The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLE CODREER T1H DOMINANT NHVSPAPBt OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AM) SODTHMASrT UIBBDUR1 VOI,. XXX—NO. 128 B)ythevlll« Dally, News, Blythertto OourUr. Mississippi valley iruder BlytherUle Heraia. RI,\"niKVlI,l,K. ARKANSAS, TDKSDAV, AUiiliST lli, lOitiJ III PIUS Observations 'BE CESPEDES ID As Mol> Sacked Havana Harvey Railev Caotuieci on Tip Furnished by Kidnap Victim. ;__—. l.v C. R. H : Amcilcan racketeers, it iui|Kiit», are undr.rliiking 10 capltaii/e on I the soccci.s which fascist movements in one form i>r anothei 1 have nriiicvc-d in certain European countries. Germany has Ilitlr-r mid his brown shirlcd Nu/is. Haly has Mus.':r,lini and his fascist blnrk shirts. Now ihe United Slates, if (nciigh suckers can be found to make up iho rank and file, hhve "The Silver Shirts." appeared DALLAS, Tex., Aug. 15. <Ul>) — i There appeared at Hope, in Airline plan?.'! which passed twice, tcullmesl Arkansas, four orennlz- daily over ihe farmhouse where jcrs for the new movement, ready Charles Urschcl was held by kidnapers supplied the clue which led .to the arrest of Harvey Bailey and iMlution of the crime, It has,been rf "ecdcd. Bound and partially blinded by silver > shins with a red letter "L," tape, the oil millionaire heard E!aiidia<i for Love. Loyally ami planes pass twice a day,over the liberation. place. On a Sunday one plane did "Suckers, ke-ep your hands on no; pass. Depaitment of justice • ycur pccke-thooks," was ihc warn- axents, checking loss of American ing is-aied by Editor Alex Wnsh- Airviays. pilots, found. Dial p. pilot burn of the Hope Star. to enlist patriotic but dumb American.'; in a "Christian Militia", to "wive America" from communism and the "predatory clement among the Hebrcwi." Member will wear oOo Tlie majority of Americans, fortunately, have a pretty s<xxl sc ' 1Ke of the ildiculous. Tliey finally had detoured that diiy because of weather. A study of ihn .vi-hr-diile and a map enabled UK- Investigators lo IK- the location of the kidnapers'laughed-the Ku Klux Klan put of hideout in an area 35 rniles north-' existence, and with that expert- west of here. They picked out thojeiice behind them are not, likely house from mi airplane with'the] lo fall in large numbers for sil- :i5P of binoculars. Vcv shirts. s to! Welles, -who" informed llic ciiplo- iv.E'.tlc corp;- lhat lip }ui:l mstmc- lions :o,eslablMi official i .lnl:om v.'Ilh the do C'l-.'ipnir.-. ^DYivnment, l:i,!i paved the way for tm-ly world recognition of the revolution-burn iCT.irr.e, it was learned on rc-liiili!^ authority today. The American dvMiuyi-r Cliixton tiiu^ of t\vo .sent to aid the new ^cve-rnmcnt. sleamud LUVUV Jifli:r ic.^s than 24 hour. 1 -: in Iluvana liar- tor. I The United Prwi lr:irii«l fioin], a leliaWe .source tlir.t Wfllc-s told | ( liie diplomats lie Vus oainred to csubllsl) olllcinl relations with till 1 Bcvcrnment of Preslilpiu Car'.ns Miinurl tie Ccsji-'dis. Th': dlplti- ii'iitlc corp.-, met . i .'c.-n-'.iv inst nlkhtj .K the op,:;iiisli ;-inti:iuiy to "ei-j ficL iin interchatiijt- ui impre.s-' \\\'-~ Ui.whel accompanying them age-ins then descended on Die Furthermore tile co.smo|mlll:in nature of out 1 population has lariit 1 - lie '.old the 1 ;!!, i: v.a, 1 , undrr.sltKxl, that Die nc-jv vOH'imrient, had 01- Jcr v.T-11 ':itsblislitd. before dawn and c.i|>lured-ly destr-oyed the fear and Bailey, leade-r of Hie Decoration:\-:hich peoples of unmixed racial Day Kansas prison break ' and and cnltuviil li'.-iiluKff often have of w.u?hl in connection with theKan- 1 ihosit who differ from them In .