The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on March 28, 1878 · Page 8
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 8

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, March 28, 1878
Page 8
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THE DAILY limZT.'OCJlAlT. TUUESDAX lZOTHU17Gf 1IAECH 20. 107&. TO-DAY'S AMUSEMENTS. If oTTCIXM THEATER XMlm sv betweaa Dearborn sad Stats sta. ACkuteiMCM. HA VERLr TrTKATT rt-Dnc. Dwbm and Motm sts. "Davy Oocuu." MOOLBT"B THaATTfll Randolph at. list a SOS Clark sad 1 mails. "Dm Uuricu Ooualn," XXW CHICAOO THEATEX-Cierk St, 1 itatvdolpa. Haveriys Mlaatrela. SB OUUBKUH CUrk n.bntt Easdolpfc m4 WMk- tagxae, i anety ptrtormuot. McCOHMlCX HALL-Sorta Oark Bt, CHICAOO. TH CUSDAY. MABCH 28, 1878. CITY BREVITIES. BoUnd. th well-known dmgelst, at Kb. 63 Clark tru baa made a mu bitinthe Arorsstte Bitter Wine ot Iron. WeidviM thooe suffering from nervoue debility. Impoverished blood, and uaiNufta cugesuon. to try it. The Internal revenue reoetoU yesterday A permit was yesterday procured br the mnger Mim Machine Uomptnr for a building at toe corner of Btat and Yv ablngtta streets. 160x150 feet, and 113 feet high, the estimated wow t o i which i am.ta.uuu. -The County Clerk Issued marriage Uoenses yesterday to the following Mreou: Itolxrt Kraaaer and Lizzie Mamerow, Alexander F. Loetnana and Julia R. BeTer, Robert Smith and "r - inwAi Mru a. Johnson and Ida u. wonnson. Hlbbard Porter, of 1253 Michigan avenue. ajoun tnaa employed In tbe stock department of bibbard. Bpeaeer dt Co- leil through tne Eaton war from the second to the first floor, on Tuesday m amine suatalxiiug injuries which are vronpTinoea as very serious. 'Frank 8 Insure, who was arrested last Mon- lay on a charge ot selling cigars in fraudulently abeled boxea and held in aOOO bail, waa veater- day released on his own recognizance. He claims that he is innoeent of tbe charge, and sera he can furnish proof that he has been imposed upon. -BecelTer TarrMn . was yesterday given oer. tnisaion by Jo dire if oore to sell lots 11 and 13 of block 17. Irondaie. for S70O. The Judge over-raled the demurrer In the ease of Robert UT va. The fidelity. Judge tVilllsvms entered an order allowing the sale or Receiver Oils of 137 North Clark street for Unit Hlraehfeld. un less a nuur dm do received neiore April z. On last Monday evening? New Covenant Ixxigo So. 3. 1. O. G. T.. held their usual monthly alme entertainment In their new lod tie-room. First Christian Church. Twentr-tifth street and Indiana avenue. A number of the beet literary and musical talent in the eity kindly volunteered tneir semoes for the occasion, l bs program me,.w hie b. was of a varied and unusually attractive character, was listened Jto throughout with deep Interest by a large and appreciative audience. Goods received at the Chicago Custom House. M area 27: Field, Letter A Co.. 6 eases dry roods; the Chicago Public Library. 3 eases books: John V. Farwsl: At Co.. 5 cases dry goods: onn w. v his. i eases olive oil: Charles Uos- sage Co 1 ease dry rood: Henry Sears & Co.. 1 cask razors: W. H. Behimpferman. Jr.. X ease cigar: Wilson Brothers. 8 cases dry goods; Kautzler Bars-is. 4 eases cigars: X. M. Sinclair A Cow X30 sacks salt; the Chicago Stamping jompeny. ik oozes un elate, couecuona. Tim Kelleher. a br1ht and promising lad of ta years, son ot tne section foreman on toe fan Handle Baiiroad. earns to his death St Washing-ton Heights on Tuesday afternoon In a sad man ner. He bad gone out into tneyara with a loaded rifle to shoot a hawk. when, seizins' the weapon oy we mussie to draw it toward him. tne bam. mer was cangnt back, and let down wlLh anah force as to explode the eartridgo. which entered the boy's left breast, causing almost instant deattx. Justice roehmann conducted an Inquest. veraiet oi accidental death teing returned. Io reference to the West Park Board trou ble. Mr. C. O. Uonney said to a reporter res. that the next move would be to demand the sooner of the board now la the posaeaaion of Kr. Hoffman, and if he should refuse it. this wo aid sire s pretext fov taking the whole matter into the court. Later in the day Mr. Hoffman sa id the money had been demanded from him, ard he had refused to deliver it until the matter w as setueo. so that be could not be beld liable fir it should be turn it over to a party who should f Jterwsrd prove to hsve no legal right to it. It is peiieved that some weeks must elapse before a oesisioa is rescued in tne courts. CBIMUTAZ. OOSSfP. William Coombs, the Desplalnea street coffee-honse keener, charge! with the abduction of Annie Kerscher. was yesterday remanded la VX.OUO to April L. oy juiuoa Jlorrison. North Side arrests: Casper Keeper, for assaulting Matbias March. 8JOU to the 30tb: Robert Dudley, larceny of batchers' tools from Patrick Sullivan. 30u to April 3d; Oliver Hug, for aasaolUAaT P. ehean. So; P. bhean, disorderly. s. The ease of Jim Fltxaimmons for running a eoneert saioon. notwnaataouing aeettoa e. ebai ter 48. was called at tba Armory yesterday, and postponed until Ipril . to await the result of the test caae. By the war. it has before been Ob- i nerved that the eoneert saloon still flourishes. Alice Scboonover. the Twenty-second street virago, enargeu wita enceavontur to shoot un-eer O'Brien, with threatening to kill D. O. Oorbln. a real estate man. ana witn very disorderly eon-duct generally, was produced at the Armory yes terday, but took a change of venue to J as ties m oote. and sot a continuance. In the ease of tba People vs. H. V7. Collins. for baring mualo in his saloon, heard before Justice Morrison yesterday, the People took s non-suit, as it wris shown the defendant only had a piano in tne oar. uniy a piano; wen. this classes witn sec vi on e. chapter 43. And the eon eert saioon sua nourisnee. The Custom House Agent made a seizure Of soms iewelrv yesterday that wa being imui. K ed through by mail. Tbe packages contained a gold joeket aaa bracelet, worm mno. for U. Pry. and aome watch lewela. valued at 34.02. for Kearney A Swartehild. The goods are. forfeited by law, and can omy be reclaimed on payment of toe aporatsed value on the part ox tbe persons to Whom they are sent. ' Before Justice M orrlson yesterday: w. H. Raymond, lareeny as bailee of valuable papers in tbe Hiaman Street district. $L&u to the 28th. Age tor Immom and Albert welterln. both charged with asssult with inc. tioo apiece to the suta. niiuazn Kennedy wiiiiam 'iooin. suae "Bcotry." larceny from J. Birkenfleld. SoOO each to the 28th. Mary Ana McBHde stole a bat and snswi from urs. Carroll, of 133 Monroe street. used siuw. Before Justice Bummerfleld yesterday: That Springer ease referred to in TBI Ivtkb Ocaaa of Uondsv. fell through; on the charge of larceny. C H. Springer was discharged; Eva Kpnnger got off as eaoily Tor the