The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1933
Page 4
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FOUI BLTTHBVILLE, (ABK.E OOURIER NEWS BLYTHEVUXE COURIER NEWS THE OODKIER NKWB CO., '-•'• 0. B. BABCOOK. v B. W, EAINhM. AavtrUUng 3oJt (UUona) Advertlung KcprcicnUUvei: Arkaaus Dtllies, Inc., New York, Clilcno. . Xrolt, St. Uml», Dalla*. K»ntM City, LIUl* Rock. PubUihcd Eyery ATUrooon Except Bundiy. Entered u wcuno r;u> m»tt<r it the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October t. 1917, drive which has a united country back of 'it; and it all makes one think of General Johnson's recent remark— "God help the man or men who get in the way of the national recovery program," , — I! nice Cut ion. Strveo at ttue rjn)t«i StmsCrttPTJCN By earner in n* city of Blythevllle, 15c p«r Week or 1650 per year in advance. By mail sithin « rsdlila of 60 mllei, (3.00 per jr«*r. Jl.SO for iljt month*, 8So for thr*« month*; by mail In posts! zones two to atx, Inoltulw. $650 per year, in zones seven anil eight, 110.00 ptr year, payable In advance. Voice of the Peop/e RooseOeh A man who is looking fur straws l« show wliicli V/H.V tin 1 wind is blowing could tlo :i lot' lli:in ID sUn|> r those stories ;>.lioii( Hie Ihoii^inds of letters President lloosevelt is roceivinu commending liim for lliu N'liA 01111- jiiiign. Tlicso lulliT-4, mostly, iiro from people who don't oi'diiuii'ily sit down I" write to the president. Some of them arc misspelled, .-ome ol" them arc more scrawls on hits of wrapping pitpur with still) pencils, ,<otnc of them nro formally typewritten and some ;U'C on .scent. ed paper. There is no uniformity. They came from everywl>ni-c .and everyhndy. ISnl they all agree in ono thing; wicli is an effort by n deeply-moved American citizen to tell the president lhat the blue eagle campaign is Crossing tlui land like a strong, refreshing-wind, and each is a heart-fell pledge of support. And the influx of these letters is possibly the most important single symp- ' torn to be found in all the land today. * 3- V , These letlui-j. that is to say, show how deeply responsive the American people are to this stupendous,' complex and puzzling campaign ugainsl the depression. % i For (I:L> letters art: not heing written Ijy crunk.; or freaks. They arts : '• coming from ordinary people, men and women who do not usually dream of . /sending letter to the White House. The plain people of the country, who .. go voiceless year in ;m;l yt-ar out, arc' taking Ilm trouble to speak their minds. N'ot once in two or llircu generations do the American people really become, aroused. If an awakening is coming now—and this Hand of letters can hardly mean anything else—it indicates that the nation is lys-ing into the scales a united force of a si/.u and strength such as America has employed only three or four times in all her history. * * t No 'one could make a greater mistake than lo iindcri'Nliniulc Ihe significance of this. This is ifjt just another political movement; it is not just another fad, just another safely valve for confused and inartkulntc, public emotion. The blue eagle is the emblem of Japan's Mistaken Idea That three-day sham battle lield in and about Tokio recently for the "spiritual education" of the Japanese people seems to have been designed to show that only through possession »f a dominant navy can the Japanese e - oi)X: the (errors which a new war might inflict on the civilian populace. To a certain exlenl, of course, lhat may be true, lint the militarist is given to overstating his case, and lie seems to have done so in this instance. (The fact lhat Kugland had, overwhelmingly, I he world's greate.-t Heel (luring the World War diil not save London fr;nn the horror of air-raids. 11 did not even save her North Sea coastal towns from bombardment by hostile, cruiser ' squadrons. ICnglisli women itnd, children were blown to-bits in their homes, not because ICngland's Heel was inadequate—but simply because such things are an inevitable part of modern warfare. The only sure way to avoid them is to avoid war itself. TUESDAY, AUGUST 15. 