The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1933
Page 3
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_ MONDAY. AUGUST 14,1933 BLTTBEVILIJ. (AU.T OOUlgq MWJ FAQK FIYl CiAtsifiED SECTION- * M™*™ °LW L CH it s Wants CLASSIFIED riDVEimSING INFORMATION Dally rate per »• tot eenieett- tfre InitrUooi: m« kvent* wcria to a line) One time per line ........ ... lO rno times per Itoe per day 06« Tbiet time* per toe per day Qgc tJU time* per Ito» P»T day .. 06c Heath r*te per toe ........ chart* *oe Adi ordered for thne or tU times and stopped liefore explra- Uon will be charpd lor tht number ol tunes the ad appeared and adjustment ot Mil made. All CJatjillea jumrtidnf copy nrtHpiu>d by pence* residing out- tide ol the city mu>t be accompanied by catb. Rate* may be cully computed tram above tatte. No respoMiBiiiiy «1U be taken lot more tbao one Incorrtct In- Titian ol any claplftfrt ad. Advertising ordered lor irregular InserUcos take Uie one Um« tale.' Phone 306 or 307. GOOD cow, young calf. Will. vv i( ei j Campbell. Route 3, Clear Lake. Hgimier ng bc«t. Call W. L 1«3 or «5. Crafton at 9-ckll! HEAL ESTATE FARMS and Homes, easy pay. ments. Ethel B. Thompson, Ca- ruthersvlllc, Mo. 8pltB-8 FOR SALE: Beautiful Omk farm, 90 ancs. Good buildings, woven wire fences, plenty Irult and.water. An gravel mall route. Price $550— part cash, balance .terms. J. C. Chapm, Rovenden, Ark. 3pk9-3 POULTRY POULTRY WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY FOR RENT FURNISHED APARTMENT; 81 WALNUT STREET. CALL 313J ll-p-k-18 THREE ROOM MODERN apart ments, newly decorated. Over Klrby Drug Co. Also apartment 01 Kentucky Ave. 7C4. 'BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXPERT Typewriting and Ad» uini! Mai-nine Kepairing. U. S. Biaiikenshlp, 118 E. Kose. Phone IttS-J. 1-*e Mrs. 1. J. D*Tb-nwoe til Rcfutered Spencer Coneltere Mck 8-10 FRIGIDA1RE Only authorized service and parts lor household and commercial. Phone oSlce 67, residence 414, B. A. Miller. Up-k 8-11 L. (J. Moss Bljthevilte's cut rate undertaker BARBER SHOP Glovers Shampoos Stop Darwlrutl bencllla Massages Tone Up the race P. Simon. Phoiie 18c kl ONE or • two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier Newr, HICK LARGJ5 bedrooms. CLOS IN. 3JO W. Walnut. 29clc8-i TWO NICELY Furnished Bed rooms. Hardln. 1017 Walnut. Mrs. MODERN furnished apartmen Uood location. Call 135. WANTED TO RENT TWO Furnished Rooms, must reasonable. Call Virgil Shepher at 306. tf d WANTED TO SUV Barber Shop c k8-lH LEANiaSS. TAILORS Modern Cleaning «: First C!M. Stant* m Stpre-^oer rWi«ter GiimenU T - " Witt BIylhevilk. Sltam Lauwlry SUPERIOR FINISH on linen nicer and wear longer- Phone 180 AUTOMOTIVE Have that broken 'glass installed in your car while you wait. We cut ind install class In any make car Shousc-IJttte' Chevrolet Co. 8-lc » (iiiey Mlchlc, Ben D.' id hl« Wife, Maude D. \ aft «inMd.' to appear iti w dtianefry Court for Ihe Chick- District of Mississippi ounty, Arkansas, within thirty ays and answer the complaint ot ic plilntin, Commonwealth ulldlng and' Loan Associuilon. fitness my-hand as Clerk of said Court and seal thereon this the 31st day of July, 19M. R. L. CiAlNES. Chancery Clerk. 