The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1933
Page 6
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K. SIX (AUK.) amjUEH Athlelic . First Baseman Breaks American League Record Tigers Win. Only wo major Ir-nguo tall grimes were played Monday, olli- cts bciiiB rained oy.t nnd several HOIIV: uiijoyliig an official Idle day. rr.ic- Alhli-llredefcHlc-d the Cleveland Indians in one name wllhj .'Innny Foxx f.ettlrit' a modem •American league iroorcl for driving in nins when he ]ifi!.lu-d nine . icuiHe:s : across Lhe plulf. Tlu .v.-frc was II to 5. - | JlinuiX h!i a liohic run irlpii 1 . (imiWt: und slnulo to loimi UK « runs, ills triple In tile flrs.1 InniiiB fcorrd Cramer and CocluAnr. His ">ipiner vfls hit with nil llic Imcs • c'cciiplcd. On tils third trip in tlic plalc Foxx 'doubled scoring Cocli- ;:liie 'and blinking his lota! o: IUIK driven tn .10 seven. A single in the sixth scored McNalr and Cramer and gnve Foxx his record of nine runs driven in. ~ MaliafTey had little uouUle xs'in- :ilns with Foxx'f nlltine to back him up. Hudlin ' ;as lilt' losing pitcher. McNalr of Ihe Macks also lilt for Ihc circuit. .. Hie Detroit TiRers trounced tilt Boston Red Sox 6 to 5 at. IV'trolt. The Timers came from behind to score four runs In the seventh when Plpgras suddenly gave out. Fischer was credited with ilic victory. OelirlURer hit a homer In the opening inning and Hodapp hit for the circuit, in the ninth as a pinch hitter. SLIDES °/BILL BMUCHER* »•! Tt'£ WOMEN'S AUG. ACCOkWG To RULING OF U.S.G.A. -uJO MONIES or To FWE HOURS (W, SiiE |!AS SCOPE 100 TO TitE 80'S CUBS BUY HIM Roval Mounts This Your Already Have Won Nine Races. PI1CH1 Ftftl NSWERS •Poor Nell! •prlmo Camera's entourage isn't dump rbln by our Nclr. T V A/I i r< -.'tltllo Nell has been waiting pa-, Indian Wliiuaper and I'OT- flf-ntly ever since Max Bacr bcnl Max Schmclins. and Ihe guy with . the : bie dofjs beat -Jack Sharkey, to-see Ihe natural between Ilic two vlcUire. ' All year the little darlin' Us- tfncd. to falvy tales lhat rivaled thnse nf Grimm aborti how MITOU . two fiRhters. man mountain nnd plant'killed were lo Iniistlc in the battle of the century aflcr they had -brushed on" their respective opponents. - ' .'• And now Nell rcido In |he. pn- nefs-rves. little Nell Is. old chough inirfad—niimil hoV I h" I mean old Mlcl»r I/nils'- P. Soresl. manager • o'f Cprnera. fays lh"l lhi> .nnw rliamn "nrefer':" trv flqht tho winner* of n mnlf.h .bcluwn Paulino TTvrnHim and 'Dan McCorklnd: Enalisii 'champ, but. will accept, the tWtlr-browed_-Unv.'- wllhout qnal- '. ifiritloiij! for a bout In Rome In' if an. olimiuatlon out con hot be ..nrrausrd.' ^t'.c hard "lo/rpnlhi. In these lime* nf emnt.v poctcLs rnd rmn- lv fleht .arenas hnw Cnrnrrn's $WT*. nf manngrrs cnn all' agree to 'ws up a brawl with Bncr. Here mcr Speectball King Praises Dean's Record. hern ' Ihe anm- ST. LOUIS. (UP)— Tlic receul rccord-bveakhiK feal of Jrromr (Di/jy) ne?,n In strlkhiR out 11 Miters vslill: nllchlnir (or Ihe SI. I-ciils Crirdlniils incnns thai die day of "sliperlntlve hnrllne" Is IB back, snys Walter Jolin- son. , Johnson, sprrtl ball artkt who Is nosv nianagiiiir the Olnvplmid Indtnns, believes that fans soon will lie seeing close pitching contests instead of hillitu; sprees, and' will learn lo like (hem. "Derm's 17 strikeouts for a new record and Curl Hubbell's foal of InuliiiK- -16 'consrculiVi: Innings of shiitoulr indicate . that pitcher's nre comiiig hack to their own," Johnson said. "Rulemakevs hnvc t started cliniiRlnit the ball lo give | the pitchers n break. The move In raising seams and pnltini; Utlckir covers on the spheres Is a i-ootl start." , Johnson still holds more records than any 'other man. 12 of his mnrks still standing the challenges of present-day hurlers. Diu- Lincoln Kllsworlti AMKrilCAN Paullaccl Is ku OI'MIIA t,y I.Mncavallo. The iiyli'unifiit la n IMK.SOON. ISV TOM llnildl I'r*ss Staff C'orrfsponilrnt LONDON. (UP)-I'or the nrsl lime In many years. King Oeoo"' Is linvliu? a slice of luck with his nice horses. Ro far this season, he has \rnii ! nine races worth J31,!iOO and IK:- ' ciiplr-s isiii pliit-c in the wlnnliiii owner.