The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 5
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MARCH ":i8;: 1037' Munitions Orders 0 Prosperity Back to Essen Steel Mills Ky MILTON nitONNI-K SKA Service staff Correspondent LONDON.-Prosporlty has rumbled 'round the corner—on (ho wheels of tlic giant Nazi war ma- Model ST FULL 5-TUBE BRAND NEW, 1937 MODEL • TEBA1S Listen to Europe, Soulh America- airplaries 'and .police cars. Enjc/y; -excellent'- receplion irom a;srnarlly,d4- signed, subsianlial cabinet -not a "box'VModish'Edga- Hghled Dial. Aiilornaiic Tone Compensalion.:A price marvel! ....;.; '• . H ARDAWAY WUANCE CO. (AUK.)' COURIER' NEWS chine—and slopped bclorc (lie smoke-blackened doors of Dr. Gus- (av Krupp von Bohlen and Hal- loach, liead of the great German armaments, steel and coal firm of Krupps. Last year brought tlic nrni great profits—this year should bring greater profits. The new-found prosperity of Krupps is chiefly due to the vast manufacture of wa: munitions. Chancellor Adolf Hitler Is arming Germany to the teeth. Having torn the Versailles Treaty lo small pieces, lie Is building a huge army, n big "nirfleel and a formidable modern navy, Most of that is grist for the Krupp mill. \ The report of the concern, issued for 1930, shows a net profit, of about SCS.OOO.tCO. compared with $4,000,000 in Hie previous year. The gross profit for the year just closed was about $20,000,000 more than in HID previous year. Big sums were set aside for very cignlficant tilings., one is for a vast plant for the manufacture of gasoline from coal, Krupps also owning big coal mines and Hitler wanting to make Germany independent, of the p2trol companies of the worlj. still other sums nrs set aside-for the technical branch to discover still other "ersatz" (substitute) materials to take the place of products Germany would otherwise have lo import, especially for war needs. And other sums are | set aside for the building of more, plants to take care of the over-, I Increasing orders.'-especially from i I the Reich. j ,' Sec Greater Demands j .on Firm's Vast Facilities ' The. report shows'.that there has fch ah Increase in'the '-firm's sale of cars,; agricultural 'implements and ElrurliiriiV.jtecl,' too. Bui the main profit comes -from something modestly concealed in oiie sentence which says there lia's'<liesn increased business., due , to the fact that the nation once more is.regaining Its'., armed sovereignty. '• AS a result, ,Kriipps have declared a dividend of four per cent, the first in 14 years. -• , Rather, sinister-sounding is the sentence: , •' ; ' "The .coming times will make further 'great demands on the technical,', economic and financial efficiency, or the, works •'• Krupp Arms Business Revived .tSflBf&^&^WfS^r*,-..,-.,..-..,,. „„.-.„.,„„,•„„...• . new Krupp war machine...a rapid, cliain-drlvcn army car that Is seeing service in Ihe Spanish civil war. In. a'.way 'for \vhicnHlicrc is no parallel : in America, the'.whole life of the city 0/,'Essen-revolves around Krupps. .And. Esseri is-a city of nearly .10.0,000 people, 82,000 of whom- vyork-'.iiv the" Krupp plants while-11,000; more, retired for a°e receive Krupp pensions. 1 Bismarck's ..War Orders' : Made Knipps.Indu«lfiai;GiaHl The great' Krupp dynasty is o'nlj a.little, over.a 'cenliiry old. .in [lie days,of'Napoleon, Priedrich Krupp made cast steel in"a little forge in Essen.,;, \yhcn he died, the business was carried on by his" spii Alfred, who made of himself a great metallurgist. So far as his means TERRY ABSTRACT & , REALTY GO; Ansfrac'js, Lands , & Loans E.'M. Terry, rres.arirlSIgr, Prioneeiy -Blylticvilie, Ark. I will he al Deli, March 15;.'Armore!; March 1G; Gosnplf, March 17; Yarhro, March 18; Manila, March-1 a,' and Leachville, March 20. For as- spssimrpcrsonarProperty and-Poll Taxes. 'ASSESS BEFORE PENALTY' IS ; ADDED K,L. GAINES, Tax-Assessor, Society Decorator HORIZONTAL 1,4 The former Elsie do Wolfe. 8 Challenge. 0 To appraise. 