The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1933
Page 1
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tiervtd--bii the United Pres* TUB OOlllrUNT NEWBJ'AHfJt Of NORTHS* tft AKKANBAB AM) HOUT«MA« ItUDOlIRI 'I . -?, VOL. XXX—NO. 12R Dtyihevllle Dully. New«. Blyllmvtlle Ct>url«c. Mississippi V»ii.'V lX!«il>r lllyllwvllle Herald. .YTHKVn.l.K, AUKAN8AS, TIlksUA\> AIKIUST SINGLE COPIES WVE CENTO 1 GET CHECKS Observations Scone ol' Killer's Gap! urn F«-W Dci-iiir.tions Will n Made on Aixoiml o Government Loans. 'liur .sfniilv (.oiniiillli'c on t i-iiini-f, i:w"::ue:hir; Ilie bier siHxsilioii bill, IsiMl nlnlil nupn IK I'-i'iii in ':JnilimMn:4 ' uttris, to lev'y ll lir-HM' uluiU-is r,f no; I" *•>: vnsir. WASHINGTON, All!.' '(he, nerli'ulturc today check* for in IT thai. anu-mliiu-m is liportsos'- ali-d in llif bill as Ihvillv iw-'ii-d Ihl! H' ' and IIO.HI .ii.rlunu-iil u< city :uul IOWM ndmin- i; trillions will in 1 mil I" a lest. lhe llv >' 1;1 '"' »".:i>l'--r ;1 sliw ,, ]; , j | (li ., ' ' lUm0 would lie and .nine sibsoluU'lv prohl- 1 mod,,ue payment of about I100.MO.-, titlvc . Sut . h ,, „„.„, lax ; if ,, t ,,,. . r.CU to cotton planters on their j C1 . l)|y n ,| 0 , lltl |_ wo ,, 1d llf , slvov t |, r crop reduction eoniracls vllHriui | „, , ;e ,„ ^ lK( ,, mi]l] sl .^, t f Vent)K L ' lr ;fvoin hirer and would concentrate nrcund Idgnl complications fioin the millions of dollars lhe farmers owe to government crop,| sffil und ninrigix;? loins. A typical check reads: "Payable to John B. Smith and I "'.'•" eoniracls ('"diie;ioii of debis they owe L'ovcnnncni i l|R . , Jllsille!>s jn , hc ,,. mtls of , ]l( . The ch,ek, were designed to get veiy f( , w ,„,,,,, ,-(...,,,0,..; wllo C011 , (l iifford Mich an inmost. I oOo ] "'-•I in Texas r/f llrirvr-v Ilailey. ] machine gun inm-dwor, klrlnajierl I iMid brcakei. waf tho re-1 ,. . .. .... .I' 11 ' ••< i-ijiartali!v fine police lhe Bovoinor of lhe asricultfiral v , c , k ,, v U( , Mrtme] ;, or justlcc j asems. The kldnaptnu, hank rob- inachlne iMinniiiK ^r-ntrv Scrvicus for Holland Man Held al MimiLi iVl/M.ll.A. Alii. -JiJin Wyiili Ki- Mil!, li.riiu'i- I', Id ill. n\ M :I:IK, iilrd .Sunday ul llulluiHl, M:i HI. ... | nn "iv 1,1 IT lu MIIIIII . |l Mr-.nd:iy unit [ .si'i'vh :•:. »u,' r in ld In I In- |.|r.slj ( .'111111 h. L \1m l:lii'liil III tin: In.'al iviiirlriv. Stnkos and Strikes An 1 . Reported;" I'voin Manv Actions. I'.u: i i • MIL vlv: it li" l\\«i .uil:. )l'('ilteilL l (l l i,i.,ihi-i nl (in-, i-iiy :ini| al Mniiifisilil.-. Ncir I'jiradiM 1 , i: seized finnr-y HniU-y. :i!i-i iM.-hr.-l. Oklahoma Ci'.y i.;i ilu/.en lonvlc'.s mail '(.-MIS. in this .small nirmlioiiM,*, U. S lii-d us. the "M:{i:(..r man" In lhe Kunsn.s 1 Cily in lor whom JilXJ.DM IM 11.0:11 v.'iis paid, and ivaili-r i>f the Urv: Ui.'lr i-Msiips from Uir Kansas; Mule' prison .v-u-riil iiionlhs- < I'.iiliiii'iil {if ju.sllce. u.U"nls; iiiisMiCiT, kidnaper of Oharlc. In wlilch n Massacre and Kidnaping Weapons , .,, - • ,,,... cr.: it numiiitslralion w" 1 ', P " U , rubwr stamped on the check.! : tmtil recently have rueinfid almost immune ic capture and punish-1 If John n. Smith owes nothing lo a governmental agency he will get mcM |1;lvc „„,,„ ,, m , teason Ki'.h in full just as though it were ,... „,,„.. ,i. nl . 