The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 8, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER, OF NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI MEEWTl —&1 .-i VOL. XXVIIT—NO. 18 SSS3M vSSy'lSder. Hl.YTHKVlLLE. ARKANSAS. WHDNKSMY, APUII, 8, 13:11 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS REED WINS MAYORAL RACE BY SIX VOTES Hodge and Ellis Plead Guilty Clara Bow Out Among Bulls and Cows of Nevada Jurv Acquit Gosnell Youth Charped With Murder of Page Boyd. Raymond Hodste and Fred Ellis, former Half Moon iteputv rnnsta- bles. Dleadcd puilty to the hl-jack- ng of two Tennessee trucksters before Judge Nelll Ktlloueh In circuit rourt this mornine and were sentenced to three veers In the LAS VEGAS, Nov.. Anril 8. (UP) —Out on the lone prairie of southern Nevada Clara Bow "rode range" this week. The red haired actre" was a Kiiest on tile 300.000 acre cattle ranche near here which Re v Dell, her flancc, and Earl Simpson recently purchased. She was accompanied here by Simpson's wife. "I need a rest and I love thr* desert, so I came up hern to Bet away from Hollywood, Miss Bow said as her pony sauntered into the ranch corral. Clara had a narrow escape from injury when she entered a corral I He Beat "Big Bill" «APRIL 17 Mrs. W. H. McCain. Dis-! trict Federation President, Will Speak. slat" penitentiary. The voun<r far- O] , 1)er norse » Andy " to ))elr) Bfll , w»re sentenced for robbery j n]t out yca r!in2s. A bull with n] ou ^^ yca rn2s. u w nnd indictments charelne erandl no rc?ard ror celebrities (or wr ' nolle pressed by the larceny state. A Ion? harrl fouebt court, battle was anticipated and the sudden decision of defendants to enter guiltv n!f>as after havine twice won continuances nt- form""- court sessions' was r c ?R«-f1ed as a surori. c e. Doll Widner. ]fl-vear-o!d Ons- nel! volith. was fr>unri n^>t. ffuilt.v of *VIR murder nf PI?R Bovd. vonn? national guardsman, bv a iury last | nieht ten minutes after the was DlaM>d in the hands of the 1uror=. Trjal nf the ca*e. including selection r*f jurors and arguments j by counsel, orcimied the court for| a dav and a half, and rie roc .s!t'3trd r>i(> first nteht session of ttv» term. The turv verdict returned at 9:40 o'clock was received without dem- pnsl.rnHnn bv the lar^e crowd nres- ent,. The voun? (V-fendunt admitted the fntil sobbing of Boyd but claimed s"lf-defense. Held Un Tracksttrs . ...lluch local interest bar! been evidenced in the Hodge-Ellis cases ever since the pair were arrested on the night nf T£b. 1, 1930. within two hours after the two Tennp^sofi trurksters were Md up on Highway 61 near this citv hv two IFPII w.earinf officers' bodies. Hodse pnrt Ellis who - at the tlrne were Half Moon deputy consl-ables, were arrested by police »nd denutv sheriffs after a e nf red hiin lowered his head and charged. Ti aclrcs eavc "Andy" the spurs and Fxcent One Unit Held Too Low By Referee. MEMPHIS, Anril 8. (UP)—Resale of all units of the Clarence Saun- d>"- B stores. Inc.. evceot the I/mls- ville. Kv.. unit which was sold fo' a few dollars above the value, was ordered bv John R. Walker, 'jr., referee in bankruptcy, today. The ten units were sold at oublic p net Ion yesterday at a fieure les' than one-third of the appraised value. The Louhville unit of 15 stores ?nd a warehouse was nurctasfd 11. A. Sachs. 1r.. attorney rr:ii senllne Louisville Interests. The sale price was *51.150. The unit was ling club women of Mississippi county will attend the County Federation of Women's clubs annual meeting In this city Friday. April 17. Tlie Blythevllle Woman'? club will be hostess for the all day program. The election of officers for the new year, reports of past projects and tlie awarding of will feature the business session in the morning while the principal number on Ihe program being arranged for the afternoon will be an ad! dress by Mrs. W. H. McCain of Cotton Plant, district president. As incentives for ihcreased activities in art. music and citizenship (he committees have 'cooperated with the county's schools. Prizes for the best work done in these projects will be awarded by committee chairmen. Mrs. White to Give History Tlie