The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida on April 15, 1914 · 12
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The Tampa Times from Tampa, Florida · 12

Tampa, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1914
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TWELVE. THE TAMPA DAILY TIMES WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1914. BARGAINS IN CITY PROPERTY Lots 1 and 4, block 22, Clark's Subdivision, 160 feet on Ashley street, and 86 feet on Harrison street. Four houses renting for $12.50 per week. Both streets paved. Good business property. See, us about the price. Lot 2, block 45, Riverview Park; 64 feet front; facing on river and 172 feet deep. No. 1302 Riverside, one block north of Fortune street bridge. Six-room house; well built and in good condition. Price $1,800. Terms. Lot 10, block 1, La Naranja Subdivision. No. 917 Third avenue. Roomy cottage, well built For quick sale $1,300. East half of let 9, block 18, first addition to Highland Park. 41 feet on Oak avenue. Vacant. Good location for cottage. Price $650. Four vacant lots on north side of Ross avenue, between Ola and Massachusetts avenue Each 60x122 feet. Room for six or more cottages. Price $600 each. Terms. BECKWITH & WARREN CO., First Natloaal Bank Fldg. Tampa, Fla. CONVENTION OF HORTICULTURISTS WILL BE HELD AT PALATKA APRIL 28-MAY 1. Is Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society. 17HERE fS PINEY PQIHT This same question mark has been justly used regarding Tampa, Jacksonville and all other Florida points worth asking about. t Piney Point Is where the deepest water and the best and most commodious anchorage can be had nearest the main land on TAMPA BAY. The only point between the cities of TAMPA and PALMETTO where the pine woods come squarely up to the waters of the bay. "The lands embraced in Piney Point are owned by the Piney Point Land and Improvement Company, purchased by them when the Panama Canal Zone belonged to the French, and held by them for the purpose of building thereon a modern town, on broad and comprehensive lines, with all the kinks incident to mossback domination and tight-wad tactics eliminated. Broad streets, alleys, parks, boulevards, small yacht basin, yacht club grounds, hotel grounds, railroad and railroad terminal reservations, all provided to meet the requirements of an up-to-. date commercial city. Our steamboat wharf is complete. Bath houses are under construction. Streets are opened and houses are being built. To the-curious or those seeking investment, location for vegetable farming or employment, it's worth your while to investigate its possibilities. Our offerings are quite reasonable and on most favorable terms. First purchasers have the advantage of first .choice. M-ke this a personal matter with yourself and take adavntage of our offer while it's of great value to you. For J further information write or see J. W. Jackson, Manager PALMETTO, FLA. IMIOVDNG TO 808 Florida Ave. "f PLUMBING, STEAM FITTING, IRRIGATION, T ELECTRIC SUPPLIES. D. W. SHEA. Palatka, Fla., April 15. Programs for the twenty-seventh annual meet- i ing of the Florida State Horticultural society to be held In Palatka, April 28, 29, 30 and May 1. have Just been issued by the secretary to all members of the society, and the meeting th?s year promises to be the most important in the history of the society. An unusually interesting program has been prepared and many well known speakers will give addresses of interest to the public, as well as to horticulturists. One of the most Important addresses is that of J. Horace McFarland, president of American Civic association of Harrisburg, Pa., the subject being "What is a Good Looking Town?" Illustrated with ster eopticon views. On Thursday afternoon, April SO, the Palatka Board of Trade will entertain the society on the St. Johns river, and the Palatka Military band will be on hand to furnish sweet mu sic. The program in detail is as follows Tuesday Opening Session, April 28, . 