The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 2
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gLYTHEYlLLE YARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY. MARCIt 18,; 193? jj^ocial Calendar KiFRTOAY'8 EVENTS iffJ T. Phillip? fllK) M 3. Jdjjier entertaining Music de- iartn$ht of Woman's dim al club, Sunday School class, church. having sup P M Fi sps c. ai&ttng at homQ of ]*,, V/IU ettj'lll Lilly. 1 P'M, GoMeu Hi 1 * Sunday School class >f ttii> First Christian cl\urcll will lave'ifc party at llie hoijWof Mrs l Dj'sinlth, on Doiigan*A\c 7 30 n.m.! 1 ' f 1 " ,-'I Alfred having natne<l vice -president; Mrs. Flelch- ei .King, iccordlng secretary, Mrs Rtt>mond Zachry, corresponding secretary; Lcvvls Rogeis treasurci; Mrs Lew(s Hogeis, B|ble peRdera leader; Mrs. Edwin Jones, pianist; Mrs. C. B. KeUlngcr, cliorlster; | Mrs \Voodrow Flsucr, leporter, and Fletcher King? Q, B. . Kellinger, Frank Aslier and Mrs, Charles Hazor, croup captains. Vile members enjojed a soolal Bits of Mostly Personal , O. H. I'addison, <f Savniyvwh, On., is the nuesfot Ills brother, R. P. I'addlson. and family. Mrs. Joe R. Lltzclfclncr and son, but physicians as yet have been un/ibjo to diagnose- his -case, Mrt>. J.. O. Griper Is resting i very natlent at Die Miemniils Baptlsti landed Ihc funeral of Ionian smith hospital./ '"-'re lasl Thursday. Margaret 'Louise- Crook, who re- Mrs. Irene Wackier, of Cape Gi- cently underwent an operation for rardoau arrived Saturday to visit appendicitis; is steadily Improving, the family ot her brother, Paul She has been removed from the Wcavar. . ' mylhcvlllc hospital lo the home of her mother, Mrs. c, E. Crook. 'Miss Pauline bee spent lasl week cAd at Gales, Tcnn., with her father, who is very ill. •Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humphrey and daughter, Ann Ella, vjsited Mr; well at Campbell's Clinic, Meir, T [Humphrey's father at dates. Tenn., Dhls. where SUB underwent a sec- ?-i ' '.,' •.'.•• where snc underwent a, ecc ohd operation several days ago lor the removal.of the lower part 01 ner leu arm. last weekend.' ' W. S. Ilanlcy, of Dycss, was the guest Of his daughter.: Mrs. Dixie | Crawford, and family, ^overnight.- Mr; and Mrs. John man, Mrs. G. R, Kenlsy and Mrs. Pat liurli- Demonstration Club News Notes Artichokes have (he reputation of being one of the aristocrats of the vegetable kingdom. 4-H Club con Chopped In Memphis Tuesday. H - Bm 'ns, the new county agent Mr. and Mrs. D. Fred Taylor, of I , .Raymond Rutlcdgc, of Jonesuoro. Osccoln, were In the pity today. I n ,, m ,ii>,] to business here yestsi- Mr. and Mrs. J. : B. McCalcb and Mrs. Annie' Berjloh of Savannah, Term., spent the week end here with 'Mr. McCalcb's''parents. Mr. mid Mrs. R. M. McCalcb, and his brother, .Meriman McCsleb, Miss Lore Drown, who attends college at Little Rock, Ark., spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. Eunice Brown.'' r. the Osceola district, was the. rinclpal speaker at a meeting of Burdcttc 4-H club March 15. K'NITTINO VAKNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday. 2:30 P. M. MUS. I.ESUE IIOOPUK 1109 Chickasawba Plione 792 Mrs. I. O. Wcstbrodk has re-. I turned from Memphis, where sho daughter. Easteftparty for JOiig'i Daughtcis ,Roy Ilcad ^ Sunday) School class, First Baptist hour during which games wcro, 'Me of Wellington, p. O., nrrlv- q Kn i „, played and reftCihmenU were ed. Sunday to be guests pi , Mrs.. Mrs;. R. L. Dcdin'ah, arid family. served Guesls included Mrs. Olo- Mtzelfelnci's jiaients, PC. »nd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. LC.C' Atchlfy and \i!