Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on November 10, 1927 · Page 15
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 15

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1927
Page 15
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SfcLA-f/SL 1 S'';A^4. i ii^MiiAtiiJ',£s*i J sSAKiki 1 5*,,. "li^iasairffe All *v«»tem«m» t; c««»'n . otmi** ' Standard bo* number mtist be ftn*wcr*d In wrlltof, Simply addreii r*ply to the appropriate box number, care JournaUStandafd, and itvifl b« called for by the advertiser. Please do not aik at to n*k« known the advertiier'* name. ;, , ; . ttlf I KITI £ bf general hottse- Mrai LaVwne Peterson, ' 1248 Sd, Carroll, Main 2706.' li-9-St WANTED—Experienced cotn husk- *r. Tel. Leswr Millet 4 , Farreston, Iff. WANTBD*-^our ladies, past M 80, ' widows preferafelo, to introduce health ahd Hygiefis tablets. Afidtess P. 0. Brtx 234,'Rockford.'Ill, ll^-at* WANTBD-»Compotent saleslady^ tb work In SVeeport, selling groceries 1 . Address V-6 in cars this office. . ' MALE HELP WANTED WANTED — Automobile, White (Sdrage;;..*;... £ WANTBD—Two m^at,,- cuttar* ?for Saturdays. Profiport Cash' MeaC'Mat- ket. f \, . i CYLINDER two «xpertenced cylinder preps , ers. Call at" office W, T; Raleigh do,. §nd ask tor Miy McKinley.-_ ll-0-3t POSITIONS WANTED 440 Lomon. n wwing" and,,me ' - '"' " l?y',,day or, hour. Pho^.Black 92^,;....- ll;9-8t* WANTED^-Poaltlbn as Ij'ou competent to v take full charge. Ad dross V-5 in care thW offlce. 11-9-3t \VANTED~Mfcchanicat work in garage by .younsf man. Can give "references. Call Black 1043. 11-8-31* WANTED—Position as housekeeper in the country, by widow with two children. Address V-3 care of this of- fee. 4 11-8-81* BOARDERS & ROOMERS WANTEU---3 ladles to board and room. Laundry and mending, $12.00 per week. Private family. lL-9-Ut* WANTED—Lady roomer and boai-di er. Close In, Phone Lake 1077. 11-8-St WANTED—Working girls, to board and room. $5.25 a wofclc'. Nice warm rooms. Call Blue 888 'evenings, t L_^_l____ . 11-7-Ot WANTED—2 Jadiea to ' room with home privileges. Also ironings to do out or at home. 4 Call Ridge 720. i'KAWED ter used;"Address v-4 cavU'fi flee. ••"' > WANTJ5D—$5,000, Pay£C%? WANTED—By a practical, . " invalid to care.f6f In my homo. References exchanged. Call Kent 141M. ll-9-3t WANTED— Ashes and rubbish to haul by bushel or load. 'Will hnu) all winter. Also black dJft and cinders f«r sale. Call White 1038. J. Veer. ' '. / ' .?. A I nl»-Mjftunirjy. prtissji.s anc repairing suits made to order. Remodeling of ladles and gents cloth (ng. Jo* Kaecb, 17% B. Stephenson St.. ovor Hnril'p ^»Tr<>lrv ROOMS FOR RENT ROOMS FOR, RENT— 415 West Plan- sunt. Tel. Red 925. ~ _ 11 -4-6t* FOR RENT— Room ....... In modern home. Close hi. 203 So. Cherry Ave. Blue ','471. __ • 11-7-tt FURNISHEOTIMS HOUSES FOR RfNT FOR RF.NT-Mst aide of a doublu house, Up to date, -Wai. Hurit, y.'M; C. A', ' , _ , -11.10-31*.' FOR RENT-*-New 6 room- Also 5 room flat. All modern, Can -Main 21T8. f A. Q. Hoe|er. 114Nft FOR RENT—Half of double house, 6 rdbrns. All woderh but furHac^.