££s City Union sta.tlon massacre.; aiiteec-denU: or religion. II is hard I He was arrested without resist-[to {jet excited about till' • "Jewish ance alone with the occupants of j menace-" when uctunl per.sonal and hi" farm house. I husine.**; contact has laughi you Federal authorities planned to that behind their 1 nosf's Jews, ex- ie,ke Bailey sccreilv from jail herr tcpl ueihap.H for a rfiglnly higher tci Kama* city. Mo,, for trial on i aveiaue ol iiilcllisencn an<l |x>r- inilrder charges in connection with, tinacil.y. are just like other folks.j the station massacre. He may re-i Rinpirt racial antagonisms, pro-' ceive the death penalty for this-Yoked in Germany by Hitler as a -if convicted. j means to personal power, have "Tliere i/, no doubt ..thai Bailey cosl Germany her .-greatest sclen- ts, the mafe. who sffi/ coolly bthindi-tlsls fiawl • ilTeii- of- letters. Some of n machine Bim in ihe Union sla-| llu-in are seeking refuge, in Amer- tion plaza June 17 and turned Ihelica. tolieving that this country accepts a. man for what he Is.- I lirmo the time will never come n-hen that will not. be true. Rim. mowing down the police officers' and uRenL", who were escorting Frank Nnsh back lo I-wu'en- wrirth." said a federal official. Slrike. at: Brushy Mountain!, in protest Against New] Deputy. Consumption for j July far Above 1932 WASHINGTON, AIIIJ. 15. (l)l'l 'Uu census biuciiu uxtny ic-pDrl- I July folton , conuimnllon at li'OHS ball's as comiiarwl lo UDU,- 1VJ lii .Juno mid 376.MS In July. Cntlon ccinsumi'd ill the'United SlUi's (liirlun i hi' iwdvo months .mLiHi .Inly :tl totnled fUMtfiS, •ale.s us ciimunicd wllh -t.Utiil.Olt) Iminu thi' pirvlons 12 months. There v/i-iv 2ti,(HB),l5ll cflllgn spln- dlts nctlve durhiH July of this year iiliaiTil wllh 1H.15H.W2 til July, IBM. 1 WEI; : !iml Adoption of Beer Bill in Lower House Toirtor,- row.Is Goal, U'm.K HOCK, Aug. 15. IUP) j— KlijIUy ff.r CIJIH of the revenue derived from thc-sulc o( l»cr; : l» ' I ! Arkansas woul<l be appropriated I lo (he common schools under tie-. 1 lion of Iho house _of representa- ; I |lives llilfi aftcrnooii •!« adop^Uii; -' inn amendment lo the administration',; bill liignllzliiK ihc ./ale*: u. : beer In Ihe stale. .• •.".'.'/.;*-. The amendment provides that; ' N. R. .A. Plans Action Fol- {^"j^ ±^1SS£: lowing Protest liy Re- j lion and the funds 'are to be used Official. public 11, A. Auij. IS 'UI'I-- pKllli'tllltl "I till' price tjniiulnn wi.s liKiny as H result ol Ihn ... Internal dispute which led lo the resignation of Dr. Wll- iluin V. Osburn, University of Chica;i<> iicnimmhl, limn the ennsum- cir advisory IwuK 1 . •Ihc IndileiU IB lint emliHl mid lii'.sh Koii'iallcms mny bn txjiecU'il. !t iir-pramd'likely, Hint u mmpleu 1 IL!jl|Jlllliv::ltl[ill Hi llirV N. M. A.'S I'l.nsunuT pinli'ullvn agencies would be necessary Itffmt; luiiriiony li unloved. De\clopmenl of an ndr-iniiHe rc- wi'Vlu 1 lo keep an arcur- f.' dieuk-on Hie relation nl prlcra only for current school n also U provided thai 15;-p*r cent, of the tax will be used "to pny Confederate pensions and; Inn. other' fi |K'r cent will go to llfe.tjt-•'•. bMCulosI:: rniiltailum at Boone- ' vine. •., •-.-,..; Adoption of tho amendmtrit crime ullftr" the house spent ;Jhe niornlii!'. In wrangling over dlajxrt- nl of the roveivut expected tSjr* . ru>i«"(l from the legallied s»lo. ; | of beer. - •;.••••• •.-.; • I Toiiey Afur .the hoitie.'., liail /.lowlv during lhe'Jnornliijt. v seMJon Oiwaker H. K, Tonev.