*' list. HLs record for iln- whole of Ihe 1932 Mason .seven races, valued at less than )i:ilf Hits year's .winnings. lln-d ul K«jy ;l l Slufl ' Kins George's Iwst runners up' to no wwtri! The Abbot, LlmeliKhli ar.d l r oxi-iiith, all bred al Ihe! >t'"al slud ill Sandrlngliam. Nnr-j 101k. Tlio Alraot's hesi showiiic;; WLI.S al tin; recent Goodwe.od niei'l. vhcn he beat Lhe Aga Khan's .'iirart 'coll Ohio In the Sussex] Slakes. i l'i-cvlously he won the Tadcas-1 ter Slakes at York, and the Non-' •tich Plato al Epsom, Umellghl ,voii ihe Ncwbury Spring Cup, und the Hiirdwickc Stakes at Ascm. v.'hlle Foxcarth secured thire nt Newmarket. Kdlrfs to Klud 1-lmelithi Ls n four-year-old and s.dne to run once or twice aijntii x-foro the season ends In November. Allerwnrds the son of Lord Derby's famous horsfi. Pharos, re- Hies-to the slud, slid should pio-| ice some good winners. His Majesly's horses are trained , Newmf.rkeL by William. Jarvis, ihe cfdesl of ihree tralner-bro'.h- evs lie Ls tall and thin, 'unlike brothers Jack and TCusll, who an 1 thick-set. WiUInm is of a milel. ir>tirhiK dLsposillon nnd like llu 1 roynl jockey, Joe Chllds, adopLs ihe irrlin expression of when one of his horw.s wins. Cottage ol Emma Bovary Has Fallen in Ruins HOUEN, France lUP) — Amerl- cans l:cen on .souvenirs of Emnia Ilovary v.-il! be irnorested to know iluil a sninll cottage noi fr.r from UIL- picturesque village of lly, which ClUKlnv Flauterl. callrd" Yonvllle in hLi IXMk, ji-si fallen in rnlns. • It was the home of me. driver ol Ihe famous mall coach Hiron- oelle. Flnulx-rl called him' Hlveri. Inn Ills real name was Therm, und he wus in his prime when "Miulnmc Bnvnry" wus ))Ubllshcil L In order to iiii.'K u liefcjor iiniich on i!i'-Sr curreiii i:af=torji invn- fiion, iliu (JhU-ajio Cubs bueut }2ri.00(i to buy Ailolpli Cainllll, aljov;. l!r«t |jus(;ui:ni nf lh« Kac- [jui,:iilu i-iiil) of tlio Paclllc Coast l.cumio. Tlio youngster will . tukn MiinaKCr Cliarlcy Crlinin'H nlnco on tlio Initial Mi:k, <;r(mm golni; to Uio bniich lo conllnfl bis cfforla to diractluK Ihe Culn in Uklr drlvo fur tho jii-iiiiani. . Today's Games Southern Ifxfvr MemuhLs al Knoxvlllc '2 fi'mes). Illrmincham at Chattanooga. Little Rock ni Atlanta (2 g'esV New Orleans al Nashville. TUESDAY, AUGUST Sin key, Wrosllor-Promutor, Ts Winner In First-March Hero Tlic cleplionts cnvorled about Mullov nnd Mcroncy engaged liij Die armory ring Insi nlglu Ijc.'oi'c nl > """air In the firm malcli which [i fair crowd nnd. when tlic slnm-! dcmonslraicd definitely, lo the l*de WILS over nnd tho limbers w.-IUir at leasl. thai Grandpa Me- of Ihe ring had slopped shaking ""icy should lie seated jufely in ' r/limlc-.* "Tllanic" Sinkey, lhenip-|a vorklng chair rockinn his little, ley, Tenn., promoter-wrestler, had. '.'i.iiid-dnughlcr Insicad of In the chalked up a victory over Jimmlc' Smokies Keen Sleo Wijh 1 Soulheni Leaders by :/ Travelers. • the yountcer boys. Tlic' Morris of Memphis find Torn Mnl-' malcli was slow, In fact could '' toy of Miami. Fla.. hnd v;on over hard!" I.e called n match even as Us« ai;(-d Mike Meroncy of Mem-' v.