The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 19JM BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.); ;COURIER"NEWS' Living Room Always Deserves the Most Careful Attention So many American home owners are confronted with the problem of furnishing a six-room house attractively Ibui il deserves n detailed discussion hers. Let us take a typical six-room house and furnish It room by i-ooin. Trie noor plan of tlie house, which laces north, ts a long, narrow entrance hall with tlie stairway in it; a living room to the left, which is liglU but, lias a northern exposure; back of the living room is the dining room .with a southern exposure; and just on the (lining room Is the kitchen, which has windows to both the south and west. Upstairs the bedrooms and bath room open off a rather square, central hall. Two of the bedrooms have northern exposure,- and one bedroom and the bath room lace the south. Because Hie living room is the center of Hie family's activities, let us consider it first, Wliut should the color scheme of this particular living room be? Because of the northern exposure it should be a warm, cheery color, we know. Yellow would be a happy choice for the dominant, hue. Prom a chiiilv, pattern in n store it would be cusy to arrive at such a delightful color scheme as golden tan, blue, and orange. The walls should be tan, the ceiling a lighter shade, or, better still, have a rough cream plaster put. up and tto not paint the telling at all. Use tile blue in upholstery materials for some of the furniture, and [have the brilliant orange for such color accents as plllov.-s and, tlie fireplace mantel. In keeping with the rule of having the darker values at the bottom of rue room, select a rug that is many shades darger Uian the wall; it would be best to have it almost brown. At the windows hait» cream-colored glass curtains with over draperies of the chintz which inspired 1112 room's color scheme.: Now conies the problem of deciding upon what furniturp is-.necessary and where il should bo plnccd. ,..T.hc room is •tco-rgm&ii ;to .'put the davenport .in front-of the - fireplace,, for that arrangement immediately cuts the room in half and makes it look much 'smaller than it really is. The c'jvtoiis place for (he davenport is against, tlie north wall, while a wins; chair and quaint little rocker loak inviting near the fireplace. A small desk that serves also as a table would make an interesting group in the southwest corner with a tcrrestiai jjlobc and Windsor chair. Atom Ihc desk are a few book shelves built inio the wall. Now, after placing a nest of tables beside tlie davenport, a lamp on Ills desk, and a floor lamp beside ths wing chair, the livinj room is furnished. A Unit Wllb Ihc Hall Because of the close relationship of liie living room to the hall wa should consider them as-a unit. If. the hall and living room are finished in l>e same manner a more spacious effect is achieved. Because this is not- a large house we want it to look as .spacious as possible, so il would be wise to have the same yellow-tan walls and use a ni» just like the one in the living room, only smaller. As the hall is narrow, Hie only furniture necessary would bo a slim little table with a card tray on it. a mirror j n'lVjvc it, and a straight ladder- back chair. The dining room faces the south, which is in itself a recommendation for using green as a dominant color. For the floor dark green tiles would be ideal; make the walls a lighter green, and have the- ccil-j '"•/ silver. You can have no ideal hew lovely a silver ceiling can bs 1 until' you have had dinner by candlelight In a dining room that Ins cue! The furniture in the dining-' room is fairly lv cll determined by universal necessity—(able, chairs, bullet, and serving table. Why not strike a distinctive note by having a Chinese red lacquer cupboar:! for your silver or pewter-display? No ruir should be used on the tile floor. Chintz would bo ideal [or curtains. In Ihe kitchen decorative enthusiasm must be limited lo color, the curtains, and the. linoleum. For this particular kitchen, with its rsulhcrn and western exposures, blue and bhicgray would be a chcsr- lul co'.or scheme. If you use a blue and ^ray checked inlaid linoicuin, it is possible to repeat the pattern in crisp gingham curtains, in painting the cupboards it. would bo interesting to have them blue on the outside arsd'bUicsray on tlie tn- *!d5. Because paint is marred by constant use. It Is oltcn wise to [cave the natural wood finish on Ihc !