Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 10, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1895
Page 3
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P. W, KINNBY, 513 BUOAIMV.W. '.* IMBAiEttHfj Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry an.i therefore haveleverything fresh. oi Spring's Soap, osri;v A. A BEN FISHER'S DRUG STOR WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Yftmtbd, Clwap CoUiW fc'ot: Sulo. Wanted Lots mil Acres for SiilO, Wanted Small Kurnw For Hnle. WruiMd BuslnMs Blocks For Siili*. Wiinleil to Exi!hati«« Karnis tot City Property. • Wautfil MorcluimllsB w Tr*(!o tor rurms. ADD»E*J H. .11. GOHIMKS, Spry DlwK Lojjiinsport, Indiana, H. E. TItUAX, M. D. :J18pecI»l attention Riven to Koso, LIWK, Liver and Chronic Dlseiises. QOfllco ftnd Ho.ildenc*> over State. National Bank. Hoar.-! 10 to 12 11. m., U to -1 p. m., lint! 7 to S p. m. All calls promptly attended. & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 013 Broadway. INCPEASE YOUR INCOME! -Others a r f doing It why not you ? Invest »10.00 JnDewmtor wheat, Out system Inaugurated lor tne'bjneOtofumfUl trader*, offers yon an extol «nt jppjrtunltyto trylt. Write us today tor lull ' tatormatlon. PESK1N3 It CO., Chicago, 111. NOTICE PARKERS. •xhlblt a iiuvo been allowed u JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS {MR. nw A™B MID ronm THE MOST PEEPECT OP PENS, DR. F. M. BOZBR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank," Logansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. FEB. 10. the Beo Hive's change of ad' .jement. .rreat reductions in dress ffooda at -tho Golden Rule sale. Valentines at the Loganaport Wall Paper Co. Thn beat in the city. Hew stylos ol spring hate arriving <Jally at Dewenter's, the Hattor and Furnisher. The natural gas company wishes to remind consumers that pas bills for February are payable today. Journal has a lew blrdseyo of Logaasport left. They can be had In pasteboard tubes for mailing or preservation for fifty cents. S. M. Clo«90u has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eastern money in any amount to loan on mortgage soourUy. Office No. 319 Pear street. Lost—Between the Seminary and' my residence, S06 Market street, one pair gold-rimmed spectacles in a red pUiah case. Finder will be rewarded. —Ell Greensfelder. It Is a fact that nearly all reliable proprietary medicines wero first used and thoroughly teated in practice ^by physicians ot more than usaalability, and yet some physicians sneer at such medicines. The reason is plainly seen by taking Brant's. Balsam for ation, known everywhere as re- and.8ure to cure every sort of lung and throat trouble, except last •tages of consumption. Why Is it notjnst at good for your oa»e as a phyflclaa'a prescription, \ which might oori three or lour times M much, though no lurcr to cure? ?Large 25 and 50 oen bottle* oi Ben Fisher. A Friends AJvlco Som3 four or s Bve • years ago J. A. Goodyear, a 'young man lull ol life and vl<ror, left tho old farm in Calhoun county, for the more active life in the city, Drifting into the telegraph business, ha oocured a position on, the C. & N. W, Railroad, at Republic, Mich. In addition to hia dutios as operator, he was required to sell tickets, check ^baggage and make himealf generally useful. Between the exacting officials on the one side and tho inconsistent public on the Other, ho was worked and worried to such an 'extent that his health gave out and one day ho was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous spasm; he grew from bad to worse until ho had to relinquish his position, a physical wreck. Tho doctor could not cure him and told him so, but advised him to go to Ann Arbor and place himself in charge of th.it world wide institution of learning, which he did. He con. tinued with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four;;long years, receiving little, if any, benefit. While in this condition, a friend Rave him a bottle of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital. izer, with an urgent request to use it. Not wishing to offend his friend, he promised to do so, but did not, because. as ho argued with himself, "What is tho use of taking that 'stuff' if the most learned nerve specialists in the world can not cure me?" But as time passed he would occasionally think of the neglected bottle of medicine given him and his promise