-resllim; matches «o. Dm ihe phis. The Sinkcy-Morrls malcli was by fur Hit ?:i ihe card although yciina man nnd ihe old man went, thiciuim their paces with ihe- fol- iQwiii'/. olliclal results: Malloy -Sitikey" a'ppearr'u"io havY cons'ld'- n:KL f;l11 - ; > m 1 " 111 "- Mcroncy scc- •-•tnb!e more wclgln on Morris Uian cn(1 f ' M '» r "' c '"""iKs wilh, as ' ! ho announcer declared, ''a face lift lubbi*. punch and body strad- ifii: announced tonr.rie<> of the indinutecl. Sinkey was dearly " . 111'- hnllw nf thi> two niul "as for UiUi. Hid lie' 'hr- of the herd tlmt Sinkcy exhibited here , (cist die.' 1 Find Malloy the last- fall In ' i°.hl mintjies with a body slam. Ch vts. one other IJiiny: Meroney iiiiilH. The" wrtsllcivpromotcr "main-. ln: '"<•<' on "Ivlne Mnllny ihe hand ilncd lain prc.'.tlae nlleBCdly es- li:lilish«l by fsf.fif '20 straight victories by <i:s]Kl.';in:,' of Morris in r;:|>id order. Sinkey won tr.r 1 iirsl full at the 17 mituile mark v.'ith u scries of flyl"K marcs and a txxly straddle. Monk came tack 10 iwat. his pay of ,;ood fellowship and all thaisf- te" ihe last whi.'.llc and Malloy ta!<] "no" In icrms of nods, grunts onr! mean faces. Then Meroncy ruffed him aoin a hil with his na!m. vhilc Ihe referee looked nonchalantly on. Mnlloy finally lo end the malcli as friends check. In the second fall in hurry up fashion in seven minutes using ;,-iii the -|»or loser" style and made fnce.s as the audience gave Ilim Ihe P.rrm>: cheer. 1ms American Lracu* New York ill SI. Louis, lioston at Detroit. Washington ai Chicago. Philadelphia at Cleveland. National Lratne Cincinnati at New York. Chicago at Boston. Si. T.ouls at 1'hilaclelpliin. Only gnmes. :i How They Stand flvirii! hcadlocks. Sinkey made . rhorl order of Morris In the last u Mcroncy josl some teeth or some fall, so short In fuel thut It look . bnd ?- e lvork carl >' '" tll( = mrtch. Lhe crowd several miiuiles lo re- nlixe the malcli was over. Morris started over by playing a flop-flop! tune on the boards as Sinkey gave him ihe. "works" wiili a se-1 rics of nying marcs lhal looked like the prelude to nnolher fall. Then Morris slumbled out of Ihe rlnt; nnd llif-n hack in Lo .starl a .'•eriec of heacllocks on Sinkey. Soulhfrn With Slnkey to all purposes groggy and ready tnf picking Morris tontinued 'to iMtii 1 on ilic headlocks unlil Sinkev grabbed the rcpes and hiine on. Mon-Ls iiuil 'hr obliylni; rcfertu jerked hard i to pull ihe Rlpley mammoth off Orleans Knoxvllle ...Memphis . . . . Nr.shville Little Hock W. L. Pet. 20 20 .592 27 19 -.587 25 21 .543 ... 2S .... 24 ... 24 .... 21 Atlanta 18 Chattanooga Birmingham .460 .451 .375 .lust A Mere Xot<''. CASTLE ROCK, Wusll. (UP)-K. H. Uunkolbergei' droppetl his rather a ixistcard on which he rowded a l.ixil-v:ord messagi'. and came off v;!th a rush fall- National New York ln« on top of Mr. !*,rorris with his Fillsburgh head against Mr. Morris' chin and' Chicago .. the referee falling alom; with Ills SI. Louis . lounagc lo give Mr. Morris a jolt Bos! that thoroughly pushed his nhoul- ders to the was over. and ihe match Y Philadelphia Brooklyn ... Cincinnati .. W. (il M r>B 45 4'J 44 L. Pet. 43 .M4 48 49 52 G2 (11 .560 .555 .532 .521 .425 .410 .390 The leading Pelicaas, fanned like school boys yesiorday but hit when hits meant tuns and managed -to hold their Southern league, position liy healing the Nashville Veils. The second plufe Knoxville Smokies also won. defenting Hie Liltle Heck Travelers. The Pelicans trounced the Vols S to ,4'at Nashville. Jfu-klc Reid struck out II of^the IJinh buf. liic P°'s touched him for nine blows when- his strike, out lull wasn't