The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
Page 3
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3 (Anty 'coyhifift jftfra r, Social /Calendar , •'s Evram Thursday I.uhcheon cliib having fcarty at Country club .with Mrs. C. i yi. At (Uric hostess. Mrs. H; A. Taylor having Thursday. Luncheon club. - Ynrfero mlsalonnry wMrty Imvr Ing Vchrislmas .party ut, home .or Mrs. K.-.B. Lloyd, 2 [l. in. Mrs.;, A. Conway entertaining Kild^epk-. bridge . cliib members and, husbands dinner party. Holy Name society nl the Church or. the , ,-Jnimacii|at« Conception 7;:)0 p.', iii., nt hall. Mr. and'Mrs.' Edgnr Bonmi cn- lerlalnllig with dance, at American I*g)dti. hut for Ml.w Mary Elizabeth Bohim. •MisA' . .'.M$i-jar«l.; MrirTiit having ilahw^for'pupils nl rtotel Nolilr-. ; Christmas party given at Hotel Noble by Miss Margaret MoflHL ror '""'" - : ' children or dancing class. Coiihty Council KiK Xina'; Party. • the Woman's, rlui) honsp wnr, gaily ilfcoraKul with cver0rpF!H and a Christmas tr«? fiolurday {'purity : Council nr Ilhnw ._.....uttqh-'cliihr.."nVlil .the an- nua) .Christinas-, pat'ly'-tliere..' The, roriy^t^o dubs or the ooitfity.v/ri-.- 1 reprMented,: Vfirh • H2'. PFdple. Mrs. Waller;., Wood.-, of'vljiixora/prrslil?!!!., prf'stdeci:: at .the bnslne.« r.e.iston. The jjivsiness -sessjon' was ojx'ned by, Ringing .of Christmas enrols ftfiil the tellihg of the origin. or flhrlslmafj. Tltr- cmlnelt decided In sjipfctij--.a'pvdpsr meat, cutting, eiir- Irij- and -..storing!.campaign. Tlie members .realized : 'that.much meat In the county'is not cured'proper- ly of probably killed when the temperature Is too high. They also voted to sponsor a living, room Improvement' campaign. Many' ct UA..*-n club' girls Have to entertain their visitors in; their>bedrooms. .The council members have made plans whereby they can. convert lliclr bcdi-born Into n living room by having day-beds or studio couches to replace the beds and lo luake or me ittractt\e dressln tables. The mkitday luncheon, consisted or tomato cocktail ihlilen am dressing Harvaul b-els, Spanish beans, pear salad pickles ind rel l«h, hot rolls ind butler pumpkin pie and hot ; coffee.. Each club, was rfsponsiblp ror part of the menu After (IIP luncheon the table was Cleared and Christmas girts e^•« changed Thp "iipervl'-or? o; the kitchen-- in the noith end or the county pie-ented Mr, o a Redford,'local field' supervisor, with a Tfciven spread? Miss Ruby Woodruff local UPlrt nip*rvisor fqr^the 'ouiii pnd op Hi.- 'county, v.os prc- c enl«(J a stil' DI grcin and **'•"• psjamo.