The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, BEGEMB'RK BLYTHEVtljLE (AftK,); • QOUftlKR NEJWS .', CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING r . K ,, .^ : '..' : C : , IM™ i > iu \ rprrx-xr l - ol)b undertakmg, Co., Inc INLOKMAriON SERVICE.. & QUALITY. ; 'INFORMATION'; Daily rate per line tor coiisccu- live Insertions: .; (Five average words lo a line) ' One: time per lino ........... 10c Two limes per line per day .. OS- Three times per line per ilay ,. <:cic Six- times per line per day .. 05c Month rate per lino ....... >.. C0o . Minimum charge 50o Ads oraereo. lor ttireo or six Hints mid stopped tx/toce expiration will be charged lor- tlie..imm bei.ol times tile ad appealed ima adustmenl ol 0111 mane j/ \ All Classified rtdvtrtlslnjj cop> suoimtuid u> peisojis iciitfin^ foui,, side '01 trie cuj uiiidi, ue VILI,UUI imiiAa oy ciitiii Uuu.4 u>ilV IK easMy tumpua'O Irum uuUM) UWK- -"; /' ilp responsibility will Bo token lor-moiu man one liayrieu iu x icrucn 01 any claimed aa Aavt'i using uiaered lor IrretiUlui'ie.ruie 'lie nun. irfu RB'AL "BUYS '23 I'OKD TO W N SEDAN Trunk en rear ?1G5 •2!) CHEVROLET COUI'K ...' ?ili> '33 FORD TUDOIt ......... $3SJ '33'CHEVROLET COACH ... 5375 '33 CHEVROLET COTJI'E . .. §385 '30 FOHI) CABUIOI.ET ..... $103 5THUCKS & TRAILERS* '28 CHEVROLET/- TRUCK. Cicscd CilJ S 93 '30 CMC TRUCK. . . Cao, Lareu lioily •30 FORD 1'iCKUl*. Cab -....-— Closed ?ITJ Closed KING1IAM l>ual ^'iiecl TUAILEit, -Ivevp '1'ircs . . 519; CASH To Buy Business...pu'.q.clpryj ; .Shoe.Repairing' AMBULANCE 'COI'i'EK WEATHER STUIP' Saves'-fuci at.fsuiaH cp>t, ' ; '. Arkmo LtlmbeV Co. LET US I)O VOUR WKM11NO AND MACHINE \\'OHK BOILER - DRAGUNE. TRAILER REPAIRING We Carry A l-'ull Line of Sliaftint riionc 808 BIA'THEYiLLB MACHINE WINTER IS COMING! SPECIAL '.-KRICBS on shoes bctorc .. : P|pgressive, Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd St. erVoiir SHOES r«dy for win- U'r, Newest iimeliliie just installed. Every job riuKUitccd'or money lietundcd, s E. E/Ratcliff' : Across from Htibbiird HUw. Co. B 1 WOHKSy Operated by ROJ 1'acc, .Chi^vood & Wefdman .i>voo eman ", w I tfNrtW~~ lltclrbjU, \\uinr Jie.tnl ' Hort ' «• ••» IU1UA :i jiourtett P O and<Clie\rolet Bldg fl *"BB[ made ulr kinds of t>hoe , W fione 2bb ioi ABiNORMA.L Icet can itpa) — r . 0 out tnltie Block of BOOTS At RREfaLM 1 WHOLLSALB, Prices Hilbbaid Hdw Co •CONNOR & MATLQCK litliCTIlIC :ind ACETYL1NE WELDING No Job Too Large "or,Too Small Reosotmble Prices - .Guaranteed Work SE Comer Ash and Railroad in Old Ti'inity Farin Bldg. FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS rtENT • OUIt : FLOOR, SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO.- Farmers! For 5li,50 and tlie cotton we will make you a Good MATTRESS. "Trade Wllh a Home Industry" UPHOLSTERERS j. \V. Jenkins & Sou -iu D, uuunxiu - - I'none RITE PRICE GROCEKY BUY GUOC£K1ES HIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCV & STAPLE UHOUKtHES, MEATS, VE(JB1'ABL,E6, UB, FLOUR, MEAL, .'ETC.. In OJtl P. O. Bldg. Phone 234-—We Denver Taetory AUiaorlzttl FRlUlUAlKli SWKV1CE I-a^lur> 'JLrained JMtulianics i>a> 07^1'nuiiv — £>!gul 60Z ' T:> 4U7: JUUIH. ijl. E. ; E. GKE SALKS CO. ' AUTO GLASS PHUNK COTTON PLANTING SKISI) and \yintc, Vcilow or Mixed COKX - aiul SOY BKAiSS . Etc- Us. !