The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 19, 1934
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Served by the United Pres* BLYIHEVILIE COURIER NEWS - ^L^^^ K ^ f ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ X1AJ ff ^ VOL. XXXI—NO. 2,15 Blythertlle Daily Nm Blytlwrllle Ocurtjt MlMlalppl y»Uey Leader Blytbevllle Herald ^i/miRvni.n, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DRCKMHRR 10, 193.1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CE*JT9; Americans Ordered Out of China Danger Zone Poll Shows Division of Oomion; Liqunt and Gambling Favoied , BV TED H AIALOI United frrts Slaii Corr* pendent •LITTLE'. ROCK, Ark,, Deo. 19 (UP) — A suit-, lax 1ms even chances- of passing the :i935 Oen- eial Assembly In a haid fought battle if returns from a United Press poll or. the''next;legislature's membership can "be taken as -Indicative. Returns from more thin hilt of the legislators showed decisive majorities for legalization and taxation of liquor and pnrl mutual petting at horse laces Greater majorities were shown for sterilization of habitual criminals ind incurably Insane, tlehteninp of cnmlnal laws, provision for u, st-Uo police system and rccodifl- cation .of slate insurance taws. Out of 1o replies from the 130 sc-nnlf! and house members 32 favored the sains tax under certain provisions Jo were opposed and eight were undecided Expressions on the question varkd fiom pass tve to such notations as to "Yes, by all.means!'' Many Undecided Balance of power appaiently UPS alth those who will come to the , Anhwrl Province, ohlna. Tliur'dny Dfo 20 (UP)— All Amei- Icius In southern Anhuel province Kfte mdeied 10 \acale the region todaj and concentrate foi safetj In tile cltv of Wiilm The order was Issued, by George Anderson, American cbnsulaV olll clal from clal from Nanking, w'iio came here p / . ,.,.„« as Afteilcans fled from the in- Lxpect at least $500 fm tenor after tlip mnntorc ^f \tr ,i^\' it > , _. ,..-. .-u*t.J 41VM liUIJl HIV HI- after tlip murders of Mr. and' Mrs John il Blam American ml slonarles. BACK TENNESSE MOB --T—— -. .. * ^ ^^^ ^^^^. TT- TT ir, »lr a| y "RHtens Curb Hire Her? Surt! \\ m F oreiRn Exchange — ~~ '*_.!. '_ _^"""* j ' Gale Fiom South May Merge on Coast CHICAGO Dec 19 (UP)—A vlrHng snowstorm sweeping off the northwest prairies, stiuck the mid Qle west today and swept toward -he eastern seaboard with a growl ig warning of bll/zards and gale? A half doien central states were blanketed with two to seven Inches of snow Tao or three more Inches were predicted by nightfall with a sharp diop in temperature Along the Atlantic coast the ap- >roaching bad weather was herald- id by storm warnings displayed from Boston to taeksonville ria A gale sweeping from Georgia may nerge with the mid-western storm the weather bureau said Traffic aas impeded In Chicago and cities of the northwest A mo- Usc in Annual Chml- mas Eve Dislubiition noodfellowo club workers ca,n- i*vrt the business section of Die cits ye-sterdaj with the lesult thai the club now has over {JM in rash besides considerable qiiantl- tic 01 meichondtse to be used fin lining baskets for distribution among needy families Christmas eve. ^ ' Some additional cash .contributions arc expected and tliere-'wiil w 1 benefit dince at the Legion rnut • tonight,. proceeds of which seem'- certain to -bring : the cosh fund nbore the club s }100 goal Advance sale of dance tickets' has been h' little disappointing-but officers of the club are at work today to