> Causey Mi Blckerstaff, Rev. 8 P Martin. Mr. and Mrs. U\- soil, LcVoy, arc moving to Little and Mis Alficd Carpcntei and zelfcl^r ore moving to Columbia • -- - - •'-••• nov Head ' i Mo, and Mrs. Litzelfolner and bhuicfi! t P M I Community Stunt Night - pro- granijj'rilsll school auoUtorluin, 8 P. M! If iSATURDAWSxEVENTS , MrK}!lJojd sllfKinon and Mrs. Murw Smart''InUiiig 'P E O luncHrwn , at Ihe, SticVfiion house, ii P*? v> ^ W. 8 Meet;. aock, wnere Mr. 'Atchicy Is to be wholesale manager for the Auto A Business meeting was Held by »« Is already llicrc, babv wjll be here and nt .Cimitli- .sales.Co., In Arkansas, cisvillc foi several months before '-- - • •••" ' '• going to Columbia. Jilj-. Lttzclfel- lety of the lake Street Methodist the Memphis Methodist hospital church Monday, Mrs Tim E,tji> for lllc V* A . scve " Wty f ?"°, w led the devotlonM and piaior was 're * major operation, Is gradu- Community il Project. ,,.. dents of the mcnibere of the Boc- Jones, who has been III at led by Mrs. M. N. Johnston. A; delegate was elected to go to ally improving how. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse II. Webb, of Fajcttevlllc April |3 to the Mis- Eft »c. attended to business here ' conference Tl^c first <iuar Icily btritday dinner \s 111 bo Held Eincst Roe, or Memphis, trans- 'of teeley com- °» ""> ,pt> M°!" lay ? l . w r^nuy at the home «",<> I" 1 "? «'» l ?, nm "° *» 0 E nsk at the ilato manors *° >* f« , discuss ^promotion of a ' center "project The iJ'^Wiiie iiin is probably remodel the To PMUclpalc In which «Ud bus ness hero today gpwl! pobably rem C . e . old 2*ool building purchased for Mia Ellzuboth Mclcan is dlrec- f lc °. ( thc . P 1|US fo1 . Ulc , i, «"l l this jjiiirpose, making a building lor ^J™ riiie^rU'er MWi-'f ,<¥««« f« W™«J- ^ munltv center Mr Culbertson ^n^MS. II ««>> been announced She. | ghm 'U,e lind fo7 Ss Mil direct U,e pla, 'Rich Man,!.,?'": purpose The ..trustees ^\ere Frank Tayloi, W. E Kennedy, R E L Smith, Aiitlerspn Hicks and Mrs Fisk M^i H A Smith lias been reelected president of Iho Home- makwV Club' which-sppnoorcd the mo^ement, • ' r i "•' Mr and Mrs. J. P. Hollana will leave Saturday to return (o Fort Myers, Fin, for a month. They icturned last Saturday fi'om, ten nays spent there. . '•"" Judge Q. .E, Keck and his court stenogmplier, Mrs.. Buford Murray, attended to business here yesterday. • .' . ' • '• •MlsS'Mnry Catherine, Martin and. her sister,' Mrs.,' 4pe iJltzclfehicr, oi Columbia, Sip., attondMl 't!;c funeral of Dorothy Helm at cat(ith- efsvlllo yesterday. ' '',' v '. . , • • Geneva- Carter, who' is Httciid- Ing, Chllllcoilie Business, CoUcge at . Read Cuurler News Want Ads Mrs. Susie Webb is in « critical condition at the home of her laughtci', Mrs. Jpnnle Qralg, fol- ovvlng 'a, 'stroke .of paralysis a week ago. Her sons, the Rev. j. Allen \Ycbb.' of Wright, pity. Mo., ,hc' Rev. 'Ed Webb, of Oklahoma City, Okla., an<i Lynwood' Webb, of nelzoni, Miss., and her daughter/'Mrs'.' John T. Perkins, of Hammond, La., are Donna Ixiu plazicr is.. 1)1 with mumps. Mrs. Oeorge Pollock is going to Memphis today to spend Eeveral days,' ";•'.. Mrs. Frank Webb, of Hcrnahdo, Miss., |s tjje guest' of her sister, Mrs. J. T.f Hall, and" other relatives. fields Women Glrillicoihc. Mo., • parlicipaic<l in '• . t. '. ; : IhTaimuai spring indoor' carnival u'purely vegc- siionsorcd by sluilcuUi of the table medicine, found by main school lust week,'- She represented women to ease fiincliona the Arkansas Club of the. school paing ,>f ^ ells tniittion. It mie Moore. ' ha\e returned! from Piggott, where I Mrs. Alice Womack, who'became "'"'"' ' was ii> session. They 111 while at Equality, 111., because ivii^^i^bijjuf ^uuugi; +vi vvviiuvii^ k»/- . , * -,TT --7-— . • —T-* . ••> iii'iiw «u ij^jnuiixj-, Jii., uvi,ciuot; luriihfis. It has been ainioiince<l slie. ttl " Bo to JonMtoro Momlay. of Ihe cteatlv of her brothoh Is will direct the plaj 'Rich Man,I r llc Boll o™' whq has been nt'bolter today. She has been rcmov- Pobr Han" for Ihc freshman class | "'P Memphis Methodist hospital c d lo her home here. Miss MeLea.ii, who lb a member |S^cral days, Is resting iali'iy 'well | Miss liazcl'ijolt, of Joiner, is a of thp '38 class, is majoring in dra- ~ ~~ Sonlfeorn „ > , MrV^and Mrs\<K A- gpiccr ot 1 Marshall, Tex ', announce the birth of a'son March 10 The baby \\ho Iweiened eight * and oiib half pounds, has been nnnied John 'Phillip Splccr The Splcers formerly lived here. * i • »- • Gratus Union Elects Officers Car) Davis"' \\as elected pietl- dent ef the Oratus Union of the 13 T. U. of the First Baptist church at a meeting night Mrfc <?laudc. malics. • t • Cl^b Meets. The Young Morons club was entertained by ivfrs Max B Reid Tuesday afternoon when Mrs Joe Trleschman won the priie, an Ice owl. A salad plate WAS served the Declarer Detects Bluff and Finesses Securely For Slain MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Tbi« Old Twtmcpt Oftto Brinf i Hippy R^ef M&ny eufferua relict c&spcE blcta quickly Dnrb they dljcfiver tbat'thn real ca of tbur trouble m&y be tifed kidaej-s ThDkIace>iue n&turt acbtlf ray of tlVm the esceM adds find wuta oal of the blow Molt people D&U about 3 ploti ft day DC abou 3 pound* o[ "Riale Frtqutat or BcanU p&^&&t& vitb ama 6nd buzmnB AQOWS thtJQ u&y be Au eiteu ol aadi An ei« ben due to functioa be the t»u!« ofP'WMloyijurbloal 1U bonev duorders, m& bdney duorders, K baqoche, rhvuinmt Plin3, luTno^io, leg nsina, io$l of pep and ec crcy, getlicf UD mgaU, BweUinff, putoce under the erec, beidaebea end ditnneu Doa't waill Aalc >OUE drufgist Icr Do*n Pith, UKd fiuccfisarully by miUiona for over 40 seari Toeyrivehippyriljefa •- "• 15 mi'.e^ o( kiJcty tpVu fluit KUI« bom soiir blood Get 1 ight players after Ihc Jlub lias Tfucst. Mrs. L. E. Old had Hincli iind layed bridge with incmbers of the Yednesday Bridge club tins lien Mrs Jaines K Bell was hos- ess She used'jonqulib to decorate Vic'Muncheon tables. In, the card games Mrs. W. 'ollard was high and Mrs Bakci VUson, second,high. zilso helps to strengthen wo men, who have.been weaken ed by popr nourishment, bj increasing'their appetite am improving their digestion Many have reported laslint benefit, from the wholesom nutritional iissistance obtain 'ed by taking Cardui. If yo „• p. Quiun of not Springs is need help like this, get Cardv icre for a visit with relatives and at the nearest drug stove o look after his property inter- mu i [he directions and try i •rl.i. ' Mrs. W. T. Geall and Mrs. Al. . '•erl Orcciiwcll of Wilson visited Osceola Society — Personal Mrs. A. L. Boycc yesterday. Mrs. Nelson, formerly Miss 1/t- | By WM. E. McKENNEY Seprptarj, Amerlfau ti.rlilge league Psychic bids in any position arp iccojiilicd qs dangerous^ and goot| bridge players use/them vci'y iri- ficquently A iaychlc bid before partner lias pnss<kl Is nilcd with dynamite because of the misinformation conyeye'd to partner. Even in CHSCS''where iwrlner does rot base any' further bidding on the psjchlc foundation.' opponents c/ Cliib Jltrjihers o' Studj Oratorios Mrs. K. P. Paddison, leader of the program for tho meeting of the Music department of Hie Woman's (Jlub Friday afternoon, has arranged a program In keeping witty the subject "CJrfjtoTlos" she ^ill dls- cuss the origin of oratorio;, at, a pielude (p the program Mi$ \V1I- snn Henry will lake vo the life of Handel and then discuss the .oratorio "The Me.sslah," Mrs. Paul L,, Tlpton and ^irs Cjeorgc M. Lee V.HI sing selections from. 