The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1934
Page 2
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IRA PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIBB "Gambit BJbek" Keeps Social Calendar THUBSPAY'S EVENTS Thursday Luncheon club lias ing party at Coimtiy club nlth Mrs. C \V.«'Arrilck hostess. Mrs H. A. Tayloi having 'llmis- day Luncheon club. Varbro missionary wwiely ba\- ing . Ulirutmag .-party at homo ol Mrs. B..B, Lloyd, 1 p. m. Mrs. A, Coimay cnteilainins Mld-Week bridge club members and husoands with dinner party. Holy Name society of the Church of (he Immaculate Conception jtiectlng at 1 30 p m , Rt hall 'jMiv and Mrs. Edgar Borum c»- lej'ialnlriy with dance at American Lesion hut ror Miss Mary Elizabeth .Bortiin. ,Mlss Margaret Moffltt havlliB dance for pupils at Hotel. Noble • Cftrlstmao . party given at Hotel JJoble by Miss Margaret Moffitt for younger children of dancing class l$iss Virginia McCall To Wed W. A. Crutchei Jr The engagement oj jflsi virgin! Pago-McCaii or St. Louis, iorhicrl of this cfty, lo Mr. William Arthti Cru'tcher jr., also or St. Louis, was announced Sunday artcrnoon at a iniormat tea given at, the home o Jier parents, Dr and Mrs, W S Me Call. Forty friends were s • The brUe-ciect^recelved with he fiance, Dr., and Mrs, McCall, un Mr and Mrs W. A, Crutchor si Her sister, Miss Margaret McCnl and Mtss Marjorie Williamson sm ed at the refreshment table whlci carried out the.Yuletide uiolir , low bowl of red loses formed 111 centerpiece and jcd tapeu In 511 >er candelabra ucrc at cauh en of the fable Miss McCall, ^ho is ,i memuc of a pioneer family of this city, w« a popular mcmbei o[ the s°i"iBe set when living here, she Is graduate of Soidau high school a st Louis and received her later ed ucatlon at William Woods college FuKon, Mo Mr, cnitchei' is a gmduatc or (h-. , archttegtiira' engineering bdiool o Washington University, st Louis and is a member of the Sigma M and Scarab fraternities He is now cmplosed m llic. .research department, of Umon Etectnc Light am Pouer company. The wedding will be solemnUed in tho late swsmcr. 1 • * * Eibteru SUr Membcn, i Their Officers. I NEVER WALK By Helen Welshimer J NEVEtt walk Ort iiny sticct Wilhoul <i piayc-r That we won't, ineel J AM afuid That you nu\ . Time hasn't made Me love YOU less titan I'ni afraid I'll That you can meet Me and nolminrJI j Neus Mosily Persona! . Mrs Gus Eberdl jr, was elected worthy matron ofjtlie tocul Icr of the Order of in a meeting Jas^c' 1 die succeeds Mrs M Fitzslmmons , Other officers named' W re. Gus Ebcrdt jr, worthy patron, Mrs Nora Edwards, associate nmtron- B E. Blayiock, associate patron, Mrs. Charles Alford, seerctarj., Mrs S 'P. Martin, treasurer, Mrs Samuel C Owen, conductress, Mrs. Willie Wilson, assonaU conductress Tii^se officers, aj)d others to b" appointed 'by the new worthy matron, ,ivill be installed jn H joint meeting w itu the local Masons on 37, Couacil Cferistmis Mcelmj , Mra.pcoige W, Barham enter. tained the Woman's council of the first Christian church Mona<iy at- ternoon In the final meeting until January 8 Mrs J C Ellis presi den , presided |n the brict bublnest session • In a contest Mrs. John c Mc- «aney ii-as winner or (lie prl M The verieshments i\ C ro In 'the Christmas motlt with sleamed fruit CompUmcnl Mrs. Poser "^ Ea Bar Brown had a p.lrly Monday evening compHjiicnthig " POSCy ftho ™ shower s s tor tho H decorations HEADERS' HEKVICEmntEIU Kooni Ii03, 401 Knjiith An-., New VorJt, ,\. V. Enclosed flnd ........ C e,u s la. M | B tor wlil |,i c a 6( . . toamo .,..,.. 5lrc«t ..',..... 'City ......... frame tt Paper Mac Hiilc and J^cc Fislier, both of BIythevlile, by the Rev. ..IT. Renfro; pastor of. the Scc- nd., Buptistf church; - Mrs. Nell 'HkJoy and Lyon Doom, uoih of Caraway, by (he Ke v . V. 