The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1934
Page 3
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«R RULES 111 QFTU .CRUST' Parents Await_' Revelalions o{ Crime Wave Involving Tin-ill Mad Youths fly N'EV Service Ttrt-SA, Okia. - I'.uenis loot nnxlrmsly nerass the iHnntr (ahles here at Ihelr hoys nnd. girls home from college for ilio liplldgys There are . alienees in . the con'-' vcrsattou, whlrJi swings .inevitably around lo the only thing Tulsans can laik olionl these days. Of rnmra each parrot. Is sure Ills' lioy or girl wouldn't know nny- llilng alicmt. Hie mysterious dentils nf twi) .wrll.ronner.ted young Tiil- snns, or about thn , nf ,. : h n[ nwrt . tfiiir erlme ami wild carrylnjia-on that, are hinted ns the invcstlfd. (Ion sprfaiL-,. And|g(i Kennniiic-r mv( . t mixed up In such things. And Dr. Gorrel] and Professor Horn, who.w Hoys, are--: ( |Kiil, never xusfxuuul' ellher. , ' fietriwn hns n city teen so shocked And startled, so ridden "by rumors of youthful' mnaleur crime, talk of gambling, - drinking, the possibility O f narcotic, .use, ".shate- dcwn schemes," . possession of knives and guns, and general tall: of wild escapades among the college-age set. As new theories rise and new cle.TO urn run down In'the mysterious deaths by .shootiiif; of .John Ciorrell and Sidney Doni, Jr., n >- mors fly about the town, and families, which have youngsters in the younger social set ran think or nothing -bill "Who'ivill he Involved next?" . •• ' DAMPER ON SOCIAL SET., , There : Is a pronounced cia inner nil social activities. The t Quaker "ftE- fitorc,- often frequented hy the drail you (Us and their set, «. M mem no more. Snmp rim nclually in hiding.' '.'•', The High Hat Ohio, of which young Born had been president and lo which beloved many of Die soiv! of wealthy and prominent citizens, "lins lie™ (Ihlmiitel until February. Par Jute In .January, Philip TCcnlmmer; con of a fedml Judge known throughout Hie • for his stern nrt- 'y.f'al I'w the murder of Jolm Cior- Correl), son of a well-known physician, was a student at Kan- sai City Dcrtal College lie rune home to spend the Thinks n u nig holidays ,-witfc his parents. About midnight of ThinksslUng Daj the stepson or one of the city lead ng real estate men was on hK uas home and noticed a car by tre roadside m the e^clushc lorcsi Hills sccllon with one wheel no on llje curb . / IOW)D DFAD IS CAB HP stopped found the bodj of Goncll before the ivhetl shot tvrce through the head mth Ins own- pistol, which wits -found neatly «pjaccd in Its, holster! A rain hnd obliterated -.all : mn rl;s oulside (lie car. ;nnd there .were n'o nn»ei prints, on the .pistol. '. .Almost invariably '.rumors nitcrctl through lo police that n certain young, society man liiid heen bonst- • mj,^ about drug' stores and boei parlors Ihat.he Had killed Goirtll Then -.Floyd J. -Hiiff • of KIIIST; City, fin