-ui*rawfi the> iiiciiibtra lipoii tlitlr' wuip blli« while ''bonlleeBers are'..o£3i. ilnulng to get nil the moriiey : frafn the present widespread unlawful Local. Truckman HeH on Bad Check Charge James Sunders. Blyihe-ville (ruck- r-i 1 . wiui lakeri;into cus^otly bv Arch i.lndst'y. deimtv sheriff, today oni a had i-heck charge for Tvfempllis Tenn., officers. Sanders is alleged to have ci: a worthless cheek of over S5(Xl| for piiKliuses in Memphis, ac-, cording to rej>oil,s.- He was bpin^l held pending arrival ot Tennessee i officers. I PE'.l'RO9,- < Tenn..^Aui!. v iri. iljl —The. sFai'eV allempt lei "slai-vi" ont" '18^' siillpn cnnvirls frntn ii Iniunlain coal mine b:'5an h.iviny its effect today as 15 miners emerged from the tunnel (his ai'ier- nooii. ,, I, As, word swept over the embattle;! city of Havana mat Ihc tyrannical, rcultui' of President CU'rartlo ' '•MwJi'VJo ,iviis :il ay ,i'.nd, .OioiiS'gid-; ot }<jyfiil celeDi-nnis .ini-iil .lnl« i\\<\ pirsliicntiuj p»l«i'.e lo loi^l and destroy -The (e-sult-"of 'the ninbs "fre-n/y is sirikin</!y plrluii'd'alxn'c. -windows anil doors weto uiiaaiietl; rich fiirnisliinis milled dov.n lind carried aw.iy; st.Ui' papi r« and r-crord:; (or&tA Into the conrl In n Illterecijl mass. Here you see members of tin' mob seari'bln^; the de-bils, and olhers carrying lo«)L from the palace. also thai- each In. InduilrJUJ cotle be '' I PETROS. Tenn.. Aug. IS. (OP) —One hundred and eighty-two of Ihe eight hundred prisoners at Brushy Mountain .stale prison here; today jSfnl \void lo Warden Gal-j laher that they would stay under | t-round in Mine- 3 until Commis-l .'••oner H. W. Cocke arrives from; i Np.-liville.. , n ! .' I II Tllf5 warden went to the mouth v- Acrcarre Kcniir.tlOn Lcarlerjcr the mine Uiis mnrnrnj; and lo at Mar rianna. stiikiup, prisoners who notifieri of-1 ficials yejterriay when tliey went; i down, to dig coal thai they'would j Juclge Orders Heavy Penalty for- Former Local Merchant. Looting of Machaclisl Stores Jess Giliis. once n dj local merchant. f:iir~ly was well lo MART ANNA, Ark. annual visiting day OrlfttTta • of ton A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Eethletiem Steel Chrysler Cities Service .. Coca Cola General American Tank 35 General Electric 2-i 1-8 General Motors International Hnn'ester MUUIlcrcst' Utilities ... Montgomery Ward New York. Central .... Packard Phillips Petroleum ... Radio Simmons Bfds St. I.outs-San Francisco 12G . 1C 5-8 30 . 37 5-D .. 31-8 . 07 36 3-4 34 . 1-2 24 1-8 43 1-2 5 t-8 12 3-4 8 3-8 23 1-8 5 3-8 ton Branch -Experiment Station litre will be held Aue. 31. it was announced today by Kenneth B. Roy of (lie United Slates Deuart- n-.r-nt of Agriculture -nt Fayettc- ! ville. 1 C. A. Cobb. cotton esnert of the j Agricultural Adjustment Adminis; Irntion and who was supervisor of | Ihe recent cotton acreage rcdnc- • tion campaign, will be amons,, ,, those who will attend and speak., Cobb's main purpose for corning to ihe meeting, it was said, is , (UPl—T h e not come "P ulllil °- c - Hendiicks'o,,,, oi Ji ic fines ever mtt- the Ool-l m - v; <1e l )lU J' warden, was dismiss-j,.,( onl r or n [i quor lav, violattori cd. •They Warden visit. "I back in i litre when lie was Trued S300 on were very pleasant." said, : , charge of possession of Ikiuor Gnllahcr today -nfter his tar tlle ,,,, rr , os( , of H; ,| c b y Mun- would not be afraid lo So|i t i pfl l Ji:dse C A. Cunningham the mine. But stay until Mr. Cocke want to have a talk they would came. They with him." Ccmmissioner Cocke is expected lo arrive here around noon to take personal charge during the •aid lo So itipni j,:d s e they saitl|. cstcrdny to secure suggestions and critl- I cifms from farmers. These, Cohl) I said. will be helpful in formulating the 1934 production control program. Standard of N. Texas Co U. S. steel . J. 36 1-4 22 1-4 52 1-4 Tentative speakers, on the program 