The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL IT, 194S OUT OUR WAY~T~ •>OL) FOOL.' DONT BE HIM/ DRA&10UR FEET-- PUT ON TH' BRAKES STOP HIM.' OH, I'VE ALLU* BEEN /•irVFUL FER PUTTIN THINGS OFF' AW 1 BESIDES, ONE MORE TO HELP XkB TM' SLAPPIN'S \M3ULD HELP US: THE "THREE BA.G66R QUi^^ (AMT..T COUHTBH N«WS ..LOOK.'THE FIRST < FORKFUL Of EARTH, AsSD THtB* IT IS, AS81GAS lift — AvjORfA ~~ THE VERY MORSEL TH W THE PISH ARE CRVlMG FOR .' — MV WORD/ IF >NB WEREN'T 60 FAR BEHIND vJiTH OOR MIGHT -— GTOWeO ADOLT FW 0NKMri ROOMD IN TH' Levitt - <3&TTI*5' TOO 8tG FOR TUt/ 8OITCHES / -! WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Courl, Chick*. Kiwba Dlilrict, Mississippi fnunty. Arkansas. Thclma Wis» ............ Plaintiff, jjt VS. NO. 10.445 mhn J. wise ............ Defendant The defendant John J. Wise is hereby warned to appear within thirty day, In the court named In the caption hereof anci answer the complaint of the plaintiff Thelma Wise. Dated this 15 clay of April. 1948. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk ' By Betty Peterson, D. C. C. P. Cooper. Ally, for Pitt Ed B. Cook. Ally, ad lltem. ' 4!>7-24-5;l-B WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Courl, Chicka- savrba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Myrtle Wheeler .......... Plaintiff. vs. No. 10,444 Earl Wheeler ..... ..... Defendant The defendant Earl Wheeler Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In (he caption hereof and uri.wer the t *) mnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE, IMC. THE STOHY* P. II,,,,. . Hll iir* in I.,,.!,,, ikri-r rl.r. . W . 0 Kltrild ilrr.tmalUne .choul. 1 tkr anir Iftfttom • llowrd her hom .kr llrr. I. Ih, ihr- fomntiillHir trxln . «l Tiijior. «h« II,,, |. rlni vlll.K, A .d wb . n s . Mm. RMI Pallenr, rjiM'i 4 1-lirJ qilltrrt.1. s.. n ifll mr l., r • hf lr:il. lro». I.,.rt o ». P n ,| .rr. P.. I W |,k , ,,. k;> kl Krinrninn h,,m» kr»nhc«k<-ii. »id> Krr «u»1. I. 11 .!„,,. „! r,rl,rm,nl. !•»„ fc . v , . ,,; II I. C hnrlxtr. thf lonc-lo., X uit. i<ipi.iui] nereoi nna Answer me ) A complaint of the plaintiff Myrtle i pATIENCE gasped. It couldn't Wheeler. Dated this IS (lay of April. 1948. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk oe possible. Charlotte! How often during the years she'd been living with her aunts had she , C. p. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Sd B. Cook. Ally. ncl lilem. . 4:n-24-SiI-8 By Betty Peterson. D. C. thought how wonderlul it would ""' ' be to have news of tier! "Hello. Patience." said Charlotte And now the other girl put her arms round Her and kissed Her. "Gosh, but isn't all this terribly exciting!" She nad a soft, musical voice' wnh a trace of an American accent She was warm and glowing and aOeL-tionave. "You two must have so much i you want to talk about." said Mis; Alice. "Patience dear, would you like lo take Charlotte for • little walk before supper?" "Yes, of course. You're staying, arent you. Charlotte?" "For ~toftreh£ yes!" Miss Helen said: "I'v* told Char- T WARNING ORDER -.In the Chinctrr Conrt, Chieka- Bawba nlslrlet, Mississippi Tountr. Arkansas. Flble Prescott Plaintiff, vs. NO. 10.443 K B Prescott Defendant. The. defendant R. R. Prescott •=. hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Blbie Prescott. Dated this of April, ,}04R. HARVEY- MORRIS, Cleric By Betty Peterson, D. C. C. F. Cooper. Atty. for Pltf. E. B Cook, Atty. «.d Litem. 4J17-24-5I1-8 The Hampshire breed of hogs w«« imported, into the United States from England in 1825. Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN Calls Made— Farm & Town . Day Phone -H8<1 Night Phone 2138 'otte she must look upon this house as her home." "Ycni'r* sw-.