to use it. One day he picked it up and mechanically pulled the cork, measured out a dose and took it; a change seemed to come over him, his nervousness abated, bis mind became clear and he thought he felt something of his old time vigor. Ho continued taking :.the Vitalizer until he was "able to sit up, then to walk a fow steps; the sluggish blood in his volns became active, color returned to his flesh and ho felt the need of more food. He soon Improved so that ho sought and became engaged in light labor and earned the first dollar in nearly two years; hope attained its long vacated position in his brain and hla friends rejoiced at the wonderful change. Mr. Goodyear is now leading a thoroughly active and successful life which he says ho is proud to attribute to Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltallzer, the greatest nerve builder over produced for nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher. A Marry Birthday Parly. Floasle, tho nine year.old daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Murphy of East High street, gave an exceedingly pleasant ftnd enjoyable birthday party Saturday afternoon to about fifty of her little girl friends. An elaborate lunch was served, a merry time had by all present and it was a most enjoyable event of the kind. Arnica Salve. The best salve in -the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Prloe 25 cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Koesllng. For Reut. A large ware-room in the Canal warehouse, corner Fifth and Market Btreeis. Saoond floor, outside entrance. Also'projection with elevator to garret. Inquire of WnSox WEIGHT, 615 Market St. . Taylor O«t on Bond. James Taylor, who is charged with A murderoui tutult on J. J. Burton at Ko/al Center, WM ye«terday re- l«aiedonbond. I,ocal an Hallway CompanifH'and Their JEmployest-Polnt« of Interim to the Public In :G«ner«l aort Railroad Men In Particular. TEA1N21 WRECKED. The first section of train 21, the Pennsylvania, fast train between New York and St. Louli ran into the rear end of a snow buried train near Harrisburg, Pa. Friday afternoon, killing five people and Injuring a number of others. The second section, the New York and Chicago train did not collide but owing to the blockade was detained several hours arriving here shortly before four o'clock yesterday. ANOTHER VANDALIA M'KECK. About 9 o'clock Friday events' another disastrous wreck occurred on tho Vandalia, this time at Nutwood, the first station south of Souih Bend The ermine of train 02 jumped the track and toppled over into the ditch followed by a dozen box cars. For tunately none of the crew was hurt, nor are the cars or locomotive much damaged. Pan Handle engineer John Rows is recovering from an attack ot the grip. Tho Pan Handle round house force which was reduced to nine hours a day some tlmo ago is again working full time. Twenty.four engineers and firemen were on the sick Hat yesterday at the Pan Handle round house. A very unusual number. George M. Safford yardmaster of tbe Pan Handle 59th street yards at Chicago Is laid up in this city by an attack of rheumatism. Fenton Catterlln who attends to the switch lights In the 16th street Pan Handle yards In Chicago is visiting his mother In this city. Wm, Kelley one of the stationary engineers at tbe Pan Hindle shops is laid up with a fall received several days ago. John Bowers is filling his position. Pan Handle fireman Mike Dolan Is again laid up from the effects of an injury to his foot. He returned to work several days ago but exposure and the cold was too much for him and ho was compelled to give up tbe scoop and nurse his toes. Shortly after five o'clock Friday afternoon tho floor under the big stove in the Pan Handle coach shop was discovered to be on fire. Prompt action on tbe part of the employes prevented what would otherwise have been a disastrous conflagration, W. R. Breesle, superintendent of the Pacific Express company was in the city yesterday. Ha stated that on Friday the Nickel Plate road was compelled to annul all trains both passenger and freight on account of snow blockading tho track. A one-armed man, with, his feet badly frozen aroused the compassion of the employes of the Pan Handle shops yesterday morning. The unfortunate man* claimed to have walked all the way from Chicago ' and was out all Friday night. When he arrived at tho shops bis loft foot