10 Assnm silkworm, U Wing-shaiicd. '12 Every. H Being. •IB Either. 18Soiin for one voJce, 20 Self. ,22 r»let. Answer io Previous I'uiilc 2-1 In addition to. -13 Fabulous 2G Type of leltuce. •29 Talisman. ;3I ncnlcr. 133 Boy. ,34 Coif device. '36 To free, 37 Auditory. bird. 44 Irritates, 40 Pedal digil. 47 Street. 48 While lies. 49 Killed. 51 Head. . 52 Irregular. 30 Less common. M Silly 41 She is one of 58 She was born (he world's in . dressed 5' She wns owe women. an'— •-. VERTICAL 1 Gibbon. 2 Melody. 3 Apportions cards, 4 Birds, !> Enthusiasm. C Tended the sick. 7 Pasha. 8 She Is a famous Interior — (pi.). D Go on (music). 13 Having loljej. 15 Puzzler- 17 Edge. 19 To permit. 21 To secure. 23 Courtly. 25 Sluggish. 20 West Point stitdcnl. 27 Upon. 28 Mm ruled. •JOVnrnish Ingredient. 32 Pen point. ' 34 Makes lace. 35 Snaky fish. 38 Clan symbol. 39SlrinEcd instrumenl. 40Smnll memorial. 42 Ulcers. 44 l-nless. 45 Delivered 48 Because. 50 Strife. 53 MusfcM note 55Northe:isl. Guslav Krupp Von Dolilen and llalbach (left) and his, wife, Berlha Knipp. "tiie Cannon Queen." would alloM-, he was always expsri- menting. As late as 1845 he only had 125 workmen. In un Krupp, the sleet-maker, made his debut as Krupp, (ha cannon-maker. He turned out a thrcc-pouurtsr. muzzle loading of cast steel, in" the exposition In London in 1851 he showed more guns, great steel in»ols nnd steel tires for use on railways, i Bismarck, the famous Iron chancellor of Prussia, was drcamta* of making his King the emperor of all the Germans. To this end, he worked with the Prussian generals. To this end, they gave contracts io Krupp. The war of 1870 with France was largely won with Krupp war material. Alfred was called the Cannon 'King. Dying in 188?, he was succeeded by his son iTicdrich Alfred Krupp, w ho vastly expanded the business, not only for war material, but for peace machinery, if was lie who built model villages to house his workmen, gave' them schools, libraries and playing fields, hospitals and medical sen'icj and pensions when trey were retired for age. He died in 1002 and was succeeded in the dynasty by his dangler, Bertha. She was wodsd and won I'f a brilliant young German dip- omal, Guslav v on Bohlen and Hal- Vo£ Whm he n™"'"! her in ISM, he added the name of Krupp to his own. He took direct charre of the business and ILwas largely Krupps which armed Germany all through (lie Worid War. From Cannon to Water ripe ami Back Again After the war, for a time, Kruppi fell fi-cra t!:cir high estate. Germany by treaty was not allowed a big army nor big guns. Under supervision of an Allied commission. Krupps was ordered to clianje over from a war-making plant to one solely used for peace purposes. This writer saw it in 1021 'wiien the cannon-makers were busily hammering at- enjlnes, automobiles, gas and water , !ipcSi ctc ; m , t nn Amcric;u) attache to Ihe supervisory connnll- tee pointed out-' to me (hat the same machinery, which made pipes, could easily |>c changed back to ranking cannon. So it proved later. Jammry, 1923,- saw another change in the -fortune'or Krupps. Poincara had marched tils French troops into the Ruhr iii tlic'oii- tieavor ta collect German reparations money. Fdr a visitor 'like myself Essen was a strange place The little blue-coated.'soldiers-of Prance were everywhere. So also were the Kriipp 'coal, miners and and *'*!? workcrs - su 'te'"y sitaii! strike, The men or ascii.