^ft E. Crocker, East, Side, Main 2587. FOR RENT—Moderft 7 room house, with or without garage, 1 block ffoift W. Stephcnson St. Phone Main 1895. FOR RENT—Oo6d seven room hduse close to high school. Strictly modern. Good garage, Call at <9S8 Av6n Street. Prom ll to ,2-o'clock, ga-turaay. , > *, - . 192 5 FORD ton truck with ind lUrter. Fmport 192IT FORD Tudot fully equipped, perfect running condition, $285.00 caih or terms. Freeport Ford Exchange, 15 No. Van Buren. ll-8-St 1 FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT FOB- RENT—For the winter, nio3« ern furnished hotisd at 116 B. 0m* ptre. Phone White 816.; • 10-24-tf COTTAGES FOR RENT FOB BENT—B ropm cottage, city water, gae and, ctstsrn water, electricity, ind. 227 W. Spring. John Qu.ndry. References reaulrad. OARAGES FOR FOR BENT-7-Garages, 21 W. Wash' Ington or telephone Kent 1425. • ' ' 11-9-81* OFFICE ROOMS FOR TENT FOB RENT—Office rooms. Prefer* ably M. D.'s. Apply 402 Ta'rbox Bide. 10-11-tf CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FOR SALE—New '6 room house, strictly modern, southeast location, $8,000. New B room bungalow, strict* ly modern with garage, southeast location, $8,000. Theae 'are real places and priced .right. J, W. Ncl- son, Red. 1U93. /, 10-j.9-tf FOR SALE—Three high grade homes, West SWphonson street. Four, West Lincoln. Three, South Maple. We also have homes In Saxby Heights and fill other parts of the cKy. George C. Smith &"Son. 11-7-Bt* FOR SALE—3 rooni modern bunga 1 low, oak floors, I3600-; (J room mod-'' cm sami-buiigalow, • $4150; 7 room modern houses and 3 acre tract, tako city property\ in- exchange; 6 room modern house, \v$st end; i> t'oom modern house, S.'High;.5 rdom houso, 1 acre tract, ?2800; sortth front lot, Lincoln 'Blvd. Phone Red mo. 4 r — FOR SALE—Last chance to obtain desirable building Jot 60x120 on Logan street, Saxby Heights addition. Phone Black 2366, Henry A. Bilker. 10-22-12t* FOR RENT-A'Avarm sleeping 'room, closo In. 109 13. 'Jackson St. or Blualc 1026. ' \ 11-8-3t* FOR RENT— Large modern ing rooms /at 014 W. St Gtentleman preferred. lied ' ' sleep- lt.7-3t LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT— Furnished light house'.keeping rooms, flrst floor. AlsKi garage. 838 8. .Galena Ave. il-4-6t 'FOR RENT— Furnished rooms for Alight housekeeping. Strictly jnbdern: FOB SAJJS—5 room modern house, $5800*. 5 room modern house, south, $5000. G nelw bungalows, $5700 and on „. _ . . also two on. Homer,;$0800 ami $7200, Three loyo- ly homos on W. Stephenson St., priced to sell. 2 beautiful homes.with garages ,on Jeffarson St. Grocery store stock ,hnd fixtures, doing a vory good business. 4 J /& acre truclc, berry and chicken farm at Elferoy. Several good farms at bargain prices. 8. room''nearly modern house, double garage, good income property, $4500. J, W. Nelson, 145 N. Harlem Ave. ' n-s-tit Phone Main 2823. Ave. so. Adams ll-9-3t FOR RENT—a large modern house- Keeping rooms. Private*' entrance, close in, Adults only. Black 1221. . ., '11-5-Qt UNFURNISHED APIS, FOR RENT t'OR RENT—First floor apartment, corner Lincoln and Pine. Phone 144 or 150. 