- Mn l\if$ -- s pr^tftU^cl ^Misr Cora man,' rotmh home d igiiit lite tiltt Itoiii the couru u c*0 ptilri of hose wlUi n five dollar blll^in partppplr - They told her IrMt -.hp rraild Inly litr own Santn plau.s Mrs Jerry VVlilte, pre.sU ilent fleet 01 ihe roiihcli pre ent ed Mr^ WaltVr Worxl n 'd 01 ma tlttla rmtiHrj-, irom thp council Uie next iounctl meeting will be in Jamiarj v,lth MW; Mena district h6mp, demoiLstrniton •S etiMl 01 honm / * * Siumieis-Johnson The marriage or Miss Oh Mae Johason, tormerij of here and not, of Memphis to Mr John'G Sim uels jr or Bardwell, Ky vias so emnlzol Wednesdaj December o at the home of the Rev c E Nor man pas'ot of tne Hlchhna irelghts Presbytcmn tlmrch o Memphis. > The. bride'-is the grahjdaiighjei of J..T. Alfo.rd and has'a numb<-r or otliei-' relatives 1 here where' she resided for a number of years .V£The.bridegroom; is a member of -.»'•'J*e .graduating.-: class'of the Unl- •" ^versity of Tennessee Colcge. of Medicine. . ' C>. A.'s First Baptist j- Charch (o ri ?T e Party. ^!i? t Cltlrls ' All>:i Hary of the First Ilapiist church will have, ft Christmas party (his cvenln K . 7:30 o'clock, at Ihe home-of (be le a( i er Bobbie Jean.Blaylock.- : T Win wing a hrlef ),nslnp.s.s session IJfre will be ' Ihe-exchanging- ol Chrbtmas girts which: will adorn a [iffitniy rrrmmed tree. _ • . All nwmbfirs are urged to attend. W. M. II. Meets. ^frs. VV. M. crow was In charge pf tho program, "Hack to Pelh- Miem." presented, in 'the regular meeting of tho Womaii'r, Missionary .Union of Hie -.Hint -'hnpltsl cniirch Mon<lay afternoon. f«trs K P. Bloiheyer prc.sontcd the dcvo-i onal, '"11115 nay a Rillitrp." and the first prayer. i\> r the devotional sno used the scripture found In l'«lic 2;ll. "Oh Silent Nifht" was prasonlert. by n trio oom|M.sed of Mrs. Russell Rur, Mrs. l>. i,. Tip- ion, and Mrs, cieorgo M. 1/> C , p-nji Mrs. Murray Smart at, the ulann. A lalk, "Hack to helhlchcm," wis prr-sftntfid by (Jin Hev. A. R car- PentPr. Mis. W. M. nlaylock gave a alk, "Whf-rp chilly Clirlstinns Is warm." Miis Cordelia Wllhllo cave ;;Ciirlslmas Night, |;i n ark AlVIca," •A Chflflmas Visitor'' was given hv Mrs. A. c. .Blnylock. Mrs. ,) ' P. 1-rlend sang, '-Tlfaiitifiil Garden of Prayer," The program was • closed ''"' "w singing or "Silent Night." liiwlne • Hid program- narli mlllf,-, rfjnlnnaii gave tier yearly t'fjmrt ami HIP R r . v . A . 3 Cf , r . p.'-nter ln.->lnlle,l (he following' offl- CM-S: president. M,,. ri\saA m i a . gon; nrer. vtne-pwslJenl, Mrs.'W. M. Crow; ,si>c&n.;l p>?-p re ?,ldPHt MI-J A. C. Blaylvl-; ihifd 'vljp-prfsl- 'lenlvifrs. VV. M. willlamv ^ceti- lary, Mrs. Tan Mscteon; lrc.asiir,>r i W'*. tl. W: ^n^JliIli,• ?an?S(anillna\ ifi^' 1 ""? 1 ^"' H ' E - nlaylock; publicity chairman, Mrs. Uoyd StK'k- i mon; mtekm study chairman. Mr.-:; £•• W.' Aflllck; personal mrvlce Chairman, ,\fr : -,. .rolrn Bifchanair soda) cliaftiiinn, Mrs. R p ulo- meyer; chairman circle 1, ^f|r,. K D. Marr, w it|, Mrs. Leslie Moore as mission' study leader; circle 2, Mrs. Will Rogers, chairman, .with Mrs. C. W. Aflllck as mission study leader; circled, M rs. H. L. Chambers, chairman, with Mrs. R. L Rceder as , mission study leader- Circle 4, Mrs.,E. D. Woodson. chairman, with Mrs. Alvin HiiJTmsn mLs.sloii study tcador; chairman of