The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 10
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:'FI iWBE RECIPES -BLYTIIEVILLE '(AKK.V COUlUEir •Governors' Wives Respond '•'-to Gifts by Southern • Rice Inclusliy • •And now \\et may know r If we've, been vvondcilnfe what \vas going to be cooKAl iiltli all of those 50-,pound sacks of Ain- flKhn rice that \vcnt lp the White House and to goveinoii mansions last month in honoi of National Rice Week—Hie secict LS oht! We can settle bnek in om Kitchen chnlr \vlfh nur o»n iccipr flies befoie us, and add the^c Jfcinous recipes to oui files And of course soil dul mn own veij best" rice dish \vhlch nmj stack )!p us (lie best In the lot 1 It gives us a "eood-nelghbol 1 ' Reeling, ncveithclcsi — Hits c \- jchanglng of recipes We con l.v .out Rice Darloles for example 'mid servo them on Wednesday we can make OKI o«n Ulcc Rao- out and sene ft on Tlnnsdav JThQii If 'ii, e husbund icmaiks- ,i.Why. 1 tliinl yotn jlcc ilisb is •*^«y Wt.n< uood as the EPveni- gofti[> to feel bad !I Several got ei not, Have wiitlen ; to the home economics ffop-ut- ;mtot of the Soulhcrn Rice in- .austrj, which donntert the 50, pound sacks of rfce, lo ,R> lh"t they aie fond of lice p.epmed In •'0 ninny different »njs Hint I ,,^ U d be ^ difficult to specif, «Lh >s the "favoiltp i Cc ), )e • oihcis • ).nve made then decision and "e, ,J>long the recipe We have gall i . cr«I togctltt! fc nock of then, fd, inm fiom fanmus |>cot)!c been •the malls during the „.,«. •• ' C1 U , tested ..recipe., • for Meat Cuts and How to coon Them BEEF CHART Cufs 70-pRw/wj: Bottom ftour\d ' _- Sii'loln Stton PinSon* siiToln Fiona sttoK ' f "j:"i'i ( . S r t s MR Porterhouse T-Bone Cluft - Sfeaft, steal* sieofl '' :?!i ( . e '., "S 11 ^ Shoj'l Blade steaft- Blase PotRbost Pot Roast Pot-Rfasi -— 'Bi'ai'si 'Ai'm Pontoost AVm'st*an - Oforie Rojled NecR, Boneless NecR - -rood, by beef. HIcc 'Harlolu 1 cups cooked (thy) licc 1 pint milk ; 1-2'plnl cream 1 cup sugar 4 eggs jolks , Vnnllia •in other Ingredients iu| 0 mnffni ^rlng phcc thin round, of He > -"list, then „ spoonful of "•tcljotce) Atld rico nnvtui "n i ^v-itii buttei Bake s e ,.,, ,?} .npncot sauce * 1U> Clara'Stlll HV<? •^>nomot mold »u h », poitlondt V>taia Ollll lldb tin- finll, nn,| ,,, !t ii n few siwonfuls Formula for'it' .1' , Wow Jcisev) ,„ 1 CUP ilcc •« 1 pound sausage U. }'- '•'1'lcspons shoi toning .^ 1 can tomato paste <« teaspoon salt -»• 1 cup water S' ' (a" rl pref C ene C d) Cl etOC " " C1>t)C1 ' " Parmesan cheese i«l^'S Clilckt,, KIM i,,, mu . (California) • 1 cup rice ; ' pounds chicken •* caiiols (¥ • 1 pint tomatoes 01 sto;k l . 1* teaspoon «n,t c ^p ller ' teaspoon s.ut i onions tin and chill in rcfvlgerator. Unmold and serve -on lettuce. of the Bcliilin place In refilgcia- tor until coiiBcnlcd Whip I ui|,! CMiinlv l.lnc-nivl.ks llomr of .einalnlng 8 elath,.nnd to It ndil LITTLE CHEEK Mo CuP) Tl.e «»fcr.a ^ nrs s -x s.^;S 5T«!.' .^SKXffi.T! S K^-«-^ ~ _ inatoes Simmei on top of .stove '• • 1 en"*'' 5 SlKllv Wilh ltlcc !»^ J CU P flour , t~ 2 teaspoon salt •~ 1 bay leaf '*. J Pint tomato juice ' ,„.Dash of pepper •- '6 -'onions "" 1 ' 4 C "P 'art .„ 1 cWVe garlic ?.£?£--5" ; r--=i i-,?».