insure n good turnout. .Yesterday's cash contributions amounted -to- $27G, bringing 'the total of $109.04. Cash contributions, In addition to those previously acknowledged, have been, received .ss follows: T W Jackson I c Pcnncv Co, Farmers Bank and Trust Co, O Q Hubbard Putnidiie Co, Anderson Clayton Co, A conway Well Btothers, $10 each. Paul 1 -Buckley, $6. Orabers Department store Hub" J Hardwaie Co Kirby Drug present tax One representative sold Yes if taxea are lowered on small homes Anothei reprevnta- tlv'e who voted 'Mo told the United Prc s correspondent in private conversation latei that his condition* .,... .^<wuv«vii Jai.^i WlULj HIS ,»_as juncertato, tliat ha to leam more -ab'otit 'trie r removal of the three mm (state, scnooj levy a<r projwsed «' were made slippery bj the sajgy snow u percet?t those doubtful Is not known , ^ "ill legislator-, R"turns from the poll , will be ki^pt secret except In those, cases where specific permission was given to use the legislators' names Senalors j Paul Ward of Batei-' vllle and Sam N Levlne of Pine Bluff made public statements 'I am not In favor of just irt- -olhcr tas. said Senator Ward out would like very much to see 0 well worked out sales" tax com- prehenchc and intended to take Hie place of some of the taxes we now have such as the mlllage tax 01 most of it 'I would favor a sates tax if takes the place of some other lew ' Semtor Levme said Thp sales ta\ was recommended by the state board of education and thr four cooperating ot- Ranlzallons to bring $2500000 to *3 000 000 additional revenue lo Ihe broken down states school svstem More Favor Liquor Indication of some' organization for legalization of parlmuluel'bet- ting and.liquor, may be Interpreted from the poll on those two "'is. .In caeli case -35 voted Seventeen were!.opposed to .-.i--'{Ing-and 12 were Undecld- ea._.,Tweiitjvtwo. were 'opposed to return of hard liquor and- eight were undecided. "'••,',. - Attitude of one legislator may I* significant. In' signifying hi? l° l f , for betting and liquor he added. "They do it anyway." Tn-o others speelficnlly. asked for n referendum on the liquor ques- ton.- Another said he favored state manufacttire «nd sale of the liquor but if tin., were' impossible he would favor legislation rind taxation of commercial spirits - Oov., J. M. Putrell's proposed state police system similar to the Texas Rangers held a 4 to 1 majority willi eight of those reporting undecided. The volunteer (raffle patrol of the American Legion was commended by the governor but he told the United Press It would not fill his desire for n state police organization^ Sterilization of habitual criminals and Incurably insane found n champion in Senior T. Clyde EULs of Bcnton county, successful •sponsor of Ihe Ellis refunding bill 01 the 1932 general session. He has Prepared a sterilization bill, he ' ol °. mid another for the govcr- '°£^ Projected state police system. " legislators said they a • — • SPEEI Hirsiflsiis" New Le g i s 1 a t i o n Will Strengthen King fish's Gup on Louisiana Storm Warnings Out WASHINGTON, r* c 19 (UP),Gales along virtually all ot the'At- tantfc coast were forecast today by the/weather bureau ' it ordered storm vfarnlngs dlsplaved from Bos ton to Jacksonville Fla < A dlsturbanpe 'over * Georgia u moving northeastward.'wi«i IrwrtaX. ipg biicHsliy, the- D \irea\i saw and " -11 cause gales this afternoon niid light from Boston to Norfolk, Va Li Dec 19 i—The senate finance committee which Is composed of fol- oweis of