The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1955 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1955
Page 16
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PAQB I1JUEEM (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 38, 1-956 Commodity And Stock Markets- Ntw York Cotton (12:30 qootatiorvt) Deo ........ 3321 3338 3319 3330 Mar ........ 3195 3233 3194 3228 May ...... 3093 3120 3083 3115 July ........ 2940 2962 2935 2947 N«w Orleans Cotton Deo ...... 3321 3338 3318 3331 sMr ........ 3200 3240 3200 3235 May ...... 3103 3125 3100 3117 July ........ 2934 2963 2934 2650 Chicago Wheat Deo . .. 2023' 4 202% 201'i, 202 May.... 201 ?4 301% 200% 300'/ 2 Chicago Corn Deo .... 128 128 127V4 121 'i May .... 135i'« 135!4 134M, I3«i Chicago Soybeans Nov .... 233>' 8 233!', 231'i 232 Jan .... 237 237 235" 8 236!4 Mar .... 240 '.•; 240 |i 238 , 239 July .... 23S 238 236 j 237 '/i Obituary T. L. Loft Rites Sunday Services for T. L. Lott, 47, life- Negro Bound Over on Charge Of Robbery CARUTHERSVILLB — Davis Wl U.N., Negro, who moved here re- be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Cobb Funeral Chapel. Bill See of (he Church of Christ ree robbery charge. Williams is charged with sieving $9-25 from Floyd Shull, Caru, . _ . , uiy y&.^-d 11 uiii r luvu on mi, v^iii <(will conduc the services. Burial th ^,,, e driver fo j S54 Radjo C:lb will be in Elnwood Cemetery. i c Mr. Lott is sumved by one son, Amhorltics said that \vil- W. M. Lott; two daughters, Helen and Bobbie Lott; his father, Ei-win sh ,,,, .^ nj hl _ Loit; two brothers. W. E. Lotl and ne nrres[ - was ma(je b Eu , ess New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco . Anaconda Coppe Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric . - Gen Motors .... Montgomery War N Y Central .... Int Harvester .. Republic Steel .. Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker .... Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears TJ S Steel Jessie Lott; a sister, Mrs. Dessie Sanders. Two grandchildren and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Walter Stephens, ilso survive. pallbearers will be Richard Harin, Boyd Lott, Lloyd Lott, J. K. Lott, G. T. Gracy and Montell Gracy. Dewey Jones Services Set Services for Dewey G. Jones will j Stanfield, city policeman. Jessie Ward of Hayti was sentenced to five days in the county jail for common assault. Norman Tanberf,' was sentenced to days for contempt of couri. Tangberg, also of Hayti, was prosecuting witness agannst Ward after the court .session started Tangberg: disappeared. Clyde Ortc-n, chief deputy sheriff, had seen Tangberg talking to Ward. Cleo Yonng, CaruihersviUe N'ee- was bound over to Circuit 179 76 65 7-8 351 1-8] 94 1-8; 125 1-2j 46 3-4 l 134 7-8i 89 1-2 44 3-4 36 48 1-4 43 7-8 58 1-8 10 5-6 133 108 102 1-2 55 1-4 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. O— (USDA)—Hogs 7.500; active; unevenly higher; bulk supply 180220 Ib U. S. Nos 1, 2 and 3 grade mixed 14.75-15.00 with moderate number 220-245 Ib mostly U. S. N_ 3 and 3 grade 14.50; around 200 head 180-230 Ib U. S. No 1 with end Of 13. S. Ho 2 grade 16.25; all interests making as liberal purchases as modest supply permits; 140-170 Ib weights 50 higher, largely 13.50-14.50; very lew lighter weights available; sows 25 higher; 400 Ib down largely rapher, died in Blytheville Hospi- lal yesterday following a short illness. Born in Alabama, he had made his home in Blytheville and Mississippi County for the 'past four years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ethel Jones of Biytheville; and two brothers, Clayton Jones of Blue Creek, Ala., and Carson Jones of York, Ala. 13.50-75 with 450-550 boars 8.25-11.50. Cattle 900, calves Ib 13.00-50 500; steady commercial cows 12.50; bulk util ity and commercial grades closing 10.00-12.00; bulk canners and cut ters 7.50-9.50; light canners spar ingly 6.00-7.00; extremes as low as 5.00 on hard shells, bulls utility nnd commercial kinds rnainlj 12.00-13.50; Ugh' canners down to 10.00 and below; heavy fat bulls 11.00; moderate sprinkling common stocker and feeder steers 13.00-15.00: part load medium qual it.' around 750-lb feeders 16.50; vealers prime 29.00; bulk good and choice 21.00-20.00; lower grades 10.00-20.00; most 350-500 Ib slaughter calves 12.00-15.00. A-State Students Score JONESBORO—James Suiter. Joiner, has been elected president of the Intr -national Relations Club at Arkansas State college. Allen Starr, Osceola. was elected