The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 18, 1934
Page 2
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wear wo t, , ^ , ' .mi ..!••• Experts Miss Slam Bid on J Lay-Down Seven-Heart Hand Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY \VM. K. McKKNNtV Sccrclar), Araetfc<m Bridge 1-CJg Today's hand 1 WES selected fiom Hie quarter finals of the Vandci- .bllt . tcam-of-four mutch iccenlly held in New Yoik city, Twenty four teams woic entered this jciu They were divided Into four ice lions of six tesfits CBCl) T«o sessions ucic plajcd and four teams qualified flora each section. These 16 teams then were bracketed o|I for n knock-out match. Tolnl point scoilng \MIS used tlnoUghout Wow, suppose you held (he South hand and, al the end of the play of the hand,' you were plus only 250 points 1 Wouldn't >ou feel Hint >ou had lost a gical many jwlnls on thc^boirrt, because you cun set there Is a lay-down grand .slum In hearts? Hxme\er. much lo the sui- prisc of (he declare) \\hen lie checked up ivitli his teammate's ho found they had won the bourd by 50'points. M-Ihe table where South bid n spade and West overcnltcd with two clubs, North's double might To'ay's Contract Problem Soutlt is ploying the contract nl four spades. West ' makes R (>«or opening of Iho acq ot Inrarls and tlien hwlljlics to tho (|iieen o( clubs. Whut doreiislve play must Enst msko to defeat the contract? A K 76 V 10 S (,'2 J 10 53 407 V 3 * A 7 5 + A K S 5 Solution In next Issue. 4 AJ9 4> None ' >tt Duplicate—N. and g V iil South \Vc6t Sol tit Kant |k Tass 1'asi Pass OK 1.-* 2 * Double i-ass btv teimert very bnrt Just whs South left the double hi is hnid Vnuiifteistarjd , /Oie v conljnct «js defeated v hvo ificks, ei\mg*Noilh and 'South a ptiib scoic of 251) points $t the other bblp, Sonlli opened \\ith B spnde and the olhci Ihico pnsscd Fne sjindes were mad<*, giving the declarer 150 points plus 50 foi the Ics, than eauiO contiiict, w a toU) of plus 200 poitili 1" TroWem in Bidding .The bidding of (he hnnd is quite n problem Of course, It west ovtjrcalls and even Ihough Norlli does double, Soulh should enter the bidding again by shoving his Osceola Society'—Personal Members of the Junior Progrcsi- Ife club Mho attended Hie opera, 'JvUdanie Butlerny," ul Memplils Saturday are: Mrs George Dicker- am, sponsor of the club, Mi's JJad- cline^Ellen Edrmgton, Miss Dlxlo Lec.Qulnn, Mtss Marlon Cromer, Mits Maiy Virginia Cromer, Misi JiTury Elfeabeth Ballouc, Miss Donna liae Driver, Miss, Mm Semmok Barbicrb, Miss Prances Conn ay. Miss Nora Huckabj, Miss Martha Jane Carlffright, ^iss Virginia ,Nichols, ^5lss ElVcl Dnckej Mr f and Mrs Snow Wilson arc re-modeling their home on Hlghwny 61. ihcy plan to move in in a ua> or so ,Dr and Mrs L D Mnssej were m Memphis fauturdaj. They spent the _day -»,th Dr Masscv's sister who is m al Baptist Hospital •Mrs Charlas txmrance and Mrs ,' i ' r -and Mrs. Joe Voun? mid their niece, ;jayne Mejcra. .nid Mrs 'Mrs, John Blactoiood rclurncd liere from LltUc Rock Satui-day .Mr. and Mrs L. C B Youns spent Saturday , n Memphis i. ca) ' R " lcm ^ the Marion school fatuity Is »tag Mrs joe K Milclicil here Slie fc a cousin of Mrs. Mitchell jiead Courier -4 icart suit. This