'in addition to Cobb include T)r. J. C. Fulrall. president of the i University of Arkansas, Dan T.'vho'wns removed All the prison officials and investigators from Nashville agreed that the "strike" was due ^o an, cer of the prisoners at ta'clics of Hendricks. new ileouty wardcn..who I was transferred here from Nash! ville last Tuesday. Eicndricks was brought here lo replace Haskel! ' Wc-mack. who hns been placed In charge of the prison commissary. Womack replaced York Cotton YORK, Aug. Cotton closed easy, open high 9Dfi ax 935 OSO 965 976 15. (UP) — Ralph Davis", ..„. ... after he an- jGray. dean and Director of the r.c-unced that he had made charg- ! University of Arkansas college of e5 "too serious to suppress." in; nsriciilturc. Congressman W. J. volving alleged "money leaks" at (Driver of Osccoh. and Governor the prison 1 J. Nf. Fritrell. - ' t Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 917 938 944 956 972 979 910 916 932 946 960 "Sf | Services for W. 0. Reed Held This Afternoon! 800 DID 916 932 946 960 Spots closed at 885, off 15, quiet. be Humeral services this afternoon at two o'clock for W. O. Reed, propriclor of a gro- Hfiidricks said that he found on arrival that, the "prisoners had been running wild, going without leave to Wnrl*urg and nearbj clothes." ! seaVch of (he prison and fount: held'"a i wagon load of knives, files eery store at .Main and Franklin StOclf Priced Midden attack of fictile NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 15. (UP) -Cotton closed barely steady. onen high low close Oct. Dec. Jin. Mar. May July 901 92 '2 927 943 948 <>74b 910 933 934 943 951 878 900 915 927 943 900. 907b 920b 943 958b The Rev. W. J. URoy..pastor of the Lake Street MethotS^t church, will officiate at the services. Inler- ment will be made at North Sawba cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company Is in charge of funeral riransements. Th* deceased Is survived by his \rldcnv. Mrs. Lula Reed, two sons saws, hammers, picks, and civilian clothes." dosed at W. off 21 q uie, I Chicago Wheat open Sept 92 1-8 Dec 95 3-< high • low close 92 1-2 M 3-4 Chicago Corn Mrs. Elizabeth Ralph. and $7.000,000 Allotted for Mississippi River Work, Johnnie Butner Fined $50 for Carrying Piitol Johnnie Butner of this city, operator of a Arkansas-Jftssouri stale line beer garden, was flned S50 by Municipal Judss C. A. Cunningham yesterday on a charge of carry- In? o concealed weapon. Butner was arrested by police here v.ho said they found a pistol concealed in Bulncr's shirt. The state line operator contended that he carried Ihe weapon to protect r, -payro}!' v.hlch he had on his person. court issued strict orders Giliis, arrested by |X>lici', liould be required to work out 1-,'s fine and thai if the rilv <-o"id "*: ad enough work it should be pro- Wed In atiosher manner. Judge Cunningham let it be known, however, that if Gillis dis- 'layed a\ willingness'to support Ins 'amily the fine might be reduced. In connection with the removal :: household goods and furniture from the W. D. Chamblln home, damaged by tire, the court fined John H. McKenzie $10 and sentenced him to 10 days in jsril for | cclit larceny. Claude Garner \vasj lined S10 ar.d .sentenced to a day | m jail. Rob Sawyer was fined $10) sentenced to 10 days In Jail (or receiving stolen property. H. F. Spicer was fined S25 and sent-! (nerd to 25 days in jail for receiving stolen property. Buford Mnrl'.n failed to appar to answer to a charge of assault and btrtlery and S10 cash band I'M his appearance was ordered forfeited. Frank Tillman forfciled S10 cash bond for non-npp?.ir- j cc lo answer a charge ot a.-.