The Buffalo Enquirer from Buffalo, New York on February 13, 1900 · 4
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The Buffalo Enquirer from Buffalo, New York · 4

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1900
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NQU!Rffl, WANT Ab& BRING RESULTsJ THE BUFFALO ENQUIKER; TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1900. ENQUIRER WANT ADS BRING RESULTS." l- . ;i: r HOTSPUR'S COMMENTS I ON SPORTING SUBJECTS. "asr'taf aj!, WHataaaa.aa a . m aaa - HOW BOXING COMPARES There Is Not One-Half That There Is There has been mneli hullabaloo and shouting over th slugyiuj; of Referee Charlie White in New York City the other night by an excited and ruffianly second, because the latter thought his Stum "Was beini; discriminated against. .tTh: newspapers anj the writers who fire inimical to boxing and the .stuffed glove sport came out with long tirades against the ?iin' and Mated that "it was the last r.a'u in t lie roffni of the boxing 'Came." They stated that a riot was narrowly Averted by the police, and they dwelt long and empiw i'-ally on the dubbing of a few .spectators by thos.e same spoliae officials. The whole truth about the matter is that an excited individual, without cause r warrant, a man who does not live ii-this Sti'.te, became so enraged and excited at what he thought was an injustice to his principal, that lie punched the referee good and hard. It was a dis-.graceful act. and the act of a bully :md coward. Such things happen so rarely, however, that the following special dispatch from Albany to the Rochester 'ter beyond vm-ds for the repeal of the Horton law, appears ridiculous: Next Thursday the Lewis bill, which re-k Seals the Horton Boxing iav, will come up lefore the Assembly. Mr. Lewis' bill Is oertaln to be passed. If there were any oabts of Its success; after the favorable report of the Codes Committee they were re-Qoved by the disgraceful proceedings of Friday niirlit at Uie Ilroadway Athletic Club of New York? t The brutal assault committed on Referee jWhlte, with (he attending scenets of row- Ittyism made a iteep impression on a num-:ber of members who were w avering in their , anpport of the Lewis bill. Up-country . members who were inclined to be luke-'warm have been urged by their constituents to wipe the repudiated Horton ' law ffthe books. JPnbiic opinion is so strong !n favor of the repealing measure tliat enough members ave been brought Into line to Bend the Lewis bill to the Senate with a good majority in its favor. "Prize fights pure and simple," said a prominent Assemblyman tonight, "have become so common- under the Horton law that the order-loving public is simply disgusted.. When the men who manage anil Second! the fiehters cannot even put up with a decision against their man when he is clearly beaten, without committing mi assault on the referee, the boxing game is , certainly in a bad way." As 1 said before, the assaulting of Referee White was most, unjustifiable and the act of a coward, but at thy same time I fail to see where the boxers or the crowd there that night should be to suffer for the actions of a j rowdy; I wonder if the correspondent tvhft wrote that sycophantic message ever heard of a riot on a race track where the crowd rushed up and slugged the judges and tried to lynch them. Did he reail of the assaulting of Dan T. Murray, well known in Buffalo, by ex-Starter Curley Brown and the ruling off the turf for life of the same Brown? Was there a bluff to stop the racing jrame because of a fight in the grounds of an association? Hardly. If some scheme could be devised ruling out of, boxing clubs for life men of the Don- 1 nelly stripe who hurt the boxing game by such rowdyish actions it would also be better for the sport. I wonder if that correspondent ever heard of a free-for-all fight between spectators and players on a baseball field and the slugging of an umpire.. Only last year, in lN'.lii. over ten umpires were 'Unmercifully punished by enraged plar-I ers-and two of them were in the Western League, one in Detroit and the othfcr," I believe, in Kansas City. What is the matter with the assault made on Umpire Sam Wise of this city, who officiated in the Eastern League last year," and I think the same assault was ' made by Rochester players nt that? But I heard of no bill being presented to the Legislature to stop baseball games! hppnitco of the nvfl vish netinn il' o ' few players. Did that correspondent ever hear of a crap on the football field, where stu- ; uenis ui rival colleges mm supporters i i the different teams created a not -and , it rough-house scrap? If he never did ho ) ought to read up a few. Over ten id' i those disgraceful exhibitions took place last season, and still football is not teing s discriminated against on account of the actions of a few rowdies and drunken Students. What about polo, basketball, rowing races, lacrosse and many more games that need not be mentioned here? The teal truth of the matter is that there re certain individuals so filled with