The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1933
Page 3
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.Ml sacs jRSDAY. AUGUST 16,1933 ,!,B. (ARK.) PACE tHftEE E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Served City 12 Years Complete Service For the Builder Is Supplied By E. C. Robinson Lumber Co, IP mm \cquirecl Local Pro])erly of Blytheville Lumber Co. in'192^ The E. C. Hoblnson Lumber com. | .any'.s local yard Ls one of 'Jl | •pH-ati-d by the concern in Soulh- usl Missouri, Illinois and Noillia^.l Arkansas.' The centra! oficf: is In St. LouLs, but since the ompany bought the business of the Id Blyiheville Lumber company in Is^l, il has been so closely allied 1,-ilh the business and civic inter-1 Ists of Blytheville thai il cannot' le. termed us anything but u lo-1 |al in.slltulion. A. D, F^rKU-son, manaytr of the fipany's local yard, is one of ": mail experienced lumbermen .. this section. He has been as- Jreiated v.ith ihe lumber industry • mce 1S02. -He came here from Hartford, la., where lie was employed by the Knoxville LOmber •ompany In 1913. As an account- Int • for the Blytheville Lumber Tcmpany he uon quick promotion Jn the position of manager In lunuary, 1914. and when, ths E. C. |tobio. c oiL company acquired the oc&l propertie.s seven years later ^e was retained in that capacity. Among others who niake up ihe Ltrsonnel of the company here are hoy Head, service foreman, who las been connected with the local |>'ard lor the past H r years, and |:iaude Noel,' bookkefei>er, who has employed hert ubout two lears. S»vera! drivers are also Imployed who operate- the yard's Ihrw delivery trucks which serve |hf Blyiheville territory. Main la Ins Carpenter Shop Although ihe company has no Ir.cchanics in its organization it Inaintains a, spacious carpenter Ihop for the convenience of any Ivorkmen who desire lo use it, and l.tnte a. number take advantage of •hli convenient feature. One ser- J'ice rendered by the company is Ihat ol making contact with work- Incn for those who require vnr- \ us kinds of repair work and "odd ,oUs". It Is the boost of the comfy that whatever the task il is > to secure a Competent me- nic fon.'thel..customer 6n 'shori Ajnong Ihu well known lines or liiiilding supplies handled are Cer- lainteed roofing, Eberson-Lindsley I'aint products, Seal O'Cedar shin- l.les and Nfayflower wallpaper. The If.lter is one of the most ont- 1 landing wallpaper lines on the |.iarket and Is tested and en- by the laboratories of Good 111 nsekeepin^, -Ladies Home Jonr- lial -and Woman's Wnfld. all nu- lionally circulated magazines. Good M»terUl Aids Builder The policy of the company in naintaining a stock of the better Irades of material Ls reflected noi Inly in the beauty of many local I'Oiltes. but in the utility and ap- •<earance of a number of business lluictures here. Few towns in this lection can boast of more com. jCrtable residences than the scores It pood homes which have eman- Iied from Ihe yards of the E. C Kobiiison. Lumber company, and a l:eat many of Blylheville's bes Illsincss buildings and' publi Itrvictures have been built fron same source. I Contractors, architects, carpcn Jers. painters, masons and othe luilders recognize the value of thi lompany's service more readil han does the average person, fo Ixperience has taught (hem tha lo matter hov.; great Ihe skill, per l:ct results can te obtained on! the best of materials ar Ivailable f.