10'IS-U '•FOB WEJST—Front Bleeping room, Board }f cleaired. Gentleman, preferred, Phone Black 2480, ll-SrSt* FOB IHSN'JV-218 North Galena Avo., modern lower 5 room and bath apartment, pantry an4 closets, newly dec. orated. Phone Black 1481, 11-4-tf FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOB BENT—Furnished two room apartment Steum heat, electric; lights, gas, close in, 113 13. Clark St. 11-s-at FOB BJSNT»-Down town jnodern furnished apartments. Steam heaiecl, hot water, electricity, gas, priviito bath room, dishes, linen, etc, Telo- 68i; , 11-8-31* FlATSfORRENT room modern flat, Inquire, at 431 Ho. liberty, 11-U-Ht* FOR BPNT-wModern heated flat, 4 rooms and sun parlor at 930 So. 'Oak. Call Main S218. ll-P-3t FOB BJSNTWFiva room lower Hut, modern, S. Carroll Avo., $85.00 per month, SlRin 2103. ll'.9-ut* F<)B BBNT-s-By f^o, 1st, mortem 0 room llHt, ?35, Inquire 21 W, Was'.t- Tel. KenM425. 11-a-at* FOB RENT— Modern 5 room ll<it. Heated. HIS go. Qarroll. ?hone Main 1580. . ll-S-Gt FOB St.. «J« J,nqutr« 104 K. Jr rooms and bath, modern. Rational 9-?3.|f ,, corner, So. Galepa Avenue . *n<3',<3arre« bvil , Rent tour* IW. FOB SALE AND EXCHANGE— Double house, close in, cheap for cash, or .will exchange for 5 or. 6 room. What have you? 6 room'new room house, Wljat hove you? G room new .house for salo or rent; 8 room new hoyse for sale or vent: 8 room partly modern house, $3000; 6 room partly modern h6use, $2400; 1 5 r&om houa'e $1200', 3 6 room bungalows, close in, $4000 each, small paymem; down, balance like rent! 8 bungalows \vitli one acre of ground each, a flats for rent. Farms, 2 acres up to ,300 acres, close to Freeport. Kins 104 for lleal Estate and Insurance. F. S. Albriglit. , ll-8>at 1925 FORD Tudor sedan, fdly equipped, balloon 1 tirei^ paint, upholstering and motor good as new, $235.00. Freeport Ford Exchange, 15 North Van Buren. : ll-8*3t' 1926 CHEVROLET 4 door sedan, bumpers front and rear, heater, etc. Cannot lie told from new in every respect. Will sacrifice at $4251001. Terms./ Freeport Ford Exchange, 15 No. Van Buren. ll-8-3t POULTRY FOR SAL! FOB SALE—12 pullets, full blooded White Rocks. Call Red 1621. ll-9-3t FOR SALE—30 white Wyandottea. Tel. 14114 Lena. Roy Foy. 11-8-31" WANTBO—To buy Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets. Call Main £225 Or 2328. - . li.fl-st FOR SALE—4 months old White Leghdrh pullets. E. J. Trunck, Main 1206. , • H-8-3t* FOR SALE—Rhode Island Red pullets. Ernest HOfer, Lena, 111. Phone 8907. * 11-7-Gt* HOGS FOR SALE FOR SALE—Cheater White .boars. Frank Walter, Rural'2717. ,11-7-Ot* FOB' SALE—Th0r6ugJibreU .Chester White, Stock hog, 18 months olar FOR • SALE-^Purebrcd Duroo boars, double' immuned, weight 250 Ibs. Clat*ricB'Melei-, Dakota, ill. il-8'8t •FOR, Brftnd t., SALE— Du roc stock Rui'dl 3321, hogs Chus. ll-8-6t» FOR SALB-iOne pure bred Chester White boar, 20 months old. Hethcr- ton Bros., MoConnell, 111. ll- FOR SALE—DurocJersey ;male - li and gilts. W. F.. Gartner, XiSna, 111. Telephone 14132. . 