crtpplng tendencies that they would cause a mix-up and trouble even in -. Sunday school class. They are possese.i of a fighting devil, and sonic of then; of three or four, and they are never tiappy as when creating trouble. But be-tftnnua ihMO men nttnoh themselve-s to different branches of sport and continue i their dirty tricks that is no reason why j the sports should be ruled against and discriminated against by a lot of farmer " 'statesmen who know nothing about tne same sports. That boxing is the cleanest of all sports there is no denying. This is proved by the fact that more money is wagered all over the world on a big boxing crftatest than on any other sporting events Right here in Buffalo hundreds of dollars change hands on each boutstill, beyond a few kicks from the disappointed bettors, nothing has ever Koen done to harm a referee who do- iAeA awav their money. Over l.miu fistic scraps have been held In this city and not one referee nas ever neon as saulted in the least, eitner in tne ciuo : house or outside of it. The onlv other instance that I know Of was when George Ryder of this city Officiated one night in Olean. He decided against a negro boxer and the latter punched Ryder in the face. The -police arrested the negro and he was heavily fined, but when it is taken into consideration that over 1,000 contests are held annually in this country and of that number but one or two are dis-;tCed by rowdyish actions of spectators or seconds, then it can be seen how thoroughly ridiculous is the statement made that "the boxing game is doomed on account of the disgraceful actions of those who attend the same..' ,(j ESDALE - i:'-:'' - V VARIOUS OTHER SPORTS. , - K of the Trouble at a Baseball Game, tion or Lacrosse Match. ! How Haley Whipped Corbett. Patsey Haley, the I tiff.ilo bantamweight boxer, despite the fact that he has lost the last nine on- of ten battles in which he engaged, is very popular with an classes or spoiling n en tnSit only m this, his home city, but ii Boptjjm. Chicago, New York. Cincinnati- land other places where he has givei exhibitions of his c leverness. Haley hf.s now! attached himself to James J. rbett's training quarters and it leads Charles 1 O'Hara. the New York sporting writer, to tell the following story abort Haley, when he was once before a nember of Cor bett s training corps. "When Corbett came back from West "1 uSed to Baden Springs," said Haley go up to the Lenox Clul putting on the finishing where he was touches to his training, and we would b x a; few rounds every day. One day we mixed it up livelier than usual, and in tiying to avoid a punch, ducked into a stiff onejthat landed fairly on my chin. It ser t me down, and I was out for about fre rjiinutes. A short while after I walkekl into the office of the club and O'Rourke, Maeins and several others were in there! O'Rourke asked me how I was getting fpn with my boxing, and it occurred to mi? to joke a little. Well, I'll tell yolu something if you promise not to say anything about it, and, of course, they promised. You see it was this way, I exOlainied to them, we were boxing a littl? hard, and I hooked a stiff one on Jin's jaw and it shook him up fiercely. V nen we clinched he fell forward on me as linij!) as a rag. I was afraid to sidestep for fear he might fall down, so I held Mini up. Of course, in a few minute; hO recovered, and when he regained his senses I whispered in his ear: 'Brace up; now, Jim, and stay away for a while, and you will be all right again. ' I don' ; think anybody saw the punch come off. and' don't you say anything about it an! I Won't.' My listeners believed it, and in. a short while reports were circulated thi'ouglt the building how Patsy Haley, the boy wonder, had knocked out Jinx Corbett.!; They did not hear the full strength of the story for a fuil half hour when Corbett entered the room and explaiped it all. After that the bar boy was kept busy for a long time coming up ahd going down the stairs carrying a tray of wet goods." Frank Erne's Future Plani Frank Erne, the lightweight boxing champion of the world, arrived home from Chicago last night and was about town with a party of frietids for several hours. He stated to those with whoux he conversed that Jack Daly, the -Chicago lightweight he boxed last -n eck, will whip more men than will whip him.j : "He is good and stronk? and a hard hitter," said Erne last night. fj'Ite is not any too clever, but he mates up for that by his willingness to iighti He Ought to make a good card for rliis city: -with, say, a 'man like Spike Sullivan or Jack O'Brien." Krue said that his nest ring battle would, no doubt, be with Joe Gans. "Bobby Smith went on to New York and did not stop over herel in liuffalo. I told him to nail the match right away. I signed with the Broadway Athietic Club 1 he day I went to Xe York to meet Jack O'Brien and stipulated only that mv opponent must be thef winner of the Sullivfln-Gans fight. 