Saturday morning for a uonth's Vacation in Colorado. The Rev. H. M. Lewis is spending this .week at Mt • Sequoyah, Favetteville. Ark. Mrs. Edward Panell and daiiBb- •MV E1izalx>!h Ann. reliimert Sunday to their home in Memphis fr an extended visit with her mother. Mrs. Eva Elkins. . E. Lw Wilson left Momtav on a business trip to SI. Louis and Chicago. Miss Ruth Martin of Crossett. Atk.. and Mrs. Martin Kehart nf Chipocwa Palls. Wis.. are the Btiests of their £ ister. Mrs. H. M Lewis.. Mr. 4nd Mrs. Hilton Wrcnn are fltlnu relatives at Prescott, Ark this week. Mrs. Robert Wright of Pine TUnff is visit inj her daughter. Mrs. Walton Wilson. Prof, and Mrs. Carl Bird ore uUrndlnt the World's fair in Chicago this w«k. Dr. and Mrs. IF. P. Crawford and son Thurman of Mem.ihis -snent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. n Cullum. C. O. Williamson. Hy Wilson Walter Johnson. A. .7. I.nndrun and S. A. Reginald alKnded the krestlhiK match in Memphis M6n dav night. Mr. ond Mrs. Edward Reginald J. B. H«mm and mother. Mrs.) Oorre Herrln, visited in Memphis; ^Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. W. Chrlslv. small son Billy, and Mrs. Anne A CERIIFIID INTEHVIEVV WITH OFFICER HARVty HAYtS, DEIAWABE STATE FOIICE STATION No. 1, WIlMINOfOri, DEtAWABE **!hadoneof .he boys clock me. She's good for 60 in second—85 in hixli!" cars cat oil ;it [liai s|KcJ—but after a run — my K 1 ". 1 ^ reads *fni "Some power plant ilicre. !>oy! Anil it ilocsn'i ko<-p you broke tunning it." ."How do the boys like it? Well, six of us at this station have Plymouth] of our own! Ami we get plenty of cluuce to judge cars ou ibis job." "/ Couldn't Stand My Old Car tijter Drivings Plymouth ou Duty" T HKY'Vli hail three Plymouths at Station No. 2. llarvcy Hayes drives one of them. Arul |nisliinghisown"olil cratc"homc((ouse his \viir(ls)iliiln't thrill him any after rilling be- hinil I'lcuting Powc'r from nnnn till midnight. Now he has hix own Plynionlh. So have five otliL-rs unt of llic tlevcn men at his station. As Officer Hayes put it, they're all "spoiled" fur .injihinj; tlsc now —lifter learning first luiul linw Plymouth llashes away on pick-up, slips in anil out of tniffic, and brakes to smoiiih, quick, even stops in the tight spots. You can see for yourself how smooth Plymouth is — How easily it handles —how quickly it responds to the accelerator. You can sample r'lo.iting Power engine mountings — liydr.iulic brakes—rigid-X douhle-ilrop frame. Just "locik at all three" low-priced cars...ride in ilicm and conjparc them. • • • MLimhrd: 2-ilnor sedin 5-(rtS; -i-door sedan I51O; riirnhle .scut i-iiiipt' 5(85; 1>iisijlt:ss coupe *-l'(5. De I.uxc: J-tlix).- scJs.i S525; 4-door sedan 5575; cony. r«n|H- SW5; rumble seat coupe J54 5; business coupe S lys. Prices P.O.B., subject to change without notice. Snt I'LVMOUTH ATCIfHYSlER MOTORS BUILDING ' CHICAGO CENTURY OF PROGRESS NEW PLYMOUTH SIX WITH PATENTED FLOATING POWER

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