The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 9
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THURSDAY, .MARCH 18, • J987 It Is First Cliche for Easier Bui |j).le,.Cosl Is Likely to BeHHigh BV MiiS. GAVNoft MAUDOX N'EA Seri'ce S(a.rT Writer Over a' field of yellow daffodils, linen as white as' snow, baby lambs gambol with 1 succulent glee. For your Easter dinner (here's nothing more delicate. Not just ipiing lamb, remember, but BABY spring lamb. ;' :••; ft's prclly scarce because it's so popular, so be sure, you can trust your bulcher. Otherwise he may Daffodil Gake For Easter Dinner ' Kasler Menu •BREAKFAST: Grapefruit and orange in grapefruit' shells, omelet with garden herbs, grilled bacon, pop-overs, jam, coffee, milk. DINNER: (For Easier)— Fish canape, clear green turllc soup, roasl baby spring lamb, -roasted new polatoes, gravy, fresh asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, new peas, dandelion ' salad, French dressing, strawberry shortcake, coffee, milk. SUPPER: Cream of asparagus in cups, molded cream cheese salad with tomatoes, hot biscuits. a,,pie jelly, chocolate Iirownies, tea, milk. Just daffodil at hejil. tins inmmg cakt of sponge mikes tl TngU (ood lijers wilii a pineapple' perfecl nmwir lo (he Easter ilhilicr dessert question try lo sell you spring lamb, good in its own way, but not the same as baby lamb. Be firm in the cause of 'astounding tenderness. A whole baby lamb will not weigh more lhan 20 lo 22 pounds. nnd one leg will weisjli about four pounds. These are from lambkins Jiot more limn 5 lo 6 weeks old, and being scaric ;it Easter time, and also one of the most delectable of the spring's blessings, cost plenty. But remember, every mouthful ( will convince you that . at any price. . "A Kulngy of. Iamb Odd._as 'it iiiay seem, a ruddy stern looking restauraiiteiir in New York is probably Ihe all- American expert on baby, lamb. Billy the Oyster Man. speaks with emotion. "This dish outshines all others for Easier popularity' The shoulder ufi baby lamb is delicious, but. becmjse it has a great deal of bone, perhaps you'd better use the leg for your family. For a family of from G to 8," he rays, "I'd advise a' brace o( baby lamb legs. Thai's not too much, because .there is some shrinking in cooking." Hi.? subject gentle, his manner brisk, he continues: "There is only one way to cook it and that' is to roast it in the pan Surround, it with new potatoes (new ones from Cuba are in the market). I myself don't mind seeing a htlle pink in thc meat to prove it is not. too thoroughly cooked, but some people object lo this, so the state of "'done-ness' will depend on the taste of yom- family." Koast I.e«r D f Genuine Baby Lamb _ (0 lo 8 servings) Two 4-pomul legs of baby Jamb. 1 carrot. 1 onion, salt, pepper'. Season legs, which usually conic with a wrapping of suet around them, place in roasting pan with small quantity of water, carrot and onion, and of course thc new , potatoes. The carrot and onion " take away :the nalural wild flavor and they add flavor lo the gravy. K you prefer, they can be removed titter the lamb Is cooked. Place lamb In hot oven (375 to •100 degrees F.) and cook one Jiour, hasting well and turning every 15 minules. Remove lamb and potatoes, place roasting pan There is something new under l)ic Easter sun. it's a daffodil Jake, made of a layer of sponge and n )aj er of angel food plus 'the spotlight of pineapple flowers. So roll up your sleeves. 