The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
Page 8
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P/WE'EItt&T, : HE.FE •|»_ ( Jniiicale LaOiak Gave - Fans Thiilis; Gieal. Vrar Foi Pio BJ JIMMV r NFA Scrilw Sp«ri< IVrftcr NEW YORK-The 1DH footlnll ••eason wns one of rnnglc T«o new rules, eliminating (Ho Jllf-yard penalty ( i/i«i (he second successive IncomplLte forward p-uss, nnrt lifting the tonUib'ick penalty on the Hrsl Incomplete liea\c ovei the Boal line, v, 0 iked to optn up the defense, and lesultccl In Die emplojmeiiL of dcccpllve loternh •ind ton-ir f |s by ove.y major Echool In thq country , ProtoKy tlic oiitsl-amllng coich-. r? In use of this new, Intrlcalo •system of footbitl -<erc Andy JCerr or colgile, and Bob Zuppke, UK wrlnHc-facpd Diildilnmi of Mil- Kerrs p,d nn|,| Ml pllt nil „ JigglliiS n« Mc>-y time they rar lei the Dill an< i nnlslied ilu ^ason »uii only one Jois-lo oiilo ?..m z ," l " )lte ' <i ri Bl'ti"E Illinois team outvrlghwl hj nenMy rvei> njiponcnl it taf i | fol j a th j, locuvpr.cus g n, rc „;,, n .t^,, 1 ^ Anwj and cime oia «|(h (ti-t mtlrcale Mu i confusing {,*M , .! ". " W ""'" <; " "I"' handled tlio ball I* lore (tie rnn- ner ^as stopppd l "x?"""- Wte Mle " 1E ' if " 1 fn Bier/nan, Rhose wmne'oh "mi emplojed n infral in i) Pn t PK ana win the Kmite HocUif in itonnl champion-snip trophj rinnl ™. as .. nl >osi- Alnto.nn Tno eamen Uic appointment ntrilmr Stanfoid In ll, e Hosf B onl 'I, j Thorium Sfuirnrd menta mid Ray Mnnlsoi), coirh r,r that nn "•"•"' flotn floiidirrn MPihortlsl •vs f,«*.~i coupon First Dowo-and Then Some TUESDAY. DECEMBER r •""•^*"* l «*^^*». Song and Sock Specialist — —— * * rlrjr sr.a support of org-mraUr-" l ' r ' lr * Ing Onrlsfmss cneer hut Spots„ Rotund Caruthersville Grappta Many lounds; Firpo Wins Fa u On Elm Bark Beetles thai- Dutch rim nlwaw i milted bjr ltie ,, n[l , ler Pln bark teen? ha., been o!)ta . or we Bureau of p n . omology nnrl Plant Quarantine haw moved thai IK-HIP, frorn customers were not cr, "! hlwp unt " was ready to M on As A was S etl lo i llrlftf ' 1 lnu > n time to V'. Parker to* UlP Mills was promplly ,mrnf,l Tt>}>. V liy the tans w [, 0 apparentiv a the Bffe nr«l because Mill WASHINGTON CUP)-_ Thr> iinl pirsMiHilloii or enrols l« (!„, «„,,„.; Choi, «n . ' ,rvd m 1 Cfl '" t " 1 ],roa<|«,,t, 4 I , «nrtc, iho rt , reeUDn '„ leff, nml B\idd>—wnrblr Shotwell and Hartv/lg, Pitt write) nud guard, KeT)ey Yale end, Hutson, Alabama end cutlpr Navy tarkle, Qeutry, oWaboniK tackl" Hejnolds, 8lau(oid tackle, Monn ^011 CM* aiat*- gii/rd, Bartlny, NortU Cdiollna ^mrd Vo.lro ami , i: , N ° tr? D4rae> f>ld «. » Tnlatie center, steen, w allciidnnce incrensnl all coimiij ( |,,p lo ,]„, Wtle-opfn Rarnn, ulilcli y,w t the spectaloi-s a more siwclnuilni LOII- wl and (o the fad lint -\\\ •;«.