The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida on September 7, 1915 · 4
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The Tampa Tribune from Tampa, Florida · 4

Tampa, Florida
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Tuesday, September 7, 1915
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Four THE TAMPA MORNING TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1915 IRATE LITIGANTS WONT INTERFERE BRITISH TRANSPORT BEACHED IN EFFORT TO LAND MEN ON GALLIPOLI PENINSULA, AND HEROES OF LANDING PARTY Schools and Colleges E SHOOT DOWN JUDG wTH MUNITIONS RHODE ISLAND JUSTICE IS SHOT DOWN ON PUBLIC STREET TWO ARE ARRESTED Evidence Incomplete and Both Are Released! Housekeeper Finds Body FROVIDEXCE, U. 1., Sept. 6. Justice Willis S. Knowles, of the Eighth Judicial District, was. assassinated Just after he had left his bungalow in orth Situate to take a trolley car for Providence today. He received three bullet wwmds, two in the back and one in the law. The attack occurred about 100 yards from I nouse and apparently the shots came from bushes that lined the vil lage road leadlnsr to the car line. After having1 been wounded at least once, the justice turned back and had nearly regained the gate opening into his place when he fell dead. There were no witnesses, and the assassins escaped. Later the police detained two men on suspicion. They are Italian la borers and according to the police, one or them carried a loaded revolver. . Houskeeper Finds Body . The body was found by Knowles' mmseKeeper, Mrs Warden, who ran from the house when she heard the shots. As she reached the lawn she says she heard a man's voice with a foreign accent cry: "Now, Judge, I've got you. She saw no one but thought the voice came from the shrubbery, Justice Knowles was forty years of age and unmarried. The police are proceeding on the theory that he was killed in revenge by some litigant against whom he had given a decision. His circuit was made up of the city of Cranston and th towns of Johnston, Poster and Solu- tate, in each of which he held court once a week. Justice Knowles was elected to the bench in 1908. Friends of Judge Knowles told the police that he recently had said he was making many enemies because of his activity in forming an organization to conduct a campaign against violators of the fish and game laws. The police subsequently exonerated the two Italians detained. This afternoon they were looking1 up a man who was once taken Into custody at the instigation of Justice Knowles, Who alleged that the man had threatened his life. MAYOR BELL TO BE PLACED ON TRIAL Noted Indianapolis Election Fraud Cases. . 123 In All, Come Up This Week INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Sept. . Mayor Joseph E. Bell of this city la to be placed on trial here in Criminal Court Tuesday charged with conspiring to commit felonies in. the election of 1914. He was indicted June ?3 last, together with Thomas Taggart. Chief of Police Samuel V. Sar-rott and 125 others, eight of whom have since pleaded guilty. "Four others were indicted later, and one of these also has pleaded guilty. Individual "trial were requested and the State elected to try Mavor Bell first. ' The Indictment which-charges the defendant with forming a "conspiracy to commit felonies such as are defined by the election laws of the State and the laws against bribery and blackmail, was returned after an investigation which was begun January 22 and continued until June 2, during which time almost 2.000 witnesses were examined. It is In forty-eight counts. Conviction of the charge carries with it a fine of not less than $25 nor more than $5,000, and Imprisonment for not less than two nor more than fourteen years. THINK MORATORIUM HELPED FOREIGNERS Hi v.---''- - ; v - - J '4 , , - ' '- h11 a8ft - . -w.. - ' t : W par. c mm$4 w$diWs 8 Bite;: .ttp?- - r; EnglHh Advise Retaliation, New That Pound Sterling la at Lew Hate LONDON. Sept. A report on war finances, which Is to be submitted on , Thursday to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, states that there has been an increase In taxation of seven to twelve per cent. It is said in the report that the moratorium has enabled foreign customers to postpone payments when the rate of exchange favored England, thus "saving enormous sunns to foreign countries indebted to Ijendon.' Now that the rate Is so much the other way, the report says, England's best weapon is to raise a large loan in the United States and supplement It by "discouragement of imports, encouragement of exports, and Increased economy of consumption." RECALL ROUMANIANS FROM SWITZERLAND BERLIN, Sept. . (By Wireless to tendon.) The following official statement was issued today: "We learn from Geneva that Roumanians residing in Switzerland have to ceived Instructions to report at theit regimental divisions." MISSISSIPPI HANGS FIRST WHITE MAN PORT GIBSON, Miss.. Sept. B. . 