The Times from London, Greater London, England on September 10, 1920 · Page 13
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 13

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1920
Page 13
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THE TIMES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1920. 13 The Householders' "ALL - IN" POLICY. J he most complete protection against practically EVERY SERIOUS RISK YOUR HOME A Single Premium of 5 - per 100 per annum. Mm.mum premium 7 Q COVERS ALL THESE RISKS fbt Mirror Srtabajrt Loss of fff Burglar 7.W. cr Tempt st - Explosion of Gat. Holers. Hot WaUr Tipts - L.shtning Thur.dtrbolt - Subttr - aft Earth Public Liability - Linen at rv Riots. Strikes Insur - j Civil Commotion (trctud - !and Effects removed while liday or in Store Effects of ,. Guests, or Serponts - Cash Bank Notts up to 25. so covers the holdtr for half a insured! maximum 1000) event of death by accident any cause stated in the A special " All - In " Policy for House owatri covert th build - ittg only for 1 6 per 100. mm: Court OTircular. FORTHCOMING MARRIAGES, HAL. MORAL CASTLE. Sept. 0. eConrgc ha left the t'astle. Lieut. - Kr - kin.. Kquerry in Waiting to 1 1 i n attendance at Hnllator Railway i the departure of His RoyaJ Pagh - AlEXANDRE MlRAT AND MlXE. The man - jape of Prince Alexandre Mtirat and Mile, (iillo;, will tak. - t.lare in Tans on Wednesday at the Church of S. Honore d'Eylau. CauuXMB (i. DcCAT. R.N., and Mas. R in path. A marriaav is arranifd. and will take place in October, between (Vmman.ier (ierald Ducat. R.X. (retired), jriliiyest s.,n ..f the late Majnr - iieneral . Ji. imraj, in.uan Arrav, and Ida Kidpa of 543. St. Jam - . - court. S.W.I, and voum daughter ..( the late. William Huntrr. of Elthatn. BRAEMAR GATHERING. The Kinp and Queen, accompanied by the tike of York and the Princess Mary, honoured ith their i.r. - - en. - r thi. afternoon the gathering' r f the Roval Highland Society, which! F h hel.1 in tli. - l'rui - es - Jloyal 1'ark, Hraemur. ""rr Their Majesties were joined in the Royal ' nil, - n hv the Pnnrcs Royal. Prince and ooiell in, Arthur oi Cotiriaudit. and Princes lm,. and. and vwre rrrcvrd hy the Marques of " I'ti - n. but all frlendi herdeet. and Tenair i Lord Lieutenant of! " L, vrdcci,sl,iro. and Mr. Farquharson of Inver - Ltde Catster and Miss S. M. Sparrow. mid. A marriage haa heen arranged, and will ahortly cr. only son of the' late IlTnry Lyd Caonter of Liskeard, and Sylvia Mary CirtUH P. c. Wallace. D.S.O.. M.C., and Km Johsstos. The marriage of Captain Frederic Campbell Wallac, S.O., M.C.. oldest son of the late Cnuntv Inspect - '. Wallace, U.I.C.. and .Mr - Wallace, of dnughbej nm - npoint. and Mi - ( , end..! mo Nita Johnstoi ily child of Mr. and Mrs. (.,,. - . .Inh.vt - m. C!r r. Strandtown. ('.,. Down, will tak blece ver jbor IP. at St. Mark s t'hurch. half - paft. 1 o r!,H - k. I h - .Majc. - ti Ho f hold in Waiting v Ralmnral Cattle and Oentlemen of j s in attendance, i - ol of Rumania lunched yesterday ' feSS? - nun ( 'haxgr d' Affaires at j ' f 14, W.illnfrton - square, Londoi Devonshire, and of Mrs. Sparrow, with tlie Rumanian Cliaxgi ( 'luridge Hot - l. where the party included Lord Hardinge. the American Charg d' Affaires, Major Ceneral Sir F. Lieutenant - General Sir R. S. Baden - Powcli, and Prince Bibesco. The Infanta Kulalia is 8j - ending a few days at the Hotel Victoria. Hacl. where Prince l amillo Borghrae has also been staying. lna Duchess of Argyll, who is in residencn at Marharioch. t'amplieltown,' will not return p London imti! the late autumn. Marchioness Conyngham has arri - ed in I London from the South of France, on her way ! to Scotland, where she will remain until the end Mr. H. R. l The engagement is