business women's circle", Mrs Otis Sneppard: leader of Y W A Mrs Sam \ramlli leadei of inler'mcdi a*c O A Mrs Will RO^CJ-S leader of Junior O A, Bobble Je-m nia\- lock leadn of Sinibci/ns Mrs \i C Outlaw Mrs nieo-lore io"in closed Iho mcellng w !t|, prayer, - 1 *• * To Have Ciu-lstmas Operelta Students of the thlul and fourth xirfcs or HIP AI morel Jimloi ingh school will present an operetta "Ut- llp Jane'; Quest of Santa Glaus Thursday eveninc 7 o clock it, the school audltoriiiui. Ihc students vill be a-i'istfd by othrr stiijleiits or ihe chool direct*? 1? W 3 aA ) I a x «,WonucV, teacher or oifif giaj, *^ , ( 1 >&*!•> &tf n and K r c nb HiR First Prpsbyloi-lnn rijufch nltti a Christmas party nt her holho last evehliij!. Tlijs has been her custom ror a dumber or years. It wr.s a gay affair reatured V'ltli fill's from a heavily Indcned trw. Each had n present on HIP tree which. 'WHS unidentified except for corresponding lo Initials, l) le hostesses presented each another ^m on the Christmas refreshment. pUUp Mrs. l/>u!xe Crane llilcr, clwlr- |nan, jjave each a or mint M. •ly. and Mrs. Uobert E. j rtc King, chairman, svns Hcvernl prlws )» npurnnrlalc UIMW madii more inrM-riini>nt'. Nfrf,. W. C. r/>gg(>u OTII n mill rake ror - „ Hi" Jluelc bell n-oiii her In a. Ranie v, c hloh vromoled coiivei-sa- v/ith bells JlnEllng througlmut, \'ii« w-iilne. Mrs. Ed irwiinn won a realLsMe corsage ror pinning the Clirlr.tnias .wnl closest'to (lip fen- ler of ft IITO, Another gnmp was making Vulrtlitr. ombleins Iran ,-ut «f> seals. ' ' + f ... i,sn,1 Sofi&iy ISirfts •rhp Pi-omfscd r.and AlfEsloimry .wlety rriEt nt the home or Mrs. Alton Woiuloy when llils program WRM carrlfTl out: fono rSHent Hight"; pinycr, Mrs Clrn- lyei Snlherlimil; Cliflslmos stnvy Mrs. Op'orire Rkello'n. ' Oltta were exchanged'and n iln- two courw uichii served by Iho hpsfr-ss, n,sslr.t<?d by hr-r s[-(ej. Miss Kmmn ninfc Mnnri>. ' First mjiilst tholr ( WI11 iPrcwiit Canlaia • The rampus cantata, ."Ciilmcs-' or [ho Holy Nlulit," by Holiori. will UK prasented by the choir of the First Baptist church Stmday evening, 8 o'clock. Mrs..Pnul L. Tiplon will direct the, choir of 34 hi which Mrs J P. Friend will sing H win, Alvin and Prank Hurrman. a duet, T. H. Huync.s-. n solo; and Mrs. nusseli Tan iiui Mr 1 ; riflny Frit?ius the (ibligito-; Mr<s Muir-iy Sm-irt will Class Has I'roeram Iho limtui rngilsh class or the city high school hm 1 chrLstmis program this hiornin-j arranged by MKs- Liina B Wllhphn i m »„,„ ton weie Pwm Pollyiiiu nuik 'toiy, Thfliin Kophlu stoi-y Oil- Sht or Ohiistmns Miitha ffi» l.ynph jjoc-m j"^silyn . Mi and Mis llemy lohn^n the |)| r th of a am Tliiiredny noon. Thn biiby, who weighs .elgiii nouhd-i, ha.s liren "arnrd Ertille - given by Mr. r.nd Mrs,'T,"srwilHams will lumbers or the Tliesjilnii Dramatic cluh met nt tha home or Eva- loi! Ifnwklns evening to practice enrols. TI,<,.,O w iu | W slme Simdny evening as ih c