The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1937 ULYTIIKVJLLM (AK1C.)' COWUIitt NEWS Moke Them Yoursel! or Let Your Baker Supply Them liy MUS. GAYN'OU MADDOX NBA Service Stall Writer For Good Friday, hot. cross buns are as essential us a new bonnet is for Easter. And a lai'ac tureen of coalish family style usually ap-' pears at the .same time. Hot Cross Duns (Two-dozen) One cup milk, 1-4 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons butter, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1 yeast cake, 1-3 • cup lukc- / warm water, 1-2 teaspoon china- man, :) cuu3 flour, 1 cffz, 1-3 cup seeded and Bartered raisins. Scald milk, add butter, sugar and salt. Dissolve yeast cake in IwV- ivann water. Then add to milk mixture with cinnamon ami boi Beat egg well and add. Mix thoroughly, add raisins and mix again Cover, stand in warm place to rise until light. Then shape into good siml biscuits. Place on baking sheet about 1 inch apart. Brush carefully with beaten egg. Bake in moderately hot oven 1375 degrees) for about 20 minutes. For confectionery cross, without which -no-bun can call itself by Hie •historical and respected name of Hot Cross Dun. beat 1 egg whit wllli a litllc finely powdered sugar, adil more sugar and continue to beat. Add 1-3 tabk'spcou lemon juice and bea| some more, addin more powdered" sugar it needed, until froiling is of the consistency to spread. Then with a pastry bag and witli extreme care, make crosses on lop of each baked bun. Of course, there is another way to get these buns on to the table for Good Friday—the baker's way. American bakers have been specializing in Getting Out Of A Jam With Jelly As easy as rolling oft a log but- a lot more fun-Jelly Fingers, made by cutting layers or day old cake in rectangles, splil(in B them in two, spreading one side ivilh your favorite fruit jelly,'nlacihir-tlu> other layer on lop, and,ending with a brief snowstorm of powdered sugar. 1 * ' » * * « ,;, ._ _____^_ Fine Dessert Is Easily Made If Shelves Are Well--Stocked 1!V JIllS. GAVNOlt MADDUX NKA Service Staff Writer Don't gel. excited—gel, down a jar of jam instead. Unexpected gucsis can "produce, unexpected, desserts if you use your imagination. Eggs in the refrigerator, jam on the shelf, plus a all through Lent. C'nillisli Family Sly cl lo (i servings) „ a „ ,. ^ Two tablespoons butter, 2 la-1 a strawberry .soiiincT oiiieicl' olcspoaiis Hour. 1 egg yolk, 1 -tea- Souffle Omclcl tpoon minced onion. 1-2 teaspoon! lemon juice. 1 lablespaon minced fresh par-ley,'suit. pauper, pupi-i- kit, 1 .1-2 cups shreudi'd salt- codfish, il small freshly boiled new po- spoons strawberry lutocs, quartered. j am . . Freshen codfish in cold water lo desired clcsrce of salti iness. Drain inand for a Tine dessert all comes to nothing more terrifying than i-l lo C servings) Four egg yolks, C CBS''whiles, cup powdered sugar, lj tca- s|)ccn vanilla extract, 2 Urblc- preserves or . v.uu a nail flake with fork, judt, butter I whisk Beat the egg yolks together with sugar and -vnnllla, using wire in saucepan, atlu onion and cook 2 minutes. Add flour and Wend into paste. Add, seasoning, then slowly •stir m, milk, continuing to stir un- rlil mixture, begins lo thicSjbn." Beat ^ : eg s -yolk with a little" extra-mllkr men sauce, cook in ( UI , of double boiler until smooth, about 20 minutes. Add codfish, icnrai Juice. Cook another It) minute's, then add potatoes and parsley. Heal through and serve at once. Chef Says It With SUSHI- HONOLULU (UP)— A local ho- fel i-lief lias just ititrotluccd a new note into the island custom of presenting American visitors with flowers. Despite the wealth of Iccul blossoms, he make. 1 ; his of sugar. * So Camera-Shy. She's Little Known Continue beating for fully " 5 minutes. Give the" whiles n terrific beating—yes for as long ~as 10 minutes. Butler u Hat metal dish, spread it with the preserves ur jam. " Now fold tiie whites into ulie yolk very carefully. Do not try lo mix them; Die while.', must retain Currant Jelly Pinw.ii'e'.s are iust a lew slices of bread snreiul- .11(5 themselves to be agreeable. Jut 4 very lllin slices rf fresh ire.'id, lengthwise: along Ihc loaf. Cul off nil crust. Spread 2 .slices villi cream cheese, whipped with liltlc heavy cream ;uul .seasoned witli a pincli of sail and a linch of sugar-. Cover this cheese spread with a [jcuorous layer of cm rant jelly. .Thin Place nn- spread slice on loo and roll wijiri- ivicli as for a jelly roll. You will have 2 rolls, of course. Wrap in wax paper, chill for 2 hours. Just before serving, cut each roll ce. 1 ; — presto! — jelly pimvliecls. In Fondant I 1- ; 1 cups confectioners' sugar, tilted 1-1 c»|> sweetened coiHiL'i)'. : L'd rnilk !»'ls;ispran vnnillii,. : - ;.