was frozen as black as a coal and he was in fearful misery. He was taken to relatives who live here and tomorrow will be sent to St. Joseph's hospital. His name was not learned. LITTLE MAYMIE LTMCH Berloutriy Scalded Yesterday - An Overturned Tea Kettle Cause* a I>lMtre»lnir Accident. The two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lynch, No, 601 west Broadway, was seriously scalded yesterday afternoon. A tea kottle containing boiling water wa* overturned, the contents being thrown over the little one, causing very painful and quite serious burns. The child's left side was terribly scalded, eo that the flash leaves the body with the clothing and bandages. It is not yet known just how dangerous the baby'i 'hurts are. Dr. J. B. Shultz attended her. What Is the VForlt of th* Kidney*? To remove from-the blood its impurities. The products of cell wastes which have baen burned up in sustaining, life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and .-if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, "San Jatj IB the indicated blood remedy. Xerroni Debility. Every person having nervous deblli- ty, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of eyery honest person, and should hare. ex. tended medical aid »uch as la found In •;San Jak." Sold by Ben FUher, druggist , John Meehan entertained the J. C. F. club Friday night at his Smead street home. BROAHWAT SI. E. CHUUCH—Bev. H. 3. Xorrls pasior. So sen-Ices today FIRST PHKSBTTKRUX CUDUCH—Rev. D. P. Put- Biim, pastor. Preachlcc :it U o'clock tu m. bj ttie pastor and Bev. 1L J. >orrls of Uie BrocidwavM. E. chorcUat 7 p. ni.i CITOKCH OF CDBIST (Sdentlst)-Ser?lces will t* lield ID tbelr new roocns In U>e M;i«i?e W<xk, corner oi Sixth and Broadway. Bible Class a; 10:30 Sandiij- morning. All are cordially Invited to attend. EVANGELICAL Ciicncn—ffev. S. .'f. ZeJslal. Das- tor. Ssrvlces today.is follows: aabbata school atii:30a. m- preaching at JOS) a. m. by tb« pastor. Y. P. A. at 6p.m. Preachliis In the evening at 7 p. m. .Ul arc cordially invited. BROADWAY PRBSBYTKIUA.V Carnal- StuiO;iy School at 9;;>u. a tn. PreaclilnK tbls irornlug lied eveiilos by Eev. Win WUUamson. Y. P. S. C. E. meeting at b:.JO. Strancers anu others are cordially InvlteJ to attend tde-se ten-Ices. CiiBiSTUsr Ciitmcn-Corntr Ninth and Spear streets. Rev. T. S. Freeman, pastor, oecvlcvs nc II a. in. and -p.m. Sunday bcliool atSMU a.' m.. G. N. Berry, SnpL V. P. S. C i, at 5.-4u p. m. Subjec', "Becoming :us Little Children," AH invited. A. M. E. CiTUBCfi— C 'Fnw ot Olcoti and Market street, Kev. H. JlcDanlel pastor. Preaching at 10 30 u. m and 7:30 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday school u; 3 p. m. Teachers' meeting every Wednesday evsnlng- Prayer meeting every Thursday evening. All are.cordlally inviwtl CUMliXSL.'lS-D PlU-.SBYTP.lUAh- CUCRCK—CllilS. B. Wellborn, pastor. Sumliiy School MS ft. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. by the pastor. Junior C. £. at 2:30 p. in. Senior 0, li. ai l n, m. ASfTlesot sermons on "Old Testlment studies" wlllbebesuii at the, morning service. All are Invited. ST.-LUKK'S EVAXOEIJCAL, LnrBKiu-N CUPHOH. Ue.v. J. C. Kiiatlui:t.n. Pastor. ber.'la<s at 11 a, in. liy Her. S. Kelso anil the Young People's society ot Christian Endeavor will can- duct a special sorvico In tti« evening, bnndjiy school at 030, Junior Endeavor at ZuD. Everybody welcome. nxiVKKSALisT CHURCH—Rev. T. S. Gutbrlt} Pastor. Service today at 11 a. m. and i p ro. Subject in the forenoon; "Tberaerclse, of reason In religion." In Uie evening, "Tho rich man and Uiznrus." Youig"peo|ilc meeting MO p. m. Sunday ncbool at ID a. m, Edward Cauls Supt. All are Invited. . MAIIKKT STREET M. K Ciioucn-R«v. W. H. Woues. Piistor. Preaching at KMS n. m. and 7p in. by llif pastor. Sabbiuli school ai u : 30 a. m. Class meeilnir at 11MS a. in. anil Op. m. Junior Lua«ue at 2 30 p. in. Euwortli League at tl p. m. Topic, ."The Uoly Uarmeuts." T.wider W. R. Wones. All are Invited, TRWITY El'ISCOl'AL CUUIICIT—RCT. Douglass I Hobbs, Hector. Services today as ljlio#s: 9-30 a. m. Sunday School. U a.m. morning prayer Holy Communion and sermon. Sublect, "The Memorial Aspect or the Holy Eucharist." 