- tionnl conlcsLs were nip ind Wck affairs right doiui to tiic last uhls tie ^ So close uis t) lc riBhl In -.ww „ 0 ljlr Jlyjjj, |J| ;nl|Q||, circuits tint Mlmusoln mid Ala- Iram iv^rB the only Uo mnjoi untied nnrl nndcCctled •school'; In , the counlrj In the east, the. acknowledged champion \\ns put uhow lone Orld l>eaths iM. Ftoottall d™t)« decreased ilur- tin- year fatoltls tola] ng il, 1. . * ' ,lurin B Carutliersville Charity Card To Foatnro " . r tleveland Found Leade €W"5= fit the^hfi- faTlo "-eemtnff */\ v^ r ^i^,, » ue ready to go "^ flt ^ Mr on " fl * 1 w fflllc " Wl!1 B0 veiled y conduct ^ here re , Mrroney, promoter tone, anyway nrtp? city f!, 1 ^!" 81 ' l ^_ c!lst on n '"nine exfiim- club baritone voice L- (ho <jt 1r 0 ( (],„ floor . . to thp Brilfl back Aealn tfl HIP nTatcli endfd someone Uwk n wing at Ffrpo as h - left the rln F and l, D W J S „,. loss lo removed none neTOa removed none of Its prestige along the Atlantic Datacard Aligned with thu Pw- thcrs \\erc Navj, with one law lo Pllt Tempi*, with no losses und (Its with IiKlInnn and Hiiriintll Princeton, which lort only lo Vale, and CdlilJiibln, i ieam |/-atp/i 'onlv liy Np\y» ' Ucre^nrj il|i> fcjulU In lite is-, rftalniler, of Iho.conlcrcnces ^ < Big l-eii-itlnnosota llret with Ohio State, with oiJj one los, n . 14-l3_d"feat at the Innd of Illl- nols, second Big ,S|x— Kaa"as State 1 tamp football advanced' by lenpsi -Minds with a collection pfl In the . seml-yjnUup, ton Chan- sturi nhoso nnmei> and K Y- Indiana, and Lefts Williams' brought fftnb (iirough the ^ittlc Rock will meet two out of in drove?, the National " lree ov er in hour 10 buttle raplillj developed Lit| le Wolf, Tacotna' o »e»lern division cat fight F)( V<1 Byid, Blrminshi en'the Chlcnim n»nr= Ar,,i tanxle In thp n n«,,!.,,. ^-tow"'^™!'^! ,' C ^ ^'wo"^! J<Jre "' C " y ' hfll1 a "">" th ^S B U,e no p^ii lo ^ v.tory oypr Jolinnvl Detroit, ' sllBhti.- H™«~ *Ultano»is m«u be hk rap semi-yjndup, ton Chan- M* mark In an ^hf ri * 3000 "' rln 8sWers, particularly an elder! 'a, and Lefts Williams. PO'K" It Li th» nn i, .u.. ?.5* n !' ™ an on4he front ; row wern ),thiv into - ,..„„ between 'the Detroit The Chief Wush an air l ii cai; itgnt •»v« "Jfia, Birmingham, Ala will Chicle. Bears and Ian 8'e In the opening match ' over im^ hour time-limit, aLw * '"""" "Is aiitlclpateil, and riPtrntt 1 l« p * U * 1U i * " VK^*"IIK lHHtCIl ih f " n hour "P>«-Uoi|», aLw vki^ i.J'i nner n ' mlly * on - the dl- A large cro»d Ls anticipate Slants to" mel "' e New York I Jttn° Uey oxpecU to add at Sk^HSS! V."? ^ niu i^^ , £ ! KfJ jEto^f Ste*l TOKIQ ItlP of, Japan^afi of 6ct I M 900,' an incrsase of ' — • F - ow ih year, according fo?the Big ,S|x—KCIRTIS State 1 ETEELE Mo''Dei 17'l.Ti Rocky Mounlata-coloindn and Slfel e B"'!4>g'!''b»sket' hail ( n « ! olrpado Teachers loif n donhl, htedti to Ih* ^ 2793o( South^ton-Rlci. , "B.villfteam.