Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
Page 6
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Honest Man 31 s tie will not sell you a cheap and^" doctored" whiskey when youaskfoi a puna article of honest worth and true medicinal value. Ask him for th« R. Cummins & Co. . . WHISKEY . . • • .• . N A hand-made'sour-mash Kentucky bourbon, a pure product Ol corn, rye anj barley malt. Sold only by reputable druggists. A. Kiefcr Drug Company, Sole Controller* upd Diltrlbutcr.1. INDIANAPOLIS. Effect of St, Louis Gold. Plank, as - Viewed by Dun and Bradstreet Practically No Improvement Notecl-«- Waiting Until After the Elections. 'Icirie In t)io:WorI AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC for all dlfic(isc».«£. the Liver, Stomnch and Spleen. Rcp-.ilnte the Liver nnd prevent CHII.US AND KEVF.H, MALARI- OUS j'UVERS, BOWKL COMIM-AINTS. REST- LKSSNI:SS, JAUNDICE A^D NAUSEA. News by Telegraph from Various Towns in Indiana. BACKACHE. WHY? Because your Liver and Kidneys are oui of order, -For years and years - housewives ail over the country used with the best results have .Dr. J. H. McLean's Liver and Kidney Balm, Kidneys and Blacker, Fu-r. Disease. For sale ;verywh tlic thousands who s;iy it is for curing ailments of the Liver, troubles, Rheumatism and. Bright's at $1.00 per bottle. THE DU, UisLBN «!NE CO,, St, Louis, Mo, This is the very best Smoking Tobacco made. Blackwell's Genuine BULL DURHAM You will find one coupon Insldo each 2 ounce b&K nod two coupons InsMe each 4 ounce bag, J r>w to pet your share of fi'^0,000 iu presents. ( Buy a bat;, rytwl tbe coupon uncl swo •WWl^i^^M^M^M*^ i I HUMOROUS. --She—"I would not "marry you if J-were to live to be 100 years old." He— •"Well, i should say you -wouldn't if I • lad anything to say in the matter."— Indianapolis Journal. —He—"Hear the duet Mr. and Mrs. Bscon are ploying." She—"I hear Mrs. — Bacon playin? the piano; that's nil." "Well, Bacon is playing the hose in the jrard."—Vonkers Statesman. —She (angrily)—"I was a fool when T married you." He—"Aren't you, a *x>l still?" She—"No, I am not," He— '"Then you should be thankful to me fer reformJnp: you."—Tid-BHs. —For the life ot me," said the young- roan, "J don't see why a woman was not Born with the same capacity for swallowing excuses Uiat she has for ice .«-cain."—India.napolj.s Journal. —His \Vinninp Card.—"Why are you going to marry that man, Laura? He i'ofn't a single "quality to recommend Sim!" "Oil, yes, he has, Cora. Ho is itc only man I ever saw who knows low to carry nn umbrella."—Detroit Tree Pre.ss. —Druminar—"Yot. must have seen wmny strange things in your time, Uncle Ileub." Uncle Reub—"Most every strange th Lug- .there be, I guess, b'gosli!^ I've liver! here in Overbehind, man nn' Boy, for SO years-, an' my eyes ain't been Mhiit,. stranger."—Exchange. —Lady with Alpenstock — "I can never reach the top of Uiis mountain." •Guide—"Eat, madam, see—there are those Indies on the summit!" Lady.— "1'es, I know—but Ihcy are Chicago tromor. who live in the top storios in apartment- buildings!"—Chicr..cro Hoc-' orcl. ;/ • --"It's i-cal mean," said the Amazon, ftdigna-ntly. "There ought to be some nort of restriction to prevent sv.ch a tiling in civilized warfare." "What do you'niciin?" "One o£ the scouts has jwxt come in. She reports that the •sncniv iB'Tnakinfr arrangement.-! to use trafrtcc! mice."—Washington Star. —Gr.indpa's Explanation.—A small Voy who had heard a good deal of con- Tfrsation on the progress of civilization went up to his grandfather and said:. •Grandpa, toll'me what is the difference Between barbarism and civilization?" T3a.--bari.sm, my boy, is killing your eoctay with a hatchet a distance of a «tcp; civilization Is killing, him with a Bombshell 12 miles away.' 1 —Chicago Times-Herald. 1- J'rollt for IVhale Farmer*. 