reporter for the Historical Society. Rice Lee Van Ausdall. Caruthersville. was named vice president of | the Pro-Law Club and Wayne Newsom, Caruthersville, has been elected secretary of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity's pledge class. Lb. Box 12 oz. Btl. 2 303 Tins 6 Lb. Pkg WHY NOT? Yes, why not shop Safeway every week for all of you food needs? Each and every item sold at Safeway must completely satisfy you in every way, or your money hack. And you'll he mighty happy when you see how far your food dollars goes at the RIylheville Safeway Store. On all counts, it says to shop Safeway. Saturday Only! Domino or Godchaux XXXX SUGAR Pancake Syrup SLEEPY HOLLOW Highway Brand APPLESAUCE Dutch Mill Assorted CHEESE SLICES Party Pride Delicious ICE CREAM In Cello. Bags NAVY BEANS Vinecresr Seedless FANCY RAISINS Delicious Cheese Spread CHEE ZIP Libby's Brand CANNED PEARS Highway Halves CANNED PEARS DON'T FORGET! Safeway will m«i the lowest advtrMMil price of every competitor — item by item — <Uy by day — tn Blylhevilte. Quality considered. W« r«Mry« Hi* right to limit purchases 30* ^ 69* 2 »•»' 31* 17* 24* 43* 38* 15 01. Box 8 01. Jar No. 2'/i Tin No. 2'/i (Continued from Page I) iTeoinmondiition carrying no sponsoring names. The resolution, which grew out 1 of three weeks debate and numer: (ins ht'himl-srenes huddles, carries 1 tiiesf main provisions: 1. A second iiuernatiomil atomk' ; enenry conlerence should* be held I \vithm Elin-e years. { 2. Ii add* ttussia, India. Brazil i and Chechoslovakia with other ] roumnt's invited to negotiate priv- : '• aiclv on a proposed statute for an ' atomic agency. i 3. CMls on U.N. Secretary Gen-' 1 f-r.'il D;ur Hammarskjold to make ! a study on the relationship the neu • auency .should have to the U.N In a paratiraph-by-paragraph, vrMo boiore ballot ing on the resolution as. a whole, the committee i turned down three Soviet amend- j ments. Red proposal Beaten It dc 1 f* 1 11 tort 33-U, with. 12 abstentions, a Soviei proposal to invite I all state.s to the conference on the ; atomic statute. Russia contend? 1 Ka^t Germany nnd Red China should have a Kay in the agency. It rejected 32-15 with 10 absten- ! ti'ins Russia's recommendation to ; invne all slates to a conference of j U.N. members and speciali/ed : '.v-ieucie^ for exchange of technical i information. U- beat down 40-11 with eight t abstentions Russian attempts to have the proposed agency established within the "framework of the Untied Nations." Western observers saw this as an attempt to place the agency under the control of the Security Council, in which Russia holds veto power. The West did accept in advance one Soviet proposal. They included a paragraph proposing that the agency consider the desirability of arranging for an international periodical devoted to peaceful uses of atomic energy. MID-EAST (Continued from Pas* 1) Dan in northeastern Galilee and clashed with an Israeli police patrol. They said the body of one Syrian soldier was taken back across the border by the Syrian force. A few hours before last night's newest attack, Israeli Premier Moshe Share tt arrived at the scene of the Big Pour conference in Geneva io protest shipment of Communist arms to Egypt and to seek new security guarantees from the West to counteract the grow::;<; Arab arsenal. Asked if Israel would launch a preventive war, Sharett told reporier.s: "I hope to God that Israel -,vill not be driven to this ... It should be the interest of civilized nations everywhere to see that Israel does not have to fight again — as she will fight if she has to." A state of war technically still, t ii.its between Israel and the Arab >::ues, and the almost daily border clashes have se'iously shaken the armistice agreement signed in 1949. i SMOG Read Courier News Classified Ads (Continued from Page 1) nnd t'orth from one end of the cylinder io the other by means o" a qold-plsted set of mirrors. The contents of the air in this sample sky can then be analyzed through ;in infra-red spectograph . The experiment is being spon- =ored by the American Petroleum Institute. Eventually the Franklin Institute scientists hope to take their sky chamber into different cities where they will test actual atmospheric conditions. These conditions can vary from one community to another. At Mead's—The Only Exclusive Men's Store in Mississippi County the amazing new luggage that's fingertip-light! UltmJite Samsonite Luggage Other UltraliU Samtoni Caiftf; $37.50 