• or. Best. Prices . Harold brernoerg ai STEKiMlliliC. COTTON CO. Kestaiu'ants You liavc tried tlie. .vest Now buy the BEST Coal & Feed IScst Oislcrs & Kivcr Cat Fisli Chicken Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Brien 105 S.. Secouii Real Estate ; Six room stucco bungalow in pink i of condition on corner lot 15'x 150, shade trees, garyge, etc,' $1850,'$250 or less cash and $16.00 i>er inontli, (5%,' Interest. Payments- «nuc each ^'f'lrnoifth. Possession today. ;• * Thomas Land FARMS.FOR SALE! Terms Reasonable .ETHEL B. THOMPSON L Caruthersville, Mo. Good Fanns •10 sicres one mile cast or Town on Gravel road, fairly good Improvements, small amount cash and Bood Icnns lor balance, price ?9C per acre. •' •' - - 27ii acres, good four-room duell- ing, good barn; "all new, vVcl! local-. (.a, good soil close : -to • town, the best baiualn To lie -found today anywhere near Blythevilte, Price! $1615. investigate hcrt. ; ^>J ) W. M. BunisV^etfc: Phones '243 & "2X2' •> Phone 127 Farmer's Cash Feed and Seed Co. Joseph W. Parker, Prop. ily Coal Is Black but I treat you White, Fill up now. i01I.N JUJCHANAN - PHONE 10 Sec Us Apoiit Your Coal Blythevillc. Gia Co. ."Radiant Alabama" "Premium- Kentucky" CALL 211 WE CANT SELL A~LL~Tin3 COAL JO WE JUST-SELL THE liU'ST PHON E -100—PHONE E C. Robinson Lbr, Co. PKONE Oil FOR "lli-l,o Alabama" "Kncrgy Illinois" "I5i;itk Koyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL—LOW PRICED 30 A. §3,(Kio. ! l-'OR SALE ',6 niiic-:; of' _., cash,; tatlancoMlmc. Aeeuts for the ot:gmal genuine Montavallo Coal \Vc also tell Brilliant, i -.. Ark^&Hhracilc, Illinois and V'-; Kentucky Coals. Phone 411 WONDISK crry COAL co. 40 A. 1 mli&' : or Biythpviilc. o'li 'e. . §3,600, >.'>Y: '•'•- . gravel road.i luce '.home. terms. ' '& section or lalid Bly- Hievllle. Well .-improved;-$90.00 per acre, •: j. .' ' ... . • . room residence on . lot near ncss center. $2.000. '.!/, ' cash', or «'« make closer, -price .for casli. T omas Co; Position Wanted .or fates.' Cell Why Buy. Coal From Us 2 1--30" yeaVb ; lit • business. i— Quality '•-. of -.coal' handled. S—Primpt. service, J—Courteous' ''tVeatnienl. z— You get all "you , pay for. "Quality. Croup",distributed by "•' .' G;\V & ItltUKGS '• - Vhulic .70 : -''. Personal P. Lee shot inukn in counu TlaUc WJ^i 'A pioncei ; 111 S Unload ABiNORM^L Icet can itpnlr s'fp conect ABNORMAL lee Wanted For highest pncrs on. Peeoiis sec \VoU Arian, 128 B. Main. Ho fc'n Attention Farmers! WB BOY SOY BEANS, CORN ; AND' COW 1'EAS Mariners Cash Fee4 & 1 Seed Co. '.•••:.> J.-W. 'I'ARKEH. Prop, plioile 1*7 Eggs, Poultry '^ Buy FRESH EGGS the (lily they nre laid.'At PIOKAliD'S Store, 1044 Chlekasnwbn, or direct'from our heiinevv. Automotive FOR BATTERY' SERVICE Ben Clime • 203 w. Ash-L-Pho«c 8 nVINTElt 'AUTO SVECIALS" ! rcslnnc Mcoliol Healers Vt- frostfi-s. WHleril ISatleries. U3T.-US PREPARE YOU FOR WINTER Hubhnrrl Mdw. Co. , .AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. . i Phone' 470 Piionc -Filling Stations' 1 i, \J t,) CHEAPER >A^D "BETTfcR QAS Southern Service Station ' AT MO. ' |io' I'roiutcts GASOLINE M hour service "No pi ice lower 'Hum ouis." BKD1HOOM, I'loso 111. Men oil!}'. 3)0 W. WiUlillt. Mrs. 1 Kt D. NolCll. kit i*or Kent room APARTMENT, niodi'rnly fumlslral. 