7:45 P. M. Parlors of the Putnam house. Call to order President H. Harold Hume. Opening prayer Rev. P. I Cason, Palatka. Address of welcome for the city of Palatka Mayor S. J. Kennerly. Response for the society Lloyd S. Tenney, Orlando. Address of welcome for the board of trade President George B. "Selden. Response for the society W. S. j Hart, Hawks Park. I President's annual address H. Har old Hume. Introduction of the question box by the secretary Miss Okie C. Painter. Social hour. Wednesday Morning Session, April 29, 9 A. M. Howell theater. Address, "Handling the Citrus Grove from a Physiological Point of View" B. F. Floyd, Gainesville. Committee report, "Method of Handling Citrus Groves" C. H. Thompson, Winter Haven; L. B. Skinner, Dunedin; C. M. Griffing, Jacksonville; B. F. Floyd, Gainesville; A. B. O'Hara, Rockledge; Jack Peters, Tav-ares. Address, "Liming Soils, Its Effect on Physical, Chemical and Biological Factors of Plant Growth" R. E. Skinner, Dunedin. Committee report, "Orchard Heating" R. E. Stevens, Daytona; C. F. Spaulding, DeLand; W. J. Ellsworth, Blanton. Committee report, "Fertilizers" G. M. Wakelin, Tavares; L. T. Dade, Orange City; H. B. Stevens, DeLand. Wednesday Afternoon Session, April 29, 2 P. M. Hawell theater. Memorial session for E. O. Painter, late secretary of the Florida State Horticultural society. "E. O. Painter and Florida Horticulture" P. H. Rolfs, Gainesville. "E. O. Painter, His Life and His Work" E. S. Hubbard, Federal Point. "E. O. Painter and the Fertllier Industry" Capt R. E. Rose, Tallahas- "E. O. Painter and the Florida State Horticultural Society" Rev. J. G. Glass, Ocala. Committee report, "Vegetables" C. H. Kennerly, Palatka; J. J. Vernon, Gainesville; L. Latrobe Bateman, Tampa; C. S. Bushnell, Arcadia; H. H. Tussey, Alva. Committee report, "Ornamentals" Mrs. Marion A. McAdow, Punta Gor-dia; Mrs. P. H. Rolfs, Gainesville; Dr. H. Nehrling, Gotha; E. N. Reasoner, Oneco; John Schnabel, Gainesville. Committee report, "Methods of Packing and Shipping Citrus Fruits" S. F. Poole, Winter Haven; Dr. O. W. Sadler, Mount Dora; David Scott, Arcadia; F. D. Waite, Palmetto. Wednesday Evening Session, April 29, 7:45 P. M. Address, "Shipping Experiments in Florida" H. J. Ramsey, U. S. bureau plant industry, Washington, D. C. Address, "Organiation and Promotion of the Florida Growers' and Shippers' League" L. B. Skinner, Dunedin, president F. G. S. L. Address, "The Florida Shippers' League, What it Has Accomplished and What It Expects to Do" Lloyd S. Tenney, Orlando, secretary-manager the Florida Growers' and Shippers League. Immediately following this address the Horticultural society will adjourn and there will be held the annual business meeting and election of board of directors for the Florida Growers' and Shippers' League. The incorporation papers are being prepared and it is expected that at this time steps will be taken to complete the Incorporation of the league. Thursday Morning Session, April "80, 9 A. M. Howell theater. "Insects and Diseases, Woolly Whitefiy, Cottony Cushion Scale and Mango Scale" J. R. Watson, Gainesville; "Rust Mite and Its Control" W. W. Yotehsr, Orlando; "Observations on Insects and Diseases in the Florida and the Gulf Coast Country" E. W. Berger, Gainesville; "Pecan Insects" J. B. Gill, Monticello. Committee report, "Necrology" E. S. Hubbard. Committee report, "Legislation' M. E. Gillett, Tampa; A. H. Brown, Manavista; G. L. Taber, Glen St. Mary; I. A. Stewart, DeLand; O. W. Conner, Tangerine; E. H. Mote, Lees-burg. Report of the secretary Miss Okie FINEST QUALITY LARCEST VARIETY rut ii inn., i p ii mi i .mi i mmmtmm.mummmmimmmtmwiy "GfLT EDGE," the only ladies 'shoe dressing thai positively contains Oil. Blacks and Polishes ladies' and children's boots and shoes, shloea wttbMl rua Mn, isc TRENCH GLOSS." 