The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1933
Page 2
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'MONDAY, AjJoyST 14, 1933 wrcwa Common People oi Country Are United Behind Roosevelt Program. Moffett Grandchildren Inherit Sea Tradition .PAGE THttEE BV ftOMVEV NKA Sfrvk* Writ" WASHINGTON—Watch lor ;:omr hoi developments In connection i wllh enforcement of Ihe president's NRA officials are gravely i-on- 'i.ird by piles of telearcn'.s from cflir-s throughout the co'Jnliy, d-- lielji or advice in cases from vlolaitons or releisals tu sign up. Many of these arej Irijij! chambers of commerce orj local drive officials. | 'file man who signed up, short-; <r.&d hours, raised lov; u r a^es and! I'lred new employes in good faith i emits a .*:ad plaint as las compel!-' lor—a noji-sisjiier—fuefs him with] ruinoir, competition made possible!' by lower cents. : "Htm" Exprettd example of llie .-jeirt of iliing liat can happen is reported from j Mf>n!aijd. A ior^e. nationally I known tanning firm Ls cjerallng iirdtr the cod». Alongside it is Jf.Kothtr corporation which Ls pay- jitn its workers 10 cents an hour, j The lomaiu canning .season will j coon be o\er, leaving the first ||i<mpany operating at a disadvantage for the next year. Afler the fir.-.t nisli of code acceptances came another rush of inquiries from employers who had no surplus with which to tide them over (he. extra costs in the Immediate future. . Apparently t'ley will have to be'granted lem- [.orary excuse. Recent tendency has been to place campaign responsibility for elcclsions on local agencies. But more "heat" is sure to be turned on from Washington. • • • Vopular .Support Seen One thing" every administration official agrees upon: ; The plain people of the country |!sre still solidly behind Roosevelt nnd may be counted «|xm to sup- jport him in any venture he is likely to undertake. Trim's important because nearly |! everyone expects further measure uf government control. Washing ton may find itself in serious c-on- Jfiicl with powerful segments fJVnance and industry. facts behind the end of irtie coal strike in layette county, Tl'a., as jj'riyaUly reported here, Jjbear out the inference from hun-j I|<iied3 of thousands of letters and) l-lelegrams lo Washington that the Their grandfather was the late Admiral William A. Motfelt, who died n beamnu's dtutli in Ihe Akron disaster. Their father. Lieut. Comni. E. M. itfoore, served aboard the U. S. S. Arkansas. «-|io.'e bulK may be seen in (he background. Admiral Moflelt once commanded the Arkansas, too. So Mac. Jimntln 1 Bill More had rfaion to be proud of the navy oulflls tlity wore ns they walled (or Iheir futlier to take them aboard tile Arkansas nl Calallna Island. WE DO OU« PAUT NRA News To help the people of this community to understand and co-operate In the national lecovery program this column will appear daily or as occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any requirements of the President's Re-employment Agreement or other • features of the recovery movement are Invited to' submit inquiries. A list of Ihise Blytheville firms and individuals who have signed the President's Unemployment A»reement-and moiled Iheir s!gn- c d agreements to the Memohis office of the Department of Commerce, up to August 5th. carries 168 names. Of the total signers. 51 nre firms. or -.individuals who have nn employees on their payrolls. One hundred and seventeen firms total of 347 emplovees at of signm" the agreement. plover |e expecte.d to have these cards signed by his customers and deliver the sisned cards to the postmaster ot to the local com £Sg£ —"'tmpVecedented - ^thev^l emplov ,0,, popularity. I'.;-. .».