'ITirce- month:: ago it was announced sBaCns. a'result of last year's trip of the- whaler Active to the Greenland •whale- fTfEiery a dividend of about .'100 per cent, would prob.-vbly be paid to the •farmers" of iJie vessel. These antici- ' pations have .been more than fulfilled. —GTricngo 'Tribune. SCHOOL AND CHURCH. '—The pope has granted permission to Iloman Catholics to reside .at the English universities .under certain conditions. '. —Thirty-three miHion dollars have been .raised by'the London/Missionary ' society during- the hundred years of its existence, and 200,000 heathen havj been converted. Each conversion costs $100.' . . .' ' —The trustees of the late earl oJt Moray, who had large public bequests to allocate, have decided to give £20,000 to the University of Edinburgh to form a fund for the promotion of original research. —William F. Pierce, the new prcsi- . dent ol Kenyan collcge.at Gambler, 0., is only 23 years old. He has'been a professor in philosophy at.Kcnyon for the last three years and was graduated in 1SS3 from Amherst. ' . .. —Mrs.ElizabethLudJow,the daughter' of til's well-known New Yorker, Robert, Center, who was killed while riding a bicycle on the Western boulevard iti New York some inor.ths "go, has given his entire "estate, valued nt $150,000, to endow in his memory r. fund for instruction in music at Columbia college. —The great work undertaken by the five universities of Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Leipsic and Gottingen, the "Thesaurus ling-iiae Latinac," whose cost is to bo 050,000 marks and which is to be finished within 20 years, is already under way. It is .to be in 12 volumes of 3,000 pages each, and is to be a lexicon such as the worW -has cot thus far had. —A rule of the public schools of Copenhagen requires that each pupil shall take three baths a week in the school building. While'the pupils arc bathing their clothes are sterilized in a steam oven. When this practice was first introduced there wns no complaint., but in a short time the parents of the children "protested vigorously on the ground that it made tho children discontented with their dirty clothes and caused them to complain constantly of the filth of theirdwtllings." In the grounds of Wimbledon Park Lake, England, a blackbird and two robins have chosen curious nesting places. The blackbird's nest, which contains four eggs, is in an old pail in a, bush, and the robins have built.in two rusty Icettles. Oue of the. kettles is on a heap of bricks, nnd tbnre are iggs in the nest. • _. . Fnni Advertise tho"Gonpol. Some keen-witted EndeavorcrK of Union, S. C., during-the warm weather are distributing fans.bearing a list of church and Christian Endeavor services, . '_•• . Swallow and the Fly, ' A single swallow, according to nn <iu- thority. can devour 0,000 flics in a day: New Tork, June 27.—E. G. Dun & Co., In their weekly review of trade, any: "Tho monetary outlook'is not yet clear to some. Tho strength ahuwn In recent conventions by advocates of silver coinage ami expectation that all the elements favoring that policy may yet be concentrated, In- cllr.e them to a waiting attitude. Their uncertainty retards Improvement, notwithstanding the more widely prevalent fool- Ing xhat the monetary action of the St. Louis convention'will be sumalned by the people. But many mlllH have waited us Long as they can with safety, und.slgria- t-jres have been g'lven l>y enough cottor.. mills of Fall River to Insure.a temporary stoppage, it la said, the nature of which IH now under discussion In conference wills the Providence manufacturers. Meanwhile the Pitclllc, . ji' Lawrence, and the Naamkeas, of Salem, have closed- for. a time', and practically all the soul horn cot- tun mills will he represented ut a meeting on Monday with the sariift object. Woolen mllla are'active jvltha'ut. conuerl, but >l are -mentioned In dispatches aa having:, closed this v.