7 p. m. evenliiK prayer and nnr- mou on the Power of Prajer. A co/dlai welcome clven to all. A LAWYER'S TESTIMONY. Attorney Isaac H. Susnt In the WHnos Jtoxfor Pc-i-u-iin. The eminent lawyer, Sufg, of Greoa- vllle, North Carolina, well known in the Supreme Courts of the State and Qnited States, when asked what he knew of Pe ru-na, stated: "I take pleasure In attesticg the efficiency of Pa ru na. I have used it in my family and am satisfied it is meritorious, and beyond all question the best medicine for catarrhal troubles I have ever known I keep it in my house, and use it when I think necessary." As a remedy for coughs, colda, bronchitis, catarrh of all varieties, and even consumption in the first stages, Pe-ru-na has no equal. A valuable medical book on oatarrhal diseases sent free by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company, Columbus, Ohio. For free book on cancer, address Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio. K'tre IJONN Eiilinu.tc« Joseph Grace the clothier, estimates his loss from fire and water from Friday niffht's blaze, at $4,500. Shroyer & Uhl, who had a stock of notions stored on tho second floor, claim to have suffered a IOBS of $1,200, which is fully insured. Craig, the overall manufacturer, suffered about $500 damages. The loss to the building is placed at $400. Funeral P*rty Suotred Up. The train bearing the body of Mrs. Asa Colemaa was snow bound for twenty-four hours at a point north ot South Bend. The remains in oharpe of Dr. Colemau and son Harry reached here last night. STATI OF Omo, Cm- ofiTOLEno, )„„ LUCAS COOXTI-, J • FRAKK J, CHKNET mikes oath that n« Is the senior partner ot the Ilrni o£ F. J.' CHENEY & Co.. dolngbaslnessln the city of Tolsdo, County and Suite aforesaid, and that salt! firm will pay tho saniotONE HaNDSEO DOLLARS for each and every case oi Ca.tarrh. that cannot be cared by the use of HALL'S CATAUHH CUBE. FRANK J.CHEXET. Sworn 'to before me and subscribed in my presence, this Gth.day of December. A, D.ISgi. ,-^^-*. A W. GLEASOif. J SEAL | Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken internally and acts directly on the blood ani mucous surfaces of ihe system. Stnd for testimonials .free. T. J, CHESEt &.CO., Toledo, 0. £2T"SoId by druggists, ,'M. Damaged .by Water. The residence of Prof. Hall, No. 163,5 North street, waa badly damaged Friday evening by the -bursting of a water pipe. Prof. Hall and family were out of the city at the Jftme, and before the break was discovered $200 damage had been done. Free PiU«. Send your address to B. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy In action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to he perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weak-, en by their aotlon. but by giving tone to stomach and boweli greatly lavig. orate the system. Begular size 25 cento per box. Sold bj B. F. Keesling, Druggist. AN INDIAN DEVIL. Old Hunter Lyforrt'n Special Trnp \Tas Xot Strong Kiionffh to Detain Him. Trolling for black bass at the lower end of Lebec lake in Maine last J«ly. said a sportsman, my guido pointed to a little opening- in the woods on tho left shore, fronted by a narrow strip of sand beach. In the opening was tho ruin of a camp. "There's Hunter's springr," he said. "If you want a clriak of first-rate water Tre'll laud there." He pulled our skiff to the beach, and •we landed. The littte clearing was grown up to bushes, the walls of tho camp had crumbled, and the fallen roof, lav upon them, but the charred bnelc- lo£ of what had been a fireplace still remained. A path led amid birches and evergreens to the spring welling- «p into a cup-shaped hollow among moiisy roOks and overflowing in a little rivulet that rippled down to 'the lake. A birch bark dipper hung- from a forked limb above the spring-, v.-hosc waters I found to be deliciously pure and cold. "This was old Hunter Lyford's homo camp," said my puide. "lie hunted boars about the shores of Lebea lake for a R-ood many years. He hail traps set all around the lake, and other camps to stop at when ho went his rounds to visit them, but this camp was always his headquarters. Xearly four hundred bears he killed in his life-time—one for every day in tho year and sosie to spare. He had pot up 10 his two-huudredth bear when tho Indian devil came round to his very camp. Lyforil was sitting- by the five in front of his camp one night when he Saw the creature pass, and afterward heard, it give some terrible screeches. We'd never seen or heard anything-like it in all his points antl coming's in the woods, and it made