Itnon. R.K.. only son of Mr. A. H. Lem, ioMc1ont wl Seiangor. F.M.S., and Mrs. Lemon, and Phyllis Mary, elder daughter of Mr. and Mr. R. Irwin Dees. Faldonside, Melroae, N.B. Ma. H. O. N. Leakey ad Ml Jackson. Th engagement is announced of Lieutenant I"akey, 8th Punjabis (Indian Arjny Constance Muriel Liihto. late Dr. Philip J. Jackson Ktreathaia - hin, 8.W. old Tb Lor, lo Th Marquess Scotland The marriage toolf place yesterday at St. Peter's Church. Sowerby. York, of Miss Eileen Klrkpatrick . Nugent, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Nugent, of Whitewindowa. Sowerby. and granddaughter of the ledfort htm Headtort House. klarchioness of Headf thrtin Wade. M.C.. I hevalier of lh li Honour, of the Order of the White Eagle of Serbia, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrev Wade, of Hanfleld. 8iumi! The service waa conducted bv the Rev. William of Kgmont will return to rtVjCD,llnc'e ?' the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. , : B T. Marsden. vk - ar of the narish. Maior Lord Hamn - l., waa best nan. aesuted by Mr. Arthur week from Hvthe. i Earl and Countess of Lindsey will remain UeXwoPd. ,Xoble' I'fhngton House, Stamford, until I . ifJU "? ' W,K leritk lace belonging to tho Wade fi a away by her father BRITISH DOMINIONS HOUSE. R.TI Eich.ntf A LONDON. L.CJ. ASSETS EXCEED 19,0O0,03J E R O ; IN LONDON. I Nk. ideal of yourself. Everybody ha. aitejer in - iividuiiuv. md he alor nor prnonaiiK in a beiutiful ezd Sj model . Peron. a: 2 Rie de la Mr smartest ni met d.fncfle Pari j la new of the huge demand for invitations - : ire nainilfoH requested to apply for mk - ad Ctaoce to our special show, which September Uth. 1 5th. and Mds. PERON. I S4 - 1S6. Regent - strefL London. W.l. the late autumn. Th Pari anH Cn.inte of RXinw iwtnm.H 1 local troop of Boy Scouts formed a guard of hoi to London yesterday from Plymouth. j !t2d8t The Earl and Countess of Granard have tion. The guesu included Mis Wade. Mr. ad Mrs. arrived in London from Castle Forbes, Co. j Jt nVln?f w.0 - ColCno1 Lonffford t..E.. D.S.O.. Mrs. Walter Nugent. Lady Royda, The Earl of Portarlington. who is leaving fnbes. lre'and, intends to sell Emo Park, Queen's Mr. R. S. Newall and Miss Seaoram. Count v, with all it contents, next month. . The marriage took place on September 8. at Steeple ' as , . o . t c, i. . Langford Church, of Mr. Robert Stirling Newall. The Larl and Countess of Stair will return son of the late Mr. Arthur Newall and of Mrs. Newall, to London next month from Lochinch, Castle of Kisherton - de - la - Mere House, Wylye, wilts, and Kennedv. Wigtown - hire. Marloa Ulady. daughter of Ucutenant - Coloael 6 ' Seagram (late Sherwood KoresUr) aud Mrs. Seagram. The Earl of Clanwilliam is still abroad, and of Bathampton Boom, Wylye. The bride, who wore it not . Km Cted back in England until the end of a long - trained gown of Ivory rharmeuae lined with r.iorv,hr pink crepe do Chine, and ornamented wit h old Brussels ' en.lf,nDer - . j lace lent by her siter, was given away by her father iscountess Astor, who returned to London nd attended by two child bridesmaid. - . Miss s.illv vesterday from Plymouth, leaves to - day for Higgins and Miss Mary Fulton, bcr niece and cousin, the Isle "of Jura. wearing wreaths of pink roses nd frocks of white Lord.Cott.sloe left London yeetroay for soSc ST istow. Leicester. j W. M. Ogle, uncld of the bride, assisted by tho Rev. Lord Sinha left London yesterday for India j W - Tupholme, rector of the parish. lo take up his appointment as Governor of I Li lv Cro - - ley Jin - left Iondon for Comber - More Abixry, Shropshire. Lady Auckland Geddea will lea - e with her vmily for Washington on the Mauretania ladv Arbuthnot. Sir (leorge Kinloch. and ir P. Baird have, arrived at the Royal Hotel, property LATEST WILLS. SCOTTISH FARMER'S FORTUNE. Mr. James Ton. of Easter Cash, Strathmigle fe, a frmer and well - known bn - edor of fat stock lo died on May 31, aged 67, left personal stat, " The Pride of the West Countrie." St. Ive! Lactic Cheese contains a lactic culture in pure and active form. It is highly nutritious and digested without effort. Delicious, soft and creamy, with the flavour of a mild and perfect cheddar. 