The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY,'APRH, 19, 'J.S. Has Potent Bomber Force 400 Long-Range Craft -Would Strike Counterblow ot Any Enemy »y William K. McMf namln <Unll«l Press Slaff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. April 19 ,up'_ • small but potent force of •100 onir ranse bombers would strike the first counter-blow at any enemy • Hacking the United stales The bombers are In the strategic • lr command under Gen. Georec Kenney. veterni, of the pacific H V-r* ploncci ' '" »ir warfare, irter him are 5000 officers nn^t »0,000 enlisted men "'" Le!s nnrt The task of Ihls'force Is: 1. To coiuhift lone range oper- iiions in any ,,,,,.( of , h( , W01 . 1(J 2. To prepare combnl units cap- ible of intense and sustained operations in all parts of the world X. To prepare its crews for "global" bombardment operations." Air Secretary \v. Stuart Syming- has proposed increasing Uiis Ex-Butcher Who Came to U.S. 36 Years Ago \Assault-to-Kill Leams 'In This Country Anything Can Happen' \Charge Filed t '"""'""" «f~ '™ v ™«V 3 -.-«<--- I - "* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIKR NEWS In Luxora Case Formal clmrge.v of assault with Intent lo kill were filed loriav against o. c. Tedder of 'l.uxora Airport News Although unfnvnrnble flying C (in- rtillons urc.viiilcd early, wee):, Hie weal tier Improved and flluH ncilvlly at the Municipal Airport wns stepped up dining the rcmnhi- ilcr of the week. ' ' PAGB THBCT aviation enlhuMasti will be hosU at the new Municipal Airport there. On Ihe cross-country list liut .week were: C. V. Sebnugh, who with i ! I'oinmy Tinker and Monroe Cram, ! Hew 10 Muscle 8ho*la, Ala., In his I Navion; Ernest Halsell, who fie*' lo l,tuio Roclc In his Bonanza; Harold Sudbiiry, who leU today for Qiilticy, Hi., In hl.i Bullxncn. . .. -" .-••--, v, unbuilt, f».-rtirti.n]iiii vim mnxu UK unrtt • fttl " Mrs. Wade O. Hoeves ,, V 0 ™* county jull on urenkfiisl (light when members Mv I !ll ' w to Jneksou. Tenn., Saturday """'•"-'•" - • - • '(uid stnyetl at Hmnboldt tlmt night. 'I'hcy joined BPPA members Sunday ; morning at Jnckson and returned with them on (he breakfast flight, i ' The Blyllicvllle PiK-nlo Fil Axsooiiitlon will maki, Us mini " '""* "" et **- : ' l ° » tenlftll blng of J. w. Cady, l.nxora High School principal, last Monday. ! The rharges were filed b v Myron Nallllng of Osceola, deputy prose- cnliiig attorney for South Mtssls- sl|i|)t C'ottiilv. Pd. Cook. Divtlicvllle Sunday, when Oscro!» By NBA Service LANGELOTH, Pa. (NEA)—Ous the Greek was wearing an old grey .sweater, his shirt was Helens and his pants baggy when he parked before the Citizens National Bank in nearby Washington, Pa. [best understood loeal condition; and the people uf Langcloth would rather have Gus for a landloid than some outsider. i '.The company was very interos'- 1 ed in this lown," Gus says. -They know I'll take cnre ot coiuinuiiiiv force under a 70-Rro,,p proei, •"groups or about 030 planes fraln'in S-A-C- Is seldom idle to s "P erf "'(ress bombers of the At the moment, he didn't even | affair*. They like me too" have a nickle in his poeket for the i GUS knows Langelo'th parking meter. I He runs Its general store where Bin when he walked out he had he does an annual business of just borrowed »200,COO and bought $450,000 in everything fron a town. ral." He pot $200,000— the largest siu- Rle loan the bank ever advnncc.l in an individual. "Then I went bn^k to Now York mill lold them wlmi I Imd. They tiUk. Now 1 the people feel good." Gus told the people of Lancelot)! tlmt n-nts will have to be raised HIK) water rates set. but the town will lie openued for the Rood of every one. The company ' European mission Kefl .... .„ ^ leldbrnck, German^ "' 30 planes In on such to Europe now. Some Superiorly flj from Germany ™ y J*,?.£« , G «°- W. 