'Cans has been returned the better There of the two men and I wabt him, will then be no questioii who ' is the the iwinner lightweight champion, for should and will be entitled: to that claim. Iati4h I make. ringside. No lock, any more "There is only one stipu It must be at 133 pounds weighing in for me at 3 o'fl for the ehaimnonship. Kingfiiue goes. They claim 1 am big and Mill have much trouble in making the wit lght,; while it ns to ' do so. it when Gans will be very easy for (J It doesn't look much like holds out for 3 o'clock, he will weigh in at the floes it V But i-ingside or he wiii not tinht me. "I would like to box h and will after I get throu re in iUuttaio ifch with (Jans, but I have promised, in ffcet, signed, to meet no one until 1 take more colored boxer and mv word.' Ion the Balti- will stick to Why the Horton Law Is All Right. One of the very few patters 'printed in this State which favors tle retention of the Horton law and is a Lewis' Repeal bill, is the NeW York Telegraph. Editorially, 4nd tin ! other wavs. this newspaper com s to the front with arguments conclusi e ana piani e best of its o with sport. that thelaw is one of t kind winch ever had to . In Sunday s issue an espe ially emphatic editorial was printed on as follows: the. law. It is It comes from Albany (that the nnti-the Legis- Horton bill will not get through latrtre. If the legislature is at all wise. The Horton the prediction will be vcrlflejl bill is one or tne rew laws limiting sports which has basis In common sense. , It may be set down as a fact that Iboxipg contests will he had whether In defiance iof the law or with statutorial permission, 'l'hus much the history Of the ring in tjhe past proves, irantinc that sparring contests are an evil It is better to regulate an qvil than permit it to run its course in quiej. It is ant to be much worse lr oovere But,'! boxing pul'lie or pri mutches do not constitute vate evil. Athletic sports of all! kinds have a tendency to mane men temperate, and cause them to take care of their pu tneir puysicai being. Prior to the days of John L. Sullivan there were few athle'tlc clubs in the country, and more drunkards in proportion to the population Dy 40 per United States has no city cent. Now the of consequence that does not possess one uu.n'intli ,n r ml to be a. r more atnletlc member i and to compete with others one njnst be ;healthy and maintain nimseir in agooa condition. Boxing has developed a set Iof sound, vigorous Americans, and. incidentally, dt may surprise the up-State members of the Legislature to know a set of Americans who do not now call upon the ready gun or knife when in difficulty. Tersonal encounters of a deadlr nature are fewer because frictions are settled otherwise, and because when men are confident In! their ability to protect themselves .they do not lose their temper so easily nor resort so freely to lethal weapons. The anti-Horton bill cannot be buried teo deeply. I i All Want to Meet Sharkey. The local manager of 'Jim Jeffords, the California heavyweight boxer, who is training at East Aurora ifor his coming battle with Ed Dnnkhorsf at Cleveland, called at The Enquirer office this morning to protest against the rumors going the rounds that biff Jim Fitzpatriek of Olean had been selected in place of Jeffords to meet Tom Sharkey in Detroit In a ten-round go. I li "I signed articles a week ago for Jeffords and Sharkey," saidi the manager, "and here they are. They call for a ten-round go with a guarantee: of so much money. Now. I don't think that Jeffords will defeat Sharkey, 1 but I do know that he will giTe him a very warm battle. Any man who canistaiid in front pf the Sailor for ten rounds must be pretty near all right, and I am thinking tnat jenoras is tne ooy wno win n" it. 'I hare signed articles! with Charlie e 1 tt . 1 .... rti..!u c ,1.:. Wilson of the Hawthorne; Club of this Tie Enquirer's Spor WITH i I! at a Boxing Show Football Exhibi city to have Jeffords battle here two weeks after his contest with Punkhjorst, Wilson to select his own man . to iueet him. I think this young fellow jis a comer, and after we win a few more battles we will go after Mr. Armstrong once more."' it So far as the runner about Fit zpaf rick and Sharkey meeting is concerned no one appears to knovr anything about it. Jirii Kinney is manager for Kitzpaiyick, and he claims to Knovr- nothing about the same. There are other rumors afloat also that Fitzpatriek: is to fight in R rad- ford. This he knows nothing about He would be a great -card here with some good man, and providing Jeifords w hip inuiKiiorst r ltzpatnck may sign to i neet the Oalilornian m tins city Answers to Correspondents. To the Sporting F.litor Enquirer: Oenr Sir Will you please inform me who was the winner of the Swecney-Mclntyre ; fight, which took place last Saturday night, and nfso how many rounds it took B'uh to win from Prieur last Saturday night, and oblige. Yours respect f uU v j . AVERY T. DOWNER, j No.' 3 17 17th Streetj j;ne. i'a., r en. 1:5th. Answer ine tirst question I cannot answer. s ro tne second 1 I that Bush won the decision in fifteen rounds. HOTSPUR. WILL HOW CLASH ON MAY 10TH : Date of the