attempt to kill. and was simply nned So lor carrying a revolver. Mollis Atchisua for disorderly conduct and Interfering witn an officer as he wax arresting a prisoner, waa fined aso. James William, pickpocket on the p tree i cars. loo. John Harver, alias William Williams, great "con" artist SIOO. Tom McDonald, for awindling a granger. SOOO soma -jJia. ames etevena. aio not as a disorderly character, and 400 to tbe 28th on the eharatf oi larceny as bailee of a watch . belonging au s?cua oaooeu, oi a dars street. last evening, ana her wtimuing A a strait sn magpies creates quits a sensation la the bouse. J. L. Allen, proprietor of the As tor House, New York. Is at the Grand Pacing. J. W. Blmonton, the Associate Press Agent at New Tork. is at the Grand Pacific. George Francis Train, of the UnltM States, stopped at the Palmer yesterday. To-dsy hs goes, and leaves the city to Its doom. Grand Pacific Ex-Oovernor J. Sterling Morton. Nebrssks: tbe Hon. . N. Eeyes. Mani-on: General W. 0. Washburn. Minneapolis; Frank Baubm. Plttaburg: Judge j7 M. Woolwortn. Omaha; Captain John Cliff. Long Island. Sherman XTotMs. L. H urn ham. Omaha; J. 0. Haines. New York; WH. Hlbbard. Cherenne: L. B. Wadleigh. Lyons. Iowa; Daniel w. ieasiy, kariliiiu,- Jniln u H hnnklim Peoria: B. P. Hchvrler. Minneapolis; W. C Klngslsy. Ply mouth, Ind. - Palmer Bo. The Hon. "Walter J. Lamb, Nebraska: Colonel L. B. WeaUleid. uolorado Sorlngs: Llndsev Busseil. Ottawa: Charles E. Bxymond. Boston: the Hon. W. D. Cushlng. v.chini.ii th Han. K L. Cronkrlte. yreeoori: T. C. Power. Montana: General. T. H. Marsh. Oregon: J. W. Hollmaa. Phiiatielpbia; Judge 4. M. Carey. Wyoming. Trssionf oe. Jos. Xj. Wilklns, Memphis; Colonel Clsrk Woodman. Omaha; A. L. BobiOHon. Louisville: B. T. Oumberson. Aew York: the Hon. Daniel Hsrris. Quincy; Colonel D. W. Psrker. Dubuque; O. w. Cbambenaio. bluuxutr: x. u. Aarsnaii. o.iiiiiiwiqi uv uvu. . u v. Cedar Bapids: A. H. Petri. Muskegon: Colonel 8. P. Sick, Louisville; M. n . Vole, bu Paul. THE CHIVALRIC SWAN. . Wast Harris Has as Say Aksal That rersonal ta taw rrrtbaaW aatal the Horawhlppang That g-eUewwd. Yesterday atternoon Mr. James B. B arris, the gentleman who is aceussd by W. 8. Swaa with having Inserted the "personal" In the disgraceful ealuma of the TVi&wae devoted to that class of literal ore. sailed at the office of Txs urru Ockax. Be had been grossly slandered, and be desired to state the facta. Tbb Istkb Ocbaji. from a sense of common justice and fair dealing. grants Mr. Harris what hs ersves, and he made a statement, in substance, as follows: Mr. Harris, it appears, was acquainted with the lady referred to in the "personal." While that gentleman waa attending a German at Bornique's last Wsdnesdsy evening 8 wan came to the door. He bad met nwaa previously, bwsa told him hs suspected s certain party. He said hs was going to wntp tnat party, and tnat ne naa at his pack Sam Meaili. Hlckey. Joe Dixon, and several oth ers, ail able-bodied and DUKilietlc He never la. tlmaied that Harnalwas the'msn until be called at liornlaus s snd wanted him (Harris) to come out. He thirsted for satisfaction ne wanted buckets of gore, and was very wrathy Indeed. Mr. Har ris, seeing bim in this condition, advised him to go home, get a sleep, come In tbe morning snd bs would bave everything be asked, swaa went bis wsy. While the conversation waa in progress Jar. il arris observed over tne shoulder of Swan three or four suspicious-looking bruisers, who carried formidable canes. Pondering over this, be deemed It safe to take a friend home with him. thinking It probable that Swaa might change bis mind. snd. with bis gal' lant band. He la wait tor him at a convenient corner. Harris wss right. At tbe door of bis home be found the gallant Swaa and his gallant few. Harris refused to hsve an r thing to say. being a peaceful man. and told swan to postpone tne execution oi ais in reals until toe next morning at S o'clock, ssring wbloh. Harris eniered bis dwelling and closed tbe door. Swan did not some In tbe morning, nor tn tbe after noon eltber. In tbe evening be made his appearance while Mr. Uarria. at his borne, was playing witn some children. That gentleman asked Swan to take a seat. Swaa didn't see it. "i will hsvs satisfaction." Swan cried, striking sa attitude oa his entrsnee. brandishing a whip, and calling in three or four other warlike individuals standing outside. Swan made a few cut la tbe air. Harris drew a vol ver. and said. TXou cowardly villain, get out of here. 'A he probability of powder was enough tor Swam bs fled precipitately, dropping bis whip, and crying. "Don't shoot. !. There's a policeman outaioel He probably never stopped until ne gained tne xruntn oraoe. where re told story wnien tney swore waa strange v passing strange." and the city editor wished that heaven had not made him a copy-butcher but auen a man. ewaa was looked uoon aa a modern knichi errant wno went about redress ing tbe wrongs f the fair, and a ebivalrie story was written about him and printed. Mr. Harris denies lu tbe first place that be ever wrote or sent tne personal to tne i noum. he. can be proven, having been eonflned to bis room In tbe afternoon whea the personal was taken into the oinoe. He says. 1 deny that I svsr at any urns re- lased to give him (swan) an explanation or a laf action, ant1 1 still offer him either or both." Mr. Harris produces the following letter vouch. ing tor his character, etc: wrrica ow niu i un an lock uow i - Aaw Koax. Sept. 6. 1777 I e Whom It May C oncers : Tbs bearer. Mr. James C. Hsrris. has for ths Bast alx rears or more been In the employ of tbe all's Safe and Lock Company, at their branch bouses in Chicago and bew xork. and. being for a greater portion of the time under my personal supervision and control. I can cheerfully testily as to his integrity snd reliability, as well as to bis being a thoroughly competent and efficient sales man and a courteous geatisman. HesDectfully, Fun H. Tdciil Manager for Ball's Safs and Look Company, Xsw xork. X can cheerfully indorse the above. C. B. Pas ckxls. Manager Chicago Bran ah. March t7. 