10c "STAR" combination for cleaning and poOshtnf all kinds of russet or tan shoes, 10c. "DANDY" size, 26c. "QUICK WHITE-(ta liquid form withsponpe)anlcle ty deans and whiten dirty canvas shoes. 10c & 25c. "BABY ELITE" combination for eentlamen who take pr'de in having their shoes look A 1. Restores color and lustre to all black shoes. Polish with a brush or cloth, 10 cents. "ELITE" size, 6 cents. If your dealer does not keep the kind you want, send us baprtaa in stamps for full else package, charges paid. WHITTEMORE BROS. A CO., tO-28 Albany Stmt, Cambridge, Mas. Tht Oldest and Larttst Manufacturers at Years Later WHEN YOU WANT TO SELL JS A POO R TIME TO FIND OUT THAT YOUR ABSTRACT IS NO GOOD. BETTER SEE THE Abstract and Title Insurance Co. ! Tampa C. Clewla R. M. Clewta Vice-Pres. S. M. Saaj-kmaa, Jr., Sec and Treaa. 509 Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida Phone 1320. C Painter. Report of the treasurer W. S. Hart. ' Report of the executive committee P. H. Rolfs, chairman. Election of officers. Selection of next place of meeting. Thursday Afternoon, April 30. Hour to be announced later. Excursion on St. Johns river. Thursday Evening Session, Aril 30, 7 :4o P. M. Stereopticon address, What Is a Good Looking Town" J. Horace Mo Farland, president American Civic association, Harrisburg, Pa. Stereopticon lecture, "Irrigation" F. W. Stanley, TJ. S. department agri culture, Washington, D. C. Friday Morning Session, May 1, 9 A. M. Howell theater. "Pineapples" R.' L. Goodwin, Fort Pierce; B. K. McCarty, Eldred; W. R. Hardee, Jensen. "Tropical Fruits" Dr. John Gif- ford, Cocoanut Grove; Edward Simmons, Miami; E. A. Moreno, Tampa; H. C. Hendrickson, Trinidad, W. I. Peaches, Deciduous Fruits and Nuta" H. K. Miller, Monticello; H. S. Graves, Gainesville; Ira D. Soar, Gainesville. Local Committee. W. P. Merriam, E. M. Earnest, W. T. Hamm. Headquarters Putnam house. QUIT MEAT IF YOUR KIDNEYS ACT BADLY Take Tablespoonful of Salts if Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers. A good, modern, two-story, seven-room house on Cardy Street, Hyde Park. Price $4,500.00. Very desirable new house, six rooms, all conveniences; east front, corner of Nebraska and Giddens Avenues ; lot 89V& feet by 160 feet. Reasonable terms. Price $4,000.00. gee HENDRY & KNIGHT CO. Cop, Franklin end Lafayette Sts. Phone 44. We are a nation of meat eaters and our blood is filled with uric acid, says a well-known authority, who warns us "to be constantly on guard against kid ney trouble. The kidneys do their -utmost to free the blood of this irritating acid, but become weak from the overwork; they get sluggish; the elimlnative tissues clog and thus the waste is retained in the blood to poison the entire system. When your kidneys ache and reel like lumps of lead, and you have stinging pains in the back or the urine is cloudy, full of sediment, or the bladder is irritable, obliging you to seek relief during the night; when you have severe headaches, nervous and dizzy spells, sleeplessness, acid stomach or rheumatism in bad weather, get from your pharmacist about four ounces jjf Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast each morning and in a few days your kidneys will act fine. This famous salts Is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia, and has been used for generations to flush and stimulate clogged kidneys, to neutralize the acids in urine so it is no longer a source of irritation, thus ending urinary and bladder disorders. Jad Salts Is inexpensive and cannot injure; makes a delightful effervescent lithia-water drink, and nobody can make a mistake by taking a little occasionally to keep the kidneys clean and active. For sale by Economical Drug Store, Tampa, Fla. CATCH 'EM AT P. C. Officers In Eastern Part of County are Busy These Days. Plant City, Fla.. April 15. Chief Vestal had a rough and tumble fight with Abe Prevatt Saturday