a great impression on him. jSoxt morning' he came down to the village, and went to his home. He was something- of a blacksmith—used to innke his own traps—and now lie set about making- one a pood deal bigfper and stronger than a common bear trap to catch that Indian devil. "An Indian devil? It's what some folks call a catamount or a panther. The Indians were mighty afraid of them; they called them devils in their tongue, and that, I suppose, is what made white folks give them the name. They're mighty scarce in Maine now, if there are any left. It was the only one old Lyford ever saw inall his hunting. Well, he made his trap, and camo back to the woods and set it, anil next morning the trap was gone. Tho tracks were plain, showing the direction the beast had taken, and Lyford, with a party of men from Lebee village, followed them up. They said it was a sight to see the way the creature had broken and bent down bushes and sanlings as he toro through the woods. There was a tree still standing- a few years ago, with the deep scratches high up on its trunk where tho beast had tried to climb out ol tho trap! At last the party came to tho itrap smashed to pieces, and then they reckoned it was about time to go home. This was tho last Indian devil that ever troubled this part of the country."—N. Y. Sun. All Free. Those who have; used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those wbo have not, have now tho opportunity to try it Free. Call on tho advertised drug-gist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H- E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pllla free, as well as acopyot Guide to Health>nd Household Instructor, free. All of jwhich is g-uaranteed to do you'good and cost you nothing at B. F-; Keesling's druj? store. A IIlK Hunt. J. J. Hildebrandt has received a circular from Grass Creek announcing a grand fox and wild cat hunt to begin next Saturday at that place. No dogs or guns will be allowed. Every one invited to join, Five Men Fined for Gambling. The five men that were arrested Monday afternoon charged with gambling were tried in the police court yesterday afternoon and each fined $5 and costs. All the cases wero appealed to the circuit court. A. Quiet Wertdlnij. 'Squire Frank Eight married Sidney S. Powell and Mies Maud William?, both of this county yesterday afternoon. W&at a Woman Can Do. I want my lady friends to know of the new field now open for them. In the past six months we have made a profit of $907.02 after paying all expenses. All our sales have been mode at home, not having canvassed any. My official duties calling me away most of the time. I left the Dish Washer business in my wife's control w:':th tbe above results. Tbe business is rapidly increasing, and will continue to grow until every family has a Climax Dl»h Washer. Not a daj passes but that we sell one or two, and some day* fifteen or twenty dish washers. It's easy sailing what everybody want* to buy. You can wash and. dry the dUhes perfectly in two minutes. For full particulars, address the Climax Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio. Get a sample washer and you can't help but make money, They only coat $5. You may just u well be making $5 B day ai to be doing nothing. EART DISEASE, in™ naiiy other alltncnu; •when they have t-iikcn bold of the system; never pets beucr of h* own accord, t»nt Constantly grew* n-orsre. Them aro thousands vrbo know r.hey h:ive a detective beart, but will cot ac:nit tho facu They dou'L want their friends to worry, and X>on't knotr irhat to take for it, as t&ey have been told tide and apain that heart uise.-iso w:vs incurable. Such was tho case of Mr. Silas F-irH-y of Dyesvllle, Ohio who writes June 10, IS^l. as follows: "I Itatl heart rf«V»e<w«e for S3 year*, tsy heart hurting ne nimost continually. Xbo first 13 years 1 doctored all ihotimc, trying several physicians and remedies, until my List doctor wld me it was only & question of tlmo as I could not bo cured. worse, wry weak. and completely discouraged, until I lived, propped half up in bod, because I cosildn'tlie rfoirn no- sic up, Tiiink- iu£ r-'V time had CO;: '. •• '•'•• "}" family .;.... : wanted QOUC whea I WAS .cone. But on the first d:iy of March on' tbe recommendation of Mrs, 1'annie Jones, of Anderson, Ind., 1 commenced taking j)r. Slilesf Xeic Cure for tlie Heart and wonderful w toll, in ten days I was working at light work and on March 19 commenced framing- a barn, which IS heavy \\-ork, and I nuv'nt la>t a day since. I am SB y«3arsold, G ft- -i'- ini-hos tiiid wciph 2501bs- I tiflii-vc. JT <t:»i fitfti/ cnrcti. and I a:n now only UK.VIOUS ih.'itt-voryoiH! snail kuC'T c? yo«r \vouuurful rcniedie-V .