The Times from London, Greater London, England on January 12, 1889 · Page 12
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 12

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 12, 1889
Page 12
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THE TIMES. fcJATUUDAY, JANUARY IS, (fres the omTi Gesrttt.) WAR OFFICE, Jav. 0, 1880. Adespatea. 01 wmca ui louoning u eopr mi teeu recvnrtxi dt tne Ktenurr or stata far "War from tin General Officer Commtodbc in h Jw - jajM clervUbM left th.ii; trwehet tf were H O.I t fi Ha... a irk f inei lf ft itafMiM From dervishes, I ordered ot two companies 1st BttIion I Light Jafardry, wrr.' ilactd i my diirsal by 7 Welsh Be - lment and two enm Denies Id Pattallou to 1 std lte wall mf.rmiU the wttk vtUt fU:to tLa. iilu.u u l( iktnt'i taJnili on lLu toiiili ulr. I CitUfh Minll. D.H.O.. n.Y Aidat - B - t 0ip. waa a nit it a. Wwal.M V . t 1 I . a .ltr,i Ant a r 4 .V . il fmriivfc a ! tart tf wMsa !. a.1 ia a the dvrrlilW, who were tow ihowlrr freely. I 47. I bar not mentioned the tames of Egyptian and SI. Ob this forte - ppemrin round tbe bank south of I Soudanese effieert ia this report u 1 em sending Fort Gamaitah. iinuItwoalT with the continued I duplicate despatch to His Highness the liiiedive. advance along the trenches of the attacking brigades, I calling his attention to their Jood services and to am remainine ocrf - iin lui ineir treses! ana wtn I but iri oi ruuur penonoca nj mm bwkimw. mob in fall retreat. Too nsi of toe lets cefence were I officers. I Dare, sc., nik Hub LvLruvnr. SETT BOOK end N15 W EDXT.IO N 9S ni4(aMrruM MtaiiM4.awaUM m um M ESSK8. LONGMANS end CQ.'S LIST : KtJofOeserel Honourable J. C. Dormer. CJB.i Conxtvanding in Egypt, to the RlgM Honourable the Secretary of State for Wan Cairo. Dee. 2ft. 1M3. Sir, I bare the honour U report that L.tuteaaat - Colonel Rhode, A.D.CX. arrived froa Euakin tail rooming bearing th accompany ing despatch aad returns from Mjor - Goral Sir Francis Greafell (Sirdar), K.C.B., A.D.C, commanding tbo troop at 8uakin, which give a Very clear and able account of th ue - ceaatul operations conducted by htm, resulting la the attack oa the derrithea position "end trench outside Saakia, oa the 20th Inst. These papers apeak for themselves, and t trait! that Her Majesty's Government wrlll recognise the admirable manaer In which th attack was planned by Sir Francis Grenfrll, and brilliantly carried out by the troops under hu command. This is end raced by the important remits achieved with so comparatively small a loss on oar side. The (allaatry of the Soadaaese Battalions appears to. m dexrrtnc of all praise, and fally justifies thejrreat concdence which was placed in l&em. I feel that it it aaneceMary oa my part to bring to yoor notice the brilliant serrico. rendered by Major General Sir Francia Greafell. I woold further beg to be allowed to commend to favourable notice the oncers are specully mea. tioned in MaJorGeaeral Grenfell's deipatch. I have, ottu. J. C. Douczb, Uajor - Geoeral, Commanding ia row Maiorvntni on iiutii urcuicii K.C.B.. A.D.C.. Commanding Snakin Field Force, to Major - General the Honourable J. C. .Dormer, commanaing itooi, ypt, Sir, I have the honour to forward the following rerort on the action of Gamaixab on the 20th of 1. 1'revioos to the action I examined personally the position of the enemy's trenches which lie to the sooth - ttttt cf therth(bbaata) and 8outh Water (Gamaizah) Forts, the . latter i being connected by an embankment ronninp nearly dno north at a distance of 1,200 yards from the' enceinte: The main trenches are roughly on a radiua of 1 50 - 000 yxd from the South Water Fort and 1,000 yarda in length. .They traverae two khors, ih north aak beintr carried - 'about hS Tarda bevond "the creat of a f pur. the south fiank on a knoll south .Bnthwet of the South Water Fort. There 'are two run epaulementa. one in the north - khor. and the other on the south flank. The ground to the weat of the iHneici u a aueeeaalon of - onen itjnri runnine rouchlv east and west divided by bushy khon,but on the south west the thick.buih approaches more closely the south Cask. i Owing to, the ground to the west of the enemy's "north dank being dear and practicable for cavalry, aad the exiitence of a deep khor to the north of the north flank, which would afford excellent cover to form - for attack before coming nndtr fire, I determined to attack the enemy on their north flank, at the aaroe lim. rr.ilinr i feint on their soath - flsnk. 2 To carry this out I made the following arrange menta previous to tna action In rear of the embankment jobing Water Forts ': 1. One' day's rations for the whole of the troops was stored. 2. All transport "waa collected from battalions and civil jrovernment, pjaced under Captab Fain, Royal TYet Surrey Kegimeat (Bimbatm fccjptiaa Army),; and diriiieal ictu Reaerve Ammunitioa Columns, carrvinr 30 ro"unl per man ; lntreaiching Tool Columns : Water Supply Columhi, eurjing ope qnart per man General 1'e.wre Column, to bring op material for two temporary redoubtv sleeper, sanuoags, greatcoau, Dianxeu, Jtr. 3. l"he Medical Department made provision for 5 per cent. .wounded and established collecting statins at North and Soutii Water Forts. Bis Highness's steamer Chibin waa fitted up as a hospital ahip, with every romfort on board. A Bearer Company was rapidly organized, medical officers detailed tor the British and Egyptian troops, ana .transport; pronaeo lor me "wounded to the coliectbg stations and thence to the butnhiJ shin. ' 4. Sinallers nnder Lieutenant Pennefather, 1st rttaliun Welsh Regiment, were detailed to the 1st and 2d Brigades, 2d Battalion King's Owh Eeottish Borderers. 1st Battalion' Welsh Regiment, d Efvctian Battalion, item too uousted in f sntrr : stations were also, established on the Various forts and enceinte, and in communication with Her Maiestv'S shin Racer. 5. The Artillery.of the Iforth "and South Water Forts and on the embankment, were divided up into right and left defence, for the purpose of effectually controlling their fire, and Ma for fchakespear. Royal Marine Artil lery (Eaimakam Lgyptiaa Aimy) and Captain Jackaon, Royal Artillery (Bimbashi Egyptian Army), were placed in charge. , The Artillery of the enceinte , and of Forts I Ban doub, Foulab, Quarry, were formed, into another.eorn - macd under Captain Lewis, the Buffs (Kaimakam Egyptian Army. in he smmunitiod was made up to 100 rounds per gun to. LJisnoutiona before attack. On the moraing of the day of attack the troops marched out from the enceinte and drew up at o SO a.m. in the khor between " H " Redoubt and AnsariiGate facinr south ia the following order.: 20th Hussars, Egyptian Cavalry,, Mounted. Infantry, cader LjeutenantUolonei tsarrow, u.a.U. 2d Bncade. 11th Soudanese' Battalion. 1st Bricsde. ,9th Soudanese Battalion, 10th Sou d ancre Battaitba, 12th Soudanese Battalion, under Colonel Kitchener, C.M.G., A.D.C. 2d IVirade, 4th Battalion. 2d Brigade was under Lieutenant - Colonel Boiled Smith. Bearer' Com nanr. The 2d Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers, under Lieiitenant - Colonel Coke ; 1st Battalion, Welsh Regiment, under Lieutenant - Colonel Smyth ; and 3d Egyptian Battalion, under Captain Sillem (Kaimakam Egyptian Army), marched out independently, and formed up b rear of the Water Forts under cover at 6 30 a.m. Thirty mirktmen, 2d Battalion King's Own Scottish Bordcrtrs, were stationed in Fort Shaata, and 20 of 1st Battalion Welsh Regiment in Fort Gamaixah. 