Senator Huej P Lo ng today vlrtuallj abolished self-gov- enunent in East Baton Rouge parish anti-Long stionghokl and site of the state capllol The method bv which Long ac- compllbhed this was an amendment to the police jury act The amendment provides that In nd ditlon to the 13 elected police Jurors, who constitute Ihe goveniln* Mdy of. the parish, the governor will appoint 13 • ohters who will "irre with-the elected members. In addition the committee, which met for only 49 minutes, placed more employes : In lice state patronage ranks and killed two more of the original 35 bills, leaving only The committee did,. however, amend the school budget bill, eliminating the provision that would oloce 12,000 school teachers on the patronage rolls of Ihe state. Bills withdrawn were" ones declaring warehouses public utilities ind one placing the, district 1 aU torney.s ot St. Mary's, Iberia, and St. Martin parishes on a salarv of $5.000 a year. ' As Senator Long explained to he committee, "(his .bill might keep some of our boys from running for that office If lie H'8.? a member of the legislature." Most of the remaining 31 bills were passed almost as fast as the chairman could read the titles. Barnes' PU a For New Trial To Be Made Soon A justice of (he state supreme «our(. will probablj. be asked to pass on the motion of Frank Barnes condemned slayer or p. A. Martin,' ROMR, Italy, HOC,, 10 , (Upl-The government today lightened Us grip oil foielgu exchange 'dealings Anptlici diastif financial dine" r ,'«l|lWle<i e\poH for any reason land under any iorni of InnK bills I drafts checks 01 loiirit drn«n Iti llwoml iwablein Italj or Ihp ital Ion colonies i Hailed as Hero In Thug Capture DIES SUDDENLY Resei ve System Succumbs lo Hrail Attack for. e gold nc i that liit'ealeiis the U cmm" trys gold standard the Government ruled all hanks nml business concerns receiving such bills or'drafts must fiirnUli the Dank o/ Italy u'llh ATLANTA, Cla', Dec, 19 (UP)— complete dntails of their circulation' E "Bene. n. Black, liaison man IK>abroad. Iwccn the ' iiooswelt adinlnlsliu- ttoirand' the nation's,bankers ami (drmev governor of Ihe fedeta 1 reserve Ijoiird, died of n hear!, n|. tack at his" home here today, He was 61. Governor Black had been Indisposed foi nboiit three dn>s but he nnd mcmbeis of his family did not think the Illness was sei Ions. 1,'nst night, however, n plvy Elclan was called About 4 30 A M todaj he siifleiod n Item I attack which .proved fatal n halt hour later. Mrs, Black nml n imi-sc we're at Ihe bedside v,'lion he died. SEEK y. s. Wants Public ^Woiks Administration Aid m Build ing Power Plant bard Co c A Cunningham Cecil Shane Blvlhevllle Water Co Mr mid Mrs.Wettenkamp, J. j.'MC- Ohee Clark and Wilson P-T A lily council Morse and Klrslmer Coca cola Co., O. W. McCutchen P C Tucker H L Klrby, Liberty Cash grocers, S5 each Reid, Evrnrd and > Henderson Jiedels $3 eaeli ace Sales Inc New Mf«d Olothr ing Co, Joe Isaac , PastMe" flil- lla)-d Parlor, Prank Wiiltworth Blythevllle Steam Isundr> ' Pefe • the. Pljmbei wumwru Beauty sllop' fj C Robinson Lum- bei 1 Co Cily Drug Co • Mrs H L Reynolds, Dr t H Moore D H 3 Sims, A O 'Hudson A Rosen- thai Red Ball Barbershop Robinson Drug Co' Guards Jewelrv Store Jack \pplebaum PnrUiursts Jr w M Owens Dr H A Tay- 1934 naval' conference' planned to cheek the rising ild? of Increased Dr T A Satibn Jolvnson Dr p D Rosenberg $2 each Dr I Smith Lee Jack Sallba cafe Moms Moon S Stlnlto Mrs J W Wright] Phil Hasscll Pat O Bryant, Johns