The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
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THR nnMTNAMT »l?urenini?n ^V, ..,,,-,„,,„. ' * r*~' VOL. XXXIII—NO. _THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Blylhevlllo MISSOURI AliKANSAS, TIIUMSUAV, JIAHOJ1 18," 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS AT HONOLULU ON WORLD FLIGHT IT FLINT Writ Commands Union Mead to Order Strikers Out o{ Chrysler Plants DETROIT, Mar. 18 (UP)—Strikes a<>ufii flared in General Motors plants today- while the United Automobile Workers union and Chrysler- Corporation moved clos Intervention In Simpson Divorce Suit LONDON, Mar. 18 ,Jp)_An undisclosed person is intervening In the divorce of Mrs, Wallls Simpson, tomorrow's cnuse list at the law courts disclosed today. The cause list announced that the king's proctor will appear at 10:30 A. M. tomorrow ici chambers before Hie president of the dlvcrcc court,, sir Boyrt Mcrriman. in connection lion. Ihe huerven- Mrs. Simpson's divorce from Ernest Simpson Is not due to be- lo a showdown on the issue, come final before Anrll 27 Under „.,.,„, Knfn .„ ,^.... ms „,<,,„„ j the , ttw nny int^esled ' person factories. , can Inter/cue to show cause wliy ' ll >e divcrce should not be made whclher B.OCO slt-rtowners be evicted from nine Pisher Body Plant No. 1 at Flint was closed after a series of sit-down strikes Involving more than 500 women. Forty- riflil hundred persons wore thrown out of work by the closing o! Ihc.' factory. Tlie first strike oc.urred in the .scwinsj division of the .south unit where 2CO women struck because of a "wage grievance." An hour lulcr 380 women in (lie north Unit joined the strike in sympathy tut Jnler returned to work. The south unit was closed and 1.200 employe.? were sent home. Toward mid-afternoon CO men in the north unit joined HIE strike and the entire plant was closed. Company officials asked the CO men what they were striking lor und a spokesman replied '"Hint's our orders." Into the Detroit office of Homer Mnrtin (here strode today a deputy sheriif who handed the president of the U. A. \v. a writ of injunction from the Wayne county circuit court commanding him to order sit-down strikers out of all Chrysler plants. Martin'- accepted service with-! _put comment ..and • -calmly- ; went To lunch. The writs also 'were served on Wync'ham Mortimer and Amelia at Honolulu on'Globe-Girdling Flight Vt. >"*? -._ > Vi "il M»' \^-~V \ „ ,- . . : .......*. O Ohio Member Reports 80 Out of 97 House Democrats Favor Proposa WASHINGTON. Mar. 18 <UP>Rep. William R. Thorn (Dem. O) foe of President Roosevelt's coint plan, said today that a house Democrats showed support a livo-thirds Ed Hall, vice presidents of automobile union. the final. 'the king's proctor will ask „.. . Boyd for directions on how to 1 proceed In the Intervention. ME TIME jiBEnlEN House Rejects Fish Pro- posa! to Forbid All-Wai- Materials Exports WASHINGTON, Mar. 18' (UP)— The house today defeated, 101 to 74, an attempt lo amend the pending neutrality bill to prohibit all exports of war materials—in peace or war. Youth Pleads Guilty and Is Granted Parole CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—F o 1- lowing his plea of guilty to felonious assault in circuit court here, Jesse Uaird. well-known local youth, was sentenced by Judge H. C.' Schult to five years in prison, then paroled. Baird had been held In Hie county jail since Decembtr for his alleged part in the robbery of his uncle. Hollis Baird, who was shot and robbed of 5100 near his home as lie returned home late at night from his night cHib, a few miles west of' this city. Baird, officers said, was the "finger man," pointing out his uncle to nn accomplice, who did the actual shooting and robbing. Tile accomplice flee! following the rob- bory and has never been apnre- hcmled. ILL Tt'LL ~f?i=r***mx —»-, ! YOU The amendment, proposed bj Rep. Hamilton Fish (Rep., N Y) would have prohibited manufacturers of munitions and - other war materials from shipping their products out-of the United States regardless, whether there -were war's abroad. ' . '-.