-oek, Tliero Is no similar movement in oilier Industries, though U-.c period ot summer closing Is at hand In many of them and Important controveislcs as to wnpea o£ iron puddlers and' other hiindn make It likely Unit the anm.:i.l stoppage i'. - . that Industry may last longer lhar. usual. "The weakness of wheat, v.-:iich has do- =Ilned £.10 cents, and of cotiou, which Is an eighth lower, for spots, thuugli less.for futures, have full explan:t;!^i; In decidedly Ijood crop prospects, It .;.uy be doubte'.l whether the boot and sl;je Industry his ever been In better shu^.e on the whole-, though manufacturers eomplaln that an advance In price is necessary, which (leal- cis ;ire vory reluctant 10 pay. "The yreu.1 combinations, whieh tho Iron Age wisely reasons, tend to cause disus- li'ously low prices liereal'ter, still control Che markets both I'or material and ilnisheri products of Iron and steel, though it is iv;>ortt:d that lower i>rlrt.-s will soon b'i made Cor coltc. owing to better utilization of jiro'ducls, a:id for nails, owing to heavy aeeri-iise In i_'OMS'.jniptlon, "Failures for the wwk have been 217 In !ho United States, apnlnyt i">li' last year, ji.r,d il In Canada, against S2 last 1 year." lirudstrcL't's says: "A more hopeful frellng In trade circles wltWn tlic Itist ten days, explained us due lo t!iL j ltd Oj it Ion of a gold planl; at Sc, Louis, hns bci-n itiven undue weight. Interviews with merchants In staple lines at 23 ot the more Important dls'.rlliutliiK centers show that aside from tho Increased strength of wool In tho hands of Interior holders (re.'lected at Boston and Philadelphia), an Improvs"! demand for hardware at 1'rovi- dtn<jo, for clothing and shoes at Hnltl- mure, siloes and dry goods ut ilemphl.i and In similar linen at St. Louis, there has • been no Improvement In trucle. At Chicago there is a more hopeful sur.tlmer.r, but no. Increase In business. A canvuss of leading Jobbers at Important cities..show- no expectation of a revival In general trade until after election, and at some points no Improvement is expected until next year. The volume of general trade Is no larger Uinn last week; In aome lines It Is smaller, notably at. Pittsburgh and Kansas City. Midsummer dullness characterizes operations at almost all points." CHILD REMAINS IN A VALISE. Itroncht In tlio Form of Ashes by Parent" Wlio lU'llovo In CreiimtliiH. C, E. Fret-t and his wife, of New York city, are firm believers in cremation. So when their child died in 1ar-ofT Japan they had il.s remains cremated and prtH.-ed in a vtioker basket, in order that they ' might • carry the ashes to their eastern home. . They arrived at the Auditorium-Annex in Chicifro from San l"riinci?co, whither they luid come from Australia. It \va.s nearly midriijrht when Mr. Freet, registered himself and his wife and handed Clerk Cores/two bulky va.lises for s,nfe keeping-. The clerk h.andlcd them aftor the established fashion, r.rd, as Mr. Freet thovifht, n little move cr.rlesnly tlinn he wns van-anted in rloiiij?. "Ilu careful," he cautioned, and then ca::;;r,i;ed nonchahintly, "one of them co::t":T!s t!jc body of ourchiid." Xntui'alh- t,he clerk was amaxeu, but l:cfc:-c 1 .2f!-cofc!cl find his tongue to question further into the queer matter Mr. I'rcc't told the story. He- «i.id his wife and : !