-n the fall of 1931 the local yar eneet a retail coal business i ction with its other work n small beginning this de 1-attment has grown lo consider •He size, nllhough it is still hand l-d wilh only the regular facilitie II the lumber yard. During th last two seasons Acton, an Ala lama coal, has been marketed, but [his year the company succeeded m*. 'securing (he\^ocal agency for Ihe v.ell known .^ihara coal, nn r.llnols fuel, ami b-7th bran<ls will It sold. Summa Suffers Injury to His Hand , SKATTLE, wash. (Ul'i - "Tl's iuliirul lor a msn. who has been d baseball for years, not to lake |is many chances as a young fellow In tr5'i»2 (or drives where he H'light get injured ana end his livelihood" Homer Summa, foi- '.ier great Cleveland oulfielder. laid recently in a fanning be? 'ViiUc playing with Seattle. 1 Later Summa suffered a broken isnd In trying for a difficult drive fa' left field He was lending the >aUlt! hitlers, but v." Inactive weeks, president William ]l pper cul him oft the payroll. H Suhima had piayed the ball 1 airly he would slill be 01 > tllfl IWyroll. many fans contend. He is unusually popular with Port- 'and Seattle fans in the Leijue, and played flne ball pach city. Many believe he has jjwny rood seawns led in him. ' W|«w eonttinhw mtpmlum and fllclum &alt< dou not swell geU> I to a« much u soft »«t«r dots, Loc.pi 1.11 Successful 1 roaliiionl foi' Cosll; Pest, Few lumber cancers In this .section hnve u more complete line of the better snide of building iniilerlul supplies than can be found in the stock o( tile local yard, shown in tile above picture. Three delivery trucks give speedy service to all points In the local I rude territory. • to be Immune from ntlnrk. Ono of' the f!\fest ways to esea|x> In- fesiatlon, or to overcome It nttcr II has wkcn pluce. is by rliointritl treatment of nil wood williln runae uf the i!H>iu!<l. l.bcnl palliallves. Mirfiice .spinsm;j.s »ml fumlijiilliies i inn .suit) lo hiivp Hum ejlcvl on i.MiiilU:,, but me local, lumber yuvd r Y'n-rl Hii«!' ias " lieiiin.i'nl called Amlintte, ', 1<uu 'I' 1 " v.lileh Is .said to huve pioved most otlecilvr in (IfUrovtiin nntl livi 1 - Venlllll! Ihot" |«'Sls. ' The Anll!iiili< service l.s under I dm illiccllun of I:. A. Oootlrlcll, Termite: mfesi Ihe y.-wuUvoik nf j who lor sumo inonlhs hns ccn- inoii' tliini 50 |K-r eeiu of ilu< resl- dueled (his ilep.-inincnl. One of nVixvs In lllyihevilH'. lu'riinllnit ">' I' 10 " rbt - ^l 1 ' KWrd emdle:illon !•:. 1-. Wiisiison. 1 of (he B.| o! li-inillr\ I. lo Hurt their lines C. Lumber company, whci i "• Infri-ss In illo Imlldlnx. When fuvs. lioivwi'i 1 . ilnu few property these HIT lisi.tcn oil 1 the Anltmlie. rwiieif mill/e ihr im'sonce a! i lieiilniciU i- sliirtcd, und when lli«e (U'i'.iucilie Insects mull uf-1 done by u iiiinpelent person til- If r Ilicy IUM riniM-d hcuvy (linn- i mllnir wllh the hnblls of Ihe in- HIJC. Irif'. 1 ! It piuvi\ umsl'elective. [):un- The insiri.v ar,< somellinCK culled i-ued limbi'K me lepluced when while iiii-s. nnd iinnuiilly <' i-ccssiivy iiml all «'iiod si millions (il iblkn.s worth nf diuu-M" ulliick- Ls liaiie<l In | iw,e to n.->ii!i>ni:c<s mid imlldlnus,'heii lelinn. throii8hr)iii iHe Untied Ktnle.s.; , - — Llnht-shy :'.nil eoinirariitlvely (lc-: .. . . Icnselesi on! in ihe open Ihe In-' UfJClOr LlUims Wattr fi'ds tlwi'll in ne.sls or lerinitnrles! down in thr [(round, niul only en Acton Coal Wins Quick Popularity Here as Fuel Although introduced to the- local trade only two years ago, Acion coal, handled by the K C. KobuL^on Lumber company, ruts r-ccomc one of Ihe most popular j ltd with case. While n sofi coal fuels ustd htre. Among the ad- j requiring very little kindling. It claimed