Jeffries-Corbett Battle Finally Settled-'Frisco Qlub Will Sue. New York, Feb. 13. The date of ;the contest between Jini Jeffries and ,Tim Corbett has been changed again and his time tile managers of the fighters isay the -time is final. The battle is to come off at Coney Island on May 10th. George Considine, for Corbett. was satisfied; to let April 10th. which was selected last Saturday, stand, btit at the earnest solicitation of Billy Brady and Jeffries, Considine gave the champion a month's grace. The National A. C. of San Francisco, where the combat was to originally have been fought, does not like the Way ithe fighters have treated the club, and' if is said that it will bring suit against Briuly and; Considine for breach of contract. STEINITZ'S CASE i IS HOPELESS, Insane Ohess " Player H'e- I moved to Manhattan i Hospital. j New York; Feb. 13. Uliam Stoiilitz, the chess champion, was removed to Ithe Manhattan Hospital for the Insaiito yes terday. lie was taken ir'om nis home! on February 8th to Harlem Hospital suffer ing iiuder tne Hallucination that he w:i!s a victim of numberless! electrical snooks Since then he ha been in Bellevtte. Mr Steinitz says that she could not afford to send him to a private institutions Steinitz was allowed to take with him a small pocket chess board- At Belle ho worked out problems in chess when ever he was not bothered by his hallucination. He is 1 12 years old and the physicians believe his case hopeless. 1 SPORTING GOSSIP. The Utopia Cycling Club will hpld its annual masquerade dance i tomlor- row liight in Dickinson's Hall in Seneca Street. iA programme of twenty-thf-ee dances 'has been arranged and the mijsie will be furnished ly E. C. temeting. Harry Allen writes that he would 1 to meet KidjAroro at catchweights fore a local boxing club. e be- There are letters at the sporting editor's desk for Jack Herman. Otto Knbp, AViilie O'Donnell, Rjxey Ivanell akid Eddie Burns . j Secretary Bilz of the Buffalo Eong Range Rifle Association writes that pis organization has removed from their temporary quarters at No. 274 Yal'Jen Avenue to Fred Kohlers, corner Xoth Parade and East Parade Avenues. They have an indoor rifle range there seventy five feet long. j j ' J I-iojidon Campbell Of Pittsburg last nightj won from Larry! Burns of fProyl iu the fourteenth round if a very uninteresting bout. It was stopped by ithe police and Referee Dime was hissed for giving the decision to the Pittsburger, but it was ail the poor man Burns was clearly beaten. could do, Tommy MCarthy of this city has been matched with Charlie delphia for a fifteen Johnson of Phiila- round contest at Union City, Pa. - The Bradford Athletic CInb of which organization John Eagan is manager, has offered a date to Walter Johnson of this citv. the negro heavyweight, and Tm McCarthy of Rochester. Both men will accept. j : Corev defeated Schafer last night the pool tournament at Grove's billiard parlofs by a score of I loO to 13U.' It was a hard-fought game and Was witnessed by a large, crowd. j Tonight before Billy! Lavigne's Business Men's Gymnasium of Cleveland Fred Green, who once boxed in this city, will meet Dennis Gallagher of Texas in the main bout. It will be the fiiist popular priced boxing show held in that city in many years. i Dick Marshall olE Bradford and Luke Burke of thi city! will ibe the principals Lin the main bout at '.the Press Cycling I i ..... 1 . , i. . Club at their next ehowv ill!!' .rvs. TAX ALL OF THE BIG EXHIBITIONS. ASSEMBLYMAN BABCOCK WILL FATHER A BILL TO COMPEL CLUBS TO PAY TEN PER CENT. GROSS RECEIPTS. NEW BILL CREATES MUCH COMMENT. Albany, Feb. 13. While Assemblyman Menon . E. Iyewi is anxious to put an end to sparring exhibitions in this State. Assemblyman Benjamin A.;-k of Sr. Lawrence County would promote them as a source of revenue to. the State. With that end in view he has introduced a bill that provides that a domestic incorporated athletic association desiring to conduct sparring exhibitions with gloves of not less than five ounces in weight in a building owned or leased by it for athletic purposes, shall procure a license: from the State Comptroller, which is to cost J?.") a year, but before it is issued the dub must file a bond of $.".(MJ0 to guarantee the payment of all fees prescribed. : These fees consist of a tax of 10 per cent, on the gross receipts of each spar- ' ring exhibition held and hall be paid : by the association at the time of the ex-; hibition to some person designated by the Comptroller to receive the money. The pgent of the Comptroller is to be on hand at the time of the bout, and is to have authority to examine and investigate the books and papers of the association and ! is also to be permitted to bo at the door ! where the tickets are received. A failure to pay the tax or any attempt I to commit fraud in evading The payment jof the full percentage, will be sufficient cause for revoking the license. The ! moneys .collected are to be held -subject to distribution by the Commissioner of Agriculture among the agricultural societies, the same