1478. A BRILLIANT WEDDING. - I saloon, on Klchlgsn near Clsrk street, exchang ing Ideas on religious topics. James, adhering to the faith of his forefathers, announced bis belief in a real and personal old devil and a land that Is warmer than this: Mike said he wss from "Bos-tn,r- an abolitionist. L a., believed In Beeeh- er s abolition oi tne wmu cumo. mi argument waxed so hot toward the end that Jamee. seeing no wsy of pmvlng his point thsn by sending his adversary on a voyage or discovery, drew bis nnekaL-knlfe and drilled some boles in Mike's bead and shoulders. Dr. Lanigan says they're very small boles and can be plugged up. refuses to prosecute. BROCKWAVS OFFICE, r TheO aty Committee Waance aaa v'awllelarr Coaaider the Affairs sT the ffsserJer's Peed BrtdteM la Support eg Broeawaya XaV CieHTtaVf The joint Committee on Judiciary and Finance. to whom was referred the investigation of the charges made against Recorder Broekway. be gan their Investigation yestsrdsy afternooa. Commissioner Fltsgerald said that the object of the meeting was to show to ths people of this county what It cost to run the abstract department of the Recorder's Office. The report offered by Brock wsy was not correct, snd he would prove it by Mr. Peltzer. who was then naked to step forward snd show ths defects. Mr. Peltzer said tbe Raenrder had omitted to add In the SI. 250. which hsbsd refuaed to give the county. He also pointed out some other defects. ... Commissioner Fitzgerald said that ths abstract department of the Recorder s office was costing tbe county SlS.7tt3.97 annually. . ... Recorder Broekway denied ft, and said the fig' area showed nothing of the kind. Mr. Peltzer said that the exact amount er nenrfad for the keening nn of theae boots 9.818.BO. Hs would assume entire control, and would agree to Isaac the books ol tbe county snd bind himself to charge no more for abstracts than Is now charged. He would tnue save nearly io,- OOO annually to Cook County. Mr. Maaaav said that Peltzer was not correct lu his figure. That bs could not arrive at correct conclusions by deducting $17,813 from 'J7.684. B should have deducted from tbeS9.814 upward of S2.000 for clerk hire, which could not be dispensed with even though the abstract department wae taseu awar i r " lu iu, nwnrun viuvv. Commissioner Soofford said that tbe truth about tbe matter was that Peltzer and others sold the books to tbe county. The books were n a terrible condition, and a large expense had been entailed upon the county to put them In good order. Commissioner Fltsgerald strenuously opposed the introduction of ibis evidence. He was. however, defeated, and Mr. Danleia was called, snd said tbe boose were very imperfect when they were sola ths county. It would hsve taken three men six years ts put ths books In a perfect condition. There bad always been from two to three dim kept constantly working the books into a good condition. Me. Bushweh was called, and stated that the books were not according to tbs law. and It required considerable work to get them Into shape. Parts of the books were being revised snd flxed up now. Tbe books were over bO per cent better now than whea they came into tbe Recorder's office. Hec order Broekway affirmed tnat mere could be no retrenchment in hie department. All his employee were efficient and worthy men. Commissioner Cleery said tnat ne would like to know abont tbe blackmailing business: whether or not Mr. Broekway had compelled his sl-rks to pay him 825 per quarter. It was agreed that these cnar gee snouid ne made epeeiflcsily In writing next Monday by Commissioner Fltsgerald. Oa merlon the com mittee adjourned until 3 o eiocx Wednesday art- ernoon. wbsn they will xuriner consider matter. THAT "LITTLE BLONOE." What She Baa ta Do with the cwamttoa ef Mr. Tint panorama on tbe blind, with yell to. eompamment. at the De Forest House, on Tues day night, referred to yeaterdsy. came near being renewed at near 1 7 z o ciocxin tne morning, when one of "those two men." who frightened a lady boarder, got run into the Armory. About tbe hour named "those two men returned to tbe piafie. and raised a great disturbance. J. C. Poor. erviputable habitant of the place, attempting to sject them, but getting the worst of it, as "tnose two men were armed with their revolvers, and be only had his wife's curling tonga. The fellow eaotured gave tbe name of Millerdew. snd he was Yesterday morning bound over in C3O0 to keep tbe peace toward Mr. Poor. Mtilerdew, by tbe war. la only an assumed name, but the bearer of It should let bis sentence servs as a warning to mm. u as use any I aspect or us iamiiy ana pusmon. Arrests were few and far between in tbe f . yesterday. On tbe North Side nobody registered, and th ,t.TlAn.b..n-. . -. wait ing fOr some one to come along and present him with s pair of white cotton gloves, emblematic of the Parity of his record-book. On the West Side Jsck r"rlce. sa old and aucceasful confidence man, wsa gathered in; he bad pa sod a bogus check, and had a lot more on him. Maggie Mcintosh for airie m .oore a wa-btng. and James ? r au unstated offense, were also on band. At the Armory. Max O rdon was run in Za . w "'Lr-,n.t. ? 5 n5 him with larceny from Matt Asb, of 412 Clark street: a couple of Hebrews quarreling over .v. Matt says he gnve Max two shawls to peddle, which he sold (or J. when they "vos shseo at ten. my tear.-- ngza A2CD ALARMS .' Tbe alarm from box 16 'J at 12:03 o'clock yesterday afternoon, was caused byaehimner ins alarm from box 132 at e:20 last evening c ,uMu u r a emiu nor uuruma. out at 14e Went worth avenue. 2o damage. The atill alarm to F.n trine ComTiarrv ?a. it at t:M o'clock yesterday afternoon, was cm used by the burning out of a chimney at 3d West Lke "w. ko carnage. Tba alarm from box 3S2. at 4:03 o'clock yesterday aTiernoon. was caused by a 5 Are In a bedroom at 45 North Carpenter street, resulting a oeiocuvs Chimney. lUd'.Ier.msae Mursita. the" singer. Is at the wsiiilfit-a. a armed, from baa f raaoisuo f alias TtUle .aeob glmnietslasl. aS Tot lata. Gaeets. Eta. Sinai TemUe was brillisntly illuminated last evening, and thronged with Invited guests to attend the wedding of Miss Tlllie Ballenherg. daughter of Mrs. J. Balleaberg. to Mr. Jacob KlmmerstelL of this city. The altar was lavishly decorated with flowers, and erected In front of It was a superb arch of amilsx and rare exotics. supporting the bridal monogram wrought in white blossoms, and beneath a large wedding bell upheld ny two snowy doves. Many of the ladies present were la loll dress, forming a pleasing background for the to lieu of tne bridal party. At 7:30 the grand and familiar strains of the wedding march rung through the edlflee. as Mr. Samuel Schu-ls. master of ceremonies, accom panied by Mr. Jaiuis Balleaberg. entered tbe main door. They were followed by tbe sabers. Messrs. lnsleia. Kallmann. Mannheimer. snd Etunger. of New York, by Mr. and Mr. hJmmersuel. the parents of the groom. Mrs. J. Balienberg and Mr. Morris Balleaberg. mother and brother of the bride, and tne rwo charming little bridesmaids. Miss Annie Einstein, the bride s cousin, and Mias Hstue KlmmerstelL the groom's sister. Tne party on reaching the altar paused, ths bridal couple standing directly under the arch, and. in a few minutes tbe Rev. Dr. Kobler hsd effectually tied tbe Indissoluble knot. Immediately after the ceremony the nartv drove to the residence of the bride's mother. No. 122U Prairie svenue, where sn slegsnt reception was given to tbs immediate friends of the family. Tbe house was entirely thrown ouen. beautifully ornamented with flowers py eisvsge. and the floors aanvased for dancing. lor which Hand s hand I nrniahed suitable accompaniment. A sump tuous repssl wss served by Lawrence Hbucu. bnnna- the discussion of dessert some 130 eon. rntnlaiorv teiearrams arrived from different parts of the country, a number creating great merriment from the witty wording. The nraaentn were very nanoeoma ana em braced a great variety of furniture in tbe latest mode, silver-ware, jewelry, artlolss of virtu, and a grand olano. . The toilet ot tne nnae orovea most oeoomingto her hrnnatM tMintf. nnd was in It self nniaue In style and rich In material, made with along court tram and hod nf white brocaded silk, scalloped. and trimmed with Illusion, crepe llsse. and long garlands of orsnge bio soma. The open waist parted over a vest of white satin, and thejunderssirt. of the same material, waa shirred, and trimmed with three broad flounces of point spplique lace. headed with orange blossoms. 