The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
Page 6
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Piopoition Infected Much Higher Among Negro Child)en Than White Dr A ,M Washburti, rounlv health officer, IS (n receipt, of the report from the Arkansas Tuberculosis association on the tuberculin testing eJinlcs held In Mississippi county November 5 6 and 7 at ulUch the test was given to school children In Oseeola Blythevllle, Wilson and Armorel Hie ^ork was done under I IIP au«plcci of th" Mississippi conntj Medical societs FJeven lum-irttl forty-five ihil- dren took the test 100 of whom gave a history of having lived with Use dkeasp Seven hundred thlrly- elght children were whites and 407 negroes Readings were oblalne<l on 704 whites, with 84 or no per cent showing infection, anil on 392 Jwgroes, of wliom 81 fit "no per celil shwfd infpcllnn a total n| 165 or 15 per cent One hundrpd ninety it a of enllaren v,ere Osreola children MUI Hi giving iiislaiy of confsrl 0^ enteen or 1i ppr rent renoled to Ihe tea Ho negro children ^ F |f> tf*t- M at O oeoK Three hundred nmetyfelx ehil dren iverp tested at Wll'on, 171, he- ing unite-, and 120 npgrw rioris ofjth? Wilson children gajp 0 )il« tory of having lived «lt)i (hp <|l'- )«, forty'piglic o r l-u per iwit o| whom showed infertlon, while ihil- dren shoeing 78 jv>r cent, Infpdlon as against '3 6 per (-put lor the ne groes The report makes tlie torn roejil ttial throughout tliese figures 50 per cent of the children who reacted to Hie lest gave no history Of exposure to the disease Th- Tuberculosis association Is furnishing complete information to parents Ariose children reacted to the test so as to emphasize the iro pottanee of medical supervision and ins type of carp that should be iriv f", Oitv children Hayti Society-Persona! Haytl Chapter No 217, Order of tlw Easlpm star, has elected the fol(owlng officers for the year Mrs O la Slanfl] woflliv matron Byron Brjant worth pafron, Mrs Hozel Sfgler, assocl ate raalion, Ellis Kohn, assoclat- Patron, Mrs Mae Llmbanch con duclrpss, M^ vernice Stanril as Sit C ±."? t "' is ' r-" lss Martha i 7 2V La te MY "i 133 thi rrv&rr, t^tn A fresh stock r,f 1ACQBS CANDIES CIO. Todays Markets New Orleans Cotton ND\V ORLEANsTncL 18 (UP)Trado bujltig caused small «d nnce,s of two and three point n old crop months on the cotlo "xchange (odaj Distant month ere stronger i\lth gains of si nnd seven points open high It^ elos 124B I2« 1245 Dec 'an Maich July Out 12 f Ki 1265 12D5 1235 1257 125S 1200 1242 1254 1255 1255 1247 12jC 12.58 1J4' Spots doped steady at 1277. up ' treanner cheplaln, Miss Irene ' M , , i CarrfP Pfaiikln KplA lFct!t ' ' Introdueln 1 Rman will be we V.lh, Junior cl ow of^e high school at ahe h sh auditorium under the s ^ «rehlp ot Miss i«ulse Witt The will mclude Dick Heatherby college professor, c w' s' • ™ , Buddy Chalmers, grid hero, H. ° San *« Jr . Babs Bosuell Buddy s gl rl mend, Lou Ann Pen- ss, Hilllngton Ross, P Balrd ^ Mayfield, an od *' T B »W» he cook, Opil Alexander P I tte "Ehtlng brother, M Aunt Cordelia Quacken- te " ealthi aunt • °Si Susans quick tempered Ch!sm ' Ike ' , E Martin * * A Ooodfellows club has Nnv YORK D»c Cotton clof«d steadj open 124J 1242- 18 ; Prices HEW YORK ncc is- <0r>> i^. 