°l> of the shelves atid on the work- m z surfaces. Upstairs Ihe Hrsl problem that tlit i " S is l!lc ccnta ' llaUl Bccau 5 e wai- ui l '?' " 5cd olll >' as a l )assa se- nlhi'ri i? lter llot to P ut a "y fm ill lii It but to give It air by One Story Colonial Cottage ' Comfortable and At trac- tive Surroundings Needed by Youngsters ' IF MB. PlW to rtlsplas hib sk|l! tis lei I)u)ll-ln toy chests i ni)d. hook shcHes mc'nunosl n neceislty 'in chltdifiis looms nnd tho> tun bo iilmle very attractive by pnlntlHst (o hnrmonlz? wldr lh« walls. Tlio more ambitious' lather might, wnnl to dojiarl from the conventional and build bunks, which ciicourngo sound and happy slumber In every little boy who ever di'Onmcd of Ihe seven sens, The room could (hen bo finished In imlln- lion of n shin's cnuln. Every detail o( the child's room Is Indelibly stumped oh' his mind, It should therefore be miidc as cheerful, nnd attractive, rind ' as ,, -- conducive lo happiness mid good things concern the average! habits us possible, mother as much'as the welfare ot her children. Yet, children ate often allowed, to play in sunless, drafly, poorly vom Haled or poorly lighted rooms, where they arc' lii danger of calclihig colds ivm\ diseases or Injuring their eyes. A cheerful, comfortable anil sanitary environment Is necessary for healthy mental mid physical ' l-'or comiiktu building plans anil Architectural Editor, Ladies Koine For a small house the one-story plan has many advantages over its two-story rival. In the first place, the exterior appearance of a five-room house all on one floor h usually better looking than il tht dimensions were reduced and a second story added. '1'lic climbing of stairs is good for 1 only'one thing, and that is to arrive at the top, when necessary. To eliminate the necessity of going up, thera- spccial scale, paste-together, modclof house, send one iloliar lo the, Philadelphia, I'cnn. Spe-rify Kan No. 319. ' .' fore, cancels all good any stairs can jxresibly be. House number'319 has two bedrooms with a connecting hall, and a bath room close at hand. The living room and dining room face the garden at the rear. Although not iarje, the rooms jirc arranged in an interesting manner nnd access is easy from' place lo place. The garage is part of -the house and is o! ample size tor a large car. wall paper. As there is no outside lijlif iW. 1 tills hall the paper must bo in 'light colors, such as crenm with pale'green,figures. The large bedroom in the northeastern corner of the house claims our attention next. Let us suppose that the owner of the house and his wife share this room. So, 40 begin with, we know that we must not use baby pink for the dominating color. 'A very modern man and woman might choose one of the new -plaid wall papers in tones of cream and tan. That would be neither too feminine nor too masculine. In this particular bedroom the most pleasing grouping of the furniture would be to have the'head oj the bed against the south wall, and let it project into the center of- the room; place a little table and the man's easy chair beside it' against the east wall put a chest of drawers with a mirror above it' on the other side of the window put the dressing table; ''and right In front, of the window the little slipper chair can go: Dual Use for the Guest Itoom The oilier bedroom on the front of the house is to be used as a BIICSI loom, and to make it p-ir- ticularly hospitable il would be well to choose the warm, glow-in,, color scheme or lavender and gold" The lavender for In; walls, and in n shade lighter for the ceiling- the gold for the curtains, and irt a shade darker for the rug. In households where there arc not frequent guests it is wise to furnish the guest room so thai it niay also serve the purpose of an upstairs sitting room With that in mind let us use a very comfortable couch In this room instead of a bed. Beside this it would be well to put a liut e table with a lamj) and magazine on it. Between the windows place a chest of drawers with a mirror above it On Ihe nest side of the room then is a perfect place for a small desk and easy chair. As you can sec this choice or furniture will make Ihc room ready cither for gucsls or Tor the family's jnllmalu gallicr- Tlis sunny little corner room at the south of ttie house would makj' a cl-.qrmlng room for the clausht-r of the household. Let us furnish it with that