night, when he tried to arrest the drink-crazed man. He had heard of Pre-vatt'8 making trouble and threatening to do violence to his wife. In the mix-up, he was having a hard time to hold his own, until Leonard Le-flesto came along, and gave the chief assistance. Prevatt was arraigned on the charge of being drunk, resisting arrest and using profane language, and was fined by Municipal Judge Parker $15 and costs. "Son" Thompson, negro, who entered the house of J. T. McDavid, northeast of this city, was sent to Tampa after a preliminary hearing on tha charge of breaking and entering. W. H. Adams, a white man, was held for trial in criminal court by Justice Cas-sels, under the charge of stealing a steer from Irvin Walden, and also of assault and battery. Dan Johns, a young white man, claimant of Wauchula as home, was arrested here for passing worthless checks. He will be tried for forgery if the evidence at the preliminary hearing bears out the accusations. His arrest was by Deputy Sheriff Kirkland. BANKERS OF THE STATE TO MEET IN ANNUAL CONVENTION AT LAKELAND. Two Days' Program Prepared. Will Be in Session April ' 24 and 25. BALLAST POINT. 40 acres of land, 12 acres cleared; has tenant house and barn ; two artesian wells, one-half acre cane ; 12 orange aud grapefruit trees ; on RAILROAD. Price, $1,750.00. Terms. REAL ESTATE RICHARD. Palmetto, Fla. End All That f Eczema Misory Stop All That Awful Itching and Burning Instantly by TJsing This Remarkable Skin Bemedy , ZEMO. A Get a 2Co Bottle Today and Prore It r ZEMO Is really a new wonder a clean, antiseptic liquid .that Is guaranteed' to stop Itching and that has proved Itself over and over. Eczema simply cannot exist where this remarkable, scientific remedy Is used, and It only costs yon J6o to stars this to your own satisfaction. Don't take anybody's word for It but see for yourself. l,-.w..i.rf,H..ull,o Try a 25o bottle tula HfB.T.4 m Thw ! very day and then BtoutM Ma Mr iw, decide. You "re sure to find It Just what you have waited for so Ion a blessed. Instant relief. . ZEMO la sold and guaranteed by drug. gists everywhere and In Tampa bv Court Square Pharmacy, Coh-mopolitan Drugstore, Magnolia Phar- heimer-s Drug Store. Economical Drug crowd was present and all enjoyed the store. Tampa, cia. oiuoit omu icupouuwm Ballast Point, Fla., April 15. Mr. Cameron's cow was seriously crippled by a vicious horse which has been running wild through this locality during the past few nights. This horse also has the habit of running after children and the people here are afraid that it may injure some child. A large number of our citizens went to Port Tampa Sunday to celebrate the church festivities which had been previously arranged by the different denominations. Captain Bailey is putting in culverts at all street intersections and our town is beginning to assume metropolitan airs. F. M. Williams is expected to move into his new mansion on the Boulevard the latter part of the present month. Jim Labadie is rushing work on his new house on Fourth street. E. E. Cone, candidate for county treasurer, was here Friday. The Ballast Point baseball club was organized last week and Is ready for all comers. Averiil has added a drug department to his general store. The telephone company is making arrangements to extend their line to Inter Bay. A flowing artesian well has been struck on Winten's place at Catfish point at a depth of eighty feet. The Ladies' Sewing circle met at the home of Mrs. Albert Shaker. Quite a Lakeland, Fla., April 15. Preparations are being made for entertainment of the Florida State Bankers' association which will be held in this city April 24 and 25. The sessions will be held in the Auditorium. It is anticipated there will be a large attendance. The program Is as follows: April 24. Invocation Rev. W. K. Plner. Enrollment of members. Address of welcome -Mayor O. M. Eaton. Response H. W. Bivens, vice-pres ident of