as are the annual fees received from racing associations. FAVORITES LOST AT HEW ORLEANS. Excellent Sport Witnessed at Oakland Geyser Beat Zoroaster. Only two of the talent's pickings land-1 at New Orleans yesterday. The weather was rainy and the track was 11 poor condition, but : those who at-ended the ; meeting bet their money quite freely. In the second event at an even mile. Evelyn was the people's choice, but made a poor showing, finish ing third, and It. t . -Moshier and his stable were suspended by the stewards until the matter can be looked into. .The wo favorites to win were Alavar and Alvin W., the last two races respec- lvelv. The track at Oakland was in good condition and the racing was excellent. The events : were well contested, and tie favorites and outsiders nroKe aoout vt-n. The best racing of the day was vi'iiessed in the fourth event, at an veil mile. At the fall of the flag Zo oaster took the lead and held it by wo lengths until the- stretch was Reached. In the stretch Geyser caught h him and one of the best races Seen at that track in a long time 101- lbwed. They ran neck and neck and either jockey could have touched the Other with his hand at any time until ust ;:t the finish, when Spencer, who jras mounted upon Geyser, brought his whip down on his mount with such force that Cievser shot ahead like a shot out df a gun, winning by a short neck. The ipile was covered in :oH -"4. Sum maries: ; - Results at New Orleans. First race, G 1-2 furlongs, selling Ben "rust. 25 to 1 aud 4 to 1. 1; Judge War- lell, 3 to 2 and 1 to 2. 2; Lord Neville, to .5. lime, l:Jal-4. Second race. 1 mile Maidstone, 9 to 2 rind C. to 0 1; Major Mansir, IO to 1 and 4 to 1, 2; Evelyn Bird. 6 to 5, 3. Time, Third race. 1 1-10 miles, selling Judge Magee, to 1 and 3 to 1. 1; Jennie F., to 1 and 2 to 1, 2; Swordsman, to 2, Time. 1:55 1-2. Fourth race. 11-10 miles, selling Goose Liver, 7 to 2 and S to 5, 1; Ruslrfields, 4 tjo 1 and 3 to Z, 'I: l'arakeet,, '2 to 1, 3. Time. 1 :."(. j Fifth race, 7 furlongsi Alavar, 5 to 2 and even, 1; Dissolute, 13 to Sj and even, A; Lomond, 0 to 1. 3. Time, 1:34 1-2. j Sixth race,: 0 furlongs, selling Alyifl W., 13 to 5 and even, 1; Gad Steele, 5 to t and 2 to 1, 2; Dominis, 15 to 1, 3. Time, t :20. Results at Oakland. 1 First race, 5 1-2 furlongs, purse, for maidens Uncadean. 8 to 1, 1; Beautiful Bill. 4 to 1, 2; Isaline, 2 to 1, 3. Time, 1:08. i Second race, 6 furlongs, selling Fau-s- turo, 4 to 5. 1; Captive. 10 to 1, 2; In- ierary II., 50 to 1. .". Time, 1:14. ! Third race. 6 furlongs, selling Jennie lleid, 9 to 1. 1: Ben Ledi, 2 to 1, 2; Genua. 40 to 1, 3. Time, 1 :13 1-4. ! Fourth race 1 mile, purse Geyser, 2 io Tt, 1: Zoroaster, 3 to 1, 2; Potente, 6 to 1, 3. Time. 1:39 3-4. : Fifth race. 7-lt mile, purse, 2-year-olds i-M. F. Tarpey 0 to 5. 1: SofaJa. 3 to 5, 2: Intrada, 50 to 1, 3. Time, :42. ! Sixth race, 6 furlongs, selling Water-wick, 3 to 5, 1; Harry Thatcher, 2 to 1, 2; Gusto, 7 to 1, 3. time, 1:14 1-4. ! " GOOD BOWLING GAMES. j The employees of Edward R. Rice and the Globes bowled last night on Koer-fcer's Genesee Street alleys with the following results: lijH l.vlio MJ it any ifc. liiv. ' ! Names. Totals. tV. Fisher...... V. Kugler TV. li. McN'all.. p. A. Schleldt.. TV. Bartholomy. P. J. Gunnetl.. TV. J- Jamison. . P. Bates I. Abt V. H. Box 338 120 124. 112 iris 15 . 12T . . . , 107 147 12S8 142 20 141 2fil 113 237 S6 20S 134 2.V5 137 272 105 261 1US J: 110 217 125 272 12122500 Totals. 152 309 135 2R3 135 25 133 232 124 25S 107 237 103 211 187 2-18 84 197 IOI 201 12112450 Total GLOBES Names. S. TVeber. .. 157 .. 128 .. 124 .. 129 130 IOS Bacn..; TVeber Meyer Wagner. Lindner . . . . . Hchmeltzer f Katon lol H. ;iawattz-F. Wagner.. 113 V. Gerlach-W. Elsaesser. 100 Total .. 1239 .Central Passenger Association mileage tickets are now good on the Nickel Plate iio&a Detweea iuaio ana unicago or iu- WOULD BOXING JWliWMllIIIWWIlWtiKWIllliuml"l 1 FOOTBALL. BOXING. POLO. I I RUNNING I AND ALL LATE NEWS. M'CREERY WOII HITHER GAME, St. Louis tidaii Looks Like a Sure Winner in Big Billiard Tournament. 1 New York, Feb. 13 W. C. McCreery of St. Louis, defeated Charles F. Conk-ling, the Chicago billiardist, last night by a score of 4(0, to 240 in the Class A, amateur championship billiard tournament. The standing of the players is: W. 1. Foss. Haverstraw, won 3. lost 0; W. C. McCreery. St.i Louis, won 3. lost 0; J. Deniun Smith.' St. Iouis. won 3, lost 1; Charles Threitftie. Bostou, Avon 1. lost 2; Dr. Mial, New- York, won 1. lost 3; C. F. Conklbig. Chicago, won 0, lost 5. HAL PllTSOLD TO A BUfFALQNIAf). Mr. Haines Is Now Owner of the Handsome Black i, Stallion. Rochester, Feb. 13. W. Haines of Buffalo has bought from Mr. Vander-slice of this chv the black stallion Hal Parker, 2:11 3 4. by Brown Hal. 2:12 1-2, sire of Star Piinter. 