Child Welfare work has teen carried out with the county physicians and health unit and Ihe committee on yards and gardens Isj sponsoring the "Live at Home" idea. Reports of these accomplishments rill also be given. Other reports will show that the ederation endorsed the passage of he Nelson m'nrrlatre bill in the Arkansas assembly, opposed ihe re- chase. The two Unit Moon off!cers|anr>raised at $51.117. were identified by tlv; Rinley. Tenn. men as the nair who relieved them of their monev. At a preliminary hearing the defendants were bound over without offerlne anv defense .Twice at regular sessions of circuit court thev were zrunted continuances, the second time over the vigorous objections of the prosecu- to'''s office. In passing sentences on the two form°r officers. Judee Killourti declared that the officers had entered pleas of guiltv to offenses which in many respects seemed to be of an aecravated nature, narticularlv In view of the fact that the men| The sale was 5 ordered to open al 2 p. m. today. ^^v Re-elected Democratic Mayoral Can-! diclate Wins Decisive Vic-, lory Over "Big Bill" I CHICAGO. April 8.' (UP)—Wll- j Ham llnle Thompson, master poll- < tlclan who served Ihree terms as mayor of Chicago, has been liirnod out of office In favor of Anton J.j cci-mak, formef Bohemian liuini- i Brant whose career began in the ' coal mines of southern Illinois. j Cunnak's shashlng victory at the noils by n nmjorllv of almost 102,I 000 wns "Ul(; Bill's" first taste ol defeat during his spectacular en- rcer. Complete returns today from the 12.981 precincts as compiled by lh« | uollce t'ave Ccrmak 607,523 and i Thompson 475,tin. 1 Followers of the Democratic president ot t!:e Cook county board hailed Ccrmak's victory as "tlie euii of Thomusonism." Civic leaders called (he Republican Incumbent's delcat a "tremendous step toward loci government and prosperity." Klne Is Interested WINDSOR, Ens.. April 8. (UP) —King George was understood to bt- considerably Interested today In election returns from Chicago. The king Is In Ihc habit of reading the morning newspaper before brcakr fast nml it Is understood. he wns very Interested In the defeat of Ihc anti-British Thompson forces. ~ent divorce bill, and 3fer highway'and traffic fawsV* .' The program has not been completed. Besides the address bv Mrs. McCain, Mrs. John White of Osceola. a. charter member, will give a history of the federation. Committees Named The committees, appointed by the president. Mrs. Harvey H. Thompson of Wilson, for the annual meeting, are: program committee, Mrs, Anton J. Cermak, Bohemian immigrant boy who rose from the coa Mayor Nelll Reed, reclectcd yestcr clay for another two-year term by a plummy of six voles over A. D KN1EIIDIE5 I Contest Is Possible on Grounds Illegal Ballots Were Cast. City Contests Reed Furrfleli .. 21 . 203 12 121 167 49 109 ' 8 526 I.nwUnrn Reflected LITTLE 'HOCK. April 8. (UP) — Horace- A, Know! ton was circled . mines of southern Illinois to wealth end political leadership In Chi- i mayor of Llllle Rock al yesterday's cago. dlmaxed his career yesterday wllh a victory over Wllllam Huie Thompson, Chicago's'long unbeatable mayor. E Farmesv Need Fear No John Edrington. Osccoln. Miss Cora | Repetition of 1930 SaVS T*o Pnlomon T3H-1 Vioiif lla UTrr- r" [ J May BUT California Storr* TOS ANGELES. Anril S (UP)— A derision wns exocetcd todav from •r«ditors of the Clarence Sruiider Stores of California on an offer o f the Continental Chain Stores of T.OS An»eles to purchase - the flv- tnres. Inventory and good will of the Saunders firm. • The offer of stock in return for t^e Saunders stores Is sattsfnctorv to a ITOUD of southern California ! au*>rov- was Inrk- Lee Coleman, Blythevllle, Mrs. C. M. Harwell. Osceola; nomination committee, Mrs. James B. Clark. Blythevlile. Mrs. S. D. Carosnter. Osceola.. Mrs. A. J. Cole. Wilson: Weather Expert. WASHINGTON, .April 8. (UP)— ,Tiie blight of drouth which spread registration committee. Mrs. W. E. | suffering and stirred politics thru- Hunt, Osceola: Mrs. Don Fletcher.; out t ] lc united Slates durin;; the Wilson, Mrs. J. W. mder. Blythe- \\ 3sl . ,. e!lr hns-been relieved. It is alvllle: resolution committee, Mrs. F.' P. Jacobs, Orider. Mrs. C. E. Crig- bu[ w( . ole hear rf „,„ nnrthcm «" 6 .