in mind. i[ a young R i r | is to use it, we want the room lo be lovely and dainty, and what is daintier than pink and blue? In the corner'we would put a downy couch with a pink cover banded in' pale blue. Beside the- window is the place for a dressing table with a skirt ruffle of blue and pink chintz; the same chintz may be used for the curtains. Across l.'le room a little study nook could be created by hanging bookshelves over a table and putting an easy chair' beside it. Old rose would be the correct color for a rug, and if a very inexpensive rug is desired it mighl even be one'of the attractive rag rugs that come'in practically every color. The balh room cannot be dismissed with a mere list of. plumbing fixtures. Today there are so many interesting ways to make the aath room attractive. First, there is the possibility of using colored fixtures, and for the bath room of this particular house we are furnishing, green would be a very desirable color for the fixtures. It would be well to have the noor nadc of green and orchid (lies laid in an interesting pattern. In order lo have the bath room easier to :'cnn as well as more attractive, "ave the tile enclose the sides of .he tub. This can be done by hnv- »g the tile put np Ihe sides to -ho point where the top turns down -o make a tolled edge. For the walls, i washable covering in green with little orchid fish on it would be very desirable and highly decorative. At the windows nothing could »o more appropriate than iurfcisli towelling curtains. It doesn't make any difference how often they are splash ;d! The house is furnished, it, is a model of llvablciiess and charm, FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. Din, Complete building plans and specifications arc available for this house for $1.00. Included with the plans is a cardboard cut-out model of the house, architecturally drawn to scale. The model.can be colored, and it will visualise for >ou exactly what the completed house ivllllook like Acldicss ymirf le- miest for plans and model to; ths editor of. this paper. .Journal .House Pattern Number 311 growth. A children's room, properly handled, serves this purpose. A room planned, ctccorntcd and furnished for the exclusive use of youngsters not only keeps Ihein safe nnd happy, but II encourages orderly habits us well and keeps them and their toys out of the way of the adults. ' Provide Fresh Air A .•southern or southwestern c.x- 'snre Is brat, since sunshine is .al to iK'ullhful growth. A ventilation board nt the window or windows will make su.lllcicnt, fresh air possible without dangerous drafts. The floor may be finished in any style that conforms with the rest of the house, bill It must- not be slippery nnd It, should be easy to clean. ' ' Walls should be of a delicate non-glare, noii-exclftng shade. A washable finish will fncllUnlc crtsy cleaning. if n p i alorM Mem trimming Is used, it can Iw clmng- ed as .the .child grows and re- ilaccd with a more appropriate ibJccL Lights should bo cm-etuis' placed and be non-glaring. Window boxes will provide an Interesting '. ami 'instructive pnstlmc fo :ouragiid to , plant mid care for their own flowers. I!uilt-m Fitments The children's room provides n es n :nance for the man of the family ,and will serve, we hope, as an inspiration to many"''answers of the oft-recurring problem, how t o . furnish a six room house. Shower Stall Can Be Added to Bathroom The morning shower has become such n popular American institution that no home- Ls complete without it. But n:shower no longer means a ilckely spimklci over the tub, suiroundcd bv a clumsy curtain and (almost sure lo spill water all over the floor. The modern version of the shower is a separate stall, sunk into the wall and provided \vilh its own drain so that it causes no messy puddles around the tub. Such a stall can be built at slight expense by partitioning off One end of the bathroom and - lining the walls with waterproof: 1 material which can be installed directly over the old wall, or by tiling. Insulate Farin lluildings More and more, farmers are beginning to realize .the Importance of temperature and humidity control in farm buildings. .Insulating llxrarri, installed at lov; cost ann applied directly over the interior walls, helps correct unsatisfactory conditions. As a lining il conserves animal heat in dairy tarns • stables, brooder houses and laying houses. It Is also useful us an insulator in ice nnd milk houses. I