aviator, caine forwud mil tnld that Ihis same yoiing nni, |, , ( | shmra him a - purported ransom note' one night and confided tint he intended t n feiil poirell Suddenly. Philip kcnnamci 10 yfar-nlil smi of Judge I'Vanl lui I Kennnniei-, cave himself u,, u, BLYtHfaVILLB '(ARK.)' COuUIBR NEWS Judge's Son Held As Slayev Ho sold Oowell had been planning lo extort money from tlia family of Homer Wlleos, wealthy oil niiin, by tlironts iifninst, their dniifihter •"•gliiln, | ConiBiinrr, who prnfi'.ws an nf- Hon (nil unknown (o her) foi- MKs Wlleox, f;ild ho wns liylilB to' lipml off f.loiTPll's c'Xtoillon feht-mr, s<> nt. 10 innlcc liliiisclf n hero In her c'vts. • • i Ie (iiiuiwlcil wllli.GoiTell, who rtivw a jiisiol. In tiifl iipht oiw Hie run, rionvll nuv, :hot, icennn'i nier f;;iid, - niclmril Oliver, flfirrell's vnnni- : iah' i,i ihe Kuusa.i Oily rolleoe, •II luiil licfii :>fi-;ild of one "Boh •iv to Tuta in ii|| hi..; siuvy, hn •i'i>!-i)l/i-,l "Wll.'.oii" rai Hie trniii, I •mil Inniiii'il' niT a, Clnremnro In ! tell |i;,lli'i' '•Wil:->ni 11 \vnr, almiivd i_ nii'.l opd itiii, jnPn.Teinply' !"E lent color to Ilio fnlc.s of im nmnloiir crime wave." ClfliM's of Tuhn'.e ""yomifter j;e(" fnidrd in Ihe slorle.s, 'IVd hnlli, n iHOnt] of hol]| Keniiftiiii'i' and dnr- linil, tn (sot him |o ]oiu ),, bluet- UMll ;r)ieii,e.s nluu-d n(l 'v,||.,n w 'low" 11 rli'li <«| men hy Involvln-t "•ir duii (! hlem n i),i I-IOT^,,-,;,!,!,,,, IIUJJl Hi,,;;, He lonwd, Imt' rrvuihi uc,,,,. IM-, now lieiiiR held li,r the Ir'ltil I" u pollen- l.ii-li-lnx are IjolleyiM «' If-iut .some I'oliii- | O h| K , s i nl . y r. I....... , ', '' . "'UlnH, 01 of fov i:. crowd wu.i "destroying public proppi-ly" hy .shooting two sheet llfhts at n jilnro \vli!rti \vnn only n feiv Ifder lo become 11,0 denll, >veii nonvll. , Tiiii'i, |iy 11 I'olneldrni'i', stii'el wfts durk when the .' ttori> fii-fd |hut l:|l|(ni Cloiwll. AN'O'l'lll'lt rOUNll I)K.U> , Kidney rtoru .Ir.. ]),e.",ldont I'"' ••flii'.ll Il:it «lnij" niul tin- »f mi nil r-iiKliii'iii', Imrt driven Keniiiuiiei- 10 ii 'Pnlsu liiujilinl in mi'i'(.'tlm-i-ell (lie nlfjlii ,ir lira Inl- li-r'ji den Hi. Horn niiii lOiinoiiier hud .ippnt tin- nlfhi liefi,,v TlinnkselvlHu lo- Sfihrr at u hotel, On n,v. n m, i In nl' .'.Oil running from (lie srorin. mn™ So romplleiited hns Ihe ease heroine (lint n New .York tinwispnnci'- 1 ninn who covered Ihe tlall-Mllls riisc finys here llml li^ystery wns ,chillis piny compared lo tho-mnze of ronll'vlliiMous mid Dm vnilli (if jfillcnri' in-i, sntiriniid ihlu i-:,::,-, I Ho worried hnve, Tulsuns i«>|n)inn over Ihn linpllenilons 'of |stnn>uo. uningii-nn ninoiift ihi-u- .voime f<Mn Hint n m-niid Jury ln- w.ill(!ni.lrtii- of nil llui i-linininliiit- le.s IliVi lif'f-ir nskeil. ;;» tlml,'nny. .Ions purenl.s inny' elllier know niV w-iirsl. fir Mop v.'nirj'hii; over TmtlUTfi FI.flAT AliOTSNI) vlillc, : mysierici jiesiui in cnm , i,, |) 10 o c w|)n ,-, ^ Mnu,,|h)« l "'hi,, Wi !l,U^: Mil «h!