3I-7-H-U1 •awyert Contuh Beoki ' In Hone Ttief Cite SAl/r LAKE''ciTY, Otali (UP) — lluinrys dustcfl law books of late 'OO's rcconlly wlien »it most lorgotlen crime brouglit IHo eoessity of determining what <?imlly can bo iilacwl on a iwi- iclwl hor&c sleulor. Grorgc Vangei'VfH chwrjfcd two WARNING ORDER N TUB CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA D I S T R 1 C1 MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARK ANSAS. Taylor Roberts, Receiver )f Travelers'Building A; Lomi As lOclation (Perpetual. PluinllK, ra. No. 5538 Mrs. Minnie McMahan ct nl, DC fendant. The defendants., unknown heirs of E. D. McMahjiii. deceased, ar warned to appear'wlthln thirty day n the court named In the captlo: .lereof and answer tl\e complain of the plaintiff Tfeylor Roberts. Ro cclver of Travelers Bulkllug Assn. (Perpetual). Dated thts 7 day of, 1933 B. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythc. D. C Jesse Taylor Atty. ad Litem 7-H-31-2 in iiw rein- Kensington.- fvoii Ills «oira| home bj^B-'p; llu; first elm rgfl . o( Us kind iHought bcfoic the <slly conns in fcvcrnl" years., , . Chicken and Auto Make Sixteen Year Mark JAMESTOWN. N. V. '.W)—Or; liv nth d;iy ol Murch, tack In lOHi. on the farm of J R »ixj in ttic same year . bouiht » new uytonio- btlo. The il^y |l)c dilckcn w»i> ll»U'h- ed tilt brooder C4u|ht flit and nns dcMroyrd, accordlnn lo Soder- ho|m, \\ho explilncd tlmt *«s Ihc roiison tlio date ivnmlned fre»li In lilt, mind. "The hen mid tin; cur art Mill OUR BOARDING HOUSE Only 3 per cent'ol 'all tho [li- nns m America twve Inooiiifi scxrcrtlng 1900 il year. Da'vy Crockett,, in' the • War of 1812, firtt, used the-motto. "B« Sure J'ou.'ro rhfht, then go 1 ahead.". -THIS CURIOUS WQRL& - Texas Cotton Grower h Vexed by Nudists FORT WORTH, Tcsus (UP) — Whctlwr niidlsm will nfTrcl Ihc prices of ucol »nrt cotton Is one ol (lie worries the practice gives to Aniett West, contributor to the or.en letter column o( the Fort Worth Press. "Nudists!" the letter began. "God made you to be white, just as he did the negro to IK blnck and brown. Try to be as you are born. "Will this be anotner cause for n slump In wool and cotton when these 'animals' become as hairy ns dogs!" HIGHEST PRICES paid for tire inner tubes, iron, metals, mag .. a zincs, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf| Arian. 128 E. Main. .Phone 176. • 8-ck-9-8 SALESMEN WANTED EXPERIENCED man or woman with ' car lo handle quick selling Hall sisters Shoppe. ••'•••••• ' AGENTS WANTED AGENT wanted to tell Wonder Bread and Hcvstess cakes in surrounding territory. Must have transportation and about $50 in cash. Liberal salary and commission. Sec H. H. Simms, Hotel Noble between 7 and 10 p. m. • 11-p-k-lS. HELP WANTED FARMER small family RUSSKLL ANDERSON In charje Chrysler New Vwi Noraun Boring Work Guaranteed - - pone . 0 ~ 23C K8-4J Let us paint your car before fall. Prices are still reasonable on pointing and Wrecked cars body- on r repairing, specialty. Shonie-Little Chevrolet C». work nn farm for waacs. Good house. Apply Robbins farm <t«'0 miles south Deering, Mo., or call 860. Blytheville. ll-p-k-15. MALE HELP WANTED 8-lc W-l Amto GUss /Ui Kinds InsUlled The Ark-Mo Lumtfcer Co. MAN WANTED—Simply Clist' vitli famous Watklns Products in • Blytluvillc. Business established, earnings aicvaRe $2i weekly, fny slarls immediately. Write J. R. Wntklns Company. 