••• Fish contended that "profits greed, and blood money" are Involved in munitions shipments abroad and lhat embargoes should apply in times of peace' as^ well as when foreign wars are progress. His proposal brought a sharp retort from Rep. Sam D. McReynolds, chairman of the forei°n affairs committee and author of Ine pending neutrality bill, who charged Fish .with injecting partisanship jiilo debate on neulral- The. house agreed with McReynolds' stand that shipments of arms and war materials be embargoed only to w (ions, as provided in his "meas- Earlier sponsors of the McReynolds measure decided to seek an amendment to limit "cash and carry" provisions to two years The decision Av as an attempt to compromise difference.? between the house and senate on thc question of presidential <jj scre tionnry power in declaring em bargees. The Pittman measure passed by the senate, carries * t " C ',,!!I?" rtat , 0 , 1 ' y .Provisions while allow the McReynolds bill would Ihe president powers. ivWe discretionary BV BURNS I tlon't blame a person for tryin' to improve himself or herself but nmc tmifs oul of t W|1C|1 nnd one of those ultra ullra persons lhal "put on the dog" and (ilk with an affected speech if you KO back to their home town and visit their home vou'll flnri jJiAlu -.jj "^wim,, you 1| 11I1Q bouse in his imdershi'rf "and In Ins so.x feel. home one time. Nobody cver^nVd' nny attention to her unlil one day she won „ bcauly contest and .'he u-ent to tlie city and „„, ,„ the show business. There shemar- n«l a rich man and got Into soc- Shortly afler thai she cnme home on a visit and brought hcv society husband home with her When she gut off.(he train. U took 'he poiter fifteen minuie.s to un- 'Mri her suitcases and hat boxes "enry Hink, the old station "Win. wenl runnin' up to her to sreel h cr . but she gave him an 1( 5' stare. She arched one eyebrow •"id say, "My gootl man, Isn't ft possible to gel a taxicab lo can'y our luggage to the hold?" "pnry lllnk says, "You don't nave to boUirr about that, AKg- Bit-here comes your Paw around 'he corner wilh n whreltan-ow." Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, Mar. 18. (UP) — Stocks broke, one lo four poln'ls 10- day in Ihe most severe setback of the year. Bonds generally were lower although United States governments steadied. Commodities declined. A T and T American WatcnvorkT Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel ...... Chrysler Cities Sen-ice Coca Cola General Electric General Motors International Harveslcr 103 1-4 McKc.sson-Robblns Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phi.liris Petroleum Radio Corp Si. Louts-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Sludfbaker Texas Corp U S Smelting 11 S fileel Warnei Bros .: ilornio 173 1-8 23 7-8 64 3-4 55 123 7-8 4 1-2 159 5G 1-2 62 7-8 15 1-: 03 52 10 5-8 55 11 1-2 4 1-4 54 1-4 70 7-8 17 7-8 56 3-4 9G 14 3-4 7 3-4 Cfiicac/o Wheat open 1371-2 high close Chicago Corn bers would requiring a _ llk , cciirt majority to itivaikinTe of congress. re.s-itlts of ... „. judiciary com riittee considered inviting men, bors or attaches of the supreme- court lo testify on Mr. Roosevelt's proposal for enlargement of the tribunal. Today thc committee continued testimony by professional sup porters of , the court pluti. cat - ing Dean Leon Green of Northwestern University law school. Thorn said he had received wrilten or verbal assurances from 80 house , Democrats thai the) would support a proposal to require a two-thirds si'preme court to invalidate acts of congress. Thorn made it plain lhat the two-thirds court vote proposal wa< not necessarily a substitute foi the president's plan. He pointed >ut that many of the