ladici' Wofdrobe. $35.00 ladled O' Coi* J25.00 J32.50 $37.50 Pilot Tan. Jet Grey and Rochet Brawn. La4i*«' coi.t in Airline Orty, Vapor White, flight eiut and Pilot Tan, AH eatei )iav« trigge action laeli lhal open ond ihui with puih-buHori *aic, con never pop opvn made uith •^•.CTT^ magnesium the airplane metal So smart... io long lasting. ..yet so incredibly light. Just lift this Ultralile Samsonite luggage with o finger and awoy you 90. Made with the world's lightest rtructural metal, Dow magnesium...constructed so / you con actually stand on it.., red richly with Samsonite's new "betiar-than-leather" finishes ki modern "(lying colors." ie in today and see a complete selection of these beauliei... they're th« firif wonder* of the luggage world! BIG FOUR (Continued from Page 1) ter Antoine Pinny had sought to introduce their program after opening statements were concluded. Molotov looked quickly over a copy of the Western document anci said he had agreed to discuss at once the subject there—Hem 1 on the agenda—and would not do *o. Presemiukm of the proposals was then put over until today. Thus the West lost whatever publicity advantage it might have gained by getting out its proposals ahead of the Russians, The Molotov moved fitted into the developing pattern of diplomatic contest rather than give- and-take negotiation. May Press Policies Also fitting the pattern was a behind-the-scenes struggle here over the balance of power and continuation of Western influence ir the Middle East, i Having obtained a partial truce in the cold war in Europe. Russia; may consider itself free to press' expansionist policies in a new direction. Western diplomats said! they expect the Soviets *-j offer io join with the West in organizing! a new . collective security alliance which would bind all the states of> the Middle East to net ntniiivt 1 aggression. \ There way no confirmation off such a move from Soviet delegation sources, but the Western Uig Three now have no intention of engaging i" any formal, full-scale discussion of the Middle East with Russia. Their broad aim is to stall the Soviet move to extend There was no confirmation of Us influence in that tense area, Israel's Premier Moshe Shnrett conferred here last night with Pinny on the sale of arms to Egypt by Communist Czechoslovakia. He planned to meet with the oilier Big Pour ministers as rapidly as possible, protesting to Molotov on the arms sale and soliciting new Western aid to offset Egypt's i; n ins. Western officials said the sale of Communist weapons to Arab nations may serve two purposes of Soviet strategy. The shipments could lead to fresh and dangerous trouble in the region the Western Powers have been trying hard to .stabilize, and might lead to a sit- 'iiation where Russia will demand a voice in big power decisions in the area. Prepared to Join Comparson of the policies outlined in the opening statements by Molotov and the Western ministers showed clearly the divergent lines of their policies. Dulles said the United States Is "prepared to join in assurances related to German unity which will preclude any revival of German militarism.' The offer of such assurances to overcome Russian foars of a- unified Germany Northeast Singing Meeting Scheduled Hubert Polsgrove, BIythevWe, and R. E. L. Smith. Steele, will take part in the Northeast Arkansas Singing Convention which will convene at 7:45 p.m. Saturday at Arkajisas State College Auditorium, Jonesboro. Some 25 singers and composers, including Aline Hanks, blind singer ami composer of "In My Father's House" nnd Luther G. Presley, will attend the convention, which also will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. aligned with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is a major point "in the Western program. Pinay told the conference the West would ,not scrap NATO and replace it with an all-European security system, as Russia urges. Molotov, as he has many times in the past, called again for dissolution of regional military groupings—meaning NATO—and made clear that this still Is a Soviet I precondition for the unification of Germany. Molotov also said it is up to East and West Germany to arrange unity among- themselves, instead of by Big Four directive. The ministers outlined a confer- i cnce schedule calling for the par| ley to last until Nov. 19. They will ' meet afternoons only and take Saturdays and Sundays off. except for the final Saturday, Nov. 19. 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