Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 22, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1891
Page 7
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Keesliug- ard D.E Pryor. mnnds, of Vermont, gave the following sensible views concerning the election bill: He said that the opposition to the election bill could b« classed under the fonrD's, First, the Democrat pure ;md simple: second, the Dough-face of the Non-li who ii.hv.ays sides with the.South- ern \viiifr of his party; third the Dema- yoyue who. in the form of the mug- wump, nlwiiys seeks to have peace ut any prii-i', ;md fourth Dives, the rich New York grocer, who thinks that ii! the flection bill were passed he might not be uble to sell us much tea and sugar in the South as before. The .Senator was asked; "What is the real reason of the tremendous opposition the South has made to the eleetion •bill?" He replied: "History has a habit'of repeating itself. We are now encountering the sinne situation, in some respects, that we had thirty years ago. We had then in politics a small-slaveholding oligarchy, whose power in politics depended entirety upon th£ existence of slavery. Their power was threatened through the attempt to abolish slavery. There were pe'Dple in the country, however, who regarded slavery as a crime and, without any thought of loss, actuated by an adherence to principle, moved against this great wrong. Then the Democrat, the Dough-fa<;e, the Demagogue and Dives advanced the same arguments against an? agitation of the subject, against any thing which would impair the peaceful relations of the North and the South, that are heard no\v. To-day the situation is similar, in that this same oligarchy has now begun to build np a similar system of power' in the South. This system contemplates placing the absolute control of its political affairs in the hands of a few men, the descendants of the forme* slave-holding aristocracy. This is shown in the adoption of the Mississippi constitution. This constitution will undoubtedly be copied .by all of the other Southern States.' "The declaration that we have for a moment thought of trying to control the local affairs in the Southern States is,, to.use-plain language, a lie. Such, misrepresentation is a part of the hue and-cry raised against this measure. It is said that-we are offering a measure whicli ska.ll give the negro supremacy in the South, and that the white people are therefore, to be sympathized with because they will not submit to such domination. This bill relates strictly to National affairs. It provides simply for an inspection and supervision of this Southern oligarchical machine in the election of members to Congress. On the floor to-day the South has twice the strength of the North in proportion to the votes cast." •The Senator -was asked if there was any thing in the bill which would justify, the use of-the army or the bayonet at the-polls. He. replied that. this was another of the lies told concerning the measure. The army was now so restricted in its uses that if a mob were to-morrow to attack the Treasury of the United States to sack it, the 1'resident would have no-real authority to call to its protection the troops from Fort Myer. Undoubtedly the -President would exercise a doubtful authority under such circumstances, and be fully justified, but the fact remains that he would have no real authority. The army was thus restricted by the Democrats when they came into power following the election of Mr. Hayes. Durin.g the year 1S78 they made just such a fight as they have made now on the election laws which were then on the statute books. These election laws were repealed in all of their essential provisions, and to secure the approval of the Republican President, were placed in the appropriation bills. The Democrats then threatened the country then as they So now with the possibilities of an extra session. The Democrats adhered to their plan and. the .President vetoed the appropriation bills. This resulted in the adjournment of Congress without providing for a proper maintenance of the Government. An extra session was called, and in that extra session such conces- 'considered what wui.ue the effect;!!! the rebellious' States- of a failure to pans this bill? Such a failure .will confirm the rebels in their belief that "the -South is in the 'saddle" again. It will give a new impetus to intimidation, boycotting, cheating, false counting and murder. It will convince 'the oligarchs of the Southeastern States that 'the United States (jovernment will interfere with their nefarious'schemes 110 more, and that they may go on with a free hand to "rim' 1 things just exactly as they please. Itwifl give a new impulse to the murdering of post-masters and United States marshals. It will encourage the Southeastern people to hope.thsit they may be at last entirely tid of what they call the "hateful hirelings" of the Federal ("rovei-nment. There are a good many Republicans still left in the Southeustera Stutes. They have stood np through all manner of persecution for what they believed to be right. They knew that the cardinal doctrine of the Republican party was a free ballot and a fair count, and they believed it would never falter in its devotion to that-doctrine. They are unanimously in favor of the elections bill, and they regard the prospect of its failure with feelings akin to despair. They know, as Northern Republicans do not and can .uot know, what a failure of the bill means. • It is as much as any man's life is worth now in many parts of Florida, Georgia. Alabama, Mississippi. Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas to be an active Republican. If the elections bill fails, all hope of any possible justice for 'Republican voters will be gone, and there will be no possible incentive for Republicans in any of the rebellious States even to go to the polls, much less to court assassination by trying to organize and keep alive the Republican party in their districts. There are no State elections now inmost of the States mentioned. -If this" bill fails there will be no elections for' Congress or fur President. The whole Southeast will be run by Democratic caucuses. The effect of all this on the material .prosperity of that "section" can not fail, to be bad. No Northern man cares to invest'his capital, muchless to make his, home, in a State where he is taxed absolutely without representation. If the Southeast could only see it, it is,to their interest, material as well as moral, to hold fair elections. But experience alone will teach them this. They have become so used to oligarchy that a Republican for»i of government is abhorrent to them. If the elections bill should pass, it would help the Southeast more than any other measure that could be put on the statute books; if it fails, they must dree their own weird.