jroceij Joe Applebaum Walter Rosenthal Plojd White Joe Ca <;le Harrj Halnes Jeff Roland O 3 Barnes Lotus Mrs Sam Gorman Hess store, Bill Heath New Economy Shop Van Bibbers maiket Dixie stole William Lang •OKler DniB Co Dr D L Bojd W E Bre«er, Dr Aha Wcrl A M Wasliburn. Dr. Fred -hlld. Gene Bradley, Oscar Fend- ei Piij McHnnej. Park Hatchett Jutch Quelmeyer, Mrs. P. E. Henes J E Maddux H, Saxe Dr L ' lsco °' ^rksdttle and Page ,,;,,, ' age Williams Insurance Agency W I nsborne, O. P. Smith, St. Francis pru» store. P. v. Rutherford,' Nell . shop ' , . Mulr, Tom '" *.,. ,7 J """.", ^cui^tf. ttiuir, - i.OIT. Whitworth, w. Berryman, .Murray Daniel, Horace Walpole,- O c Oaiiske. Haynes Men's'shop VV j' Puughl, Cash Feed store, McMulen's grocery, T. J.- Burke • Miss whltsitt's -shop, -I. Rosenthal, 51 Henrj- . Reldman, oa»h Stan Frodenbcrg, Prank Simmons W C. Robertson, 60 cents each. D, Miller. Cliff Ruffm 25 cents each. ••••.. In addition to these cash contributions '-.the Blythevllle Baking company promised a tosf of bread for each 'Christmas basket The Arkansas Grocery company, Kress store, and Meyer's Bargain Center each subscribed Slo In merchandise. The Lemons Furniture company gave $6 worth of blankets Kirkcndoll's Novelty store gave $5 In merchandise, and Lutes Grocery, A. Rosenthnl, Orear's grocery, Joe McPall, Jack Delk, W. J. tnrnej' and the Merchants Grocery Co. gave van'lng quantities of merchandise. hid j beautj is Dclorch Cqsc> abo\o fehc wasn t looK- iii£ for a moNle job when she posed for i New \orK cammei- cwl pliotosrarher, but i sBani- tyert film nienl scout saw tho plume liked jl, mid resiled aiound to sign ),ei up So mow ohes in Holljwooil, read;; tor fatr caicpr ^ 19 NCR York tlty v,i\\ seek n fedcial bniiklii? uuslriess on July i loan ioi the construction of Its when lie was elcdcd nrssldent ot own nnmlclpally mied powei plant I Ihe Atlanta nust company .Majoi Horello laOunidla| He soon became s\fll known as Itocla^ nltei a confeirnce T 1th a bankei mid he was clect-d RO\ Presldfiit Roosevelt ,ernor of th[> Atlanta rcderol Re indicating; deaih that, lip had El? >vc Innk. on Janimij i 1928 little folth In promises of priiatei During Hie pres-nl aririunlslia- .utllltie', ijiGimrdia dcchircd lie tlon President Rooseicll lelled np- would sec Public Works Admlnh \°n his judgment often on banking li-ator lekes at the request of thc'multeis and he became go\emor president Ho illiciiss" borrowing ot of the federal reserve bonrd rnrlv I" "35 ire was gUV „ icMe of absence as eovej-nor of the Atlanta resene bank Adiourn _ * DieAfter fluids President Roosevelt pressing his drive foi cheaper electrlcltj cenl ercd his attack todav against OVPI capitalized holding companies i ••— *«••• UHU uu numiii 10 m i To the argument of ulil!tlesl hlj letumed to Atlanta to resume' companies that rate dlsturbincesI llls dutle at, the fedoral icset\e would affect dividends of millions bank here •** of security holders the president Bankers and civic leaders will replied at his press conference thatr el 'Ve as his pallbearer- at funeral For l[i months he lemalned In Washington but. on August, Ifl 10 'i the, , unities were confusbpg Issue bv falling to dlatmgulirt to/be held at 3 pm tomor- Japan uenolinces Limitation Tfeaty , , Issue bv falling to dlatmgulirt W- roR \" L tllf> nrs <- cluiifh tw^en the securities of sound fftp- , ",f r f v LONDON jritlng companies nhd those Tof holding concerns The president at,the Same*fUjto" Indicated ths federal government, would be