supporters of Ihe two-thirds plan would ilso probably support Air. Roosevelt's program. Thorn's less than „, „„ cratic house membership. "Only rive Democrats 1 checked expressed, direct opposition to the reform proposal while 12 were" non-commillal." Thorn said The heavy black line across the uice o, the two hemMic r snows lo couro of tooha by the poll covered a little third of the Demo- m IN TOUR! '• S. Circuit Court Reverses Texas District Court Ruling NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 18 (UP) -A three-fudge, federal court of Ihe United States circuit court of appeals today upheld constitutional ty of the National Labor Re- alions act. The joint opinion, written by Judge Edward R, Holmes, reversed Ihe decision handed down June 0, 1936 by Dislrict Judge Charles JB ", yn '°". °. f El Paso, holding the act Void because it violaled Article I, Section I pf the constllu- ion. Judge •Boynion al that time .wiled a permanent .injunction restraining the National Labor Re- ations board from enforcing the ict against El Paso Electric Co The appellate court held the West Texas district court erred ulmg that (he lower court should VATICAN CITY, Mtir. 18 (UP) —Pope Pius XL, in an cncycUpijl strongly denouncing "atheistfc Communism," pleaded today • (>4 proper "living .wages for the -y'Jra- Ing man as a matter of-justice and not "alms." Tlie aging pontiff showed that his recent Illness has not Impaired- his : vigor - by .writing an important social document suggesting In effect « charter of rights (or labor. Discussing thc condition 'if '• Ihe workers, the pontiff said Ins' In addition to the sad plight In wnlch "liberal economies had left the working man. two other factors undoubtedly have hastened this: Diffusion of Communism by clever wide-spread propaganda organized with diabolic perfection, and the inexplicable silence of a large section of thc press in the face of the spread of Communism . . . . " in mortem radio apparatus ii, -:; — J i.nijui (IUILIUII ui me trip. Ijlierallv a Ilvilll! rnmnnnv laboratory, the plane Is furnlsl^ by the Purdue Research Foundation, u , s powered by Lo uC> UeTw molors, has a cruising range of \m miles, Is equipped with thc latesl ' »a 5 |ilhe7000 Communist Menace Alarms Pope Piy's Pacific tro-alng and as navigator only, Unable lo Reach 'Verdict' in Trial of Negro at Osceoln OSCEOLA. Ark., ivlnr. 18.— A circuit court Jury was unable to agree on Its verdict in -the final trial case of the spring term here, resulting in a mistrial. The defendant, Johnnie was accused of Vlnson, negro, attack on white woman living near Victoria. Prosecuting Attorney Bruce Ivy and his deputy, I'^ron Nallling, represented the state while Joe Rhodes, local attorney, and Marcus Fietz, court reporter and attorney. represented the defendant by appointment. Before adjourning couvl Judge Neill Killough of Wynne meted out sentences as follows: Hunter Ervin, burglary and grand larceny, two years; Robert Lee, burglary, three years, grand larceny suspended; Dean and James Allen, brothers, burglary one year each; James Barker. . j petit larceny, county farm term; "'"" ' reusonablc doubt Cot Ion Production WASHlNGTo7r~Mar. 18. (UP)— Department of agriculture officials lot have "*etar'od'"ui > e""Vcl" 1 vn-rt 1 ™ d """^ "'"I'"""* advances in -i- unconstH,^ £Lf*. , STaKST tS? f^ve'Ugt about n crisis in efforls lo main- lain a balanced production. Secretary of Agriculture ffenry A, Wanace said lhat predicltons o'f 20-cent collon—attributed by department of agriculture officials lo Benjamin Adlcr. New Yor'- colton -are "likely to harm the Wallace-said he saw nothing In the present situation to substantiate such a prediction. o -j.1 • „ !'"