4etlMty ind -UrtilgCli In United t«t<r, government uond^ rcafnud ealings.on the Ne\\ Yotk xchange today othei bonds ull and irregular while loved In i narrow rniis A T and r Anaconda Copper stocl •> nethlelicm steel Clirysler Cities'• Service. .General 'American Genera! Electric General -Motors rnlem.itional'.. Harvester Montgomery Waril New .York Central, Packard •PliHHJK Petroleum Radio Corp blmmons Beds St Louls-san rnnclsco Standat-d.of'N. J. Texas Co V S Steel McKessohrHobbins z'onlt'c U S S SO 1- i 8 I 1 't Tank. 30 3-H IQ !i-3 Jl 1 8 38 2B, 7-fl 21 4 5-81 14 1-2 0 'l D 3 4 1 1-8 41 1-4 10 :i-4 37 il 1 4 41-8 124 ,1-4 w.~awTM^ing TJicro will be a meelint' of Ihe W O w tonight, at which offi- ceis and munlipis of Hie dill] learn aie especially | ]IK( , (I 10 , f iiesent Oold RMf Caused Bum ROCHES ITR N n [rj^-upj. son N Hiil burned himself while worMng on hlr, automobile A eold IjiJT Wi his finger camp In , 0 nt™l «U|i ho -lart.i ami cmi^l Ihe in f Ib-weconip, red j.r.l, | m | \vo nncen cmi^ Ie red j.r.l, | m | n rt, E ' ' 'tli. -Nee,*; Gloves md we liaw a laigp selection of Kldskins niul Imitation Pippin -A 18c, $1 4<> nnd $1 9fl Linn! or 'Hriltned. •). O. •'PENNEY CO. .LOUNGING ROBES Blnck flat crepe with contrasting trims, $10 New Mead Clothing Co. + * + PAT O'BRYANT, Jeweler, suggests bill folds, fountain peas, pencils, ilngs, fitted ^Ipppr sets clgai-eltc coses, lighters, watches,, chaln.s : ami: bnnrts At Haynes' iMen's Shop can be found gifts for the man from 250 up. May we suggest handkerchiefs, ties pa- Jamas shhts senifs, lounging lalies Imts, belts and buckled 'fee our stool- before maHn" ymn selection * * * • PURE Sn,K PA1AMAT All colors, pjaln We tioLwWtai.Tkfy VVanl! Skntrs. Tricycles, 'RcootPi-s, 131- cyelp.s, Cofi.sle'i- Wagons, Buddy tllke.s .2?, Rifles (Slovens,' Hamilton , arid Springfield), Pocket Knives. Flashlights, Watches, Hurtling Knives, Buck Jones Air Rifle.? and Scout Knives nnd , Axes, inclurlinB carrier. . Burke Hardware Co. "We. Sell . for Leis" . IS OPflN ls; -Teddy Bears, Trucks, Popguns, Airplanes, Fire En- Bines, Tool Chests, Games Chemical ; sets,. Fugles, Play, poll Dishes, fie.wing "els, Tricycles, Wagons, Doll Buggies, Tables ami 'chairs, Story BnolWj Clirlstma.s Can- illes and other jnteresting Toys BEN PHANKLIN 'STOP.!! <Toyland 1 Door Easli * + + lam l).,wman is a InilUier A nl nnl- a blip oiif P f Bowmnn's Inn '• he wns prppailinj lo sill n iroal 'Bui ril gel DIP h t —- Unfman told JOli p. PRIDE gertlflrd rieglstere4 Cnglneei General Engineering, Surveying Mapping Phone 498 Bltthfvllli.. Ark GOSH! YOU MAKE^l ME WORK LIKE A STOKER ON AN OCEAN LINER-AND STILL THE HOUSE IS COLD ! I TOLD YOU NOT TO * 8UY THAT CHEAP UN8RANOED COAL NEXT TIME BUY HEAT- 9«t Certified SAHARA l ., will trees, one on t c " y - to " be illuminated -fof-'th Paim ? e Chee> " 1xw ^fei«'r herrhJ, here, has been transferred to Caruthfrsrtlle. *herp shp began lier duties Saturday 8 Bobby Joe ^ the „,, W | eclrf fw the son bom to Mr nn5 MrV "iBpn Campbell Saturday aftt" 'noon. The baby weighed 7% pounds Richard nnd oi eri M arlln h are attending Southeast MUsourl Jeachers college at Cape Girardeau, spent the weekend here with their parents, Mr and Mrs. T T Martin. i *?" UC SmUh ' Ot *' Mr ' and ^ ft5 Bill KlllE (Br8 '? ch ' M»ss. *ere here *.