- ^hli anci battery. Sam Anderson was fined four dollars lor failure lo pay street tax. ,ncc U»C ItllllUllUYT, . -. . . ' - V .- - • Thi! senute adloUrned unU1..2 v | utter decldinK-U\flt ,lhf Wer -" w of beer In Arkansas."ijjfe ask- lp purchasing ixiwr-r was one ot -cd for weedier. RCtlon BO | tU»t the (he ii'torms' exuecled to' icstill bill could be passed ill theMow*r trom Osburn'.- rcVlllon ngulnbt lliejhouse loiudrroW, beard's policies. I!r_ ri'r-ommended 'bill and many ara^ndmentsfwoyict '"""" ' ^')r(!dV>. ; lnW?l.!.l.«^: l »-^=j of ihn ^ tempfniri'ije coffl-v/;-] ! mlltee. I Originally the special drafting:; committee had Intendfd to allow _'•-, n later bill to appropriate theVVer.'-; lax . but membert tlta morning j tlarted ofTerlng amenrtmehW- >.*to provide for disposal of the fmut.'..' 'rwo ameridirienls to the'beer .bl||' - ndcplcd by tlie holue changed[th*. ' wholerulers lax of -$50 pet cbiUit?' : to not to'csceert ^2Sfl and .wbuldj.- allow 'ii-ai"> and 'friill .'Brovfcrs^tot'.: 1 . roll wine In one-fourth jjaVtbiiind./- Hpnrinr/' Isirnnr ciuantllles without a license, V iicauiibj A|) ]lmcntlnlpnl t hal would Blj'c;i| all Ihe retail llceaw tn cities'aricl .mintles and allow the stale : ooly ,'hc wholefiilera and barrel" IBXW • was defeated. • ' j-l™». Scnale Votes Toll Road -;-«•.' T«'o bills, one providing .fqr_thfe building of n loll road 1 . UJ i; ^Mt:.- Mogarine, and the olher : m»Hne. un nppropriatlon for ' opernlUN)'. 1 and maintaining the .Jorestryjcom; ; minion, ijassed the Mn»tit. ^^^, State Banking CommlMlpn»rM» : .. rlon Wnwon was aiked In a ^resolution to explain.the"'-MehnlcilU-" tics of the banking bill to itbe. lower house. ... '•:' -''.••:' .Additional bills Introduced' iri f t1lfi;-| house and covered by the" governor's call made provision) •, lor l-ulldliig a toll road nt Mt. Maga- ; rinc. gave permission fpr .buUdirig . nr.d loan companies to accept nonie ' loan corporation bonds'for rnort-. : yagcs, and made proylsibn, \fcjr felting up machinery so that; -thie " rtate can obtain benefit of for*St work through the civilian cbn«*ry,% T , Report on Vnluc Will Preliminarv to on Loan Request. An appraisal of Drainage Dis- Iricl 17, preliminary lo consldera- lion by t)ic RcconsLrnctlon Finnnce coroorotlon of Ihe .dl.'.trlcl's application for a 52.000.000 loan for refunding oulslandlnit Indebtedness, filed recently al Washington, will Im made. It was learned following iho relurn to niylhevllle last nlEht- of J. W. Meyer and C. G. Redman, who went to Washington for tho filing of lire nppli cntlon. | The appraisal will be made by ; or under Ihe direction of Harvey. ! Parnell, former governor of Arkansas, who was dr-siEnnted byj the 17. F. C. to do such work in, connection with drainage district' lonn' applications, fts purpose is 'IniDly (o establish that the value o' innds within tlie district is nm- plc to make the loan an economl-. cr.ily sound proposition. . | I era] Local Women Injured in Memphu Department Considering Processing Tax on Hogs hold forninl henrines on the dls- Irlc!'? application. The nrime cs-' rrntlnl to the granting of the loan is the reaching of an agreement with holders of the district's bonds: to accept a material reduction in — ' —•- .. . ' . . -^v.-x'. 'he principal nmount due them, MEMPHIS, Aug. 15 (U?l—TThr*e r If such nn agreement can be B'ythcville residents were uijiirea icachi-d and the loan is granted j ?Hvhllv last night when Ihelr.'aCi-, Ihe result v/lll be a substantial re- tomobile overturned ~ twice In '"a duction In the district's tax rate, i collision 'at North Parkway 'arid which has been so heavy as to.Hannssas street. ' ' "T7/-' cause widespread dcllnqiiencv and I The .three wer* • treated at tli*. consequent default by the district j Baptist' hospital. They are M»r- , in Its obligations. , (orie Powell, 21. Byrd Crawloril of looting 'and de.