••. Trailed Roosevelt The miners v.ho returned to I work after NRA Ubor Advisor Ed I McOrady appealed to them in [Roosevelt's name weren't inwr- |(steel -in the national mediation 1 ret-up .or the. members of Its jboar.d.. They put their trust in [Roosevelt atone, believing he was iheir best possible bet. tlte U. S. Steel-owned Krlck Co. Kd spread word that it wouldn't lionie under any NRA coal code. iThe miners told VfcGrady they w Roosevelt would compel Ihe Icompany to" come in. |H«{s Stayrd at Home It seems quite worthy of. note •that the first conference on hogs •tailed by the Agricultural Adjust• mcnl Administration was held in Illie 1'alm Room of the Hotel Wiliard. Representatives of producers, •marketing agencies, processors. Iwholesalers and butchers iver. Ithere. They brought no hogs! JLatimer Finishes Sixth Revival at Potts Camp kThe Rev. E. K. Latimer, pastor Ihe First Christian church, who just completed a week's meet- IV at Potls Camp. Miss.. Ins gone Itn Hiwassc, Ark., for n three week* Itevlvnl. This was the sixth annual evan- Irelistlc meetini the Rev. Mr. Lat- liwer hns held at the Mississlpp lu.wn. tion. which will start in the.near uture. The retail distribution census of r^n list.s 1*5 r»tail cstibilsh- ments in Blytheville al that time, nri 'a study of HIP. • list of signers ndicates that Blvtheville emplov- rs and business Institutions have been 'signing the agreement pretty rriDidly. It, will be interesting to check his list against the list that will "» mnde during "check-up" week. is the number of emnloyees list°d hv these signers during that "eek ".-ill be the answer to how 'ie NRA camnaism is aclualH 'uncl inline in Blvtheville. Plan Consumer Campalen Information coming to the local 'omr"ittee indicates that the conc umer mrt of the DrMram wil be started in an intensive manner In a short time. Already consumer cards are being turned in io the committee. The "Consumer's Statement of Cooperation" is as follows: "t will cooperate in re- emutovment by supporting and nftronizing employers and workers who are members of NRA.' mimes of the signers In Blytheville, It is suggested that employers do not, delny In obtaining copies of the agreement. Penalties Win Be Invoked The committee wants to emphn- ze the fact that there Ls n pen-, ally for violation of 'the agreement. Iii discussing this phase of Ihe campaign, General Johnson hns made the following statement: "We are .going to assume good faith until we sec fomclhlng .different. The time is coming when .somebody is going to lake the Blue Ea^le away in a clear cut case and alter the public is well informed tliat is a sentence of economic death.-" Blytheville employ- Littk Rock Man Dies in Kansas City Hospital KANSAS CITY, Mo., Ally 14 (U PI—Arthur K. Goodnight, 50, 1.IU1* Rock, Ark., dlt'il ycsterdny Irani .niiiomoblle nccuinn' Injuilcs. His sedan, driven by n ni'iiu chuufTrur, oollUled July 31 »-llli ,\ .ruok iii'iu- ll.n•il^oiivllli-'. Files Divorce Suit Still (or dlvoifi- WHS illfd in ciiancory mm lu( | :1 y by Mis. M.iry Mlllr-r tiraliHi jamos M. Millar. According to ih<> dhoicc \m\- lion they »vie liniriial In l.ouli- ville, 111. in IK-i'iiibi'i 1 , i;);ii - .separatfi n Januniy. uua. t,\\. k-i 1 Is rtiiitunl wllh ili-scrtlnn., Ivy W. <:iuwlord L-. ulioinry foi il,i philmnl . Succumbs to Colitis Virgil' \f f Mccnilli'. ihire-yein'- clil duiigliter of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. McCalli,-. df Hi,, i.| U ] c . ni vi ,,. coniiininHy. di«l m a o'clork 10- uay at tin- Mlylhivllle lu>s|> lit-r death was ntlrllniird In un ut- latk oi culnK. Punenil n-i-vici", will Ix' held i;i- inorroK 1 iiiiiiiilui! in Miiniln. The Cobb Undnluklni; riMiiiinny Is in I NOTICI: w SAI.J: or HKAI. KSTATK Notice Ls hncuy B ]u :n lani ii, 0 undcrsiynril will in nbcdlencr to I decirc i-nli'ieil on ,liW '27UI, D3lt, Ijy tin 1 Chunucry Court for the Clilckasawta Dlstricl elf Mis- Isslppl iJiiuniy. Arl:Ansns, In n •inise Hhrreln A. O. Ullli- ns ''nislee, H. i,. llnidley as Receiver I the h'irsl Nallonsil Hank of Blythevlllf. Art:., and Mrst Nn- Llonal lir.nk were plaintiffs and H. Lelghton. Francis M. Ltilolilnn ). C. Thiirinond nnd L. H. Ilnb- bnrd were defendants on Sulurilny, August Dili, otter for sale m public ruction ui the south door of the ooiirtlioiM m iiij'tJicviiic, Ark'an- •us, lo thr highest bidder, on n Christy's Boy Comes Home I.lent, cnmiy Mm Hanson, Jr., U. S. A., son of on? nt the, most- lK'lo»ert baseball atari ot nil time, Imi tout home. On liu w«y to Waitloglou'B Wai tor Keuil Hospital, youns Clivlmy In shown licro u hopasacil Ili