'Thp Messiah" Ross Simons, ^|io will bo a guesl will sing "O Res[. In tl(c Lord" from ihe oratorio "Elijah" Mrs p B Jojner and Mrs J I. phjltlps are to be hostesses at Ihe meeting, to be j^eld at the club house, at 3 o'click. are quite apt to brush theni , or use tlio'iii to help locate missing honors qnd thus', till (HI a contract. 1 Itycy oljiehvisc.rijiighf 'have xj'psC, i s Today'.'s liand was sent toi ine by J. Charles Pop of Chaltaiiooga, .. ^d will htlp tha I uih out poisoQoua ' Doin'l FtUi 'The first American college to : teach political economy was WP- .iam and MSO-V. a course In 1784. which bceau such 4 Q 5 I! v A r> -t »072 AJ32 4 \ i i o i 7 fi 4 > 3 a .. (iS3 i 8 7^6 5 •! "' ",'N" . " \Y E S Dealer ki08 »Q8(i 4(3100 Sou til P;iss PilSS . . , .- . A A K J 0 V K J 10 3 7 «AQ W.-vul. West North Kasl p.-iss 1'ass 2 f 2 A Pass :i* 4 V Pass 6 V Opening lead— A 10. 18 Today's Contract Prqbleip. South is playing liic cou- tl'flL'l ,:tt st'vcji iK'arts. The . Tirst t\vu lojjds disclose that '.Vest hclil cigiK tUiha and 110.- licarls. 'W|\i)t disti'ibution ot Ihc 'othcv biiits ciin Hive Soulli his co'rjlrmjlV' '' 'AAQI17 *PJC'I » K7()5'l , : .' «(• None (Blind) A K !) 7 5 ; A 'A 0 7-f> •! Konc vuK , Opener—+ K. \. next isijUc. 18 Vadn Boycc, \vlio is here her parents while Mr. Nelson is] hi u revival' at Batesvllle, veliini- I e'd to Wilson with Mrs. Beall and i Mrs. Qrccnsvell for a few days' visit: Those attending the fimernl of •Mrs. C. M. Bell at Bassclt on Tuesday weie Miss Eintua Cox. Mrs. Sam Coble.. Mrs.' Masgi? Barbiers and Malcolm Shannon. J. Rancy and son. Ralph Rmicy, of Little Rock were business visitors in Osceola yesterday. • JuanHa Carter is H patient at the Baptist hospital in Memphis. ADMIRATION Hornersville Society — Personal FOR ALL GOOD SPORTS. Soulh hand. ' i A siicces^fnlv.lifart. fliiessc was taken by' ieadiiig'- 4 the jack of I'lcai'ts, wSiich South .diii not cover. EaEt, 1 iollp\vT:i}-'\yltir'^ small heart, and vvpn, \Yitli 'thp.ace in 'dummy. AnqtheV ' liearj. .': was 'returned, 'declarer' winning :wttii the king and pickmg vp ' Spilth's queen. Next the king a,nd jack of spndes were cashed. Two more rounds of hearts forced 'Sou(h to niukB further discards/.'; ''' 111 .Cecil Hayps left Sun'daj for land, Cnl.', to visit his"r Mrs Elliott Poslmnli. lip hopes to find: cjiiplbymenl In Califonui Mr. and Mrs. E. S. L<ui»don an:l son, Edwin, of Anmrillo, Tex., the .week end at Columbia, Mo, wltii'thcir (taughler and sistpr, Miss Dor tha Maud, whoTs attcndine th? stale imiversit-y. 'MJES Cleo Krnpf. who is employed at Lepanto, Ark. spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Krapf. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. 'Lang-Jon jr. and daughters. Misses Mary Lov and June Jewell, spent lust week in Memphis where Miss Mary Lou bad ' r eyes treaUd and Miss Jims Soil t . licii <L)eclar'er''lcd Hie last spade. tVi ,, \vlip] iiqw was down to the kjpi; and jack.of diamonds, and Ills ten, and' nine of clubs, had Term. It vas dealt hi a recent duplicate game in th'at city. Poc, who Slit East, correclly' dfagiioscd Soiith's i to discard. The jack of ch: opening bid as a' "semi-psychic," dummy Iptcccl : him to retain nhrt took advaiilnge of tlie information! ' '"" The opening lead of the ten ot spades \vas won by declarer ivllli the ace. Declarer 'decided, in view of South's 'opening Wd and North's pass, that mostj' If 'not till, ot the p« missing " liohors were in tlie s.k.u.f f i e s by FOOT SAVER SkufUcs arc casual shoos with the bulkmcss left out! Correct, comfortable and so smart with the sporting clothes