The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1944
Page 2
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fAGETWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 1,-1944 DON'T QUOTE 3 ME— Candidates Seek Finances To Pay Campaign Costs Only A Few Con Write Checks For All Costs --*••*•: j I tfy JIM DOWNING Drilled Prtss' Slaff Correspondent LITTLE'ROCK, June 1. (UP)— Tlie < annual drUe for campaign funds lias been on,in Arkansas for the;last •month with .varying success Some candidates — particularly those -in thev gubernatorial race— haie been having fair luck since the go\erjicii;..has, a better opportunity to serve state people in one way or another and'thus" is more valuable to the men ^Ith money. It costs approximately 500,000 to run foi gove'rnor^most of It contributed bj friends and supporters of the candidate. In the Senate race, botli Col. T. H Barton and Rep. J. W, Pulbrlgh j- can write the checks for their owi ' campaign expenses, but none of tin I otheis are so well favored Governor Adklns, according to i slntehouse employe, has received camjtojgn contributions from som of h&-,$3,00fl-a-vear-and-ovei v men but most-of. the heavy contributor who wfre with him In his 1940 cam p-ng'rT— the planters and business men—still are in his camp and pro surriably. are helping out. Insurance Commissioner Herber Graves and : Racing Commlsslone GuyrFreellne are handling Adkin campaign fund, the United Press In forraant said » • • .Aside from purely personal aflec tion ; ';for;a eanrjirkle.-.a campalg contributor must : be assured thi once'a candidate U in office, he wl get 'something back for his nibue —either in;patronage or a, job, i by being named to some honorni bc>ar'd,:0r by having a friendly.sta administration oh his side when be tain'matters come'up. For example—a bus line opcrat inigh't •-. contribute to a camp nig fund to Unsure a friendly feclh when,he applies to the corporation corilftiisslon ; for, a permit to open a new", I in e, "possibly In competition u'lllu some other line. Or"a contractor might contribute to fur^Jjej- his ^ch&ncea for getting some "lucrative ^construction Job A landowner-would want the state n<!ministration on his side to guard against hwSage of legislation which always \\ould affect him or his propeity opened, adversely. •Still other campaign .contributors help out because they feel that a certain man is a'better, all-round executive and will help them by helping the. state'generally. Britain's Home Guorcfaflrom/V Of D-Doy Roles As Defenders Aj^Hero Shot Down Over Field He Helped Take SOMEWHERE IN NORTJI BUH MA, June 1 (UP)—The story of an American airman who guided General Merrill's Marauders Into Myltkylna, comes out of North Burma today. , He was captain William Lalfln of Detroit, and ho v/as killed when a Jap Zero shot him down ovci Myllkylim airfield. Laffln's Intelligence work largely wns responsible for the success of the Marauders' attack on the Jap base. After a three months' trek through the Jungle Laffin was llv first Amerlcun lo reach the Myil- kylna air strip—and one of the first to die there. At the time of Pearl Harbor, Ijafffn was operating a business in Yokohama. He was Interned and later repatriated. But Laffin decided he wanted to BO back to the Pacific and fight the Japs. Because he could speak and read Japanese, lie was given a commission in the Army intelligence. Then Laffin volunteered to go on a jungle mission with General Wank n. Merrill's troops In Burma. Just as he was about, to complete hjs most Important assignment, he wa.s shot down while flying In an uiiinned transport. American Hoops later burled him near the airfield he helped tnke from the, enemy. Generals Read itvHed, Historic College Confers Degree On Win. Fulbright WASHINGTON, D. C,, June 1— It is now "Doctor" Bill Fulbrlght, for the Arkansas Representative Monday was awarded an honorary degree of doctor of laws by Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Penna. The degree was conferred on Congressman Fulbrlght at Commencement exercises at the picturesque Pennsylvania .college near the famous battlefield. In addition to Congressman Fulbright, three outstanding slate governors were similarly honored at the Gettysburg graduation ceremonies. They were Governors Edward Martin of