0 i.| .nnrln n..* ._ I.;... -1 ... . - "' . U L .. I L U U11 = 1,1 . n however, thai at ' W(lnfl|)ln ,, „,„, ective mtmt of \h«,, T'L."- ,, ftcr , hc acL Ki[l . flourished t>rcaus<! it c made out 1C him alone. And even: If he does owe debts to one or an-.,. .," other of the federal loaning bu- ,: \ mo 'c cl leans the chances are that he will (ipiitin-' crirni 1 .bt able to cash his check without , •' lh : dow <10 *' Cti ° ns - .. , .. ,. . inaV* has flou,,.sne,i rx-ca,,,, n f:mn ihTiarT ifni X"" oo'uon ^ti i l . hn "^ h iTln ^ fanners wlio have '$110,000,000 com- f" ^"^, i!!,/,;".,, 1 ™,*! ° m . n'j; 1111; lo thc-ni nwo the government abnul S40.%0,GOO. The various gov- Linrncniiil lenders decided lo waive deduction!; of all but S10.- r(C,COO of these debts. Collection of lhe .?lo.C«J.ljrx) could not, fcc put off because II was made up of leans v.'liich had private or scnil- privale endorsers. This been excured on liuiiianitarinn grounds, but In view of f.lie obvious eiu-ouraiif"-menl which it ftivr-s to kidnapers I doulit if it is ::ounrl it irlmi'iu of jusfice si^rnis In-lieved these runs, fcund in the bed In wiiicli llarvry lialley nus slisup- wlicn lie wu 1 : .iiiv.slfd al I'aiMdlv.-. Tex., liit-d lhe In.Ili'ls which f.iiullrtl mil lhe lives of live persoir the announced deter-|' n lllc Kunsir.s City Unlois s'.auosi inassiiirru. Al Hie lop of lhe piutnrc :s :i Mib-uiaehine tun. Next Is :n amoini-.Iic ritlc, raid bolO'.v nu two Inrue cullbru uuloiiiullc pistols. * _ - + , . , i. *i*ii tt t jt sutii ti iiiicd wuiuu UK L'lijjiiiiturM. ail •••i-ii n ill i i i < i ( i i i i A^» V^» -LX.1 J IOI rcdiscounted by federal imernirdl- , u e(lsi , wi(llin thc nam „, lite credit banks. ,. rc(lcra i ailrt M(e aulhoritles lo I prevent iiiich_i;^ytucnLs, and =if il ,..,.,, ,. c ! ass ?' initiation of the authorities to pre-i drtls includes crop liens given lo vcnl Ul( , pa j. mciu 0[ mnsom for din. federal land banks and notes (jidmned persons the tnollvo for orMnally given to tanks and laior snch crimes ^^.^ eliminated. -•'•' r.v Dn'tcil Tirvt liull.'Hi:il ;,lrlkc\s und linnblni 'A. hitiur di!.coiiti;nl werr rt'iwru-ii i.i \vlcli-ly '.calli'ii'tl . psirls ''ol Ilii- Unlltd Kdiles todny. In t':t Ninv York uven. incluil- IK Now Jeiwy and Cunnvisllcui. Liml UO.OtlO uarmciil woikeis. .iilked init. ileinunilLiiK ubcikliLinil I .swi'iil.shops' nml higher wnyi-s. Plill.idelphlti ri'|Xirled new Iran-] Ic.s :iiiiiinjj "strikers u\ tin 1 (Jam-1 ilia hcteleiy mill; lhe nillicrence •1 1.300 more workers lo the- new iiidlo \\orkeis union .strike; cun- ilmiallnn of a slrlk« by -l.WXl cliiiui'i.s und dyijis:; falluri 1 of rne- dliuliiii in lhe nrckwciir warki-rs and the ^lurl .of u new walkoul by tlix fur NucU't'n of llui ui edlc trudeji workers. Olijrrl In N. It. A. WllKl'S Iii C'onii(.'cllcsul lenlher ijoo:! 