~e. in 3!'S l I on- Brovvn •Pan '."the from t In the same In n roasting ' onions Add to ! In a Cover the 'Qlara Bow Imin't lost (he .cUiirming, nnshlng smile vvlucli made her fnnions not so many years ago ;as_--the -nT&vies' "It" girl, she ilemonstiated, aUne, at a leLent parly in one of Hollj- woml's night spots Claia, a mother now, lues willi her hus- bnnd.'RcN Uell, on a California ranch. Molded Party Salad (Serves 'G> 2..packages of. lime gelatin 3 cups tolling ivalcr 1 egg white (slltflVtly bfntein 1 cup Maraschino cherries '. cup pineipple (sllveifd) . 1 cup sreen tait^malaga graphs 1 red apple (diced, impeded) 1 cup cottage cheese l'j pound) Dissolve gelatin in boiling .water Place In refrigerator until gelatin Just reaches :the jelly slagc.-Brush mold wllh egg.white and let ttry Form a dccoralli-e pattern on'th'c wine breakfasts with EBBS ,111. Grattln, fe nlmosrcaiie' to mak-c :than H'is to siv— : am S0t'l> \eKcniilc Tomato Till Can (OUMlO I'ORK SAUS-AOL GROCERY* ""MARKET •109 .\Vcsl MHin'SL , <hflno , 5 • ' . 1' i't'c Del'vci'y '.Sneciiils 'Ifor -Fri. -.S»l. & ftlon. — illur. 12 - l;i •& is Kg Moon—21 \hs "!)5c; •IS'His 51.85 Whilcwafcr'Unsc— -2'\ \\i §1.05 Idlllc 'Ctpncvn—-1'liiin .'*! Ibs 85e na—5 llw ;J5c; iO.Jbs (iac Ihs-Si.-15 COPl'iKK, Whole ••HranirC 'ttV'GriiHl [,),. 13 CQI'-i-'EK, '-. Whole ftftC I'cahdrry ; Lh. fcU •' J'OTA'tOKS, Hc.l QIC. ( rri»m|ih ; lib. 0.2 : SW.fcl-Jf'l' ••V'OTATOKS : OC' Lh. . O !! A NAN AS, Rjno Do/.. ORANOK«. Texas l'-ruil 2 for •A1'HI;KS, Delicious 2 'for ' ONIONS, -Uecl or Yellow |,|,. 15 C 5° 5 C 5 ( Quart-Jar SA,Nt)WlCH SIM5BAI) |>iril 'L CRACKERS 2-l.b;','Hox- COCOA 2-1.1). •; liox W !)OG:F001) 1'i'l .; . • • Can ! HIU-1)-SKEI) -inc Frcnoh's , I'];" lu 20c SOUI>, •Vej.'eta'liie or CC Tonialo :Sni. -Gun 3 'HEANS, :Reil -Kidney EC Snuill .Gaii 3 VANUiLA 'WAKKKS -JftC '('ciloi)hiihc \\y,g DKAAIS Meal^Smokc Ql SBc 1H. JKI-I-O.'All Flavors -••• WASH. »OA«I)S Hrnss Kin;; Ka. THURSDAY, MARCIi 18 'i'lie Comolclc Food Store The IffiST For LESS H GROCERS .11-1 W. Main St., Mythuvillc, Ark. FOR FRIDAY and SATUKDAY Why J'iiy More? ~Uc CORN, Pride of Illinois (.'1 Limit) No. 2 Can VEAL SHOULDER, Pound_J2c TibTBox 12!c Ib. 27Jc lOlbs BOILING MEAT, -^-^-- --- 7 PURE HOG LARD SPAGHETTI • MACaRONI - Skl Skinner's Yellow 3i c 2 1<J 2 2 1 2 rc 2 RINDLES3 BACON PORK CHOPS •End Cuts 23' PORK SHOULDERS 12: GROUND BEEF YORK APPLES NCI. 2 Can '10 Smarlv Can Texas Seedless (i for IV LEMON Sour, Juicy Do/en 15' LI). Hc:ul Slalk 10' & e SOAP •I (Jianl liars 15' ©^ ' B S IVilh Tops iiiincli 5' Jiuucli 5' 12' GREEK ONIONS linnoli «2 3 c ;R SPECIALS I'tain or fc'i'lf-Uisinjr 20 Ibs. lOlfis. 5ll)s. ....... ....... 87c ss Liberty .. ........ . ..!)2e 4Sc GRAHAM CRACKERS .,,„. ^ W V9NEGAR VANILLA WAFERS 1,1). liox 15 C I,oaf of S - Km- I'kg. of 15 KOI- PEACHES Kosudale No. 2 !/ 2 Can [{oscdale No. 2|/ 2 Can 1C PIE CHERRIES Red Sour Pitied No. 2 Can 12° CELERY SALAD CUCUMBER CHIPS '1^"S YOLO CHILI SAUCE 10° TOMATOES Slandard No. 2 Can Springlinit i\o. 2 Can 7 1C PRUNES 1,1). StOk«|y's Tall Can Chase & Snnboni l.b. .Miss F.iberlv l.b. ( Holland : No. 21-z '(.'an CATSUP Rubv li-Oz. lioflle

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