members >i, Party for t Irclr ' n A Una ciilcrhin'd circle or the Woman s Aiixllmrj of -. or shut-lm. They will bear lighted tapers. Sandwiches nnd hot chocolate, were served. llnslncss \vomi-n Ifave \ Annual VulcH.!,, Tarty. / Mrs. p;. J'. noli rnlwlalnnl the and 1'rofes.slojKii Women's vhib U'llh a irarly.lnsl evening at he Oplf Hotel who,, included ID IIIP JO euesLs were. Marjorie slc- Vfn., ancLVcra Ellzaljctli aoodi-ldi, '•it- aKrnctlv'oly mran^ed tree had tjltl..-. f or fmynnf . n |; (1 ^ cartU were played. ' Cukes candles,' mils hoi ehmnlnle were served. fo Hsve Danco for Sl'lw Bonim, Mr. aim lib-3. niKiir nornm u-ill The affair. | 0 \-, e jifih.v slore s\l Adiintrt fnr the mist len years, Cbtli'e Kennedy hn« re-. from Kevernl days intwv from Inmien?,:!. Mnrgarct Moffftt. itnncln? '• nt niylhft'VIIK-, Uxnm Os-,-- mill Wilson, is 111 iit-)i>r houicv in |,nxorn, ,,h"m'' S Vlreln| a M^'" nnd Jon- 1 I" Wren Dillnhunty, who ulleiul line University or Avknnsas ul rvy- (eurni),., ;v iu n ,. r j v( , | |0]1)tl -]-i 1U j. iS( | n y hnlldiiys. -, Siln WDIlngiiniH |s „ , m . iieni at tho St. Joseph hospltul or Memphis. Iteevi'.s, of CaruthH^isvllli^ W". sjient Sundriy here. .liimule irnsson nnd John i> nw : Wiiltim, aliirtcnts nl Ciiliimliln Mil"a"! 1 Ariulemy nt Colmnliln. 'ivnn,, .. '« nrrlved linme ror the Iml- W»ys. lirtve boi'n mnilo <.ni-|inr:ils •lliuiiile lln.ssoii, who Is in li-:ilnin R for entrance I 0 Annapolis DPM W-ptfinueiv Li tile only'iil | n the liltiloty or Ihe school lo \n- mule K wpowl (hiring his first year llif-ic. Itc mnirlcnlnteir from ihe University or Alnlwinn, wtmre • hv Ills frreliiimn yc-ar, .Mr. nntl Mrs. W, O. Blur aii:l suwguest, Ml.w Ruliy nine, of riipsvllb, spent ycsienlny in MPIU- The rondllton nr.A.'p r'nlman of rVirl W(ty/ie. Tmt, wlirl'ii:i{ i tm [ • Tlie romiiiton .nf A. (!. Hall, who la critically 111, •yi lir.ller ,., „ ,. Sndbury ".-. oOii(iii.riiiTa will play. Bits oj Nti£s Mostly Personal Rosemary Monaghnn. infant daughter, or Mr. and Mrs. Matt Monaghnn jr., is 111, Among those who attended the wrestling match In Memphis'last night -were- Ed Jones, Roy iip'rah •-"-.- W. A. GrJmmoll, L. L. Ward r. ninl Mrs. A. Conwny, M rita-- Sir 1 !.:""! ..n'' cedc ". Otreitte h'nrles Crlge'er jr.,. w."' N' WIN liams, Grovei-, Ashley, j. .. sfc'nil- "mr RH S£: V "' ""^ Bn " Pi Will an, RasK-y lin , rfll]ril( ,,, fro Memphis y .,h t .,.f. „„ ^, as (,,.,,,, nf Mr. and.Mi-s. Hay Worlliinntoii \-l>:: uml Mrs. pnul L.Tlpton nnd fo». "LA, will ,;«> to Roniah, M,,, I'm evening for Ihf: uimmil C'lirlM- DOuglns cousins, fii^ut 'whnti la Mrs. Tiplon. . Carney Lasllc will leave this afternoon ror. his homo In Chtu-lolto N - C.. to spend the holldnyt -w>loi«ly III. is ,,o w bettor 'nnd he nnd Mrs. Krdrnim will come down here when he is nljln lo [,-nvel ;Mra, Diln stubbs. who has been 'lintc ill nt thu home nr licr ilaiigh- ler, Mrs. K. I, nrndley, has now recovered. .'•-...