19 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Cod Liver Oil Valuable Help In Building Health KV lilt. MOKItIS HSIIBKIN jdi- amount of cud liver oil rcconi- Killtcr, Journal ut the American mended for the treatment 01 Medical Association, and of rickets In babies or (or curing tin; Hjjffa, the lic-ilth Lcng before physicians had any o!sea;e. It a child has rickets or Jie tendency lo rickets, it should idea of the virtues of cod • liver I have prompt medical attention -to oil in relationship lo health andhr.:U suitable amount:, of cod liv;,' Di'cvcnlion of dhease, It was used I oil or Ihe right ly|)c of cod liver by fishermen along the shores of'oil concentrates may be pre;he Baltic and North seas. Before modern scientific medicine, cod liver oil was prescribed (cribed. Ce<i liver oil Is for rheumatism, luoeicutasls inn j recommended for casjs of a nil .sons ot v. a=.mig disorders. In 1011, articles began to widely i Ixjrculous type, though It docs not written Indlcntlni; Hie Immense; value of cod liver oil for the prevention of rictels. In rickets there Is softening of the bones cine lo a failure of I lie body to have any specific effect on tuberculosis. But cod liver oil aids I lie food Intake and supplies good quantities of vitamins, and is therefore especially useful In Ui- LcrculosU. ere ciilditm and phosphorus prop. I Ceil liver oil has special value ti-ly. I in pteunancy. in uhlcli condition Strangely, lliere was apparently | there Is an exceptional demand on r.o rickets in England until the.j the mother to supply tnlclnm and a'e.vcluiiment ol window glas* To-1 phosphorus for thi? infant. If day it is recoyihicd that ihe ray-fililie mother's die 1 , contains a suffi- CHURCH EXCUSES: • By Geo. W. B«rh»«' : My ton-ln-law sayi, that cause 1 have not IJMUI reading. paj^rs thai I I^avc not, as i-alis it, kept abreast ol the tin OI course, n man of jubt urd i'.ry intellect- sDCh as my son- h'W and hired man has can xre or rcali/e tliat a man of >','] kncwledje and ability knows everything worth without rendiiiE papers. Readji p.ipcrs and talking with other paf p!c gave the members of lj^ church I ran so long the idea th : 1 '. did not know my business a| m 1 contrail?!! the board, nail . | oily, things had to go my way &• dil At times as many a? f c-r six would come lo see me a: XI c-i:te;- what (hey called a prot' ;'| [ the sun, which produce vita min D In Ihe human body, will not fuss through ordinary window rleni ainounl of calcium and plius- pnoriis as supplied by milk or dairy products, she may take the of cod liver oil to nid the use ihese matcriuls by Hie body. Cod liver oil l> cs]iccin!ly rich! So imixtrtant has cod liver oil :n vitamin D, and is therefore | Leen found for growth and rlevel-!. that today it Li cominon- Icf imi:orlanrc for the prevention I cf ilckels. for tills reason most doctors prescribe live drops three // Ducc and His Dentist Dr. Arrigu I'ipcrno of Uumu lins been private denlist I'ur Mussolini 1'i.r Use hist uit'lit yews; and now, visil- injr in Clik-ij,"), lie asserts thut II Dntc i.i the one m;m who never Hindu's or \\Tisjglus apprclicnsivuly while in Ihe dunlisl'.s cluiir. When lht: dwilisl rumiu-ks—with thut sardonic chuckle reserved for sucli oc- (."i-ions—"Now, thi.s iimy hurt a little," Mussolini simply SIIMUTCK his shoulders and siiys, "1 do not fear pain." None, .ol' ilm dentist's gadgets ever liotheri him; lie even reads books while his teeth ure being .fixed. • - Nwy this, somehow, strikes us us une story aliuul II Duce thai, is a bit hard -to believe. Very likely the man does not "l'c:ir pain"—but what has that fo do with being in the dentist's chair? II isn't exactly pain thai a dentist inilicU: it ;.s a weird ctmitjina- tion of frijjhl, misery and the kind oi' bir/.y.