1 he same nowers formed a necklace and coronet that eononed the flowing veil. Ornaments, diamonds. If iaa Annie Kinatnln wore a prattv toilet oi paio blue silk, trimmed with Vaiencienee lace and lil ies of the valley, with a bridesmaid s veil. Mi., huim k a taaLAim nnneesse mrw of nink ailk. covered with Paris muslin and laee. A veil. ttnx easn. ana cowers eompieiea tbe costume. Among tbe guests present were Mr. ana nrs. Jones Kimmelsteil. of New York: Mr. and Mrs. M. Einstein. Mr. sod Mrs. Henry Jeoooia. nr. and Mrs. Charles Silverman. Mr. and Mrs. Max Arienhelmar. Mr. and Mrs. Win holts. Mr. and Mrs. Mincorod. Mr. and Mrs. B. Sennaffner. Mr. snd Mrs. Rev. Dr. Kobler. Mrs. J. Balienberg. the Miases Ross Einstein, Bachael Bimons. Tiuls Einstein. Usttie nimmeisieti. Annie Aaastuin, Messrs. Ben Einstein. Arthur lntein. .N. b tights. Julius Bailenberg. J. Bser, W. O. Mets. A. Bchurtr. Jo ritetthelmer, Jtsx Merer, umens: . J. Soringer. New York: citing r. New York; Ed. Kail man: Leo Kallman, o. n innoits. u. tcuan- ner. S. Bier. HOcneeier. a. x., xx. jaeaneuuer, at. Bailenberg. and others. i ... i it,,, Ifr. and Mrs. Klmmerste!! left for a tour through the Eat, and efter their return they will reside st ths Gardner House. ANOTHER STABBING AFFRAY. They are gradually growing pious over there on tbe North Side, but the old Adam will assert itself occasionally, and then there's trouble. About 2:30 o'clock yssterdsy morning Mr. Jamas and Michael Cassy stood la the letter's It having been stated that Mrs. Cynthia Leon ard, well known to the Chicago public in connec tion witn certain benevolent movements, w about to separate from her husband, a reporter of TaTX Ixtsb Ocxax Interviewed a mutual friend of tbe parties yesterday, wita tne following result: "Is ft true that a separation is going to take place? t beneve it nas already tasen Place. "Haa a divorce been granted?" "Not yet, I believe." "Will there be a divorce" "It will probably end in that," - "What are tne gronnda of eepsrstion?" "I am not at liberty to state. "Ia It true that the disagreement ant-inn from Mr. Leonard s desire to tags tne lecture ueiuf "So." "Is it trus that she accuses him of unfaithful- nese and infidelity?" l do not know tnat ane aecases mm or tnat.-"is It true that be has free unfaithful?" "I never witnessed anything of the kind." "No. I suppose not: but have you beard that such was the case? Yes. 1 bavs beard so, "And believe It?" "WelL I do not like to ssv whst I believe." "It is stated that a 'little blonde' is respon sible for tne estrangement; now about tnatr- -it may me. Bul don't you know It laf" "Possibly a blonde may have something to do Villi it, ... . Leonard is a good (allow, la ax nor" "First rate." "Likes a UUlo fuur "Yes.- , "And his wifs ibiects. "She has not lectured him particular! r.and there Is no serious ill-feeling that I know of. Thev simply conclude tbst under the circamstaneee It is better tnat tney live separate. will ljeouard marry tbe blonder" "If he gats a divorea. and wants to marry, and If there ia a blonde, and shs wanta to marry, and they both wsnt to marry each other. I shouldn't wonder if that would be the upshot of the mat ter. Thank you." "Don't mention It." THE LATE CHAS. L WIUOR. The following resolutions were passed last evening st the regular meeting of the Chicago Typographical Union: Whiiiis. Since our Isst regular meeting death has stricken from the racks of our employers Charles i. wuson. lata editor ana proprietor of the Chicago JTseauig Journal; and Whsssas. In tbe desth of Charles L. Wilson the working printers of Chicago recognise the loss of a blgb-minded and generous employer, wbo invariably dealt with his employes on tbe grsnd old principle of Live and let live; there- lore. Httoivta. Tbst we feel deeply the demise of the tried ana valued citizen, irlend. and amnlovar and that our heartfelt sympathy Is moved, felt tor. ana nereuy extenaea to tne iimiir am Bor rowing relatives of the deceased gentleman ia their great affliction. Jienlvea. That a copy of the foregoing preamble ana reeoiauons oe spreaa on our records, ana that a copy of tbe same, prooerly engrossed, be presented to the widow of deceased. KtolvL That a eonv of the fonwnln ha banded to tbe newspapers of the city for publica tion, . SI2NS. People who still adhere ta the look-st-your- tongue-and-feel-of-your-pulse doctor sometimes express not a little curiosity in regard to Dr. R. T. Pierce's original method of distinguishing all forms of ebronlo disease without personal consultation. Some even suppose that be accomplishes this through olalrvoyanee. or some other species of professional jugglery. All this is ut- teily false. He claims to determine disease by the rational methods of science only. Bert Co al ley, tn his Biogrsphlcai Encyclopedia of New York Bute, speaking of this distinguished physician: "He perceived that la each of the natural selenoes the Investigator proceeds ac cording to a sytfera of aigas. The geologist in his cabinet eeeurstely determines and describes ths cleft of roes, which he. has nsver seen, from the minute specimen on his table. And the chemist in his laboratory notes the constituents of the sun witn the same precision tbst .he analyses a crystal of rock salt. The analogous system de veloped by Dr. Pierce In Medical Science is worthy of his genius, and has made his name justly celebrated." por a full explanation of this ingenious system of diagnosis, see the People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, sent, post-paid, to any address on receipt of one dollar and fifty cents. Address the author. B. Y. Pierce. XL D Buffalo. H.Y. THE CUSTOM HOUSE INVESTIGATIOH ) No witnesses were heard by the Custom House Commission yesterday. The whole time wss spent In discussing and comparing the evidence already presented and in exsminlng