° 1 "™",""^"!^, t , h ,l r ,n° f .". '"*• c - w - Brlxl >y. -vcret-ary r,f the Cnn'inentnl firm. said. He exnlaln- M the offer was not rvf Continent?! 1 in exchange for Saundcr? flees to conduct their 'hl-Jackinz.' Because of the prominence of the families involved and the wide discussion and publicity of the cases It would be difficult to secure ai Jury, Judge Killoueh declared, and by agreement of the state and de- fence counsel he had consented to mete out the minimum sentence of three years for robbery. Prison commitments for the two men were prc-dated August I5th. bv airreement, In order to give them time to "lov bv" their crops and settle their business affairs. Charges Reduced Charges of burnlafy and erand larceny contained in on indictment aeainst Louis Koonce were reduced to petit larceny this morning and on i stofk. The Saunders firm has been in ^Ifilcnltv <=lnce the state c^-norfi- tlon comroiFsoncr susi^nrled It* ner- mlt to sell stork n'nli"" an Inviy;- tlstlon Into asserted illegal nrir- tlces. 1h» hearlns was und»r wnv in San Francisco when Contln°n- made its offer to purchase the Saunders stores. most broken. One year ago it was just devcl- onlng and had created no alarm Cost of the 1930 drouth Is inestimable. With few executions deficiencies have been relieved. Given merely normal precipitation from now on the American farmer proceed with his spring planting without fear of a harvest of sun tortured stalks. This information ind more bearing on the Creates liamentnrian: Mrs. J. B. Bunn. Os- i drouth in American history was fflv ger, Armorel. Officers of the federation are: Mrs. Harvey H. Thompson, Wilson, president; Mrs. L. G. Byerly. Leachville, vice president; Mrs. W. J. Layne. Luxora. recording secretary; Mrs. A. J. Cole, Wilson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Howard Proctor. Blythevllle, treasurer: Mrs. C. E. CrRger. Armorel. par- ceoh. historian; Mrs. Clyde Robinson. Blytheville. federation director. Chairmen of standing committees are: art. Mrs. P. P. Jacobs. Grider: music. Mrs. John Edrinston. Osr-e- ola; citizenship. Mrs. John White. Osceola; education, M!s.s Willie A. Lawson. Blythevllle: child welfare. Mrs. .James B. Clark. Blvthevllle; loo!c l ' favorable. Take* Livestock en th» United t'res? by J. B. Kin cer. chief of the wenther bureau di vision of agricultural meteorology "Another drouth is not likelv. Klncer sa'd. "Storms during Mirch had a rather normal movement ar.d Pet Rattlesnake Kills Negro Who Trained It DUMAS, Ark., April 8. (UP) —A pet rattlesnake thnl would follow Ollie Mann, negro, around and would come when Ollle whistled, caused his death today. ' Ollie recently made a bet he could make a pet of a rattlesnake. He causht one and trained it. ToJ°y Ollle came to lown to show It off. After the snake did its "tricks" it bit tlie negro who died In u few hours. 11 I major jdatc for the city office who had no -i oppositioi More than 3.&M voters turned on to cast a hallot for the city clerk dispelling rumors that a movement was on foot to scratch Knowlton'i name and write In that of Maj'or Pat Robinson who was defeated In Ihe primary Inst November by i narrow margin following a conn contest. In North Lltlle Rock Mnvor Rosi | L. Lawhorn swept into n. third term rst Ward iievrolel Bldg Ity Hall i... ?cond Ward ord Bids 165 armers Bank 63 hird Ward .52 bsentee 9 Totals 532 Note: W. C. Lawler received on ote at the Chevrolet. Ford an lilrd Ward boxes and 14 at th ity Hall,.for a total of 17. Council Races econd Ward Tom Jackson ...-, 334 Loy Welch \ ;. 134 Third Ward '• •—' " J - • J. E. Lunxford 93 J. W. Hammock «2 I over his oononcnt Dr. W. M. Bum: | bv a malority expected to exceei 1,100 votes. Mississipni County Boys on Cruise With Hoove Two Mississippi county boy Jerry Hllllnrd. 