1 ; wi.rkers Halted out ut lirldse- I'-orl. ii scon: of bootmakers Mrucl: ul MliUllclo\vii. itml wuiii' v/erc deiniiiuled by a small yroup of lolincco workers at Poipionock. All cuiiipkihicd uijalnst wuci 1 pru- vs'-lons iimli'v N, 11. A. . In tJallloi ilia the pencil Indiislry \\ti.s ]j;irlly» lied up by a slvlke ot n.nco orchilnl and cannery wmi:- i-r.'i lii'itiandhiii wir'i: Inurcascs. Al llnllywuid lhe .soni|d innvli- slrlki l.iiib'crn continued un.v.'ltlfd. Sdlkr KfTort Fulls Nepotism In State Dopart. .mcnts Billerly Scored in House Debate. Killal lo Covcv..Up Tliell nf I'diicrs iii Polly Court .Case. nor sr-iuNcm, Ark., AHK.''I'« tUl').-M:nk H. Shank, Akron,"6., ultorncy. v.'lll lie given a sp«<ly trial al which thc ilPiilh ixjiiiiliy will Ix 1 demundcd^by lhe state-tor his confessed premeditated nirir- (kiln^ by iwlsonlnj of four Otuo iwrsons. ••.••-•• . Thu deaths of Alvln Collcy, <0, ils wlfu, Ethel Collcy, 36,. urn! their two I'lilldrcn, Clement, .Vltt, anil Clyde, 7, Were dl.vrovered lale yesterday- ns their automobile crashed Into a. fence on the frfa'l-. -. verii-I.lllli! Rock highway, tlic dead Colloy at. the wheel. - ."••••'•* A third clilld, Cllnc. <, Is fi- coverlnu from effects of the jxife- onhiK. i • vV ' Colky "Knt'w Too Much"'•••> yiw hours of qucstlonlnii brought from Shanks, officers said, the confession thai he .poisoned the' family, nlso from Akron; O., be- i,n r n,r. tiocK. AUK.-io. (ui 1 )— £lrong ilLssutlslsictlon -with tin 1 :; of iicimllsm und pollllci.l linlronngc 111 llu* revenue und oilier' stiltt! depurliiieulH wns vulcntl 'n tin. 1 liou::e toiluy In u wild M-X- r.i-:n thin was adjourned for lunch-i [:^ Co , 1(!y kncw too mlttn .co n . ;'(,u wilh di-lcsit ol an ii..ii:ndiiK'iil| cfl ,. nln| , „ cns<! Snnnk hail ln .Xlt- lu Ilie IICLT bill thai v.ould imv'ion. cnlluy had been-(tucstloned in irgard lo .stealing paiwrs from.'.thft • Akmn piosccuttnif ntlorney. Sliiint.; clalincd hi!' had ciisuRed Colley^Otake the papers which lhe prpaei appioprlnliul i^ri.tXKJ IDC the hiring ul uddilional i'iri|)loyt;: In Ihi- ic\c- m:i: Oeparlnii'iil to collect tin- f.ii'r lux. '"I'liey . vmnL Ilie money lo put leiatlvr.s of llu; iidmhilslni- liiin (in 'the iiuyioll und U'.cr:- is no u:,e uf ulvln^ one liimlly All the lii-Ltvy," Ui'prrr.sentnllve liurrls ft .k'lli'ivion coniHy (.•liiirjind In llgllliiii; the iimciidin?iu. The • n •'rl«:e"and Datjf Set" i Siale B. Y, P. U. Meeting PlvvCn " 1[l i The nmr.1 effeclivi The annual stale B. Y. r. U. lirdling crime of convention will be held at Hie Tin- where iwjsible, lo take the profii manuel Baptist church • of Port mil of it. Criminals will risk cup- Emltli Thuralay. November no Urium and punlsluufiil in the )ior>f Decemba- 3. It was nnnpmucd to-]-if rich rcvanl. but few of tliem Ihey y would end. way of com- anv kind !