The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1037 BLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky 0 O A I, Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chicknsawba & R. R. Wanted To Buy CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: | One tlrio yer line lOc Two limes per line per day ... 08e T/,rce times per line per day .. (Hie, Six times per line per day .... 05c Month rate per line GOc Cards of Thanks: 50c & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will he charged for the mini- We Pay §G-S7.50 per'(.oil for ber of times the ad appeared and! Scran Iron, Radiators Sl-""""""' ' <F w " '"""" '§1.50, Metals (jc to 12c lb., also buy hides & old batteries ARIAN AUTO PARTS WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FUUN1TUKE flubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Flume 1031 actjuilnunt jf bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by pervns residing outside of- the city must he accompanied Dy cash. Hales may be easily compuletl from above table. f Advertising oniered for irregular • insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will bo taken for more than one incorrect insertion of ativ classified ad. Bus. Opportunities 126 E. Main Phone 116 WE BUY Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron BIytlieviile Iron & Metal Co. PHILLIPS WALNUT AT FIFTH ST. Vherc Von Can rind a Bargain, triljtiss of 1'ricc or Make cf ar. \Ve Also liave Terms To Siiil on. Come In, Look Tlicse Over. —Oprn Simdays— 15 I'OllO V-8 TUDOlt TOUU- JNG *j'Jj 5 FOKD V-S 1)1! M.'XK,3- Windtw COUr-K. City Cur SS'.'J .1 FOIST) V-8 COUt'K. A Itcal Car for Traveling Salesman W5 \Z CHCTUOUJT.COACH, mi i.lcetiso $1113 IB I'LVAfoyi'ii "i: i, UXK FOjinon TOUIUNG .... 55^3 is FOND v-s Tunon. A nargahi at $3t>5 T O It Jl SUDAN. I.ols at Beauty Culture IS THE COMING I'ttOFESSlON Learn this pleasant work which pays well, "ew class opening—r.late supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrsi William Derryman Elaine Beauty Shop Local firm lias opening for man over 40. Good education and willingness to work important re- quircmcnts. For 07. 16c klO Cherry & R, R. Phone 448 Salesmen Wanted WANTED—AMBITIOUS HUSTLER. Sell Ka\v1e!gh Products. Needed svcr'y home.' Easily sold. Pleasant ivork. Should start earning $25 weekly and increase rapidly. We leach you libw. Rawleigh's, Dcpt. AKC-27-50, Memphis, Tenn. SALES1WAN WANTED—Musi he well known in city. Experience appointment Call ''?' . ?Ke 'V fBl ' g ce Roy Cal ""' in,. irio' pl l lm P s Motor Co. 17ck20 Business Directory SKYLIGHT CLEANING TAINTING Slop leaks in basements. Furnace cleaning, scaling, repairing & washing boilers. Chimney cleaning. We stir up no soot. Work guaranteed. 