75,000. By hi? Prunes Lady De L isle and Dudley left Jl 2? m?m Lprtdoa yesterday for Aberdeen. l2Eff!h!K Baroness tJray lias returned to London from ' t MgW Brownfortl. Co. Wexford. i.V. Sir Ernest and Lady fable and Sir Walter iSiaSSsitcLwAw Durnford have arrived at the Empire Hotel, gMf tot the ru' Sir Gnorge Roos - Kcppcl has returned to thr r; - ;:f of tot i"London from the North. Admiral Sir W. Lowther (.'rant. Sir Frederick and Lady Bowftter, Sir Arthur Shipley, and ; Dssew, toremaa at Mr. and Mrs. Tliomas Burke will' sail for New Among other li York to - morrow in the s.s. Carmania. (reneral Sir William Bird wood will arrive in llnaatl Tr'lai" London shortly before leaving for India, and1 tamOMiOi will stay for a fortnight at Australia House MYZJSL a - the guest of the High Commissioner. Lieutenant - ('olonnl Francis Balfour and the Hon. Mrsv Balfour have arrived at Whittinge - hame. Eet Lothian, on a visit to Mr. Balfour. Lieutenant - Colonel Sir Walter Cibbons has rt turned to I, Hannyer - terrace, Regent's Park, j from Ie Touquet. Lady Gibbons has gone to ,1 - tay for several months in .Milan of 1317.140. The duties w?UUheUieftW' f lDdient soottish i - n'lTtOT ;. - lc. IMin! urirb . .UuBisI : 300 to the rrlh Council, strathmtilf. t wills are the following : THEIR MAJESTIES AMONG THE CLANSMEN. I FROM OCR APECIXI. CORRESPONDENT.) BRAEMAR. Sept. 9. Jast over two hundred years ago it was on September 0 the standard of the rising of 1715 was raised at Rracmar. Thus the little village, lying over 1.000ft. above oa level in the heart of the Highlands, Ls a fitting place for highland (fathering, and in its surroundings the meeting of the Highland Society of Braemar. whirl, has been carried through to - day. is also remarkably fortunnte. Some 12,000 spectators were present when shortly after '. oclock the Lord Lieutenant of the county, the Marquess of Aberdeen, arrived. He was followed, a few minutes later by the Royal Party from Mar Lodge. With the Princess Royal were Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught, Princess Maud, and the little Earl of Macduff. Soon afterwards die clansmen marched up and lined the gathering - ground against the arrival of the King and Queen. A hurst nf cheering announced the approach of their Majesties and as they entered the ground 'Cfithrr 'underv.cnt an extraordinary franc - formation, mist and gloom giving way to brilliant sunshine. The King was wearing a kilt of Huntinz Stuart run, with the Royal badge, a sprig of oak, in hii tad bonnet. He was looking very flt and well, id .the Queen uiu; also lookine well. With them were the Duke of York aad Princes Mary. The clubmen then marched round the gathering ground, and afterwards piping, dancing, and toasing the caber provided many interesting moments. A number of presentations were made durinc the afternoon to the Kirii? and Queen. Amongtlmro were Lady Mackenzie vi menmuK - ii.. uaroness Benunck. .Mr. ramulia of Invercauld. and many others. Accompanying King and Queen were the Archbishop of York, Waiter Lawrence, and the Hon. Henry Stonor. A Historic Valley. DEATH OF LORD EGERTON OF TATTON. FORMER M.P. AND ENGINEER. it his seal . yesterdav illness. He was the third on March 19. 