** tert for ,,whwe he will they wm New Mead Clpfhmg CA 1 * * * ','*., rnr : Hi, n W, A Plpf Cigars ^, a or .HhacHcr Fountain p?n ' BFT.I/S PHAfiMA^Y + * »" A Comfortabip Clialr lol Didi How hcrt Invp a Comfortabip chair all his own You'll find all styles, sizes and Urices In O'ir complfte stock ' HUBBARD FURNITURE CO IP YOTi WANT, TO C.IVfi .'iOMETmMrj OPAL Afakp li, nanlel Oreen Ilousp for Her or .for. Him BOOTFRY Oond Simr-a and ITmU-iv '•* * 4 '.- ' LADIES LEATHER JACKETS Zipper style, light or ,] orf brown, $10. New Mead Clothing Co. ' ' •' '' near SM : We know )oL5 of little girls ' nnd bio OMes who > want a permanent for Glimlmar,. now about ill '.' MARGARET DEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE BEAUTY BRINGS • HAPPINESS If you really, want to make her happy this Christmas include m your. gifts one „, ollr pcrmanpni, waves ORACK ELANORE .SHOPPE OIVP TOMETHING PERSONAL Halm .and crepe Negligees Velvet and rorduvoy Robps Corduroy and Crep« Pajamas Ralln and Crejjp Unillps THE FAMOUS •lop Applebahm + + * , t En|pyment for ih family' wfth Hotpon /Automatic Electric, water S er in 'the, home. '•]*'.' ii* sl V.i'i.lhe.detfite. ' ' -' l . gl ARKANSAS-MissOBHt ' CO. jorKiiddies + * +, nURRYl IUTRRYI Right no* we liivp nlmo«i every kind ot a Blcyolf, Irl iycle and Wagon but we advise lnlmtdnte selection as re nlaceinenls nip h n ni to gei tJils-.year; HIIBBARD HARDWARE- CO. I OR BOYS AMD Bicycles, \Vugons D«sks Doll Cabs DolLs rojs of all kinds KlrUnrtalK ic & !0c Slnre .Bicyclo Tires,' Horns, Saddles Baskets' Handle Grips, Spokes Wheels Rims Brake Parts Repairing. 'CARNEY'S SHOP' 11' S First, Phone 64? ' VISIT OUR TOYLAND Big slock of new loys of all kinds at . ' PARKHURST'S coa(} ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU • WINCHESTER SKATES Every child wauls. a pair ol these Ball Bearing Roller Skale.i.. .special .. $1. IlUBBARh HARmVARE CO. ' * + * TOYUAND MOW OPKH Mothers and Fathprs, as wpli as children will enjoy a vtlt lo oiir complplp Toy- Dppsrl- mpnl. . •f. C. PENNED' CO. . + + * A COMPLETE TOY DEPARTMENT-for all ogp.s, E vm- thing moderalely priced OBERST STORE CO. Visit our loyland. We spcclal- gf , 1 " rtolls ""I toys of nil kinds. LOW PRICES T. ROSENTHAL, INC. + + t Every Child Needs One of course, it's the new I E s Study Lamp— "Belter ' UNIVERSAL VyAPHiE . MAKER Bakes golden brown \ affles exactly to your taste Hen Indicator tells when to pour batter Patented expans.on hinge-mow, batter (0 riLse Beaiitlfully finished m c h rnn . him plate - - $-,00 HUBBAKD HARDWARE CO. * * + SILK HOSE, ALWAYS ACCEPTABfJ; Mieclally ,f ,ts t |ic. new sheer-clear Allen • A. . . 7J C to $13- also Ladies House Slippers at populai prices At .the New York store FLOYD A. WHITE *••' *; +REALISTIC / FLOWERS-cor- sogps. vases and potted plants. Call 428-J. MRS. OEO. V/. BAHHAM * + + SHOP EARLY! You will be pleased wllh our selection of .ladies', men's, and children's clothing and gift goods.' Reasonably priced. I. ROSENTHAL, INC ATTENTION A, small cash payment will elve •your' wife the peffett gift-A riOMB. .See our listings. ' Iliomas Land Co. * + * THE IDEAL C5IFT A theatre Coupon book for UIP family or fi lends, $-"50 and S r i' Ciood Any Tlmpi Rit? and Roxy Theatejs * + * FLFCTRIG ppfcolator-, tm=t- prs heating pa is iambs vac- ulfl(or<. vfceeperjs, waffle .ifonl POPOUft PRICES FT,Ff3TRjr °IfOP See our nvunmolh =tock of Quality GUIs largest and rnosl complete In KOrth- east Arkansas 'Everything you want ' PARKHURST CO A THRILLING GIFT —one that will h-ing many hours of happiness and pleasure a nevi DODGE PLYMOUTH, or" CHRYSLER Americas most beauliful car, Barnett Auto Sales Phone 88S S || V p r . h e Home Beaiillfiij,'. Pat Q'Bryant, Jeweler ; "..' ".'