-.imself were n-.ue'u avc-rsd to bring-ing- their dead child so far from homei and chose that means of obtaining- entrance for its body into this country. They will place it ifi Ci'ncclarid.cemetery in New York, he said. Tlic Doctor Wa» Dl«su»t«d. The r.etfro. Simpkins, who cut his throat with a razor, was in front of the doctor's premises at the time. In fact, he. wr,,<; rig-lit on the doctor's sidewalk, which is a nicely-paved n,rjd kept wnlk, of which the owner is rather careful. At the inquest the doctor described the horrible sig-ht when the negro sloshed his throat, with the r;i7.or. "Then," na-id the doctor, "I shouted to him '.oget tvff the sidewalk." FaBtmit French Trains, The fastest train in France makes !2% miles an hour between Parta end Lille. ITTLIi IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these , Little Pills. They also relieve D itrcss from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per. fed remedy tor PizdnKss, Nausea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coaled Tongue Paiair the Side, TORPID LIVSR., They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. •mail Pill. £-i9ll DOM. Price* BAD BREATH I , Notlifnff is BO unpleasant, nothing so common as bad breath, find in nearly every case it conies from Uie stomach, and cur. be so easily corrected If you will take SIMMONS LlVEK REGULATOR. Do not neclect to secure a remedy. Cor this repulsive disorder. It wi;i also improve your •ppetite, complexion and general lic-alth. PILES I How many nufTcr torture day after day, rnalc- InRf Wfe a b'jrdeti and robbinj; 'existence of all pleasure, ov.-intf to the secret suffering from Piles. Vet relief is ready to the "and of almost ' any one who wilLuse systematically the remedy that has permanently cured thousands. SU1- MONS LIVKK REGULATOR is no drastic, violent purge, but a gentle assistant to imture. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not be regarded as a trifling ailment— in fact, nature demands the utmost regularity of the bowels, and any deviation from this demand paves the way often to serious danger. Jt is quite as necessary to remove inipuro accumulations from the bowels as it is to cat or sleep, and llo health can be expected where a costive habit of body prevaiia. SICK HEADACHE! This distressing aflliction occurs most frequently. The disturbance of the stomach, arising from the imperfectly digested contents, causes a severe pain in the head, accompanied with disagreeably nausea, and this constitutes what iS'popularly known as Sick Headache; fur the relief of which TAKU SIMMONS LlVEu REGULATOR. MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEILIN & CO., Philadelphia, Pa, WitntM million* for ppiiHlonn. \Vnshin£Ton. .lime 27.— Tho secretary of thp inlcrior has ciilltvl upon 1lic seer,: tiirv of the tro:i."in\v for $i:i,:l25.000 for Ihe f|ii;irterly pnyineiit of pensions. Thc'foIlowiTif; affi-nck's are induclecl in (lie ivquisition: Toix'lia, Kan.. $2(K),> 00(1; Sun Francisco, Cal., $173,000; Pitt.s- htirfi-h. Pa., $1,730,000; Milwaukee, Wis., $ 1. 1)00,0110; T.ouisvilltt, K.V., $100,000; Knoxville. Toiin.. $200,0(10; liiflinii.-ip- Olis,.-Ind.. $100,000; Di;t,roit,,->.ficli., $100,000; DCS Moines, la.. $2.100,000; Columbus, 0., $::00,000; Chicago, ]il., $2,SOO,000. . ^ IN the Notorious .Dob Curry. Toledo, 0.. June 27. — A special from Kowliiifi- Ocen, 0., says that Cliarles Clark*. Ilnrry Davis ::nO John C. Jones, in jnil there for the nint'der of Marshal Bilker at North lialtimore last Sunday. were identified by the Chicago detective, who say.'; that Clark ia the notorious I'.ob Curry, of tin.-Knico-Ciirr.y K'.iii!;. Jones is known in Chicago as "Doe" fji'i. ;md Davis as Fra.nk Cn>w- foi-d, both of wliom are wanted for hiirgrlarmnp; the eafeterin on ],ake street some wefks a£o. ]'rt>r. UoreiniiH SHilH. \ew York, .inn* 27.