assc Mation. President's annual address F. A, Wood. Address, - "Rural Credits" Hon. D. TJ. Fletcher. Address, "The Future of the Ex change Under the Ned Act" Thomas B. McAdams, vice-president and cash ier Merchants National bank, Kicn-mond, Va. Report secretary and treasurer. Report executive council. Report legislative committee. Renort. John T. Dismuke. member from Florida of the executive council of American Bankers' association. Appointment of committees. Unfinished business. New business. Adjournment. Second Day Forenoon. B:20 A. M. Address, "Advantages to State Banks and Trust Companies Becoming Members of Federal Reserve System" Joseph A. McCord, vice-president Third National bank or Atlanta, Ga. Address, "The Relation oi me Banker to the Farmer" J. M. Thom as, vlce-presiaent jviunroe oc v-iiam- bliss bank of Ocala. Report of committees. New Business. Adjournment. Second Day Afternoon. Meeting called to order by Presi dent at 3 o'clock. Unfinished business. New Business. Election of officers. Meetine of Florida members of the American Bankers' association for the purpose of electing officers and repre sentatives. ROLLINS GRADUATES CELEBRATION! At Clearwater Under the auspices of the CI earwater Chamber of Commerce to mark the coming of the first ' Passenger Train OVER THE Tampa and Gulf Coast R. R. From Tampa and Intermediate Points And Friends of the CoUege Are In vited to Meet President Blacwnan. The former teachers and students at Rollins college now living in Tampa, and the friends of the institution are invited to meet President and Mrs. Blackman at the T. M. C. A. building on Friday, April 17, at 4 p. m. The Rev. N. M. Pratt, recently eieci- il vice-Dresident and professor or philosophy and Bible study, will also be present. Beats Calomel, Salts or Oil. A Delicious Medicine. Leonardos LIVER-AID brings speedy relief to all sufferers from disorders of the liver, stomach and bowels ana is easy and pleasant to take. It is never attended by griping or other painful and distressing symptoms and never leaves one constipated. LIVER-AID is a new, delicious vegetable discovery and should always be used in place of pain causing meaicuies ur such ' dangerous drugs as calomel. LIVER-AID does the work or calo mel in the quick, sure ana pieasnm. treatment of biliousness, constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, naiuiency, headaches, chills and fever, pain and all disorders of the liver, stomach and bowels. Guaranteed to satisiy or money refunded. Periecuy pure anu harmless. 50c. Sold by druggists and dealers. ORANGE CITY. Orange City, Fla., April 15. The M.- E. Sunday school picnic at Green Springs Saturday was well attended and a fine time reported. Mr. and Mrs. Fullam have returned from the beach. Mrs Frank McCorkle of Lakeland, is the guest of her brother and sister, Mr. William and Miss Scott. Mrs Walden entertained a number of lady friends at cards Thursday afternoon. - . . E. Z. Honbus has returned to his Massachusetts home. Joseph Babcock, the clerk of the Orange City hotel this winter, is on the beach for a few days' recuperation, and will leave for the north about April 21. ' D L. Hooker and wife and daughter ieft for New York the latter part of the week. , M ' Mr and Mrs. Warbuse left for their northern home Sunday. Mr. Warbuse has been greatly benefited by our climate this winter. M C Murgittroyd, wife and daughter left for New York the first of the WfThe Orange City 'hotel has had a fine winter season. Some of the guests will remain until the hotel closes, MMrs' Lewis Gonny is visiting her sister, Mrs. Antle. on the west coast. Geo. Markham, wife and son have returned north. - ... . - Quite a number of lots changed hands the past week. Sales of real estate have been numerous lately. Mrs Leroy Harden and children are visiting her sister, Mrs, Cavode in Tampa this week. , To have a fine healthy complexion tne liver must be active, the