=lruction sv.cpt the Cuban capital after announcement of President Machndo's downfall. .This was the scene at the helglit of the disorder as mobs carried off loot from a stbre owned by persons who had been fri:ndly to the old regime 1 . WASHINGTON, Aug.; is (UP)-'Former Blytheville Man A processing tax on hogs may be 1 - _..*.. levied October 1, 1S33, to provide money for the agricultural adjustment administration's emergency hog pioductlon control program Secretary of today. Agriculture Wallace The processing tax would be only nominal and would yield a lotal Marries in New York NEW YORK. Aug. io-Marrlagi 1 of Ivflss Minnie Norma \VVber. 23, of 322 Eait Nineteenth ilreet, to Russell Winer, 28. pharmacist, lormerly of Blytheville. Ark., was (luietly performed in ll:e city cha- Survivor Tells Jury of Tuicalooia Lynching TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Aug. 15 (U >— Elmcre Clark, negro, went before this a special afternoon Erantl Jury early to relate details of the lynching of two other negro murder suspects In a mob attack • - • • - - • Sunday open Sept 49 3-8 Dec Si 3-8 high low close . 49 3-8 il 3-8 WARmNOTON. Aug. 1R (UP) — Tho public works administration i allotted $7.000.000 today for flood! control work on tho Mississippi!\etoped. had Intervened in hk be- in Hit MeiiiphU,, Vlcksburgjlwlf wilh the court in an effort Mo Several friends of Butner. it'de- and New Orleans districts.. have tlici matter dropped. tvuiiuvi- 4K.u viiaL. U *<*•* ,'* "**u KI u lldUVL ur ru.uuii. .,|, , i *Jciuu3 ui kiiv ILIUU u) k4UMhi,uig about one-half cenl per pound on 'Vlner is the son of Aaron and'An-1 beneath the -faUlr.? tody of Dar live hogs would provide sufficient nle Garfinkel Winer and was born I Plppen, Jr., as the"-masked bane nureel bulleU'.il !lie handcti|fei funds for program. the. pro;x)sed '" Blythovlllo. !li", aridress ^ 410 Eas.t Rixih slrwt. here trio. Meyer and Redman made the trip to Washington by automobile, accompanied by their wives, They ictnrncd by way of Chicago, wliere they visited the Century of Pro- jrcps exposition. Engineers Named to Supervise Public Works WASHINGTON, Aug. 15. (UP) VI, and Mary Hallmark? 26. .-According to Miss Crawford. the police report driving the Bly r " liieville car, struck the automobile of Wfl Ffl. Miller of Meniphts,- rvcrlntniiv; It once and slight^ •rniiirlng. Miller. He was treated at lhe Methodist hospital.. LYNDEN, Wash. <in?)-Maybe the Imprecations which bare bWn- hvrled ot Lyr.den/High school tjr _ students finally penetrated th« t:on. The canopy over the trance collapsed this summer. «n-. —Ten experienced engineers were lr , ar iji c cranliip 61 that InsUttt- assigned today to prevent graft tinrt joe that the .government gets its money's worth in the $3.300,000.000 public works program. "They will see to It that contract specifications are lived up to, that the government Is not cheated, end that government funds are TCATHER Arkansas—Partly cloud; disbursed .- saw »e- rctary of Interior Ickes, ttdmlnls-| c j oudj , ' trat'or of the fund. P. W. KQSsebaum. with head- and Wednesdiy. Memphis and , tonight w»rm«r viqtoKTr*Mtiy ' and : tomorrow, '"' . . . li:arters In Kansas City, was ap-| The maximum lm«p«f»tur» .h*r« pointed inspector for the territory! veiterday wu t». mlnuaum •*. . cciuiiting of Colorado, Kansas.! clear, accordlnj to S»mu«l P. MM- Oklalioma, Missouri and Arkanias. i rls, official Vi»U»er " i- — ~ " :

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