-buj!x. business that puts teeth and nerves on cdiie. Is any man on'earth capable of facing it the way Mussolini is said to face it? "We should slarl iliinkinjv al;onl her want her lo know anv of nnr friends." j liniES a tiny for infants at tu-'j | weeks of age. increasing the dose ! aiier three weeks lo (en drops, i I'nri gradually increasing it fnr- ! tMcr after a month so lhat two i leaspconfuls daily are being giv- j en at three montlis of age. From • »our months of age on infants . ,. 1 rhci:ld receive 1 three teasixxmfuls (lon l tally. I These dcses ate not. however, to ronic of the 1 done a .. t.'causc I would not make si. ; changes as they thought shot t'| •V made, they would have til j ri^me taken off the church ij iMti- knowing full well that ):i:tiv my business. 1 let them bcrstund that as chairman .e t:card. I would run ii. As preacher, u-c had none most the time and the members, or/--] ly given to chickens, cattle and many of them dirt not re,l other animals,, as well as lo man. ! !/e that we were saving money l.ifcr Asks Travel Guiilc DALLAS, Tex. (UP)—A life term; piijoner In the French penal col- not having ; every Sunday. preacher to Michigan Hangers Kflicifnt BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From Ihn files of Ihe' BI Courier \Vcdnc: ihy, Auff. l. r t, The local undertaker vcjiorls no funerals for more than two v.-ceks. I v.'hllc tile several physicians re-; port sicknc;-s uncommonly .'.liphl. all of which means that lilythe- ville is becoming a soil 'of hcnUli as well as a summer resort. ony at Devils Island. French Gui- ! LANSING, Mich. (OP)—So tti< aim, named Dalas has written c;igh is Michigan's forest- I Mayor Charles E. Turner, request- fighting force that every squi iiif well worn clothing and pic- • mile of the state's 19,000,000 ac n;res of Dallas, Texes. He rend'of so-called fire zone is wltl fm airplane company guide telling | Mght of the ISO towers statior about Dallas. al strategic points Love oy Lucy O 1913 3V O C. .1. Evrnrrt rind A. O. Little and wife, who have been inuring iho llooslcr slate, Ihei, native j 'land, returned home this ;ifirr- ncon with good stoiles of sood, limes and bijj eals back ' yniulr:. It would seem that most, of Ihe guarantors nn the SRoO nna would rather pay their defirit Hum to sr-11 tickets, .since most o'. those to whcin tickets were sent have returned tlicir lickcls, say- In? they could not sell '.hem. Soi'in , did not even keep out enough fur I their own families, and </e\ sn»-.e j say "ph. we can't do without n Chaut'aiiqua." They wiil next year! lulled a new hunch ot suckers arc ! . caught. " _ . We linvo loinu lo the pl:iro in history w.icre we arc vcaniinsing Hit; vahk-i of life. —Mrs. Franklin D. Rooscvell. * 4 -f Thc> inner lite, the unfolding ol tin- subrcii- fnoiis. the eiirlchlr.i; of the jjhyclir—Hicsc run only nourish in .Mliliidc. and for the, nood ci'.i- •ffn the only solitude is in the bathroom. —iN'nncy Hale, writer. lirvncrr Arrr:tr;l I SPOKANE. Wash. iUi'l—Sete:; j hundred rpiiirLs ol inilalvlcd brr-.v ! lined the walls of.a lnr:il basement | the other day. T«o n::n wore fill- i ,117 bullies with slill irure beer as i federal asents broke m. The pair i v.rre arrcsltd for nmuin^ p. brew- ' cry without u federal license. Deep s?a fish imrsi \v;ien they i:ic brought up Ico iimcKly from great depths. OUT OUR WAY 1 nlv ays suffer. SnfTcriii j .-.ccm.'. lo IK «hat I do K-.i'.. --Richard Barth?!;:'.css. movie acto.'. aarfebor, 1771= Sir Walter Sfott born. By William? THVS, OUT 6R\owt AMD CAUSE \5 KEEP RIGHT ON HUMTiN' T1UU VOE DO. AM' X OlONV MO SOCKS OM 1860'France ceutenary of of IQJSrFfiwe celebrates , , d birth, of Najwle&i CXJT AM' _ MOW Security an<L faces at COT AWO 1-KjMCr IM TiAE. &j>. \Toon-. FOR A BUSY. LIN r, tlKCIJT 'rllJUi; TOtJAT i:vi: llAYLHSS. jnettr .i; HAliM:s, nrlTtrcisinK r Klxlty'n driiarliiteiit flly iiinrrlex DICK 'l'I:r s:imr <l:iy live lenrnft thtlt »lu- N i,> K <, co A'cw \ork tor thi- »liiri! nuil IIIIIM leave thnt iiiKiit. Did; rnlips her tu the «m- tii»u litil Ihrnii^hinit (be ireek In -\i'»v Yurk Him bnn nn ivorj from Iihu. The rl.