-t. Aunt Helen," said Charlotte impulsively. "I'd like to come down a lot." "Where do you live?" asked Patience. "I'm in London at the moment. 1 only arrived in England trom the Slate? last week." "Charlotte is on the stage. Pa- nee,- said Miss Alice. She glanced swiltly at her elder sister. Slie wasn't altogether sure it Helen quite liked the idea of this. Helen .vas prejudiced against the theater. She had been ever since Estelle had run awaj with the girls' father. Still, he'd been an acrobat in the tnusir halls. That surely was very different. Charlotte, it seemed, danced in nice musical plays. Miss Alice wondered if possibly they might go to London one day and see her in the new one she'd told them about (or which she would shortly begin rehearsing. "(DOMING. Charlotte?- said Pa. J tience. holding oul her hand to her sister. They went out through the garden door together. Patience glanced sidelong at Charlotte as Ihey crossed the lawn; tncy vaulted :ightJy over the stile 'and set oft across the meadows. Suddenly they were both ta Iking at onne. "Patience. I've so much ! want to ask you." "Charlotte, what's been happening all these years?" Charlotte said: "Shall we start off one at a time?" "Yes. only let's start with you. With me there's so very little. 1 expect you've already heard most of it from Aunt HeJen and Aunt Alice." Charlotte laughed and said that maybe srte had. "Now," said Patience, "tell me everything. Stan right at the beginning." "Well, you know Daddy kidnapped me. so to speak, when he deserted Mummy? He was an acrobat and I,was in his act" "No. 1 don't know anything.* "When 1 was 14, Daddy heard that Mummy aari diet! and he married again. A tirl in the troupe. I fought like mad with her. When I .rot s chance to loin a Juvenile troupe. of[ I went." CbarlotU h.d tone to America and then later toured Australia and Soutl. Africa. After that she'd returned to the Stales again, and gotten a job on Broadway understudying the premiere danseuse in a successful review. A night cam* when she went on In her place. "And what happened? Were you a star overnight?" Charlotte laughed. "Well, mor« or less. Anyway, they gave me th« part when they sent the show out on tour." pATIENCE drew « d«p breath. "You anc' me. Twins! To think our lives have been so utterly different. But how did you ever manage to find us?" 'It took a little doing. It was something that ! always promised myself I'd do just as soon » I Rot back to Etnlanrt. You s*«, I had a little Bible of Mother's, It had her maiden name and th« address where they *ll used V> live when they were girls at home with their parents. I .verr. down to that aridrew yesterday »nd was put on to some old woman who told me the aunts had left > lonK while ago and gone to live at • place called High Ditch, no* far from Bishops Stortford." Patient couldn't speak: for « moment. Her hearl was too full. She'd forgotten for a few blessed moments how imhappy she was about Paul. Charlotte looked at her affectionately. "Now that we've found each other, we'll have sr-and times logether We'll go off on a holiday lust is soon as ! ran mannge it. We might even fly to Paris. ! want to get some clothes over there." Patience caught her breath, riy to Paris! "Oh. Charlotte, they'd never let me. Aunt Helen would b« quite horrified." Charlotte looked at her without speaking. Patience, she decided, was a completely new species to her. She thought, with a mixture of pity and irritation, that maybe it ws; .1 blessing that she. Charlotte, had happened on her before she grew much ilder. Somothin? certainly needed to b« done "about herl <T« Be Continued) The color of mapl« sap as It flows from a tree Is not brown, «s maple syrup, but crystalline as water. DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks wifh children have wanled for a long time! A responsible, safe place to leave fheir children while shopping, going (o a movie or on a trip, meals are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Phone 2350 _ _ 313 N- 2nd Sl _ Real f state, Business, farm and Auto LOANS For biiyinR, r*finanrins, huildlnr.. rfmortrllru. Farm lands »nrt Aulo loans. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE IBS S. lsl-In*r»m B.ldf.— Grounil Floor A. T. "D«" Dielrfch, SfananB "Complcle Insurance Service" AGENCY phone III HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Fur« • For Woolens Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHEVILLE IT'S "14" 61" Motor Company PlanHng Seed Pash" tl M| t i" r "' t '° ll ° 11 S ""' Snd ' n ' Oal '' '.ra^rlew, Alfalf,, jMiirr .'iixinrfj, Ijwn Grxun 4c O<hor FfeM Reeil. See Us For Your Requirement* Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 557 COTTON FARMERS , >n4 plow the ume week. Rerine* rh^p^n, ' ITOW more eottoR. • TATK CKKTinKD VAKlrTIF.* ». * F. I,. N.. li, p, r M It. k*« »t»nevill« J-», fft 5« Ik. )Mf Rnwden 4I-B, ftr S» )*. kxr i< •« Other rarietles Half * Half IHIbrtd) per 5« th. Inn H M Stnnerllle 2-r. per S» 111. Mf UM •|MTI IM Wilt Res1st»m, |ter M Hi. W» i»]js ila, per M Ib. b«|r., 185* Empire, per M Ik, IM* ..'....'..'!.'!.'!.' II.W • Hi ,|1»,H •r«iich«i iMchrtlle, Ark. T. dOVBEAN COKf. ^^ WlTthtTllk, Ark. ph*M MT ^P, Cartwen, M« Mtk, Mo. FA«r "Cot ten bucks, Mom? My friends have offered to go to the store with me to stock up the icebox!" FRECKLES A HIS FRIEND* By MMUULL I*r<T» lM*4r*4 YOU see r . B6TH WIMKS SHE'S SO SMART, Bur WSTrTAO OP SHOWING- HER WHER8 MB LIVES, THE KIO Jusr LE>OS WERTb A. CMICKEVl toop.' Irs THr FIRST CHICK EM COOP I'VE SEEM \H\\\\ c w s WIN DO 1 &/' ITS HOT TVIAT WB COULDN'T PAY A PPASONABLF HE THERE'S JUST NQTPi THING AVAILABLE FOR A WIDOW , WITri CHILORErJ.' .._ ABOUT TVUT STRAV HOUSEBOAT? """""^ ^S'VVN £>__..$$ right upstairs. fn'sciOaf t / H f &/!'t fol& you going OL. with nails Ms Mac? The Cover-ll|, What would any if she found her nails needed c/eaning? By AL VERMEER VIC FLINT A KRS( l>ilch [<D«st as I got the gpods on (Vlerk '.Arbellinnis office.! wastrapped. By MICHAEL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANB BUT '.Oil DID KILL ROCKY SIOME, DIDN'T ..M MtMAHON,. -_. NOrrnAT IT'LL &y hands DO YOi ANY coop were full TOLEAW,COPPER/J grid I h A d no chdtice to draw. What I did naxt was a iref ley action. HAD BETTER BE A V H4RO ONE OR BE KflOCKE-D OUr WASH TUBES THWJKS f DR. THE LIFT ME POTOFF. I'M V^s'stRiouSL'Ti.'s f CMMHWK TW 200IAC NORt lUTEfttsrtD TKMI EtlER IU MEEIIW& Tl MMtQJEe Where Is He? W. Ht \e, CHIE GREW ACTOR WITHOUT VMIIIH >MUT 1VA MET) TEP TftKES WS WCKK MCXK ... . Sl«AV MI1MM.S, M4t> IVMONIMEMTM. IMMffER.- . . ENCE 'OR HIS RWJE-KEVJIEVMS, flkWNHIO fMV=- jw 1 could daw, but IT I did, and hit him,I w« an Intruder and likely to do to the char instead of fflm. By LESLIE TURNER , EXCELSIOR. PICTURES HMt \1'« WWIK.IKJ CAUE:t> EYEIW UOUK.fOf.KU*. IfVHW KilOWU POMS! MOW THEY THREATEN W /HMWT Of Tr*T HW/E VOO QUMT.TEBK) » «fOU /ftttCW* iWT PRODUCE: MK.MMtQlltF ' BV k GOTTEM Clf** ^t^H 7W^ TIMFl ^ RED RYDER ; i STOWED THE IMOrtEr ICOUtCTED res JA^E CLARK AT THE BAKK .' " 6ESEUTTO By FRED HARM AN ALLEY OOP Escort By V. T. HAMLIN *«HT, UL rina i*ott. FOLKS i vi *5T "TO Lf A.D TO TH' MLS I <5UT BY A WWtR HOLI / ' ^ ORt'f JOVtNSY rucn Hire; li BOOTS AND HKK RUDDIES Our Bov COMV. By EDGAR MARTIN

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