The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 8
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EAGE.EIGHT- •*-- 1 Scientists' . Collect Hardy ^ See^Js m Tigns-Cuphra- ! * tes Valley * j t By FRFD O BULKY' 1 Inlled Press Sjafl Correspondent , WASHINGTON (UP)—Tvvo <le jpartmcnt'of agriculture sclenllsti jbacl. from an elsrhl-mqiilns ex- r !>lqrallpn' of. jtelatlc 'Turkey, have (brought to the United State.', 3500 weds, j&nd bulbs for experimental i cultivation '"j 1 , '' In Hie* Galleys of the Tigris and Euphrates' rlvei? wh»re ancient i civilisation nourished 4000 yens .before Christ scientists found u 'primitive agriculture still flourish ing ,' Into this region v,li°re igricu) lure reached Its zenith maiv hundreds of years before Hie Willi of Christ H L Westover md »r r 1 L Wellman of llio/ Bureau of I iHlant Industry forced in search of *«ew seedo i '» they believed that n !ien certain Slides and varieties df plants p r stst In a counlrj foi many thou sands of jears It Is probable tint tome may be found that are rs- fhtant to common diseases which .plague the rarmers ot &J1 countries i \ Type of Seed Unclunged -f They found Ihe br.adbaskil of 4 tarty civilization much l»ss Ihlcklj I populated limn 3000 or 4000 vcars r fro Nor Is It so closely cultivated .Crops however are giosui f ron , weds derived from the same plants , cultivated for thousands of >i.ars ;} On l!ie broid plateaus or (he ' Interior, where grasses forage nmt % Cereals are Imoorlant crops West- fryer md Wellman found clovei aUalfa, and other legumes griming under climatic conditions, slmllai 'to semi-arid areas of Hie UiilleJ GOOD " BLfrrHEviLLE (AM.)' COTOIER'"NEWS' -~ BV IJONAU) OKA,V, , Courier News Gardening Is an Imimrtant Indus try and^lioiraiids of 5e ari of not ,tiral selectlo'n ahd accun atloii Imip developed In l!,b section of Asia cuKivaled crops that will urow although the a>erage S-ainfall range/, from 8 to H inches annually ' Jtacluded In 'lie 3500 amples of feeds and bulbs brought back b> i Wellman and WestoUr \\ere varle- t'fs and strains of clover alfalfa 'Garden expenditures may be placed on a budget the one, phase of home buildfiig "Hhat can Be lined up on a five year piogfam Some of It can be done the first \eat, and the rest over a period of years, Here Is . a suggestion -for the garden hiaker: First sketch a layout of your garden area No mallei >iow crude the plan, put it down fin paper. Suc)i. a plaii will sho\y wliere you need tojisol) 12 Inches 'deep 15 Inches deep or f> 'inches deep Hit, is hnporlant becau e 'l(, Is me-rev economical to make these planting bids at the pei led pf sradlnfMhan any llnie,afterwards. Run a drain und waler line,out to ilie (KM) location and Include ••(• In the plumbing of (he house When Die lime comfs for biilWIne 1 .he poo! (he pipes will be nt hand The first year may Include'Die lawn lopsoll In lh<! sluubcry und he (lower beds, and (he plaining i of decs. The second year program may cover shrub and 'evergreen phintlngr Then also you maj plant e-' 1 of oerennlaLs ''lie third year some of ihe shod, of Ihe cost of furniture In Hie house will te over, so that (lie lieiennlils can be planted nntl the paved terrace huilallec). The fourth year should see tho construction of Ihe pool and perhaps u 'fine lllllc garden stalue The latter must have distinction and not be an ordinary common affair Hie flflh jear should see In IcrDslInu garden furniture O n the lernicr polled plnnls of Hie rarer kinds nml icflnemctit of uivmmLs » . 1 " liif nil lhes« yea,rs there can llrrt h a SUfftkitd plan for a. back yard 'tardeii| where : ihis surift Is In.lht-mr of (he Jot, A—(lower ..bfiis; B—shrubbtry; 0—lawn. j )e nninial flowers. A dollar's worth-of seed -provides color; and enough plants for cutting. JVojii (lit flflh year or sooner if you choose to >'do this program n los time Ihe garden should L lived In and enjoved There 's always the watering the bu exterminating, and the adding o Ijlnnl foo<l. but neve'r lake gar denlng so seriously llmt you mis Hie Joj of It Nt\l of plant ferfl!l«r.s-. ' i Lubrication not, joo ' . flOJ\ iS-.. usiiallV- JSP&W& bV a 'one gun^rtist vvlio be <» ' . 