111LL HELM—call 333 Fresh Keelfool CRAPPIE 35c Up Cigaiettes, 2 pkgs. 25c HARRY BAILEY Gas and Oil Slate Line at the Arch oE nil kinds Uniforms & equipment for base Call, handball, Softball, soccer ball tennis, track & boxing. Besi Prices . Co. WE ATTEND TO AU, DETAIL! Let's Talk It over—phone 100 L\ C. ROBINSON L.UMBEU CO. ' "MY COAL IS BLA'JK— BUT I TREAT VOU WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Shoe Repairing NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. Simon p. Lee in charge i Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job CITY SHOE SHOP Try us once Then try us twice After that you'll let us Do your shoe \\ork the Rest of jci'.i- life. WM. FREEMAN & ,T. U. IIOI.T •4 doors cast Pcnney's . Poultry & Eggs FRESH YARD EGGsT 25c to Mrs. J. P. Pride, Pride Sub Division. Call 408-W. 13ckl Vantcd: Good salesman ready lo Bo to work. Must have car. SaN ry. bonus, expenses paid on small [uota. Sec Cail J. Hill, Holel ileiwqe, Saturday & Sunday, 8 to •i A. M. • 18-p-k-22 For Sale DPL- COTTON SEED, PRIVATELY GIiNNlSD. J. H. SMART JR 1000 Lbs. FLOOR SCALES A Bargain If Sold At Once J. W. Shouse Wilson llenrj Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. TEAM OF MULES, reasonable. Pall Burks, Dogwood Ridge. 16-pk-2 Gleaners - Laundry STAK Cl.KANMHS Kxrerlnitcd Workers - Qunlity Clennhn; - Courleous Service 519 V/. Asli plione 200 Miirvin Suwycr, iMgr. Seeds - Plants ROSES—5l.(i9 ciozM) prepaid, Hnr- dy, uvo-ysnr Held grown ever- blomiilns plant*. Free <lcserl)itlve folder. ROSI3 NURSERIKS. Box !i), Tyler, Trans. . )5-|ik-23 For Kent fo 02U Nice bedroom, iiii'jje c:oset, adjoins bnlli. 212 w. Kentucky. e-ck-J-8 Nicely l-*urnishcil STEAMI1EATED BEDROOM, bull). Call 500. 4c kl-4 EASTER USED CAR BARGAINS l-'or «iljr Itaslfj- niiil (He iu:iliy;iuoi|llis,' to follow llml look» classy, runs well, eeonnmicu) lo (Irlve iiiul 'I'liei-e (|U.'.lincallons lit every iise|i' Cur You' ticetl 11 ear easy lo uay (or. :uid (licy lire all 1'ilccil Hlfhl. Kasy G, ^I. A. 0. I'lun «AU«A1NS — AND i\H)U10 KAUGA1NS! 'as oiii;vittn,iiT niAS'vviit- COACll. Clean. l( U ns Uopd \V!(li Itndin ;.... '35 I-'OHJ) V-H )) |.; J.UXK KnmUle Heal, ami Healer. Only V. HAlKiAINS '31 COACH. Healer'riiw MASTKft null 1U37 Tor V-8 F 0 II II t) !t J3 V O K 1) SEDAN .................. J2(i5 10 CHEVKOI.liT TUUOIt. Electric Horn. '3J Tass . . S UU Vou Will Have To See These Cars Utlvc T|ieni If You I.lUe. en AVe Say They Are UAH- GAINS, We 'Mean Just That 1 . Phillips Used Car Lot Thonc 810 toy Calvin, B[gr., Used Car Depl KQOIII and Board $6 PER WEEK 'nj'oy comforts of steam heat, ot and cold water, good food, all ur this loiv price. reabody Hotel 111 E. Main 11 ni:vitun-:v t;t)Ai)|(, t »N'nv Tjrcs, ;j Ahntist Neny Furnlslied, slenmlieated Aparuncnt.'. <a 1 (: " K v ll " >' V T -SI'OU'J 1 Telephones' 197 and 511. 9c klf S1 ' ; 1>AN. rerirct Contllilon, Modern 4 Room FURNISHED Apartment. Phone 280. 2Cc ktf •1 room furnished opartmcnt. 1031 W. Ash. Call flC8, 27-c-k-tf Nicely furnished !)13DROQ'.<I. Oil W. Main. Mrs. Wickham. ,iack(l 3 room downstairs FUHNISI1ED APARTMENT. 1C3 W. Kentucky. Phone 083. 150 kz'J, 4 room furnished npt., 1015 \v. Ash. Cal! -145-W. Mrs. Goodwin. 19-tf Nictly Furnished BEDHOOM, gar- UBe. Men preferred. Mrs. Moon. 013 w. Walnut. 