win be supported >y North and it should nol be dl(- ficnit to arrive at n small slam contract, i\t loast. But when West passes, there are n Jot o/ plnym who will iiass (he- North hand. While North does have the queen and jack of his partner's suit and a tlvc-cjird sill'., most players do not like to keep the bidding open without two probable entries. Olheiv with the r, uo cii uml jack i of their partner's suit and a five card suit of lliclr oim, cspecliilJy a major, believe In giving their partners a chance .on the hand' with n bid of oiif no trump, if South gets n no trump chauce- elvhig bid fi-oiu partner, he should force In hearts oil the next round. 1 Bivc you this hand to show you thill oven (he experts, on certain types of hands, do not come close to the bcst^ contrive!, bill that l f i what makes contract an Interesting game, (Copyright, 103J, NEA Service, Inc.)' Osceola Groups P-lah Christmas Git'ls For Nccdj' O50EOLA, Ark.—Tl!0 D. V. P. U. of the Baptist chureli and the Epworth league of the Methodist church are working toother In sponsoring a community chrtolmas gift propel for needy families. Ino pa«|«rc of the chnrcljcs made a survey ot |hc needy faiiillies and Ihe Boy gcouts are |o distribute the gifts under the supci vision of Steve nalph, n loeal business man. The different oi-ganlzatlons, business lioilses, churches, aiul individuals of the city are helping: Tho "roemslve club Indies gave 55 for the repair of toys. The P.-T. A contributed f2.CC for t!ic same pur-' rase sixty baskets were placed hi he business houses of the town to >e filled. Individuals have given clothing and toys. Mr. and Mrs. B. G, Urynii donated a generous supply of iwtalocs. Mrs. alndyj Goodman, Miss Sarah Johns, Mrs. lilrdie Cummings Hid Miss MnrJc Smith are u-ork- ng In Ihe repair shop. MIS c o Brown, Mrs. J. H. LovcweU, Mrs A. W. Young, Mrs. t. c. B. Young, ses Lillian B. and Edim Aycr . w. T. namscy, Mrs. Jay wax er and Mrs. Lillian Beckham ai ORE) cpmtrgy ." Mrs, Joe K. Mitchell Is supervls Ing tlia work, Gifts arc solicited Bead Courier News VFtait Add. This h The ENJOYABLE LAXATIVE Fetfvvmint, (In deliuoui mint tli*vang i«vn UxitlVt, givei you no lursli, upmtuii ttiion, no sin'in, no ifrer-ef/ccc discomfort [i t»EM -juii liks your f»vome flum. The ttlrijine. *njr 4ti!on of Peeu-a-mlnt i* dm 10 Hie fici ih*t you CHQW It. SiliVi /ut«« mix with h llbi iKey do with your food, im io It RO»* Into iht i/stem sridutll^. Tliui J<> HPJH lit d«lie»tc biLincc. Ftrn-i^m 1m"J* id«l for <MI<J[trt, bui tKbiouglily poiiiiy* for tdulr*. Doctbrt prcKiibe [he b»tive in Ftttt-A-mint. It is for yltiiim c«rre<:KQn without Upjat 10 illtt or appetite. Dela/ i dingiroui. Tod«y, git bich art ichtdtil« arn it»y tKcrt *iih d*!itioui Peen.i-mlnt. A drum,ii, l)e and 2]c. who khow the high , Witty and better value to be ir ^ » , d '" the Joltble - le >'^—'lou( f lc~Mction K C Baking Powder. f l JP^"" 5 deiidoiw baking! of fine textutc and -large (Volume. KG >ful B«kln(i. who Svarit the best, dctnand the Economical and Efficient BAKING POWDER Same Price Today as 44 Years Ago *S ounces for s$c You can also buy full ** ounce can ^ or lo * I**** K ounce can for I S« nru, VACK- NO SLACK FIU.INO Bnndt^di •[ ThauuHU «l Wwitk B«T« R«c«iT*< THE COOK'S BOOK You „„ ,„ . , ep) , df , hl , b ,. uli(u| , H^^ fc^ -fyl ««pr«n«l, ,,,,,J „<!,,„ *.,.;„ >HiM M«il ll.. tcrnfinic f,, m , „» „, K c Bdlb> , f^ , CWCACO, ILUNOII NAMB Sania Qiius iii Person' Is .'Here!;To Greet the Open Evenings 'Til 9 P. Starling Wednesday RABER' DOLLS Of All Kindt Ilnby Dolls, Sleepy Dolls, Dolls with hair, In fact loads ami loads of Dolls of All Kinds. 