4 ;; PHILLIPS Service Center \etchcs Leans corn wheat rje ami many vegetables fruit? aiul onn mental plants I urks I ike SyU isli I wo fnvorlle legetalili.', ot the Tnrklsli p-0|)le, the explorers report arc squash nnd ejjm>ta.nt U)< squash ure similar to U os« K io\\n In this country, but the e^gplams are of Carious shapes intl sl«s wine bolng cotinc) nntl us lu<, e as a small pumpkin <• v Melons are plentiful They me giown along tljt edge of the ihers nnd some attsln a weight of 150 counds some melon seeds v,eie brought biclv IVfost. of the seeds brousht back lJv the^cleiillils are being Inspected and fumigated before they al(! relea-ed for plinllni! , rhe bulk ot the vegetable seeds nil) IK, sc ,,[ ^ I hi! new' retjlonal breeding vexi>erl- il>e|l l t.fallo[v »U ohnrlMtoii s o Qra=s legi)m^Vnnd forn^e seeds will be Sent to experlijient statlorts in tliLjOreat Plains Va ond In other pails of the courUn ai\rj it^ v of ' Staple ' Dri , c * tlo(1 colmly ° n In well • »ndv.»hlch yield a stoplj of gocd quality fta , pmdc jcs(< . rt f a j ai a meeting nt Osceola uttcnded by l hs : surances of coopcrattou In the nro Vim came largelj / rom (iiat part of the colmlj but representatives of I the Chlckasaviba district expressed conflilcnce that support, for the pro gram woi*l nho be found In the northern part of the county. I< A Dhoiiau assistant extension service agronomist, and j'o Ilillerton district extflnslon ii»ciit explulncd the plan for establishment of one varletj B l,, comnfuhl- tcb throu h uhleh imlformltyi of •taple and purity of pluming Seei tan \if nisnral Communities wlilch produce onl> cotton of knowniuid uniform staple cnjoj a preferred market it w as polulcil out while seed from 11 gin which handles "only cotton of one Mlrlets Is eligible to certification ns pliuillrto seed '•, Rowden for llg|it "soils j nn(1 Acald and D ond p I, M, jl-A for heavier soils arc (lie -vanities which Hie e\tension service recbm- n\cnds fo- Mississippi count) ^Inasmuch n-; b and p L n,X-|s slfead} widely grown III this county It Is. this variety which probably Vll tic adoplcd by most of- tlietahe varielj communities IliLs jeii' 0 H Burns osceola counU audit reported lodav fha( eight gins! all In U]e Osceola dlstrltt have 1 til tf.l'i 5 ! " 8ref<1 t<! Spo " for ttie i" >c ,^,& mo _^'" t ; nl , "r! Uli!lr <on. . coui,tv 'are~e\ P -c(e<i '" already eiiOs of tl to followr ... w lifvo decided, (d foUon\tlie |i'ro fcrum aro (fie Bo'an gin nt, o cwia he cromer gin at Car^n l/»kc I lie i^ftfaij^c^Bros glu at Driver Hie OhJfUdorf gin soulr, of Wilson' tlmTU? 110 '^ gln " le R*l'«W»tn lion Farms,gin <H Marie the Bur d^lte Plantation gin ftnd n gin at Pastor Invents -Device THJ Write Mwic Notes Neb (UP)-Tlie Rev ,* > F ° W , 1?r of H "»*'oclv Meth- t church 1m developed a mu- note writing machine, slml'nr In appearance (o a tjpewrlter He believes It will end hand sewing of orchestrnlloi« and duplicate copying or music ind orlK : h manuscripts : ^ Joitesbo'ro School'Will Apply to PWA for Qtmi-ter Million'Fund JONESDORO, of trustees' of Ark.—The Arkansas bonnl State' College met In. U. E. Lee WiLsoii hiiil last night (o .inspect .'plans for three nc^ ^buildings ,'to'f be erected on (lie'ca'mpus at. a cosl of about u quarter million dollars Tlie three buildings nre a -steel grandstand, to be eiec(cd on a concrele base, a military .science building and u combination '"garage, filling station, repair shop' afiii a u lo .storage plant. It'is'plHiiHeci lo have 'construction of (lie Buildings underway by June K:The', sleel ' grandstand wll]' : be erected, on the east-side'or ! lhe college .athletic Held. The'mono- lithic, -concrete ''foundtillon'--- : "'on whlcirit.'vviir vest will' be 300 "feet Ipiijf, 35' feet wide, and 26 feel lilgli;' and''-.iwlll contain ' : storiigc rooms and |»s.s'lbJy dressing' room's shpwer.i and office roonis for alh- Ictlc officers Seals will be pfo \lded foi 5,000 liersons | II Ls. estl will contain lecture rooms, laboratories, storage rooms and a large drill'liall which cnn also be used us nn Indoor athletic field. The au(o storage building, estimated cost of which is $50.000, be a one-story flre-proof slurqi It will Include a nillng on and space for housing all of the cars on the college campus. The buildings will be erected with I'WA funds, foj- w h[ c i, ( i, e college will make application in the iieni- future. All of the proposed structures are designed to >e seir-IKiiiuintlng.