Oiitsitlc Light Swilcli A 'momentary contact switch outside for the porch light eliminates stumbling down steps and helps in locating key and keyhole. Merry Christmas ; Give your wife ;. Chmlnurs ['rcswiL whirl] wit! I pit-use all mcinljui's «( Ihu family.. • ' . ' I Have the home made comfortable' by''the in- i slallalion of an Arcola, or overhauling of the life ukl one, and convert. Lite bathroom' into a mod! ern one willi new fixtures. j " i Work .started now rimy. be completed' by Christmas and you. have !! years to pay. ' PETE" The Plumber Phone 103 ••• ID!) *N. First . me r the children ' if they are en- C. F.. Tucker Buys 295 Acres Southeast of City; Other- Recent Deals A number of real estate transactions Involving substantial sums of money Irave ueen completed licre recently., • C. p. Tucker..well knovrn.planter, purclmscd n 295-uerc tiinn from (lie riu-mcjs unnk nnd Trust Co. .u'h four mid a half miles from lown on Hie Promised Lanil snivel road Pi'ncUcully all of (lie limrt. wlilcli .l»s near his other farm, Is In cultivation. - Frcil L. Cicorge, of UldRcly, Term., purclmscd SO acrc.s from John Honey for $4,750. Tills u-ell Improved farm; wlilcli lins a house and barn on 11, Is one mile from town, soulli of Franklin street. Mr. George ant Ills family will move here soon. \y. M. minis handled the trnnsnclloii, J. Jnckson sold SI neves lo E, L Tedford, fanner, with \v. M. BUI-HE (unking (ho Iraiisiictlon. Tlie fnriii which lins two jsmall houses on It lias 42 acres fn cultivation. It'I one and n hnlf miles north ot Ar- inorcl on the gravel rond. The land sold for $2,400, An BQ-acre farm was sold lo J, i Garhcs by G. a. 'nuboard for $3.200. w. M. Burns tmmllec 1 the deal . . . MissMiiinle Lee'Jones ycstcrdixj pmcluiijwl the residence at' i)07 0(i!ckusattua avquio from! J ju i'nrkoi, \\|t)i Tjiomas Land ' com- l>nnj linmtluig iho di,al The htmso, foimcrly occupied bj-Mr, nnd Mrs. accrue Junes, mill bo used for Miss Jones' plniio studio uni'liomu, Slw lins already moved, Mother Wants Repair* for Children's Enjoyment Ullll?utlon of the pio.'isloiib of he HousliiK Act to mute possible •cpnlrj; which might' < be enjoyed >y her children'•• while they arc •owng. Is Iho «i4llvc of lin Elsie, Mich,, mother, lii negotiating lor 1 modernizing loan, "I, no doubt, would Jinve « mgd- ini homo hi the licxt five or six •ours, but I want II-now, 50 that ny clilWrcii can .enjoy It," she viltes the Housing Administration nt Washington. "If. I can't'have It, while they nre still homo to enjoy II, I don't me If I «avci> Imvo It." , , . , tank Is i ui«lul Tlio raecha«W UmuitormnUon , from hard, water ! to soft watei is primarily acccS' pllshed by the employment oj chemical which completely remova i all caustic, alkaline and, foreign matter from ttss water supply. '•*! LET US GIVE YOU AN X ESTIMATE ON A , Sottcnlnr W«lcr in regions- where the -.water Li lard, a »utcr softening stoiage CHEAPER THAN BRI~CK-* Heauliful - Everlasting; v H..HALSEUJ M06 W. Ash I Christmas & r Kiddies- COMPLETE AND INSTALLED GETS EUROPE S. AMERICA AUSTRALIA ASIA POLICE ' AMATEUR , AIRPLANE MARINE rnms little set is probably raiiif-'s greyest combm.i- l tton short-wave and broadcast receiver.Its tralhful tone is comparable to other sets costing ?lOO-and Atffater,Kent qualify throughout guarantees you the utmost in valUQforyourmoney.Forthosewhowantfino reception and all the latest features in a small cabinet CAVITT RADIO CO. Exclusive AUvitter-Keiil Dealers ClilTiml Ciivill, Mgr. ' Ask Us About A New "Mule Hide" Can Be Financed ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 for details Childs Rockers *> Assorted colors, Fibre j| and Wood, from 95o to $3.25 Uiilclrcus Desks $2.59,to $3.25 t. / High Chairs Well assorted, priced low nt $1.75 to $5.95 . They are going fast. Get one now. Inquire f«r other valuable pieces for the Home, all priced 'right. f Charles S: Lemons - Household FUKNiTUflE Moderately Priced The rumllurr Stnrc, will lie open evenings Cor" your convenience, conun«i<.lne Wcdncsdaj and conlinuinc 'till Christmas, _ ^ for "HER" Gift She'll AjHiicdnfe It For Years To Come WESTINGHOUSE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC RANGE /I New*Vogue in Kitchen Meanly Come In — See This New Range Today Tune in Tonight «'ith'a WESTINGHOUSE, World-Wide RADIO Now you tan bunt' tliBj •wold'into your'liviJijf 1 room—with a Wiling- J hoiihc Kadio. 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