17-yenr-old Blv.the ville boy and Robert Merritt Manila, art? members of the ere of the U. S. S. Arizona ou whlc President Hoover and party mo< their recent cruise lu the Carribea sea. Young Hilliard in a letter to h father, R- C. Hilliard, local Insui ance man, describes the preslden tial cruise as a wonderful expcr cnce, Tlie local bov. who enlisted in th T T •• • pi naval service here nine months a 'DC Vote IVlar(Jtm 111 L1-] has teen asslsnert to the U. S. ertinn Yrstprdav I AllzoI1R for tlle pa - st 5lx , month eLUOIl ILbtcrua). r^ 5h | p k Ilow cnK aKcd in nav •—— I speed trials in the vicinity of No MANILA. Ark.—By a unrein of j Scotia, one vote Gib Wilborn was elected Defeats ]. C. Golden bv Mayor's Race yards and eardens. Miss Cori Le Coleman, Blythevitlc. Team to State Contest j Cattle Buyer. Farmer With two state and one national plea of guilty Koonce victory alrcadv won tha city hlah was sentenced to 30 days on the county farm and fined $25 He admitted the theft of a number of chickens. Grand larceny charires contained In Indictment'; against Homer Bratton and Willie Chanco were also reduced to netlt larcenv charges school sent a t"»m to Fayetteville todav for the annual eeneral livestock jiirlpin? contest amone schools of Oklahoma. Missouri and Arkansas. Invited by the University n f Arkansas. R. A. Nelson. Bill Secoy, Eugene Pcrrv. and Odell Lawler were sc- and fines of $10 meted out to each 'ectcd from amone the class of 48 on pleas of miiltv. The two men ] student-; who conineted In the ron- were Indicted for the theft of about ests which includes general llve- 10 gallons of gasoline. Hold Last Rites for Anthony Child Today Ruth Anthony, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Anthony of Armorel. died afthe family home at 12:55 a. m. yesterday morning. Funeral services were held at the First Christian church here this afternoon at 2 o'clock with the Rev. E. K. Lallmer, pastor, officiating interment was made at Elmwood cemetery. Funeral plans are In charge of tlie Cobb Undertaking company, The deceased Is survived by, bs- slde.s her parents, three brothers Und one *lsteri Heved. There is enough moisture now everywhere for present needs and growing purposes. Arkansas. wh»re rirnutl) conditions were worst A C • •_! V i- Rnrt w 'here suffcrln? was sharpest. AFC SlllClOe Victims [with ntUnrlant pslitlcnl repercus- j sions in congress, has been phnn- LITTLE ROCK. April 8 (UP)—' dantlv "implied with rain." Klucer Suicide claimed two lives in ~Sr-isald. "Ohio is now tlie least favored kansas last nlzht when a Forrest [slate." City cattle buver and a retired' Charleston farmer shot themselves to death. Financial worries caused both Ihc shootings, it is believed. A. C. I Moore, 75. pioneer resident of| Charleston, blew off his head w Ivotes to 13 for J. C. GoPen, while "The drouth now generally Is re- | Mr Threlkold received 27 votes. Slayers of Sam Booth Given Life Sentences a sboUun and A. V. Otey. 55, : —T>o sbvors of Citv with j L- =;<; ' . FORT SMITH. yi.)r. Anr. 8 'UP) •;tock. poultry, dairy and milk nrominent in cnltle buying circ'.is i Bo^th were on their wav to the iud'ine. Tliev were accompanied bv C. T. Kramer. Instructor In vo- caMonal agriculture. a no t e to his wife In which he said', life Imprisonment In circuit The city high school team won, financial [roubles were responsible | here vcsterdav- first In the state In '26 and '28 and /„- ii, n Rc t i . ' , _ _„„ _,.., .„ „_. stock^ud^n, 11 ^ 1 ^ 1 BCnCIal "^ \™™T^££X£-™£. stock judging In -28. . h|s compall , on were folmd BulUy i vestcrday. Booth was killed March I 21 after he had arrested the youth ! on a charge of speeding. Wales Called Home by Father's Illness RIO DE JANEIRO. April 8. (UP) —Tlie Prince of Wales, who was in Africa when hs father became 111 In 1928. and Prince George, will depart Sunday en route to London. in northeast Arkansas shot him-! state ix-nitentfarv at Lit" self throueh the head after leaving j today alter receiving sentences o: Death Sentence Is Given Third Negro WINDSOR, Eng.. Anrll 8. (UP)— King George was slightly imnroved today, it was announced officially nt Windsor Castle, Scotlsboro. Ala., April 8 (UP)-j_ . . • , Patterson, 17, third oflBereneana Aground nine negroes being tried for crim- nine negroes ucir.g inea lor crlm- t O U (\tt Inally attackin? two HunUvllIc 1 \L nOUrS UIl white girls, must die In the electric chair a Jury reported shortly after noon today- Clarence Norrls. 