•:. d«y by J. pr-vldpni P. Friend of this clty.lnm pi-hniniil'j for erime'r. s:ik?. i Prcflllr-s 1 ; hidnnpiugs nr bank rob- The place of meeting was decided by members of the execulive CGinmiliee who were each allowed vote. Joncsbom was also a contender for the uicelh'y. More Ihan 1000 ileli'Kalp<! from nil pails of ilv slate sive i-<i|ii-i>ieil in n(lend. Cloning Stock A'. T. and T 1 Aiiiu'onila Copper Vicllilehem Stci-l Chrysler Cilii^ Servica Cocn Cola (,rinT:i3 Aitiericaii Tjnl: (:< in-ral Moloi:: International Harvester Utllilios ... Moiit^omriy Wsrri .... New York Central Hi 1-8 'J'l l-!5 ^ 1-2 3 I-U ' V-n 7-n 1-2 l.eries do not interest them. The method of combattint; V:ld- naplns Etigjcsled above is in line jivilh llv policy of Marion Wasson. r c iate bunk commissioner,' in sit'ek- | lu^ to ninke ha^k robberv unprot- ! :;' in Arison-Jiis bv slrlcily lim- | itiii': Ihf amount of. cash which j b-niks may keep nvailiible. -Only. > oi couife, Mr. \Vas:.on cannot j wholly eliminate the Inct-nlive Ui | b'liik robborv becnuse bank.-: cini'l |o|x-inli> without cnnsidernblo sum.-; I Ui (ash. L.H3UI IIIL.!! UUL ran™ Accepted hv ' Recovery Adirfn-stralfnii Pending Methodists Will Hold me Quarterly Conference |«.i • WASHINGTON'.' Aug. 1C (111 1 ) — Ncwspay.'is subscribing to the revised cede for daily newspapers, nccersted bv tlle iialioinil recovery adminktiaiior iir-ndint hiiirint;. niav obuiin lhe bliu 1 rayle nl once. U vas : 'i«l tisiliiy. Sif'.nini: of lhe code will i*nli(lc new^ap'. 1 !' to disj)lay lhe insii:nla. The cndc was filed by the Aiucii- can Ni'utpuihT Publisher:; association Insl, nlf;hl. The ptecedin 1 .* is llu* same Hint foi all morlified rcemploy- incr^ a^iciinenl*;, namely, ftcccp- of lhe blanket code with it n! ion and elimination .tti-d pniriinn hcnriiifTS on the The ihlid miarterlv confercnc," of lhe First Mc-tliodisi church will In 1 held at 1:-Q o'clock tliis evc- I '.lisig with III' 1 Rev. Sum IV Wi7- | sns of .Iciseskoro. presiding elder IS riiillips IVtroli-iiin Itadin ^aiinusons Bed 1 ; '• St. I.oiils-S.'in Francisco Standard of N. .1 M 'J-'J Texas Co -2\ 1-R . s, KSeel SO •I ::-•! j i;l the .Icsii'sbciro dl^lrn-i im-liav :. i'.ejx.ris will be made by ihe ri;ud:r. r-iis^ •iK-ldy Eiswurlli li-.v.i:.'.-, anil ilu- b urd of stev.-:irds. l-U Killer Bear Eludes Hunters in Arizona iiir ivvi:i'il cnilo follows In gen- '.••i iiir' furm nf the one iuibmil- tcd earlier willP uddilional re• -i.^irtv on i inplr.vmcnt of |>er- !rn^- niiik 1 ) 1 IG for delivery and . c alc of i)i|ii'r*. rcvi^iuii of?ithe section Strike KfTort Fulls [ Amendment war. dcfum'lod, 49 to4U. nODLUER CITY, Nev., AIIH. It) Sllll coiisldcrlnK * the Individual 'Ul'i—Aitcinplr. of ugltnlors to wcllons of the liecr measure In DfllE SET Femmm Boulder Dam workers to strike failed today Mlien the 2,- f.OO men employed refused to lieed eiimmlttcj of the whole, the hnuse li. expected today to return to ilie house proper with Die i-ecom tlrcdarn distributed through niew I siimidntlon Unit the mensiue do oiilor )m<) intended, twins . vn ullcvcd nmbdiizler who-wus 'd«f- - lunded by Slmnk. • "-.';.: As 111 feeling wos expressed test nlljht by n mob that gathtted lit Miilvoin, wlwre Shank was held, (lie Akron attorney wns inoved to the Hob Springs Jail foi- • tlio . lengthy questioning.. • OhnrccE of murder hi^ve been filed nzalnst Sh»nk and he is ex• pected to be . sent ot Saliv.