25c to $2.98 Christmas DRESSES Dresses, , Sweat- 'ers, '•': s'hawjs, Blankets, Booties; Comb, and"Urusli Sets,' 'Coals and' Caps... .-Visit this deportment, lor any style or price 1 gift you want for the baby. Green Red New Blue FREE FRUIT CAKE 'We have just finished a wonderful year mid in apprccialion of the fine business given its we oflfcv our many fi'tfends and customers a Special phristmas l)cal ; Both For .. $1.00 l ' inlil lo An - v Onc Customer) ery. No ordei-s filled after Saturday • We Wkh^Kvcry One pf Our ^ *n«nds.'and . Customers \ - Merry Xms& and A Hapuy. Prosperous 1935. Co. Only. CCl ' °* Ul thc BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. GIFT BAGS E\ery size in and K,ids.kin, 'Some ulth cis- , arette.- containers .. .Very new' 98c - $1.98 : $2.98' GLOVES alie - Can always use iloves^-Oood looking fnibrlc. ones at 5!)c^ 7flc ,98c Kid Gloves . i n many nciv ctilf efTccts. §1.39 §1.98 A11 r active Gowns 'of all still , bea utiful lace tfl*mltig Lovely Gifts O f silk Just arrived. '.. Smart ' enougli to go south In or to wear lor piany home occasions... Advanced Spring styles with lingerie touches and shown in new high shade crepes. $5.98 $6.98 $10 $12.95 Sparkling New DRESSES For Evening or Dinner Wear How sho'd'adofe; one of these formal dresses to wear during the Holiday festivities and for many, ninny occasions thereafter... They're so'good, looking, yet low in price! • . $5.98 $6.98 $10.75 SLIPS- SLIPS /SLIPS Taffeta All -sll^c. crepe A - beaiitlfni with 3 rows of ""!] '«atin, .saljii .sih, at . '->— bod!t; < ! and tractive I v lace torn *<• ^- strafghV top, trimmed' all tizcs. lace trimmed, lace.' 98c SHI'S Silk crepe, and lustrous 'satin, with deep lace-bodice and bottom. Sizes 32 (o 14 $1.98 - $2.98 DANCE SETS Rich,- lustrous satin, heavily with lace, ail lace brassiere. $1.49 - $1.98 $1.39 , DANCK SETS Pure silk crepe mid satin; lace ntrimincd and .-tailored; styles ...Gifts she'll appreciate.: .'•-• , 79cli 98c SILK PJUAMAS Pure silk crepe,. one and two piece styles, lace trimmed, - all sizes. $1.98 - $2.98 CHINESE LOUNGE PAJAMAS 2 piece satin, black pants with wide bottoms' con r^L rr,, gOW ' " d ' blue alld black wl » contrasting Chinese flgm-es and ffi'T n, t buttons <»O,yo Pajamas - Gowns Ladies rayon pajamas and ' - , » '/r-Pas shades lace ana self<V ruffles. ': 98c Satm Gowns .Gorgeou!, Ciowns aht! of a fine quai- 1 r, jty lustrous sali:i ."yvlth old- laceitflni, • 'Several styles.>••••••$2.79 T . BEAUTIFUL NEGLIGEES The Gift She'll Adore-One of these cliarm- M. w'h** , 01 Cl ' epC ' Sati " or Ra - V0f ' T "f- L^'.i'^.J^'-^tel.BUd dark shades.-, $1.49, $1.98, $2.98. $4.98. $5.98 HANKIES .Imported Irish Unm , Hankies,- haiicl rolled, c»!