1845. suecee i 1909 on the death of hi on Park smo 1 in the femal. line from John Egerton. second Earl of Bndgewatei The firt Lord Eeru.n of Tatton was raised to th. peerage in 150. ater having been member of Pi and subsequently tor 2 yea for sinds of , Othn the HOU! Vtr.nvT.s Altogether th - ft I rl l:A mo tm , - eed him ir. t.'.e uUe ave 7 4 years to th spreeenUtion of Cheshire consutuenciea in the Con srvative interest. In Parliament the late peer represented Mid - beshire and later Knitford. being defeated in the itter constituency in 190 by Mr. King, a Liberal, result which caused great surprise In Cheshire list time. The family of Efertou are extrruri landowners in Cheshire, and they also own almo ' c u h,,. - of South Manchester, including U.e subu: f Chorlton - cum - Hsrdy. which has increa nnrmously in value during the pnst 15 vears. Son ew years aco Lird Eeerton fcrbade the tenants louses in Bostheme. a favourite nicnic resort cf me people oi Manchester and furrounaing towns. :i Iv I ti gro 1 that Uie ! I is rich Roal SUndard floatina - above in its colouring singularly well with the dark hillsides behind it, and our thoughts tamed to the far - off days when Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland, had his castle at Braemar, and when in the torestt of Mar and Balmoral great hunting matches were held. Fmm Balmoral up to Braemar the road passes through the forest of Ballocbbuie, where some of the ntieat Scot pines in the whole of Scotland are to be seen. Tradition has it that this forest, now owned by the King, was formerly sold by MacGregor of BauocaouM to rsrqunarson oi invercauia lor a tas plaid. .Tu't before, entering the village of Braemai passes the old castle, where up to a few yean ago the castle is a hilh Creagh Choinnich by'nam un the steep hill - face competitors were wont t In this race in the dim and distant past two brothers, the hUltop, which was said' ta'Savebeerf reached In the almost incredibly short space of three minutes. This race was held annually up to recent times, when the competitors. The gathering ground hSs now been transferred t the outh - we.t end of the village, wher the games ar, held in a small grassy park. Around the enclosure . - ire birches and heather, the latter at its best, where tho i :;.er retire to tune up the pioh ml . , f the Hiffhlanders. From earl' saw kilted clansmen passing through Braemar from the Forest of Mar to pather at the meet These were the Duff Highlanders, many ol them stalkers and ghillics on the Mar estate, and fine, sturdy hulinen every one ol them. Piter ak Cr ansmiv Soon after noon the three clans, beaded by their pipers, marched inu. the (round. 1 ,rst came Royal or men. led by the Kings piper. Pipe - major Forsyth. Following them marched the Dufla. with John Mclntooh, piper to the Princess lloyai. at their head. And last came the Invercauld Highlanders, stepping to the inspiring strains of the Invercauld March. With the arrival of the clansmen the gomes began, one of the first events being the open .ompetition for pibroch playing. The pibroeb is the classical music of the pipes. Nearly all the tunes are ancient and date back to before the' risings of 1 7 1 . - and 1745. Indeed, not a few of the tunea are between four and live ccntitriea old. After the '45 manv of the old mn wero lost and hidden, and it Is only now that they are being rediscovered. Among pipers the pibroch is known as the " coel mor" or "great music." opposed to the playing of march, strathspey, and reels, which in Oaelio is "coel beg" or "little music.." The pity of it is that there are nowaday very few who care to listen to the old tunes of coel mor. even in the West, the hirthplare of most of them. At least one fine pibroch. " The piper's salute to his master." waa composed ct Braemar. though nowadays one rarely hears it paver, S of the Kind's