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Five CUT SIZE OF AT ST. ELECTION AT WINTER Change Your Sewing Machine Into a Sell-Operating Electric 3 ONE OUNCE OFF NICKEL, TWO OFF TEN-CENT WHIPPLE AGAINST BRAY FOR MAYOR THE TAMPA SUNDAY TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1916 LOAVES PETERSBURG GARDEN OCTOBER LET US PROVE TO YOU BY A FREE More Sidewalks Must'Be Laid or Mail Delivery Curtailed McCall Repeats Stunt Meriman Boy Is Improving Berry Reappointed Citrus Fruit Inspector Here's a wonderful little Sewing Machine Attachment which runs the machine for you. At last you can sew without foot-pedaling; absolutely without the slightest effort. This simple little wonder-worker changes your Sewing Machine (old or new) Into an electric self-operating labor -saver. ST.

PETERSBURG, Sept. 23. (Special) The high cost of living took another jump in St. Petersburg today when the leading bakery, doing more than half the total business in the city, announced that the size of its loaves of bread had been reduced because of the high cost of flour. The five-cent loaf has been cut from twelve to eleven ounces, and the.

ten-cent loaf from twenty-four to twenty-two ounces. No further reduction is contemplated, it is stated by J. W. WINTER GARDEN, Sept. 22.

The High School opened Monday with about 300 scholars. Very appropriate exercises were held in the auditorium, addresses being made by L. W. Tilden, A. J.

Willis, Sadler, and Professor nKirton. The primary department for the coming term is in charge of Miss Getch and Miss Page; second and third grades. Miss Lelia Roper; fourth grade, Miss Annie Henderson; fifth grade, Miss Beryl McMillan; sixth grade, Miss-BCulah Roney; seventh and eighth grades, Mrs. Kirton; department of English and Latin, Miss Belle Crawford; department of music, Miss Eula Denton; mathematics and science. Professor Kirton.

The town election comes on the third of October. In the race for raav-or are W. P. Whipple- and G. B.

W. Bray. For councilmen, W. H. Reams.

W. S. Shepard, of the Eagle Bakery. This bakery sells from 5,000 to 7,000 loaves of bread a day during the top of the Find out what the Sew-K-Z means to health and comfort. Remember' you never touch the wheel; Sew-K-Z makes it run automotically right.

No broken threads; no jerks Just a silent, steady motion" which stops the Instant you remove your foot from the pedal. PIERCE ELECTRIC CO. 315 FRANKLIN ST. Distributors PHONE 3444 winter season. The cut in the size of the loaf here has been expected.

IF YOU are having kitchen troubles, the work, worry and expense of wood or oil cooking, take your 'phone and ring that magic number. It will bring you immediate relief Hundreds of housewives and husbands, too, for that matter, have called that number in the past three weeks, since we inaugurated our present Cook-With-Gas Campaign. They have not been disappointed. We are making unusually liberal inducements, in order to put gas into every Tampa home. We not only make you the lowest possible price on our ranges and at the easiest possible terms, but we take your old oil or wood stove in exchange at a liberal allowance.

Most of those we take in go to the junk-pile, but we have the satisfaction of knowing that each of these discards means a new gas user. St. Petersburg's postofflce may be swamped this winter, at the general delivery window, unless the city orders down sidewalks in the negro sec tion known as Methodisttown. Post master W. L.

Straub has notified the Bell, W. P. Vining, J. S. Thornton and city officials that carrier service from mile, 12x6 feet laterals, smaller machines will be required for more than 400 miles.

of smaller laterals which will 13. H. Roper are the candidates. For clerk and tax assessor, R. E.

Waterman is unopposed. The office of mar be dug additionally on the DEEP WATER'S ADVENT IS TO BE CELEBRATED acre tract. shal has ceased to be elective, the- council having power to hire and discharge a marsnai at its discretion. Much in terest if being shown in the race for mayor, and will likely be a very close one. A good many truckers are planting potatoes.

A carload of seed potatoes coming this week will only partly supply the demand for early seed. School opened tnis week with Miss Singleton of Punta Gorda as teacher. A large party of visitors is expected her on Sunday from Miami and Fort H. D. Berry has been reappointed cit rus fruit inspector for Orange and five MOORE HAVENITES PREPARING FOR BIG TIME the local postofflce, now maintained in that negro section, will be taken off unless sidewalks are put down.