10-85 W. Inwa Avenue. Memphis. Tennessee. Kp kI5 10-ck-O-lO Bad circulation may injure your motor. We'll put your radiator in shape for a small amount. We -.cpair any make of radiator. bhoose-Little Chevrolet Co. 8-lc kO-1 NEW AND t'SED AtlTO PARlh JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. Phone K 2c ta-'^ BATTERIES LEGAL NOTICES NEW FOBD BATTERIES Rental-Recharging-Repairing m TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24c K8-^4 IN THH CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA D 1 5 - TRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Mary Miller. Plaintiff. vs. James M. Miller. Defendant. WARNING ORDER Tire defendant. Jnmcs N5. Miller, is vamcrt to npi>car in this court within thirty days Md answer the ;omplaint ol ihc ptalntifr, Mary Miller. Dated this Aunts'. Uth, 1933. R. U OAINES. Clerk. 14-21-28-* \i your battery is weak call 633 lor r(inck battery service. We coll Ne»" and Rebuilt Batteries. S house-Little Cfcemtet Co. 8-lc k9-l IMPLEMENTS Carlo** of Wafans Get Our Prices First Bjrom Predate Co. Across Frtai PojUHke. •Jlc Ul IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Commonwealth Building & Association. Plaintiff, vs. lilley Michic. Mrs. Httcy Michic; Ben D. Hamuer and hte wife, Maude D. Hamncr; M. H. Robinton, Defendants. WARNING ORDER Defendants, Huey Mlchlc and FOR SALE SALE — Electric Teakettle, Iftc ne*, cheap. Phone »30. U. 1929 CHEVROLET Call 2W- : COUPE. 55». ' \ 5p k!3 FOR SALE —Four wheel trailer with bed suitable for any purpose Also 12 toot lightweight fish- FOR SAIK I <?afr IMO Lfes. *?» <C»ry) I Safe'GOO Lbs. »50 (ReltebW FOB my store: Perfctt CoiWitloit EURKE HARDWAM CO. He k21 FOR SALE CHEAP-* room, housi mr Kentucky Ave.,.or will trade tor property in Caruthcrsville or Hayli. Mo. Scr J. W. Bnder, BlVr theville. or Gallic Gntncs. Caruth' Made frem Tree Ripened Cattfonia DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME Before Breakfast Every Hominy ersvlllc. Mp k!7 !', Pfrls Pints Quarts ... At All Stores and Bennett's Dairy Phone 74 INDIANS SOMETIMES nimimt;," he Milil. TALK TO HIM SOrAfc Cfr VOUR OC LINE, AN' YOU'LL «a_ow HIM DOWN TO \NW_Kl~~~WEr WM5NE-D YOU AGAINST CUTTING ACROSS TWKT TIELT) WITHOUT COVERlNt. \OUW. NOSE -*-NOU KNOW WHKV "RtD TX3ESTO FROM THEIR FARMLAND CAMERA ?~ •PICTURE HOOTLE LEAT5IN6 TH" DTP BULL "RUN 10MJHG PKXOKS Slnco all Lcmbnray pouumr trees »|6 mules, propngatlon must. ou madu by cuttings, and tl\e accepted fact la thnt all Lombardy xiplurs hnve descended from n single tree which originated on the bhnlt!. of Ilic River Po, In nortli3rn lluly. It ho^ been scattereU orer more part* uf the world tliiin any utlicr ornanii'iital European.tree. ON "THE HOOP WILLIK CATCHES A V BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE KSCAPE! WASH TtTHRS I OOM'T see ANVBODV •111 StUGG KICKED THEM OR JUST THEM THE CREW CO«f4S"nj( l ifflLK>4&'OUT Of ; THE: ; ; :T ».SH l OU&F, MJD THE GIRL ESCAPE FROW THE BtAZtMG SHIP JUST (N TIME. f ORECASTLE. THEY, TOC, HA>JE M^N^OED TO ESCAPE. EASY, VJHO (S S£*OCHIW6 FOE'FOOD, REMAINS KHI^D.V SALESMAN SAM vu_ eoe 1 ujtec-ue WE GoTTA DO, TO KICK TW WHO LS&S FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENTO ........... . IDOK KT 'EM : OP THERE.; ' l-I-l VXJMQEtt WHtOiL.BCO |J», W1TM THE. LUMCH WMOI VOU« 51EP 'THERE, PAT— DOt-fT WA.W 1O 6TUWBLE AMD rw_L - 15K)'T 1HI MR VMRVELOU5)?.-. ITS. GRAMO TO 6ET O^F UKE DOM'T VOU? ' ESPECIALUV W1(E>J IV) SUCH I WOULD BE -A- LUN(|C. WJ' ?>UG6E&T X COIN ,TO €>EE y*fci ] ' COM'T VOO THIKX. rf& ABOUT TiMt yrw CARRIED WE FEEL POETIC f FOR RE.O, WHO FOLLOW £> BCH.1ND BASKET SF LUWCH

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