-"" '•"'-'-".v. caumy larni term; oees Ihreal to rarm Pro- ^" l Wlll | n| ns. Brand larceny, gram from Increased Pay Raises for House Employe Held Invalid LITTLE ROCK, Mar. ,18. (UP) — Ally. ocn. Jack lloll today ruled that the raises grunted by (lie house of representatives to' five employes during the closing days of Uio-ses* sion cottier not'be paid by IVWvstate treasurer's office. Tlie Increases, granted by resolution, included an additional $2 a day for: the chief clerk and, |in'iTd-' dltlonal $1 a day for an assistant clerk and two reading clerks and $1 for the chief janitor. Holt, ruled the raises unconstitutional because they were.not in the form of a bill. 13 i T { n J. l » ,'»i Bailey Invites Lxpiebsions on Fair Betting Bill and --Others Hull Indicates Both La- Guarclia and German Press Have Said Enough WASHINGTON, Mar. 18 (UP)_ State department officials today expressed seen nnd York Cotton NE\v YORK, March 18. (UP)_ .otton closed barely steady. open high low clos° H31 1432 HOG 1413 HIS 1416 1388 1399 1352 1353 1331 1341 1345 1347 1325 1335 1348 1349 1327 1338 . 1349 1319 m? 1338 Hay July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. - ... 8 Spots closed quid at 1473, on 15 The average ntddling cotton Average Is 14.40 of 7-8 inch on the spot a , wll ,. ((v j^j RtV] narkets today was 14.40. thc B^- theville Board of Trade reports. New (Means Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 18 (UP) -^"I"'"^,^"^ "lore than . in 1-2 one dollar a bale In S0 open July -2 ,10 3-8 close l 110 I- closed ,...-.. "- tl O11L ^ Secretary of Agriculture Henrv A. Wallaces warning to farmers igainst incrctised acreage in -m- Icipallon of higher prices was ac- crcdiled wilh precipitating th c dc . open high low clos^ ..-'-.. 1«5 1425 13!>4 HOT HOS 1408 1318 1351 1351 1327 1350 1351 1351 1351 1345 1345 May July lOcl. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1390 1338 1340 IMl 1341 1330 13Mb 1329 Spots closed sleady al 1447. 0 fT il statistician fanners." five years; Andrew William's nnd'l MnJ ' or L «aiinrdta-Chnnccltoi Albeit Bridgell, grand larceny, , suspended sentences: Jeff Wil liams, grand larceny, one year; Lemuel Holmes, assault wilh at- lempt to kill, five years; Arthur Hayes, burglary and grand larceny, two years; Joshua Martin, burglary and grand larceny, Judgment suspended; Clarence Green, burglary and grand larceny, seven years; Ed Slkes. grand larceny, one year; Alonzo Alexander, grand larceny, one year; Clarence Reed, burglary and grand larceny. 10 years; Richard Norris, grand 'arceny, one .venr: Milton Mndi- commls- :on, burglary, 10 years. Instructing . the jurv hope thai ihey have hcarrl (he lasl of Ihc -Chancellor Hitler affair of unpleasant words. They pointed lo Secretary of State Cordell Hull's rebuke lo all parlies concerned in Ihe conlrov- crsy— urging them lo "find olher subjects which can be discussed more lempcrn(ely"-as Indication LITTLE RpCK, Ark. — An- r.ouncemeiil wns made laic yesterday by Gov,' Curl E. Bailey lhat he will hold public hcariiiBS next week on ten -bills passed by (he recent legislature and now awaiting his signature. Among them are three measures lhat holders of Arkansas highway n ml road district bonds have said would Interfere with the highway debt refunding, program. Annlher is House Hill 225 by Rep. Ivy w Crawford of Mississippi counly to permit parl-mutucl betting on horse races at counly fnlrs. The governor announced lhal he will hold hearings Wednesday '.'™ ! . Tnura < ta y of ne.U week from to 4 10 to 12 noon a.nd from 2 p. in. 