The property owners object to putting down sidewalks and there is likelihood of the carrier being taken oft the route. This means that hundreds of negroes will get their mail at the general delivery window and further congest a place that is always crowded during the winter season. J. H. Hardwick, one of the best known winter residents of St.

Petersburg, who has been coming here for twenty-three years, each winter, has at last bought a home here. He closed a deal for the residence of J. N. Piatt on Euclid Boulevard. Mr.

Hardwick as persistently refused to buy real estate here, but now intends to live here permanently. He is an ardent fisher adjoining counties. All tests he has made so far failed to show the proper analysis for shipping, and no citrus fruit has been forwarded from here bo Myers. Considerable clearing is going tar this season. Rapidly Growing Community Asks That Tampa Jobbers Make Its Acquaintance Cecil Meriman, who was run over 'with a disk harrow two weeks aeo.

is on and everybody is busily preparing for the coming season. A young physician Is expected here shortly to open up a drug store and establish a practice and as the Moore Haven tract fronts twenty-four miles on Lake Okeechobee, three miles along the Three-mile canal, surrounding the reported doing well, but will not be able to be out again for several weeks, TWOMEY'S MONDAY VALUES Second Bin Openina of Silks Monday we will show another new line of silks. Hundreds of new stripes man and thinks there is no place like St. Petersburg. Efforts are being made here to locate Mrs.

Clara Hanks Blackman, who was supposed to have left here Tuesday for New York. A note from her, mailed in Largo, was received last night and a friend of the family went to Largo last night to trp to locate her but found she had gone. Her father. S. F.

Hanks, of Wellsville, N. ar MOORE HAVEN, Sept. 23 The most opportune time for Tampans to acquaint themselves with possibilities of a trade expansion in the Okeechobee region will be on the first Thursday in October the 6th the day on which our Board of Trade "has announced that Moore Haven will hold its first celebration. On that day Old Settlers' picnic will be held, celebrating the opening of the deep water channel into Moore Haven. and plaids in all the leading shades of the season and every new weave In plain silks.

Special for Monday Only 25 pieces of fancy stripe and plaid taffetas and satins at 99c. entire Lake Hicpochee and fronts on both sides for about eighteen miles along the canal towards La Belle, it is expected that the doctor will visit nearly all of his out-of-town patients in a speed boat. In the Moore Haven article appearing in last Sunday's Tribune an error was made in giving the length of the lock to be built as twtilve feet instead of 125 feet, the same size as the one to be constructed at the control canal directly opposite Moore Haven. New dress goods, ccfatings, suitinss. 'and skirtings, also new trimming Tampa Gas Co.

Beautiful line of trimmines in all widths, qualities and colors. New neckwear of all kinds, new bags and belts. The completion of the deep water channel to Moore Haven now permits freight and passenger boats of much larger tonnage to enter this town and regular freight and passenger service has been arranged for between Moore Haven, Okeechobee City and Fort Gloves and Hose Monday we will show a complete line of all new styles in the celebrated Cen- rived here last night and departed at once to Jacksonville to. try to find his daughter. McCall Repeats Fishing Trip Fishing from the Recreation Pier yesterday afternoon "Cotton" McCall landed another tarpon, his second in two days, and Otto Fry landed a big kingfish.

There was a big crowd on the pier to see the fishermen try for the big game fish. Several fishermen had strikes, but only the two fish were landed. Mr. McCall's tarpon weighed about fifty pounds and gave the fisherman some trouble before it was finally brought to the gaff. temere kid gloves.

Lauderdale. James A. Moore, the promoter of this town and the developer of the last week with Belle Wilson and fam PARENT-TEACHERS' New line of white silk hose at EOc. All the new fancy silk hose. Wash Goods 200 pieces of new srinehams.

all 32 PICNIC PICNIC. 23. A social party and sing was eiven at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.

Lewis Saturday evening. A large crowd was present and all reported a very enjoyable time. Picnic was well represented In Tampa Tuesday. Mrs. W.

H. Lewis and Mrs. A. A. Lewis visited Mrs.

M. E. Golding ily returning to her home Monday. Moore Haven tract, announces the The camp meeting conducted by Rev. ASSOCIATION FORMED building of a large andj speedy boat to run between Fort Lauderdale and Inches wide, at 15c, 20c and 25c.

Moore Haven to be in commission to be one of the most delightful functions recently held in Fort Myers. F. Stone, R. I. McKay and Charles Rogers, of Tampa, were business visitors to Fort Myers during the past week.