^-orTffi- fusinj; io work for Ihe French. All Germany was straining every nerve to feed and maintain them in this. There was a scarcity.of money. Krupps issued token money—niccef Steele-Cooter Society — Personal — pap;r with their guarantee: When i,-a paid a bill with real money -we often got some of tills toV'crr money in exchange. It/was perfccUy- New Passenger Train Between MEMPHIS and KENNETT . Dependable day in and day out, the Frisco now offers a new moniimr (rain (o Memphis. This new train leaves ;tt it convenient hour, arrives in iMemphis early enough •to give almost the entire day to business or pleasure anil brings, you back home (hat same night! Take the Frisco the next time and save both time and money . . . yoii'J! enjoy the (rip more in comfortable, modern all-steel Frisco cars . . . you'll be safer wilh the Frisco engineer aa your chauffeur . Fretpcrily Returns .With Dcpai lure of French -Tronps Later, when the French left Essen and business, for a time got better, Essen begun to look its'-lf niere were no idle men on Hi- street. They were all back in the Kmpp plant. The night £ ky told tr.e storj-. It was Jifce „ plciure illustrating Dante's Inferno, on all titles there was the blare and clow ° fu ™ ccs - true ten , -- s rue en fold today, for Krupps are building Hitler's war machine. - Mrs. A. B. Rhodes nnd Mrs. 1'cr- jusnn of Cnrnthersville attended n iarty here Monday night,,.given in lionor of Mrs. T. A. Ilnjgard. Mrs. Joe Russell wns returned to her home in Cooler Tuesday nf- ternoon from the Memphis Metli- cdlst hospital. Mrs. Russell lins been very sick nntl was to undergo a major opjrallon Monday but she was so weak that H was decided to postpone the operation. Mrs. J. H, Workman ami son, James Henry, will spend this weekend In Portngeville as guests Barnes. of Mr. and Mrs. J. N Joe Russell, Mrs, Ed Crice, James Reid and Gray Hopper were in Memphis Tuesday. , MiEtes Eugenia Crice and Jeivsll Asher will arrive home today after spending several weeks In Dstroit, Mich., \vhere they have been employed. Incy will visit their parents here until strike conditions are over in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Turner and son Billie are visiting relatives In Marion, 111. Mrs. H. G. McDanicl and children, pat, Lynn and Hoyl jr., ar' rived Monday after spending scv- piucnls In Brewton. Ala. Dr7Mc- Danlcl motored down for tlieni. Barney Oreemvay, Mrs. Eva law- son and daughter jutinlUi 51X ;iU Tuesday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Vclincr Cnmpacll nnd Mrs. Ktisl rtslic;- -^erc in Mom- phis Saturday. Miss Uuttf Hnrper. wiio is attending Missouri Unlversily al Columbia, ^pent last, weekend In Stcelf with lier parents, Mr. und Mrs. M. H. Harper. She was tipcdmpnnled home by Miss Mary feue' JaniM, who visited her parents in Cnrulh- crsrtllc. Miss Harper iiad just had a tooth pulled and was'confined, lo her bed all the lime she was.nt home. Miss Dark Burnett, who Is al- Sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS <» HYPERACIDITY DEFINITE RELIEF OR MONEY BACK THEWIIJMHDTIlEIATMESTliM lirouglu prompt. cfcflnKc relief In' thoii3.inil.tof cascxs of Stomach and Duodenal Wan. dan to Hnxraclil- Ity, and other tftrmi of Stimatlt His- ' I'!** am io Kitiss AcU. SOI.D ON IS DAYS TRIAL. For complolo In- VS'^'S 11 .- r . ct '' "*IHI'"I'' MMtifo of Rillel." Ask tor It— (tM-at KIRBY BROS, DRUG CO. , . ROBINSON DRUG CO., Inc. MANILA: DHUG STORE For fares and information about other changes, ask E. F. Blomeyer, AGENT FRISCO LINES Blytheville, ; Ark. SL'HiilJUJ-E Soiilfiljuufiil Train No, 8^1 Lv. Kennclt ... 5:30 A. M. Lv. Jilythcviilc 7:10 A. M Ai-. Memphis 9:10 A. M. Northbound Train N'o. 822 Lv. Memphis .. 6:40 P. Ji. Ar. Ulytliovillc 8:32 p. M. Ar. Kcmictt .. 10:15 P. M. This train is in addition to I lie Mcmphian and Sunnylaiu! „„.. Read Courier News Want Ada TPl 11 1 —^1 1 hey all look • ' • tOMntfxs arc worili while, for tlicy do liavc sometliin e every g extra to give - . That is ju« .is true in a whiskey, too. ou'll rccojnizo t!ic clinmptonsfiip quality of .Windsor . . . h has a rich, rmmit, ripe flavor that delights the appctuo. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY lcnil!ii(f school In.Joiiesljoro, &ptnl last, weekend* in Cooler with her mother, Mrs. Mary Daniclt, 'and family, aiie W os accompanied here by n. classmate, Miss Camillo Belford, who was the guesl of Mlas Lore nc Rush Ing, a former student of Iho sflino college. Mr. nnd Mrs. Marcus Llmbaugh, Mrs. I,. K. cooper and Mrs, Jack nushtng spent SMurdny In Mcm- lihis shopping nnd visiting friends. ' Mr. nnd Mrs. T. s. Brlggance uiid Miss virgie Travis vtelted rel- nlives In 'ix-nnessoo 8unda/.' Mrs. Dasll McOluro nnd son, Jimmle, of Cooler spent last weekend as guests n f Mrs. L,. W. Turner and son, Billle, while Mr. Turner and Mr. MeClurc were:in Marlon, ill., on uustuess. They visited friends in lilythcvillq Sunday. Eric 'JVij'lor is very sick at, his home at Collomvood. Miss Viva Heiilcy wns ttic guest of Miss ruiuyc Ashley at the home of her parents near Ulyllievllle over the weekend, Mr. and Mis. L. A. McCann accompanied Mrs, Car muck' McDonald U> Maiden Sunday where the. win spend thi s : week'wlUv. her parents. _ " ' ,< Miss Nina Brooks, who has been my sick for a month, is now able to be up a illtle. Mrs. Claude Jones, Mrs. E W. I McCann, Mrs. Muschcll Hamra and Mrs. Henry desiring spent Wednesday lii Memphis. i, Mi. nnd MIS. w. C. Kerney and children have relumed from a. two montlu vhlt with relatives in Me- ! Kenzle, Paris and CWason, Tsm Three Ask Divorces | I Three dhorcc suits have been I "led by >slves In chancery court, here iccently. Mis BculHh Wr.hl lias entered suit against Elmer Wahl, chare- 1 Ing Indignities. Her attorney Is Roy Nelson f Mrs Martha Brooks has filed suit ngfltnst waller Brooks, asking a divorce on the ground of desertion. Her attorney h H G Parttow. > Mis. Mary Baughman has filed i suit against Roy Baughmnn on the j giound of Indignities Ed B. Cookl represents Mrs Baughman Beware The Cough From a common cold That Hangs On •mJ, m *"« how Many hiedltinca you have tried for your cough, chest raid or bronchial Irritation, 5'ou can get relief now with Creomulslon. Crcoipulslon not only contains the soouilne elements common to many remedies; such ao. Syrup ot White Pino Compound'with Tar, fluld'cx- H"S,S5 L >=°nco Root, fluid extract of Wild Cherry nnd Menthol, but also hns fluid extract of Ipccan for ™ .Powerful phlegm loosening effect, fluid entract of Cascara for m«Si l!nx< , atl , v ,° elect and, most Important of all, Bcechwood Orco- ,?t.' s I' erte c tl y blended with all of thesQ to reach tho Boitrce of tha trouble from Uio Inside. Crcomul- Mon can bo taken frequently and continuously by adults and children with rcmarknblo results. , Thousands of doctors uso.'Oreo- rnulslon In their own families aa well ns In their practice knowing how^ Creomulslon aids nature to wothe Uie Inflamed si.embranes and heal tho Irritated tissues as the Eerm-laden phlegm b loosened and expelled. Druggists also know the effectiveness of Beechwood Oreo- eole- and they rank Creomulsfon top lor coughs because you get a real dose ol Creosote In Creomul- slon, emulsified so that It Is palat. aw, digestible and potent for go- toe io tho very seat of tne trouble. • Oreomulslon Is guafantMd sitli- factory in the treatment oT coughs, chest colds and bronchial Irritations and especially those stubborn ones that start with a common coM and haiig on for dreadful days and nlehts thereafter. Even U other remedies have, failed, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomul- slon and to refund every centof your money if you arc not satlsflid with results from tho very first bottle. Don't worry through another sleepless nights-phone or go get a bottle ot OrTOmnlslon right now. (Ad") Dr. Max 0. Usrey Announb'es the Association , 'with him oi' i :,.'•...'•.., Dr. Joseph E. Beasley Physician and Surgeon Willi.Offices-,in Hip Lynch Buikling New Easter ^% V^LOTHEO Coals, SwOKgei-' Siiils, Hals, Slices and Hosieiy, in fad cvcryUiinir for your Kastcr ouljil. New Kastcr lion- nels In all the very latest styles. A complete line - of ladies' lull Icnjlh, three quarter an.d man nish tailored suits Ladles' spring coats and a Urge assortment of spring drfssts. Solid crepes and paslel shades. Also the new prints. All at popular prices. Ucauliiu) assorlmchl of Paris lashionett il WOIIL spring shoes, <>'j In the new Rrcy and •'ft/ blue Gabardines and *J Whites. 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