samples. The fact is. the commission is preparing its report, which will, however, not be sect to the department until the examination is closed st SL Louis ana Cincinnati. There is little hope now that they will complete their business here before tne end Of this week, as the onlvaraln session each day from 2 o'olock to 4 o'clock, which necessarily entaila a great loss of time and makes a drag in the operations. Collector 8miia has not vet received any enm. munication from the Treasury Department upon the subject of the dissatinfaction telegraphed to China o papers by an employe of that arm of tho servioe some tares oars ao. The excitement, if ear exisu among tne vttiea&ui, La t.s ' reached him vet. snd be is as calm snd non chalaot as though the firebrand had never been thrown, ana naa nomiug to say. ANOTHER "LUCK, Bret Barts's AffaeUag Story H spam ted la Cfed- eagw The, goeter-chllg ef the South IMvlsloa Foilse gores A Touching lacadeait. The boys around the Armory Station tread lightly about the place just now.. If any one who doesn't know what has happened enters noisily ganger is laid upon a hp. and ths aew comer Is bidden "Hush," The prisoner who likes to amuse him or her self by keeping tbe whole Inelghbor hood awake with yells, is silenced effectually if obstreperous, by some means known only to the force, Whea a platoon changes off It . Is - done much more quietly than of yore, and - the incoming squad. whea they sit down In a circle to smoke a pipe and exchange Ideaa before "turning In." don't laugh quite so loudly when any one of the number gets on an unusually good thing. This is vsry creditable to the bora What Bret Harte so touchlngiy a escribed in ttosring Uaup has happened at the Armory. "The Luck" haa come to it. Within the grim old bunding a child was born aaraprl at W mnpnlna ths Maa at J tarn at at h- n ear aa and mother and babe will be sheltered there tor some aeys yet. .roor little mother: she Is only 19 veare old. and does not look aa If aha had known tbs Inside of many jails. It Is a ease of mystery, and one of sush a nature that no important details csn be learned regarding it. Officer Jsmes Kerwln Is responsible for this im portation into the Armory. That is to say. Officer her win took the unfortunate little mother there. He was traveling bis post on State street at a o clock yesterday morning, and bearing some one mosning proceeded to No. 348. and found a slight and fair-haired youpg woman sitting by the roadside in great pain. Perceiving the poor tbings situation ne pushed open tbe door or &a4, and. laying her gently down inside, rsn oil snd returned with Dr. Hildebrandt. That gentlemen said that what was going to be done must be done very quickly. There was no time to get to the County Hospital, he said. and. a hak being summoned, tne charge waa naatiiy removed to the Armory, and made as comfortable circumstances would permit In one ot tne witness rooms, snd there, within an hour, a girl babe ssw tbe light of dsy through iron-barred doors and grated windows. The young women tust managea to- ssy that ner name was Mary lansburr. that her husband was in England, and that she had arrived from St. Louis the night previous. When found by Officer Kerwln she had just descended from a street-ear. but whether she bad escaped from soms houae or been wandering about all night is not yet known. Little mother snd little stranger are both ia charge of one ot tbe female prisoners, and the bulletin at midnight from Lockup M alone y was. "Mother and anna doing well. ' ANNOUXCEKENT. European shippers ot grain, provisions, etc. will note that the Merchants' Despatch OL War- rack. agenU haa moved lu office from the Sher man House to 88 LaS alleys tract, close to Cham ber of Commerce, where, la future, all through bills of lading will be signed. HOYNE AND THE COUNTERFEITERS. Tbe trlsl of tbs gang of counterfeiters waa t stimed yssterdsy before Commissioner Home. The first witness examined was Mr. lad. a lo comotive engineer. He tee tilled that be had fre quently met Hartmaa and Lee at the Tivoli. and on one occasion had seen Lee give Hartman 93 in silver. Hs had heard Hartman ask Lee for the money, and supposed that It was a loan. . R H. Wallace, a machinist, was the next and last witness exsmlned. He bad seen Hartman give soms silver quarters and half dollars to a man unknown to turn la front of the Tivoli a week ago last Tuesday. . . . The case was argued a lensth by the attorneys for tbe defense, and Judge Bangs replied for the nrnaeeutlon. i Commiasioner Home considered the evidence against Hlggentsom as not sufficient to prove bis guilt, and therefore- discharged him. The otber four were beld to tbe Linited plates court. (J a Is g and Hartman in sl.Ouo each, and Lee and Hoover in a.ouo seen. A LIVELY FIRM. The Dsnsmaa-Drummoad Tobacco Company commenced another suit yesterday for aa alleged infringement of their patent plug tobacco. This cries ot suits are likely to become celebrated eases. The first ia order of time was their suit against Plnxsr Bros., of LouisvUle; the second. against Lorrlllard ft Oo undoubtedly tne largest manufacturers of tobacco la tbe country; and how the lightning strikes the Petersburg bouse of Tenable ft Co. both parties in tbe Lorrlllard ease, it is stated, bsve been extensively engaged in taking evidence, and the matter will come on for preliminary bearing at aa early day. The LorrULarde have long been recognised aa the leaders ia tne tobacco trade; but the Dsusmsn ft seems, revolutionizes tne trade to the extent of almost entirely excluding unmarked pound plug tobacco from the market. aad hence, if the Inventors succeed in their suit. the Lorrillards. instead of leadlng.lmut become tributaries to tbe Western manufactory la that branch of their business. The trade here look upon the patent plug as a Chicago enterprise. In vented, put upon the market, and managed by a Chicago man. his friends here are naturally inter ested In his suecess. aad tbs audacity with which tbs largest and richest houses la the country bsvs been attacked, and the vigor witn which tne attack has been suooorted. obtains and com mands the respect ot both friends aad enemies. A SUGGESTION TO THE TRAVELINGPU8UC. Tourists, emigrants aad mariners find that Hostetters Btorrach Bitters is a medicinal safeguard against unhealthful influences. . upon which they can implicitly rely, since it prevents the effects that an unhealthy climate, vitiated atmosphere, unaeeustomsd or unwholesome dist. bad water, or otber conditions unfavorable to health would otherwise produce. On long voy ages, or joumsys by land in latitude adjacent to the equator, it Is especially useful as a preventive of the febrile complaints and disorders of tbe stomach, liver and bowels, which are apt to at tack nstlves of the temperate soaee sojourning or