—N. Y. Mail and Express. pay the penalty .for the mistake in due time.- \Ve have had some experience in following the lead of Democratic statesmen in their attempts to •pold and extend th'.> system of human bondage that they might thereby keep themselves in powirr. Arc; we to enter upon another kindred experiment under T.iie siiiiif sort of cuunselv—-Milwaukee Sentinel. FLOOR FOR A DAIRY. No Material Known to He Superior to Cement. Kor a dairy-room floor, nothing is superior to cement; it^ also serves an admirable purpose in cellars, wash-rooms, stables, etc. There is no secret about laying excellent cement ffcors. 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This association of political conspirators threatened before the war that they would wreck the Government and divide the country if they could not have their own way. They were ready to go to war then when their political power was threatened, and judging by their threats and their demonstrations, they are to-day as ready for a similar situation, if they can not retain absolute power. Whether.it is 'good policy to contest the claims of these gentlemen is a subject 1 do not care to discuss. It is a question of principle higher than any question of policy. It Is a situation that will -not be permitted to endure when once the public realizes what the South is doing and proposes to do."—N. Y. Tribune. of Those Wlio Voteil Hiwe.st Elections. There is no call to mince words in characterizing the conduct of the Republican Senators; who struck a blow- in the dark at a principle to which the Republican party is committed by the solemn and reiterated pledges of more than 'thirty, years.' They have no justification, no excuse. They knew perfectly well before they were elected the ideas fur which the Republican party: stood. They knew, or should have known, its traditions and its history. They knew the unvarying attitude of the Republican, party on the issue of honest elections. • They knew the promises of the lust Republican platform, and the earnest wishes of the President. Some of them actually .knew before they were sent to 'the Senate the scope' and character of the definite " measure which the Republicans had framed. Yet these Senators, with a • disregard for honor and loyalty, fortunately rare in American public,annals, have deliberately turned their backs on their own friends, and joined the enemy in involving their own • cause in grave'disaster. If the conduct of -these unfaithful Senators were- an indication of the spirit of their constituents, we might-well despair of the Republican party. But the events of the last quarter century have abundantly demonstrated that' the Republican masses are.,sound and loyal, whatever the temporary lapses of a few leaders, and that sooner or later they induce unfaithful representatives to comply with their wishes, or to stand aside for men who will.—Boston Journal. ' .. : .. POLITICAL COMMENT. CARTED ITTLE IYER Cheap L'aiidg-and Homes iu ;tiick.v",'- Tennesee, Mississippi ai«l Louisiana. On the line of the Queen &'Crescent Eoute can? be lumidiOOU,wu acres ol'-spleiidid bottom, t land, timber njitf.sioclr ISnds. . Also • the fintmu fruit und• mineral lands oii'tii'c contliieat lor S8l»'>' on favorable t.«iiis.. ••..-.• ... « yAfiMEHS! will) all tfiy getting get a home In? the sunny boutli, where- blizzatds • and lea ctad" plains are unknown. •< • . • •- ' . 7^'" The Queen 4 Crescent. Boute. Is : 94 Mile* thil Slorte^t and Quickest Line ,- CincinaiHo New Orleans; Enure Tim.-27 Hours. . ' BiiSTdw Car, Da? 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Some of the Eepresentitives of the Southeastern States in Congress hava painted in lurid colors the effects of tha proposed Federal elections bill on what they call their "section." They seem to have scared a, few Republicans and all the mugwumps into the belief that the passage of the bill would inaugurate^ a rei£n of terror in those States. £STDay by day it becomes more certain that the Democratic war cry of 1892 will be "free silver, free trade and free whisky." The nickname of the "calamity party", will be quite appropriate for the- liourbon, reactionaries.—Toledo Blade.- . ES^A Wisconsin farmer-who voted the Democratic ticket last fall -'because the Mclvmley Ml would make thing's, higher,'' now hides behind the straw- stack when he is offered three cents more a pound for his crop of tobacco on account of the tariff.—Chicago Journal. driu is true, as Senator, Edmunds says, that the common parliamentary law forbids any man to speak "suoer- fluously or tediously;" but it -has'never been strictly enforced, for the- obvious reason that most of the Democratic Senators would thereby be. condemned to perfect silence at all tiines. —St. Louis Globe-Democrat. ••••;•• E3^"3?he Democrats are coming up to the.full,measure of their .agreement to support and -protect .Don. Cameron to the 'National "Senate, and Pennsylvania's Legislature in the silver speculation for his vote for free coinage and against the elections bill!' What an astounding : record the "reform"; Democracy are making in stealing- from State .and county treasuries and.ia ."boodling-" in State: and;.National legislation!—Iowa State-.Register. , ' -.. . - ( Cirit is quiteppssiblC'that the.Demo- cratic party may acquire a temporary advantage by this ' great'wrong, but it is a hazardous business and somebodv Tho; 'l)t>y ponltlctd lier fact anil poultlced.her Itoad, .nd blistered Her tacit tlll'tivas'-siriartlnp anU Trlcii toulcs, cllxlrj, iwln-klllcrs nnd salves, Ured, (Though crandmafleclarcU It was notUins-bnt "narvcs.") , . And the poor woman thought' she'inust certainly die. Till " Favorite Prescription " aim happened to try. No "(yonder its pralst's BO loudlv they sneut, She grtiw better at ooce and was well in a week. The torturing pains and .distressing nervousness which accompany, at times, . cartiiu forms :of. "female weakness," yield like magic to Dr..Pierce's Favorite Prescription. 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