for this Alabama conl te that It burns evenly and long with intent heat, und IhtLs is one ol the mosl economiciil heuiint; HieLs mat- can be boughi. produces only a .sniah umoinit ol ltd iish i3'.!) nnd does nor fly uround' and soil house and fur- jiLshinljs. It Lv ulso claimed lo l;e rem'ni kubly I fee from hii].url- Policeraen May Pul . Canine "On Spot" [>KN1)I,ETON. Ore. IUP)—Thin rusleni 'Orexon clly'.i "Old Tinmp", a bristly old yellow bull- Ho'i ulllclnls have been Iryliiij in a,:i rid of for some lime by ship- pliu; him 10 "unoimomiceU" ilestl- n.illous. ]:; hnek hi lown. Hecuuse no one vnlimk'elH to purchase n licoiise for Ihe .lioinc- '• less e.nnlne, Ihe clly refuse-, to keep liliu. Several limes he hits 'win ]>luced nlwurd- olil-ROlnn u ucks and ullior vehicle.s, only lo re.ippi'fir n kliorl llii") Inter, If:; runinrcil thai unleKi' llw nun ijels u llcen-.e, loral p'allc'i ii>- "pill him on the lipal"! Icr -a builillng for the Ihonsnnds ui nlbule oil bits of v'CK'd wlilcli [hey mnke into pellels und take clown 10 ilu- tennliaiy. They are unique in llial they USD Ears Causes Drowning » UOCIIKST.-in, N. Y. iUI')—Wn- ler In Ihe rurs may In; the emise 01 many droivnincs, accrudlin; to Dr. r'r.nikllu W. Dock, ol Ihe Of uniform slue il can be hand- j [«. only cellulate for food, iirocmcdi Ilonril ut Munition, neutrally fmin wood, bin uho nt times from pujn 1 ]'. books, c'lc. N'O lyne «f biilldliiK in which un- 'iiculcil wmiil Is employed seemslljres with The 'sinnll canals wltliln the eur control mini's Ixujlly balance, lioek ]X>!nK(l oil. If wilier liucr- imrninl working nf Linguist Leaves for , , Study in Guatemala NK\v'ORLEANS I UP)'— Ernest . N'oycs, liniiiilalic ns'.oclntc in the ''lepmlmi-nl of Middle Amtrlciin n-ii-nrcli ul TIIInnc University, re- fi-nlly hll lor u "one mnn Held e.xpeilltlon" in Ounlumalii, where, l.t will. study nnlhi! lonp.iies for" Hie nest severul mnntlui. While workhuj In particular on- ihe Mnni und Choill tonnucs, dl 1 (be Mnynn IhiBiilslIc fu'mllles, Noyi.i will IM niishhu! more, deeply , Inlo the.pioblems confroiitlnK lln- e aituils, the sv.liiiniL-r nuiy i milsls in their sltidks .of llic re- ime <ll7».y iiml ilinwn before 1 lulloivshlps of the various Ian-, i-qiiillbiiuin can be reiovereil. I i;iicik'-s of Ccntul America . I). I'oi'nuson. who has linen In n- Innbcr biislnes-.s in Ihls clly r llii- past 'JO years. Is on; of Ihe cM knov n luinbeinii'n in (Ills 'cllcn. He has miiiuincd the K. . liohliiKin Lumber cunipuny here .since 10^1 E. C. ROBINSON WE DO OUR PART WE DO OUR PART LUMBER MPANY BUILDING MATERIALS Everything Necessary For New Buildings Or Repairs For Old PHONE 100 COAL We can't sell all the Coal so we just'sell the best. (ft <at's in every ton of'' SAHAR. COAL Also ACTON The lowest in ash and highest in heat of any of the red ash coals. MAYFLOWER WALL PAPER Approved and ..guaranteed by Good Housekeeping, -Ladies Home Journal and Woman's World. Now offering close out bargains in J933 line. 1934 Patterns Will be in Stock September 15th. TERMITES Control Them Witti ANTIMITE /Fcnnite colonies multiply rtipiclly. If infestation is suHpccUni, act promptly. Phone 100 \ Wo will inspect your property free and give you a signed statement of what the actual conditions are. Our KXTERMINATION AM) CONTROL SKR- VICK eliminates y o u r worries about termites. FIX-IT ]-f any repairs-of any sort are needed about'your property just Phone loo and Kd Ferguson "The Ulan from the Lumber Yard" will tell you what you want to know..

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