Carter H. Page, who has leased the Mary E. Kennedy home or the corner of Fowler and First Streets, has moved in and will make it his home in the future. Wm. McLeod, of Bradentown, closed Sunday night.

The meeting was held in a large tent erected east of the Trilby Drug Company building. Meetings were held at 10:30 and at night and were well attended. Rev. McLeod about November 1. New cotton suitings and linens.

New line of goods for white skirts. Shirt waists and muslin underwear. Monday we are going to have a E. B. Willson, of the Willson-Chase T.

A. Bass of Okeechobee City is ort Meadeites Engage In Beau-tification of City Also Wednesday. M. and Mrs. B.

T. Freeman, of val- Company, has returned from New York and other points in the East and sale of 200 new waists at $2.49, all the latest styles. rico, visited relatives nere saturaay and Sunday. is well known throughout" the South and is a very Intelligent and convinc reports business good and prospects excellent for a fine season here. Mr.

500 children's drawers, made of best FORT MEADE, Sept. 23. (Special.) Raymond Bryant and Miss Gene J. F. Bailey, of St.

Cloud, who re ing speaker. material, at 12 and 15c nd Mrs. Willson and children left vieve Meeks. of Lithla. were the guests of Mr.

and Mrs. J. E. Freeman here August 1 in their automobile and Some great values in ladies muslin cently came to Fort Myers, has purchased a launch and is anticipating a underwear at 99c. rove through to the old home of Mrs.

A tentative organization of a Parent-Teachers' Club was organized here Tuesday night at the school auditorium when about fifty parents and teachers trip up t.he Caloosahatchee River and last Saturday. GLENWOOD GLENWOOD, Sept. 23 Miss Phvlis Willson in Maryland. Mrs. Willson Miss Blanche Lewis was the guest Millinery Second big showing of hats, shanes.

nd children remained there, while through i the to tne east coast. He will stop at various places of Mrs. T. V. Carter Wednesday.

Mr. Willson went to New York to buy Hazen was hostess at a picnic Thursday given to celebrate her fifteen na Albert Carter and Grover Golding along the way for the purpose of look flowers, feathers and veilings. Monday seven cases of new shaoes will eoods. Mr. Winson's parents.

Mr. and met Cor that purpose. Prof. J. V.

Chapman, principal, was made tem made a business trip to Tampa tal day, the place chosen being the Mrs. R. B. Willson accompanied the ing over properties. Mrs.

E. A. Lummls, who owns a homestead just sbuth of Fort Myers, preparing to put a passenger boat into regular service between that city and Moore Haven. A schedule freight boat service has been in operation between the two towns for many months and yet the lumber shipments brought here from Fort Lauderdale, Okeechobee City and La Belle does not- keep up wjth the rapid growing demand for building material. Want Tampa to Come in Moore Haven people would like to know something about the "Made-ln-Tampa" products, ocean-going steamers excepted.

Deep sea craft will not be required for this section until the 200 feet wide, fourteen feet deep St. Lucie Canal is completed. It will be well for Tampa's business men to study the latest map of this part of Florida and also learn something- about the east coast counties. party back to St. Petersburg and will JNO.

S. TWOMEY. porary president, and Mrs. A. L.

Cleve beautiful grounds at the springs. The weather was ideal and all enjoyed the pleasures provided for them. An ele pend sevral weeks here. Mr. Willson land was made temporary secretary.

near the Dixie Highway route, is vis LICENSED MUSKRAT FARMERS iting Mrs. Edgar Powell at her home on Hough Street. and his father and son. Bennie, drove home from Jacksonville in the. car while the others came by rail.

gant dinner was one of the pleasing Interesting ideas were expressed by Dr. R. C. McClellan, Rev. Edward F.

Ley, L. C. Bowers and George Sellers. Bro. Big Profits Made From Hides of Ani A force of men are ready with the features of the day.

Home-going time came all- too soon for the merry young Adventists to Hold Camp Meeting Seventh Day Adventists of Florida Ley, Mrs. Cleveland and Miss Allie Patten were put on a committee to material for the construction of the Atlantic Coast Line spur leading to mals Raised. MADISON, Sept. 23. How li-ensed muskrat farmers of Winne folk.

Mrs. Hazen was chanerone to Mr. and Mrs. S. S.

Golding spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lewis.

Roy Pollard made his usual trip to Balm Sunday. O. L. Simmons was a welcome visitor at Turey Creek Sunday. J.