1'incapplb Uaffodil Cake Bottom layer—1 cup cake flour, whites (8 eggs), ',4 leaspoon salt I teaspoon cream of tarlar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Sift flour once, measure, ad( «• leaspoon cream larlar and the salt, then sift •! times. Bent eg, whites with flat wire whisk, un til foamy. Then add remaining — -~j~- • -,,i« «.»iti; alum, VIL iu,im.t. HUTU tiuu remaining '.. '•cups sifted sugar, 1 cup cgg teaspoon cream of larlar nnd con- Mrs. Rirby's Ice Box Cake This Week's Winning Recipe The $1 cash prize which the Courier News awards eacli week for a recipe selected for publication on goes Ihis week lo Mrs. Hairy Kirby for the lemon ice box cake recipe printed below. ° .Chocolate Cake is the subject of next week's contest. Send your favorite recipe to this newspaper at once. The winner will be printed on-this page next Thursday and Its author will receive 51. Readers-are also invited lo suggest subjects for future contests. Mrs. Kirby's winning recipe follows:,' "••. < llano beating eggs until enough to form peaks, but dry. Fold In sugnr, a little i time. Fold in flavoring. Then itlff not t a sift amount of Ilour over i ilx- LEMON ICE BOX CAKE By Mrs. Harry Kirby. 2!s d02. lady fingers 1 - cup rich milk I tablespoon butter 1 teaspoon, cornstarch \i ell]) sugar 3 eggs, separated Juice i lemon. '& .pint cream add 1 tablespoon flour """J. l ? .."«'• Strain gravy . in separate hot bowl on Happy Easier! From then Place cornstarchrswgar. and .egg yolks slightly beaten, milk and butter in double boiler, let .cook slowly jmtil thick and^niooth stirring constantly, .add lemon •juicc'-'und while still warm fold in egg whites stiffly beaten. Cover bottom and sides of mould rounded sides toward pan, with lady fingers, close together. Four in layer of filling, then of lady fingers until mould i.r full. Place : In ice box 24 hours. Serve'with whipped cream. Here Are New Ways Clever Cooks Have Found to Prepare Them Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, eggs in their shells, boiled to suit individual tastes- -these are commonplace when compared to ths tricky ways clever. cooks have found to prepare this favorite breakfast fare. No wonder we find eggs first choice for Easter morning. Sliirred Eggs, Swiss Style 6 large eggs" ; 6 tablespoons top cream : . Vi cup finely chopped' Swiss cheese • " . . Salt, papper. Break the .eggs Into greased shirred egg dishes or. deep fireproof saucers, pour In the top cream. Sprinkle over the cheese. Dust sparingly with salt and plentifully with pepper. . Place in a moderately hot oven and bake until the eggs ' 2 tablespoons shortening, 4 tablespoons stewed sweetened red plums Confectioners' sugar. Beat the egg yolks until thick and lemon colored. Add the sugar and salt and continue beatin^ until smooth. Beat the egg whites until stiff. Add ths water nnd combine the e^g-yolk' mixture. Melt and heat the shortening in a large omelet paii, but don't brown Place the egg mixture in thc pan and place over Jow haat until the edges begin to set. Place In a moderate oven and bake until firm to the touch. Remove from the oven and spread half ihc omelet with fruit. Fold togelher carefully and lurn onto a hot platter. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar and serve at once. Poached Many Tried, Few Cunvfclcd ALBUQUERQUE. N. M! (UP)Although 137 persons were tried or murder In New Mexico during ' ™l,7 I * vvcrc con victcd and ; i ^UIM^H siigc ..