-iyn there nre bltKy. Shi- mei-l* Tllinio.V III'.MCR wVu !•> iiMR'Il Hllrni-1,-,1 l,y l,rr n»< ihe ^lsils ll<i:.VK I'ltllNTISS. a fnnni-r nclimiliiinte ivho U iilnylN*; Ilie sliu-k iniirket .-inil :iilil»e« £ve Ii' ilu Ibc .:i,m-. Hn her rrturii In l.aiiq ,CI<T- ,l,,r. I .lllr.m.r.r olu-rc- lit- k» en- uiir.i-'l i* *\ltl\:. Al the DlBce Kvc llmN :i new c«i|iv urllcr. MIINA I riinlik'.ninkrr. l)Ii!i null I^ve nrr'in Ihe hole! iliiilin; r,mtn vnu tvi-nliir; when Hi i' *-n.'» 'I'hernn Ilei;rc. He rcc- • 'uni/.i-s her mill uunirM r<> thvir i:,lil,'. l.:iur she trlln Dlik »li<- llilnl.s they ^huulQ uinvc trom Ihe llcilfl. A(IW Oil O.\ WITH THE STORY CHAPTER V11I rplIEIM'. were several columns it' advertisements oE furnished apartments for rent in Ibo Sun(i;iy nuwspntier. Kvo aud Dick hail decided to rent a furnished I'Saco because Dick was .'.only temporarily located In Lake, City. Tlie main olEices of tlie company lui worked for were in Chicago bill IJic-k had been in Lake City fur more than a year superintending tbe construction ot a theater combined will, a huge office builrt- ini;. The theater was lo open in March but it would bo June before cvyrytlinis would bo com- I'leled. Dick bored bis ucit job also would lie in Lake City. Evo irfiiscd even lo consider Ibo possibility tbat bo might bo sent else w here. Tlie first apartment they visited impressive. live glancet in our first sweetheart?" 'Vi "Tomorrow Weil have * real Jfuncr in our onm home, wont u>c. 3 " t> home, ivon't -s^c "Why, yes," said Evo soberly. She had not 1 the' alijlitest idea bow it was to be managed siuco the. bad to be at tbe office until five o'clock. As she waited for the trolley at the corner next morning she:. . turned to look at tlio bouse. It' was downright shabby from tbe outside. Eve was not so pleased with her new homo as been tbo nlfht before. ii!ioui the reception room and ap its furnishings. Kven «. lien »lie had learned bow higl u rent was she. still wanted 10 e there. ll'.it Uick would not liilen to her ;ir£U!ii'j:il that sho could pay l':,rl "I Ibe lent. "No," lie said, "v-c're guins to live within my i!itn:no and tave sonio of it too, o I have plans for tho fu- ure. II lakes capital before auy- cnu c.i!i be iudcpeudcnt." Tlie nest addresses oa the. list provL'd -equally discouraging. At last ihey stopped before an old on Mic opposite side of tbe cily. It stood al tbe corner ot a, main tlioronslitare and tree-lined "Is'it slio was greeted by an tido slreci - i aroma slio loathed—cooking cab,.., ' , ... base! In great conatci nation s!ie riio wouian who owned the bd * t , kilcholl] was a widow. She and her I , Dick went on will, his meal, iip- "What's tliat?" lie demandedl parcntly undisturbed. | sharply. j Eve Eat In the, dark living room looking out at the street. Uick entered much later. "Oil, there. "Well, my mother always] cooked boiled vegetables when II wasn't at home. You mlslil cat! yon arc:", he. esclainied. turniii:; tliem at noon if you like tbea gj| on tlie lamp. "Have some candy, ] well," she said angrily. Eve?" And with a nmiio ho lieiil I "i' n t you can't buy a , , ° 1 c " ocolale CCLiereU ; tiil "' CT lhe l butler creams. Evo grudgingly allowed herself I ins to get away from rcstaaran j svvevcd. "And besides I was licp.l shs had' 0 " 0 of thcn '- Diclc tbrcw a leg over the side- I cooking after I married." "\V!ic; you wanted was a ; Sr.<i But sbo forgot all tbat iu a Ire-'?' Il ' s arm cllair . lishtcci his pipe I class cook and not a wife!" ; K\ mendously busy mornins. Al| ind ¥rent on ' " lt>s soing to be! accused. "Vox sliould have noon elio purchased an orchid " ic3 to 1 " avo a wifo lo cc ! ol< tor'aidcretl my nuaiificaiions lincu Innclieon set but there was!" 16 - l USC|1 lo Bct bo lire:i of tlioroiigiily i! you wauled a moral no time for further shopping. ' llolcl and r "la,iraut food that | cook." "Oh bntber'" slie told hr-^lf i SODlctimcs J ' vc tahcn an apart- 1 'Won," Dick answered slowly, "I c^n't do everytbiiiB We'lUust mollt wi " 1 a ^^ iust so ' ' (li " cx "cct to get a home.".