D. Pollard and family attended preaching at Balm Sunday. Ms. J. J.

Lewis was the guest of Mrs. A. A. Lewis Friday. Roy Pollard and Eris C.

Browne called at W. H. Lewis' Tuesday night. draw up a constitution and by-laws to the Lee County Packing Company mo party oi young people. All wish are to hold a camp meeting in this city beginning next week and many plant, and as the work on the pile driv bago County and vicinity got 58,435 of these animals during the year ending be submitted for approval at the next meeting which will take place Tues of the members of that denomination ing is practically completed, the re Fhylls many happy returns of the occasion.

Rev. H. B. Thompson will occupy the pulpit of the Presbyterian Church day night, October 3. pair work on the railroad dock will av ana som the hides for is told in the records of the Conservation Commission.

Many of the daily papers and week be carried out by the company, at once. have arrived here. The tented city where many of the delegates will live and wher services will be held is now a reality, scores of large and small S. P. Bruton, will soon let the con at Winter Haven Sunday In.

the ab lies also have had quite a lot to say recently on "The City Beautiful." It "preparedness" for the conquest and permanent dominance of trade in the The business of muskrat raisins- 1a a tract for a two story residence of unique one and this year is the first tents having been erected. Everything Swiss architectural design, to be erect would seem that Fort Meade has actually come down to the subject and recognized under the law passed bv BRADLEY JUNCTION in readiness and it is expected that ed on his property on Second Street entire Okeechobee country. It Is safe to predict that unless the west coast becomes alive to the pres the Government for the licensing nf about 1,000 persons from all over will experiment in really becoming and Royal Palm Avenue. This build BRADLEY JUNCTION, Sept. 23.

spfumc premises ror tnis purpose, the beautified. Through the Board of Trade ing will contain nine rooms, all Florida will be here for the meetings ent developments and coming commer The rains have ceased and everybody laKinj? or tne animals to be reported sence of the regular pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Wooley of the Glen-wood Hotel are expected to return soon they having been In the North for several months.

Mrs. Lottie Conrad Is again at home after an extended visit with friends In the North. Mrs. R. V.

Glawson is 111 at the present writing. cial events In this section it will ex 500 ornamental date palms have been ordered from a nursery at Fort Myers equipped with the most modern im provements throughout. The farmer doing the largest bus! ANNA MARIA ANNA MARIA, Sept. 23 John perience a great permanent loss, the total of which no amount of future and these will be disposed of to the ness.reported the sale of 12.125 musk- citizens at the nominal cost of ten is busy with planting. Miss Ruby Lucas, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs.

E. O. Lyons, returned to Tampa Tuesday. The traveling agent for the Tribune TRILBY rat ror a total of $5,303.60. Moody, "chief bait catcher" of the key, regrets will help to recoup.

Opening Up a Virgin Country cents each. Should these plants thrive after transplanting Fort Meade will be TRILBY, Sept 23. Dr. H. O.

Byrd, has engaged Phil Collins of Tampa The Okeechobee country, with Moore Dr. W. G. DeVane and J. D.

Spinks as his assistant for the fall fishing. Frank Graham, paid the agent at this fifty per cent, more beautiful by the were visitors In Dade City Saturday. "Dock" Davis is still making fre time the Dixie Highway is completed, place a call this week. Wonder of Wonders Mrs. Mary Crews, of Blanton, spent Haven as a center, is a virgin trade territory on the brink of a rapid and vast commercial and agricultural de The Polk County Stockmen's Asso quent visits to the east end of the Mr.

Smith, of Tampa, who is con Monday and Tuesday with her neice, island. We all wonder why. He says nected with the C. H. N.R.

was ciation will hold its next meeting in this city next Saturday, beginning at Mrs. D. B. Wilson. velopment.

he enjoys the moonlight rides along a visitor to Bradley Wednesday. Not a Pimple James Huiet returned from South With plenty of capital for the de 10 o'clock and continuing till In the the. beach. County Commissioner Lancaster and Carolina last week, wher he has been afternoon. A barbecue dinner will be velopment of the Moore Haven tract.

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gaines are the family were in our town Wednesday spending his vacation.

with an influx of practical truckers served to all who may attend. The proud parents of a ten-pound girl born Mrs. J. F. Harnage and children de W.

A. Wallace, from Zenhyrhills. who was visiting his sister, Mrs. Ed- and farmers there is and will be an in local Board of Trade Is assisting the Stuart's Calcium' Wafers Fairly NEGRO FRIGHTENED BY CRANE MUNCIE, Sept. 23 Herschell Cee, colored, custodian of a garage, was stopped by four policemen when running wildly in the street.