-mencM and no death penalties ' 1-8 teaspoon salt were imposed, a sun-ey by the Bu- ; 4 egg' whites, beaten sti'lT r-a« of Census reveals. ' ) 4 tablespoons water are set. Allow 'from 10 to 12 minutes. • ' - . . .; Plum Omelet egg yolks, /beaten • 1 tablespoon- sugar PRESERVE YOUR FOOD witKELEGTRIGITY It's CONSTANT - CONVENIENT HEALTHFUL - ECONOMICAL ?'- SAFE - - See Your Dealer or .' Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "nEPENDAIJlE LOW-COST'ELECTRIC SEnviCE" .' Fill shallow pan with water- let it come to boiling point and 'salt slightly, TO keep eggs from spreading use muffin rings or a poacher Grcjisc- the Inside of rings and place them in boiling water Break eggs and slip one into each compartment. Cook slowly; keeping water below the boiling point. Remove eggs \v!th skimmer and serve on hot biitlered toast with crisp bacon curls on the side ture and fold in carefully; iutd mere flour a mile at a time until all is used. Turn Inlo la"er cake pan, 9 by 2 Inches. Hake 1 hour In slow oven (300 degrees F.) , For Yellow I^iyer ' Top layer—Hi cups cake Hour, Hi teaspoons taking powder,'- ii leaspoon salt, l cup pitis 2 ica- spoons sifted sugnr, 9 egg yolks, 1 tanspoon. Icnioi! extract, 0 tnblc- spcons cold \yaler. Sift flour, Iheii measure, nm baking powder and salt, sl(t lo'- aeiher 3 times. Add sugar: gradually to well beaten egg yolks >M.ti«t with lotavy beater after each addition of sugar until thick incl light. Fold In flour, h little it a time, ailrt blend. Add flavor. then cold wnt_er gradually, nixing only enough to blend. Turn Into layer cake pan 9 by 2 Inches. Bake in slow oven (300 degrees F.) one hour. • Use"eggs which h"ave teeiKoiitof 'he refrigerator for several hours Grease only the" bottom of the cake pans, line bottom with wax lapcr,; Allow -cakes lo cool In pans do not Invert. L Pineapple Filling One cup syrup ; from can | of pineapple, H. cup sugar, 2 tablespoons - flour, 2 tablespoons cornstarch. 1 tablespoon butter. 1 egg yplk, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, I cup crushed pineapple. Combine sugnr, flour, conistnrch. Add pinenpplc syrup. Cook over hot water 20 minutes. Stir until it thickens. Add butter and lemon juice. Remove from heat, (lien 'old In esg yolk. Cool. Fold tn crushed pineapple (drained). Cool. T'-rni spread between layers ol cake. " ' ^ Pineapple Daffodil Icing Two egg whites. 3-4 teaspoon cream tartar. i'.4 cups siftM cr>"- (ectioner's sugar, 1 ' leaspoon vanilla. ' Beat Is <i Fav- orilc. for Easier Sunday Dinner whites until foamy, add cream of tartar. Continue Iwatin" unlil dry and stiff, then add s\i"ar, 2 tablespoons at a time. Continue beating until all sugar is 'i^ed. Add more sugar if you want a stlffcr icing. Wedges of sliced pineapple make the decorative daffodils with a spot of green candy or frosting in the cenler. Fresh grated co- •:oant dropped lightly ovcr the moist Icing is just one more way ".f savin? Happy Easter to all cake lovers. I'arl of West Still Wild SALT LAKE CITY (UP)—Anyone who believes the Old West with Its wildcats, mountain lions, bears and wolves, is dead, needs only to check an annual census report Issued by Wasatch National Forest supervisor. The rc|>ort lists a total of 86 bears. 