band," . tone'rir of i. Wait'L;i - nd Rc The Hon. Mr. R. H. Brand jrave birth toll daughter on Wednesday, September 8, at 20, ciiriish - street, Established in 17S9 and published wecklv by the Cunt. I'lVIL Servants and others stationed abroad will appreciate the new form in which The Mail M is issued. If now contains all the leading articles in the previous six sues of The Times, the most important foreign and special nicies, letters to the Editor, nd financial and commercial comment. Annual Subscription pt free 30 - to any address Rt.r.c .Kould be tent lo the Publisher. House Square, London. E C 4 Spimea Copy will he seat sttt apphcatie to the Publisher, X The Hon. Mrs. A. E. (iuinneas haa arrived J from Ireland at Claridge's Hotel for a visit of M4J sfveral weeks. I p ! Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin and Mr. Marshall Field will sail for Xew York to - morrow in the ! s.a. Aquitania. if The condition of Mr. Robert Lovel St. John j uf Harmsworth, son of Sir I.iee8ter and Lady i w Harmsworth. was stated last night to be of Mr. groat gravity. j Princesae Murat. the Princes de la Tour Mr d Auvergne. Prince Duo, Prince Borghese. Prince Ei (,.zn r,i, ai.d I' :ui Prir.cofis I'otenriaiii are T staving at the Hotel dea lies Borromeea. Stress.! when - recent arrivals aNo iirtude the Ducbess de Dureai. the Marches - and Marcl.eaa delle Chiuse, I Uie Mamuisa de Maristanv. Count and Countess i La7.zaro, C - junt - . - ss Mocmigo. - and the Comtesse de Villi aewd. Dr. W E. M. Armstrong has returned to .15, Weymouth - sttc - ct from liudlelgh Saltertjn. Ladies will be invited, for the first time, to attend the annual dinner ,.f the 15th ,The King') Hussars Hi.! . o - rr..1. . A - oc,at:oti. w hi. i, will take place at the Cfe Moiii.o Saturday. September 2$. Major - tieiicral Sir William Peyton will preside. Lady Luck, widow of (Jeneral Sir George Luck, who as colonel of the regiment for many years, has signified her intention of being present. Parti, ulars can he rl t on - d from Sir H'dlev Le Bas. ( lun House, Surre - street, London, W.C.2. or the secretary. Mr. W I . Danter, Kflc. Knight s - it Methudto and teetouller ,rn. iL.ini.AH CnisnoLM. of Bank Hot t street. WeUlnsboroufh. SorthanU .. c lareDdOB - Tillaa, Widcombe. of AUretoo. Derby, i h Cormrefatlonal Minister.' who BRITISH DEAD IN TURKEY. MEMORIAL OF TWO WARS. rial should be ing the It has been suggested that their lives within the Turkish Etnp'h issed more then one famous pluver at Bi i the Pibroch competition the first prize of varded to Pipe - Major Mathleson, his tune 1 i am. " 1 m a ktse of the nturv. The "wcond prize winner was Pir I Aberdeen, his tune heir: - "The Marlachlnr ch, or Mary's Praise for her Oiff." This eom p by a7wasp as ha was in Ihe inTddle" of a ti h - .tr.l - t ur.sishtlv. There was in Lancashire and Cheshire as a result, but Lord E - rton would not lift tb ban. Lord Keerton served a three vears' apprenticeship in a local works as an engineer. He was the valuing ensineer under the Roval Commission for Railways and Canals in Ireland. 1867. He was popular among the tenant on his Cheshire estate, and took a keen interest in the property. He was a major and honorary lieutenant - colonel in the Cheshire Yeomanry, and held many Masonic offices. He was also the first president of the Cold Storage Association. Lord Egerton married, in 1S67. Anna Louisa, daughter of the late Simon W. Taylor. M P. He hy n: the Ho, iajor R.X.V.R, He Mai Etrerfo'i l the Ch - shire who i LADY HAXBURY. The death has occurred at Castle Malwood Lyndhurst, of Katharine Aldam. widow of Sir Thomas Hanbury. K.C.V.O.. of La Mortola. Ventimiglia, Italy, and eldest daughter of the late 1 nomas lienson Pease, m her ui y Wo have received from one who knew her the