-. tli* ' . . i'uyrdlls.InrCfaMrt. Case of Alleged Kidnaping Heard ,it; men, declared by nnthorl- ties lo be meinber.H of Ilia Intlun- j Tim! lhe present .slate uovcrit- trlul Workers of lhe World, ap- 1 nieni wtii]) hai more employes j-cnratl at Incukfnsl, exhorllng tliij ] iliun Hip previous ndiiilnljlr.itlon I men lo strike for ahorlcr hours Miilhoiijh the InstteglslnlurD with no reduction In iray and lower food and house charges. Terry face triid Lloyd of Blythcville will for the 'aliened murder of Sudden Illness Fatal to Little Brannon Boy Charles Thomns nrannon. .two . . the polsonea grape .lulce Vims-^.-i S yestprdiV v at- «- picnic" luncli*" '-•^i Wffl "As* Onlh P«Ml»y f* ^ D. Miller Hnlbert of Miilvtrn, prosecuting attorney, who : 'Will ' It was reducing exi>cnsc;i wns con- I'' 1 " thc state, ddcbred ' thie< will be held with'ln •':; tw<|; tended by -neprcsciitatlve Ben Car. weeks. He Indicated .tha't dealli;ln; Irr of Miller county, v.liow '-broth- tllp electric chair will be trie "pen-. cl Is employed liy the revenue de- allv sought by lhe slat*. • • . • . .;•;'• , pnrtmtN'.. fie cited nijiirc'S nhou'lnj 3h»nk liatt . alWmpted to . esca jx\' ', than revenue dcijartinciit payroll. Thc lower home adopted rsso- iw on ihcl nfter tlle Colley car, In which''.he' |T0 1[ I wa$ rldlnK. crashed into the feni*; Willliiin "Doc" Coiwl.inil nt a s]>c-i nn[ i a half-ycsir old soir of Mr and mtlolls "'Plying to charges by thc clnl irrni of circuit criminal court. Mr.? Andrew Uranium died n't thc Arklln '" K Education Assocl.itlon nt CiniilheiKvlllc;, Mo.. brRlinilnfi fnmlly home «0 East Clwrry' ll!al " l MlD '' c !! |llfl f inccllnit of lhe ""—' " rlrccl yesterday afternoon follow- '115 n sudden utiack of nciile liull- yUO.OOfl ol coiiunon school money hftd liei'ii dlirrLod IP oilier limn r-choiil iiurpwi'S.The roniiltillDii rend lhat pan ol the Rent. fi. ":i 1". underslood thni Irlnl of Ilov.l hns been included for II,,- B estlon. He became 111 about nooi. fpcclal term nlonir wilh Irlnt of nm i succumtod nboul four hour.s. ' i.. "I il ' Matthfiws. Arvey Hnsl- 1 later. | money had only IMPII borrow..., lues anil Raymond Michle In con-': Funeral rcrvlcei will be held lliK '"•' rt nf ll ll;ul t*-'"" apploprlnied |nr ' "'Hh lhe SS.Offl flank of. Mlcnioon nl Iwo o'clock wilh lhe (or lllL ' * nl nn 'l Wind schols. Rleele liiild-up llils £ iiminpr. I ncv. Mr. Rhodes offlcialini;. In-!' p|nc (>r " * 11 '' ""I Imlonu In the a ixmlon ol Cqiplaml, a Plytlinllle mini. was'.Jcrmcnt will be m.nle at Sawyers' fcho °l found unCTiHclous in n Missouri icmeteiy. The Cobb Underlnkliic " "" cotion field lifter allrgcdlv belli!! company Is In clinrec of funeral Inkon fo rn "vide" July -t. He died nrungcincnls about urn ,,-eeks Inter in the ISIy-J Tr ,n ,| ccra std 1-, survive!! llieyllle hospital. ' £il | e r. his parents two sisters 1 lovd v.