He explained that something big and squashy had fallen on him from the sky In a dark alley. The police accompanied him to the scene and found a big crane which had struck a wire and stunned itself. The bird was turned over to the custodian of MoCulloch Park, who may add It to the park Tuesday. Mother and child are both parted for High Springs last Sunday stockmen in the matter of caring for creasing demand for building material. doin gnicely.

morning, where she will join her hus mundson, has gone to Baden, N. on business. the picnic. of various kinds, hardware, fencing, Mrs. Rollin Jefferson, Mrs.

E. C. band who is employed in the Western To Nominate City Officials. agricultral implements, motorboat sup DeVane and Mrs. Victor Knight of Union James McRae, brother and sister, from Macon, are visiting Mrs.

Dazzle With Their Brilliant Work In Driving Away Pimples and Other Blemishes A mass meeting is called for next Tampa are comfortably located at the Mr. and Mrs. George Andrews, of plies, dry goods, groceries, etc. The Deep Water Celebration Thursday night for the purpose ol John Cravey. Palmer cottage on the Gulf.

Dade City spent Sunday with friends nominating aldermen and other offi The dance at the Bradley House Rev. B. Heald, Rev. W. H.

Bran here and attended the camp meeting. Referring again to the deep water celebration on October 5, a large crowd cials to serve the forthcoming year, Wednesday night was well attended Miss Beatrice Ellis, of Blanton, (spent Three candidates have already an son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Albernathy of Atlanta. are occupying the by the young people and everybody nounced for mayor, W.

A. Hatchell, Prove It With Free Trial Package reports a good time. Cohen cottage for a week. L. O.

Gravely and M. A. Wilson, the You will be overjoyed to almost see Mrs. Killpatrick, Miss Hathcock J. S.

Wynn and wife and children last named being a newlywed. pimples vanish disappear, Mrs. Grantham and her children, from Francis, Delma, Kenneth and Russell Misses Catherine English, M. Gard Is expected from all parts of the lake region. A barbecue and a general good time Is guaranteed and everybody is welcome.

R. L. Polk is bringing a large power pulverizer plow outfit. In addition to the $17,000 ditching machine now digging the hundred- blotches change to new fair skin. of Tampa, will make a two weeks' ner, Margaret erdier, Samee Hunt this place, motored to Brewster Fri day afternoon.

muddy complexion completely trans- and A. A. Gardner have returned to stay at the key. They have as their G. A.

Taylor, who has been spending Fort Myers after a delightful trip by guests Mrs. S. Dorsh and Miss Alein uto to Alva, as the guests of A. J. Strange, also of Tampa.

some time at Hot Springs, has re turned and is very much improved. iinglish during their stay in that city Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McCord and chii W. T.

Turnnell has returned to his dren, of Tampa, who have been spend home in Lakeland after having filled ing the past three months at the Cosy the office of cashier of the Atlantic Corner cottage, returned to their home Coast Line Railroad during the ab Thursday. Don't Shock Your Baby's Digestion When you try to change your baby from your own perfect milk to the heavy, germ-laden milk of a cow you are giving his little stomach a shock he may not be able to stand. Raw cow's millc has a large, tough, indigestible curd. It takes the four big stomachs of a calf to digest it. Cow's milk often carries the germs of sence of J.

B. Neil, who has returned Mrs. T. J. Trimble has returned to and resumed the duties of that office, her home at Lakeland after a month's Seigfred Hanscen.

of East Fort visit with Mrs. A. E. Nichols at the Myers, was recently awarded a schol Roval Palms cottage. arship in the agricultural course at the W.

H. Baldrim, who has the bath university, by the Lee County- Board III WzTTiiH house at the key, has returned home of Commissioners, after a competitive examination held in this city by the after a brief business trip to Tampa board. Get Rid of Sunburn and Tan. The delightful way to slop Sunburn is the Magnolia Balm way. It heals the scorched skin and is soothing and refreshing.

No matter if you do Tan or Freckle, Magnolia Balm will quickly clear your skin of these blemishes. Just put a little on your face and rub it off Mr. Whitaker, of Moorhaven, has SEFFNER gone to Sarasota where he will join his SEFFNER, Sept. 23 Mr. Foster and wife and accompany her to this city Mr.