••. .,. •Mr. and. Mrs. \\, n . Joyncr nnd cjildrcn will.go to Okninali.'oklii ,4'T'lay tor Chrlstmns. Mr, ;ioyncr .will return next Wednesdny nnd other members of tho -fntiilly will .remain until New Year's day wh'n I ! Ihey will nccnmtmm, M ,., m ,.| A! ' rs Hnl) !s ill from-fnflit- i nr htj home, 'K, t.efi An Mrij, satllo Ci'cws was' elected "'ovihy nuiirnn of Iho |or/i> diiip- ler ot O. B. H. t (1 .snve'ln 19115. Oilier orilc-m will In-: j, ].\ :>n[ in, woi'lliy \mn\\\\ Mrs. 1,0,, Mllli-v, ii.wii'luiiv ninlinii; N. i-y. !is.5nclai« pulhiii; Miss Ashley. i-on.Un'iuv.s; Mrs Kv:i Myivuil, .srei-ehirv; Mnt ,( I) Hi'sl, liT'iism-cr. (-)Ui<-.|. (i[|i,>r'i- ; \v|li bi' npfuilnu',1 l>y ii,,. ,,,, w Wl ,,.|i, v in:i|i'iiii hermv hi.Mi.llnl Inn, Iwh will i' livid III .Iflimnvy. lliinnony C!iin] 1 MiuulH'i- mill) ". N, A, ill nii'i-i, a, i,'|..iil]\v .-,,,.(. . '.-'iv: 1,1 vl hr romli)}' ulipnilniu-e i.i uif.c-il. \'nir A guests of Mr. Kllllarci's parents, fur. nnd Mrs H o Hllll&rd, for the Christinas holidays. iiTre rTarll ^ nrrjrciifh' arn tab/ >if\f lelwnrl rrorn AfiFj«|ppl, u|,crn die, hau tvuj \\Mni tt\- Mr ^ l Mi,, 1 w Wliilflell null Yntes at Mfinphls l,\<;l \'ecl Hound Priulei anil Phillip i my. vim me n((ei,i|lni! M I) nl Oolnmhln. ni'ilvcd home Htiii- ihy nlHhl lo .pen,! (he li'ollilajs ftlilt Iheh |Mi,)i|. Nf, ,| H( | Mls I' P Ponitei nnd Ati nnd Mi, N Koiitjj Ml', nnd MIB, H. | ; . willlnm'i, i.'.n in Ilioh en, ts MI \Vllliin\s' {.luilioi Mis ,l n Willhms, or }l«!imnb. Mr) Mi nnd Mis T c\ nni-ley .mil diiui,htei, MKs Minnie Alfi'c ln u , lert lo sucml thi «Un^i „[ i, llt ,Mj(lS llll Mi nnd MI , f ,i m ,, Wl | ||u " " Hie blrlh or a >,on ,i ih'i, In C'liijti-c last \iet-k I Mi and MII, |>- m ,| ' | ((>1mrM •ii Hi- nin\!tii i» ri^cohi wh, i J 111 I iplni ,1 In i j Mi mill Mi i \v ''mined In nut iiiti, /\,|, Ml". Mlfoinl fninir '''I lo C(iilllli,! Ml , ii'i,v niiihi urn, „ Mi unit \in, \v u loir position v.ttn Tucker « U unuw f Company and will return to>Mem-* phij January B. . '. : • . • Rf ana Mrs fl B Tuis of PraBfh v,cii> liere Prlany Mtitlng « "oh- 0 -- '° -*'"'" 1 thi> " lr ' cril1 .7 I ' Freshmfn ftili Be Sindied for Abilities COI.OMIUA, Mo (UW-Tflp K- - nblllty of on r.eshmen"mp'n"blu> dents will be studied by the physical tduciuton ilepnilmeni. nt. (he Unlwislty of Mfwouil PiiitlclimUon in high school- spoih. Hie nptUiido test intiiiz nnd n xcholni-shlp )^ t0 iy nrst will bo olKnlnod Then the „,«, lv ,n . He .senl thioiiuh pnyMcnl mnn- o nns Including the bur dip, ionp-,< i.!^ l .', ll ^.... l! °- yi \"! '"«•>''. iimiilnij-- Uironliiit "i-. .l. n. McnanlH iin.l drtupu- i 1 . Mlw Alice, arrived home (,v,-.|- ir. «wl: ttul uflor „ ( , 1m . |||,. 0 ,, D |, Aliibamn, Mississippi, p| mWl , , tui j vblt fit RotiMfr fdy h nr. nnil Mrs, J. n. "ompankd them In xns. wheiy ^ tor. Mia nien nniltii, anii Mi-', • ••mill), I'PinaliiPil for n | 0 ,, ? ,,,, v | r , j( Mi', ii nil Mr. " ' ' licunce Ihe niri or Mtr., mid Mrs. C), (j. Snlimlay nl Ii'. nnd Mrs. llenvy Holmes 6r U, Mich., arrived'omi- the week Tnini'V,"!"" tllfl "' " nm(1 wil " "Mrs. lollle Holmes. Mrs. mimed In nil aulomobl'tc nceideiii i»oi rafts ago,, has )io recovered. p,J,!!