following tribute : By the death of Lady Hanbury a charactei sweetness, beauty, and humility has passed aw To her early Quaker upbringing was due Iter deep truthfulness of mind and speech, md her simplicity of bearing. The Garden at La Mortola became renowned for n beaut! and botanical interest, and mar various w. re Uie men and w. :. . house and shared her hospitality. Many who offered a physi - - S52K5 cure was as great as their bodily, charities were given entirely withou' of dictating to the recipient. Help i sid r rorked for ts In the The rjeonlu who Monola. the peasa side, many of the destitute in Ventimiglia. the parish priest at Mortola, and mmy of tho nuns at Venti miglia. - neratea ner aeepiy. nut ne srwaj , mm from any publicity or expression of gratitude. Sb thought of herself as the unworthy holder f sreai possessions, whose difficult duty it waa to sprnc wisely. Her hospitality was given in the sam spirit - While her natural inclination might hav b - en for a quieter and more retired life among hei Intimate friends, and her tastes were those, of I duty to open her beautifu Dui and c New Forest. 1 there either duri Lady Ihi mpathy snd affect!. as wounded All throuah Ighesl lilted the ir actions ; and if she s.i nd. she thought it was CAPTAIN CATTERSON - SMiTH Cheltenham College and 3 into the Indian Army Uuhed to the 2nd Battalio THE DEBT OF HONOUR. aff of S r IVr. v ft tt the Lahore Div) ns in atgaarrfAs - '"He had a fine lull. West N he death, at 5. Berkeley - in th. - ' ., s,, tlaid. Mr. Gavin felt it lecessary to carry on his work during tlie difficult ime Of the ur, nod osdy rotirod from the nunuc - fnrship of the DaJmeliington Iron' ,:,d ejfl the OBAN (;atherixt;. 'coru " attendance agam marked tlie pororid ng lay of the ArgyllshGre lathering st Oban I yesterday, whore the natural amphitheatre of j which have' U.e ".! - ..',,.(., - ."'( 'a 'nii - barbaric ,i. turesfjueneij denied 1n similar functions south of the Tny. That th ancient Highland Hiirit. delighting in niniblenees of foot and finger, is still very . much alive has leen amply proved this year, and it is atifactory to know that tlie piiers art, which ! was so severely menaced by the heavy casualties of the war. shows no signs of extinction In the glens Die presence of tlie Duke of Argyll assured the of the heads of r hell septs, iiicludi - g Ca aad ' Mrnrho,h!lan,''ofT The ion from beinn present. Id an. Convener of tlie ard. ieo - rnvener. and ob.nei Ms'Rae - Gilstrap, of Eilan Donan. brought parties ; and others present. In addition to those mentioned in Tas r.m yesterday, included the Eari and Countess of Clsrendon. Lord Inverolyde, th Bishop of Argyll. Msckinnon of Mackinnoo, Macleaa of Ardgour, and Sir Bruce Peton. church, which was . - ailed Christ Church and wa. - dedicate.! to those who foil in that war ; nut while this sum was sufficient to build the church, it was not sufficient to endow It, and funds sre now so urg - ntly needed that the church may have to cm closed, it is, therefore, proposed that Christ Church should be endowed as a memorial for all time to British dead, and that, in addition, a worthy monument should be erected lOplo. A committee has been t :nd r th p sioner, Admit al Mir funds. Subscript io to eith - r of the join f the British High John de Robeok !nLasdyLai I ; or Admiral ct, Strand, Lo - CJTY CHURCHYARD AS A GARDEN. old chui.hyard of St i Christopher - le - Stocks ' it Fire, and was rebuilt romovf - d lor th - extenn n with the fountain wiUiin of th churchyard to the Howard Carr's orchestral sketches, entitled "Thre Heroes." are to be played again at tb Queen's Hall Promenade Concert next Thursday, September 16, the composer conducting. CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION. Dr. Macnamara. the