7. All troops carried a day's dry rations and! their water bottlea full. a. The cavalry carried 70 rounds of ammunition per man. the .Mounted infantry xiv, ana a ieea lor eacn bone, Evo sandbags per man, and 33 per cent, earned in trenching' tools. ,1110 Ecyptian Battalions carried .100 rounds per, man, 9. I then ordered Kitchener s and emitn's iftiradea to adranco op the khor running, due' west, covered by Barrow a mounted men. 10. Preview to this I had given orders that a cene ral bombardment of. the enemy's trenches by the guns of the forts and Her Majesty's snip tfscer siioaid Uke place at 6 a.m., and this waa continued till my arrival with bit staff at Fort Gamaixah at 7 30 a.m., where a atgnailing station was established, and from which all orders emanated. I tben took control of the. artillery fire, and directed it principally cn the north; and a.ntK flanlra til th nifnt'i trmcbei. - - - - J i ujcu , uu turn uji,Jc - HajU(i - piaia X. xiicami 11. At 7 a.m. the . 2d Battalion King's Own Soot - 1 Worcestershire. Regiment, all serving in the Egypt! tun Xioraerers iinea ue hbosssd - h Dciween me gun i Army, emrlaccmeots; and fired company volleys into t&e directed oa the bosh behind the trenches, end their fire. etxeciallv that of the naval 04 - po under K.H.L, gas. and. 6 jJerdenfelt battery; together with the ateady volleys of the Welsh and 3d Battalion, did great execu tion. 22. Tha none Artillery Battery came into action WO yards south of the enemy's redoubt, and shelled the ret re a tier enemy ss they raa into the beta. 23. Cease fire sounded at 8 a.m. Two guas were captured, four alio, oronso guns, tgyptiaa menu factore, throwing 9 - poundcr shells ; also a larte ouantlty of gun and rifle ammunition,, the dervish runners beinc reported killed at their cans 24. When the brigades formed to the sooth for attack, the Ecyptian cavalry were pushed out towards liandoob, the 20th Hussars and Mounted Infantry protecting their right flank end rear. The Mounted Icfsntry brought a well - aimed fire oa the dervishes retreating from their north flank. 25. The enemy's cavalry having been reported work ing round our ngnt runic, tne cavalry were ordered to hold them in cheek. Shortly afterwards the 20th Ilowars came into contact with tnem. and arrested their advance by a successful charge, which broke up . i . . t f . , loeir ime sin urew una naca in fTeat disorder towards Hssheen. I regret that b this charge tha Hussars lost four men killed and three wounded. 26. At 8 15 a.m., when the enemy were, in full retreat, the Mounted Infantry and Cavalry pursued them towards IJasheen till I ordered the pursuit to cease. The Mounted mrantry and one troop Hussars were then left to screen the Infantry Brigades, and the Egyptian Cavalry and one troop Ilussars pushed out towards Ilacdoub to check a possible advance of the enemy from that direction. ct. Toe uatunons now intrenened tnemseives, lour raribas oeiar formed wo. 1 by tne Borderers and Welsh who had joined them ; No. 2 by the 11th Batta lion : wo. 3 by tte vtn and inn Eattaiions ; Wo. 4 by tne lotn uatiaiion. These bastv intrenchmenta Were admirably executed. and in leu than an hour the troops were fully under cover and prepared to resist any attack from Handoub or Hasbeen. Two well - designed blockhouses in xsribas il) and (Z) were iso erected under Captain roler, t.E.. and Lieutenant Buck land, K.E., and deface ment Royal Engineers. The rapidity with which they were. built reflects great credit on these officers. 2a. I found on examination of the rround that the enemy's trenches were very skilfully laid out; follow - in the contours of the rround en the north flank and north khor, and were clusters of small trenches, deep and narrow, and rine pits. The trenches had a command of 1' 6" to 4'. and some were hollowed out to afford better .cover or to live in 29. The force actually in the trenches was from 900 to 1,100 men. with 150 cavalry and about another 500, spearmen in tne bosn. 30. I previously returned their loss at 400 men. bat so many dead have been found two or three miles out thst 1 consider they cannot have lost less than 500 men. These cambers are corroborated by deserters from Handoub. Demonstration at Merse Knwai. 31. Ia order to hold Oamaa Dicna's force in Handoub on tne moraine of attack, tbe benier Waval Officer despatched at my request H.M.5. Racer to Merse Kuwai. six miles north of Suakb. and opposite the camp at Handoub. I also" requested Middlemaa Bey, Inspector - b - Cbief, Egyptian Coastguard, to accompany her with His Hirhness s shins Woor el Bahr. Daman - hour, and Hodeidah, and all available dhows. These ships were taken out of this difficult hsrbour at night, and opened ore at dayoreaic. A landing was effected, aad baxa nres lit at nlgnt Middlemaa Bey carried" out his orders with crest ... i. energy ana intelligence. 32. The Naval Brirade. under Captain May. R.N.. Senior Naval Officer, did most excellent work during tne action. The accurate fire of H. M.S. Racer, and tne M - pounder gun. and tne 6 Wordenfelt gun battery on the embankment between, the Water Irons contributed rreatly to the success of the day. Lieutenant and Commander A. Facet. R.N.. worked these. runs admirably, and when ordered to move out his Wordenfelt gun battery to the position won did so witn great promptitude. j.nis able omcer naa been most . energetic during the siege, and Has lent me most invaluable aid. 33. The Mounted Troops have worked indefatitrablv in scouting the front, and. in the attack in protecting the flank of the attacking force. The 20th Hussars, under Maior Irwin, by their gallant charge on the. enemy's cavalry and spearmen, prevented a threatened attack on the Infantry brigades. The Mounted Infantry, under Cantata Tudwav. Essex Regiment, by careful volleys, creatlv assisted in tha attack, and severely, punished the enemy in retreat.' Tfie Egyptian cavalry, in Colonel Barrow 'a own words. " admirably acouted towards Handoub." under the command of Captain Beauchamp. 20th Hussars, Egyptian Army; and Lieutenant Beech, C.M.G., 21st Hussars, Egyptian Army. Corporal nakefield. 20th Hussars, is specially men tioned by Major Irwin for rallant conduct in aavine this officer from a dervish swordsman. He was slightly wounded. 34. To Lieutenant - Colonel Barrow. D.8.O.. com manding the Mounted Troops, my thanks are due both for his reconnoitring the enemy before and during the action, and for his irreat assistance in the attack, when he showed himself well worthy of his previous reputa - - tion aa a thorough soldier and a skilful leader of mounted troops. 35. The King's Own Scottish Borderers in the field fully upheld the high reputation with which thev left Aldcrshpt ; a more handy, intelligent battalion I never met. and the careful volley in r both of their' marks men in Shaata and of the battalion on the embank - ment assisted in keeping down the dervish fire, and contributed greatly to the severe loss of the enemy. They were ably commanded by Lieutenant - Colonel Coke, who appears to have communicated his own ready resource and great energy to the men of the Bat talion unaer mi command, lie specially mentions Major Dixoa and Captain Wilkinson. 