'K But- :nvorth, pastor.of (he First Chrisan church; Miss Daisy Eaton nd Quire WhiUker, both of Liix- ra, by tho Rev. T. K. Shepherd; irs, Delia HarrowiUs, of Manila, nd Frederick G. Harrowllz, o[ larmadukc, Ark., by Justice E I' llstoii; Miss Lilly. Wui'd und Otis 'allcrson, bolh ot Blythcvlllc by hc Rev. ,T. n. Shepherd; Miss -•ola. DiirncH and Lloyd Mooney, olll of Dell; Miss Georgia Tomk nd C. T. Brooks, both or Bly- neville; Miss Eunice EUcllc Han- of. Wardoll. aniJ Pniii Wood- Kctclium, of atceic, by Jiis- cc Owir Alexander; Miss Charles Joseph will.arrive Thursday from Faycttevillc, Ark., w|ier« he attends the stale university; u> M»nd the holidays at home. He will be accompanied by his room- nmte, Charles Goldstein, or New York city, who will spend Oie Unit iicre and at Manila as guest 'of ^. E. Fendlei'.who'lG returning to his homo the same day. ' ••.'.,: Fred saliba :wlll leave Tuesday Tor Calirornla where he will attend :hc Alabama-Stanford football game In the Rose Bowl at Pasadena on New Year's day, and visit relai- lives In Hollywood for about two v,ecka, , . Mrs. Vena Henley will leave Saturday night for St. Louts to spend hrlstmas with relatives. . • : Walter Heard, man«ger of the Hotel Noble, went to hk home in Newport, Ark., today wlwre lie will •ipcnd three .months because of lli eiilth. Russell Yates, of p.uago'uld. who was with the hotel here'sev-' crai years ago and who has: been assistant manager al (he Jones- )oro hotel, has assumed li!s nosi- tion. . , .'•„'.' ' Jlinmic Tiptoh. who attends the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, will airlve Salurday for the Christmas vacation. , - - ' V ; : ' t Miss Mabel McKay iveiit lo St Louis today to bo with her mother' who is quite ill at uio Bnn\s$ has- pltal. Her condition Is about the' same. , • - , • •:•;•. M. Pitzslnimons iiltcntjcd to bus-* Iness In Ha.lls, Tenn., today. Mrs, Floyd White and Sons ar<! in Memphb today. . Mrs. W. S. Langdon and Mrs Alexander siient ycsterds* T\Mc' • ••**% Declarer from Dummy Hanc| Solution to Previous Conkact Problem BY WM. E. McKtNNtV Sccrttiry, American Bridge Leafue Here's a hand chess players mill to like. I received II' 1 from Harry C. Wallln of Janes-1 vine, WIs. He describes it as a "gambit block," imd ll is n very nice defensive blocking play. in response lo West's double. East elects to bid 'his"four-tan! heart suit.- Wcsl's opening ot Ui'e ace of lieqrte Is unfortunate, ps i(. sels up three heart trick* In dummy* When West shifts to the queen of clubs on the second trick. South wins with the ace and now tisi has to try and get Inlo dummy as lie has three good heart tricks So he leads the jack of spades, East refuses to win and declarer's 4QJ106 V A1 54 AK75 V10862 • J 1063 +'37 • A 7 5 ' ' + AKS 5,. •' Duplicate—N; : aai!'S.vul. West .\qrtti, Eii*t naubls Pass 2 y 3* Pass . 34.' Pass A P»ss Pass Pass Opening Jead—V A, 10 Today's Contract South Is playing tlio c'tin- tract at four Ueurts. \Vept opens a (rump. How should •declarer proceed w|()i the Play to tike advantage of tills opening lead? ' V A 5 « K J 4 3 8 * A 10 715 + QJ108 *Q87 VKfl 10943 48 4 A S 2 Solut|ou la next Issue. lu jyE6NE'SMY,v'bECEMBER''- Osceola Socjety-T-Personal Hisses HoieriL'j'oole, Lorene Buch- and entertained ' ... x qffere;<i<;,yj K ;r Good Obituary Notice* MT. CARMEL, Pa. (UP) _:fo . ', Peril) Kcmble, publisher of lh c Carniel Ileih, employed- «i method in' driving home. a ,,„,„, Printed on the first "page of his newspaper was the following- >;' "Notice; to Subscribers: ^ If ymi - — I- T —T-* "* m , • *T»U1 11, l\\, s Joyce TompUns held among the glrla and MIK ler Tompkins among the boys, cllnt C»ld,well held low score. At a mating 31 the home of Miss .-r T- ~/ w.,. iw , ,,, v Jittt^ft, fallen arches, cramps, corns bunions,-chilblains, epilepsy and l jaun- ; dice or delirium ti-emcns, it Is n' slan lhat you arc not ' „-. .