Minister of Labour, writing to the Lord Mayor on some grievances of the Ministry of Labour Branch of the XationaJ ex - Service Union of Temporary Civil .Servants, states that, on the recommendation of Lord Lvtton's Committee.' certain alterations in the rules for the forthcoming examination for male clerks have been made. The questions in the examination will be framed very - carefully with due regard to the age and circumstances of the average ex - Service man, and Dr. Macnamara anticipates that, in consequence, some reduction ui the competitive standard will be made. All ox - Service men who pass the examination will be given permanent posts forthwith, and those who reach the otialifvinu standard will be ac cepted and regarded as qualified i,r appointment to permanent posts as and wiicn vacancies occur. The fee for the examination has been reduced from 15s. to 5s.. and the final date for applica - ions has been extended until September lo. Mich questions as the salary of theso clerks on appointment will be considered by Lord Lytton s immittee. lrioe arrangements substantially move the objections which had been raised. The District Director at Horrex's i the London District Headquarters of the Appointment Departments), Xorlolk - street. Strand, asks as to all attention to tlie appeal made by the .Minister if Labour and supported by the Lord Mayor at tne '.Mansion Mouse meeting on Wednesday for 500 new panel members to serve for half a day a week during the next two or three months. Business men in every branch of industry" and it jon commerce are required ; and any who are willing tho a the Lord Mayor, at the Mansion House, or to Colonel Summers, at Horrex's Hotel, Norfolk - street, Str - and. We understand that the Middlesex share of the proceeds of tlie match between the Champion County and the Rest of England will be handed over to Lord Haig's Fund. md him i acknowiedsr - d. saved a to him the Pioneers have added another elon pas to their history. The Bern has bon nan Pione - r Plcqu - t in memory of the stand." Captain Cattersori - Smith married Marjone Li Montague, a - cond dansrhfer of Mr J. M. Montag. of Broomhui, Bamstapl - . on Sept - mber It, 1911 GL ASTO N B D BY F ESTI V AL. APPEAL TO SAVE THE SCHOOL Edward Elcar i 1.1 00. has been rec. h f'rt" school from . Edith Percy. High - street, Glastonbury. FULHAM PALACE MOAT. letter regarding the m re, the Bishop of LonJ .s under careful conside: K it filled in. it is proposed that the filling t the end of the A vent, wh I'alace - road. and w.,rk along of h. St Td. it wan quite Impossible to exaggerate the importance of such an institution. The whole country waa flooded with disabled ex - Service men, and the community was, in duty bound, to bee that everything possible was done not only to provide thoinjwith employment , the immense progress made in orthopredic surgery at least b.lf of those men for whom his Majeidy was now appealing would not have been employable at alb A FASHION OF TO - DAY.' Th " Fashion of To - day," designed by Miss Bessie A sough (see page 3). is a gown for evening wear of coffee colour chiffon velvet fringed with monkey fur, with " jupe " of deep coffee - tinted lace over gold tissue and sash of brown tulle. 