113 Ohltknenwba Mis> Eaton li-pk-i? COUNTRY HOM# 1 south l-iinklln f,its -" Si ORE, mile on mu Arch- NIOELY OrURjJiSHBD"" APART- 30 . _ room 1 Kt)RNISHED Al'AKT- MfNT, 209 \V ICcnUiLk} Mis " W( 4 room,- bath, Uudiri^ialicd 'APART- WENT.- -P.'. Simon. Call *!6l. WARM .ROOM In modem, fnr- nncp licnteJ home Men 01 uiis- Incss couple iircfcrrcd. i'hoiie 00-1 * ••' .10 Uf T WO nicely ROOMS modiTjttcV prlcetl Mrs, B A Filler, 101 B Divls 24-pk-}9 1'aitly iiirnlslicd with Boort licitltng g MiS|cto ' <",SV1 "• iv RES1"' - ••— f' I...— , •Ai xuio!,, &, UES1-' -- -i --- , _ ^<i^ ___ OENCB coniblned 010 Lake. Di WniU.Jo nonl*-8o 01 Uo wick A •» A S»!lba , adjoining ball) Men 1 Preferred 313 w Kentucky. Telo- P 1 ' 011 " MO-,, ^ 8-ck-t'J MO13ERN 6 roon, FURNISHED . > roon, ruKKioii^u "oust. l30U'Oftlck(u«wl}B Call 280 . . l«-cK«]|9 Vtiito B. E Hawkins, Roiilo I, lio\ 7t, blcele, Mo n-p k-20 For Sale Home- nuked CAKES, 3 'n\orug(!, $U ciitll 1'h'oiib 13c k!3 mils) rioilh of stale, Line, W "' »>«y - > 'iso K?I UOblON llULl,^pii])p!c5,' Illlle lieanlles <Mis W. K McOulloiiBh 211 qmol>n Ave, Pildc Addlllon ' 15|) 12i VltU in istee'l casings Bre-toiSe detccled oy a new poftabl* 1 X-ray device, wlui |N»er\hui^n trnle four Inches 61 steel roil SALK—Minus, run ness, on;,, linplQincnts, new |)!ow4 liiiftows tuid liny W II Easlej, li inllo nortl) of: Slate '">«• 156 klO BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. ..,'Uiu\ctKOod 'I'iiwttrllci- nnrt adding v iiittchliw Slembeig Cotton Plioiiu JJ, 8d kif Boy HlUt-s Krojn FJre, In H,,j ]-(P - wo u -I'elntrici,' <nirt , flremen f |H^ •liortj!', ln'ih6 'rfhoul- nshcs^of n bun nl lib, jmi- fnrm homo,* Doiuile Rlley, live lin<' siffK buuo^etl himself eight Ii-cl ilqup* In , llic linj of <i ' ceal to buy Christ" mas presfhts ^' $50.-F[ewar({ For • information.'letting' lo UHTSI' Rticf- conviction;.. of. ; parties \vlio sinashed Oriard's .window Monday, Nov. '-K. -J. L...Oiiarii'mid V. E. Toiullnson,''Chief Merchants Pa- Irol. , . t 14-ck-H ,,,U'- .qlillt'.. .,§uiLTsr rSasonaoly.'; • vworR'- neatly"dona, Mis, Ueoiiard' i V, Hoil, S, Lilly 8t", '•"•'" 7o kit B76-W E AS A NT SURiwSKr" THINK IVE'BE III6;( '8E SAFE, WO W, SO I'M &ONNA LIP OUT ON A (-IMS AN 1 SEE F I CAW FIND OUT WHAT ' <IND OF A MON&TROSITV r«Ar RACKET.' Att RIGHT BUT DO 6E CAREPUL ONW ! DINNY, HAVW 'LITTLE NAP :': ROOTS ANP HKJ- Himnircq 'GOODHYK, NOW! OH DONO KOW COOID YOU Bt STOF'F IAONf\\ VT VJOM't DO C;OOO\ 5! .MOVM 1 . A FOOU 0". YOU'RE GIU1G BE DE MR•••». XOUV... 4 ', OLO CiN'D DO Wow CAD yj(i LEfv •iou UdBOSE I HAS SOU OO FOR O.,_ LEsoae, oo&ey HDOL6 SMEA.& . . ' , FOR SOIVIE ^E^M6 TO UfcUU Vfiu 'OUT ^RE^i'T 600O EMOUGH EASY ; KNOWS . BKST! 8ULGRAVIA.SECT A.N ULTIMATUM. UNLtSS WE HMD PRINCE PHH BE AT.ONCE, KINS HECTOR'S GOING TO DKLAEE WAR. YOU'RE A SOLDIER, EA&y-FOB HEAVEN* SAKE, LOOK OV6R My .iUD TEU- ME WHAT "HOULP D0_ SUTTINLy 1 ^TT-^2|i VEIL, VE'DUN'r KNOW , HIMWEL,NO! MIT Dor MACHINE 1 LEAKY ROOF, CAPTAW ?/ VE CANT EVENJ KEEP OER , WE BETTER PRINCE CAPTURED FRct/1 ALESMAN SAftl RIGHT ON 'I'HK HKAD! 'VJES.V FQWO OF fM.(_ SORTS AW 1 6R01IL-SO IT TO AT HPH/DUZI? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SAFE "AND.SOUND! WE'VE HIT 7] SEATS. PLEASE! .WE Hrr A'RED CAR WITH YELLOW TBIM...' • IT'S FRECKLES' '•' SYLVESTCR'S - STOPPING !. '.TpAI^J, ;; ..MAt7Aiyi''.."vV/irH HE'S GOIWG FJIGHT 'ON-'!

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