1 :59 1-4. etc., dam Annie Hatton by Bob Hatton. Hal Parker was formerly owned by George SpitErriiiler of Buffalo, but was recently sold to' Rochester persons. Hal Parker is the-s're of that fast 4-year-old pacing filly, Alice Hal. 2:12 1-2. owned by New England persons, and as his present; owner intends to give him an opportunity in the stud, he should sire considerable pacing speed crossed on the mares owned in this section. FEATHERWEIGHTS WILL BOX TONIGHT i Busch and Morton Are the Attraction at the Black Ptbck A. C. Louis Ortner, manager of the Black Rock Athletic .llub. has made arrange ments to accommodate a large crowd to-nieht at his boKinc- show at Black Rock In Kid Busch and Frank Morton Ort ner selected two first class boys to bat tie for the 122-pound championship (if the Rock. iTie.'Winner will challenge the winner of the Johnson-Leonard contest. which takes place later on at the Olympic Club. - Both Busch and Morton have trained faithfully for this contest and each naturally exnects' to win out. There will be a try-out between two husky railroad men, who are anxious to become boxers, and it will, no doubt, prove fast and exciting;. ! IKE PARKER TO PLAY IN ROCHESTER. Buffalo Pool Player Will Stack TJp Against Fred Tillman. Rochester, pVb. 13 Fred M. Tall-man of this city and Ike Parker of Buf falo will play t a pool match for the championship of jNew York State and a purse, the game to be GOO balls continuous pool, according to strict rules, in Mo'cks of 200 balls per night. The game will be played Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:15 o'clock at MeOarty's billiard parlor, in East Main Street. Seats will be arranged so spectators can have full view of the games. There is a lot of --rivalry between Parker and Tallman. Tallman accepted Parker's challenge Saturday. The mtitch promises to be a very interesting one for lovers of pool playing. HANDLES KNOCKED OUT. New York, Feb. 13. At the Hercules Athletic Club in Brooklyn Inst night George Gardiner of Lowell, Mass., and Jimmy Handler!; of Newark, N. J., were scheduled to box twenty-five rounds at 152 pounds, ffardiner won in the third round by knocking out Handler with a right on the jaw. BOXIJD A DRAW. Akron. O.. Feb. 13. Art Rimms of Akron and Tommy White of Chicago fought ten rounds here last night to a draw. i Free to the Ruptured. Dr. TT. 8. Rice, the Wei I-Known Au thority, sends a Trial of Ills Fa. iiious MetMbd Free to All. Anyone Can Now Cur TfiemaelTCa at Home AVittiout Pain, Danjter, Operation or An Hour's lon ot Time From Work. To the thousands upon thousands of ruptured people who- are torturing themselves with trusses and: in momentary danger of death from strangulation. Dr. W. S. Kice. 533 L. Main Street- Adams, N. Y.. will seua tree to all a trial of his famom method that has saved so many lives and made so many men, women and children well and strong And permanently cured of old and difficult ruptures. Do not be backward a boat writing for the free trtaL It will cost ybu notning and will enable you to see how easily you can cure yourself In very short time without M. K. LYMAN. losing an hour from work. Dr. Rice Is mm determined that -,every suffering man or woman shall knew tne wonderful truth that rupture can! be cored end he therefore generously sends, prepaid by mall, his method. npo,utely free, and you can make a free trial or it. Write today without1 fall, as yon cannot afford to miss this free and generous' offer. Mr. M. K. Lyman, a highly esteemed eit. Isen of Delray. F4- says: "The Dr. Rlc mtbod is a remarkable cure. I had an okl rupture that- defied everything, but In three weeks there was no protrusion a&d I hare remained sound and well ever since. I heartily recommend Dr. Rice to every sufferer." Do not fall to write at once for the free trial and thus core yourself at home without pain, danger or detention from the day's work. Write at once. Commence now. and before the heavy work of spring begins you jwlil be cured sound as a dollar. ! i Write to Df. "Vf. 8,. Rice, 533 t. Main Street. Adams. N, yon will Barer ra tret bavinx dona; aa. . - i i ..'.;.( -; v ; " i" C'; 1 . " . : The manager of a corset manufacturing company in Chicago, not long since, performed a philanthropic action which has shown gratifying results: " One of I my salesmen," he says, "about a year ago came in- suffering from a severe bilious headache. I gave him a Ripans Tabule from a box I always keep on my desk, and it relieved him in a short time of his sufferings. He has so much confidence in! them now that he has not been without a box of them since that day." TVAXTKH A case of bad health that K 11' A N S will not benefit- They banll pain and prolong life. One gives relief. Note the word U-I-P-A-V-S on the package and accept no substitute. K-I-P-A-N-S, H for cents, may be had at any drug stor. Ten samples and one thousand tent liuonial g will be mailed to any nJdrvss for i cents, forwarded to the Ripaus Chemical Co.. N. 10 Spruce M.. New York. NEWYORK CENTRAL & HUDSON RIVER R. R. THE FSUR-TRfiCK TRUNK Ut,c Trains leave from aua arrive at Exchange Street Station. Buffalo, as follo-srs: Leave. Arrive. 1:30 a.m. .N. Y. & Boston Spl. .11 :55 p.m. .N. Y. & Boston Spl. ....Iay Kxpicss. . .. . . .Accommodation.. . t4:.r5 n.ui I'ay Kxpicss tll:20 p.m. t6:00 a.m. . . .Accommodation.. . . 