09 mountain lions and 425 wildcat*. FANCY 'At , Reasonable Prices .We handle the best money can buy. Try our home made Chicken Salad, cole slaw, pimento cheese, and Baked hams. Free Delivery^ ' ; . Phone 184 NABERS & NABERS GROCERY For some culinary reason ' hani seems lo be nm choice In planning Easier munis. Its clean, fine llavor and the variety of ways tn which u ,mny lie prepared. np|wal lo good cooks. Then, too. It combines perfectly, with spring vegetables and completes a perfect ihcnl. Hakcd Wliota Ham Place a 12 lo 14 pound hiim with 2 CIIJB of wafer in n covered roaster and bake In a moderate oven, allowing 21 minules'.to the pound', For .small or hnlf hams allow 25 minutes to thc pound. Skin, score nnd dot wilh whole cloves nn:l chopped candled cherries. Baste «;ltli melted apple Jelly and brown In a hot oven for 20 minutes. Wlml Ham irllli Apricots 1 slice raw ham !'/ cup cooked dried nprlcot pulp 1-4 cup brown sugar 1 cup wutcr In which apricots were cooked 1-8 teaspoon cloves 1 lablespaon butter. Have the ham cut about l Inch thick. Broivn lightly on both sides hi a hot frying pan nnd place In a baking dish. Sprciul with nprlcot pulp mixed with cloves and add water. Cover and place Jn n cold oven mull ready to bnke. Unkc In a moderate oven lor Hi hours. Uncover (luring last half hour of bnk- Ifam & Cornlireail Shmicake 3-4 Clip floui 4 teaspoons baking powder 2, tablespoons sugar ' " . 1 teaspoon salt 1!= cups corn meal I'.u cups nillk v l egg. beaten' No ^Love'sLaboi- Lost" in Teaching Children to Cook S r^'&i: rSK*!!f« «». .»<»> -liny beat- (liiiibt it ask members or U1K younger generation who nre HOW Ilidr run where they (hut Hi« kitchen. Crowding the •o.d hands" off Oic. fvonl puces wllh their skill m,(t enjoyment of His- micli'iu ail of cookery, youngsters arc demoiislnitlng ibci'- HU'U. 11)' to do more (him "mess around" wllh pols and pans, us tncy (urn »nt prize dishes and delectable meals for the enjoyment of their families. Once allowed lo mix tin n rvi t nl. ..r r.. .1 I . «• batch or , as a great In- , ea ducemenl to quiet In the house on ToX'i" 85 ' 1 llu>rc '""a niul lnss l« 19J7 have proven they can turn out some honest to goodness re- suits — .,-„ , ,~ ,: ™ •- i 'itnii. ^uv oimigc i W let them show, diamonds und tustcl at they cnn do. ^nlple^CTcHSH aic girls of six | 0 i, ve |,. e W |, m | n i lirlws as cookery experts, but the Doyji too, (v~ - r • '» (;l '<'« lix \vcll,.-|) 0 iir Into par- fall glasses, or tall stemmed I'lass- t's nnd chill. •. ,. lloMcii linked Hani i Hoys n re Good at This!) I tolled or precooked hum 4 oranges 1 cup brown ,sii|fnr Cloves •Hake ham in covered baking imn containing 2 cups water, 20 minutes per pound In slow oven (325 degrees P.). Their skin ham. slice j Morlda oranges nnd extract Jucc from olhof two, Mix enough juice wllh blown sugar lo make n thick paste and spread 'over (he "~" 1 .'_. C , ul ' or . nl ]Bi! pro! Inlo .small on liam * ««<»'•> IIJMI jii.-iuvi ineui on liam will) a clove on cnch side. Place wngc. i.v over Hie home «t • the kltcheii oi'nnec w» Jta 11111 Pic li Honcially a fnvoilte. Hcie me. some leelpcs that »nren&ji]o >ou lo scne a favorite sweet and still be in the mood of spilngtlmc I'liif.iPlilc iMcrlneue Vie 5> 3 cups unsweetened plneappio Julco ; ~' , 2 cups sugar '*£ '< cup lemon Juice grated rjiul of 2 lemons ^C 1 tablespoon melted bultei 9™' , •I tablespoons coinslaich S 1-8 leaspoon snlt * 4 egg yolks »*.- •t egg while? for meringue S" naked 10-tnch pie shell - *• MK together Ihe .sugar,, coin-" stiiich, pineapple Juice, • lemon Juice nnd salt In Ihe lop of$'n .