17cktr 3 room Furnished Apartment, private bafh, back and front entrances. Also bedroom, Call 12-W. 3 room FURNISHED reaEonable. Mrs. Oescll, 717 Chickasawba. nc ktf Newly decorated Furnished Apartment for couple. Rent Is $20 per '35 I'OHI) V-8 I)K Ituils Clean far. ) CH (•: v it o 1.1: A Itrnl jjuy ].•„ (JOAOH. .Soiiicottc : '35 llODGIi COlll'ti. TlrenA-i. Motor- J'crftjc'l. liiti|[ 0 .... S3'J5 '35 I'l. YMOUTli C(>At:i|. I'ly Tires Al| Around. Hot Clean. Molor /\-l. l.uuk Tliis' Olid (Iver .... i', '35 !' (1 u i) V-8 I' 10 It - U t 1 TIUICK.. Ile,l color. New Motor '.'.....:... 5W3 '30 ClICTilbl.IiT 114 TON TRUCK. Itol lluy ,. S !IM '35 ClIliVKOI.KT 154 TON. TltllCK. 1.50-20 Tires 5318 Many Otlirr ,Cais mid Trucks To Choose - Vnm We Have Sonic C^ As.Law As S'W.Co'lo 550.00 -'All Hun LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Personal MFlYl GFr VIO'OK AT OKOEl XIJJ_il>. New Ostrcx T j c , rnb _ lels contain raw oyster invigoni- tors nnd oilier atimula'iils. One dose pepa up orgtins, glnmls. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid. Call, wrllo'lilrby Bros. Drug Stores. " • • Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES. PILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasscrman Room 220,'Lynch Bldg. Phono an P. O. Box 470 ASVREDl Gooclnt'li Hwdgot pliui 'riros - Tubes - Batteries Home ami farm At|(0 Rncltoi BUFE JONES-TIRES Tlic nvcrpftc plimil Is live !' ss. of mi ele- Hrivc You Visited Our New Moiloni Service Station? >Vliltu (lose (7usolln° Gooiijcnr 1'lrcs Wllhiril Hattcrks Komi Service On - fins - Tires - Wrecks 21 jiouu .SKKVH;K Un|l fi»a V»r Vipmpt Service Tom Mttlo Chevrolet Co. l.alo I)ecemlicr Honiaiicc ST PLAINS, Mp. (UP)T-A. J. ' Abbott.. i>(i-ycnr-old clytl \Va r 'vet- crnn, nod Miss Agnes dailcy, 6G ucre married hero, ire first lime .for both. Gay & Billings, Inc. C'oaj . F c cd - Kindling 1'hotic 70 . HANNA FUNERAL HOME A ticmilllul i>m\ sympnUiolio w'fvlcr/ at modornlo, cost. Ambulance Service 111 N. Isl , 1'hu'lU! 58 ls.\!viKv<;n.\vt<i. nLTTIIGVlLLK Superior Coal & Mining Co. FOR SALE Wo Jia\o a limited supply of •'lrc Alfalfa Seed, and pUce Is altracllvc Also M\cia\ tons of JUmorllla No. 4-A Cotton Seed OHO year from tf,c breeder, we raised and jjlnned them nnd tnti. 1 tested. We hava several 'UiKlrcd biisliel 1 -. of Beans aiid t'cns. 'VIII sell or tindc for any other .'ariety of Cotton, Seed or Bcaiis L. R. Matthews Gin Co. HI. 1511-H YarUro, Ark Collon, Colton Seed ana Coa! LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri Line Shell Products Visit one of the most modern service stations In .the Sou.lli. A courteous.slail o{ attendants at your BCIvice. 