36. The half Battalion of the Welsh Regiment are seasoned soldiers, and whatever I asked them to do they did well. Their marksmen In Gamaixah Fort and theremainder of the half battalion on the left fired steady section volleys, driving the dervishes from their right position ana innictinr severe punisnment noon tnem wnen In the open ; they were ably commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Smyth, who brings to my special notice Captain Giftard. 37. - The Soudanese troops of Colonel Kitchener's and uoronel bmitn s Brigades, led by English officers, ampiy lunmea my eonsaence in tnem. ine Ev F. GI5ITai Major - General, Commanding coax in neia force. P.S. flmce November 17 to December "W, 1888, bcluslve killed, 28 J wounded, 84, durinc the siege. Suakb Field, force, casualties at Suakb on 20th December, of Return 1888 - . Staff 1 officer wounded, second Lieutenant Urown, Royal Irish Rifles. .utn Hussars 4 men auiea, men wounaea. 2d BatUlion Kind's Own Scottish Borderers 1 men wounded. Army Fay Department 1 man wounded. Ecvptian Cavalry 1 horse killed, 1 horse wounded. 9th Soudanese 1 man killed, 7 men wounded. 10th Soudanese 1 man killed, 1 officer (E. Bimbashi David) wounded, 15 men wounded. lltn boucanese lb men wounded. 12th Soudanese 1 man wounded. Total. C men killtd : 2 officers and 44 men wounded ; J horse killed, 1 hone wounded. Twecty more men of boudanese battalions were slightly wounded, but did not go to hospital, making a total of 64 men wounded. Hot by H. Srnxz. Lews, Senior Staff Officer. Suakb Field Force. List or killed at Suakb on 20th December, 1888 : 20th Hussars. 2C85 Private Thomas : 2763 Frivste Jordon : 1461 Trumpeter Wewton ; 2680 Private Hawes. 9th Battalion Egyptian Army. 512 Private Farag Abder Rahman. 10th Battalion EerptianArmy. Frivate Belal Mohamed Noor. Hexbt H. Smu, Lews, Eenior Staff Officer. Egyptian Abmt. Neminal roll of wounded in engagement of 20th De cember, 1888 ; . Soakia Field Force. 9th Battalion. 1516 Wafar.Morcan Hosiain. slieht : 1639 Nafar Baroor Saleb. dsnuerous : 731 Wafar Abdul Saytd Khalil, severe ; 734 Nafar Deea Awal, severe: 293. Nafar Ssyed Ali, slicht : 1512 Nafar Farag Abdul Raima n. dangerous. IQtn Battalion. ?73 Wafar Abdalla Oraara. slirht : 786 Nafar Bafckeet Mobaraek, severe ; 37 Nafar Fadl El Moula MawLid, dangerous - ; 306 Nafar Gowbar i?amari,daogerons ; 31 Naiar Khieralla Saleb, severe : Nafar Morgan Saleb, slight ; 52 Nafar Arbab Yaseen, severe ; 856 Nafar Fadl II Moula Ali. severe - ; 534 Nafar Surrar Mohamed Mrrofi, severe ; 871 Nafar Kezak Abdalla, severe : 717 Wafar iwn. liraham. dangerous ; 933 Nafar Faracalla Soodani, slight ; 934 Nafar Mabrook Walad Abdalla, dangerous ; C34 Nafar Paleh Elkhier Soodani, dangerous ; 170 Nafar Said Shaddad, dangerous ; 47 Nafar Mohamed' Sbabata, dacreroua (since died). lltn Battalion. Z'Zl Wafar Kbeir Al Bid AhmeJ. slight ; 126 Nafar 6 aid Ibm. Helmil, slight ; Nafar Sorrier Hassan, slight : Nafsr Alish Gahoo Hassan. or Asman, dangerous; 216 Nafar Morgan Ducks, severe; 207 Nafar Surrar Abdallah. severe ; 891 Nafar Morgan Mohamed,. dangerous ; 42 wafer Somat Durkawi, severe ; 36 Omb. Alawi Adam, slight, Twenty more men wounded sliehtly. but did not ro to hospital. J. U. 1IOO EPS, Levi, Principal Medical Officer, Snakin Field Force. Senior Staff Officer, Snakin Field rorce. Ekolisu Troots. Nominal roll of wounded in encacement of 20th December, 1888 : 20th Hussars. 1385 Sergeant Stuart, ali eh t : 2041 Private Price, slight ; 2326 Corporal Wakefield, slight. 2d King's Own Scottish Borderers. 1608 Private Dagley, dangerous. M. Staff Clerk. Quartermaster - sergeant Pavton.slirht. Officer, Suakb Field Force. Senior Staff Officer, Snakin Field Force. i. - i - s L. A NINE MEN a UoUKldlC j Btoriea Collected JA. aaJjB - aaajad. By WALTER HEEBIES rOUJOClT. rrmmwt Ism : Sat FIELD end IroGKKuw7beto the LEays el BJCRaRO JCFFEKIES. CUatt hy histVldew. A t spkta mOl U priaud oa tarn tMpcr. wttli aa JCtelwd rortrallM BJebart Jffcria, fnea tareucti all booksellsTa, : f .J MAWWfM MiMK A DANGEROUS CAlbP - W i a Story. By XI DAVID CI1EI8TIE IIUBRAV sod BDBTWUIUUI. AN INVESTIGATION Into the CADSKS of the GREAT FALL lo FRICEt wbiel took etace fXl'CIDESTLT wlta Um DE,MO.rmATJOJI Of 81LVEK by OEfUIA - NY. By AJtTH UK CRUMP. : u ifh lllM..MiLr.n. Fra n ha' TEXTBOOK of E LEM EN TAR Y BIOLOGY. J. r K. J. HAKVEY CIB80X', M - A - . FJ1.3. t. Lcetorar on eotaiir u UDi - eratir iucfa. uttrpooi. 'Saouod Sarica, VsL 1 wrthXina PUtcs sod naasfOos - WoodeuU, Tf EDICO - CHIUUROIOAL ' TRANSACTIONS. ITJL TubUsfisd by t&a Iiojsl Medicst and caurarfteal bociet U SOOU0D. Loadoa, Locc - aau, Grtra. sod Cov IHELSEA TABLE jelliej. ukXa&A. lAUivr.JkLUBs: " nOSX&Zx TAUtJi JtXIxis. tlU. - i.t4.) jpBICES t Half - pint, 2Jd. ; plat, 4& .; quart. 8d. CERTIFICATE of V CURLS EA, TABUS , , CVHIJ . WUU' atrnva amnlai r - I ha. - a aa.a.tiksd a (Smcla ol a auturc of Cains' fact JUy sal as4 bolra.Hsa, : It la tup - iW to a - Rt saap' fl - mr. and aama wall. : It 1 clawr and brtcbt, aaJ baa vrManOr baa aararattv aiaaaraa - taral from pur ssaswUla. : It baa a MMaaas aaoar, aoa n a ntvutni aaajur. iSocaxi). K H.11AKLA - VD. r.lO.f.da. rthlleAaaJxsl, Laboratorr. rioacn - oaart. f. Luabaxttraas. ANALY8I8. - 8ample of LLT, raeaid Aeri. Uet ua risaias of soa aaaijsia x ua TabU Jallr. aa4 Sad It to be viHU aadoabtsdlr aoirlUova I aaa aaal - ssd. aa it It ssoch Biataaa allhal - A DELICIOUS, IlEFBESHINO and NOURISH IMS FOOD - i BOON to t&e INYAILD and a LUXURY to all. w nr CANNOT I OBTAIN e CUP of QOOD you de enswir la perfre lr atmshs i acsn. Hw rl.M taa f tjt. RASP the followinff FACTS s Gi 1.TT51TED KINGDOM TEA COM PAN YS TEAS AJ . art swtiBaiL 2.TT5ITED KINGDOM TEA COMPANY'S TEAS .J la Um Urn - 4 la lb world. 3. I TNITE' KINGD M TEACOM PAN YS TEAS. J Cartlaol eraamptiaa for Uta jmt ttdlw fUps. XL ML 17t.Vsi.alS caps of Ua 4. fTNITED KINGDOM TEA COMPANY'S TEAS KJ ara rarpuo4 srt Batxi " tract In, as tae SlUelas - laM Maraav mSrcuoM a vary larao aarioc la coat. D - 4itrt4 aavDr eairiafa pan. 5. UNITED KINGDOM TEA COMPANY'S TEAS aravppil4 to tbo MsabsTS' Ba - 'rasbaMai HacrmJ of ta of fartiaimont. .TTNITED KINGDOM TEA COMPANY'. TEAS arwanpi am tun urjui I mw l.0in. w uwjm.x, mwwuus ... uwuiir am Loaft. aMlii .Manufacturert of these - S, in intro - 1 vamiiin tbrjtnio.u is lii. ai - rmi isttim ot tbo uba.t,ot . daein - tbamSAlbOBOtiooof tbo ratlle. ts to atr It U bo mtw I laod. tnaay of tbo Jodm aal ebMDt - sfawbtrsf V.liml r - 14 ra, tha art'Cia) aariic boa BtaOo Or K - aaJ uo. a araa 1 many I BT - a mwmirn raruaoawv jjwnw, aai VMrt. ttv. oaly aitaatxxi twiaf tha prio it eao bow U ottaiool at. 1 a Un. properties ef tbo Illfh oOtm of tbo Army a4 .1,,, Th maanfaetar - rs' mu'stan will bo ruCcitst rwuin .tbal it Is ff cowicnK, no m f ar of Howta, Clntm. Co - W. 't Maaax NEW WORKS T1 WARD and DOWNKY'8 cf FICTION! riHE CD HSrroTTvOSH IVBy the Hon. OTWI5 I W1NGFII - LD. Sa. D.;lr iBirmticc and originaX Uornlci roat. "JU. t loaf eld fairly tbrilla bis rtaUrs.' Urapbie. " Full o( human nature." Acadeoiy. UacUcdly curions oia! into. ritln. - batimlaj Jfori - w. ' rpHE ORIGIN of "Pf.UM PODDING and other JL Storba bt FBANK HLISi. Author of "Tha Last ntiidla.' "Clrrl and criaplr toM. w.tb UlutrstiO'S ty mo aboa wa bare brforo now catled the artiat of bf mnroa subjscts.' Aeadrmy. "Capital Umtraiions lo tolour. Staadant he toilmio of Babylon, b - b. l - far - JZO. 3 io.i. "Mr. Fariron writes tb blstorrof Nao.ia aiaBMra sal bis utbtr prrsoaases witb a simnle. tboitraabaoios rraUsot thai is ctaotiaUj artistic. .... TUa powrfnL - wTitlo stor l capactailf aaaptad lo errata a lastinc tsutaat. Jioininf rest. . mffKVoWEU ot the IlA D. By Mrs. NUTLE1T. JL Author of " OIia t areoe." 