1. Johnson, the first white man to be executed In Mississippi In more than ten years, was hanged here today for the murder of . Elsten Brewer, near Vtcks-burg. two years ago. Brewer's home was In Cave City, Ark. The upper .picture gives a striking example of the desperate methods employed by the British to land forces on the Galllpoli peninsula. . The transport River Clyde, as shown in the picture was deliberately run ashore at a time when land reinforcements were particularly necessary. Five men gained the Victoria Cross during the landing from the transport in a particularly hot fight. The battleship shown In the background protected the men while landing from the transport.! The peculiar markings of the ship are a ruse adopted to deceive the enemy as to the speed of the transport. The white paint along the sides gives the impression that the vessel is moving at a great speed. ; During the fighting incident. to the landing, the three men below distinguished themselves for bravery and were awarded the Victoria Cross. They are, from left to right: Sub-Lieutenant William Ragot Walker R. N.; Midshipman George Leslie Drewry, R. N. R., and Surgeon P. D. Kelly, R. N. Walker led a party of men making the rush from the transport. Drewry swam about the ship and placed the lighters In position for the men to make a landing and wag wounded in the head by shrapnel. Surgeon Kelly tended the wounded for forty hours despite a bullet wound in the foot. CHILD IS RESCUED AT PORT TAMPA Two Men Injured at Port Tampa When Ladder Slips PORT TAMPA. Sept. 6. (Special) The youngest son of Mrs. Halbrooke fell into the canal this morning, while playing about an oil boat, and was saved from drowning by a sailor who plunged into the water after him. The child suffered no HI effects from his experience. H. Blocker was seriously Injured and John Sagerers was badly bruised and shaken up this morning when the two men fell from a ladder on which they were standing, while engaged in painting the roof of the new school house. In some unaccountable manner the ladder broke loose, the painters falling a distance of about fifty feet. They were attended by Dr.-R. F. Altree and Dr. Mudge. SCORE INJURED WHEN BIPLANE RUNS AMUCK Birdman Loses Control When He Makes Landing WASHINGTON, Ind., Sept. 6. Twenty persons were injured, three fatally, when an aeroplane dashed into a crowd at a Labor Day celebration here today. Oscar Cook, a Chicago aviator, lost control of his machine as he was landing after a short flight. He was not hurt. William Tell flour makes host Pastry. POSTOFFICE CLERKS PROMISED KAHN'S AID Congressman Tells Men He Will Do All In His Power to Secure Adequate Wages for Men SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. . Representative Julius Kahn, of St. Louis, speaking today at the opening session of the National Federation of Postoffice Clerks, said he would do all in his power to secure the men adequate wages from the "higher up" men. John I. Nolan suggested a civil pension law. He criticised the "speeding up" efficiency system in operation in the postof flees. Many. Kinds of Rheumatism One Sure Mode of Treatment Authorities Say Don't Use Liniments. Treat It Through the Blood. You Can't Rub It Out! Whether " your trouble is Sciatica. Lumbago or the dreaded Articular Rheumatism, the answer Is the same. You must treat it through the blood. That is the only way to rid the system of uric acid, purify the blood and revitalize the nerves. It the blood is freed from impurities. Rheumatism must gor This in short Is the exact knowledge gained by the research laboratories of the S. S. S. Co., in Atlanta. There tests have been made for fifty years. They know what Rheumat-tisza 18. They know that S. S. 8. the remarkable blood tonic, which they originated, will relieve you of Rheumatism. Take S. S. S. today. The complete recovery of thousands of sufferers by the use of 8. 8. 8. Is positive proof that you can be relieved. S. S. S. is a blood tonic a purifier that re-Stores the blood, revitalizes It, cleanses it, makes it pure as it wa before it became poisoned with Impurities. 8. S. S. gives it strength to drive out these Impurities the uric aid and organic poison and with it the Rheumatism. Get 8. 8. 