bowels regular and the blood pure. All this Is brought about by using HERBINE. It thoroughly scours the liver, stomach and bowels, puts the body in fine condition and restores that clear, pink and white complexion so much desired by ladles. Price 60c. Sold bf all drussista. I pn Free Fish Dinner Preparations Are Being Ma de to Feed 5,000 People Auto Trips about the city. Boat rides to the Island and Bathing in the Gulf. Fishing, Baseball, and in the evening GRAND CARNIVAL TIE When Cleveland Street will be roped off and to the music of the PYTHIAN BAND OF CLEARWATER and the MUNICIPAL BAND OF ST. PETERSBURG all can make merry. Stay over and enjoy the fun. ROUND TRIP FROM TAMPA $ 1.00, GREEN SPRINGS 50c. J. A. W. BO OTH, G. P. A. WE HAVE THE LARGEST AND BEST STOCK OF . - WALLPAPER ta SontS Florida. Over 50,000 Rolls of the Newest aa Beat Dealgaa. Come and See T7 Whea Ton Waat Aaythlnr la Onr Line. PAUL SMITH & SON, Wall Paper and Decorators 1002 FLORIDA AVEIVlTi. W. M. Fielder. T. J. Mitchell, Jr. FIELDER & MITCHELL TAMPA AND PORT TAMPA. Ship Chandlery, Engineers' Supplies, Fresh Meats and Groceries. Steamship Supply Station. Phone 1018, Tampa, Fla. WILD HORSE IS A MIDNIGHT TERROR , AT BALLAST POINT Ballast Point, Fla,, April 15. Farmers and residents hereabouts are organizing to find and capture a wild horse which has been terrorizing the vicinity. The horse, which makes its appearance by night, viciously charging and biting where it can, has seriously injured Mr. Cameron's cow. The horse mysteriously reported to be black, grey and bay, until one would think it must possess the ability of a chameleon with wild neighs rushes upon a child or animal. A strange discernment which the animal apparently possesses keeps it at a distance, when men of this neighborhood have gone forth to -seek it-No one has succeeded in gettiing near enough to the animal to recognize it, for no matter how carefully stalked, it will wheel and dash away at the approach of a grown man. From the Point to the stores dn the road to Port Tampa this animal drums its hoof beats, driving more domestic animals in terror in every direction. For the safety of their women and their children, residents of this sec- CONTRACTOR FOR Artesian Wells Any Sice From Four Inches Up. Apply -to. P. R. MAY, Ybor City, P. O. Tampa, Fla. Phone 2144-1,. tion are planning a night hunt of the beast. Armed, of course, and with ropes to use if possible, to snare or trip the brute, they will sally forth night after night until the danger has been eliminated with the capture- or death of the terror. Rheumatic Pains Relieved. Why suffer from rheumatism when relief may be had at so small a cost? Mrs. Elmer Hatch, Peru, Ind., writes, "I have been subject to attacks of rheumatism for years. Chamberlain's Liniment always relieves me immediately and Itake pleasure in recommending it to others.' 25 and 50 cent bottles. For sale by all dealers. THE MOST COMPLETE and up-to-date chapel and morgue in the city. Especially adapted for the convenience of out-of-town people. C. E. Henderson, 915 Florida avenue. Weak, Inactive Kidneys Much Trouble Cause ror -u KIP" ssi BLADDER Backache, rheumatism, and all kidney and bladder disorders are caused from weak inactive kidneys, which fail to filter out the poisons, and keep the blood pure. The only way to positively and permanently cure such troubles is to remove the cause. The reason why Foley Kidney Pills are the best medicine for kidney and bladder troubles is because they are made wholly of those healing, strengthening and restorative ingredients that nature peeds to build up and renew these important and vital organs. See that you get Foley Kidney Pills for your kidney and bladder troubles. They are tonic in action, quick to give good results, and contain no harmful drugs. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. r

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