18. and .Charles Weems, 20, received the same sentence from the hands of n Jury fc:re late Tuesday. SOUTHAMPTON, Enj.. April 8 (UP)—The trans-Atlantic line Bcrcngarla was pulled oft a ba east of the Isle of Wight today af ler 12 hours aground. Damage to (he vessel was sligh The election was quiet, only 17? ! FormeT Memphis Football Players Hurt in Fight MEMPHIS. April 8. (UP)-Three Alice Hastens from Washington to Bedside of Speaker of the House. AIKEN, S. C., April's. (UP>Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longworth arrived by train at 11:25 a. m. today and went directly to the bedside of her husband. Nicholas Longworth sneaker of the house of representatives, who is ill, reportedly nncumonla, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Curtis. Mrs. Curtis was at the station to meet Mrs. Longworth who came unaccompanied, and appeared to re fissure her that her husband's 111 ness was not serious. Mrs. Long worth did not seem disturbed b; the news which resulted in he hasty, trln here from Washington A.s she advanced to a waiting moto car she noticed a photographe made, several futile attempts t catch her picture. She paused, waved to him. and watted while he completed his task. Victor over his principal op: ponenl, A. B. Falrfleld by a m»r- i ot six votes. Mayor Nelll Reed •' as officially certified as mayor- eel of Blythevllle by the MisdSt : ipl county election commission ; session at Osceola today. Reed's r tal .vote as listed by the com- : Isslon was 632 and Falrfleld'R ia- 1 was 526. ' ' The total vote included absentee illola which were counted by Miss nima Cox and Tom Martin, mem- .- ers of the commission and Fred • aylor, Jr., acting under proxy .lor is father, Fred Taylor, St., Osce- : In attorney. One absentee ,bal : : ot, ft-Palrnelrl vote, was thrown ; ut because It was not properly illed out. Contest I» PowIHe Possibility that the election may be contested was teen today as upporters of Mr. Falrfleld made lie allegation that negroes. wet* llegally voted by supporters' , of.,, Mayor Reed. West, end riegroe*, turned away from the Third Wirt pollln<! place, were brought to. tM City Hall box to vote, It wai'iaUL.--•; Supporters of Mayor Reed denied that negroes were Illegally voted, V and said that *h«t negro, votes -. were cast were divided about equally between the two candidates. . : Mr. Ftlrfleld aid this afternoon that he had not reached a.decls- . ion, 1 but' indicated that if >vi--. dence of illegal voting came to him he would probably file a contest.' - . '• '- ' -- •• '. .'•,-•,./ .The election was 'the"closest in the history ct-tht.^iWclptlttjvtlid mined until the absentee votes ere counted. The large turn out f voters surprised- even the most, beral of the> forecasters.' A total: 1075 votes were cast in the lection, almost as many as were; • ast In 1929 municipal election and •ell over the predicted vote. Outside of the mayor's race In which W. C. Lawler finished a joor third with 17 votes, other ontests were one-sided. Tom W. fackson was re-elecied to a coun- 11 scat from the second-ward with 34 votes against 134 for his.op- ponent. Lov H. Welch. -J. -K. .unsford, third ward alderman, was a successful candidate for_re- clection with 98 votes a?alnst .62 or J. W. Hammock.' Ross D. hison for recorder. 124 to 48. alderman Fr>v. with 41 voies. A. D. Bf/dtn. with Slid Ashabranner 114. C. W. Tlo- 112, and Charles McWhtrtor 17, were olc-cled. defe.itin? A. F ^arrt 81. Ed Johnson 81, Boh lierry 47. Seven Wilson Students Go to Fayetteville Meet : . I Canate, freshman football player at i Notre Dame last season, were today llum uaJJJS. ,.,jv •.» - ,..