\[ Iliey know of Ihe nltnU; nif-n'l, lie Irit llie i.tfiv,' ,. -K ,,,. ntlon was reversed by Mrs George Clove, 42-jvar-ol<l grnndniAtticr Ittt limit led son nn<l daupliK, |>nd i>, f . scnlctl her with fom grJiulrhlklren tail she recently picsnitcd Uiem cp:nt Miinlihllnn i\ loiai or jii,noo fa fnly, by a RAVS RHKHIPP rt'H:oi(l." ir-poi-icd .•,.,.„ Courier News' Wnni Ad StOPPED-UP *o»lrl!j ami permit ,'irttv Ureathind. MENTHOLATUM ^iv... COMFORT -oifis Now nf id) North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON h- mnkranf Purls— Kltiuo'm Slouched kefoi'ivtl," John aom-ll. Jr., Ughl. wheel . of hi, ™ as lhoi, n h «*cp.-ihn ),od v of , found ni ,-hown hy il-.k ublLpe ,,1,0,0 By his WM . hand was his plslnl. . cnrMiilly r.-placod In Ihe hbktfr nh . rou WH5> fiosicvly ,ilsarrans.-d. despite Phiili) Kniv,,,,,,;.,-';; r.loiv'of a life- find-ilfjilh ,-itriigiik- hefpri; Ihe r,hnntli,(> Above, left to right. ar.« ViiKhila Wllco.v, Millip Knuiamor ;im l uorls 9o»r«. Below are nil-hard Oliver. Sldn w Horn, Jr. and Homer Wlleos, Jr. ! police anil eonfes.wd tlie Gorrcll. Tulsn .sat back shock which has been lllhiB irftvmy low day.s since ' with :i |'i'lil,l,.s 'nuilRD STOKV renewed i -.kcnrinmer claimed self defense. Say ii wkli 'KAYSER Hosicty - Glove* - Unrlcnvrai th« New 1935 PHILCO No other C ift will bring (he <ntire family S1 , c h year . iround enjoyment as a new I-H1I.CO! Unexcelled worlj- vr,de reception and glorious, natural lone. Come in — se- Ifcl your PHILCO today MARVELS OF MARVELRAY nereis the loveliest underwear you could possibly buy al the price. Kayser's "Marvelray"! Made of fine rayon. 1 ouch it. .it feels so soft. Wear it. . it rnofds itself lo your figure. Wash ii . . it cornes out like new. And if costs only 5Bcand$l PHILCO 45L Furniture Co. 'KAYSERETTE"SLEEPERS> Charming feminine styles, trig tailored .""v numbers for lounging and sleeping. V Easy to wash—no ironing necessary! ( $[ $1.05-' imd / JACK APPLEBAIJ] 1^1^^^^^^^^^ '—*M •a J,lvB/. 'if^Kf, inuteShoppers We wajil lo rc^innr] you ihal, altlu)u.r|i wc have »' .siore inJI of gifts for every member of ihr laniilv. wo iriv. fwrliciihirly Foa fer Fitted Week-End Bags ; . . $7 irt 1 $]7:5(1; Pcrfmnc 'I oilcl Sets . . r . $1 u, §10.00' Cojiih - Brush and Mirror Sots .... ft].39 to $17.50 Porfmm- Bottles - Compacts - Manicure Sols for Him 'I'oilci Sols for Shaving . . . . $;|.| 0 ^.0() Mililary Briisii ScU . . . fl.50 lo'$5.00 ' / * 11^ *, ' Hi!l ! ' V)i 'lSeis . . ' . ... $1.50 jjjv iMHiiilain Pen Sols ' .... S'l *) r > l!n All Tohaecb Producls aiu! J J ipt\s Toys for the Kiddies ' We sh'lf have a large afisorinicnl o!' Heller Toys . \ 50r, to 'SL50 Hhoppei's Kiiiiel, Sei'ved Daily \\:M] ,\. i\f. (o 2 P. M. Merry Christmas tifri \±m »\ V

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