'I. n, 521. by Harris, to require ,i il ' ....... ' 'uumie uiiui iou nines an sate to assume bonded debt vorablc conditions of bridge Improvement dislricls. H. li. 391, by Arbaugh, to nulh- Two estimates predict an acreage Increase of 8.1 per cent and 11.1 per csnl, respectively, with an advance in c'dton prices since the of the month of about one and one-half cent* a pound it is believed the acreage mloht go n.s high as 15 per cent Based on a four-year averaqc, an increase of 15 p;r cent would result in a crop of 14 million bales, u-hlle. If .the yield should be the same as last year, a crop of 14.4 million bales might be anticipated A crop of that size, added u> ft seven million bale carryover, it is believed, would pracltcally wipe out Ihe advantage southern farmers have gained with three years of production control. If abandonment of compliance with the Soil Coaservation Act should be general, there would be litlle Ihe government could do to relieve any trouble lhal might arise from n low price, as benefits are available only to those who comply wilh the program. STOCKTON, Mo~(OP)_^ohn Keep, local lumberman, was paid a $400 lumber bill In one-min lax tokens. H look him two days (o count tb em. lioneis who will select tr.s jurors for the next criminal term. Judge KIKough asked them to select Srand jurors in case Ihcy should be needed for an.v specific investigation, lie said that while it Is nol now necessary lhat a grand Jury be called llial he planned to nave a grand jury session at least once every iwo years to 'make reports on the counly prison farm "lid county property. The backbone of the West African shrew, an animal less than a foot In length. Is so strongr that " "•' ' the weight of a heavy man without Injury. It Is unlike lhal of an.v other niiimal in the world. 18 Livestock BAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Mar. (UP)—Hogs: receipts G.500 Top 1040 170-230 Ibs 10.20-10.35 140-160 Ibs 7.25-10.00 Tiulk sows fi.50-9.75 Calllc: receipts 2,OQO Steers 7.35-0.75. Slaughter steers 6.50-10.15 Mixed yearlings and heifere 7.50-9.00 . - . 1 Slaughter heifers C.25-10.75 • Beef cows 5.00-6,50 Cutters and low cutters 3.75-4.75 that Hull would be glad to drop Ihc whole matter. Hull said it would be to the best Interest's of bcth countries If the .affair were ended forthwith. His remarks apparently were directed toward .Mayor Fiorello La- Guardla of New York, who has been calling Chancellor Hitler of Germany unpleasant names- to t.i" German press, which has been LaGuuidla obscene and offensive names and slurring Amiri can institutions womanhood; an< ! parlies involved. Hull's and to The .slnlcment American all other entire considered as voicing distaste for the persona 1 affair. High School Golf Class ' Opens In Woburn, Mass. WOBURN. Ma«. (UP)-Stiidents at Woburn High School arc swing- ng drivers and mashles in what Is believed the first high school golf pfn«c Iiv »u^ •__ " Nichols, lo pro- window advcrtis- orlite counties to refund oiKstand 'lag Indebtedness. H. B. 328, by hibll radio and ing of liquor. H. Ii. si, by Horlon of St. Francis, lo authorize incorporated towns and clllcs of tlic first and second clnss to prohibit soliciting of certain classes of business wil \ '••^Ihelr corporalc limits. B. 1H. by Armstrong, to at ing lo wine. S. B. 448, by Mlluin, to reduce the garolint one-foiirlh cen per gallon.. Hearings set. for Thursday Include the following bills: S. B. 332. by Pagan and Dillon to authorize the state Refunding to Issue road dislrlct refunding bonds to districts where holders of the original dislricl bonds have not turned them In lo be refunded. S. B. 311. by Colemaii, lo relieve county officials and their bondsmen where settlements have been made and approved, and ratifying and confirming salaries fixed by legislative ncls. Famed Woman Pilot Leads Two Clipper Planes to Hawaii Airpoit' HONOU)LU,~T~ H, Mai II! (UP)—Amelia airhart Pulnanj completed ihc flrsl Inp of her globe-circling flight today -KHeit she broughl her big lx>ckhtcd- flectia plane down on Wheelci flckl al 8:25 AMPS T ud A. M., C, S. T.). She led an aerial parade acrcM Ihe Pacific which slarlcd laic usloidnj from Oakland Cal Trailing her swift plane, a viitiml Hying laboratory Hint cost $10,000, were two glanl cliiipeis of tlm Pan Ain'cilcin llccl, one bnliiu! foi New Zealand tlie nlhci foi Ihe Philippines After tlnco dnyv of delay due lo storms over l)ie Pacirif, Mil Pultmni look off from Oiklmid