^ . uv uL.i..,it, n^l.tu.vuLl. ULpal V- recovering from Injuries received in mmt Rnd ona me - mbcr of tne h ; s . a free-for-all floht which look place at a roadside restaurant near here . . Hughes, unopposed for re-electton to a- first ward council seat polled; 432 votes. Judze W. D. Gravette was reelected city police 'judge, receiving 1012 votes. Ross Beavers, city treasurer, received the hlehest vote of any candidate with 1014 votes. Both candidates we're unopposed and; seeking re-election. B«(* Beport Early '1 Returns from the five voting booths were announced early last night with the- judges and clerks, faced with a, short ballot, finished their tabulations In record time. Mayor Reed led by five votes when all five boxes had been reported at 7:30 o'clock last night. The final outcome remained in doubt until 18 absentee votes, deposited in a vault in the county court clerk's office, were removed to Osceola this morning and counted by the election commission. AsVs Co-operation Mayor Reed mode the following WILSON, Aric.— Six members of the agriculture early today. Canale. who was named by Rockne before his death last week as torv denartment of the Wilson high school will leave Thursday mornlnft for Fayetteville to narti- cipate In the unlversltv Invltntlcn meet. Th"v will bn f>c r omianicd statement this afternoon:— "I wish to thank my friends and the citizens who supported me^lrf my candidacy for re-elect'on. "I hope t^nt the. r^fiple will b? more patient and help to bear conditions through the period of depression. I hope for the co- ono of the most promiMnif members I bv E. Y. FilrH. Instm-ior of voca-1 operation of every citizen of Bly- Bob Dsv,M Is )of the freshmnn squad, w.ismt hurt j i;o-nl p-r'c:illure. Those repre-! thevllle In trying to alleviate l?er!ou«!y One y<i:*!i. J J. O'Gradv "t-;- n T th" ncrlculturol denartment'ditlons and make for a better city. Mnhb-d s ; -'-:-lv "i-l i- In a \—c Oren Ross, Charles Beall, Donl "I feel that I am far belter Hudson. Mlltou Clinton, Fred! qualified for the mayor's office Smith, and Norman Clav. Harry I than two years ago and with the , T . ... ! lc--al hoTfltal. P?te> Ot LeachVlHe | other of the trio. ?tey Bbke was I The plavers while members of the wrs "lectori mayor of:Catholic Hleh team played in Bly- >fcli"'l!c yesterdnv. David tron: thevillc and Jonesboro In 1927. over two onnonents W. M. Ed?ln ; and w. A. Rojers. Tlv; new tnavor i will succc«l Ted Roderick, who was i not a candidate for re-election. | Floyd Smith emerged victorious; In the race for city recorder over' J. W. Coker. Munlce Hoit?ll, Tom Kennelt. {„ R OC kne Next Week , Chiles will represent the high j experience gained will give tne chool In history. The party will leave Thursday day. and return Sun- SOUTH BEND. April 8 (UP) — Kmit? K. Rockne's successor as dl- L-oule Wienberg, N. J. illpn and U.:™} OT 9; ""H^ff at Notrc , D '™ e E. NeUhbors were the successful'; "™verslty will be anounced in .—itj-i-. ,._ ,,.. .u i-,nlx)Ut a week Reverend Michael M. candidates for the aldcrmanlc: « «t C. rice president "•"KUIUrtVfa IU* II.I. UIUV11I1"1H\. . -_ , . — _ -, . rosts defeatln, four other c-ndl-j"-^.O^O^^^pn Tne election was nulel and or- derlv. A total of 176 of the 180 qualified voters in Leachville participated In the election. Boston Terrirr Electrocuted FALL RIVER. Mass.. (UP) Boston terrier, owned bv John A. Dempsey. was electrocuted on It Is said the first dock was in- j street here when it brushed vented by Pope Sylvester II in OMlnofe against an electric light r* A. D. ] which was thort-rlrcuted. Local Students Qualify for University Contest Blythevllle high school -won tSe Ight to enter the invitation state contest of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville Friday and Saturday In every contest ttitered except one. Five winners in the preliminary contests were selected from each of the seven districts In Arkansas to compete for state honors. The local winners are: Tommle Thompson, history and geometry; Miss Kathryne Denton, algebra; Evr«rd Welsburd, English; office the same earnest zeal and honest effort as In the past two years. 'All citizens arc urged to make the co'incll meetings their meet- Ings. I hope that all discussions and business before the council will be openly l»ld upon the table. "I repeat that I have no axe (Continued on Page Thres) WEATHER According to the official weather observer, Charlej Phillips Jr. the minimum tempersture tere yesterday was 55 degrees and the maximum, 18 degrees, clear. On the same day a year ago Ihe minimum temperature was 41 degrees and the maxim dm; 70 degrees; dewj .

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