-..«,„ iinm, jjoiir double boiler Place over boiling plunge Juice and wntci and cool^ 'unlll thick and In hot oken (400 clenr-nboul 20 minutes Stir nc- Baste fluently. Add the . mtxlure slowly llptltlv tn tho u.nll l*.. n >.*..' ..-,,-_ 3.. mn • "e B ° * f ' C<1TO " lly U1C wcl1 egg , oiks m Let (he children c'r-vrinn i tnc ">. ^olh boys and girls) bikcd r ;:«? -V US ^ ] ^ c ^^°'^ «'• •%*. -.- blended nnd, Ihe double boller.'Cook until «Jv-, „ _..,, tine thickens and nom Into rim >•) tbolh boys and «Ms> hiked pic shell Allow lo cook Ullrh nf pv/inmt, ,i/>,,,>nl.i ,.1[.-,.ii.. *.uui*. off. or course, wllh .simple. And (tat mle of aTl-ieach .hem lo leave the kitchen In ' Bcoa oiilcr us they found 'H l ,....." ll !" B . '.'" "flerwimls" Is (he rule of the game, nnd Good sports at lollow- f when they know Ihe So give them u c I r chance „ , , tc " t „ " ""' li nnd delicious, i! cups brown sugar 1 cup while sugnr • 2 tablespoons dark •li c«l> milk ;.;. 2 labje-spoons niellcit bullci "i teastiobn salt ' 1 teasixion vnnllln H cup chopped nuts. Combine sugars, kuro- nnd milk ciicournge- h, sniiccpm, nmi' cook nrt - vo '»' ""lu lablespoons melted shortening, Sift together Hour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Add corn meal and mix well. Ada'milk, bcuteii egg and melled shortening. Pour into, n greased'8-Inch sf|iiarc pall, Bake in a hot oven nbout 25 mh>' liles. split while hot Hirst ciit- llhg In about 8 pieces if desired),> butter and ..put, .togelhei .with' Orcnmcd-Hani.'--" • - : t: ': ' Creamed Ham 2 tablespoons biilter 4 tablespoons flour !-4- teaspoon sail. Small piece of bay leaf !t teaspoon onion juice 1 whole clove 2',{; cups of mil); Hi cups cooked ham. cut in 1-4 Inch cubes. Melt butter; add flour, stir until \vell blended. Add seasonings. Add milk slowly, stirring constantly until thick and smooth. Bring to n boil nnd hoil 2 minutes. Add ham 1 IMankcii Ham I>ufr Mix equal -quantities o: chopped cooked ham and mashed potalocs Season to tasle with salt and p»p- per. To each 2 cups of mixliire acid 1 egg yolk, and fold In Ihe stiffly beaten egg white, pile the ham mixture fr the center of Ihe hot plank and sprinkle generously with grated cheese. Bake In a slow oven nbout 30 minutes. Garnish with n border of hot string beans. If desired the ham nnd potato mixture in Individual puffs instead of the large 'puff. Macaroni Wilh Ham 1" cup macaroni 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoon.* flour I'.'.- cups scalded milk 2-3 cup grated cheese Salt nnd paprika 1-3 cup-chopped ham. Break macaroni Into small bits and cook in boiling salted water 12 to 15 minutes; drain and let :pld water run over macaroni lo 'ianch It. Make a sauce, using the butter, flour and milk; add cheese Itlco Muffins . (An Easy MIx-Up) 1 cup boiled rice 2 eggs .. •5 teaspoon salt »'vi-j^uj mill I'OUK Ulllil It forms it soft ball In cold water 11290 degrees P.), sllrrliig occasionally lo prevent sticking. Remove irom nrc und add bulter ami salt and cool. When cool enough to touch with fingers, add vnnllln Mat. : unlll crcnmy nnd will hold shape. Add chopped mils and put In wet imn (d cool. • 2-teaspoons sugar Heal well the rice, milk, beaicn cees. shortening. S i(t Hour SIM, " I ami powder hlio S- Bni i mty CUCU8h ' 0 -combine Bake In greased muffin pans In a ,LrV* PO ' dCErccs '- lJ '> '"'<*& minutes. 