willing to lend , money (o'Ne« York city to ass|s(, ii)i|n- lolpal power deVelopmeli| —• — SooseVeK Atoanu ' . Roosefelt TodSV rrton the dcaih.of Eugene h Black, fir' mer govemoj or tKfederii reserve ujio was the Victim 1 of a , . - . - .... , All the developments pointed to "fart ntfnck In Allanta -. voted adjournment of the negotiations sine die Earlier Japan had formallv denounced the Washington naval llm- tatlons treaty It was significant that adjournment was (telajed until Japan had acted ' In the PJ es of man> experts the failure of the (alks and the Japanese treats action threatened a world mval building race In the proceedings here todav :nere was one glimmer of hope The chief Japanese delegate Tsunra Malsudaira placed on record Ja- jans 'desire to set a dal<5 for resumption of thi> comerMtions nsJ-lng that the conference name a day nt once —>•- » Inlstratlon to meet , th"' o| ri old frldnds, the president sali challenge of the iitllltv Interests j his death wns a great loss and cuin and continue the battle for rate as n terrible sliock, to him rArtl1nf(nv>r- I ' . reductions Man Calls Police to Get 'Drunk'; They Find—Him NEW LEXINGTON. O (UP)— riairv Murnford 45, telephoned Sheriff James Adrian from Roseville near here to come get a drunken man nho was raising a disturbance. The sheriff said .lie was too busy, lold Mumford the Roseville marshal. Mumford called. a second tlnic, told the sheriff the Inebriate vUs 'going to kill someone." -Adrian sent two deputy. she;lffs to Inve.s |tiBate. They found—Mumford He YATES CENTER K\n: (UP)- ,,, Blllc . 1Jley lom.a-Mumford He ™ ! j? nsAn " d Spr'nsllke vvnlh-r admitted' he was LoxSed thcv Jrowt f ''f m C!lUSCd " sccond sald - tolti the '" »e thought'he M L 7'l™ P , P V," 11C ° rehard of COUM ^ f "P^ 11 " " the county ^^ri^puUr w " '"-ft 1 ?-" ^^^^:"<^ Bailey, Brown And Noleri Resting Well Harry Brown, Harrj Biilej and «• B. Nolen. Injured In a Illgh- •woS'i,u,^ uardviMd T ScnatoreSE!lls l h * ^>>" : 'pMf«t'in "pp?aUo U the «W he wSuM >T h R mca -' iuro ' ='ate-^Prcme court. .«"«!««". <*« 't « &^^i£™^^™- . Brown sustained a and chest Injuries. «oieu wee -ribs loni loose, from broken Jaw, Noteu had! , from lusi bruised 6on-| not critical by attaches at St Joseph's ^hospital in .Memphis' late tills afternoon. , , V,; **.s' inljurea when his truck collided with a sedan driven by an- unidentified man. In the (fuel: with Brothers were his d°ueh- i*r, Kflss Eeatrice Brothers w lih son, Leon, 6; and Sam Taylor 21 a 1 of Burdette. . Their track 'was overturned and Brothers was nln- ned .beneath. Ths others were not seriously hurt. Brothers was at first believed t" ""•o been fatally Injured. It was «tate<f, lioB-ever, that Brothers' removal to lii s Burdette home was P anned tin, afternoon and Ills condition .was not, as critical as first believed. He ha s an Injured back Young Taylor had his left arm almost severed near.the elbow. Baby Named for Hoover Dead DOVER. O. .(UP) - Herbert Hoover, three, named after th« former president during the lattert last months In office, Is dead after four-day illness. Close nuartl was •untiitalnej over J Cd\vonl finice, above, Indluim assistant attorney Rciiernl, fol- lowlng Intlinntion tliai lie imd l> aytd n ,i,,i] or , mrl ,„ cni , uno o! Josopli Hums, Dlningcr outlaw, by paaiiii; as a Enngaier. Uhlcago nollco and fctlornl ngonts, lion ever, Bald unrce liod held only a routtnii rolo iu tlia Seeks "thieat of Irofnclad Censorship ShoulcLU, S, Go to Wai ' , ( WASj-TOQTON I Dec "l9 sin?),..