— I'rof. OliiirlpR A, 'Doi-emus and Mrs. Dorenivis sailed for Southampton Saturday morning- on the North (Jcrman Lloyd stviimer Alleiv 'Throiifrh the Smitlisonian institution, I'rof. Doreiiuis was recently appointed by Secretary of State Oincy, u dele- prate 'to represent the UniU-d Suites at the second eong-ress of applied chemistry, to be held in Paris in July. 3!e- fbre proceeding to the. French capita,! he will stop in London to attend it conference o'f scientists there. California'* Orange Crop. Southern California, expects to'rnnke 2,700.000 boxes of oranges this season. according to the estimates of experts. This is about 15 per cent, more than last year's crop. To Win ^Vhpolmen. A Boston clergyman proposes providing facilities for bicyclists to brush themselves up on their arrival at church Kcrvices. __ _ ___ THE 'MARKETS. Grain, Frovifllonii. Etc. Chlcaeo, June £7. FLOUR— Was quiet and easier. Quotable as follo-ws: Winter— Patents, t;UC© 3. CO; straights, J2.60(fF3.20; clears, $2.5(Xfi2.lifl; •ieconds. Sl.80^2.00: low frr.ides, J1.73W2.00. Spring— Patents, J3.35!tJ3.7"); straights, J2.fiO ©3.-'0; bakers', J2.105J2.2S; low grades. J1.30© 1.75; Red Dog, SI:25«i)l.-iO: Rye; J2.00(fj!2.20. WHEAT— Moderately active and easier. Jun'e. M\yif55c; July, r>4?4©r'!>V4c; September, Nock Twlco Mrokfn. Kokouio, InO., June 27.—Alfred Cot- tinglmm, a resident, of this place, lias lived two years wh.h a broken nccl<. In the suiinnerof JSO-I Mr, CottijiR-hmn, while hauling- heading- blocks J'or « factory, was thrown from his wagon, the fall producing a rupture of the .spine. The physicians said he would die. but he recovered and resumed his occupation of a tCiimstcr, A few days ag-o IIr. Coltinfrham in a fall received the second dislocation of the spine at the same spot. lie is better and may survive the second severing of the spinal cord. Choir MninhnrH Klnpe. Indianapolis, Inrt., .lime 27. —'Miss Etlie Culver, organist at the Sixrh Christian church in this city, ha.s eloped with Collin J. CsimpN-ll. leader of the choir. 'Campbell is an Kn^ii^h tenor silicon and leaves a wife and two children hore. lie is 35 years of a^e and Mls.s Culver is 1.1 only. She is a musical prodijry, a daup-hier of Dr. 1): M. Culver, of No. 49 Fletcher avenue, and the family is iimonjr the aristocratic members of the church, of which Dr. D. ft. Lucas is pnstor. '- Kulford'n Troul>I<:h Kml. ]mliiiiia,polis, ]nd., June 27.—Five cases which have for a long' time been •pendinH 1 in the criminal court ayainsi KIHiih 1). I'lilford were jioiled. Fnl- ford was proseeuied by the LOUR- Distance 'J'elephone company on i™:lici- ments i'or forgery ami obtainiiiff money under false pi-etvnses, and also on a clnu-fjc of iilteiiiptinp- to corrupt tho yrand jurors, and \v:>* aefjuit ted. TukeN the Uontlrt. Jicnssiiluer, Ind., ,)iine^7..—Ji. A. Seilx, of Chicag-b, .pu.rcluisi.-d $$2,300 of courthouse bonds of Jasper conn 13- 'at public auction, paying $10.!iflO premium. Tliis reduce* the percentage to about 4%, which is very low considering the sili IT ngitnticiu. The contract for cc-jistruc- tion of the new courthouse was awarded to Heinxmau Brotliers, of .Noblesvilie, for SSO.ISO. lllod In Fl.irldiu \Vabasli, Ind., June ?7.—,1onR,'hnn Keller, t prominent citizen of this city, nyed <J5 years, the first white child born in \Vabash county, died ,-,t Gainesville, Fla.. oi' paralysis. Mr. Keller went to (InincHville about two months ago to be \yith bis daughter, wlio was very I.U. lllis daughter d^ed two weeks ago, just after Mr. Keller was stricken wilh paralysis. ^ Jealous Wife AttuckH a Klv»I. Shelbyville, Jnd,, June 27.—Mrs. Alici; Girard, jealous of the attentions paid her hiisbaiM by Mrs. Lina Spurlin, waylaid her while en route home from ch'.irch and jerking her from her bnja-g-.v almost beat her to death. She was kicked and stamped almost iiHo insensibility, and her condition remains si.