8. at your druggist's. If you need special advice, write to S. S. S. Co., Atlanta, Ga HIGHER WAGES; CLEANER CITIES Dr. Gorgas Tells Health Conference That Wages Are Agency ROCHESTER, N. T., Sept. 6. In an address at . the opening session of the State conference of sanitary officers here tonight, Dr. William C. Gorgas, Surgeon-General of the United States Army, declared that the most effective method of dealing with bad social conditions, which are the root of bad hygiene, was to raise wages. He drew a parallel from his experiences In the Panama Canal Zone, where he said the extraordinary improvement In sanitary conditions was chiefly, due to the fact that common laborers' wages were increased from eleven cents an hour to twenty cents an hour. Sectional meetings were the main features of ' today's program. At the session proper, which will open tomorrow, a wide range of topics, from mosquitoes to tuberculosis, and food supplies to sewage disposal, will be discussed. WANTS MURDERERS OF AMERICANS ARRESTED Minister at Panama Says Soldiers' Slayers Are At Large PANAMA, Sept. 6. The United States Government, through William J. Price, the American Minister to Panama, today filed a protest with the Secretary of Foreign Relations relative to the alleged miscarriage of justice In the cases of Corporal Langdon, of the United States Coast Artillery, who was killed by a Colon police lieutenant last April, aland of another soldier shot later, during a fight In the restricted district of Panama. The assailant of neither was arrested. It was said politics operated to defeat Justice In the case of Larigdon's assailant. TROPICAL RESIDENCE REPORTED HARMFUL Officers and Men Said to Deteriorate WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 Rear Admiral Braisted, surgeon -general of the Navy, is studying the effect of Amer lean officers and men of prolonged visits in tropical climates. One ship's surgeon has reported , that there is a pronounced deterioration of the mental and physical powers after a six months' stay in the tropics. ARTILLERY MOTOR TRUCKS ON TRIAL American Marinas In Haiti Are Using Five as Tractors for Heavier Artillery , WASHINGTON. Sept. 6. Results of experiments with five motor trucks now employed by American naval . forces in Haiti will determine whether the motors or horses will be provided in the future for the marines for hauling their artillery 'equipment. Not long ago the marines drugged their artillery about by hand, but increased size of the guns has made that impossible. I RUSSIANS FLY RED CROSS OVER FORT Austrians Fire On Position Alleging It to Be Fortified LIN, Sept. . (By Wireless to ayvir,e) The official statement issued X Vienna on September 6, as received here, contains the following: "A Red Cross flag has been flown over the monastery at Lukzanow which is in the midst of the Russian front. Since it is improbable that the Russians would establish a hospital In the midst of their fighting line and since the Austrians made It absolutely certain that the monastery has been strongly fortified, it is to be expected tha!t the Russians will soon make a report stating that the Red Cross flag was fired upon." The version of the Austrian official statement yesterday which was received by way of London did not contain the foregoing passage. Apparently it was eliminated by the British censor. QUARTER MILLION OF JEWS WILL WALK OUT Is Protest Against Persecution In Europe NBW YORK, Sept. 6. A friendly strike of members of the Jewish trade unions represented In the convention of the National Workman's Committee on Jewish Rights, for one day, following the opening of peace negotiations in Europe was decided upon at the closing session here. The workmen nearly 250,000 will cease work for one day, as a protest against the oppression of Jews in several European countries. MRS. OGDEN ARMOUR HELD UP IN CHICAGO She and Three Women Servants Watch Burglars Work CHICAGO, 111., Sept. 6. Mrs. J. Ogden Armour, wife of the Chicago packer, and three women servants were held prisoners tonight by two robbers, who ransacked the Armour home and escaped with $3,500 in jewelry. One intruder forced Mrs. Armour and her three maids Into a room and held them there while his companion searched the house. William Tell Flour Is good. AUSTRIAN AMBASSADOR . , HAS DATE WITH LANSING DUMB A TO EXPLAIN THE NEWS REPORTS Dual Citizenship is; Involved in I Question of Asking Austrian i Gun-Makers to Quit WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 Secretary Lansing has granted art interview at the State Department for tomorrow to Dr. Constantino Theodore Dumba, the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador, who desires to : discuss published reporta that he has taken steps to Interfere with the manufacture of war munitions in this country Dr. Dumba's request for an interview reached Secretary Lansing this morn-in. It was said he wished to discuss dispatches seized by British officials from James J, Archibald, an American correspondent, acting as messenger. Involves Dual Citizenship These dispatches, said to reveal that the Minister had plans for handicapping munitions plants by calling out Austro-Hungarlans working in (establishments making war supplies for the allies, were