The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SEX JOBS KEEP On The Outside-Looking In . By "DUKE" Dons'NW Suit BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Old Gray Eagle Now Liquor, Steel ptalcr and Boxing Boss BY UICIUIiD McCANN NK.V Service Spoils' \\'ritee CLEVELAND, Maieh J8 — The indent's of bascbill'.s Hull of Koine must have been quite pleased to heir that Mr 'I'listram Speaker was going to hnvc a lifetime luise on one of the hull rocins. Trls,. you know, . It such BOoci company and tins uovs \m- (Icubtedly vuio (-lad lo ln\e lilrn .1 round. Yon. set, lie ivas one of thc most J.kable men in all the histoiy of bascbill He iiM the opposite of Ty Cobb. his chlp-rm-the- iliouldir tcuteui|Kiim> Nobody, not' even Pollyanna and Peter Pin, hi i^l C'o'ob us \on laiow. Hut c\Li\bod>. even Oo'jb, liked .Time lias taken away Tils' hasc- ha'l «klll, but it hii^nt lobbed htm 0! )iii nWlrtv lr t mnKe UiciuK ,im! Hep tin in To support Ihls slalc- niwil, ladies and imnomui ol un> ji-iy, '^e offei as c\idnue' An Afraj of rUiicneo . EXHIBIT A - Spotte, as the uovs , , Hka to call lihn, opened up a mod- ™ 'j 00 , " ul CSt Vrhnlpcnln \ln,,M I,,,,,.,„„. ,._ixl"'" dlSCOV liquor biibincss here i Dcrry !n Trouble Asaln A press dlspalch from Donl- |)h!in. Mo. rcvculs Hint, Deny, the c-i-slwhlle former Paraumild high school foottall sine, was si'ii- tcnced this week to two years in tlie Missouri si«li> pctiltentluiy lor burglary nnd graiui inrceny, H will not be (he flivst fnforcnl stay In an Insillnlion of llial lyi>e for Deny, lie served 11 rnojuns in n Kansas state reformatory for thefls at a University of Kansas fraternity house while n nludent nt the University of Arkansas, a.s we recall, and was expelled from Missouri University Inter alter he iuid been nrciiswl of tticfl.s at 111? Columbia .sdionl. Had it not bi'ct) for tlie "kink" or whatever you want to call It Unit turned Deny the wrong wuy the I'lirngotili! boy would likely have become one of llic greatest Bfldlron plovers In the country cluriiu! his heyday. ; Deny was an outstnndfnis hlt:h Ediool back In nnrtheust Arkansas at » time when Oils pint ol (he stale had .some miBiity ijubd football le,iui.v Dory, us a mwiibiT of the only Uvo undefeated loams In .Paraguutd history, laau-a}, nil) ratigh-shod over niythcvllle und all oilier opposition, lie was wiill nn the wuy lo stardom nt Aikiin- nis when forced out of school and was a scnsntlon at Missouri until school authorities had complaints .'cntrt tliat he had previously been Involved at other Which hns coins rorviaid n^ tail nsl. 0 ",*!^ h° used to i;o back foi thcm-all f ' cl ' ()0);> ' because of his personal popularity m " " l ntl n(>n ' y I'^f"" 1 '"! •f\*"r »TT»T.», ^. .. * •" U'lfn nvnftiBBlriTi/il n:<,n..,,i. ..i.,..!..... EXHIBIT II— He v.a.!, appointed Bo\lng Commisslonci foi thc city cf Cluclnnd by populai demand. 1' theic had been \otlng Ihe peo- Pie vould ha\c elected as Ihetr three commissioners. Ihe Afessrs Tris Epenkei, Spoke. Spenkei, and Gr.iv Eagle Spcakei EXHIBIT C-Just iccentiy a fteel coinpiny, looKng aiound lor » personable sdlcs icpicsenlallve frr flic siale of Ohio, picked Mr. fapcakcr, not because he knew the most about steel, KlilUi lie didn't but be-iu-e he knew moie men and/ moic men knew him nnd I'jtea him than all the othei can- (iciatss put togelhei Bu.