7:4.1 p.m. 7:24 a.m.Routhwest'n Limited 11:4ft p wk. 4:15 a.m. 4:15 p.m. tl'2:45 p.m. 0 :40 a.m. S:(X) a.m. .Luke Shore Limited 8:10 a.m. . .F.asteni Exprvas.. t8:30 a.m . . . . Accommodation. . . 9:40 a.m ... . Accommodation.. . 11:.0 a.m ccommodatlon 8:35 a.m. tl :00 p.m. Empire State Express. t4:45p.ia. 3:10 p.m. .New York Express. .12:15 p.m. Ta:zr p.m . . . .geneva Aooora... 5:15 p.m. . . .Accommodation tl0:15 a.m. . t5:15 p.m. . .8r25 a.m. . r.:ixa.m. . 7:25 a.m. N. Y. & Detroit Spl. 6:.V p.m. .New York Exprena.. 8:00 p.m . ..Pan-American Ex... 8:40 D.m. Buffalo & S weat Spl. 11 :2u n.m. .Limited Fast Mnll.. 8:45 a.m. :20 p.m. Trains to Niagara Falls 6:20. 7:OS. 80. n:00. 10:2r) a. m . U2:20( 12:60. 2:00. 3:2r.. t4:30. 4:50. 5:25. :15. tTO, 9:10, tll:45 p. ni. To Lockport tC:25, 0:10. til. "00 a. m.. tl:45. 5:0O. 0:20. Ul:30 p. m. Trains to Lewlston 7:05 a. m.i 1 12:20, 13:25. t4:8U p. m. Indicates daily. tDaily. except Sunday. ISnndav only. For rail or ocean steamshlo tickets and reservations or Information regarding Thoa. Cook & Son and Henry Gaze & Sons or Raymond A- Whiteomb tours, apply at City Ti-ket Ofhc. 2if Main St. rflephone "Seneca 549A-'l. Ticket offices al at 377 Main St., corner Eairle. and Exchange 8t. Station. Baggftge called for aDd checked through to destination. n. A. TITOSfAS. ! District Tassenger Aecnt. 219 Main St. GKORGE H. DANIELS. H. PARRT. General Passenger Agent, iieneral A rent, New York. Puffaloi. X. Y. BUFFALO. ROCHESTER & PITTSBURG; RY. Trains leave .New ivik t.-uiui ; Depot. Exchange St. tLaaieru Biaudara 'limi), mm follows: 8:1.1 A. JI.-Vc.k days. Salamanca and Bradford Expivs. stopping at all Bta-tlons. :-4S A. M. Week days, 8:50 A. M. day. Fast Vestlbuled Express, for Bradford, Riilgwar, Uu Boi. Butler ana Pt-burg. with free recllnlnp- chair car for Pittsburg. 8:1R A. M. Dally. SpringTille Accommodation. 5:-40 P. M. Week days. Bradford Express, for Springvllle. Elllcottvllle, Salamanca and Orchard Park, Salamanca and uraaroro. 8:ro A. M. Sunday only. Pittsburg Express, with chair car for Pittsbur. Bradford and free recUnins Trains arrive, week days, 8:30 A. M.. from Springvllle. 11:05 A. M. from Bradford. 5:45 P. M. from Pittsburg. 7:12 P. M. from Bradford. Sundays only. 9:20 A .M. front Springvllle. 6:00 P. M. from Pittsburg. City Ticket Office. 305 Main St.. ElHcott Sauare. Telephone Seneca 213. W. U. TUNTSONT. City Ac-ent. EDWARD C. LAPKT, General Passenger Agent Rochester. N.. Y. LEHIGH VALLEY Ri R Trlaa leT and rriy BteMoa WMhlnjton and Scott Btrt. Ar.Bfmloj Ot) ComctedioJuL U. 100. I jo. !lT.loxj. 6.56 pv Ithaca Acoommfxl.tion to ri N. V. fc l"hil. VrsUbtvle Limited. .&S ra BLACK DIAMOND EXI'KKSS... 11.15 ra New York A Philadelphia Exp... 7.64 am EXPOSITION I N'e w ork A Philadelpala Limited : : 40 k f AM 11 OCm m ! t r ' t oe ra jo ii ra 20 am, SlAgmm Fall 12 0U' llAinllton, ,W rx1 lorunto I" 90 AM 1 ri no p lo.oo ri The wm. ?Co. 4 due New T r t t P. M . Phila. 7 V. hbtwj due i.l Balto. t.3 t. M.. Wliiiittoii 10 M P. M BLACK DIAMOND KXPKKSS aua W York J0.o P. M.. 1'hilMlelpbU C- p. M. EXPOSITION EXPRESS dne New Tork Til A. M Philadelphia. 7.11 A. M. I No due New 1 ork .3S A.M.. PlilbuleiDhia t So A.M. CO- raorios due Baltimore !. p. M.. Wniiniiiarton .(4P11 Dally. liaiiy. except Sunday. rif'XET (iTlCES -m Main Street reor. Series rt boie. Beneoa IHb . 3.7 Main Street. Phone, henac-a Uli eiauoa, Wa'iiincton and Scott Rrerts. 'Phone, Hrnerm 1;. S0UTHESN RY. For ticket a aleepioc-cmr acoomniodatlons aad cherkina of baa-iraa-e from reaidence to df iti nation, call iat city Ticket Office, 21 Kain Street. Telephone, Beaaca SSL DEPART. It SS A M 3116 A. M . A. H 110 A- M. rTtAfirrajf Btasoakd Tiwk. ARRTVE. . Pittobunr, Oim-inna4 a St. Urals. . 7 II A. M. ..CleTeiaud. Toledo RjhI (.-hlrajo... IMiM. LsWp Shore Limited 7 A M. Chloajro Expreaa "S.aO A. M. ly KrprmA. A. M- Ka Mail aj p. M. Soptaweateni fcinrw SO P. St. Pa. Ki . Y. C. fioa. Ex P. M. We-rneM Aeon. 4S 6 A. M. Kr1e Aoeom. P. St. Fat Mail Llm Ml. MP. M. Toledo and Bu. Accom es JO p. M. SUA. M-. t. P. M. t 30 P. M-. ti 45 F-. M. 7 f. M. 'Daily. OaUy, ex. ttuadaj. x CaOy, ex. Monday. DethWart, Lacfcawa"na &. Westers R. R. TICKET OrrTCKd. tss Main St., TBtcan Square : Tetev obone. Seneca 601. Union Ticket Oflice, S7T Main BL, aod MatK foot of Main H4 In effect Dae. 17. !. I t Buffalo Ar.Buffalo Mew York and Pbila. Express . iAH am 1S.4S A at Scranton AcooramodatloB ,f 7.AM .16ra Manhattan Special. w York I i and Philadelphia S.S0 A a SOP r M Bala Accommaoatloa , 4 15PM A M K e .v York Exprea B.3S r a 'LISA Near York Limited lltri Kew York and Phil Bpeclal...; 1USS r M 7.O0 A tt Daily. t Dalle, except Sunday. Trains Its A." M. aad .S0 A. M. to Fkxiadslphia aia dally, except Sunday. HEWUM UEDICALfCO 2 Train No. 3 Ijeuves l'.uflalo dally 7:15 A. M. vij Niac-ara Falls, u Rol1"! vestlttild train to Chicago; dining cars; N arner Bleeping carm. Chicago and St. Louis: throorb fw rvclia-Ing chair cars. St. Loula, Chicago and Kansas Citr. ircllll llO. vJ car" Limited. Leaves Buffalo dally at 2 1'. M.. Wagner sleeping cars and free reclining chair cars. Arrives In Detroit at 10 P. M., Chicago T A. M. Tmln Nn Q 8t- IxniauJ Kan. i ruin no. mmm cuy ptMti l.avi'8 BnlTaio daily J:30 V. M.. Waguer 6lepers I'Hoto; Wagner sleeper Kanaas City, via St. I-ouis. hecllnine chair car Kansas City via St. Louis. Arrive Detroit 2:40 A. M., blcaeo 10:65 A. M.. St Loo la 2H P. M . Kansas City W:3U P U., Omaha 7:35 A M. AH Fpace In sleeper on aale at Bnffil City Ticket Office Train No. I ZV11 leaves Kuffalo daily at L:15 midnlrht, arrlvlne at Detroit 7 A. M.. Chicago 2:a5 I. M.. St lyoula ." 