*.';*;•+'•' '. ';• America's Finest Gift! ' Kar P°" Uv >"S Room Furniture .. endure throughout "«! ages. '..Single pieces' nr ™n,plele suites''" • ' " r UUBBARD ; FURfflTURE CO ' .':"•" '.•*;+.• * ' '. : Havo yoiir ; iTTRNlTIlRB ur,. holstered & repaired tor a n"?. giu - SPEC1AI J W JFNKINS & SON 1115 ^ R H-Phone 133 + + * r 4 >mo ICEDA « CHESTS LAMPS LOUNGE OHAIFJ1 TABLES SECRETARY" Sr^S^c, "*S«HNB BACKS Ami many gther Items „ c H*« Hou=fhoTd i, ' .frrlc'fd' '"',/'<[ , ; *' *• 4 DEEP KNAP. a^Kat-j-a 70-sBO Deep.Kp^p vjouole Blankets In a uW lde ^isction of . - -•»»». fi \ I * r Wlt •1 C PENNEY TO " * J* * HOLIDAY" SPECIAL G(//s of fj /or Ho me Buy From Your Dealer or ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER, CO. "At Your Service" + + * Waliuit-Cednr chp.sis Beautiful waliiiit finish Cedar Chests, single, or double deck style...A gift that any woman will, appreciate-...All moderately. priced. ; IUJBBARB FURNITURE CO. *. + + fiuch glf« n s comparts, watches, rings, ; necklaces, wepkeml bags, pursp.s nnd oilier gifts fan be foilml nl. Pat O'Bryanl, Jp\ve!er + + * LOVELY GIFTS OF PERMANENCE... WATCHES DI.V MONDS, NOVELTIES, LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PENCIL SETS...STERLING AND PLATED SILVERWARE GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE * * * GIFTS SHE'LL ADORE Atomizers, Perfume sols. Bridge Cards, compacts, • Pangbum's Candles, Hpublgant and Coty's Perfume SeU, Heating Pads and other acceptable gifts BELL'S PHARMACY Handbags for Aunlle! Handbags for Mother! Handbags for me Little Woman! Little even- lug delights loo, In metalfi ami sequins, ahd brocades,,(hat will )>ri~sg Inning- pleasure. Every feminine, name on your -list ean bt checked with a smart H.iudbag from Ihe NRW'YORK STORE * * + FrpKh fragrant FLOWERS— the most appropriate gift. They never offend old or young. Telegraphed anywhere. HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS Tlio Gift Supreme Tho mo<lerii servant that l;,in- Ishes kitchen drudgery... the nen- Holpolnt Range with iil- specd Cnlrod vmlls...foi(i on convenient terms- If desired. Several models to select from ARKANSAS-MISSOURI ' POWER CO. "At. Your Service" + * * Radios and Musical Instruments PARKHURST CO. Cut flowers or blooming planl.s eive Xmas cheer in the home. Place your order early. HEATON'S HOME OP.PI.OWER.S + * + . . ALL sraEn Xrnas -Trei- OH STANDS. Special prices. Place orders parly. '212 w Dss'i? Oall G70-.I. ' , * + + A Westlnghouse ELECTRIC Range or RADIO would be a perfect, gift. ' . . • • / Waipole Electric Shop 1J The perfpcl gUt. One 8x10 tinted In oil and three 4x6 no'r- Belt's Art Studio' t ; * *' Permanent wreaths for rrmptfry. Rerrpmber dp Inved 6nes . at Xmas ffEATON'S HOME ^ OP PLOWERa •S-XK^^.^.^,^.*?.^^**..' j fc V : t>; S55KKKSCS55KSSKKKKX5CKSKXSKKKKSSXSS

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