you'll \ycar all season. Made over Foot Saver's famous Shoctback Last tq fit at toe ,. , and heel! The Nassau: Grand with town tweeds or active and specla- tor clothes ' and shown in colors of: ubs in three to the q\iccii. He had to blank tfie' king* of , dlumontls.' "The' tr(ck. was /won with the tllieeu of spides In dummy. A small diamond was led arid declarer \veiit"rlghl i:p with the nee. nickiiig lip SpiiilVs king, and thereby inaklpg an ovcrtrick. Jewctt had her tonsils removed. Mr. and Mis. Buy Ferrsll children, Prnnk Casiiion, an:| Mr and Mrs. T. A. Ray of Johnson Island were guests Sunday ol Mrs. W. E. Smith. Mr. .and Mrs. L. c. AvcriU and Mrs. Mollic Donis of Ilayti were guests Friday of Mr. ai-.d Mrs. George Blown. Mr. and Mrs: Paul Smith and Miss Ruby Smith of Memphis at- • BIIQWN • GREY • WHITE CLEAN UP SALE JUDGE FOR YQURSELF! of _ TaKo a "dozen steps witlj the laces dangling See how snugly they nt c\cn though unlaced. Ana .Iio Good Shoes and Hosiery ON ALL WOOLEN COATS and SUITS In keeping with our polio 1 cf net ciirolny over merchandise all Co.iis and Suits must go! One Oroup at HALF PRICE 1 Others nuigiuir in value from S12.95 to SJ7.15. All in three groups for" only S-7SI5 SQ95 Conic early and eel (iist choice. This i|icluiles our lictty Hose lines. New Economy Shop Ingrain CARD OF THANKS IN APPRECIATION Tlie Temple Israel Sisterhood of EJylheville wishes to its heartfelt, appreciation to all who made the bingo party last night at the Catholic social hall so wonderful a success. Everything For Your Entertain ment and Comfort Last Time Today YOUTH It/18 ITS FLING! AUEN JENKINS • IOU15E FAZENDA CAROL HUGHES • WINIFREO SHAV/ Selected Shorts Also Paramount News anil Comedy —Admission — Matinee— 10 & 26c Night— IG * 3Cc & OR "nlCJ^ TUESDAY. MARCH 23 §25.00 BANK NIGHT! (Less Stale Tax) —COMING SOON "Siiinj IliBli, "Call It .A Day" "ftlatketl Woman" "\Vcinan I Love" "Seventh Heaven" "Waikiki 1\'eililing" "iVIaytime" "Hca Devils" Admission always lOc & 2Gc Shpw cyery nijthl. Matinees Fri.- Sat. & 5uu.. Fri. & Suri: Rlati- necs at 2:15, Saturday Matinee at 1:15. Adults Admitted for Trice of J " Phone 954 BAKERY Frlilay-SatiiHliiy-Siiiuliiy 1'INEAIM'l.K UAYKR CAKK .. J>ge. lirown Sugar COOKIKS. Do/. .. BHl'DCK STICKS Doz .'.. CttKAAI-NUT ROLLS. Do/. I'ECAN-NUT BHKA1). l.naf .. . Snccial liutercg Hour 5 to (i 1'. 'M. (''ritlJiy-Salurday-Stmctay Honcy-l'iiicapplo KOJjLS. Do/ I'UUIT WAKEHS Doz I'HESil DON UTS Do/, KAISIN HKKAI) Loaf I>ARKKKHOUSK UOLl^J. -Doz I's Slake Your KasUr Cakes - - IMionc 110 \\i: G1VB AND HEDBEAI EAGI.E STAMPS JOE ISAACS, Im, Designed for a Smart Easter SUITS The mannish taHcur is the more popular this spring but for those who ((csire the more dressy type, we nave nmpiy provided' for them, too. Sec these Suits now. COATS Loose fittimr .Daggers, princess type and the short cos-. nal coat.s in a smart collection ol styles and neu: colors. DRESSES 1 Classy Jean l-'roc.ks lead tlie Spring parade but you'll also (mri many otho* attractive Frocks in this presentation with plenty of style appeal jtnd price appeal. SHOES Straps, Pumps, Tics, and E]!orl Oxfords in smart kld- skin and gabardines. Priced surprisingly low. Colorful New Accessories f. PURSES * GLOVES •k HOSIERY * MILLINERY )f FLOWKKS if SILK UNDIES Hobody Sara" With Lew Ay res and Ruth Column Also C'omcrly—"Fun's Fun" —On Oui' Stage— THIS FRIDAY itn s Oountry Store The show you've liccti nailing for. Lnls of comedy and a fhrill every minulc. —200 SUIU'BISES— 'Ml your friends! Urine Ihc Whole Family! • Friday - Saturday —ON THE SCREEN— Alsn Cartoon and Serial— "The Fighting Marines"

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