-a.s held | n i|u. I'cmlscdt i .__ county circuit court in n prrllm-! inary henriiii; when plmilnr clinif;-' n orm -. n Pnlirn Rnir fs of murder wrn- dismissed ULrmn " ' OJICC UOg Added to City but- he was won apprehended 1 cfficers. Sheriff T'. S. Pistier sa , Shank had expressed a dissirie to drink same of the poisoned grhp^ Juice nml end lils own ll'fe asihe u-as isiketi to the scene of tne .- latnl lunch. " ~~. - Collcy Is supposed to have.- -fled '.•". wilh his family from Akron "SJiUy • W lo hide In Hot Springs follow-." Ini; [lie Issuance of n warrirnt against him In connection .--yHIT' the- stealing of the papers : froirfUne war, noresviry for Another re.solullon the suport prosecuting attorney's, office. I, Halbcrt said, to , set up -•iinii. oilier allcialions. | Illuli-i llv 1 i;vi'i'(l cr-df Uie (r-rin F\. ••!>rotrs«ii:nal persons employed in I il'i-ir profcssirui." who nre exempt | pj-nvisic.n'; of lhe code, is in- i li'i-pv:lod to include reiiorlerscarn-j Ins mom than S3S weekly and nl- ! so "iiei-qms f-in|iloyori in a man-. CLEVELAND. Miss., Aug. Ifi nr in'iMiii'.il csmsirily wlin;i'M'i — Or. Snrah nulh Dean. iiirirc lhar S^5." i chanted wilh polsonlne; her form- .Snrah lapses ns Plea for Freedom Is .Denied. against James ^fcnallicl Memplils| l!c.||rciii:in. and l.onuir Tloyston of, nivthcville. his coiiuianions. Kid-1 the pair' weie also later dioppcd here hut a kidnaping chaixv lien l.lovd sllll slnnds. A new mcmlwr has been added lo the city police department but . he will draw no pay—not in cnsh acamsl.^ | cnsl ! The new cop h "Rex." German I |K>llce dog. seemed by other cops ' ™ former TllicvCS Take Advantage I ([om Charlie Darker.' OCrippled Woman] n KN v E n. -Taking :'dvania s e or the fact she is_ an'j nightly alley vUltors loo [Icc-l of fcol for tlicm to catch. It hns been some lime since the city last had n canine cop on the force. II is nrnvirl-d lhat in siibscrib- ' 31 ncly. Greenwood physician. ivalld and must Slav In a wheel „„ , \ . i, i 11 •' • NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 1C. (,UP) —Cctwsi closed steady. open high low close years. At one time, lo sheep wore ft und dead. The Krizrly 1:111; :il right, innkiiij il iliillrull lo hunt him. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Mny .Inly 880 !I04 390 925 9« 921 884 907 8flg 926 945 S21 835 858 S65 888 902 921 B05 837 S9fl fill 031 94Gb SpcM dosed quiet at 855. olf 13. Chicago Wheat Sept 81 1-8 Dec. 90 >4 37 l-R SO 3--1 Chicago Corn Pennsylvania Farmers Warned About Weeds HARRISBURO. Pa. (TJp)_At. •en.™ n? f fnn rmC1 ? ^ * m i Both are trying to nuke bond for [!|" bci; " cnllc<J appeal 10 circuit court. In nu arljoinin? county. n , n . C' J ' Ul ' n:1 ll<lari »? (ll e decision of the Mich. noiri<"- NVl 51.MO.tWO US'Urken Driver Tinea | conn, the young woman doctor -LANSING. Mlrii. 