« as Brtnui Gardener All lime duties keep Mr. Speak- w as b««y at, nn outneltler on the 5>f Louts Biowns, but he still nnrts "lie to (cep himself t a shape lie will I. 43 on April 4 nnd its been in en >enr<; since ho ijult l)n< e ua!l •"lid jet he's in bctlci Minor, than Jim iftippcr) Cullin:;, star first baseman \vbo \^'as liadcd from (ho .St. J.ouis Cnrdhuilr; to the Chiciiuo Cubs for 1'ilchc! I.on \\';i;'ji<'lce, Joolis* qtilto pk'asCd ;is In: .puts on his new tinifonn at Die Cubs' IrijinuiE cnnip on Col- aUiiLi Island, Culli, t of lltt 1 ' Yi the joiing athletes 8h "' r "" ; with professional eii'vens, jjlnylnjF with the St. Louis Gunners and ;pinyiii« a few uamos wllli u Bly! "icvillc pro team onci! upon u lime. : i Oerry nUeniptcd (lie role of | a boxer here on one occasion. His ihig career ended abruptly when Stanley McRae, the potent punching: LUXOIII fnrmtr, hit hltn s« hard that he lilt, Ihe floor nnd bounced. 'Berry Is n good example "wlml might have bncn," Lo! '1'lie Vlslicrman! Cienlnl L. •!,. Ward, teclinlcnlly n resident of Blylhcvillc hut more often found elsewhere, had 'his fun spoiled down nt Fort Myers, Fin. by a newspaperman. Ward's party mode (he second largest : )inul of tlie llsliiiig scn«m 1550 pounds'of fish as we recall, nnil he was nil set lo semi cllp- pliiKs nf newspaper account of Ihc fent buck to the old home lown until he discovered thai Ihc newspaper writer had referred to him as a "Wi: game hiinlcr" from Dlythevllle, of the ribbing he would receive at Ihe hands of his friends Ward kept his llshlmj j achievement a secret until lie re- 1 turned home. But It WHS too good to keep, nnd no one likes to tell cno on himself better than UK; nf leading summertime: clllmi of Hnrdy. Ho. lo, the fisherman nnd "bly Hume hunter" Hie says he realty lias looked u vicious .squirrel right, in the eye.-) hits returned! ball Ijislory to imve accomplished i ... .. Hirce outs In one play in a world ! nnoj series. But Smith's bns-e-ctaiiilnir . go lo n gjinnnsium as much cm dm ing || le tt i n i el> . ul ,, s •«„<! Wen I ,)tay golf nenr- eierj dav in tlie summer I'm t' «iUl in (lie ]»« 8to mid now "•id then I B et down In tlie high, '0-. But did I s-»y i go Oli n" l-'ay golf pincticnllv cveiy day in JL,."",™' 11 ? 1 ' We ». »»t esnclly. i.'hen the Indians me In town I'm tlie toll jnrd life of tlie Gray Eagle T ,_,, - —••• J" lu et ' uronnd outfields in "sn, n i 'i 10St olcl - lim « s . he'tliffcreiU tall games. . •• by Tony Laracrl, : sure ynve thai Wnmliy nnd (lontoi'-Junip Is Kliniiiuited For One-Year Period fhnt Smilh n pinmneling in cluthousc utter Ihe yamc," „„,., -..-.. . recalling the blg'dny. "Yes (licok. sir, ivc pouudcd 'cm on the back to •much (hat they were 'sore for WCCk.5." But, of course, tlmt wasn't the C H ! C A O O.—The ccnlcr-Jmni yns officially IcBbjlnteO out o -, -. ru ,.. uk , n,,,^ Mil.-jH I only . eventriij afternoon In flm, , , thought should . , e find fault w,tl, the piescnt be done to im- the when I m- pioie the gnnio and he suoited 'What do you mean?' he asked 'What do ^ou mean ought „, . Why, I think "Tiie H^that It's doing'nit right"'"^ sijs IIL, biggest thrill in managing the Cle\c- lo then only hn aml 1. n — *.