Jordan left for Miami on Tuesday. where they expect to reside in the future. formed to the loveliest, softest, the Mr. Alderman, a former resident of Mango, has purchased Mr. Foster's stock of merchandise and the store will continue open.

Mrs. N. S. Storter. after a short visit to relatives in Fort Myers, has diphtheria, scarlet fever and most dreaded of all summer complaint.

'Cow's milk" says our National Government "as ordinarily marketed is absolutely unfit for human consumption." When you wean your baby wean him one feeding at a time on a food so like mother's milk that he will slip into the new food smoothly and easily wean him on Nestle'sFooE most delicate, and all your own nat ural complexion, made so from your returned to her home at Everglades. own pure, neaitny system, cleaned and The schooner Elf, Capt. Lowe, sailed punned by Stuarts Calcium Wafers Thursday morning for grouper banks The result comes so quickly you are orr banibei, where they anticipate mak ing a- good catch of the grouper and (A complete foodnot a milk modifier astonished. These wafers contain cal cium sulphide, the greatest blood puri other deep sea fish. These fish will be ner Known, ana absolutely necessary to Keep the skin in healthy condition again before dry.

Easy to use and sure to please. Magnolia Balm makes you look and feel refreshed after the clay's outing. It does not show powder and only the good effect is observed. Many a lady owes her good looks to Magnolia Balm who would rather not tell, and you can't tell a beautifier has been used. put into this, well which has been added to the equipment of the Elf and be brought to the Fort Myers market Do not fail to get a 50 -cent box of alive.

Mrs. A. C. Graves has returned from Tampa, where she has been spending sevral days visiting friends. Mrs.

Jacoby, who has been a resident of this place for two years, left Friday morning with her family foi Keystone. W. Va. Mrs. Charles Garner and children spent the wrek-end in Bloomingdale, visiting the family of Joe Garner.

Miss Mary Ireland, of Tamp.i, has been on a visit to her friends, Mrs. J. J. Crump. Miss Story, county demonstrator, met her class of girls in the Seffner school auditorium Friday mornirfg.

Lessons in cooking were given and some very fine guava jelly was made. Mr. and Mrs. M. Sarrasin, of Chipe Stuart's Calcium Wafers at any drug store; trust to nature, and you will never again use hair-growing pastes and lotions.

You can have a free trial pure. No hand has. touched it-no germ can reach it. Neitl6'i a complete food mo yon add only clear water, boil and It'a ready ready with, the fata, prottida and carbohydrates your baby needs to build a healthy, round, sturdy body, Send th. coupon for FREE Trial Package ot 13 feeding and a book about babi.a by apeci'aliafa.

wa Palls, who came to Punta Gorda by auto, are visiting in Fort Try a bottle to-day and begin the improvement at once. Buy from by mail if you send this coupon. Myers, after which they will continue on to Labelle, where they will look after their grove and other property the nearest thing in the world to mother's milk. Don't shock his frail system by changing him to cow's milk, meant for calves, indigestible, full of tough curd the carrier of diphtheria and scarlet fever germs. Milk is used as the basis of Nestle's, but it is milk from healthy cows in clean dairies and even then it is purified to make sure.

The heavy parts that are so bad for the baby in raw milk are modified. The things your baby needs and that cow's milk does not contain, are added. Reduced to a powder, packed in an air-tight can it reaches you always fresh, always Free Trial Coupon interests. your Druggist or by Mail direct. Three Colors: White, Pink, Rose-Red.

75 cent per bottle for tit her color. LYON MANUFACTURING CO, 42 South Fifth Stwet. BROOKLYN. N.Y. Mrs.

F. C. Alderman entertained most delightfully on Wednesday after F. A. Stuart 330 Stuart Marshall, Mich.

Send me at once, by return mail, a free trial package noon at an informal reception and sew NES-- FOOD COMPANY. i '214 Woolworth Buildin. Naw York Picaoo send me FREE your book and trial package. ing party, between 3 and 5 o'clock, at or Stuarts Calcium Wafers. her home on Fowler Street, in honor of Mrs.

H. Hunter. The house wa The clap-s is very much interested in domestic science, and enjoy the one day which will be devoted to them each month. In the some of the ladirs met Miss Story and a Woman's Home Demonstration Club will be organized. T.

J. Beaty made a business trip to Plant City Wednesday. attractively decorated for the occasion A delicious salad course was served to Name Street City USE HAGAN'S Magnolia Balm. Addreaa. Mrs.

W. G. Langford assisted Mrs State. Alderman in receiving. a very large number who declared It City..

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