'UPi-^Strasv 51 Oft in T iivnra Tniirl ccUapsed. Tlie court ordered that '"••-•• "mwm of Mlclilvan were Oiiiu in i^uxurd vuuri „!,„ ^ (n k cil lo ,., e nosnlt;1 | , n netted nearly a million dollars by i Orrenwood and kcnt there until this year's crop, Samuel T. Mctz- liucky Trotter was fined $100 for 1 the petiminary hearing. •'•er. CcmmlsslomT of Avrirullurf. ririvin? n car while Intoxicated and — —. !i ;'orto:l rccentlv Cud Jones was fined 110 for public FaVOfaWe for Cotton open' -cpi 4S 3-3 Occ 50 3-8 low close 45 H-8 50 3-3 . taken' WASHINGTON. Aug. 16 (UP)— 1'nslnrcs ""° '"I'n'.o custody at the Blythevlllc' Another "rather (s •flu* in-- r^niii.^ < , , I hc.'pilal Sunday night after their for thc cotton crop •o ciitlr ilv ™ , ? d r Rllw lcar allcjcdly struck Iho rear of a cd. the weekly we; ihou'l ri, nr^rSl 8 "°n nts to |Mi«oiiri car on Highway Bl near tullrtin of The weather bureau rnrriini fn iV r •T a 'J? ua y ' ° c ~! Hixora. Trotter suffeml a broken reported today. I'ftl"ns' CSS ' SWtC ! eo " nl: b< ! nc ""'' Joncs sustai »>:'l Normal weather and widely dis- " .p, 'j , . I rib iniiirics. M. E. Gibbs and the Iribtited light showers obtained .,J"? r r ^ r ° mos ""' Inl(01 ' s lvv '° sons ° r Brastgadoclo,-ll:rf.ii5lioiil th(* cotton belt Prosj- MVl". S JJ re , wlw |Mo.. orcmunts of thc other car. K*SS in Texas""atid Oklahoma wa<; ci.errj, common black lo-! wciv tes', seriously hurl, Their ma- good and In the centra] cotton WEATHER ARKANSAS local Pfirlly cloudy to' thunderstorms in (uig. ih (in i—-cloudy, local thunderstorms Inj nvorablc week" northwest portion louialit. Thurs- Just pass- day partly cloudy to cloudy, local: atlier and crop thundershowcrs in cast and cen- black Memphls and vicinity — Partly i cusl. water hemlock, white snake-j root snd bracken fern. • [ The maximum' !<vi>perature her. „— - - -- *Td.i" v.?r, $5, uihiimistil j 1 ) IAS almost tololly demolish- £tatcs favorable except for weevil clear, according to Samuel F. Nor. M activity in the wetter sections. | rib, official weather observer. Police Will Have Judge 'On SpotThis Afternoon Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham Is due to discover jusc what a warm place lhat "spot" tn front of his bench Is this afternoon. Police Eomc time ago hod a white circle painted on the courtroom floor In front of the Judge's bench and since then It iha s been, "get over on lhat spot" and "stand on the spot" when prisoners have been nr- rnlgned. This morning Judge, Cunningham, driving soiilh on Broadway apparently suddenly decided he wanted lo see some one on lhe left side of lhe street in a hurry. So he cut across the street, parking on the cast or left hand side. At any rate thals thc way it looked to Police Chief Ed Rke who promptly gave thc judge a ticket to appear In court this afternoon. nf disposing of Coltey. — : ., Nciiufl tc Pflly'Case • . AKRON. O.. Aln;. Iti. (UP)—An involved story of deception., .all l:ii;."d on nil original J'250 dfW, I Ml here today following the ixm:i:n murder of'Alvln Collcy..nU u'llo nnd two children, near Mai- lern. Ark. ' : * " IJccainc he accepted n chj^ lich at bi*sl could bring, only few dollars In fees. Mark II. PhanlL, respected lawyer of K.e,nj-; tsiore. • n .suburb^ of Akron, was. a nnfessed murderer today, hl.s rriod-' si political holies blasted, '1 he slory hud. Its Inception many months ago when Kenneth fiinnchcr borrowed $250 from M: .1. Kaufman. Aftet Knufinan died iis? heirs attempted to collect trie debt. Brauchcr produced n receipt purportedly signed by' Kaufm'ff^- jliowlng the debt to have, been paid In full. The heirs charged the receipt was forged. B rancher ,uii indicted for forgery. ' '-..'