denied. The question of dual citizenship, long discussed between this and several European Governments, Is involved. The White House and the State Department continued to preserve strict silence today on the published statement of Ambassador Dumba of Austria that he had taken part In a movement to curtail production of war materials in the United States by reminding the Austro-Hungarian citi zens that they were violating the crim inal code of their native land by ac cepting employment in the munitions plants. The Ambassador's frank statement of his activities, however, was received with undisguised surprise in official service as it was among other diplo mats. Admittedly th situation waa regarded as . one of the most unusual and susceptible of development that has arisen in diplomatic quarters since the outbreak of the war. Ambassador Wants to Explain It was understood that the Ambas sador wished to offer explanations of dispatches which British officials found in custody of James F. J. Arch ibald, an American newspaper cor respondent, regarding American war munition factories. ' State Department officials said Ambassador Page had sent word to the existence of these dispatches and that they had been forwarded. Ambassador Dumba,. however, it is understood, will produce copies of the papers which were directed to the Foreign Office at Vienna. Officials here point out that the sub ject is a new one to American diplo macy and that there are absolutely no precedents. It is declared that unless existence of a conspiracy can be shown it is doubtful whether any statutory violation has been involved. Legal Aspect Intricate The question of the legality of ap proaching naturalized American cit izens by foreign Ambassadors in time of war is said to involve the question of dual citizenship which has been a subject of continuous controversy be tween the United States and several European powers. This Government never, has been able to obtain from the French Government and abandonment of its claim to jurisdiction with in French territory of persons of French birth or descent even to the second sreneration. This Government has been obliges in manv cases to recognize the Euro pean doctrine that the Individual and not the territory govern, Because u was npt able to resist its application which would involve a breach of of ficial relations with several European powers. Therefore some officials can not see the way clear to make strong legal protest against the action or me Austrian Ambassador in himself to hlg countrymen in the United States and warning them of the consequences of the Austrian law. BUSINESS COLLEGE Corner Grand Central and Edison Avenues, Tampa, Fla. . Twenty-sixth year. Large stone college building with dormitory rooms on second floor. " 600 students annually. Bookkeeping, Banking, Penmanship, Shorthand (Stenography), Touch Typewriting and English Branches. Day and Night School all the year. Good POSITIONS secured for every graduate. No Entrance Examinations. , Catalogue Free., L. M. IIATTON, M. Accts President. FALL TERM OPENS SEPTEMBER 13th-20th TETlorida Military JlL a J Victorious training for full- blooded boys. The fasci nating activities of real military life. The sound, well-taught study courses that prepare for college and business. The home comfort and home care that prevent homesickness. The military school breeds winners. It develop obedience, independence, fearlessness, presence of mind, soldierly bearing, coolness in emergencies and perfect gentility. It makes a boy strong in body, clear In mind and clean In morals. It is not a reformatory nor & prison. The Florida Military Academy is a great success. Its educational advantages equal those of the best Northern schools. Leading colleges and universities honor its certificates. Its students are refined, ambitious and able. Charges are reasonable. We want to send you our handsome catalogue, full of real pictures and vital facts. Write for It before deciding on a school. Address COL. GEO. W. HULVEY, Supt., Jacksonville, Fla. Ank fl VI i 1 III 5 Jacksonville FASS FEB N HENDERSONVILLE. N. C. A Home School for Girls, accredited by'the State University and the Southern Association of Colleges. It offers to students the following advantages: Instruction by trained teachers with college degrees; new and well equipped buildings; great beauty of situation; unexcelled climatic conditions. Board and tuition, $300. Term: Thirty-six weeks of actual study, exclusive of holidays; winter vacation one month; no other holidays. t Principal, Miss Kate G. Shipp Teacher's Diploma, Cambridge University, Eng. Rollins College, Winter Park Oldest College and Most Beautiful Campus In Florida. College, Academy, Mutle, Expression, Fine Arts, Domestic and Industrial Arts, Business, Teachers' Course Twelve