--' li!cnd sitlcd^confectlohVrn' -n: ; grauiially into sweetened condurkul milk, using fork. -Add vanilla and Golilcn Pudding lei't'Vs a purtdiiiff that Is jus made for these winter night when hash, or one of its counter parts, is to be Hie muinslay of IHi meal. U is a perfect balancer fo such a meal and is delicious, too Rind, Ii lemon 1 pint milk 1 cup rice 2 e|;g yolks \i cup npvicol juice "i teas]ioon s^Ul J No. 2 can nprleols 1 pack-cite 0,'i Ib.) niarshmai lows Add migrated. lemon rind t milk and scald. Remove rind an add rice. Cook in double bollc about !i hour. Then aild slia beaten cRy yolks, apricot juice, and sail. Continue cooking until rice Ls tender, about !- hour. Place in buttered baking casserole, leaving space in cenlcr for drained uurlcots. Heat apricolii .in remainder of jiilce. Then .(Iraln tuiil .place in center ol rice. Top .with marEhnrallows- and bake ill: t\ WIGGLY •lMUCKS/:F01t.FKii>AY>JiN.D SATURDAY KW3 or LOIN STEAKS Ib. 25c Buffalo. . Ib 15c moderate oven (350 degrees) 12 minulcs. for a jjix-al den! of (heir iiidcpcii- j ccnliiiiie mising until smootb and (Icnce. Pile this mixture -on the-1 creamy. dish,-' shapiiiR it into a dome- FONDANT VABIATIONo- Use sliapcd mound with a flat knife. Have your oven 'moderate (320 degrees F.). Put Uin omelet souffle into it, and bake for about 15 minutes, maybe a little less if it looks clone. Serve inslanlly. Have you a quick recipe .for small quantity jam? Here's an easy one. Strawberry Jam HO glasses) Four cups prepared fruit a pounds), 7 cups sugar (3 pounds), \- bottle' fruit, pectin. Grind or crush thoroughly about 2 quark ripe berries. Measure sugar and prepared strawberries into large kettle. Be sure the Jteltl.- Is large enough to give swishing space. Mix well, and bring to a full rollin toil ovci holiest pan of fire. Stir without stopping, ix>lh before nml nfter boiling. Boil hard for 3 minutes—watch your clock —then remove from lire and stir in bottled fruit pectin. Slir und skim by tsirns for exactly 5 minute.':—watch your -clock—to prevent floating fruit. Pour quickly. Tuen paraffin hot jam at, once. NO NEED TO MOVE OUT WHEN PAINTERS 'MOVE-IN'" V. " II One-day painty WITH WALlHIOE?-FtORHIDy WATERSMR AND JBTHERi fondant plain between halved nut meats or as a stuffing for dat:s. Or form into small balls and roll in chopped nuts, shrcduc'.i cocoanut, (jratcd rocoiinut, chopped candied fruits. For olbsr variations. Raver fondant with oil of peppermint, oil of wintergreen or oth?r dcsircd flavor, lint witli vcgctabla coloring and form into round Iht creams. Approxitnatcly seals are taken .annually around New found - Uncooked Fudge 4 smme:; iniswceicnctl eiio;ul ] j cup butter 1 tag. slightly' beaten I pouml conleolioners' sugar l-'l cup sweetened condensed nillk 1 teaspoon vanilLi '-j cui> nut meats, finely chopped Melt chocolate and butlei- 'together. Beat egg slightly; add con. fcctioiicrs' sujjar, sweetened cui- dcnscd milk and vanilla and blend thoroughly. Add : chocolate and butter, bhiuiinj thoroughly. Fold ii nut meals. Scrape mixture into buttered (»n (3 K 8 x 2 inches) Chill in refrigerator or cool place for several hours. Cul in squares lo serve. She's the wife of a man. known- the counlry over, yet yon very Jikcly liavo never seen a picture of ner before, so seldom is she photographed — Mrs. Hoiucv' t-ummings, wife cf the United j Stales Attorney General. Tha I'are picture was made al the') Senate hearing on Supreme : Court reform proposals, when ! Cummi_ngs_was .the star.witncis. For walls and ceiling.-, WA'l'KKSI'AU KNARIKL For woodwork and -furniture I'LOKHIDK KNAMUl, Tor painted j'loors ^'A'1'KK.SP-AK '.VAKNISHKS l-'or wcwclwoi-k aiict iioors Use ration's SUN'-l'llOOP 1'AINT ; For exterior painting Phone 32 ' C 2 for. 5*wM cit our l>;ifi- rry nml ;it LI II /;rnefr_v .slorcs in low u. Wi: ahrj » liii'ds nf , I'ii-H, (,'nhcs, CotikiCo. !b lOc Fresh Spanish Mackerel, ib 22?c Steaks......... . Ib 29c Bacon Fancy •Sliced hwnd 29c . Drossjc'tl Ib 19s Stops, first cuts Ib 22|e Fresh Neck Bones Ib 5c Bulk Cottage Cheese Ib 12ic SHANKLESS PICNICS Fine for Baking Ib 19c Sliced Pig Liver Ib Wis. Full Cream Cheese Ih 18c BEST SALT MEAT Side. Streak-o-lean Ib 20c .FunOy Pound 15c IMSliS, .!! Hunches ilcl Cull us or drop in ami look over «\tr foinplele Ktocl* of yon can lliinK of for your Spring House Cleaning Wiiicsa.]). Ift^ 3-I.b.s. Lb. 'P'u'fitau Gloss'Starch' .. -5^ Corn • Starch' .. Klc TOMATOES Turnips Jt.J.U. / for OMLTIBE H ' a " 32t ONIONS (It ecu tH<«;hs. .,, NEW POTATOES Ull TO Kriv/.il ur Almuixt 1A R1TZ CKAG'KERS IC •«• in SOAP CAKE Choct). Chiffon OflC Clock Bread Long Loaf EachSc Tuna Fish Flakes o _ . Lge.Can12c BEEF STEWnloo'r'e^ lO ACARONI s '? f f 10° TALL BOY CATSUP, .'i'

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