3 Tola. " A eritabla roniaoee. and a trry iebd on. . . Tha m;.tiita, both uatur.l and super - natural, ar txtremelf veil manaad. ... Tbo Jcacnptiona of ni'sn are adm raMe. Vanity Fair. KS HlLL'RKTH. liy A.DE GkASSE hTE VSNS. 3 tola. A er fivah. briaht corrL full tit nw and arabs situation. vanity r air. - una cites as HjI aai plenty or it. A atirrtn atort. Wold. PJRlVIN"K"LE : an Autobioaraphy. jUy ARNOLD CItAY, "Emttontlj readabia. Atbenanun. "Tbo - story tpeos imo - nstlf wtlL The sctbo o( the Am book) is beta noel and oalrd. Lady. Ka. 12, Torktmt, Cotrnt - rardrti. London. ait ther rrnrrarBt it to tav UPERIOK to Bottle Jelly end One - third the Price. "lEl.TfMCA rE of AlVALVslS. - Sample of' J CHELSEA TABLE JELLV.r - eolredApra.lSn.. Teertift that tbo lollowin ro tbortsalta of U analrsls of tbs abota sampla : 1 cat aiamlaoa a sample ot tnaiaea t ar ia jeiir. ana naa a oUtura of caltea' fast laill 'and eucar : U is Bo4oobUdlr OBtritiooA and wholeawm. It Is aarwnor to ot&er saaclea tnat I ba aoalTaad. aoa a ia muca firmer, and krrps wvlL It i clear aol triiht. and Sas oetdaauy nosa eanrouj asaamiao' tared from par aiaterWa. laaaot OaTOor. and la of eicellant quality. K. IL HABLA.VD. F.LC. F.OS., PubHa Anal. Usntala. and PutlU InaUlntlooa all Of S t&S COUatfT. beiidaa of tbottaandant trltata euHoaser. Scoral 7. fTNITED KINGDOM TEA COMPANY (Ltd.! KJ 7. IX 1. aod 20 lb. paek4 lo raaUttr wltbooi tttra charia la, 3t. fa. 4L, la. Si. and 2a, a Ibv Boeoptt frev Try tbo TEA 9, aod yon will bsaaai!l ibo qaalltr aat talo. Aaiiia. hi. ( - tirwr, imici 4 L, - .in.iDf.ian - - . ISV tb Saeretary, OrBc - a. 2L BUrKlnf.Un. i, K.C. JwmTlTOCKTAKIGiio DAY ana following; day. Tvmrrrms It baa a plcaaaot flatoor. and Is of rxeeUost l - lrneal K. IL. II AKLAriD. T.ISX. W. Labor, tory. Ploufbourt. 37. Loaard - trt. CHELSEA TABLE JELLIES. (Registd., "WHltE - SREAY REDCCT7f35rr J WHitE - bt WHITE lLEilNASTa j: IT ivr Materials." pRICE3.Half.pint,2id.; pint, 4 jd.; quart, fid. j 'WH ITE CO URTD RES3731AN TLET" at aa a. a 1 B ll a . - v a - . I - , .. - - 1 - " f I tu d naa or ail coniecuoners, urocers. ana stores, ertHELSEA TABLE JELLIES iRegistd.) SS good as jelly can be ; no better can be m&Sel ' KAMCiE, LEMON, I WHITE MlLLlJfERY. and rtRVERTtl " jTriinEo u tfi ii in g ETARLisuMEifr, TWHITE - J252 end iis, RNT - FTgEErl and CALVES' FEET. J WHlfE - 22, 23. and 24; AiGYLT - StREET: CO.'S PCRLICA - 1 FREDERICK WARNE and . TIUN3 : LW VOLUMES. The CaTendiab Likrary. - ln largt crown Bta. neat dotb bindisgv Bocat, 3a. Cd., T EIGH HUNT, as Poet and Essayist; beine the. U rboieest raaiuca from hia wrrka. Kel - eV - d ao.1 Edited. Hb LiosrapbicalIntiluction,trCUAULFJ KLMT.ith StrOi Portrait. " lb choice ia natle from ao ictiirate kvoaleil of Laijb Hunt's wars aou a aoutia, cruieai aa to Its talae. BooUman. rilllK LI ill of WKSLEY. and thr - Rise and I'ro - X sreas of SlrthodUm. lit 1M1EOCT SOtJTIlET IPoet LaaiaateL FliUit by lCLV J. A. ATKINSON, Vicar of Bollun, Hon. Canan of asanccetur. jo isis eamon a. meal etery nric on tee sut) - ct puouaoea use rooinej i r as i.stexi nas Men reaaanu conatuiea in tta preparation, ana new notes added. GTTELSEA TARLE JELLIKS. (Registd.) - Can b obta'ned atll Confeetiooera'. CroorTS. and tieor at lbo loll i win crices: To mako balf - otnta. 2wL: ninta. 4t4L: Quart. tA. pUELSEA TABLE JELLIES Anal - it's Brnnrt. lHELSEA TABLE JELLIED (Reinatil.V - Bewaxo THROAT IKRITATION arid. COfJGH. - Sorrne - a and djToaaa. tiekliaf and irritatloo, indoeinr oafi and a!Tet. (Rcgistd.) face I J JUBEH. In ooataea witb tbo stands at lb atooMol tbey an ,t - cum or so acs ox aucauu. ua fiTcertn m lo areabU - nn. Is squar f to., cloth silt, gilt top, price 7aT6L. a new edition ot tb lamons uaner Eiitira. OEVETME9 of a BACHELOR ; or. a Boot of Xb the nrarts. This Is the meat pepnlsrof allof Sir. Marrers boosa, and the illustrations, mad (or th ordinal edition by F. O. C Larlrj. printed in tint, sir it a (juaintlj lotsrestlnf and attractita arpaaranc!. ' ' "V. J. GOlllJOjrs EzeiUns EOMANCET" mHE CAPTAIN GEN Eft AL. By W. J. GOR X DON . In crown 8o.. Ss.. with Map. M We eao recommend all who Ibta true tales of sdreBture. told in ten and serrons Enflub to read th book. . In the alaipl fore with which the whole Barra - tir Is brou - bt oelor them they will be 'temsaded of Defoe. Arsdcay. An Artistic Edition of a Rare Book. In small crown Sto., bound la white, (ill top, price 7a Sd., rx - alTf TJiit ' II I I u'l' r t u n ::. . , A th Custcros." Ceremonies. Tradition. Huneratitionn. Ten. FeeU I ' Ij't - 'll log, and Festititie of th Christina Seaann. DjT. K. HEKVEY. I JL Illustrated by 37 I'lstes from Sef moura orljlnals. Ibis is a new edl - tioa or nertej s coos, loa out of print. hi tbo lata II ALLlWKLL - PHILLirPS - In fco. 4 to., haif - calf. rill top. eric 10a. M.. mUE NURSERY RHYMES of ENGLAND. JL Collected by JA ME8 ORCHARD lIALLIWtLL - rHlLLlPPi BVaaaaa a4iina. aa I . a . 1.1 ' 1 . U f 1 - 1 t waa . . T eiiwjw cuiiivu, vu aifcu k1' " lias VILIUSU iuufuiuviw. ot Imitation. A few txalled eon'ectlonerv carrot - like. attanM to copy, and so far bare tgnoniiniocalr failed. .CERTIFICATE oi ANALYSIS. Sample of j CHELSEA TABLE JELLV, April. 1S3S. T certify Uat lb fouowins ar th results of th acalysis of th aboe sample I ba exaniloed a sample af Chelae Tab! Jtly, aad fia t it to be a mixture of aalrea' feet Jallr aod sojar ; is is undoubtedly nutritious an wholesome. ; It la aupertor to other sample that I hare anal - aad. aa it 1 much firmer, and krepa w eX ' Is ia clear and brichL and has sridaatlr been earefuIlT naanfaa - tured from pure material. It baa a pleasant fiaronr. aad I of excellent quality. (signed) k. it. uaki.a. - u. r.t.u. r.u.o fuwie Aasirat. Laboratorr, Plou - b - court. 37, Lombard - atrawt. au uoncentraua oeiiy in caraooara bote. fectioo bawraea actitalr healihz. A U la tins, la lKd., J.mM F.M uul Ta . U.nvwm.llil. r1iMii.t. I A labelled. o "tlXOPiirTa, Jt - J - - - - . Pints, end TABLE" Quarts. JELLIES. (Regisid.) QHELSEA" J3RICES 13 - pint, 2iL ; pint, 4JcL; quart, gd. A DMITTED to ba the FINEST ARTICLE XX. of th kind; no better to be bad. QUELS EA the TABLE JELLIES (ReHstd.) InVaUd. " Lonuo'o, Bedford - rtraet, Strand. TUB DEFENCE OF LONDON. Soodanrae soldiers behaved not onlv with ral I an try tmt steadineu. they advanced for 300 yards tinder fire without firrrir a shot, and even when the trenches were reached they did not entirely lose their lormation. Led by British officers, the Black Brie - ade) will become a powerful engine ; the black not only hates the dervish bet despises him, end has not the slightest hesitation in attacking him, even when in superior numbers. This confidence in themselves and in their British officers is of enormous value in savaee war tare. . . 38. Colonel Kitchener. C.M.G.. 'R.E.. A.D.C led his brigade to the attack with coolness ani gallantry, and well sustained his previous reputation. I fully endorse his recommendations of the officers commanding battalions. Captain F. Kemneter. D.S.O.. Leinster Keciment : Captain B. D. Donne. Roval dubscx nexim - nt ; vapuuu cesanr. Pi on OIK ISegl - ment ; and his Brigade - Ida jor. Captain T. E. Hickman, an treiicbes ana busn behind. 