*i_>i vuly /\H1L'1- '.an Le-igue pennant nnd world's cliamp'onship m ISJD w° rl «s 'id tne mcst momentous after- uhc" ,'i, I , fhiS » ho!l> enrcer took Pia" during the xiorld series with tne BrooVljn Dodgere when Bill innde' nn (lie who .swoop- t)i( 5038 .. — "There time," he likes (o recall -- - was playing' win, mv ' town (cam back In Huubard Tex' about 32 nr 33 years ago. We hnl n. laugh rival in the town team of Gi'oesbock, about so or so miles nway. ''Well, sir. we went over (here to Play a thrcc-gnmc series once We von u,c first game, nnd last the second. Then \vc ncre leiulii-- B ame with two out basketball yesterday but the "throe ... ni|e remlV | nc ,| ln u ^ 0 vulo The Natlonul Rules Committee approvr-dl Ihe lecomincndii- tion from Ihe irUaehes' nssoclallon, Hint thc jump nl center, a traditional part of the mime, be cllmi- Eota, Ha., FredOle was sitting on tlic wide veranda of the hotel In the cool of Ihe evening after the aay'fi «X)rt< was dona, Jinpplly. rocking back and forth, dozing oiT in between Idle bits of gossjpinj. Suddenly he let out a terrifying " ™ *™ MHuwmij iiv ivu uui il it?) 1 IlylUj -: '..J ^ !:o',vl, leaped 25 feet Into the air CIIAI1I) Mcf'ANV —well,. mobte', only five feel, you ,'..,.,. „.....,'..,','. ' kmnv how Ktoi'te get c.™ 3g eratcd »>'; Hit NKA Service Spoils Writer Foreman Charley Cirimm laid IUs cards on the (niilc tin., other day in.l barred po'x<;r playing iiinona Ills Chicago C'uljs during the. spring Uiilnlng si'ii.'.on _;t;ul also f or i\ tl , ol Ike' year. Not thict Charley himself doesn't like thr! uninc. Cliai'ley'll draw to in Inside as quick as Die next one. t'ltii thc btsed full Spoke. catI°w ne K 1 " ls mn " a e e « t« duplicate Wambjs feat m (he 1G w- '« (Imt i lft \e followed and ,o h- i-finams thc onh in the , . - u .. .ill tuvj UUl. »i thc last of the ninlh. We had a one run \ eM \ n ,, ( i t | lcy |)n(1 n „, couple of men on when a. guy lilt *S n fly out to me. If was nn easv - chnncc but ns t camped under It ~ I heard somebody in the crowd yell, 'You Hubbnrd hound, you—if "He yelled too late. Just then the ball lilt nly g \ mc and'blanam! —« e>m went off and dust kicked upi nt my feet. Dust? Dust? Boy, there. 1 didnll stop running lm ti[ I got to llic railroad trucks a mi],- nway." Which, perhaps, explains why Mr. Speaker was fo nble to , nntcd except nt the .start or regular and overtime periods, for n year's teslini; period. The revision of Hie '•'"Uirec- Eccond" rule would have permitted a player to remain In the half of the iree throw circle nearest the center of the door indefinitely without possession of the ball. The "tucket play", a powerful orren- slve weapon ucloro the -committee , nileil a plnyer could not. remain in j the free throw urea more than three seconds, willi or without the ball, found big players camping' and KMsoline, just don't mix. _ Yen we, he blames iwker for the Cub:; 1 failure to win the National League fl:i|j In I9:(u. H Eccin.'i that (hero wasn lone- r o)i)c raoJtie soutlifiiiw named Ctauxsoii Vines ul th; cubs' train- Ing camp last spring an:l the boyK very [iraclondy Inlormed him tnat there was a scat open in u slml Bame In Room 408 If he cared to while nway a fsw hours. ft so happened that Mr, Villas In this respect, was no different from ntiy other bull player. He nuci luls of time on his hands. And so )»• ninbli-tl iifi to .)08 nnd sal down. In due cour::e he managed to get I >c (line oil his (rands and filled them with crumpled coin of the realm to llio .satisfying e.vk-iiT of came $100. or so. Nallimlly till! toys tried lo Will n little of this back Che next night lint. Mr. vines proceeded to add $5(1 more to his bankroll. And so Die stud r,rune was running' In 408 again Hut next night. And so was Mr. Vines' luck. He