nl I 38 P M P S T (G 3D P M, O S T ) yesterday She made the 2 410 mile- night heie in hours, and 47 mlmiles Afler 11 fen hotns of , es j, (j, p famous (itftnan lljei will lake oil for Holland Island, a liny spot In Ihe Pacific 1,800 miles south- Mit of here, on the second phase of liei night, around the vyoild Hoi average, speed ^ n >, 157 mtlM por hour Tlie Pan-American planes \\eic Ihc Hawaii cilppci, makliiK scheduled night to Manlln wtti{ seien pnssenecis anil n cievT' of -'••" and llii!,cil|)- , on an 8000 mfla illghti to ploneci a new trntis-raolrtc on louta lo Nesy Ze.iland tijbvay'' of 'Ctngiimn Keef nnd t /i middle of the eaith was chaited on a course lhat exceeds b> moie Dian loom) miles (he globe girdling jouincy made by the late Wilcj Post In 1033 Post Iraieled appioxlmatelj 15•100 miles In establishing a rccout of seven days, 18 hours, 49 mln ulcs foi lound the \voilrt Hying On this flight he cinwcl a maik of eighl dajs 15 horns 51 ules he lecordcd In 1931 in piny wilh Harold Oatlj Posts record 1031 flight H cd . 188 hours, 40!'j n)(rr«tes Mrs Putnam said she sought 110 speed iccoids on her .flight, anrt gave no estimate of the lime she would need for nrdous venture. The avlatrlx said her course com approximately 271 miles, and lhat a base average'-m ISO miles an horn for lhe°dk- lante would total 170 hours BiVt she e\nccts to do much bettc\ than 150 miles an Ifoih undci fi- Five Per Cent Pay Raise at Caruthersville Plant CARUTHERSVILLE. ^fo, Ufar 18—Af E Sholnakfr mamgei ,c{ the Dro«n Shoe company s fic- lory here, has snnoimccd n ^fn'o per cent pay raise foi Ihe seiernl hundred emtiloyes of the P.nm here effe. live April 5 Hie raise will be the second *>. u. in. by Armstrong, to at- , " , a ™ Bl " nc thc wcond tenrl tile Tliorn liquor law rclat- ,, lvor!v<?re ln the local factory ing lo tax and license fees 'n.i - J ^ ar ' Etnjilojcs work on n piece rate 35 Take Examinations for State Police Force LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 18. , Slate Police Superintendent ,.„.,,. Albright and Assistant Stipermlen- flenl Robert LaFatlettc toilay started giving ttrltfeii examinations lo applicants (or positions in the enlarged denarlmcnt. Tbhtv-hve men from all section'; °( the slate Including rue officer! from the reienue department police foice, took examinations this morn- lug-. class h, t|,c ccimlry." Mayor Edward W. Kenney an ardenl golfer, and Walter II w'il- cox head of ihe Woburr, CoimMy Club, sponsor of the class. Turn to Page 9 for Weekly Food Section Turn (o the second section of this newspaper, page o lo 12, for Ihe courier News' new w:ck- ly foa» fealurc—four pages of recipes, menus and olher news for homemakers. and Ihe weekend specials offered by Blylhc- ville grocery stores and markets. H. B. 184. by Chaman, to pre- Mit tux ' ' the right n. uy unninnn, to pre-1 Ad<llt| onil grovys will be dodgeis from claiming' , c " tests <illr " 1 » (ll? lemafiulei- lo set up a claim on , l " e week according to Jack Por'— '• • •- tpr - chairman of the slate- pollca commission. , land that has been^fold for non payment of (axes. H. li. 225. by Crawford, ;o l»r- mll. parl-niutuel beltlnc al county fairs. V. C. Smith Dies V. c. Snillh, 50. brother-in-law of Ernest TM. Holt and c. B, Holt of lhis cily. died suddenly'.11 his home In Crossvllle, Tenn,. al noon today of a heart attack. His telalivcs here, accompanied by Bnice Holl of Littl: Rock, will leave for Crossvllle late loday. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete, 1 ARKANSAS - Oencrnllj cooler tonight Fnthy ftj r ^ 1> warmer Memphis and Vidinlj— F WEATHER t<\ir, and semcuhit colder tonight loaesl , lempenlure 40 lo 44 Frldav flir | vith rising tcmiKmlure Salur- The rimlmum tempcralnre here yeslerd-ij was M minimum 29 paith cloudv, necoidmg to S-im- ue! r Norrus offlcnl \\ealher ob server. • I

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