11-7-ut nflny* h«tv6 sanie by fdentifyitiir and Haying tot ad/Call this onlce. ' A STftAtED ttOQ-*OWner winy have *ams by paying expensed, John Heeran, Qerttan Valley, 111. _ ^ _ _, 10-8MOt MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR XMAJS^»Plao& order now asking for our special holiday club rates. Olen- nan 'stationery, 17 £2. Stephenson. SAUERKRAUT SUPPEH-A wuor- kraut and wiener supper will be held in the basament of the Damascus church on FMday, November 11. Supper will be served at 6:30 p. m. Price 860. .yi , PERSONAL ^, GREETING FOR 'XMASS-Wltlf space CARDS for engraved, jtiame now ready for selection. Over 100 styles to choose from. Gkrtrfan Stationery, 17 B. Stephenson, ;. ii-n-at WRIGHT MAKES THEM RIGHT —•165 * Attractive saitiples, , latest weaves of all wool suits and overcoats ^made to measure. Geo. 8> Nash; 42'0 N, West Ave 0 call White 927. * • M-9-6t* LET THE "SnoAVlt«" Home Laundry do your work, jTlnlflhi wet-wash, rough-dry, or dry wash;'Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. We call for and-deliver. Phone Red 2678. - • " - ' - ll-9.St« _J DAYS. FREE TRIAL of all Jamesway 'Poultry, eduipment. "No Waste" .mashjfeeders, fountains for winter use. Temperalawrs tisea with your brooder stove/maklng a" parlor furnace for 'your chicken hbuss. Brooder stoves and all metal nests. All on display at Stouffer'a Hatch* ery. Lena. ,10-S7'tf I'UBLIC AUCTION AT SHANNON, , < ILLINOIS 4 property belonging to Mary Callow, south of the Shannon Community School, consisting of tt 1 room house, largo barn, good well and els- torn and 2 acres o£ ground. "Will be sold at public auction, Saturday November 12th; Sale to commence at 2 o'clock sharp. Abstract can be seen at the State Bank of Shannon: This property is in a fine location and will make a splendid home. H. J. Osier* man, Auct. 10-27-15t LOST AND FOUND Wednesday, top plato of teeth. Please return to the New York Hotel. Reward. ll-9-3t» STOLEN—Boy's bicycle from Center street school. Party is known. Please return to Center street school or 812 So. Klckqpoo. - ll-8»Ht THE ANSWER FOR SALE—CJiester White rnalo Jjogs. Byron Purriott, OrangeviHe. Tel. 1310. 11-5-Ct* FOR'SALE—Choice Poland China boars, W. F. Russ, Phone Lena 530. 11-4-15t« FOR .SALE—Poland China boar pigs. Phone 8918, Win. Hofer, I^enn, 111, , - 10-31-fit Avon/I FOB 8ALE-r70 head _ Chester White spring shoats. D, A. Taylor, Dakota, 111. Phone Lancaster 2026. , 11-7-Gt* FOR SALB—Pure bred Chester White.'boars atid gilts, ribbon winner. Ancestry, pedigree furnished, F. Al. Mlzner, Lena. 111. Tel. 9714. , 10-23.18t FOR SALE-MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALB—Toy Boston ^ull pupd Call Main 1306. ll-S-St* FOB" SALE—Police dog, 1 year old, fully pedigreed. Call Blue l-'7«., ll'S-St* FOR' SALE—-Conn baritones saxophone and case, braas, good condition. Priced to sell, Write R. •&-. L*-a- m<mr Lena, 111. ' ii-7-'Jt HOUSEHOLD GOODS SPKC'JAL 3AI-85 of electric lamp shades. All sizes. Main 883. ll-Mit FOB SAl4E-*l hall r«ck,-1 bed and springs, 2 small tables, 1 rocker and 4 chnirs. Gall Black 1167. H.9-3t* FOH SALB^-Medlum size base buvn> er. Call Main 2B82..933 W. Galena, 1"'OK SALB-r-Rpund dining room tab|e; and six chairs, like new.' $45.00 takes it, 1144 \V. Pleasant St* Phonfs Main 'JG^-t after 6 p. m, 11-8-8V* FOB SALJi—Singev eewing Ine; flrst class condition, ISb.OQ. Phpne 8820, Aggie Brown, Forres^ ton, III. U-0-3t* FOB SATaB»-Small oak library round oak dlnirtg table with *xt«n- 10 ft, and 9 chairs, slon of 10 ft-i and 8 chair*, Reasonable, Ci\\ Black 3375. ll-8-3t AUTOMOBILES & MOTORCYCLES FOB 8AIjR*-FQV<l touring. QOQ4 djtion, $25. I'hone White 1643, -"'<. ll'9-3t FORD ROADSTERS And Light Trucks 192 6 Balloon tires. 