'Labrador' •to Fmsten- A full group And here in Langclolh, the tu- '• the pork chop end of the busings V «l°«s, charged nothing for hire for everyone began to look ; best-he started out in the "lore' is "' ftnd " S " lUp as W » " lonth briBlilcr, because Gas the Greek- s. butcher, became manage,- and ti- Giis Baibnsh who arrived in the nally owner ^."h^^VnV,^!. Hf alSO ""••" ' "™ s "— new lease on life. lAiigeloth is the company town of Aineriean Zinc and Chemical near Florence, Pa., and a hotel at BtivgeH.siown. A few weeks ago, when he go-. , Co.. which is closing its mill anil lhe ulea of b »5'i"R LaiiReloth. abandoning the community. welu lo Nevv Yolk 'o talk to offi- For a reported price of $500,000— cia ' s °" American Metals, Inc., par- ihe lowest among six bidders—tlii> company is turning over to Gus its title to 621 houses ranging from .agging shanties lo a 15-rooni man- mission {sion. a church, a community hall. Ain T, Alps ItRiyand the Medit over "tha terranean , 11 - h .' aran, faalldi Arabia. On ihe other side of the glob» they fly to vokota base near Tokyo Japan, hy way of Hawaii and Guam water works, -. a sportsmen's clubhouse, a Boy Scout hut and a park. The company finally accepted Gus' bid because it. decided that he cnt corporation of ihe zinc com pn»y. "They ask how much money 1 have. Say 'you have lo go home' when t tell them how much I can They say 'gel, in better shape to talk.' "So I see banker at home. Went lo Washington with sweater, no tie, look like I don't have enough to for a ,'onr-inom house. "My plnn is to run good lown." Gus says, "improve church nnil community house, Uoy Scouts, Make brill diamond. MX park. "I don't, uniit lo make very nuic.1. 1 \\an'. some place to spend it ior Uncle Sam." Gus is also looking for an Industry lo (ill the void left by Ihe zinc company. An airplane company, a toy factory and a wire mlH have, < xprciscd interest in LuiiBclotli*c industrial plant. Hopes are higher today than any time MIIWJ the company deckled to move out. As for Gus; "Never Ihoiight I could own a Unvn. But in this country, anything can happen." 35 years. Now In his fifties, Brown recently wns bothered by coupling allncks. Hi! enlereo" a Syracuse hospiui, pctrlllvd wood, the slw of » pe.i, frofn Ins limit. Drown recalled that R chip Hew into his month when he was chopping wood one day at the nue ol 1(5. He told his parents, hut since It didn't bother him. nothing wa.i (lone nboul It. H was believed to bi> o Serve! on Destroyer Albert C. Frakes, fireman appren- in the u. S. Navy, son of Mr. dron of 10 B-29's. The flight., to Hawaii are made by single planes or up to three planes. The S-A-C consists of two major air forces and several smaller commands with bases scattered throughout the .United states. 37 BlytheYille Filers Make Trip to Jackson Thirty-one members ot the Dly- "*"_! ™!_I1_"*"'^ j theville Private Fliers Association, their families and guests flew to Roger M. Ramey has l(s head- [ Jackson. Tenn., yesterday on a quarters at Walker Field. Tex. The I breakfast flight. Fifteenth Air Force under Maj.j Members of the Jackson pilots -PK E-- *,»u . - -—•-—• jus jicHuquariers at Ar Jl he Eighth Air Force under Gcn.|Mcl., near Washington. Gen. Leon W. Johnson heads up at' • Smoky Hill, Kan. Gen. Kenney has, Bl >' tllevl 'le his headquarters at Andrews Field,! s " vcd ns hosts and met the there. The group \vfia served breakfast at a cafe in downtown Jackson nnd ihcn luken on a tour ot the city by the host club. The trip wns made In 12 planes. It was the second breakfast flight made by tile IJPFA. A third will be made 'to Osceoln Sunday. The Jackson pilots club was invited by the BPFA to make a break- Rtlorney, will represent Tedder, Mr. where i\ surgeon removed « piece cit Naming said. Mr. N»lllln B also said he and Mr. Cook will confer soon and set a date for a prelimlnarv hearing fol- Tedder. Tedder surrendered to Deputy Sheriff Herman Spli-er of I.iixoiii last Monday afternoon, admitting lie had Just stabbed Mr. Curty. The wounded man wa s Irwucri at WulK llosptlnl and dismissed two