." Shank was Brnucher's attorney. He had been o justice of the'peace .Mid oncif was city solicitor of Ken-{ morn. The trial began but before' it closed it was discovered that ;hc receipt, which constituted the -- principal evidence against Bran- mcasnrc to the people. Governor :-hcr, had been stolen from lhe ot- •tce cf the county prosecutor, icslatlc copies had been made, howsier. and the defendant win convicted. ''-''. Police Immediately siupectri . Braucher ot the thievery and be was Indicted on that charge. Later, however, the prosecutor • obtained Information lettding hint t» believe Alvln Oollsy had stoterithc rrcelpt. Police found Colley.' hl» wife and thrw sons had fled.their little two-room house in Akron and the warrant was not served. -• i-.s n sliuidinj coiiiniittco live rep-1 | irri'iilnllvt':: mid live .senators In! ; develop lielwcfll nov: nnd tin-ilex. nieeliiiy (if Hn< |;e .u-uj'nlily iwue plan for uiLnnn'.e lelirt of 11 he common .'••chouls. . I Stn:tli- Crls Hrcr 1SII1 | Si*tiator.s Ibis afternoon lu-grin •sioii of Mil- ndniinislr.illon :ITI bill after Hi:- caitiiii!tl:v on .• rccomincnili-d ih:il It .-iib.s sis amciKlnd. A .second beer bill which would ly Issull^: Ilie sali! of Isocr uiul tine nnd disregard taxation i-n- :irely wns; recommended it lo not pn^v Temporary President of lhe a*u- :ile N'orrell upheld thc ruliiy of ll'e judiciary comuilttce thai Ibr upper chamber of the grnenil as- tmbly cc.uld iMt p.-iss on the bill which v.ould repeal Act 78 of the of 1033 which nuDllshed tho itate bonrd of education and llldil broke out on lhe floor. . After nearly three hours discussion sennlors failed to sustain lhe chair's ruling by n vole of 20 lo 12. Referendum petitions were obtained on thc nci aflcr Its passage at the lost fcssion to refer the Putt-ell, however, included a bill for Its repeal In a supplement to his call for lhe special sersion. L. G. Byerly Appointed District 16 Commissioner L. O. Byerly of Lcachvillc, has been named to (he board of com- mljsloners of Drainage District No. 1C succeeding J. P. Roderick. Mi. Bycrly's appointment was made by County Judge Zal B. Harrison following the resignation of Mr. Roderick who lias moved from Lcnrhvllle to Marlon. Other mem TCHU Hor'on LA ORANOK, Mb. (UP)— The bers of the bonrd .arc J. M. Hut- ! whole town turned out ' ton and J..C. Hauls. l_-t picnic in honor of Drainage District '16 comprises ai£''eiy. practicing physician /' here largo part of the territory west of I since 1877. He is IJL Qnnge'3 old| Big Lake. ' 'cit resident, being 7t year iof »««.

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