1 ul! i , r the Kin'a Head.' In U.e lone, the Bishop would like to know if your council would be prepared to offer every (acuity, and also, subject to lus giving up to you Uie ground extending in length to that which you already hold in Fulham Palace - road, if you would put an adequate fence on such acquired ground." The borough surveyor (Mr. Holden) has been instructed to submit a report t. the next meeting of Uie Works and Highways Committee of the council. Origin has been the subject of much discussion and conjecture. It is too far from the Palace to have ever been useful for defence, and one theory is that it was made by Uie Danes as a partial safeguard against the floods of the river. ARRANGEMENTS FOR TO - DAY. presidential a M " The Marpole." CWewell. jSjj Theatre : TU WtorUei (ascend edition). .Notices of Forthcoming MarHages and similar announcement are imsrUd at the fotlotcina rata - Tieo guineas for Sre Unea or Use. and ten tkiUinat for each additions line. Soeutv mn..l. j Military Dinnsrg, one guinea tor three lines, and ten sluUingt per line aJtenearde. A Una constats of about MILLS & BOON have ready a remarkable list el oorel JACK LONDON. ISLAND TALES. 7s. Id. aet. JACK LONDON. A DAUGHTER OF THE SNOWS. 7s.Cd.aet ROBERT BARR. THE HELPING BAND. 7s. 6d. net A Great Sea Noyelist. BEN AMES WILLIAMS. THE SEA BRIDE. 7a U. at ALL THE BROTHERS WERE VALIANT. 2s. net. A Remarkable First NersL GENERAL LITERATURE. Two Very Popular Books by EDWIN L. ASH, M.D.. B.S.. M R.C M. THE PROBLEM OF NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. It. Id. net MENTAL SELF - HELP. 5s. net HOW TO MAKE A FORTUNE. Or The Ait of Growing Money. By On Who Ha Grown It. A SON OF THE SUN. 2a. ! REVOLUTION. 2s. mn. THE NED ONE. 2a. mm. A DAUGHTER OF THE SNOWS. 2a. n GASTON LEROUX: 2s. mm. THE MYSTERY OF THE YELLOW ROOM. CONSTANCE HOLME. CRUMP FOLK COING HOME. 2a. mm. ARTHUR ArPLIN. MACMILLAN'S LIST. The Egyptian Problem. By UK VAL ENTIRE CHTR0L. Aethor rf "Indian Unrest," "The Middle Eastern Question," OK. Ryo. 7a 4. net. The Outlook :" Th book is a vaiuaMe lined rfhaltflei t.. our knowledge of present - day conditions in Egypt, and it is published oppoe - svmpathy and understanding of the Middle East, and his experience and Powers t - f obaerration are ronsidermble." SECOND IMPRESSION. Notes on a Cellar - Book. By GEORGE IAINTSBuhT. Small to. 7s. In the Mountains, a Crown 8vo. 7a. 6d. net The Times - ' A sweet and racy humour his up every page io tbfe really iiwpirujg tie v..fume. POCKET EDITION. 23 vols. Limp leather. 7a M. set j blue cloth. 8s. set per sol. THE SERVICE KIPLING. 26 vols. Bias cloth. 8s. net each. ,.MacmiIlan'i An turn n Anaoaacesseat List post tree on aarlication. M ACMILL AN CO., Ltd. London. W C.2. THROUGH BOLSHEVIK RUSSIA h MrSe Philip Snowden " Apart from the astounding c(vn of evi - denc - contained in her work, which goes to reveal in all its nakedness the mockery of the Soviet systems. . . . her book contains much other interesting matter. It should stand on its literary merits alone. Its dialogue i brilliant, if realism terrible, whilst it quiet humour and pathos carry the true ring of spontaneity and. above all, sincerity." The Tunes. 5s. net. AT ALL BOOKSELLER. CASS ELL CO.. LTD., LONDON. E.C.4. COLLINS 48. PrII MrIL S.W.I. TWO NEW TOPVLfTR NOVELS. Published Yesterday. THE COURTSHIP OF PRINCE CHARMING. By F. FRANKFORT MOORE. Author of The Jesamy Bride," etc. 7 6 net TREASURE TRAIN, By ARTHUR B. REEVE. of "The Advent ure - s," "The I Craig Ketuieviy detective stories r popular JUST OUT, paper covet. J6 net; cloth. 416 set TVe Foorta Edition, cetera 1929 Btfat. CHAMBERS'S INCOME - TAX GUIDE By JOHN BURNS, W.S. THE 1920 EDITION IS IS SUBSTANCE A NEW BOOK, The tacts. Vifurat, and lUusiratxons cover all Liabilihm and Clmima ftp I data. The New 14 Tax CM. Raise and Uaaits ef Liability. Hew s Obtain Repayments. SPECI.4L CH.4PTEKS ON Fanner.. Do M. Empire' Taxatlo. Weakly Wag - Errs. Super - Tea. Th transition between tb old aad tae Baa rvtter. rJ to be tmubkSoew. aad sfl essvsned would b well advistd lo ti information (hat wfl bels ' recover th mortv tm nakinf it In lb rutur. ai past. A HON E Y - SA V ING MANUAL. W. A R. CHAMBERS. Ltd., Loxdok j Edi.nbvbuh.

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