^Sal^rYlhV^li " 1alM >••',*' • 7.»Yfc » ( tthVi" lf0ri1 ' ""^ " h" r ^ "' " le «* K»'"e waT 3 ??3 , ™* ^'ngle preff.tu^v,^ the it, «l,^'"' ^ ntn 01 " a '"a"'"!! ' ^ vof "f Wrtfti*«Ue and 7 M !crge?t wputalton U-'ittile JiK s^-'i- - • s:=:;«:^ £-^«.^, . , , Temple, Leemnni, shlnglour UmlbeiK 3%$}™**?*' ** 1 *" "Wttv sell for, as usual, in the rush to acclaim backfleld men Pe» sere outstanding « All-Amerlci picking time, but those who sere oiawd "-"on.- Minnesota end, lespecllvely, w—-,^. u , j«,, wuuujrjy an claerlv man on4he front ; row were Wghly leased over Hrpos ccndlc t . Once Plrpos f ront , raw rtrew back his ft* and set htarttt " h " rl on f.« t Km" from way back Sou 1 A* , ° P ^ ^P 80 " »' the South American Jumped ollt of Ihe ring but attendant., pull him T ^W 1 ~—^ Meat Cugng Service * • v" f I*- 1 '',, " ~~ f ' We will be wadjr'on Dfcemljcr 21, m.J.»,to jetelyo ^r dressed hog,. ' ( \Ve-wiil pre-toil, trim and cuie vour meal same as the packing- hoMfe t^rt. ^pftrgw nltt he made-only on-pieces cured, (rim- miriga returned'to owner. Prices. Drv Salt an.l gugar Cure 2c per Poljnd. Morton's Prepared Smoke Sugar Cure 2'/,c per Pound Morgan Utilities Ice Plant PRECISION Valve Grinding Is Now A Reality ' We have rwently installed the most mod- crn v»l,e grinding machine that permits the gnndutg of val v«» on all makes oi can to the tfcomAfc ol att inch .. . manned by a Properly whooled mechanic ... your twur- "»ce of a perfect job. * "i i r \ PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. "'Hi Cnmmi<vsloner Nelll walking alongside and urging Firno an exhibition between matches - McDonald lave a one- FOR PARTICULAR MEN always welcome Tils desired. is new and 'in Men'* Neck- Pach Gtfl Stripe^ Dots Checks Plaids Solids 65c to , message _ The nation''! three braadcaaine companies mil transmit the " ttons '" tlie Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25c . Nile 6:45— 10-35c WALTER CONNELLY n PAUL LUKAS r GERTRUDE MICHAEL in 'FATHER DETECTiE 1 ! ROXY Tues.-ted.-Thurs. Vlatinee A Night—lOc Silk and Wool Scarfs $1.25 to $3.95 Gladstone Bags Suede Jackets, zipper stvle Gloves. Pigskin, Mocha, Kid Good Looking Pajamas Pioneer Ruspewters Military Sets, 'zipper cases - Sweaters, Angora and regulars Formal Shirts Cuff LmLs and Stud Seta Handkerchief and 'Tie Sets . . . * WiUrn Brothers Socks ....'. Van Ifeii«>n to S 12.75 - - - $8,- $9.50 - - $K50 lo S3.95 • - - ?1.65 to |3.50, - - ?1 and'f 1.50 SI.50 to S.> - §2,50 - <tf • - - - S2.nO - $1 - Si.50 50c, 75c »» $1 ° . Arrow Shirts ........ « ' ?7 : Handkerchiefs, ,x>x of a... -. $ !- 9 %-J Blend Umtemar Se« ........ 7 " Cs . ' Hkkok Belt Seis In Utility Boxes - ." . '. ! '^ R. D. Hughes & Co. 3 Doors West of Rit' 7 Theatre . t "-.^ *V, *i."

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