traveling la such regions, and It is aa excel lest protection against the influence of extreme cold, sudden changes ot temperature, exposure to damp or extreme fatigue. It not only pre vents intermittent and remittent fever, and other diseases of a malarial type, but eradicates them, a fact which has bcea notorious for years psst la North sad South America, Mexico, the West Indies, Australia and other countries. CENTRAL ANO WESTERN MINNESOTA Are now rescued twice dally by trains of through coaches, between Chicago and Ksw TJlm. ovsr the Chicago and Northwestern Railway. Pull man sleepers run to Sparta, Winona, Owatoaas, and New TJlm. See time table.. It you need a harmless stimulant, take ford's Jamaica Ginger. San- ARRIED 8WTH Dod Tuesday. March 20. by canon Knowles, Cathedral of 88. Peter and Paul. Rob ert Smith and Mary Ellis, daughter ol Edward Dodd. all of Chleago. - DIED. Dsaz At Blue Island. I1U March 27. p. m.. in the 41 at year of her age, Mary, oldest daughter of Jean J. and the late Joseph L. Drake. funeral Friday, March 2tf. at 10:30 a. m. at the H. E. Church. Burr Oak svenue. Blue Island. friends are invueu. irain leaves tbe ttoek island decot at 8:40 a. m.. and returning, arrives in Chicago at l;3u p. m-. from thence la carriages to Hose Hill. Udilit-Catherine, beloved wife of Miahael Hurley, maiden name Carmody, aged 26 years. Funeral from residence. ti4d Fort v-third street. Friday. March 29. at 11 o'clock a. m by car riages to Uaivary cemetery. ht. Lotus and Albany pr please eopv. SPECIAL. NOTICES. VrOrtTH CHICAGO EOLLINQ MILL CO.-0TICE TO XV bTOCK.HUliJlts. A special meeting or titesiocx (Koo laetlnr holders nf the Konh Chlctso boiling iul Company will bs beld at the office of tha Conioacr. in Chicago, K 17, iietrupoJjtan UlockLM. nr. cot. ivanc.oipa and Hawaii BU Thursday. April , lbTP. s 1U o'clock In ths tors-Boos, for tba purpose of ratifying the arrnenjnta entered into tor larirely IncrsAAiutr the mantiiactunng capacity ot this company, by purchase or lease ot other at eroer ex m coot. hit HAKH C. PAVIIT, Bfcretsnr versa. MEDICAL .7". imAIf Has remov.! in. ilc to 17 J btLLtk ' ' BT&aJCX Br corner of ilonro t Chicago. . V. OATtD. To all soffertnir from the errors and Indiscretions of Tonth, crrtom weaknMS. esny oecar. stc, 1 will serd a Jl tt-ftt vi.l cure yon. iree ot cii m.rv m jiu, rne r 11. J c 'K'rt3 by a tsi.aionary m ota A me rica. t a a .-t 1 euvrtui-e to x a i iZ., L .. !-,, 16.4 Ciy. AXITJSEilEXTS r.vconrvncK hall. T O-niGElT! --FREjr TO-NIGHT! SWEDISH LADYffiffiMiisE.. eisei& QUARTETTE MUS. O. D. CARBTXOTOW. Miss Berths Bern, M. Chi. Krsose. Mr. Frank T. Baird. aiid Mr. Wax. lwla. AdmMion. toe Beeerved bests. 74c beserved Seats st Vroa Healy, 16 J State at. HOOLEY'S THEATER SUNDAY DE HTJBSKA C01TCEET. Sunday Evening, March 3L Mr D. tfe Vivo takes pleasure la aooonpdng thmrm satis of till famous HauKanaa Aigaungale and tbe Hi suing (Jpsen ef Song, MDLLE. ILMA DK MUBSKA, who will appear Jointly with' Kg. BBIOStjU. tba Prince ot Teoors. - biij. Ht'talM, the World-rtnowaau Baaso. Mr. MAki.N tba Eminent Basso Centaute. big. ClCOXfc, the Celebrated Clsnoaet Soloist. Mr. JOHN KILL, tne Instuuroinbed HamUI SSS Musical Director. Pnesa si. 76e. sod &oe. aceordlng to local! oa. Beats for sate oa sad after Friaay. H AVERLY'S THEATER iXats Adelplu J.H.HAYXRLI froprftor sad Massgs IX8T KIQHTS FOSTTTVELY OP Ia his famous character of Davy Crockett, to Murdoch's ideal of tbs SacSweods. 1AVV C H..X.KATT C. Miss Joaeptuae Laurens ss fcieeaor Vangon. Fine cast tbruiuccoat. Splendid scenery palmed eipressly foe tais niece. Hatioaas Wednesdays and aaturdaysat ttoeday Xbe siavmsccnt "irip to tne atuua." Bale ef easts eommeace tnis laorsday, M. ' HOOLEY'S. THEATER. Last performances ef SXR. SOTHERN. , THDSSDAT, KVXKIJta. BY BXQXJZST, . The Crushed Tragedian. Friday Evening Benefit of Mr. Sotbem, grand double bill. 1AT11 uAk&iCR. and A BLULLaU t IX. eaturday HaUaee Lievid amck. and A Keralar Kit. Saturday Last appearaeoa. A CaObilKD IKACiSLAN. NEW CHICAGO THEATER. . A. HsMT.r This avesung Marine's Wadneadayana natarday, third HAVERLY'S mNSTRIXS. First appearanee of Harry Richmond la conjunction With the other great Artiste. Fonder prices. Box open. McVICKER'8 THEATER. thi irjnojr qcsbk tbiateb coxfaiy For only a snort time ia the URUI r Hn Xvery aivht a edneedsy aad aatoraay MAXXSCBB. Secure year aaata. CELEBRATED CASE. COLISEUM NOVELTY THEATER. To-eicht. statlnees Tnasday and Friday. OUIt LVXOCEXT PASTOR. Orand Olio by Maria WhlrUmtham, Mast. Ktvnu, VuliiKaa aiid Morn,. aJsa. Caraiasa, W Uovland Msfrs. ajd many other. 1 hursdsy OUK BOAiUlX-hoi ME. ANMOUNCJIfTS. Palltleal. MA8S MTXTDta OF THI BECXJVD WARD KATfOJTAT, l 1-arty will be Bald at BeilevneJiarden. cor. ol Tay lor and State ta oa Friday etenino' of tnis, Maasra, laoodhsa. Barr. Bobuieos, and others will .peaa. rpHFJtX WILL BE A At kkTINU OF THnaKV K.VTH WARD A atepaulioaa duo this eveaingat ho. SOS Bins Island STeaue. THJE TWELFTH W ABX) BEFLBLICAJi CLCB WILL HOLD a meerin in uvaiar's Bail touia-ht. to raUty the regu lar Bepabliraa Bomiaauoo. tor aioenaea and West Towa omcers. Uood sosaters aad mnaic Spare ane evening tar good aad oconomlrai (aterameot. REPUBLIC AH ALDERMASIO AKD 8ULTH TO WW candidate, vlu anl ia Leagas Hall, ta tbs Urand ladao. a s :JU a. AMASS MKnTTNO OF THS FOI'BTEEKTH WARD RX-publicans will bs held te-elght at Jacob iMatch'a. atueankee avenue, at s e clock, uood apeacers will be la stu nrtaiwa Uume one. eosse aU. iOnM U1BBS, Secretary. rtvflZ KEOULAK MONTHLY MCTTTNO OF THS X. Womau's C .nsttaa Temperanee Unloa will be beld Boom A. i'arwau nail, fiviay BBjratag, as au e eiocs. THKBK WILL BE A MECTCIO OF TH MBXICAS WAB Veterana this evening at the Urand FactSe Hotel eisn-rouaua. M1 IS9 OUVB WOOD WILL LEAD THE S O'CLOCK peraaca mestlag st lover Fanrau sau taia afternoon. FOR SAXXPLAKXNQ MIIX. TpOR BALE A FLAXHtO MlLU HASH. BUBD ASD X Door Maaufaetory. Ta. only on. in a towa of 11UXK7 1 a ""' For partlcalar addrees 4 . 