* Dyesvilie, Ohio. ?nJ.S r.MSUST. Pr. Miles Heart. Cure is sold on a positive '••i • V TX:IH I H that, tho tlrfv. boulo will benefit. Xiinru""isissell If ,-u.Cl. G botMus tor (6- or it will t)ow.'nt, prt'iMid. on rcwipt, of prico !jy tho Ur. Miles Medical Co,. Elknart, Lud. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health NEW JERSEY'S ARK. It Hosted Upon Mount Ararati for Many Years. The Queer JGooklne Structure Krortcd by tho Owner of the Eminence—-One* a FavorJto Keiort of the Clillilrrn. Mount Ararat is tlie first of n series of hills which end in the ridfrc upon which Summit. Is located, ^'illi many twists and turns the tracks of tlic Morris & Essex division of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad climb up from the Orange valley to the top ofi this ridffe at Summit. Quite nenr to> the track—about half a mile—is Mount Ararat, upon which stood for many, years the queer-looking structure called the "Ark." This ark, says an eastern exchange, ivould have been a mere cockleshell! upon tho broad expanse of. waters, and) if its builder built it for a second deluge betook care not to put too much of anj outlay on a useless object. It. was twenty-fire years apo that B. F. Kissam,; ovrutd Mount Ararat and many broad! acres surrounding- it. Ills fine resi-j dcnco stood on the east side of tho Springfield turnpike, in Milbiim town.-. Bhip, about a milo and a half from tho villages of Milburnand Springfield. Not far from his house was the bnea of Mount Ararat. This spot was the highest point on his domain, from -which! a fine view could be obtained of the surrounding country. It waa in the rear 1SCO—according 1 to tho pcopla Rtlll living in amburn—that Mr. Kissam' ' constructed the queer wooden building . which looked like an "ark," and wa^ perched upon tho crest of this eminence. The craft was about fifteen! feet long by five feet 'wide, pointed atj both ends, and surmounted by a canopyi supported by fancy posts, much on th^ Swiss style. The boat stood about two feet from the ground and was reached) by a short flight of wooden steps. Its interior arrangements vecro veryj meager, consisting only of comfortably seats at the ends and on both sides. A» the sides were not inclosed it was cx-| posed to the elements, and though kepl^ in repair during the-ownership of tho. builder it became a prey t" tho influ-i ence of time and the sto. s, whicli found IL.O, good mark in its unprotected 1 position on the hilltop. ' At one time it was a favorite resortj ; for tb e school children during the weekj days, and on Sundays was the Mecca to, which boys and girls turned their stepa when out for a walk. If any boy had, 1 a new jackknife whoso qualities wero, to be tried, tho "ark" was the best object to attack. As a result it was covered with all sorts of poetic cflusiona^ both original aud otherwise. Initials and! names were carved, cut, or scratched| in every nook and corner. These pen-j knife attacks helped along the destruction, and each year witnessed the do* cay and demolition of the building. The 'framework, which alone ro^ mainod, was destroyed about two yearq ago by a fire which started in. the long] prass surrounding it. llr. Kissam, thq- builder, long ago sold the property, upon which the "ark" stood, and afte« passing through various bands it is noi^ owned by James E. Pitcher of Shorlj pni&. It is safe to say that no objec^ in. that portion of -S"ew Jersey was moro conspicuous than the old "ark," nothing was more missed from ECape. Aor»T TtKX*. Japanese, unnsed to visitors from the L; western xvorld, speak of their "angry t faces" because they do not smile. .Japanese children have been, known to rua , shrieking from an American or Eng- ^ lish ladv, frightened by what seem to them her huge size, fierce face, staring blue eyes and -white, uncanny skin. Ln-iiiJf EUSSELI, always keeps a dtt|c -~ i of boiled carrots on her dressing- tabl%= r • which she cats' instead of bonbon*,"; "With a healthy digestion, nothing '1*3*-{v more beneficial for the complexion.: ' • .-- *

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