12 muffins. Stuffed Dates A <Good tor the Sweet Toolh) leinizcd dales (nll-rcudy "ptticd") this °™ 1BeAPc "" ut Stuffing mndc ftesl) Florida orange Juice 0 to* i ° 3 cup peanut butter; work In ', teaspoon 'orange peel dales, leaving n 1IUI D " ^ke'" 1110 --' 1 ' 0 SUB!lr "°^ in Itaiiana Milk Shake f°f,,i , H °'S C s «'n-FomiliH,,l 1 fully ripe banana I cup cold milk ; Slice the banana ihlo h ow ] atid faeat with „«„, cgg ^ lnn ™ electric mixer until crcamv nr Press banana through medium Add" MN? 6tr ," >Cr w ' th " ^ Add milk and mix thoroughly Serve cold. Makes 12 ounces-twb medium-size drinks. Caramel I'.irf.iil (A Natural for children) J package caramel kre-mel '•i cup cold milk • I'.-i cups hot milk 'i cup brown sugar 1 cup cream krc-mcl In cold milk hot milk and sllr untn II comes oj^boll^A t , d brown su- 001 ; as the clwrai! ls n ""t- roni , f" l< f prlka anrt "'«»in n n , "' "' r01 ' gh nnd lur » !'° ? ssrv ' n ,H <Ush. Sprinkle with the chopped ham and garnish with chopped pimento. Apricot Cocoaniit Balls l!i cups dried apricpis, giound 1 cup shredded cocoar.ut 'ft cup sweetened conitciifej milk Confpctipnsrs' sugar. ; Put apricots through a; food chopper. Mi x , v |tj, cpconj^t Moisten W.tlj.. sweetenctl I condensccl milk Drop by'spnonfuls into confectioners' sugar, shape into balls Allow ' " • •^••"f^. tn\\j uiuid Aiiu\s j »uti.u iijn^. L.UOK '.*. minui" loii"- 10 stand untUnrm. Makes 24 er or until »hltc Isr firm. Add snft- To mako_ meringue; bent Tlha Jg w'Jiltas'nnd «hcn almost stiff add 4 tablespoons powleicd -s«- Bni Wilp iinm ^ciy sllff. flic the meringue lightly on the filling and spread oyci the top with n spoon. Hake In a moclcinlq o\en until the mcilngue bs set and In own". J Crc.imj Cnttnrd I'lc f Holl 12 giaham ciackers fine, l ndd I teaspoon cinnamon, l ten- stioon lloui Vi cup melted shorl- ciilng nnd 2 Inblcspoons sugni. MK well and use to line pie plate'' Pom Into It the following filling: Cook In a double boiler, btlntng* constantly unlll ihick: 3 egg yolks, l cup cvapointcd milk diluted with 1 cup water, « ^ip' sugai ami 3 tablespoons com- ' starch Add li lenspoon vanilla, ' Bake thc pie In a wcry modeiSlc," oven foi ',(. houi, lop wllh.mei- Inguc inndc with cgg whiles [Jut 2 tablespoons sugai, sprinkle with giaham crackci ciumbi andi'bio'w'ii lightly Scive the pie cold. i, Cream fried Eges -, Kent l tablespoon bacon fat in iklllet, adil 4 eggs,"cook 1't mhi-, ules and n'dd 4 lnWespbons"ifnpa~' rnlefl' nillk. ,'Cook ',<• minute: long- Good Baking.>. Is not a matter of Luck! The secret of successful baking is good flour. The best cook cannot take inferior flour nnd get good result.?. That's why so mans- women nrc iising Shlbley's Best. Its made from the finest selected ' wheat. SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR i. •;} *y,QUR CASH GROCERY Si'KCIALa FOR FRIDAY and S^jJfyOAY LARD j5T«- _ v Comixuiml Ib. 14!c I AMR 1{0!lsl ' M'"- 29 *; Choiis,''Lb.-SOc ««( LHITID Forcnuartcr, Lb. LL WEINERS Large Size • LI). 16' VEAL CHOPS Or Roast 15' BOLOGNA Whole Stick Count! 131c SAUSAGE LI). 23 C BACON Silled Lb. 29' COCOA Old Trail 2-LI). Ro\ 17' SOAP I'eets White 7 Bars for 25c MILK 1'el or Carnation * Arc 6 Small or 3 Tall Cans fcD SUPER SUDS , 3 Sm. or 1 Lge. ['kg:. 23 C TOILET SOAP EGGS 'Fairy Fresh Country 3 Bars 14 doz. 18c OLEO Lilly feramf Lb. 18' BRAN FLAKES 0. K. PkK. CAKE FLOUR llis ' rys CRAB APPLES BANANAS Dozen 15c

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