1. " ilua. Motrpapioa: joa. BARKBDP TCT . TV THE DIBTBICI OtCHT OF THE VXTtED STATES I fa. iK. AnKb.rn metric ok uunoif. la , Xnm tL Hm.p fvaii , m nt In Bankrantcv. Xnbi, l. h.Mnr nnn tia a netitioahas beea filed fs Said eeurt by said bankrapt, ot Caicao. la tbe eounty ot Cook, in said district, duly declared a bs'ikrupt. under ta. act ef Omars. got March X. 1V7. for a discharge. aa.l s cerua cat. thereof, from all bis debts, ana other claims provsbie under said act, and that the th day of Stay. lH7b, at 11 o'rloca a. ta, i. asslimad tor toe hearing of tbe same before said court, in the United Mates Court room, ia the city of Chicago, when and where all cred itors ot said bansrapt. ana au oust pereuos ia interest, mmv eatenil and shoe cause. If anv they Aavs. why the ? i rarer ef the said petitioner should sot be r ran ted sad nrthcrnotios la hereby given that the second snd third aueetuigs ot ssia ereoitors ot saia oaurapt. reuuirea nn-Am- the 7th and Soth auction, ot said act. will be holdea at tbe omce of H. M. Hlbbard, naq, Begistar in Bans-raptcy ef said court, at his office, la the city of Chicago, in aiid district, on the said thdayof Hay naxt. at IV e does a. m. ea,n, nnani Jii. vasxb. iiated cmcago, atarca sr. agva. IE THE DISTRICT OOCBTOF THE U!fITED 8TAFE9 for the bonhern Dtstriet ot Illinois, la the matter ot Wllilam atorsr. bankrupt in eankrupicy. Notice U hereby aiven that a netiUoa has bees tiled In said eoait by said bankrapt, vt Chicago, la the county of Cook. in eei d oismct, duly declared a banKrupt, under the act ot conereea ot M area x, ii7, tor a diacnarse. and a certificate tb.reof, from all his debts and otber claims provable under said act, sad that the th day of Atay, 1878. at 11 o'clock a. at, issaaiKued for the hearing ot the asms before said court, in the fnitsd states Court room, is the city ol Chlcairo. when and where all credit ors ef said bankrupt aad ail ether persona la Interest may attend and .how cause, if any they have, why toe prayer ot the said petitioner should not be granted : and further nones la nereuy Klee tnat the second and tnlra meetings of said creditors of said bankrupt, required under the 'Tth and .Pth sections ot said set, will be hoiden at ths office of H. . Hibbe-d. Keq. Keclster la bankruptcy of said conn, at tnis omce in tne ity ot laucago. in said district. oa too saia ata aay ot may next, at io o cioca a. m. w at. m. Sated Chicago, Maroh r7. 1S7S. H THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE TOUTED srATES . for the Korthern laatnct ef fllinoia. In taa wisttsr ef eacoe atets, sanarapt la oeaaruptcy. Notice la hereby rlren that a petition has beea Sled fa aaid court by said bankrupt, of Chksaeo, in the musty of Cook, la said district, duly declared a bankrapt. under the act ot tolrai ol Karen s, isM7.ior a nisenargs. ana s eertineata thereof, from all his debts and other claims provable under said act. and that the 4th day of M ay. 17. at 11 o'clock a m, is aaairned for ths brarius of the esms before said con rt, ta tbe United State. Court-room, in the City ot Chicago, when and where all creditors of said bankrupt and ail other persons In interest niey st-tsnd and show cause, if any they have, why the praye or lh...Mh.nHMiM BkAnM .At k, WltM ' and fnrtheT notice 1. hereby aiven that the second and nun meeunn ot saia rreaitora ot aaia oanarnpt. ivimiv, urik..,k.urii,..i ii mft wiiiheholden at the office of H. Hlbbard. Esq. KeeUter la Bankruptcy of said court, at his omce ta tn. city oi i-aiceiu, - "w-tnct, oa the said Sth day of Mav next, at 1 e cloci is. m. Dated Chicago, March r7tu.lS7i. TN THE DISTRICT COURT OF TUB VXITX.D STATES A for the otrhern ut.triei ot uuooi... m. . umw, im-,mm- -i hank-rant la Danfruptrv. notice is nereuy given that aim in said court by said bankrupt, .of ! Chicago, in the county of Cook, lu aaid district, duly declared bankrupt, under the so wua-r w aaarcu loo7, for a oisehenre. and s oertiflcate thereof. from aU bit debta and otner claims provable under said act. snd that tbs 4th dy of Mar. 187S, at It o'clock a. m. Isaaarned for the heanngof the same be- city of Chicaso, when snd where sll creditors of said K.nkn.n, ,ii other Dersona in interest, msr attend and .bow eanae. it any tney have, why the praer of the said petitioner should not be granted ; and further notice Is hereby given mat uie uu mini iutcuovi ok stM creditors of said tankrupt. reoulreo under ths 7tu and th Krootit of said act. will be holdes at the office ot H. hi. Hlbbard. tag, BVeirister ia Bankruptcy of said Co art. st bis office in the city of Chicago, lu said district, on the said ttb day of May next, at 10 o clock a. m. . . " n- ani'iis,i,viera. , Dated Chicago, starch 7. 187M. IN THE riSTRICrcouKT OF THE UNITED STATES fnr ih. Nortll.rn District Of Illinois. In the m, tlmr cf beorse 51. Thnrber. bankrupt In bankruptcy. Kntu, la hereby eiven that a net tion haa h. an Slrwt In said court by asid bankrupt, of Cunao. In the county of Cook, in ud district, ouly declared a bant rapt, under tho set of Ooneress of ilerch 2, ls7, foradii-caeive, and s cer-tifloate thereof, from all his debts and other claims provsbie nnoer said act. and mat the tth day of May, IMit. at 11 o'clock a m.. Is SAntmed for the urinm of the same before aai-1 ooiirt, io the United Mate. Omn-rflm. In tue city of Cbirao, when and where all creditors of aa.d bank tot t and all other persons In Interest may stf.ud snd show cause, if any they have, why tbe prayer ot the said petitioner shouid not be Kranred : sud t urtnr notice is hereby ifiven tijat tb. second and third meeting ot said crvdit-rs ot said bsn.rnpt. rviui ed under lite '.'7th and itli sections ot said act, wiu be noiden at toe omce ot a. I. Hlbbard. Lao- r.eui,U'r in bankrubb y of said court, at his omce. in tne city cf Cbicao, in sud diauict. oa U- said lui day ot Atay next, at lu o clock a. m si L. i,v.8-t. Daisd CLittaJ, March 87, 1ST. , OrnCIAX PXTBLJCATIOrS. AJtfCJAX.. 8TATEJIE.Tr or tbe rT7.Kn: ctty iwstr a.itcs coitpawt of Newark, in the biato of New Jersey, on tbe 31st day of December. 177. made to the Auditor ot A'utauo Accounts Of tbe State ot Illinois. pursuant to law. Amount of oaoltal stock paid u u in fSB ....... fUMMM Value of real estate owned by the1 oompany.. - tMJ&t M Loans ou bond, and inorwaea..... ........ li&.'itv.iA I nited btatee .toca. and bouda Si.XlJ btate, city, eounty. and other bonds. .... XU.I-mjM Ca,h on hand ai.d In bo !... ... Su.-u. 71 Interest dus and accrued....... .7..7..V. .7.7.!! 4Jfau4 Freminms is coarse ot collection and trans. mission..... 8STT5 Bents da. and accrued, ato.... XjtilM lailum ; Orn.s el vims toy Insets adjusted and unpaid........... ......SlOjJTl.'a ' Oroee claims for losses upon which no action has been taken .., tna ' Losses lesistea by the company acijue Total siuaa smennt of claims toy - lossns , ..m..S11jMSJ Xet amount of unpaid losses.. SUjMt.Ta Amount of unearned preniinis oa all eat- atajUdinjr rl,k, ... ...... ..... ...... SOSWaS Unpaid certitt cates of proflts .itujj9 Due tot re ai missions, ltrokerage. etc ......... - uaijd t7,lS(J 1VS3JS LDS6J7 v; Total Uablllties.a f K QOMaET Fremlnm. received during tne year, fa cash... Interest aad dividends received during the year.. -. . Amount received from all otber source, rents, aotniniaaiona oa reinsurance, pre- BllU rtlS, SlCrt..H.M mmm tassss paid durmg toe year , Ifividenis paid dunnif tbe year........ ILlfitUAl Oomniisslone and silanaa paid daring the ' yar .............. M. ............. ,M. ,. - ' S9.718 Taxes paid during ths rear...... - s.7WjM Amount of all ether expenditures, ethos agency and other expenses......... 