Pennsylvania. Wal- Neurly'Z.OCO.OOO members uf (lie Home Guard, thoroughly (rained, armed and equipped, form a vital Tudor in ,D-l)ay plans. They iiru ready to defend (heir (owns and villages against counter-Invasion. Candidates with plenty ol mqnev either their own or contributions generally open their headquirterb early and start their speaking cam- pugns In May Those vlth less money start as late as possible, eye Ing their opponents and hoping that one won t start before thej re iead> Reason is that once a campaign is started It must be kept going full blast Newspaper and radio advci Using rates., arc Jilgh priced end must be paid for in cash In advance ArUcrtlslng taking In mo$t of ths stite papers may cost as much -is V50 D4i inch—and political ads an from twq_lo 160 inches or more " • • 4 ThejcBsh;-.ln advanced feature Is worthy of mention A political cam vnlgn committee maj be. a do e- ly-knit,,sinobth]y-:worklng: organization the day after the election But then it becomes a group of individuals"whoi cannot;be held responsible, for. debts. The most Impossible bill to collect 's"an unpaid political debt one of ' Little .Rock's busiest advertising men asserted Carpenters' hammers were rlng- In 0 in a dozen campaign headquarters this «cek setting up tables partitions etc, In preparation for getting down to business. Extensive alterations were underway, for e\ ample, on tlfeVsecond floor of Ihe Gleason Holcl where Colonel Barton .will direct his campaign. • Most candidates appeared to have settled on their sites and were-busy .getting their headquarters staffs in order!" They were finding it dtffl- .cult Income, cases—as reported here last week-ito find office help at the "going—price which In the past has been lufoH'irion'ey' and carfare plus the promise of "a Job. ' Ben Laney ;of Camden, gubernatorial candidate, began: his big advertising Stmday with. V spread in the state'dallies'' Rep. Fulbright 'will start next Sunday, and presumably the other advertising cam- :-!>?,!gris are jeady to gel underway. : A .bellwether, is a ram which leads the nock'of sheep with a bell • on his neck. By FRED S. FERGUSON President of NBA Service LONDON.—It was the little people of Britain who took the worst beating anil faced death and destruction during the great blitzes— ,and it's the little man of Britain who now is standing forth as one of the vital factors In Invasion plans. There are now nearly 2,000,000 of him, thoroughly trained, armed, equipped nnd proud of being members of the Home Guard. The little men first responded at the time of Dunkirk, answering tl\c Initial call armed with shotguns pitchforks, clubs or anything that would serve as a weapon. Then, prior to 1942. when service In the Guard became compulsory for all incn be- tween.18 nncl'50 wlio were not otherwise serving, It wfts Ihe Home Guarders who were playfully accused of seeking membership as nn excuse to get a\vuy from home ant were twilled Ihal noticeable drilling always ended Just as the pubs opened. READY TO RESIST It wns the existence of the Homi Quard. however, that made it pos sible for the Army lo get reinforce menls to the Middle East in thin to drive out Rommel and lhey'v< already been called upon to be read; to resist a cquntcr.-lnyasjon If should be attempted in- conueclio: with Ihc opening of the wester) front. The Home Guard will be pi'j pared to defend Jocal towns nil villages, act as observers, nnd mil , anti-alrcrnfl. Some may be place gular army and now Is observable vcrywhere as the Home Guard pre- ires for Us Invasion ro|e. To Celebrate Anniversary Of } ost Activation Th e Blythcville Army Air Field vlll celebrate llii! second anniversary of ils activation cm June 10 vllh an all-day program of cn- erlalnment lor officers nnd en- kteil'inen, A number of contests are scheduled, with prizes to be awarded; Ihere will be a baseball game, free refreshments, and adequate recreational facilities. . The celebration lias been ordered oy Col. Kurt M. Landon. command- In gofflccr, In recognition of the devotion lo duly tmu conscientious efficiency of all personnel here during the two years of Ihe field's existence. During this period, land that once produced rich yields of cotton . has been converted inlo a Iralnlng field for 17 classes of avl-' [\tlohycadets 'and' 'two- classes of