-, t, ,n tpt our mMl's nut fn Cou1d do ™? 0(vu cooking." | &'e bad had no diuner and shn £L" ' "I^eed! Where did vou learn ( <=^ ''U'lfiry. Hence sbo answered lint' wben sbo reached home tbat fo cook2 " she aste " "' a low - «««»«»y. "Xo doubt! A.hom, voice. "Ob, in tha woods. Spent a summer up north peeling lurk for a medicine company when f was lilled will, little cabbages. 'Wall. I've beard of women wbo read nothing but cook books but* I • don't Intend to spend my life try- i-vo «, ls and dauBhter . wearing a blue flaauel < ;i *•»«> trainin E ." op collar ami "Vott llko the lo disguise groceries!" Dick took a Ions P"H oa. lilj woods, don't rii rc before answering- "I'm be- iH[o ftpartmccts. Oace , . .._ .... i::.-id.-, l-:ve had lo adtull tho| sto ^ e stooa * «»< n pressure^ ., rn la!cc you l]p norlll 50:lie home "wbcn you married. What <::i:i-ia nf the place. The walls j c00 ' . ., , I lime: sco if you don'l liko il too,"'were your ideas of tbe respousl. «i:re iliick and the ceilings high.! "Dick!" gasped b7«. Ulial| rji c k sa id ia answer. "I used to', bililics of marriage, anyhow?" l>janv:,.is were arched and tl,e| on carttl —•" . .' SO up iu the fall with a group of j Kve could cot answer. She bal hc.r.y Ivor- woodwork was niag-: "Tako off your wraps, near, friends. Hut that was di.'tercnt.i thought herself beyond reproac;i ni!..-.-,;t. ;!'<> said. ' \\o can uaio mnner Tticn wo stopped at a lodge aud Tbat Ibcrc might be something to ' hi a few minutes. EJCIJ Unu E is. lllc , 0 wcro cooks to ,, rcpare tl , c | be £aia , uick . s S m 8 of the «rgu "Wl-.y tbeso rooms are lovely: Wo must lake llicin," gasped Eve, iH'icii to her own surprise. "Aud 1 liiiak we :an inovo In today." dona but the horscr&disti. i r ooll . Th!lt was wnll rj C rriil, too.'mcul also, slic bad not realised. live obcl'cd. Sn« wanlcd to.Uul you never really learn tliei Ho put on his bal and coal and cry. till she laid the table tori woods until you bave lo feud tor: went lo the door. j two and Dick triumphantly pro- j soiirsclf." i "\yticre are you going;" induced bis offering. "llo-.v much did you pay tor i demanded. On the table wnj a plaller of. tbat cooker," live demanded sud-' "Oul for a breath ot air," u« liam surrounded by EV returned to the Mira- iiar. chocked oul and slowed llioir licln:, E ings Inlo tho rumblo! onions "cabbage and polalocs. livoj fiat of the roadster. Then Uick[i 00 xcd at it without speaking. , ••'ic.pi-cd at" a delicatessen (or : "wbat's tbe matter?" D!ck j chicken sanrtwilhes, coffee, a I asked. ; liolilc of crenm and a pint of "I'm not hunsi-y." [ iuerbert. "Well that's too bad." Dick] Mrs. Brooks lcM,im make the I answered. "Don't yon want " J-.^,- 1 -- »'«« *°» *«».'jklleb. cofiee jn her big, old-failiionedUry a bit anyhow? Tills burse- ... „ ix-mus » UII.M some kiicheii.- She loaned them some radish sets everything off juslj ... becal 'lirlits and cups and'Evo scl out right." j . niarr carrots, jdculy. Wbco be told her sho . . ' of " lold her. "1 should think you'd noel It. „ ''=' '« nn- H. dl.awe.rcd wi :! , 6 -,,i au d "° '• swcrins- Kve burst Ink, l,ut .When nc « rllteUas hurried to ti;o mod. U was fun catiuj by 'MiHileligiit. sh» declared. IJickitJ'VB arots aud rift tlie ?aotn.| '•'rfVii-d ai bcr. "Tomorrow," heM^ muriuuring under her Incath,]"Bulled "we'll buv» • teal diuner I "Uti, ibis is locosaiblcl 1 .' But'ro'e—!'! ause Dick bad left b er . Hcri riage was taking on an lliouslil ho hcarJ Kve lirely new aspect. \VAJ It gc oiull6r uudtr her breatb, !| ° lie. trie lark «ije c*rt. eu c tin nip-, j. Siled? (To Be Coi-.liuvetl)

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