1926 High pressure tirei. 1924 light delivery box. 192 3 Regular, 192 3 light delivery box, From $50 to $225. Term*. Freeport Ford Exchange 15 No, Van Burnt* ONLY ONE of the finest Red Fox chokera in the store left, Frank W, Hfvrrte, 1?8 E. Main St. Phomv Mam 1356, |-;•••".-'• ll-0-3t AVBIOBT MAKES THKM,BIOH'4V- 105 attractive samples, latest weaves of all woo] suits and overcoats made to measure. Geo. S. Nash, 420 N, West Ave. Call White P27, 11-2-Gi FOB SALE— Full blooded male police dog, 11 months old. Good watuh '. Also dress coat, lamb IfnecJ, .fur collar, at 707 E. Ash St. 40, Pplces right. .Inquire ll-9-3t* GENUINE West A'irglnid Pouahon- tas mine'run coal, $7.oo per toiii carload lots, delivered, on track, Freeport,' 111. All charges paid, T. H. Hlam, P, O, Box 64, Phone Main 2704. . ' ll-9-3t« quality, extracted, lOc a lb., delivered in Freepopt, Jlc. Containers at cost when wanted, Ojv del' now. pellvery will be mafte spot), J, Ji Wajj^er, McGonneU, Jll. ll'4-8t YOU NEED THIS Life insurance, Accident and Health Insurance,' jrjre Insurance, Autome- Wlo Insurance, For service And the lowest rates in Illinois phone Blu« 1430, A. R. (Lot? Agency, MISCELLANEOUS HAVE WOVBD to Baileyville, 111., and am I?QW ready for horsoshoeint; and general blucksml thing. Oeu. Dleterman. 11-9-31* 'iiavi a email boy's Woy« cle. Owner may have samo by identifying and paying tar ad. Call thi» of fice. H'8-3t* J'OULTKY UUJ4JED for production and «Hfca8«, 80 MP head. Writ* Norman togan or pbon« ^8803 Cedar- villa, : . . £ ll-l-48t Office test, all thia .E. ]S*chang« St. J8T8, ? p. BJ, to 8 p. m, ,, AJt NOW HEAWfoF business »t my new location, basement, rear of. Soheidi BM*., 113 £k). Chi- goj Ave:. Good work at low prices " W, Jv'ewroan, C C C H H M H H H 0 0 0 O 0 0 O R R N N N N C N N N N K K K Y Y Here's (lie suluJlon u( the uCf puMie oil la>< page. BLONDE IS PREFERRED •\ BY SHEIK By NBA Service Paris — tfl Glaoul, Pasha, of Mai> in Morrocco, has made his annual trip'to Paris to buy silks and perfumes for his 300 wives. Most of his purchases, however, are for Ids ,\yite No, 1, a Circassian tyonde who h' been' the favorite for fourteen, , ' ' ' 13Jy Qlaoui confesses Unit his Cir- wife was won, not -by ardent conquejt, but by a turn &t the cards, .Two years before the World war he met a rich young Turk who was an inveterate "gambler and in a. few days, had won, J^OO.OOO Turkish •pounds from the 'fut Mohammen- dart. Then he bet his entire winnings against the Turk's blonde wife, and won. « The loser was so overcome with grief that the sheik offered to let the woman choose the man with whpro she would remain. After a glance at her corpulent and penniless husband, she went With the tall Moroccan chief, , * TOMBS Tombs that have been assigned to the Neolithic period which