- 'rhat Ls, earnings from (hem nre expected to the stiuctuic Jbout $75000 The military science to cost aboilt ?13 3 000 vi reeled west of the armoi-j will cost building vilj) •TjS fac ELECTRIC A ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdaie Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 i-j ac "g (lie stite highway Its dlmen slons will be 22S bj 2oO (eel It Wrecker Service Bfisl Prices iloyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage MY CHICKS HAVE DONE FINE ON STARTiNA- NOW t'M READY FORGROWENAf -.. Startena Dbei for Baby Chicks, ..... Growena Does lot Pnllets! r PHmE'S no (eed in the wotld that gets chicks off to a 1 better st<rf than Purina Startena. When Startena-fed I chick«.are 6 weeks old they weigh up to a quarter of a ' pound more, than chicks raised on other feeds. At M'; weeks change your chicks to Purina Growena the complete feed, thai does for growing pullets what Startena doei for bciy chicks..Both Startena and Growena are fur-a-tene, the new vitamin A coucenhafe. yOW: ^ Mpply of Starteaa end THE GOODWIN COMPANY 112 E.,M»»n - Phone retire the Indebtedness Involved In financing their construction. Three other new college buildings, a teacher training building, n commons, and u ixiwcr phint- wieineerlng building, - lire now waring completion. Children Ask Operation To Cure Snoring Dog WALTUAM, 'MOSS. <un>-wii- llnm nnd Mary Crosier, n anrl 7 ? old ' respectively. bundled lckel,; their puppy, In blankets and wheeled H in Mary's doll carriage to WalUiam hospital. Could you please take out Crickets adenoids?" they asked n hospital attache, "tie snores at night and makes an .awful noise " They were .told that it was out of the hospital's line. College Is Bequeathed Rare Bible Collection OBEHLIN, O. (UP)-The ob«Hln college library has been bcriucnthed a large calJectlon of old Bibles and ! books concerning John Dunyaii I Among the BJWe.s arc two "Br»e- ' dies" editions dated 1599 and ifii2 so called because In their versions tne word breeches Ls used Instead of apvoiis in a cerlntn chapter of Genesis; and a "He" liible, tlntjd 11J12, in which the word ho appears instead of she in Ruth III, versa 15. RADIO MECHANIC Who will (•ik.inmire to vein radio to cliis.s cmidi" tlon.. A Oanipliite |J| M . ,,r ''hides anil J'jrls - - (ti'si j'rtcrs Tire * M:i|. (;„. | Phone 47(j I Now Located a( 101 Norl;. Sf,., 1M ,i ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAKDS, Proprtfio, nwk r » of ItebulK Typcu-rlKirs. A.l.lln B Machl,^ Calculators—Itcjrairhi^—Paris—HiiiDons IT CHEERS YOU V/HEM YOU'RE FEELING BLUE / • m '•ny \& Jr= WHEN 7/^ „ 'W«BEER.IT5 rytO- BOTTIED BLUEi <HAJER. BEER *** 1 5» • **"*rcaniliQ • case fto m your dealer or take home u handy six-bottle ba& FAT.STAFF BREWINO CORP., ST. IOO.S-OMAHA-NBW ORLEANS Choicest Product of the Brewers'Art JUST RECEIVED THESE fMAStT UTMOST VALUE AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES 1 GET ACQUAINTED with gcnney's Everyday Prices Town Clad SUITS Durable. Worsteds' ntirt Cassimeres In the latest '37 styles. models and business suits that will set you apart from the crowd Patterns, 'and shades"of unusual appeal They may not. be seen ; agnliv at (his modest price Choose' yours today. - ; . • AND Of hers ?9.»n nnd SJ2.7r> Hoys' Sport Hiick Suits Boys' Varsity Senior Suits, snappy sport bucks, smart colorful rab- rlc.s...'37's srmp'plest styles $9.90 $12,75 Others 54.98 .'and S7.i)l) New Styk-s in Marathon Hats They're way out in front. ..and justly so. 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Make your choice lod.iv sizes 12 to 44. . • - l-'inc Fabrics in Those Ncvvcsl ,S|.rin<r You'll need .vvt-ral or llirsc !\U.activo •• Frocks for s[iiing. ,Vr\vrst fashion trends New neckline Irrntnicnt, smart s|,,n,^- ' i pleats, tucks, shirring. Si?os 12 lo .14 '•

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