civilian pilots of the -Air Transport Command. ' WARNING OIlDKIl In the Chancery Court, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, Mississippi Connly, Arkansas. Maggie Easlburn, et al, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8002 Pearl Madson, Defendant. The 'defendant, Pearl Madson, 1: hereby warned lo appear 'wllhh thirty days in the court named Ii Hie caption hereof mul answer the complaint of the plaintiff Maggl Kiislhurn, el al. Dated this 2G day of May, 1944. HARVEY MOERIS, Clerk H. R. Par How, Ally, for Pitt. L. E. Coleman, Ally, ad Lllem. Finciinfi relaxation from the strain of guiding the destinies of the 15th Army Air Force in Italy, Maj.-Gcn. Nathan F. Twining curls up in bed with a volume of his favorite "escape" literature—a rlptwtivc story. No. those arc not G. I. oalamas The Gift Shop Modern and Antique Gifts COSMETICS BABY GIFTS GREETING CARDS NOVELTIES A Gift For Bverybodf Ingram Bldg. Phone 2251 MOSS BRYAN er E. Edge of New Jersey, and Col- ate W. Darden Jr. of Virginia. Congressman Fulbrlght was lion- red last night by George Washing- on University. In ceremonies at Constitution Hall in Washington, he vlll receive the annual Alumni Award of the University for "oul- tandlng achievement in law," Mtkt your Points count! Bay QUALITY first 'SBACON SLICED'MEMPHIS HACKING co. '4, Guy Gean's SKATING RINK Now Open For Summer 15ig Tent Now Located .Across From Nil-Way Laundry y Afternoon and Nile Sessions Great Interest Shown In Tuberculosis Clinic More than 300 people attended .he annual Mississippi County Tuberculosis Clinic held In Osceola Tuesday, and nt the Legion Hut here yesterday, Dr. B. o. Budd, county medical director, announced. Assisting Dr.- Budd In examination of the patients was an x-ray technician from the Slate Department of Health, In addition to the regular staff of the comity health office. If plans of the State Board • of Health to obtain additional apparatus iivove successful, the clinic will be held In tills county more frequently. Dr. Budd said. Beta uouner wrw» w*nl *0» Bead Courier MCWJ vrmt Afl*. DONtFORGET When you visit your grocer s' look I o r BROOKS Finer Foods. They ore not so plentiful as in peace time because a lot of our laclory capacity has been devoted lo conning good BROOKS Poods for our fighting lorces. Bui, none Ihe less, your grocer may tiove re- cieved some of your BROOKS favoriles lalely. For your polient wailing until Victory comes we lhank you heartily. Remember BROOKS Finer Foods. THE G. S. SUPPIGER CO. ST. IOUI5, MO. Belleville, III. ' Ml. Summil, Ind. Collinlvillf, 111. ,,.,,Convene, Ind. •S7A WHITE SQUASH 10 on a mobile basis, The Guard Is commanded by Major General Viscount Brldgc- mnn. C. B., p. S. O., M. C., and Is fully organized on a military basis. Members serve without pay and nil have regular jobs, so lime for training necessarily Is taken from recreation or home life. The uniform- similar to the bailie dress of Ihc * THE FOOlt YOU SERVE NOW, MUST BE COOKED 'M I THAN EVER 1 N«v«r before hai good cooling been so important in bringing cuf fhc bcit In tJie food v ou «ive. HumKo U J&pend«d upon by good coolt tverywhere. LR. L!!. 5' 4 C PARSNIPS CARROTS GRAPEFRUIT YELLOW ONIONS 2 BUNCHKS LB. 9 « 15 C 'T 5 C LR. The roasters of this leading selling brand of Coffee & Chicory,. ,Wm. B. Reily&Co. Inc., extend to you this invitation: Take home a can of Luzianne., u«t the enlir* eontenkj . . . If you arc not saliified in «vtry rcipccl- your money will b» rcfundtd . . . This guarantee appears on every can. The Golden Brown Loaf Enriched with Vitamin B-l and Energy For Victory. SPECIAL THIS WEEKEND Fresh Cocoontit Cakes . . ...... . . • each FRENCH BREAD Baked Fresh Daily 59?: Hart's Bakery B/ytf»eyi/ic Owned, Employing B/ytfreviHe People - ''' iUY QUALITY MEAT! The Better Cuts Are Cheaper In The Long Run! Home Grown Fully Dressed & Drawn, IB Hcsl (Iriiilcs Sliced, Kimlless. i,t>. Grade A. LI). Wilson's Skinless. !,l). 40 39 39 Grade A. Chuck, II. FRANKS BACON OLEO Best Brands. L In the- Piece. Lb. Fleischman's Blue Bonnet. LI). PORK & BEANS TOMATO SOUP 10 C 10 C SUNBRITE Gcrbcr'a Cc All Kinds 3 Cleanser Can DUZ IVORY Rinso or .Oxydol. Large 23' Snow OOc Flakes. Large *U Aristocrat Whole BKIII. Ll>. PURE LARD

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