da'/, later. Tedder stabbed (lie school official four times with »n | C e pick He had become angered because Mr Gaily sent his children home from school when it was believed thev had a contagious skin ailment. Chip in Lung 35 Year j Yields to Surgery SYflACUSK. N. Y. <UE>> - Roy Drown. .Antwerp farmer. Is rtolnj! his chores llicse dnys wlllium the wood chip which he apparently carried around In his left lung for You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop j Feminine Apparel • el Hafrmi .Jessie Si'lle ' Hotel Noble Hldg. I Jilylheville, Ark. ! ~ "•"-• m\ i. nit i •••••- f " ei ' s nt lhe airport! here fast flight to the Municipal Ride in Safety With Norwalk 5 Ply Tires SPECIAL! A plus tax. S.OO-lti Let's ftl dn» safety is a major factor In a lire and Norwalk 5-ply (Ires are 25% safer than ordinary 1-ply tires. Obviously that extra ply. thai extra Zj% of slurd.v tread ruhhcr is joinjr to jive you ind your family 5ir;<lrr safety. Deeper treads grip sharp curves and slippery roads more securely . . . extra rubber and fabric reduce dangers and delays from punctures and blowouts. For safety . . . and economy . . . the answer is Xorwalk 5-ply tires. See them today 1 100 level Tire at fl2.»5 0. K. Rubber Welders R. H. Godsey North Sixth Street Phone 3762 Mo., has arrived in Europe aboard the destroyer USS William R. Hush, the navy disclosed lodny. The Rush has joined the Northern European Task Force of Admiral L. Conolly, Commsnder-in-Chief ol the U. S. Naval Forces, in Eastern Atlantic and-Mediterranean area. Engine power to orive airplanes nt n speed ot 14(10 miles nn hour, approximately twice the speed ol sound, will be available In six years. A new electronic calculator hns a "memory" capacity of 400,000 rtifiils. Vets Burn Communist Paamphlets . It Not Only Smokes-It Spits Too! >;No need lo wnri-.v when MM,,- car acts real ornery! ,I»sl rlrive in here and «a( c h us leach .vour CKr K rM)d l«- havior. We'll service i t from bumper In bumper iiuickly, oxpcrlly. Drive int SHELTON MOTOR 119 West Ash St. COMPAN; Phone 4438 Velernns of Foreign Wars and Catholic War Vclcrniw down an, burn Communist books nnd pamphlets grabbed from a table in a Rochester. New York, hall where nboul ICO veterans broke up a Conim.iiUsi Party meeting. Violence was kept to .scuffling as police prelected ahmit 60 sinkers, i.artj- aulos. »,-.,[ a .... 1L1 ,i:e members as ihey left the Halt amid jeers from hecklers. (NEA Telcphoto.) FLYIN'S FUN bv I L I 111 J I Uil Uf YAP.BROUGH \V« want our students lo feel a( ease here al lilylheville«r Sccvice. Ma'am, and you'll be ri s h| at home flying from the back seal. Trnnslonl pilots who lauded licic diirliiB last week included I lie fo:- iowlns: I'ulriclc Murpliy and W. ' II. Oiivlilson of Tulsn, Okla,, Er- ; roupe; n. J. Knimii o( Cajw Cllrni'- • ocau. Pii>cr Cruiser; Mrs. Goldlu Wlilllcd of Wnlnia Ridge, and W. A. Maitlu of Duffulo, N. Y., I'T-M; Murvln Kyitor of Columbus, O., 140, Sjh'Kii l>. Wnrlr,. Poc! alioniiu, Uir.cnmlx*; Knrl I). Frauics ! ol Uytn.sbmg. Tenn., Kvroupe; Cy Shobe of Memphis, Bonani.. W C, Miller of Memphir; j o'vin' Horn of O*kvllle, Tenn.; O. D,'RU»sell of Memphis, piper Vagabond; Maurice Dod»on of P»<Juc«h, Ky Piper Oiuber; D. A. Skinner of Memphis, Sliiwon; A. W. Hun»!ter or dsceola, Piper Cruiser; Ja- llan Prade Jr. of D»lln, T«xa», L.uscoml>c Silvalre; Don Horn 'at Memplils, Luscombe, Mr »•««« «ttr*« «i MONTH!, FEMALE COMPUINTS Are you troubled tjj dt«ire*i of ifjnnle functional periodic dtitiirb- anre.t? Do*-* Hits make you tutTfrf from'pain, frcl no iieti'Ous, tired— H nuch tiinoA? 'i'tien no Ity LydU K. I'lnkDiini's V^Rouhle Compound to relUiVe •iirh BymiHomB, IMiikhxm'B has A Krantt Baotliln^' elTccl on one D/ woman's most iinj>or(uri( organ*l lONE'S Beauty Shop II! North 2nd St. OPKN RVKNiNCS bT APPOINTMENT Oprrators: Faynn Purtrr Marie Mrl.rnH Kurtrrf IMitdrrrl Burnett Plume JI.1Z . 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