12. The 1st, Battalion Welsh Regiment deployed along the embankment to the' south, of .Fort Gamaixah. and poured section volleys into the enemy who appeared on the south flank. They replied with a heavy but badly - aimed rifie fire., ' 13. The atfackinr brigades now appeared in sight on the plateau to the north of the' enemy's north flank, in the following formation : First Line. 11th Battalion oa the right, forming three sides of a square, with one company in the iqusre as a reserve ; one company SHh Battalion' J two companies 10th Battalion. bteood Line. One company ,9th Battalion, two com ' paniea 10th Battalion. EupportiL Two companies in column 9th Battalion, two companies in column 12th Battalion. Reserve echeloned on outer an.k. 4tb Battalion in square. y 14. At COO yards about, the enemy opened a hot but badly - directed fire on the advancing brigades, which reserved .the ir Brp till within 200 ysrds of the' north end of trench. Where the larger number of tbe der riahtjs had collected. This position was strong and consisted of a double trench and several cross trenches to rotect tbo flank. 15. Tho brigade now advanced by successive aniek rashes, a heavy fiie being kept up, which checked the dervisnes, wbo snowed a good 1 they were about to charge. 16. The position was eventually taken at the porn of the bayonet, and the dervishes, who stood gallantly to their trenches, despatched. About .M dervish bodies lying In the trenches at this pot marked the severity of the fight. 17. The 11th Battalion from their eagerness to fight .broke their square on coming into contact with the er.crsy, deploy ed and fired. - . f , The 1sccoud lino; and supports were kept; well In band, were very steady, end did not fire a cartridge. 18. The brigades now advanced sleedily Bp the trenches, firing when ncesaary : the main body, of the dervishes, - however, vacated the trenches, and attempted to form on our outer flank, but. were broken up by the 11th Battalion, ard retreated under a very heavy fire. 19.. I riow ordered the 2d Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers to move out from the Berth end of Fort 8haaU. lhey advanced end occupied, the captured position, and at once intreaelied.theinselves. The 4th Battalion had in the meantime halted, on tb trenches south of fhe Borderen, occtrpying ef strong Malttnai taathiaf tna kbOF. SO. On tLe first line coainc Into contact, with the j Soyal 39. Colonel Rolled Smith. Sine's Roval Rifles. commanding 2d Brigade in attack, watched the flank wjm great eooineas and presence of mind. Aa Governor - General Red Sea littoral. hi - K rm; ducted the defence of Euakin for the last three fflonT&s, and it is greatly due to his care that so few casualties have occurred. I concur in his recommendation of Breret - Hafor fi. E. Lloyd,' D. 8. 0., Yorkshire Light Infantry ; Captain at. oiijcin, neiu nrcimenk : ana uantain n. A. MacDonald. Gordon Hichlanders. who hare ablw corn manded battalions that have nrrisoned Snakin dnrin? a harassing siege, also hia Brigade - Major, Lieutenant. mnaen, tusex itegiment ; tnis officer has also performed the duties of Intelligence Officer, and 1 have always found his information valuable and accurate. 40. The 3d aad 4th Egyptian Battalions behaved with remarkable steadiness under fire; these battalions have worked with great devotion during the siege, and their conduct in the forts has been excellent, and both Artillery and Infantry have stood up to their guns and parapets for the last three months with great Steadiness.Steadiness. 4L The Egyptian as an artilleryman is most useful: and in this branch both officers and men have behaved admirably and served their guns well for the last three months under the command of Fudli Bey, . , . - . ceypuan Army, 4.Z. The medical arrancements for the whole force V.r. a VI w avi nnt trw Rnea.awin.1tf t; 13 Pmm. front end appeared as if I D,8.0., P.M.O., Egyptian Army, who ahowed mat Judgment and foresight in providing for the wounded. 43. A hospital ship was quickly arranged by Surgeon Major ai'L - reery, Army ueeicai bias, and tne Dearer Company by. Surgeon Hayes, Army Medical Staff ; and I fully concur in Surgeon - Major Rogers's remarks on thst valuable services rendered by these and other officers of the Medical Staff. '4 4 . Major H. H. Settle, Royal Engineers. Egyptian Army, my aenior Staff.; Officer, has worked icde "'f'My ; bis powers of organisation, hia tact and knowledge of hu profenion, demand from me the waxraeat recognition. In addition to his staff duties, in which he has been ably assisted by Major Chapman, DOUth Lancashire RerimenL mad Aaaietant Sx44nfant. General, Egyptian Amry, h baa arranged the trans - port, ammunition. arxTrJoaition of tran mnA all questions ; in the latter he has been ebly seconded by LientenMt jGorfon Royal Engineers and. Egyptian Army, Staff Officer for Artillery, who has been con - spicuous for his activity throughout the siege end later operations: 45. Major Kekewich, East Kent Regiment, as Brirade - Major at Headquarters, performed his duty with hia usual activity. ; 40.0 services of Lientenant - Colqnel F. Rhodes, iiaswus, sun auajor woxinstone. uxiorusaUre Last evening there was a large gathering of officers of the service, and particularly those of metropolitan Volunteer corps, at the Westminster Town - hall to itness a war game, tho ideas of which were based on the. supposition that an invading force had effected a successful landing and was marching on the capital. The operations were, carried out by the Home District Tactical and War Game Society, tho president of which ii Major - General Moncrieff .Military Secretary on the Headquarters 8taff of the Army. . It was the first meeting of the year, and, though uniform was not worn, it was noticeable that nearly all arms were represented, and that great interest attached .to the proceedings, which hare recently received considerable impetus in consequence of the public interest aroused by the home defence scheme. Colonel Lonsdale Hale, late Royal Engineers, sctcd as chief umpire, and Lieutenant Colonel Cc met ford. Queen's Westjmnrter, - ' Major Rowland Roberts, London Irish, Captain Canning. Queen's Westminster, and Lieutenant Balf one - London Scottish, aa assistant umpires. The playera were, for blue (tho invaders), Major Mcsservy and Captain Knieht. Civil Service Rifles, and for rrA if r, defenders), Msjor Pook, Captain Benwell, and Lieu tenant renner, za v. u. west Kent. The district selected for - the operations was a considerable portion of tbat lyinir to the south - westward of the metropolis, over which the Aldershot troona manoeuvred for six weeks during last summer, araintt an .enemy supposed to have landed at and cantnrrd Portsmouth, afterwards moving northwaid, but nerrr in anr strene - th LevonH Ihn linn nf C! - i1Ar.A Aldershot, Snd, being comtantly repelled by the defend inr armies concentrated at London ami Reading; The general idea laid Oown for last night's work settled that the invader had on Thnrsdaw got forward his main body as fsr ss Guildford, and had .pushed forward troops by two roads along which he intended to advance upon London the one to tho northward by wlv of Ripley, Street