- broldercA and !ace. hisets. Box of 3 at 25 C to 98c TAPESTRIES - 1 "And Tied and Dved SCARFS For use on chairs. Davenports, Radios, Benches, etc. Stmarcs and oblong in all sizes Bright colors and long fringe. LADIES' HOUSE SLIPPERS Plain and tucked Satins and Crepes, Kidskins.and,Felts in all style heels, soft padded or hard leather soles,.'plain 1 or Pom. Pom trim. Large sliow- i"S nl popular prices. 2Sc- 39c - 49c 69c - 79c - 98c UNENS •• * -... ••' - '- ! - 1 i ^<* j ;.; For AlTOccassiortfe' T ' Breakfast- Sets, Luncheon Seta ..and' Bridge . SeU .'In oyster and -white linen, bright torders, fringed -and 'heln- racd... Napkms - - t o - mat ch. Complete sets i priced • Ironi 78c to $2.98 • 25cto$2,98 FILET NET DINNER CLOTHS Beautiful all over designs. A gift anj woman would appreciate for years to come. 72 x 90 Inches $1.98 $2.98 $3.50 CHILDREN'S HOUSE SHOES Sheep lined Buii- nles to keep little jfeet warm. 69c - 79c Smart . look i n g kid D'Orsays for toys and girls. Silk HOSE 'All silk Chiffon Hose, lop to" toe, slightly Irregular but think of getting n 19C grade ^jc ^ior only ** Full fashion Hose of a pretty all silk Chiffon and shown in the popular HAC shades for wear, now at only ' -' ' NU-MAID HOSE Here are extra clear and sheer all silk Chiffon Hose, no shadows or rings... Give her a box of three pal re, 48 gauge, very sheer 51 gauge, $1.29 'extra sheer -*- --• 98c BEACON BLANKET ROBES Ladies $1.98 - Children's $1.50 PRACTIGAL ECONOMICAL GIFTS FOR MEN AND BOYS BEAUTIFUL GIFT TIES Stripes, checks, plaids, dots, Pcrjjans, solid colors...Really you'll have no difficulty nn'dlns ties here lo cult him. ' - , He'll Like These SOCKS Clocks andfancy.jiatlerns of. .every color ana description, also hliny iolid colons. - , , 15c - 25c - 50c LOUNGING ROBES Brocaded silks with Skinner Sattn facing and all wxwl flannck. $2.98 Smart looking n \\ W00 | Fiatnicl Robes nt $3,98 - $4,50 BOYS SHWT SETJ'S, tie »nd shirt lo match with tie and collar nnu clasp W BOWi TtK and ilANDKEIl- CHtEP SETS, allrao '.19 Cto 49 fc Silk and Broadcloth PAJAMAS Russian and regular, coat' style, sll|t crepe- piped in contrasting colors. •-. $3,85> $4.98; 5.98 Lounging styles In cloths. and • sleeping printed brand- . SHIRTS, '•prelly 'solid .'colors /me and fancy iiatlerns A" , SHBBt' - LINEU , red, brown, blue Kud black, sizes 2 to 8 98ctd$2.98 • MENS GLOVES, pigskin, plg-gr»ln, kid anjl'-irtoch*. llned'or (>OC to'ci (H) unllncd >0, - 5>l.y.O OTHER. GIFT SUGGESTIONS Belt and' Buckle ' Sets"'-' -' : "50c - 98c Kuspendcr - Garter Sets ' - - 50c - «5c Scarfs, silk or . wool - - - 5<jc - !)8c The Finest U'hilc : Broadcloth ' SHIRTS Wo Kver Sold at SI.00 Made of Genuine ....!.,. 2-5t.Brqadclo)li Pleated • sleeve, and all 6|ther features usual I y found only, in higher c ] priced shires, all.jsizes V-i i? .:... . "'•.. '• .'Custom Tailored The most beautiful' shirts you can and at any P'icc GLADSTONE real gtu.'fbr BAGS, Him". 1VUI (jliv 1U1 nun . $6.98 to $12.50 'HANDKEKCHIEFS Wire .Irish* inlUals, :. box : of 3.. '<J ' :-VO MENS: TIB and HANU- KBRCHIEF'SBl'S, beautiful as- , 'jrc to no<! sorlmcnl "<J -/Ox .... loin bulk shirts .In white anrt rnncy ; ijatlerns. $1.50 '- $1.98 Men's; House Padded "sbles,- jxitent and kid ,upl>ers, ' " • : 69c to 98c.

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