--T,» f v% , M^I. tt\f\f »ciy ULII WJty not; pay your Item subscrfp jToole as secretary, and treaurcr. committtc chairmen are: membership, Martha Ray; program, Olive Aiwerwu; socUl, iJarene Buchanan' personal servic*, Mary Cox, Mrs. John Lanc^ k Y. w. A. couruselor. the.'ten of spades with the king !",„ ,™ the declarer would (hen have been "?*.!* M? m . able to.get into dummy wWi thel" CK ' tri * wammate, sufleract a queen, to discard tlie l«-o losin" ' om P° ul "l ar m fracture when a diamonds and a club o» the J t use " ln maldn g repairs to the Baseball Player Saved Pal PARIS, Mo. (UP>—Earl Hohimer, baseball ,p!»yer, lowered himself 65 ' ' Into a well to save a kam- „. Russell Patrick, the teammate, sufTer«ct a diamonds and a club :iearts, thereby making his con• tract. '(Copyright, 1934, NEA Service, Inc.) Hospital Notes Admitted to the Biyiheville hospital:-,Mrs. A. L. Puckett, Steele, Mo.; dismissed: Mrs. B. L, F»rmei Manila. ' in Memphis. Mrs. H. Hlghfill, Mrs. Marvin Robinson and Or. 'Edna in Memphis loday. Mr. and Mrs. W. Leon smith w ero hi Memphis yesterday. 'Mr. and Mrs. B. N.'witsoti are altcnding to business In Little Rock today. Miss Margaret Moffitt, ,—" ••* — -(J"'*-'. i'iUUUl,, \^-^ been quite ill,.Is better todav is at her home. In Luxor* who. lias ,She cake to Hie. 16 guests \- ' • ' • '•tons t.ntnUm ' tittle. TSrothtrs " ' U ' c BrclllCf " <*•>* of the locni ii had, SX£ iK'? 3 t* 5 chose " lo |! «'P t icm celebral« the Yulefldc A Jw»«y dinner m, sencd al irtW N "h C Wh " c lho *» '•" with their "big brothers" u was annfonnai affair prcsldca o ' elected presi- tor tiis meelmg Each TO- ,celved a gift and a iayo r «/ a «ult and Cannes Bwn. -< Mr, aftd Mrs. jerry Heam a * -tW birth - of a dSjghl >(. {he family rcsWcuc- ' t 4 « ^ CI«b, h mem- Coulract club menu w> • « , orn>lsll«(oe and red , a M l of ash'irajs.' . f , * ' Ltmwet Wu ,ut S COU^ ejfrt.lo;. Mrs \ , --.w..^. , MV , , (^1,100 IMrtl^ "ndcrs and Leonard Pruett, both f Huflinan, by the Rev. T R hephcrd; Miss Dorothy Brock- njn and Joseph L. Young Jr •oth of Meinpjils, by the Kcv Al•ed Carpenter, pastor of. tlio First nptist church; Miss Floriiic bal- s and Vernon Duller, both of omalo; Mls« Edna Pajc nnd nines \v. Dnijiimonds, bolh of lythevillc, by ' tho Rev. J T enfro, pastor of the Second Baj>-' 1st church; Mtss Ruthio Lee Aln. of Roscland, and Jott Shod- cr, of Manila; Miss Rcna Barnes "tl Clcddie Crolts, botli ot Ely. icvillc, by llic Rev. T. R. shepherd. rresbyttrian Auxiliary Mcels. Mrs. F. B. Joyncr led .the deTO- 'lonal using the second chapter o[ Matthew as her theme, at the rcgu- ar meeting ot the Woman's Auv »ary of the Plrsl Presbyterian •niu-ch Monday afternoon m tlic JlJUrch. The devotional was closed •will the singing of "Silent Nighl," "Thc Christmas Angel TUkcs Charge" was llic topic of Ihe program, given, in the form of lableaus Hou ?e, La. deplcllng scenes in the homes of Miss aged minlslers and Jay workers iti the church at Christmas- lime, and stressed the responsibility of the church to thcs cscmnls. A. box of liousehold necessities for Caddo valley Academy wa £ assembled, in-' eluding girts. . Diirlng tho social hour Mrs. w. II. Easley. who will soon move lo Clarkton, Mo., was showered with handkerchiefs, by the members of the Auxiliary. Finns were discussed for Hie presentation of'the annual Christmas Pageant, which will be given nt the pmu-ch Sunday afternoon, Deccm- bsr -a 'nils play was wr Ulcn by Mrs. Sluart H. Salmon sr., and presents a parallel of the lives of Die present day ministers to the life of Christ. MISS Rosa M. Hardy has gone lo ner home iu Gates, Tenn to si»nd the holidays. . Miss Amy L. Bailey is s,p"ndnw the Christmas vacation in Baton Read Courier Newp Want AcJs. Merry