Cobham, Esher. and Thames Ditton ; the other to the southward by Great Bookham, Leatherbead, and Epsom. The troops of the invadingferce were all distinguished as "blues," and during Thursdsy night their commander at Guildford had received from his front information to the following effect . " The country west of the Mole and south of the Thames is clear of the enemy (reds). The Mole is nowhere fordable. All bridges over it have been completely destroyed, save those at Leatherhead and Esher. The Leatherhead bridge is not guarded ; but those at Esher are reported to be prepared for destruction, and hostile troops are visible en Ibe opposite bsnk." Thus informed, the Guildford invader determined to confine yesterasy's operations to holding the Mole from Leatherhead to Street, Cobham, and at 6 yesterday morning despatched a light bridgo train to Painshill - park, near Cobham, intending to cross the stream at that point to - day (Saturday) with the main body previously halted at Guildford. The bridge train, being in a country cleared of the defenders, 'was escorted only by a squadron of cavalry, ;the invading commander going with it. Yesterday moraine the actual nonitinn nt ik invaders' advanced troops was at Painshill - rark. on gHAW and SOUS' LIST : "f ACMoRRAN'S LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Ln ACT. I8S3 : and tbe IneorDor.ted Frorlsions of tha Mnnlcinal Corporations Art. 1112 ; tbe Municipal Election (Corrupt Practice.) Act, 18S4 ; tbe Ballot Act, 1172, Ac, witb Introdaction. Note, and Index. Second edltioo, reiid and eelarfex. by A. MACMORRAN, Lav, iarriier - i - uaw, oi tne diiaoi I tmpi. me lit. . lor cash. me, ua, oa. rioDNTY cousrunr of Conoelllo - . B S. O. LC.sHlUGToN, M.A B - CL.. of tha Inner xempir, liamiterat - i - awrrice ba ; ror catlj, post fre. 6s. d. rpiTHE TABLE for 1689, showing' the Value of JL Tito Kntenarf. ror the Tear, with other Tables demonstrating th Effect of th ) early Ftacluationa In th l'nc ot Wheat, Aa.. ainoe a&m , aiao a a aoie ox inoom rax as eg., ana 7a. la ta jC tij utu, XAXIAJK. tan., rormerty or the Titb Commission. mot is. tyinoon, ensw ana eons, retter - lan. F0R TTOB7 F F the TRAVELLER. liM'PSS GLYCERINE - ,! fJJ IJBcSDrTeoFs 1 J Moor, la hi - work aa Somm and Thrnal TTlaa. ., . - ? " The Clj - cerin Jojake prepared by Jamea Epp and Ca ar of doubted aareio a a eo - asie or eatkatlea aewat ; whlla Dr. O - edoa uoiasesaoior rnysiCMa to ua Jtiisicipa. IBroal sal Ear InSnaarr write: Altar an ettooded trial 1 bar fit four r.lj - arlo Jojabe of eonaidarabl booedt ia alaaost all f otni of Ureal dla - a aea." THROAT IRRITATION and' COUGH. JAMES EPP8 and Co. JITJITBK - S ar aol 1 h. labelled tin, la ISO, ILLOWti, Oifordstret. : I irXCHWRlOTilRfi MAXOPAtWSEiS: V7 from dasiens by their special artieta, of tba ail Seat aa wtOJ of th least eipenaite ebaracfr conaiatenl wita - pod wo,. . iLlLOWsiKEPlfjrjCTlOlNS of tlM ms3 VT iamples of OLD rCBJflTCRB ot ta bast periods aaaafs tared at thrir worts si London aod Laocaater. GILLOWS. DECORATIONS" of the most si'mpli and tl nv ceitata daacrtptlon. GLLLOWS. CURTAIN FABRlCii, inexpenaivi and ffectire, CI ILLOWS. - CURTAl'NFABKICS and WAL1. T HANQIXG3 of th Saest quality, reproduction of old brocade and leather. BILLOWS. BED - ROOM FURMITURE ia ifl VT arooda, la treat eartety of deaien aad one. woes: DECORATIONS xoi "the DlNnrABCET the COTTAGE. aniLLOWb. - CONSTRUUTiVE WOOD irt ILLOWS. - PLASTEB; Du the ARMY. OR the NAVY and QILL0W8. .WALLS and CEILINGS. Oxford - street. OR the PEOPLE" CHELSEA TABLE JELLIES (Registd - V - W. K. and Oo . In tbaaktnc tha trad and eeneral nablla far their feneron ana anna imere - t in r - eoci'r, engine tne TAY'S . ANN 0 UNCE MeNTS. " JAY'S ANNUAL SALEoT jyJODELS and ACCUMULATED STOCK YlTlLL C02.Tif. UlS thrtraghout the MONTH. ELECTION - MXNUAL. J With an AtPCBditof Slalote aod a Chroooloficil Summary lb Ihitie of Beturnirf Of&eer at tb Pint Election of County JKLTYV fRroHtH V fn.t r. IJ At.nriti.tAJjiuiuouilU - O BSTS. : " . i in ererr aeoaruneai. aaa laoiea artn nivr tM. ,..:.. .Kam . n a. . . J . . - - - v. vjairw. .mm iv. sTtHELSBA TABLE J led to the alreadr anorsaooa sale, renectfnlle aaanr them thai no effort or car 00 their ' part will bs waatlac la kaeptaj no tha quality ef ihia raToorit Table Pelicacy. ; UttlUS : UsJi - pint, 2Jd. ; pint, 4jd - ; quart, 8d. f - lHELSEA TABLE been" mad? fteparanwwv aa utoiea wux aaa uua as miuviiM i. securtnx goods of too hlibast quallly oo pwuliarty faToOTbUtwas. a x a SLS QHAPMAN and HALL'S NEW BOOKS : TELLIES (Reeistd.r - Each Ctrl la folly Saaerlbed. 80 thai yoa letls. VECTORS, !TTALTER ROBERTSON sad Co., Chelsea, T T . loadoa,aw. MOURNING. Ia reply to i reonuBod tb MAIS09 pattel la folly eri taOLE 5ISKERS - and many lnamriea. This baa, loo eetshliihed. snakaa mooralaw a anl.. .a V - xrUd by so ether boo in London or Parts for th beaiotr af the wore, tao quality of ta material, or tbo sly 1 of manufectexw. AY S1 - " FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW. Editedbr KANK HA KRIS. War. Br Viacount WoIarl - . - Tha CtaiA pi Lannioaitsm. r u. it. joonston victor Hujo : Tout la Ljr. f. Br A. C hwinburne Pen. Pencil, and Poison. Br Oacir WU,ia Elizabetban and Victoriao Poetry. By J. A. Srmonds Tb Scl - ntifls Bases of Optioiism. By V. U.Sfallock A Visit to Bokhara. By th Hon. O.Curxon. M.P. Th Vutur of Afnoaticjam. By Y. Ilarriaon. mH'ROUGH the HEART? of ASIA. OYER the X PAM1K to INDIA. By OA URIEL BQXVALOT. Traoslated from tbe French biCB. PITMAN. With 250 Illustrations by Albert repm. a rota. ro,a. ao., ml ,iuijil pmureatja, ana loterestinc. . . aneroraine. . . i raiuaoi contnoauoa to oar (now - ledr of Central Asia." Spectator. lFEARmHDinBRItlsH PRlVATEETOa tbe TIME of gVEEN ANME. lieln the Journals cf Captain Woods K' grra, Master Mariner. With Sotea and Illustrations be ROBERT C I E" Llh, Larr crown tra. 9. M We bar found thU plain, unearniihed tale witrout a supeefiuous 1 epithet or an idle phrase, ii finitely moe readabia Uua pares of Catuleol sensational - 1TH the CAAIEL CORPS up the NILE. Bv CUUAT GLEICIIKX. Grenadier Guards. With nnmrmna Hketchei b the Author. Third edition. Uree crown Sw 4 TKi. vJ. . UOWDEK, SPUR, and SPEAR 1 A Soortinir B Medley. By J. MORAY BROWN, Author of "Shikar Sketches." n ivn luaatrauoo oy u. u. uues aod Edfar Ulbsrna fium cketcha B7 to aotnor. crown grp., iu. oa. inia usy. At all libraries. " ' rfiHE STORY of HELEN DAVENANT. By X VIOLET FANE. Author of " Sophy," 7 Dentil Place, - Ac 3 eoli vnaeman ana 11 au. umiiea, ivnaao. YTfiOLESALE v v ONLY. H.TANTLES. - JIGHT versus DARKNESS. j SHAKESPEARE. - The diveriitT nt faartlnw f - .V.. article of dreaa rnnrlara ilaaiili.lim almaa 1i - .rt.i - - a Mraars. JAY bar charmins modal from which ladiaa aaa aalaea la acooTdanoe wtta aadiridaal taaf. . aaawsaiai 'lAY'S " and - fJlUE greatest genius YTHO has ever yet lived, taught rjlHE dirineness of forgivenasa, (TyV perpetual mercy, O p iorla constant patience. endless 0r JF yoa QNE i peace. perpetual gentleness. eaa show me AMPSON LOW, MARSTON, and V books : IMPORTANT AFT'WORK. - Xo CO.'S NEW J "DETTER CHOW If ho ' knew than him 1 theae things this man, know hira cot ! AS a rpflEY 1 (21 Plates signed b U artist), 1C0 onlj .In port - " - 0 ; ordi Ban eottton, bound in Pfln roortaco. Bill A O tk oet. Full prospectus of plates and painters on I ia he had a divine. appeared