1. M.. Kansas Olty 7 A. M. Free reclining ehalra and Detroit s!eper rfarlj- for ra-en? put 9 P. M. All Trains Hun via Niagara l-'alla anU St- Xtiomaa. l'raius arrive Irom ti V ett at &:15 A. M.. 7:40 A. M.. 7:0O P. 7 P. M. For inf.irmatlou relative to route, ratea, lepinK car reservations apply City Ticket Oflice. 27 Main, fclllcott Squar; Miller's L'tiinn Ticket office: Wabash fetation. J.X-change and MIchlKao. J. M. HOKFNEK. City Passenger and Ticket Agent. IT F. KF.LLKY. General Agent Paaaeng Department. BpfHlo. C. S. rRAN1-. General Paaaeeger Ag-eat. St. Lotiis. Mo. J. RAMSEY. JR.. Vice President and Oeo- Pennsylvania Railroad. Forttern Central Railwiy. FOB PHILADELPHIA. BALTIMOBB, WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. On and after Nov. 19. 18S9, trains leavs BI'FPalO. New York Central Statioa, Tl CanandalKUa, aa follotra: v 4:55 A. .M. Week days for Watklna. EH-mlT, W'liliamsport. Harrlsbnrg. Philadelphia. New York. Baltimore and Washington. Buffet parlor car Rochester to Philadelphia. Pullman Bleeping car Hani.barg to Washington. B:4 A. M. Week days for Pehn Tsn. Wat-kins. Elmlra. Wllllnmsport. Harrlsbnrg Philadelphia and New York Pnllmaa sleepluK car llarrlsbnrg to New York. 8:10 P. M. Week days, accommodation for Elmlra and Intermediate stations. Arrives Elmlra 8:43 P. M. B:1S P. M Daily for Watklns. Elmfra. Willlamsport. Hsrriabnrg. Philadelphia. New York. Bartlmore and Washlnsrtonu Pullman boffet aleeplna: ear, Rochester ta Washington dully. Pullman sleeping car. Rochester to Philadelphia, dally. Sleeplne car berths and tickets sold at ticket office. No. 307 Elllctitt Square. Mala St. Bnffslo. TMephone No. 64. J. B. nUTOniN'SON. J. R. WOOD. " Qeneral Mauascer. Oen Pass Agt. B. P. FRASER. Passenger Arent Buffalo District. ERIE RAILROAD Ticket Office, 309 Main St., Elllcott Sqaara. STATION, EXCHW6t OWD MICHI6AW STf. Daily. t Ekj Sondty. ,LyBwffaxAr Baffals. A on and Ki-bater Aixum a. a. aw a. a. r. a. r. a r. a, p. K. r. a. New York liar Sneraal Horneiun-lilr. Klmlea. New York. Jwilfiiowa. Bradford and Weac. Anjra, Sunly only JunefonB. ' Tilraaro, CtAelnnatl. Avon and ltoeber Horneilarille. Umira, New York. Jtmwtowa and MeadTllle Saiajnanca and Bradford... . A Ton and Koehesrter New York Kitrtit Srm, I .is a. a ! f 4.U ' A3 , a. .i ' 7.S 10 :i a. a! 7 s s oa r. a. i i a u i t t r. a. tix.s r. a. 4 00 r. a.j li.3 a. a. 4 SO r. l.'tlS.A M'r.Al AOS A. a. 4 r. a. 4i ie a. a. 10 r. a im a. a. Jamestown Aorom modatlon J Atctca Aeoommodauou. Ktavara FaUa, "T IA - -. fs . n a. a. Bncdaya lltti as r a; as a. a. 11J4 p. a. f A1A a. a r. u as r. a- HI I. ROBERTS, Oenl lTi- r A't. 5iw lult M. T. JACOeR, Oeol ACt FWr tW. Bt mm, Jr. t. "Tht Niagara Falls rtowta" Tralaalaava and arriwa Bxobaata u aa DapoS AUTUA ITAHSAAD (CITT T1MA irnTOrriCB8.-W Mala "traec, Talaaaiona, Saaaoa 1UA ST7 Maia BtTPaS. aad Saraaago tee tkapcA., IMS. lit .HCals ar Jius .fw Tor aad Ietrott Bpecial .. . am ii n ...(U. ii 1 so aa f am 16 ru ... oaa aa t.h ah I aa m nan Poetorv S. V. A Chtras-o dpacaa.. laiiaud nnoffiin'Kuuoa ..... I" rm rm r H a J rm ) am la eoawactiaa with Tsratrta, HaattHoa A BrfUs sad usaadiaa PacrJIe n vs. nair-lltOBaToruaor.ipeaa.. j I M alA AM PaasUtos A Toroeto F.xpreao It I 00 ra -It 40 r loratrto . Unnfr-aJ Exrraaa- I ra tM U I Err Dany. t tAeaptSajdayT i Zmxpt kvaaday E Eastern . Time. 1 Arrive. Depart. A I'eerle Trio of :4S A. M. j l :in A. t' Fast Throorb Ex- A. m. ( T:tO A. M. preas Trains Dally S-.tkSP.M. J l :io f. M. Trsins arrive and derwrt from ErieRaIV way Depot, corner Exchange and Uichlrsa Pis. Superb Dining Car aervtoe. Baffet 8leplng Csrs. rniformed Colored Fortara In ehanre of Day Coaches. FVr sleeping car sree telephone Seneca 71 T. City Ticket Oflice. No. 591 Mala 8t El!-tt Kotrsre. . faat watara Eii raa Aiwnewi Erprea. faeinc mad A r i n' w Bbrpraaa. iTIaa-ara and SC Cattartnea tipna If Weak, If Nervous, Ambition gone. Irritable, pain-racked or despondent, w believe we can help yon. If you CAS t cored WE KNOW ! WE can care yon. Our twenty years treating au diseases of men a record of thousands of cures a as ares yon honest and expert treatment if you place yoarself ta our hands. We have made many extraordinary cures and are; better prepared than ever to treat difficult cases. Permanent cure guaranteed or no psy, Consultation Free. Call or write for Fre Boot 4ft 5 MAI ST- Bo-fTtta. K 4Vr MttropoUiaa flrvtkr V. I:

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