Christinas To All Por years past we, iiko many of our frlcnds> have, spent Quite n bit ..each Christmas sending out greetings. This year wo have decided to sny through this paper to nil our friends and acquaintances, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, and Ihu Blessings of lha Father be^ yours in'1935. The amount we would spend (or greeting cards we will give to the Goodfcltows to the end that some needy fnmliy may have a Merry Olirlstmiis. Mr. .mi Mrs. G , Wt Barham. , Bassctt lelt yester day for conwiiy, where she «!fl spend two weeks vacation Mrs. Marvin • Robinson has re GIVE A Butom Sororities lo Stage • Shew COLXIMBfA, Mo.' IUP) — Ten Ifntversity of Missouri sororities ft'iII stage a Christmas doll show Among.fairy tale scenes that, will DO depicted arc "Alice in Wond'cV- laml. 1 :- "Peter ran," 'The S!e«pmg next play te-tho'leii of spades, ^ ntl ';\ Pctcr ran ." "The, S!e«ping and Iicre Is where East makes his Bcftllt y' "Cinderella," "Tlio -.Four nice gambit block. He refuses ta'' ulcver Brothers" and "Snow-while win the ten of spade's, deliberately " n «'«ose-red.": . . win the ten of spades, deliberately sacrificing ,.trio king of spades, But even .though declarer can lead Ine ace and pick up the king, you' can see that he-still Is forced !o lose two diamonds and two clubs which, with the heart ace,"defeats the contract two tricks. If East won either the, jack or turned. from several days stay in Little Rock as guest, of Mr, and """ ' Weinman. She was by .Mrs. \v. Lcbh Mrs. John F iccompinled ,„ ______ „. 1Arull famith and children who ucnt to Pine Bluff for (he uwkend «uii lelatues Audley BIythe and Bomla Sa\n and Bobble Goodrich nnd ?, 'I s , Br °K d011 spent yesterdat m Memphis TO Cl7ASS|FY '*•"•-•' FOR" RENT !" 3 -UNFURNISHED rooms. No children wanted. 516 Chlckasawba. ••. I9-pk-24 FOB SALE No. G ERECTOR SET with electric condition. Call 727W: 19-ck-24 JOE; p. PRIDE Certified Registered Engineer . , General Engineering, '••• .. Surveying, Mapping -Phone' 458" BIyihevlHe. Art Jack used In making repairs to the ehaft collapsed, hurtling him tnto the water. DR. N. L CISSELL GRADUATE VETERINARIAN Locate! at Bob Harris 1 • Sales Stable Phone 460 Blytheville, Ark, CLEAN CLOTHES For Christmas The holidays bring with them many social affairs, forma) and informal, that call 'for "dressing up". May we n- mind you that you have only a few clays left to have your cleaning, done? "Good Clothes Deserve Good Care" UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE Phone 171 JOAN Diilintliy nod»mi A ilan-- d«r, popufor fiufovq boou. «"», With iwwW-.ityl, fcfoc»J« (o. notch, f Un ITwr CrWII Pat O'Bi-yant Jeweler Uifls At Moderate' Prices FREE FRUIT CAKE .Wo have just fmishetl a \vonderful yciir appreciation of the fine biiajness gi> r en tis we offer otiV many friends and customers ''a Special Christmas Deal: One 81.00 Coupon Book ;jn(| Ouo l'(»«nd of Our Best Fruit Cake Both For. JLOO ('<tl)cal Lirnillo Anv OncC'iiblomcr) We Wihh Escry One of Our I ricnds • and Customers A Merr> Xmaa and A Prosperous-1935. your Grocer .or at the J BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. tese For Welcome 'Gifts PERFECT QUALITY Larkwood 'FuU Fashioned HOSE . V. • . , ' Beautifully Clear Shadow and Ring. Proof Shetr Chijfon Hose 1 $125 Every Pair in Attractive Gift Box:' So clear and perfect, they remind you of the proverbial "blue white" diamond. An achievement in perfect tone and evenness, but with no lesseniug of the famous Larkwood wearing qualities. It will take just one look to show you., how.. Larkwood's.. new. knitting methods add a new "Intrigue" to stockings, Shown in any desired shade and size. They Will Be Keceived With EnifimiasfH as Christtmus Gifts THE FAMOUS STORE JOE APPLEBAUM

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