MILXrNmt. - Me3srs. JAYBWn"ETS: RATS in Blaak, or Black and Whit, ar bMoeaaorahla. JAY'S i INNER and EVES' I H (5 DkESiKS. - Messrs, ' JAY bars a ehote areetlan af linnsr. nxrun ladl - a wao are la aaouruiac. or who wear hi - - fra .a.i FRktf fJri JET?. The Fashionable OrnamenuTor Mouralac Maatn. JAY iartt iriacial attention tn Uui - preatnt aalecWon of rRXCH JT, alto to soaaa (hoica as ampie of real wattoy jet. ' JAY'S EJT ENGLISH CRAPE. Specially manoiao ' turad for Maaara. JAY. and maflilrmU rnnnwl 1 1.. k - aa II will nittr spot aor shrink. Zifbl fru Hdala. - Prices fri Sa. to 21a par yard. JAV TAlLoklNU. - LAblES' (JOaTUMES. Jackets, Clate - i. and Rldint Habit made to order. .JAt3 ' Vf OURNlNo ORDERS in iBva ww vfijw ua uii WUHAAI - ' A.TJL Maaara. JAY'S exrerienced asatstanta tra ral to an nart of the k1nrlom. free of rxpena to parchaaex. unsusa ana atiuuiKKr. SHAKESPEARE'S HEROINES: a Series of Studies by the Greatest l irlPf Iiritish Painters. Ooupilfrarnre IUostra - iiona. Artiaia prooia ui lolio, JO (uineas Bt eagre, nt guineas oet. iuu prospectus of plates and painters on lpi'ra.lon w luv a uuii.uvra. XEWN6VtL, at all th Libraries, THE OLD ADAM : a Tale of an Army Crammer. B7H.C. DAVIDSON, Author of " Cast on tb Waters." Ac. 3 tola, crown Era Vanity l air says : " A vry capital nottLtrritUn fiou Ih inside point of tie of one ot tbo crammers whoae pupil bat always been able to afford hlth terms. . . t Tboae wbo order 'Tbe Old Adam 'will be able to rejoice In tb prospect of a sew eoeauoD. would have politician, hnrnnrl him Thar taka with thwm bajaiJa natlam af aaaaarlala all marked ia Plata Bcvea. and at th earn nrtea aa If J - - ,t avk fthaa nribow. RMoaftbU Mtioutc u' - ttJio n?ta for lassalw UVSUIIUIJJ, REGENT - STREET, TAY'S, P London. npHHY" BUT would have God made" taught that beheaded hira : him a player. TECHNOLOGY of TEXTILE DESIGN : being a Practical Trratiee pa tte Construction 1 'aad Application of eatea lor all Textile fabrlca, ith minuV nrfarenco to th La'eit jnttntiotia lor n ratine, tsj - .. a. ruaaKl.T,. Author of "The wacqaara jiacmne Anaijzra aaa avxpiamaa, ao. Una Mo. tolume. fETALLlC ALLOYS: a Praotieal Guide for tbe aisnufacture or au turns cr Alloys Amatcan), and 8oldtrs M5 Uw left V.nV nf Ilia .!.l.l V.i.l:. ww wa v evwaajaawi - era - VA V a Va VIAall a t ltllUUa 111 lUlinirr I . . ........ . a. " . " . wawaa - in two brigades a flsld battery, and .two squadron, o'f VZ&JKV cavalry J and at Great Bookbam, to tbe southward.ono Author of "The Techno - cbcmical liec.ipt Book,"" Ac. lUustraUd! onrsu - 01 iDianiry ana a oattery and two sauadrons. in."a - j. Meanwhile, oo the defending (red) mander bad on Thursday night learned tbe . . r sine, tne com - he) omsnra nf the invaders on the west bank of the Mole opposite Cobham. bnt that onlv eavalrr natrols kaH anrteaeaw1 elsewhere on tbat bank all tbe way from Dorkiaz to the Thames : and had received orders to emnlow hi. troops during yesterday to secure the river passages at kcsuiemnu tor a ocifnamg force aavancing from Guildford from the east, thus making a counter move to .the south, while the invaders were projecting an advance by the north. The defenders' trooos were foend yesterday moraine as follows : At Thamo LUtton, eignt battalions in two bngades, a light bridge train, a cavalry troop, and two batteries ; at Dpper luamw uittcn. teur oaiiaiions ana a miu - rw at Esher and Claygate, each two squadrons ; and at Epsom a troop. Movements commenced at 8 o'clock, and were continued for several hours. At intervals during the game, baits were called to note carefully the dispositions .of tbe troops, but whether red or blue were the riernr was not allowed to bo known. Major T. Tally, hon. secretary, has announced that the next game will be played on the 25th inst. ROYIL COLLECES OF PHYSICIANS AKD SCRCEffifS. The following gentlemen have passed the second examination in anatomy and physiology at a meeting ef. the Board of Examiners vis., Messrs. William Christopher Loos, student of University College Hospital ; William Charles Ellis, of St. Thomas's Hospital ; Laurence Amos Winter, of St. Bartholo mew's Hospital : Henry Wilkes Gibson, of Middlesex Hospital ; John Mulvany, of London Hospital Ernest Jackson Lang, of Guy's Hospital. Passed in anatomy only Messrs. Edward Bush Hsrtaell, of Bristol Medical : School ; Charles Ernest M. Kelly, of Owena College, Manchester ; Thomas Hen wood Adama, of London Hospital : Benjamin W. N. Gowrimr. Robert Ernest Wick es. and C. G. Loiran Dlhn - !. of Rt Bartholomew's Hospital : Albert Reeves and Henrr 8tewart Arcbdale, of Goy's Hospital';, Herbert L. Carre - Smith, of Charing - cross Hospital ; George Jamea Rutherford, of Middlesex nosoital : Ernest Wool Lewis, of St. George's and Mr. Cooke's School cf Anatomy and Physiology ; Arthur William Read, ef St. George rs Hospital. 'Passed in pfaysielory only vis., hcssti. vnaries cawara rsrooces ana Kobert t.dwrls. Of Bristol School of Medicine: Georra Mnllins M all nr off Leeds School of Medicine ; David Fraaklin Williams, of University College, Liverpool ; Arthur Frederick Gerria and William Tennant Pauling, of Bt. Thomas's Hospital Charlea John RlehardL of University ColleM ? John Rnrort 'Preatnji arvl PatrfrV goaid Ambroae, of London Hospital : F. J. Orchard tephenson and Graham T. B. Bllck, of St. Mary's uospitai ; Kwan Cameron MacLeod, of Westminster IlOSDltal I Harrr Edward Wrtrfhinirtrm: at Rnr'. Hospital : and St.BarthoIcmew and Physiology. mHE AMEKICAN STEAM ENOTNEERTTbeo - jl rtiicaj aca iTtcticai, wua x.iampies ot the lateel and mod ao - A . - - l . J . I . V . T 1 j n . ... . i iv'ci Aarr,Mi(i.Hi.iiiu.uniii aou wonairnciion or oteam Eniiors and boilers, lor the use of EaJneV ilachinut. lioiler - makar, and f B(iBerina 8todent. Iullj Illustrated by E. Eawarda. ImSi. tjrown cm., tiom. is. so. 4 "LTERN ATI VE ELEMEl.TAHY' CiTrl JCX. MISTRY : being a Coarse of Letsoos adapted to Ml reculra - wrote oa an new djuioui ei vueoinrj rareetiy instituted oy It Bcitnc aad Art Department. Bf JOHN MILLS, of lb Normal iroai, oouin .n - cnsiDCKw. nun a XTCiac rr PSUFE6SOH AfiiratiTi, r.A.7. rows era., ctuia, re. on. London. Bampeon Low. Marsten, Dearie, and Eitle - ton (Iimltadi jgDWARD STANFORD'S NEW; LIST r : Al all tb Ubrariea. : CJEAS and SKIEd in MANY LATITUDES : or. O wanderiprs ia Search of Weather. Bj Ih Hon. RALPH ABCKUKUJUii - . ir.K. Met. Boc.. Author of " Principle of Por catina." " Weather," In tb faUrnatioaal Hoientitc 8erie,a. Demt StOL, cloth ax tra, with three Maaa, nin Photographa. and U Wood - cuu aj rnin.m, - i nrmper, cooper, ac. 10. Second edition, rerUed. MAUEIKA : Its scenery and How. to See it. With . Letters of a Year's R - sidraea and List of Tr - es, Flowers. - rBS, and Keaweeda. By ELLKX M. TAYLlifiL With footi - neee. Slan of tha lalanii. anit TMan tt nnpt.l IV... .i - .w . " 1 Uoat'rtiT. - fihiM. P4v T ETTERS on ARTILLERY. By PRINCE JLJ KKAJT ru HOHENLMHE I.IGKLTIXCEJf. Traodated br CAJORN. LV1I1UKD. R.A f,a. b. . .i,wa.VV..V uaaiaara miiiLHL fur a rinn itiii i..t rm . ri ... stud the taUltanr art. - - 8cosisn. Tb NEW GERMAN INFANTRY DRILL, f 1EKMAN IEJA) EXKRCISE, 18S. Part II. tl. m i am p tiri tv rwir.By m. ivntaJtLXinai nr rr ti vi v. - . " - - - s w7 - - ' awaa, awtaaya - .T wevaa, ri bww .B, SC : psff TJOSJIm jV A 8HORT HISTORY of NATURAL SCIENCE, nd of tbo rrosieas of Piacotery frwra the Tim of th Greaka to tha PinlUj. By ARABELLA k BUCKLRY (lira FuScrlL ABtAor of - Tha Fair, Undo! Scienoa, - - Lif. aod hWchLdreB. WUners .In Ufa's Lac Ac Crowa tta, : cloth at. sliwdal; .' . COUNTY COCNCTta (STANFORD'S MAP of the COUNTY of LONDON. tV 2ttIOoteniBiwnt Act. It51 aue. ctn. J rda. Seal, a, lo on mil. Prie t. In theet, par poet, packed on rUr - ? : tiM - ". tr post sa. M. : ICa. id. Srodara. lmlcav E - ward.Waoford. 