won aaaln. * • * And ['in- Into llic Nijhl Well, to mute a long story short, Hie beys ]iliiyc:l night after nhht far Into Ilia night. »n;l Mr. vines continued to mnke more nioncj ttuin n counterfeiter, averaging they IAJ-, about $100 a nl'jhl? whlfc he was with tlic tenin. Even utter he hud re»rolfnlly Inken His leave for sonic minoi engiic club for further seasoning Ins bays continued to play nHii nfter Jiiglii. ail ,,|ght long, in °an cirorl t a make up their losses. Mr. Grimm hns an Idea Dial tlili all-night poker playing mli/nt Juivt hud scimethinir to do with hi' team's failure to win the p?nnnm Dealing (he cards might have bsen bad on the pitchers' arms while looking through (he smoke haze for I'ifU Ihlrd niiccn might have tired wnd dulled the batters' eyes H»nce no poker tills year. Well, tlmt may take cnrC of the Ciuds-bul, say Charley, whnl about the Pirates nnd GUmts? 1'itlfliilf Hit.- ringer, on'Him Spcak!ii B of the olanls, whenever they gn.llicr nt training camp r,'" 5 ', „ 'o walk np to pitcher Frcddfc FUzsiuunons und solicitously Inquire if-'hu escaped without ••serious Injury inning tlic dangerous rockina-chalr season this winter Yw see. several years back when •IBB Giants were training at. Sara- in that sccilon of the Jloor. From familiar position their shooting I '.vas highly effective, especially ftS"lnst smaller players. ' | Inll'KOVK VULIlt I'ROI'EUTY NOW We'll help you secure a I'lfA loan. Will! 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Once—Just once—thai was all the Ooose threw the IC-pomid shot. And that was just about all he threw (or the rest of the season. Tin- unusual strain tore some ll»- nmcius In his arm and he couldn't tlirow a ball to Ihe inlicld for a year. Chickasaw A/ C. Meets Tonight At City Hall THURSDAY, MARCH 18/1937 The Chlckaxaw Alhlcllc club will meet tonight nt the cily hall nt 7:30 o'clock. Al members of llic club, old as well as.,iew, are nrgttl (o otlcnd »y Hie club officials who will dis- cuw plans of : lb e club, looking lonvnrd particularly to thc lOS? Chlckasnw foolball season 'i'lic-CHIckasaw A. c, Iin.s no dl- recl connection with Ihe school or Its Rctlvlttes hut Is Intercslcd pri- ""illy In supporting the athletic lyrnm of the .school. Ttn Basketball Games at Manila Tuesday MANILA, Ark.-Ten basketball Bines were played In me higt) I MJiool gymnasium here Tuesday nignt. Teams and results are as 'ot ows: Black Water boys, n, Lone Oak boys 12; Manila girls 18, Black Skfdray boys 23; Pwlicen girls n, Llnney girls 4; Brown girls 12, Little mver girls 20; Rocky'boys 7 Unney boys 28; Little River boys 12, Carml boys f- shady Grove boys 7. Manila boys 29; Shady Grove e'ris 11, Doynlon u. The animal Western Mississippi county Grade School tournament will bs played here Friday, March 19. Pairings have already been made for Oils tournament. !1 » 8 Is flashed ou the W! > ki »S stick insecl, it auloumll-j CI>1| y freezes Into .Immobility. I KALININ, U, S. S. R, (UP)- Ac . cording 1 0 incomplete data of thn AU-ynlon census, there nro 71 persons in the Kalinin region who Have lived to be 100 or more. T™ oldest person in the region was fi'lna Vlnosradova, 120. Drs. Werf & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store '•WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone &0 R. D. HUGHES & CO. water PflmiE(;ll boys 4 boys 23; Boynton boys 21. °- & I'. L. NO. 1! 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