marks the transition from the stone ' age to the age of_bronW. has been discovered in Palestine* Some articles resemble those* of modem times. CLOTHES of DISTINCTION at MEDIUM PRICES TONY GUCCIONE Merchanl 'I'allor 10 Nortb Chicago Avcooe Dr, WUbert Sballenberger Ja^oofl UlvO, CUMJMO, JU. Chronic, N«fT9ni *»» • Arrttit *N«. II tjtS'w l*i PM. liHui. M«9M UtltM }1S •N*. Ill tUfo. Ill 110 TO MADISON «M«. ItB rttO I MAJ>flM»N •No. Sit S8I AlttTM 10 DODGtTtlXB no ~ ___" < DlOtf DOOO«fOLl! t:60i»n i WtttVotni 'No. 701 t:»t» rNo. SI 13:80 pto •No, 28 8:12 pat •Oafly - CHICAGO OREA* W L v. ChiQUW No, 8 8:00 (MB Mo. ,3. 6;30; No. """" 11:36 tin No. 2 «:Wat* 6-41 *» No, • »«IO»M * No. 4 ftiSlpra . AB train*. dtDjf. Pboue Main t« for t>u« Or t*xl««r» vicfi. Rural 4U« for ttttktt, ojBIct* , HEWESf FOR 6AS A new variety ! of* vk^r&bond, the automobllfe' tramp, "Who plays on the good' nature of- -automobile • tourists for gasoline and food, is described by Arthur, Chapman in ^ an, article in Liberty, The ^writer 1 describes some of tho auto tramp!*- trjtckd as follows; / . , ,> ' "H|« car waa stalled in the middle of a steep hill. 'U I can get «. little gasoline from you l&can pull over this hill out of your 8 way,' 1 h« eald. f he road \va$ narow and their was no way to pet, around the weather- beaten car. Besides, Isn't Samaritan* ism the first principle of the motor road? You give him the gasoline. Then he backs his qir down the hill and. works the trick, on the next comer. 'A favorite practice of the automobile tramp," the writer explains, "is to Hit from one co'unjty seat tQ another. The county commissioners are hunted up, and the tramp points to the large family In th« war-worn flivver, 'We're broke',' he sftys, 'and if we don'f get enough money to car» ry us out; of the -county, we'll ba public charges on your hands.' Usu* ally the county commissioners capitulate to the extent of five, gallon* of gasoline,, for ,the car and enough cash to eupply tl»». tramp and his family with one meal, Jn this way thousands are being passed on from one county seat to another." Wool Suite 50 and Why ray Mor*T PUone Main 2609' for Appointment. 8t«l»f«rUo« or Monty ALF. LEE UN CNrn Aw Modern Electric Co, Fixture*, Wiring and Work C, G. CUMMWGS 25 E* Per»hinf fit* Phone BJwe 16BI REV L B, COLE f out VroJti»Jon»» Moor* i «;W A' H. (« i;M f, « f***** 1 t. m Chariet Symen* 910 S, Chl««|o AT*. AT SCHULTZ HOME .L-^^-^u^L..--...^!^.....A.... .J'^'L-..; Professional and Business PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS DIRECTORY < : MEMBERS OF STEPHENSON COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY PHYSICIANS AND NURSES REGISTRY, PHONE MAIN 587 H. KJHHL §rt.C.LI«$UE.W.