24 aod 37, Cotxjpux - strret. Charlar - eroea, a. W. r co xsmrwaii j.aomaon. ei t. ueorce's 'Charles Chester Esrdley - Wilmot, of s and Mr. Cooke's School of Anatomy mHE ARGOSY for JANUARY now rrady, eon rf - .SC !rr;. ""ft T'ooBBy uaaiow tb Tttlar tiUcksmith, a t aerial 8tory - On Board th Kauris. By (Starts W. Wood.c. MTbe Ajx ox Jaowary bawlnaa newtoJaaaawlih one of If moat pramiaitu aerial w bat yet read. Ltord' a. , . 1. .1. k 1 . a . . DniEOTORIO0 GlEltJLLeIUDAD de MKIfXLI)ulaiaJaj1 JT, BolwnBare, JJ"'Krt decry fro - . CpTS Jwie 1. : iol fraeTlsTIdT ' MAUUtrrii and LADY MACBETH. An Essay. ;Ri J mumill)B tlV A a . i ' - ilitjr' W.C. MLDSwORtii' tET Ekkersand eoay j, f alrestar aquara. " Tb Local Oorerni t Art ' r. t i: etota, prteei la. N.w Editioa. rTElS!&Ljl OWBRIIME.NT ACT. 18i?S. with JL latrodoo - ioa at Notes, and" an Apvwwdlx. roBtaialec tha X - ctor.,Act. IMS,' .ad;ar l&TCuj W?A1l?ftieV BBreara,! hUesU. iNDN'EaS j JJIERATICA. The best material for Note Paper. TJ IESATIUA - The Ancient Writing Paper oflh CriEltAtafjA. Hard and Smooth Surface, delight - A a. fill to writ apoo. HIERATICAT For Private Use,5 quires Note, 17; Court entelooea. Is. oer 103. power doth then show likest God's "H IERATICXTliin for. Forei gu "Correspondence , JLJL ruled, 5 qairea. Is. TLTIERATICA. For Sermons, ruled or plain, five A ND that same prayer dota teach us all to render IJ IERATlUA. - EAcn aheet bears the watensark. - - m - - ujb. Hieratica. fTiHE deeds of merry. Shakespeare. jgARTHLY TllTHEN v v is nobler than revenge ! The Rot. Oeonrn Da waon. M.A. mercy seasons justice. "higE er aim can r"n attain Y Y rjlHAN conquest over human pain ? "TEOPARDV of life. fJIHE great danger of delay, V70U A 13 can change the UT not the razing torrent. trickling stream. TTTERATICA. To be fiioTof aU SUtioners. iTany AJL ditBcnltr tn abtalalna. : tflERATlCA: Send stamps U Hieratic VorE, A A S3. Uppae Thamavatre!. Loo tog. SaanlMfrew. OTI CE. The MO LOCH of PARAFFIN. At sn A V iiiqueat held reeteKUr retatit t 'the death of Let ma Cibhcauv . who. trlth Let two children, wa frfhtally burned Hrthe SUDDEN EXPLOSION of a PARAFFINLAMP. IB lure relumed a eerdiet of a I b ajwl Am tha apecuu aurnuon of too paolie to lb Sanger af at recomnModinr thai Brooer aafalr lams ahanld h sal of daorrroua lamps should b prohihitad by Acs af Globe. Dew. L Not HER unaaf a last. aod thai uve Bt A Not HER FATALITY at NORWICH. - Mr. T7A' - ' EVERVRObV SH6ULD REaD - How I VTa'i - v v important It islo erery; inditidatl ta bata at hajul aim. fTIHR HnTTtirr oTTV'niFnv . 71 aT7TETtrrrr. Irt. eC retire, and ravlatahl. m.. i. v7va wo.VT - I ' I t "w - . - ' "" LT. to check diaeiieat thVai i r.V .a?. .Zl.Z - t : - w. wt. a rm msny asdnU Sim ; f ;.i . f i M r" mu ' thi u th iim. with "" - - w.ur,waaaaujiacouraa or t tnckliBS BBoanr taia stream, bat BOl th roILn Htor ll will defy aU yoor tine effort. I fr.: I caanat tafflciUr Impreai thia I.pWot tofcrmaV tioo upon J boo. holders or i&lp eaptaina. or Etm peans - r - oer,. who ar. tUUinc or raidlnc to aay hoi or forein cliaTate. wTeoairir a chaosa U cootemplatad Llly to olatorb lb. condiio of heejtn. 11 Eno s F nut Salt be yoor eoeapaoaon. for. under an airenmataiieM lu use U erneficiji. and neter can do harm. Whan Ton feel oat of aorta Tb Coroner stated : " I remember ooc nltninx ia thia rooas ta the : DEFKIES sAEETY LaMP. 1 have used one for sometime, aad they ar a wonlrful iareoUoo. Ia the loae ria they ar cheap, and prteentloo b better thaa cur." Sort oU 8iandard. Dee. X TJUNDREDS AA SIMILAR l'AtALlTlE3 WXTV. lt A la 3 U ALLY. . 'Lri!!?.irthU""d' - dili?cli,:i00 "r bodflr or mental .tertian. DE. TARE of DANGEROUS LAM iS. paiCuELrly iluiIMiaJnlh '""" doll ach.n, ef baclT Jt tho - . aoll aa aafety Uapa. aod ref Jito euy m,Wd without - .li.Tr .1rfl' ni'Wn 'O' - ann. at. lhn your reeeitnu a writleai iaxsBtevtha it eaaacTpoaaftly ' .TiSda. ''wLfil'.r - f .. : ba, beam kiodled.' Nclcl of thia rtmpj precautiOB m,y mull in deJSo? mfflZr I B KlfHl l - 'i' U1V if TV simple remedy at hand that - ill alwan aaswer th tery beet end, with a poaiUta , aaauranee ot doinr rood In etwry ease, and in bo aia any w aaweraaa oire - rt a to brmc tbe aetn lata aafety. bui he cae quell th radac storm. ThJn,on Idw" not f eehnf w,U It, - 1 tna trait aad see ; perhaps I shall be bUer to - mo,,row : Tbf1' 1 supplr of EisoViWi Salt been al hlodT and naa raad of it at the, on, all ealaanitoo teaqlu mirht hiVa been a - uklad. What daahea to th earth an many briak. ao i rmilt - SALT freely in my last aexar. jQplyTvar,rlah,r TURLNG won - the Afghan A5TDAHAH was won War. 1 verily Ulieve" us ail W JgJiO'S FRUIT A D so arrived IfApt - x - bGZEK taking op SAXT7 largo supplies of LAMPS awarded fire i - oQ rnala aad rveoeamesdad bt fir teaiiraaeai eamnaalaa. BreiES1AFETYTMPs7 - smted " domeatia lirhtinx. ar - tha onlt laanne thai aua aovje aa. Kode. aad tt a better and aw vcwerfni lUbtUaa any otserlamps. - Tbowaaads of fasttiaayiUla. Prieaa from la. Sd. to 7X Uol maaa - factwrers. the Dafrtee Safety Lama and Oil Company rLbritad). U and 44. Honioro - tia - rnet, E.C. p EARS' SOAP. pEARS' SOAP for the Toilet. Ntry.aud Sharbi. P EARS' SOAP has li times received the highest ob - taiaahl award SI each of lo InlariiatiOBal RihlbiUuca. f EARS' SOAP is guaranteed perfectly pare. It is a sp.ial nreparatioai fcr deiicata, saowili - Ulna. DEARS fiOAP, a luxury foT the Toilet and the JL - UBOJW A. Bata. aad sadtts abr for CWldrata. fit to overthrow Ayoob Khans. PROM " MESS STOIIDM,'' by O. W. VYSE H1 headache EADACHE aad DISORDERED 8TOMACH. labalfya lernac alt Thewt,I Tf!?! twoaavdaarwanfreaaretwre) wamurtM aunaco. aaxl artar lr - ia aiwo etarytniac HOaP. Aaelina Patti writes : " I hare f aamd Peer." Aaa matahlaws furta hand aaal ceaplrslta. PEARS' hOAl. Mrs - Langtry writes . 1 have aea slaxara in statinf tUI I sate aawd Pears' loan fa tune, aad prWar W f ay atar. PEARS' SO Al - . - A 1 is Mary Anderson writes. I hat aawd Pears Soap for two years vUh the irwalesl sattsa ntuam. lor s aaa ss w tw - raawa. - P"" - 5 V - 1?.. i' r Eraamua Wilson. T.aJL,toti - It Is a halm fas tha kla. - JL i 1 boast prevents redaeas. rooghjeas. aid ja - anraoto for trie tar aaa. ahapplBfc ,d whhowt tnrtloi BBlabed "Baaooa7tmaoltnrltaf MTba recoe - y a friend U trj towj. fKUIT SALT,, aatd aaf asw I had oa beau, r tAt.4 ai.. . - - r .t lam rtstored to my taamt hralta . aad cither I toow IhalBat. tn - 4 it hat IMS CBjotaJ aaeh Mai TimaavidM. i,..ymja, aai tHscav Betfraanaru. DEARS' SOAP. EsUbitaaexi its years. ad said SHIRTS. FORD'S FUREKA. The moat perfect Sttinj etatba. Otiartar. T - OHlllTSrJllESXlkl ikr - !.. pATjTION. - Eiimina each bottle, and see theeap - BieP' awa'Sii enla ia - .. - tarf - - atnr. rtrrftiiT - m.i. n v.IL I Bnen. .Sa, to - , 7. sc. ML Wo Impeated set hy BtrrTthleaa hn taticaa. HaUbttCdnl C? HlRTS. - A JtUMKKA . U ItH J Jl ' I.

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