buildings, steam heat, electric lights, fire protection," fine gymnasium, no malaria, quarter-million dollar endowment. Three teachers of music, $5,000 organ, a dozen pianos, two Glee Clubs, chorus class, superb new rooms for Business Schr-ol, full banking equipment. New chemical - and physical laboratories- equipped with every modern device; analysis of soils , Fertilisers,, foods, water. Preparation for Engineering Course. Lakes, boating, swtmming, golf, tennis, football, basketball; Christian, but undenominational; expenses moderate; scholarship available. For catalogue address . - . SECRETARYY. WINTER PARK. FLA. -SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF PHARMACY- Largest Pharmacy School South. Drug store in the college. New location and equipment. Large chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Moderate expenses. Demand for our graduates exceeds supply. FALL SESSION BEGINS OCTOBER 1ST. Write for catalog. Address W. B. FREEMAN, Sec'y, 65'i Walton Street, ATLANTA, OA. 1 vww vrVRTC. Sent. 6 r. Constan- tine Dumba. Austro-Hungarian Ambassador, arrived here at midnight from the summer Embassy at Lenox en route to Washington. He win ivS arlv tomorrow. He was unaccom panied. WOMAN'S BEAUTY NO SECRET It all lies in the care she bestows rmr, vefaeif nnd in keepinsr at bay those dread ills peculiar to her sex. The flashing eye, the elastic step and i AAmn1.vlnn never accom- pany organic troubles. The distressed expression, lassitude, headache, and mental depression are only the telltale symptoms. Women so troubled should take Lydia pinkham's Vege- ible Compound, that simple remeoy iade from roots and herbs, and re- ore their health to a normal condi tion. ta m ONE PF.RSIAN-AMERTCAN LINER AMONG MISSING NEW YORK, Sept. 6. The Persian- American Line steamer Dwlnsk. tnree days overdue from Archangel, Is be lieved to have been lost. The Dwlnsk sailed from Archangel Au gust 20 with forty-two passengers, of whom thirty-four were In the cabins. It was said by. the line that. she had probablv been delayed by mines In the White Fea. They felt no anxiety for her, they said. SAYS WAR WILL LAST FROM 5 TO 15 YEARS St. Louis Professor Predicts Long-Drawn-Out Affair ST. LOUIS, Sept. 6 Dr. Ralph L. Thompson of the faculty of St. Louis University, who returned Sunday from France, predicted that war would last from five to fifteen years. ONE CAYMAN ISLANDER KILLED DURING STORM Small Child Only Victim on Cayman Brae, One of Smaller Islands of the Group MrtRTTF: Ala.. Runt AI1 hut .lh. , , -. . ftPn yllill1ineffl rvn fAvmon Prop fVi email. est of the Cayman group, were destroyed Dy me storm or a montn ago, according to mail advices received here. OnA hiii only was killed. At Stake Bay, the port of Cayman Brae, not a house rpmalnod cnitu. the letter stated. It was here that Mary Ryan, granddaughter nt r-an. tain E. C. Hunter of Mohllo nr.. -fa tally injured by falling walls'. ine cocoanut industry of the island was permanently crippled. It was said, as not a tree escanerl hpinc folloi cept a few that were in protected spots TU. . . - . aiib waicr e 10 unprecedented heights on the Island and caused great it is unnecessary for Deformed Children to go through life In such a condition. In the 41 years we have been established, we have relieved hundreds of little sufferers, with diseases of the Spine, Hip Joints and other afflictions. Many remarkable cures of Club Feet and Infantile Paralysis. Write for catalog. NATIONAL SURGICAL INSTITUTE 73 S. Pryor Street, Atlanta, Ga. property damage, the shore line being removed half a mile inland. LETTER CARRIERS WILL TALK PENSION PROBLEM Fifteen Hundred Gather In Annual Na tlonal Convention - HeHday Deliver, les and Psy to Be Oieewsaed OMAHA. Neb.. Sept. . The twentieth National Convention f the National As sociation of Letter Carriers opened here today. Among the questions that will be discussed are pensions, Sunday and holl day deliveries, and the regulation of sal aries. More than 1,500 carriers and their friends are here. Th food-Drink for All Ages $fourishing Delicious Digestible .AUAetoteaarf Cmfn UnlsM you 'HORUCJsVS you may 8t a Substitute J BARKER "I Tl!LLY M The finest silk that Switzerland sends here is used to sift Valier's Dainty Flour to impalpable fineness. That's why Valier's Dainty baking is always so light and fine. , It is milled sloivfy to retain full baking quality of the flour and sifted through silk to get fineness. Sometimes it costs a trifle more by the sack, but always it costs less in use, because it makes more baking. Those accustomed to a hard wheat flour will And Vlir' Entrpri Floor just right lor bread and rolls. It's made by our alow process. I II Hinufaclurd FrO StttCJED WINTER WHEAT OF BEST QUALITY t4cmoi3ellc DinJJ

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