working. Perrin Was Ihi 1 winning likelier.. The winning run was scored in ihe ninth inning. The- Travelers were on the losing end of an 8 lo 5 election at Knoxvllte. The Pebbles got 12 hiis to 10 for toe Smokies but failed lo hit, with ilic hujes occupied. Akcrs of Ihe Travelers hit for the circuit. Blethen was the winning pitcher and Willoughby the loser. The Mc-r-,-ihls 'Chicks upset the rlebtit of Wilbcrt Robinson, ihe colorful ex-leader of the Brooklyn IJodgcrs. a s active ir.anagcr of his flock of Atlanta Crackers. Thje Chicks won 7 id- 4 despile. ! ,'all Uncle Robbie could do. Five Jruns in the first inning sent the. Mem- phians off to aiv early lead. Granger was the winning pitcher and Klelnhnns the loser. The Chattanooga Ixwkouus defeated (he Birmingham Barons 4 lo 3 at Chattanooga. Coleman limited the Barons lo six hils while Ihe I-ookouts collected 14 on" Shoaf. American l.tzr"' W. L. Washington . . : ....... 70 3« Vnw YnrV ...'. ....... (14 43 Philadelphia ........ 54 63 Cleveland .'. .......... 55 58 Detroit .............. 54 57 Chicago .............. 51 57 Boston 47 60 St. Louis !;-....'.. 42 11 Pet. .648 .590 .505 .481 .486 .472 .439 .372 I'lcs of uitle Mcll nnd Jnlin Puli- ,'ic for Ihis nnt" r al evnr since Garner" stonnod Shorkcv's bnnstlnp. . . And 'now t^eWr E0 t doxvn to Hi' business o' giving the public U>? Vim-nrounrt. .'.Tins nnt.iiral. reaction In the lipf-Hs under t>"! homesrmn shirt' "'..-.ifc fizhi nubile is to (urn sour m '.he whi\li> business nnd mark fi^n-n Cani^rn , a, ^ rh*x>se champ v.-ii«' r i; sfrald to meet Bser. Wsiivhoo -before the Bnrr- ?>-iim'iiivr and the Cnrncra-Shiir- kev shindia^ inrticnted that Bacr ?nd C«rn°ra would emeir^ \-lc- tfl's ard, shortly after mix for Ihe ti'le. On that' nromlse (he bow ai'oided bnth fnhts like sood soWlers and helped the womoters make a handsome piece of change. vfnn i s rzcndan? No'onp In tlw United States v J'ler^'.ttd In the outcome of a ".•"piera-UwiHliin fight, nnd It's sood thing Ihey're hold In <• It Ir Pome, for ihe fans ' would awav hi droves, if It .were, .held Ir TO.'and Is. no man to mix anvone for the heavyweight title . The fans want to .see a Car wra-Baer fleht. and the majorlt of them want to see It becanv .they hnrbor the belief lhal th cro*ri'"be!onis to the' Unlle States, and they want t« see tha 'slam-ban? guy Baer pop In Iher and Uft the brow of the native ,of Mussoliniland. Th* whole thing I< Jusl another dark-hind optic for the flght business, i racket thai cnn't. afford to have nunv more such decorations before it folds up its tenl. ing his 21 years n s n star with the Washington Senators, the "Big Train" registered 113 shutouts, struck out 3,497 batters, led Ihe league in strikeouts for I2sra- sons. won 1G successive gnmes and rolled up 56 consecutive shutout records, 10 better thim Hubbcll's mark. ' Coolest Spot In Town! tl Tuesday - Weds. MAT.— 10-25o NITE— 10-30c| Illicit love that caused crime | Del Defeats Lutes r by Scare of 5 to 4 X Dell defeated .Lutts Sunday at -, . pWi( by a score uf 5 iu 4. t.^; Ray Uomn aUotrcd the Lutes S,';, .tew* • fcrtht htti but kept them well i?.;> scatteM.-, R«d -iMtK hurled for 'tsf.i&Ok ^LWeV nine ! giving up eight vl'.',.fcit».-lo.flT« Innlruji o*ror* he vu y%'*-'••TtMgnt by Bud Lutes who ,blank" - "** the DeU acgntatlori the rest • :.- I -..i- fOM IHE MIMVOk WITH NANCY CARROLL FRANK MORGAN PAUL LUKAS GLORIA STUART ]M» Dison, Dentld Cook, W*lur Pidgcon. Sct««npl»7 by Wlllltm Anthony MeGuii*. Produced by Cul LMBittl*, Ir, Dl«c!.d Ly IAHES WHALE. Pi.i.nui by Cul L**Bnl>. . A UNIVEHSAI. PICTURE. 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