-„ , „.,,.,- ft Clifltttl^v tj'ji'v jDfmi $of>cW.y-Wfe'St Ui^ wnati munitions (nqiilrv Vthgt •absolute federal control of the pj-osV was,' possible". under legislation prepared by * the' wnr ' depart hie nt for submission to con- ere.s4»ln the event thfs counlr\ 1 scrtme'involved In another vvai He said any president mfght Impose a press censorship by d"dir Ing printers Ink and white paper'to b- essential wnr time commodities and requiring tlieni to be licensed Isnt that a fact? he asked'col C T Harris war department plan nmg- officer If the press i s considered a. material resource of Hie''nallon that would-be true," Harris'said. Tile armj oitlcer said newspapers might be deprived of their materials under 'licensing.provisions of the proposed'legislation • ' I'lupUJtU JVglSlULHJll, lohn Brothprc (toi-^ncl.f u" 1 ? 1 " 3 wollld bc (ultin « " blank joiiil Drpmers 3eriOUSly check for (lie president." Clark said I 1 f\. 1 rt f f ''TI/_ ^\^ r..t_ .. _ — ,.»...*. ^j „ u , J t/l| -SllUUfU write a blank check for the president •' • Regarding the license feature Clark said dive me t«o hours and I can . — — "~'j "-"*.i.n. iw- uiu prcsKicni,' Clark .said injured; Otneis Suffer .M": fa nY) 0 P Ini ™. ™id mrris r r "unn 'that lii time of wnr von sbouW Lessei Injuiies The condition of Tohn Brothers 50 jcar old Burdetto farmer who rt , Was injured in an accident on m?h- mc K0 ]lollrs and I can way 10, near West Memphis Sundav , gure out forl > dlfT »™nt wajs to iilgJil, tins described as'serous but !l "f 0 - se a rensors}ll P "»d<?r that pro not critical. fct- n if..i,~. _: «, .. vision." Plans No Fireside Talk Before Congress Meets WASHINGTON, Dec. 19. <UP>— President Roosevelt indicated today that it Is highly Improbable he will deliver one 'of his fire !d° talks tr - umner H. SHchter, of Harvard Universitv condemned the National Recove HT SUELinUL Moie Troops Ordeied Out As New Attacks 'l$n Couithoilse Aie SHFLBYV1IIE. gtiardrmen killed t>^o meh «oumicd several others [n 'Inn n mob vthkti ch«r»r cuurlhoiue here this itttmSm in an allfinpt t* Mlu a negro pris-"' oner. "»> FHELBVVlLLfi, Tsnn , Dfc 1 " 19 fUP)—One man waa reporfed' wounded probably fatallv, today Mlicn hallohal guardsmen flred buckshot loaded Hot guns into a mob storming ti« courthouse h-re where & n-gro is being trled v 'on cliarges nf criminally assaulting" a while school girl t ~ Repulsed •hortlvNaft«r noon by tenr (ta? and bayonets In their Hist charge, Ih6 aroused mob"of inoic than l CKW shouting white men made another attack * two hours later , „ ' Natiolml Blmrdsnjen staliori"d alinut the Wrload°d courthouse met Ihe ehai-gc x w(th gunshots f * One man Is down,' reported rdivln T foance, United -States comml'slonei, who watched ~Vci» charge ' I belleVe he Is rtuid He is a civilian' % Adjt aeh J H Bailey 'ordered a company of national guard cavalrymen h«re toda* to resnforeo t«o military, companies afterfthc mob was lepulsod earlle'r with tear as mid drawn bayonets " *'£ The youthful country nwrro, E.