1JMM Toalexpatidltsia.............., aiiai;rjLXAAXyUua. mutt jam mt Total risks taken dnnng the year In Illinois. . Total P rem In is received nnrimr tha rear 1 Illinois. T. 1,701 Total losses incurred dating the year ia UHaols .. JS51 Total imonnl of all risAa outatanding V "".-' ' H.J. Puiik.n, l'resident. . . JOHN BCH c iXlJtAiJHAJt. Secretary. 8o beerlbed and sworn as Before me this ldtn day eaa. nary, 1ST a. chas. t. ZiiXiLaB. Kolary 1-uUic. LasexCo,.J. ' , AI?I UAJL. 8TATE.YIE.TT of tbe PHENIX INSURANCE COMPANY of Brooklyn, in tbe state of Few York, oa the Slat day of December, un, made to ths Auditor ot Psniie Accounts ef tne btateof IUinoie. pursuant to law: , CAPITAL. Amount of eapltal stock paid uo in caah.. 9XjXSj301jOS AaakTlS. Value of real estate owned oy the company... gsjan . 'jauaAjue . CSUIIVJS t aited btate. stocks snd bnuils. Bailruad bonds and Blocks state, city, eounty, and outer bonds ..... .... bans stocks ......... , juer corporation , , , - , , Loans oa collateral security ..m. Caah oa hand and in Interest due sad .ccrued Premiums is coarse of oaHertloa aad traos- miasioa....... Premium notes All ether property. IM.aJi - e es ia iw.a sxaasuLss Uabiilaasia - ISOjMsJO Total. Deduct special deposits semiring Virginia aaa . snansIM.M. ...... ., Total available assets.......;. lAABiLli'ika. Oross claims tor lossss, adjusted and unpaid... ........ . Prose claima for loss... apoa which ne ecu on has been Lakes.... ... 1M.' T nssos resisted by the couipany.... Ketamountof unpaid lo-e, Amount of nneamed premiums oa all ou standing " Due tor rent . Dae tor commissions, brokerage, etc... ...... 7U7 MUTUl . 1MAJJ Dedact ii aiiili i-"e secured by'speoai" depoeitl n.til H Total liabilities. ... . Premlnnss received during ths year ia i ire mi urns received earing the year. in Botes.... SJXJ87.7 Interest and dividends received dnnng the year Amount received front ail other sourest...... : Total Income.. JUJrJL.'ViJ'lXblfctJB. losses paid during the, year. Dividends paid during tne year .... Commissions sad ss lanes paid dunag tha Taxes paid &uriiiflh''Tir"."71llll 'm7'.l Amount ot all ether xpendnuree. asej.7S t7.laUt ai.i7i.stai- ,,." tVMlJtUSt SJUiMUJUS SMJS8.7S sS.Vuije lakMAjd Total erjsndltnres.:...J... MUtM.1.1 VIUJL5. Total risks takes dunne the year la L lino is. tOJRUKnM, Xo'ai premiums recetvea oajnng tne year is llnn,ia... ....... .... Tetmi U .,. iBkenrredl dnrinor tne rear la. Illinois...... ............. .. .. ....... mm SS.OSSjv Total amomat ox ail neks onutandmr. ....... Siw.Aost-Uuat hirj-tixj ciiokvauu. rresioest, Wat. B. CBtJVVkXL. eeeretary. Su beerlbed and swera ta betore aae taia zd day ot January. UK. - F. P.BcKKi, Oosnmlseloaer for liUneis In ew Xork. ' AmiTAX. 8TATEME.TT Of tbe WILLI AXTSBCEO CITY TTBK IXSCSAXrX (OMfANY of Brooklyn, in tbe State of New Tork. oa the Slat dsy of December. UCT. made as tbe Au ditor ox rnuufl Aftcoasta oc tne state or Illinois, CAPITAL. Aasout o eapital stock paid up la AvOsaki a. Value of real eetate owned by tne earn Loena oa bonds aud ni oris aires.. Lnited Mates stock, and bonds. ... . Bsiinisvl b.rfias and atiwks,.. . btate bonds ....... Hans atocxe UUet cercoratlon stocks Loans eu collateral security Casa oa hand aad in bent..... .... Interest due and accrued............. Premiums la course of eollectioa Bants due aad accrued...... .. B78JM.0T .... 1ia.stn.pB SOuuUS . 5JXijS au.ue a atviMsi Deinci'peciai "delpomte Becaiing II iNl'i'rl'es' ta tseorsua ana Virginia , ... i Total svallabss svajntJBt t j a'niTfriiaI ' Oroee claima tog leaass. adjaated and unpaid......... ........... ..... ... .. SUntf? Groeaclaima for losses, apoa which no action has beea taken... tJyTLM Loses. Related by the company.... 7 J6mM ke amount of unpaid loses. .... . gla.WfltS Amount of unearned premlnma oa all oak- atandinar nak. . lBXSMJg Due lor com missions, brokerage, ate...... AU other Uahiuoss . .. . asisss Total...................-...........I... S31AAJM Dednct liabiliUeB aecared by special deooalts 4JM2J ... . ana.SiJS Premiums i seel red during the year, tn cash..' Interest aad divtdaads received Sunns ths Anio ontreceiredrom alitnes eourcee , " SSs.li7Ji S9.1SI tl (MSjzas? SVJSAIJS ISLlSISt ... llaTS aJkPlkKLHTUAiAa. Losses paid during the year DivKlanos paid auxins the year Commissions sad saiartsa paid daring tbe Taxes paid during the year, Amount ox au otner antai sipwHIllMi'w-yy-Y rrV- i i ii ----- Total rUk. taxes dunnx til. year in llUnoia. . se.iM.sa1 tt Total premiums received during the year la fHllrfr iff ............ lt.Ttlil Total kisses Incurred daring the year ia Illinois . " 1L5E8-M Total amount ef ailrlaks outstanding... ...... $51 JUjiiioaj ilMI NU litUUlia. President, . ' A. V. AlkStiloLK. secretary, ' Bubscrlbed snd sworn to before me tlua 3d dsy ot Jsn aary.lsM. ' - ' liLlvN COxLUi. Notary Public . ' AXIVVAX. STATEMENT Of the PHCENIX INSURANCE COMPANY of Hert ford, la the btate of Connecticut, oa the Slat day of December, isTT, made to the Auditor ot Public Accounts of the State ef Illinois, pursuant to law t CAPITAL. . ..- Amount of capital stock oaid upia fall.. mjKOJKtM Amount of unoaMi capital tor which aubecrib- Total eanitaL.. au.RTki- Valae of real estate owsea by tne company. Loans on bonds u4 sialw.,. United states bonds btate, city, and other bouda. ......... HaiiroBd and other Mocks.... ...-v..... , bank atocka. i. ... ...... , - -- Loans on eoilalerei aecuritv Cash on hand and in sank........ lntereat accrued and in .ana ..... . . premiums ia coarse of ooiiscnos aaa miseioa Hants S135,fno;09 6!UrO.US 110.0 Ox l.'.vvia infant SM.lXl.aS rasa. US.e90Sl Bocraad,... ..- aaajav S2,eVltaf Uabtlitiasia Total , Decact apecial d.poall sera ring tregon.... ....... Total nailahla HII -i l l B.M Oross claima for losses u uoa whioh no action baa been taken. ..... fMM'St Losses resisted by the company uujH Total gross amount of claims tor ' . . ..eli4,7at si Vet amount of unpaid loeees. Amount nsessssry to reinsure all outstsndinc BtUMDS n,Sa,ltae Total,,.vV Deduct liabUiUas secured by ipeoial deposit. TOTJBkgi Total ltabUities.............. Prsmlums received aurinv tbe year, ta cash.. Interest received during the year.. Keats received. Total I-XPENDITUB-ra. Louses paid during tne year Lividenua paid dunn tne rear.. ........, Commiaaions and ss I arias paid daring Taxes paid ouringths y ear ....... - tjhiaarai .. .,... Sl.asl.Hsl It Total sxpenilitu............. ... SVAJklSAlW Ihe .... trj.yas ... K... SUn.7l6J Total risks takes dur.nK the year In Illinois. IOUI prtnlUats ivwi.v, u,i mm, w us T. ,.1 ituaft. Incurred during the year la Illi nois - ST.T'J.CO Xouti auicuiit of aU risks outitandmc F119.4,eaa) u. AujiAfu i, rFUlwil, 1. V . Cbii LIV, rf:rry. Pnbi' 'ed aad sworn to be'ore mtuiengar i wan ,J,Wi a.. . . i i, .- i a. , X, m

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