-rious. Mrs. Girard is under arrest. CEEHCIL PERIOD \" Contemplated with Less Fear than ___ of Old. __ CDPECIAL TO out l.iDl suniie.] ~; There is no period in woman's earthly career which she approaches with so much anxiety as the " change of life." Yet during the past twenty years women have learned much from a woman. It is safe to say that womem who prepare, themselves for the eventful period pass through it much easier than In the past. There 2s but one course to pursue. Lydia K. PinkJiani'a Vegetable Com* pound should be used In time to subdue the nervous complications, and prepare the system for the change. It is well for those approaching the time to write Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., and get her free advice, j Such testimony as the following should be convincing: — "Tour Vegetable* Compound has been a God-send to me: it saved mj life when all else • failed. I would have been r in ir.y jzmye. ten years ago but • for it. My womb had fallen and rested on-tlie bladder. The doctor could not relieve, me: my mind was deranged. Your Compound cured me. It helped mo throtich the change of life all right: am now iii pood health. It has also cursd my husband of kidney trouble: made him. • lilio a new man. Please state my words in the strongest terms, I am glad to send you my picture, I travelled twelve miles to have it taken for you. MBS. • Vv - r., DAY. Bettsville, 0. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC, TAKE THE•+-<—— TO Suporlntcndccitw Klcct Ofllcern. lndi:in:ipolis," Ind., June 27.—The Stnte Association of Countj' Superin- te:idt.'iits elected Gcorpe B. Wilson, of llnbois county, president; L. A. Sailor, of Warren, nnd G. M. Nabor, of Whit- Icy, vice presidents; M. X. Johnson, of Madison, treasurer; I. 0. Hnrrison, of Knsh, secretary, and J. T). Hostetter, of assistant secjistary. CORN—Easier. No. 2. 27@2TVse; No. 2 Yellow 27y,g;2r;ie; July 2G%i?527c. ami 27Vs@«Vic; September, KiffSS'/jC: May, 30!-i©30%c. OATS—Wealc and lower. No. 2 cash, 15%@16c; July. 15Vi<i?lC%e: September, 1C® Ifi^ic; May, lS'7ijfiI9r. Samples easy. No, 3, Vi@n\vt;"No. 3 White, IT'itfflOc; No. 2, If^i^ 17c; No. 2 White, IS'/ifi'lS'/ic. RYE—Slow and easy. No. 2 to so to store, 31c. Sample lots, 22{732',ic; Scjitember delivery, 32c. BARLEY—Tjlttle Barley comlnR- In and demand small. Thin quotable at 22Sj)24c: fair Tvelg-ht, but off color, LTifSWc; good color, fair to good weight, Stifle; cholco to fancy, 30<jr33c. MESS PORK—Offerings moderate, anil demand active. Prices easy. Quotations ranged at J6.5307.02Vi for cash; $i5.02iA®!".02i4 for June; $B.M^"7.05 for Junly; 57.10(Ti)7.20 for September. LARD—Demand fairly active and offer- Ings free. Prices easier. Quotations ranged at J3.SCiJi>3.02i,i for cash; $3.So@3.02Vi for June; $3,S7te<fi''3.!J5 for July, and M.OOS) 4.12V4 for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Crcamorles, lOSl-llSc; Dairies, 9@:i2o. LI.VE POULTRY—Only moderate demand.. Turkeys, 7!fr.?c: Chickens, 7V4@Sc; Bprlnfe Duoks, J2ig:Uc per pound; Geese, per dozen, J3.0004.00. ' . ' New York, June 27. FLOUR—Dull and weak. ,. WHEAT—No. 2 Red steady, dull. July, 61 11-1G@G2 1-lCo; Seiitember, C2K©62Vic; December, G4®C4Vic. CORN—No. 2 dull, steady. No. 2, 33%i??i 34-')4c; 5 'July, 33 13-lftsf33%c; September,' 34% 34!ic. OATS—No. 2 dull, steady. State. 23&<i? 27c; Western. 21Vi02Tc: July, 20%c. PORK—Quiet, easy. New Mess, JS.30® 8.73; Old Mess, $8.000)8.23. CHEESE—Quiet. Part Skims, 2@4V-!c; Full Skims, JK©2c. EGOS—Quiet; freely offered. Western, liitnk Tresldcnt Indicted. Union City, Ind., June 27,—The grand jury has indicted Nathan Carhvallader. president oC tho defunct Citizens' bank, for defalcation aggrognting $15,000 nnd for indorsing- $3,000 more for which there ha.s be>;n no accounting-.. In nil six indictments were issued.^but tlie names of tlic others arc not yet known.. . . • Live Stock. Chicago, June 27. CATTLE — About steady; quotations nominal. Fair to Best Beeves, J3.u04Sl.4l); Stockers and Feeders, J180ig3.SO: Mixed Cows and Bulls, 51.5003.75; Texas, $2.50(?f 4.00. HOGS— Market generally steady. Llpbt, IZ.25ft3.50: Rough Packing, q.S<l@2.35; Mixed and. 'Butchers', ?3.05@3.'I5; U'e'avy Packing ncd Sllipplng, $3.006:1.23; PIj;3, J2, 7033.511. TncJlnnn Sormiil'" LiirftcHt Cla»«. Torre 11,-iutc, Ind'., June 27.