24 hours n day. Half & Half cotton seed. Reason able. B. B. Hodge, rt. 3, Box 52, 13-p-k-20 New Bargains! We have some especially good terrains in cars, trucks and pick-ups. See" Our's Before You Buy! 1935 Ford 1'4 Ton Truck 193G Chevrolet 1'i Ton Truck 193o Terraplanc Coach Delta Implements, Inc. Cotton Seed!!! DPI, 11, ROWDEN, STONEVIU, 4A BEST PRICES Blytheyille Gin Co. USED BRICK. Cheap. A. icTcar- ler, 607 N. 5lh St. 3p k4-3 PLUMBING! "ixture.?, pipe, fittings, al! bath- oom accessories, valves, electric vater .syslems for farms. Water ofteners, filters or any otlicr item •onnectcd with plumbing or licat- "'PETE" THE PLUMBER Pair young draft mares and harness, reasonable. Guaranteed to 'ie "sound and good workers. \yt. !,500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74. 27c ktf "SPECIAL BARGAIN Mules ! ! Kcc Us Before You Buy- Best Prices Also Several Good Used CULTWATORS PAUL BYRUM Mules For Sale DliLTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 K. Slain Six hcJui of Good MULES tor salc. Sec Paul Byrum. 5cklt FOtn/nVY WAKTEB We pay highest market prices for all kinds poultry. Fisher & Gaines at Gaincs Grocery & Market. U \V. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Cuslom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hv;y, 61 North, Biythevillc Real Estate Vor Sale: 5 r0 om house with entire furnishings. Call 428-J for key. Mrs. L. s. Briscpc, 1310 Hearn. 15-pk-18 Batteries BATTERY SERVICE Call J. Ben C!un? Phono p, at Tom Jncksm's COTTON SEED! ! ! CHOICE DPL No. 11 COTTON SEED carefully saved for our own use. BARGAIN. Electric Gin Co. LUXOKA, ARK. Praclically new Automatic Delco Light Plant, with radio. Ian and iron. Will sell for half price Mir. Implements, Incorporated. lOc fctr Furniture. Some antiques. 1041 Chlckasawb.% phone 587. 10-ck-23 Wanted BIDS CD digging farm dllch 3-4 mile long, at Yarbro fann. Dras or otherwise, drag line preferred..!* L. Ward. noklf , LAUNDRY, rough dry or finished. Good work. Mrs. Mick, 616 Lake. Wrecker Service - Oils & OH Open All N if/hi Phillips Service Center flumes .117 - 810' T'r?EEl If CSTSS ncli) .cnusps you which includes light nnd Stomacli Ulcers, Oas. Palps, In- Frank C. Douglas, . sample doctor's prescription, Owner may! hnvn same by paying charges n't Confer News. at' Klrby Bros. Drug Co. THE' END 0!'' THK'-LINB! AW OALB THEU SWAMP AW BRUSH! AlMf THERE ANYTHING ' T'STOP THIS CCITTEBS ; ..TH1SCAMT GOOM, I'M TB.LIW VOU.' I'M GETTIKJ- WELL, DOG MY CATS - IF TH' CRA^Y LOUT AIMT C.OME AW RUW V HIMSELF OUT/ V^EAK. I'M MEARLY THRU! MY HANDS-ARE-SLIPPIM', g)1»7aYNEA5ERVICE IHC T.MBEOUS P/^T OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ,vt«.o'. AKi OVD HOMt UP6AOE DOViVS, TIH\H I OOMt 'ER. ,£XCtPT HE pysww WASH TUBBS C5MR5ZJND VOU! COMPOUND VOU~! I SOT THoaSANDS OF DOLLARS SET ON THIS FitHT. WHBRK'KASY STANDS! THEN YOU BETTER CALL. OFF- S'OUR BET ANY MAN NVHO'O SOCK A V/OAAAN, 15 A LOW-POWN, ORNERY SKUI^, A.NP I'M. NOT FI6HTING LUUU 8ELLE - COMFOUNDEp PRIMA IMAGINE VVAMTIM6 TO BUST i HE'LL GET OVER IT. ! LET'S 5TAPT] FOR EL. VO1 516NEO A COM- IVI HOLO- ! (N6 VOU TO IT. FRLCKLIXS AND HIS FRIENDS STHANGE DOINGS! '•Like v/Sfjvfts JT.TELL '••COM/MBUM- HIM, STEP pur //V7O -THE. • YOU WITH THE X C/W7- SEE ALL OF GST OUT WHEXEI CAfJ LOOff DOMT HAVE TO SEE THEM--Y- WHO-. EVER HE is. AW ITHOUGKr IT WAS- dblH OF M3U I

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