^L fl"'; 1 '• _?• ••'PnPS.'... Dixie |; : .0. W. 'n.ider .attended lo Uu s |. new In ^rteollrl during the wcet-- end. • - . Real Thrfiat relief! Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub 5CTJ5? GIFT No °n«.need suffer Ihe lor- ot Athlete 1 ! root «n4 Hi tltealn^, HcMnr accom- ln.T .ymptom.. Get ?'"*'• S^t" E« t e today fcora it Prlc. fO «nt«. -W CHRISTMAS Your women triends will appreciate the perfection of these exquisite stockings. ... You can have them in any texture, from gossamer sheet-ness to sturdy service weighls, in lovely colors . , . They are.packed in attractive star-covered Christmas boxes, ready for Wrapping.... Let us help you choose color, style and size. 75c. to $1.35 Knee Lengths 60c at the New York --'Store Floyd A. White Popular Priced Shoes, Hosiery, Too! Open Evenings Until Christmas "T 1 ^"""^ COLDS und FEVER "MUM - mi,., ,,""| D , ay 'i i Headaches in in Clean Snil nnlj , moi , ,„„ h|l iliiliirs clrancil fm or (oiusii n 0 |,. U( , In Trie jm, ('hi| s lii,,i s |- u , !f Imt otir uhlco l,: "t'lnc •r. A. Mfclile si-,, oharlc'i ,,„. • ! " 1(l K. ,W. McCamr nr- vcd mm, nnliirrtny nH vf „ vlsll. 111 Atlnntn. Oa., win, ]> .,. A Xeb licilo WHS in Yjt. ],, mi , ; W.M-1; HttMlllllIB 1.0'llliSlllKiS' 3 Doses «H|.Fdlejr*s .Loosens -C^ujgn — ' Unuru ~~? A CORDIAL TO YOU! Tasty "Cordials"! Kayser Cordials! Undies so smooth "~not a bulge or wrinkle. So slimming. No extra Fullness. SHAPED VEST BRIEF PANTIE BLOOMER "KHYSERETTE" COMBINATION Here's a cule Kayser trick-! A snug; warm combination, made With lhe..nsw Kayj*,etJe slilch. No side fastening lo mar its sl;ave sleekness, but plenly of stretch for prac- ' <£ "1 ticol purposes. KAYSER SILK GOWNS '§1 $1.95. Jack Applebaum Beautiful IMc\v Lanijis ... A Per [eel Cifi for the /£omc! ^^M^SJT? 1 * °/ U1CS!; nc « ««*'• «nd Vta«Hnz creation \u,leh fri r L oh ^o V","^" 1 >!lto * a " (i Wac? *>*». ,„, ^XAJtn,^^"" - li-om ^..50 to $9.00 (:0j)f)0./ (locklaiJ Shakers Stt.OO Up and Ciirnniiuui NovHties nnv nnd diireienM POM, Tliid Vn c, Tm A " r " H)I1 '' b ' V "" r ' (l ">' '»' 1 ' l " ! ™ pll< " "'"" s " m " lo lho Vim will l,:,ve no lioubli! Hndlns ii MiitnWe girt. Hi on,- r.ieek of f!rvsinl War« «•" // RI-C.I-,-. or n*iv' niMf... "" * '• etrnial doiil | [j| u * iii- vci- Is our ,'ndvkv. You imuld harrlly fail to please with some or (lie ' patlerm n-e arc Oilier Am'pl;ihlo (Jifi Irloa's lYom Our Nou Slo.-k: il.,.«>_ r>.' . _ - . Sii- (< ife".'.;:. "2 81 Src^lc J n M^ • • f^ n Up linlovn Watches - - S l 2i.7.-) Up Ud'ics' VursV 0 -^-' -" sifw Un !SaS m SM«,',£;£ S ^fSS ™ ™"::: IS * Pat O'BryanJ, Jeweler • Gifts Al jAFodcraie Prices f'

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