—The 2jth un'iuu! comm'.'nceinsnt exercises of th'.' et:ite normal school were held Friday, a class of 04, the largest in the history of the school, receiving- certificates of praduation. Dr. John spoke for more than an hour and to the prcat satisfaction of the thousand students pn-fcnt. Will >*ot Clone. Anderson, Ind.,- June 27.—The cathedral glass works of this city, one of the largest concerns of the kind in the state, posted "noticos that it would not shut down this summer. It is vushed With orders. Other plants will close the last'doy of the month: jldloncn* Leadf* to Murder. Sholbyville, Ind., June 27.—Louis Jiichardson, nged IS, was arrested, charg-ed with attempt at murSer. His uncle, Jefferson Richardson, had reprimanded him for idleness, and for so do- jne was struck on the head with a brick. He will die.. Tho Klkhnrt Tin.-en. Kllchnrt, Ind., June 27.—The entries In Barney's Driving park races in tins city for July 7 to II include the fastest horses in the world. No other association so far this season bus gathered together so large a number of star performers. Affftln at Liberty. Indianapolis, Ind.. June. 27.—Whit Star, under .sentence for burglary and bearing- the reputation of a desperate man, escaped from the county jail, ci:t- 'ting his way through the burs. Friends aided him from the outside. lawyer Sent to Jnll. Anderson, Ind,, June 27.—Attorney Daisy Dcnn wns taken to the prison noi-th tinder sentence for three years for irregularities in practice. He is well known through eastern Indiana an-.l also ill the w-st. Stoftmnr L'mbrln Ashore. Saudy Hook, N. J., June 27. — The Cunard line steamer tjmbriais aground In Gedncy's channel, on or near the sunken wreck of the coal barge Andrew Jackson,, .Tho.Umbriu sailed Saturday morning for Liverpool, She lies head- ing.Out' and appears-to be on a sunken btirgc. MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Ore«t«t Perfection yet«tUIncd In Bo«t Conitruetlon-- Luxurjoui Equipment, Artlitlc Furnliblni, Decoration and Emelcnt Service insuring the highest degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PER WIEK BcrwttN Toledo, Detroit /Mackinac PETOSKEY. "THE soo,» MARQUETTC, AND DULUTH, LOW RATES to Picturesque Muklnmc end Return. Including Huh wid Berthi. From Cleveland, *i8; from Tolede, (15; from Detroit, (13.90. . . EVERY EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland CannectinK it Cleveltnd with Emrllcst Tr»ln» for ill points Bast, South and Southwest and at Detroit for »11 points North and Northwest. Sondiy Tfi»l Juni, July, Augvlt «nd Stpttmbtr OnQt, EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay / Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address . A. A. SCHANT2. •. »'. •:, DITROIT, MICH. d. ONE-HALF SIZE OF COX. POZZONPS COMPLEXION POWDER hui boen tho »UinilnnJ lor forty j-o»r» »na !• moro popular to-da7 tlian orcr bofore. Is iho Ideal complexion powder—bo* cleanly, k'MiUkful and barmlcaa. A d«licatt, Invisible protection to lie face. With evvrv b.,x orpOZZONM it maf nlllrrnt Sro%-ilF« GOLD PUFF BOX I* fnven trc« of AND FANCY STORES. For A Lake Trip? Yon ; ll fully onloyall o I! you take one of tie LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago arid Mackiiuc • Island four times every week. Tho new steel si^amshlp "Mtnlton" Is a •:o:!(.lns palace. Travels 'twixt Chicago, Charlcvolx, H«rbor Springs, Pctojkey, Clacklnac Island, etc. Write for out readable reading .matter, froo, • or . ask vour neurcst nfrent, i Address Jos. Berolzheloi, G. P. A. . LAKE miCH. AND LAKE. SUPERIOR T«ASS. CO.'^; 1u«h«niJN.W»lerSl.. Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. • Taken in time Brazilian B»lm prerentl typhoid or scarlet fever. Also makei ; these diseases very light and alirayj prevents deafness *nd throat trouble, ' which scarlet fever »nd mewiei so o£te» , leave behind- Always keep on band

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