$*ts JOiN J. GRANT, M . Mitel, R«ld«n« MJ&_l6 t>h»*!cifti»R*ftittry Mite ttl N. I. J. IWLKE MKmOAL CONSULTANT M«M^» f ttrifcal Co* , OpMMnttatlw. * teg tfti fchiefttt Tfewpy Labor* ' *M«0« Mad .teak BWt- HMMS; «ft* fab 118 Rei. Mala 414 WL WILLIAM B. PECK P«t$lClAN and fiUBGKOT* Oltnlml •nd turtle*! O KM* fitophtnton ilnf «St* . - _»bm «* •«*••*•«•» w •tttttvy Ml DR. A: E. BlESTEiMEUl Ml ltll>fcll 9 toe* to chrwf* in Offk* P*«MTStln ...7 RrfifcM Pttm* Main 1BYI fc. Th«mai Wiggmr PHYSICIAN iHi B. 8TEPHBNSON 8T. OVER PENNY'S STORE PHONE: OFFICE MAIN 17M RED 860 Sarah I. Bewetsen, M. GENERAL PRACTICE 203 TARBOX BLDG. OFFICE PHONE 97 HOUSE PHONE 48? DR. CHARLES B. ZIPF ANU t UBOEON Ala 603 Main 6»* No. 411 8t*te **«* «. Bt*pb«i*Jn U. Frepwrt, lit ML IYMAIN S , M41N 1180 I, J. STICHiE SURGEON .lA" Nflt'l Mob Bid*. X!B^ »ji/Cltafeiilt«b<Jr»- idnct. lid&ik m. 1* * m- 17 and M U J. N. BALY PMWICIAM AND MMW Btato Mak Miff. Office M4 N. Omt AU '. IA*LAN, M. B. 8MM HOB ow*I JI41B •• «;. «««««>•. O<flM non* MMn tM Bt&to DR. R. C. MILLER Uen«ra) PracBct flu Floor I abprmtory to tiiabetie* > . ».m 4 1 to 4 pm, M, 18W. Be*. Main 800 B. A. AlNtLD, M. B. T. A. PElllFIECE, M. B. nti«nton .»<llni« jBx talUfton _^8ttrfl i a». i «?a •:..._. ———i- . t1 fcri.'-f.jnttj „ . '. ,4.. J.l'li.i r»»bd» SPECIAL ATTENTItN DIM*M* knd OefottuHlw of Cb at Women »nd O Uooni 10 Ut U| ft to 01*8, OSIW lflS> .. J. A. Physician and Attention to Ol»eaul*» Skin and Orthoprfle 8ort«ry;: ! rbcoc Matt 101, OfH«^ flKtln 181 /< £i flwond Floor or n«nney UoM ' AND J.SHfLDONCLARK.M.l Mnrjrea of Head an« N«* BIB; EAR, N03B AND THI ' •,*:?" ,>Jglaftie Snrgery 7-,, "Jsap it. Of flee, M, 1§,8. Slate Bank Dldg., Phono for Appoint—.. <• •. , i • -1'/', 1 ,w*' «^i W, J. HIBEOUT. ll^, | ^ Prantfc* Umitetf to By«,, (lacltjii_ th* fitting of,QUtt*Mi§||| and Bar, Nose a JOl State Bank Brag, ,-,-«s— •"-•--*-" 1 — ^ff^'WtaWlSS*.^^; Residence Main tt&kf?;, . :_.t H5ftfc^ JOHN A. ASCHER, M Bye, Ear, Nose land Over Westero Union Phones— Office H.'i?<'" HENfiEST PHISICIAN ANI> SURGEON 111 W. Stephenson St. Office hourm 11 a. m. tp 4 p. m. Each day except Sunday Evening hours: Mon. and Sat. ,7 to 8 Office and residence Tel. Mafa 280* Ambulance Service * I>lv P«M«ple«*. Main Try a Journal-Standard "W&NT AD" Br. NOSE and Glasses Fitte SQl Tarbojt BJdg. Phone ML J| At Monro4;WIs^ Every oiy .:. r?rt, ^-' Night, Temple ATTORNEYS AT LAW, _ BURRELL & JAMES Attorneys at Law OTCT Hnowltonli Ba.nb 1UJNOIS R. R, TIFFANY Attorney at Law Office Vint National Bank UuUdiog Illinoti ROBERT A. HUNTER *o Uronkrite A *?' at Law OFFICE » tMH W, STKI-HKN80N ST. CLARITY &VANO& Attorneys at Law ill Offlw Hewn* ROV E. KLUCK, 0, V. M VETERINARIAN lnUener«4 l'lion« Main 199) m W «pr«n« Offtcf hi* » to i w to> «pnulnijn«in 9pee!aJ Attention of llo«t «nd r, a SJECK ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contr«ctor Wiring and FUtui«» 184 \V «..1r.rb fhooeS Prices th«t «rt right J, D, WHEAT Rt«| WKSJ » UN Iniurance Fire AVENUE «s* E. R. 5HAW COURT BOUSB PHONE. MAIN 884 U. a tiKKEN li-'IS. WUKA'l green & Wheat Attorney 8- at -Law Freeport Illinois R, a Mmufcuu w a. Mitchell oV Wilson Attorney* at Law Mala 844 --J $. Galenn Av«., Opp. C'OHTl Houw HfKKI'ORT. I I.I* HULBUR1 & HULBUR1 CLOTHES E. srernKNSON CHIKUPRACI OR, B. a ANGSTROM K»*ld*n« Mute ALBERT BARNES, Electrical Contractor : Wiring and fi*t»f«l Shop 13V! & St«plwn»on St * R. P. EC Attorney at£i Upp. Monument. PATT1SON 4fc LUW „,. «»a COUNJJI Solte a07 Second JN'at'J Phone "*meat ot estates and ftje dlyfa ' " C. 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