«K Harris, charged ViKhjcrlmlnally as- , saultlng a U-y«ar-oU white girl, near l«re a month ago/'ls being tried In tjie ctohouje »tUck«d by .j. uuuic^ ui ^yiic iictaty JMI* - r — dft«r firit'charges of mote than 1,000 anferttt «Hlte Men yeS arlven back and ordsr partiali? h-' stored •. , , • t^ '•• <{• Most of the cfofcil remained iiear' the court squarej muttering and'oc-f coslona'lj shouting tnreats S«Vr eial leaders were reported to'be gathering more men for anotHer^at= tempt to gain the negro prisoner Guardsmen were ordered to use riot guns loaded with buckshot II the mob again charged „.Defense lawjers lost a plea for a cliange of \enue and nine lurora, raostlv farmers were Delected atTjJD •=„;• -*-4^n- ^-^>Atv-7 Slat* Securities Aqt Violator Assessed $|5 S A Wood has been fined J23 oh •> charge of violating the state^saj "uritles act The fine was suspend? °d on good bahavlor , "y Doc Hatley was fined five doUjre on a p'sa of guilty to assault-and' battery oude lorbus failed to appear to Blister a charge of Assault ind batterj and his bond nas forfeited Bond posted by Tics Etor- bus on a charge of carrying a con:cal°d wcanon w)s forfeited wh'n he failed to appeal- , \'o- t One nsgro, alleged to have par- ticfpateo. In a dice game with otfief and » white man'in-TUt ueuver one 01 nis fire ld° talks tr 5 '"" allu » »MUB man in- ins Ihe nation before the openinz of . ^ end ' nas fine;i * 10 ™tf of congress. another n°gro ahd a white maiTon Says Will TakTYear to t Recover From Recovery J^tSSi fe^ X£ Pines ot ohe dollar for failure >io CINCINNATI <up)-Dr Sumner n ^V street tax were assessea ajalnst QllnVltnn «*• TT-. .% ..... .. tV>- _1T--I_j . I .. .. .. *' * ~ gro slid a -white maiTon similar charges was postponed t"^ Pour 310 fines were asses&d against defendanW for pabllo dnw- tenness and four others failed'to - . * , — " ••-•*- »~"fcrf*jcvt M^ckit^av the ollosin^, olus the three dollar •street tax fes Tom Turner, H J. •."•••iiimicu.. me national Kecovery a««k iax tes loin Turner. H J. Act "because It has* raised wage Frltehu. O b Wright, p 3 chll- rates" In a talk before the Foreign lo " and N A Spaldtag " Policy Association here. Dr. Sllcliter, denying he Is o conservative, condemned the raising of wages, asserting that It Is necessary to pave the wa> for business profits before recovery can be attained, "it w lll take us at least a year to recover from the recovery act," Dr. Sllchtei. S3 id Ohioan Recalls Days Harding Played in Band OALION, Ohio (UP)—Ed A. SI- /CRIP The use of Relief Scrip and slnmps airords every citizen or BlytMvUlc a real opportunity to carry the Christmas spirit Into all ^.mv,,, umo .m>i_ Ed t heir Chnstmas shopping actlvl- non. 68, likds to recall the days Mrs. Remember (hut w hen you when tile lato President Warren u« scrip to pay for something O, Harding vvas one of the mosj you arc buying for some of jour flCllve members of his band here friends or-family this Christmas, 1 "Warren was a good tor net (hat the (wo cent relief-stamp player. He led the bsnd at Cale- hrh, rfr.7 '" SCri? ' ^"^'P rtonla . °h'o- »"d used to be catlld bring Christmas to some descry- '- -•"' — • • «"«i i InjBIythev-ilJe family hot so for- Prisoners Cost Utah 64o Dally SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP)— Average dall> population of Utahs stole prison, durin? the year was 307 f prisoners. them v,-«s 64 cents a das WEATHER . fiscal Cost v of.' Arkaivsas — Pair, slightly colder In southeast portion tonight. Thursday increasing cloudiness and not so cold in southeast Minimum t&mperature for north- em Arkansas tonight 26 to 3? , Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy and colder tonight, toivest temperature 28 to 32 Thursday fair t Tlia maxlhium temperature here .yesterday was 43, jr ••—-•— i-»j in a good cloudy wjth 112 Ini -> Were, He liked to 'call' for cordiig to Samuel square -dances," Simon reminisced, da) Ve^hey ' minimum a, ot rain, Ac- Norrii, 6m-

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