Uilcuiio. His lifter an ttrpliiim mull KlmiiElittl. Clilun. His vlfn kilted. OhrUly, will return to China an kii nlr Instructor. In Ihu ClKiucery Court, Chleka- (or tin! payment of such purehts* • • ID nti cy. Wltncjw my hand mul tne sell of mid court, on thla, thi>.'2ttti tiny of July, 1933. R. L. OAINE8, Commissioner In Chancery, '..., Reid, Evrurd ?i Hfndernon' - •'*. Allcirneys for Plnlntllt ' 1-J7-3 ; Thr-if nrc four principal l«redi- luiy i-iisU'S 111 HlndMLim-^BrBh- min.s, or sacerdotal; ^Kshatrl- yits, in military class; VuUyos, mi ivrmlilc or agricultural class, mid Until us, or servile class. (.'lionets (ifAliu'e (heir clilrplns. round by nibbing n flic-like ridge of nisi' \vlnf over n scraping sur- of Oio other; only the males have ilicse oviinm nnd (lie :;0i>iiil ' .serves (o enll tholr nmlos. Tin 1 largrM water Illy (nrin In tin- Unl'.r-el Ststes h nt Kcnil- wmth, 1). C.; It conlnliifi 2< potintli, eiinsluicled (rum suveit acres Of itiiirsli land und 1, r r»klnds of wnti>l- lilies arc raised. t "' —— The United Slulw Naval Aead- oiiv hn.s n In nfler-cllnnei' ^[J<':tk1n^/. credit of ihrro monlhs. ili c following described pruiKrly, to-wit: Lots One (1) nnd Two <:!> nnd n strip of Five (5) Feel In wWth oil Ihe West Hide of IxH Threo i3) In Block Onn (1) of Su»!iM! Addition to Ihe , City of Ulythevlllc. Ark. The purchaser will Ix; required to execute Ijond nnd a lien vv'ill M retained to secure the purchase price. Tin: lltle Is believed to be gooil but I sell as Commls- .^ioner only. This the 15th day nf Julv. in:i H. L. QAINES, Cnmnilssldner. sawbu VJIrtrlct, Mississippi Coun- ly, Ai'Xausas. Commonsveiilth Hnlltllng nnd Loan Assn., of Little Rock, Arkansas, n coriwnetlon. Plaintiff Vs. Fnrrls Simon ct ul, Defi'ixlnnts. Tin; elefcnduut. Oeoruc M. Hitllbiijor (|. Is hereby warned to appear In t'lilnl imirs piTscrlliptl by Court within 30 iluj's nnd answer! city of Illy the caiiiplaliit of (lie plnlnllK,! the inn, ,]„,, minis, on,, tin; ^ud liny nf Mfireh, IMI, wherein The Mississippi County Jiulldins; .t Loan Assocln- tlon WIIK I'lulnlKf. No. 15417 ruul Helen Pranels lluchunan <it al were r>t!fc>iiclniU.s, will sell iel public uuiillnn lo llie highest und best p bidder, fni 1 cash, on a credit of jlhii'i' imitilhs, nt the front <looi Courl House, between the . In On, Senna 14.18^ Indian boys and •" rls me I'nrullcd In tin 1 344 In- illan schools inalnlulni'il by the • « C:ni!iellan Dupiittinent of Indian •' rtllnlrs, . •• . . .-., Work-Worn Women Find N*u> Yoath. and Bloom :In Thii Amazing Tonic Women often fade fast/because Ihoy have to ue;ir the cait>s (if the r>le fiunlly.. Tliey become ruh- :., eliiwn, tired nhtl hag'jard looking. S'.rength IK needed—siren'oth (rouv '. llie; Inside. There Ls no-' flnet . \ source eif strcnKlh and vitality than '. ("•love's Tasteless Chill' Tonic. H Commonwcallli llulldin K , fc I,o;in SEAIi R °° l! ' ***"*"• " a,,d of.lclnl It. I*. Oiilnr-s, Clerk. Df Auuiisl.. lfl:H, the roul estate, to-wll: II and the Wt'sL Hair t;,iinliii! Iwlli iron nnd tasteless In highly concentrated COMMISSIONER'S SA1.K NOTICE is hereby given Hint! • ' Ejatil sale will mi hud lo .said decree In the Mini of $3GHB.5'J, with 10 per cent Interest from Uccbinlior 0, !!>:«. , T'hc purcliw.qr in said sale will loriu. iron, ns you know, builds;Mood, the source of all. life and Mraiglh. Quinine lends to purify the blood. Thus, In' Drove';; Taste-less Chill Tonic, you get two ex- hi-juelj vntimble otltcts. J Start Inking this (umoas, tlipc^ I.KIVCII tonic today and sec hW niilckly you pick up strength and vitality, Mark the Improvement In yuir upiiclllc, In your pep and energy. Note Ihe nev.' youthful-: ers are adapting themselves to the program and we do' not xcncct to ,s?e this occur here. nit lee. Only a small supply of hese cards was sent to Blythe- villc and they have been -used, but Ihe locnl committee has made! requisition (or a large supply of 1 card* nnd emblenu and expects to hnve them nvnilnble at nn enrly, (late. I Tt is aealn si:»eested by the com-'es for J. T. Lsbel, 60, were con- J. T. Isbel Dies LUXORA, Ark—Funeral servic- C. A. Cimningluim, AUy. for I'hilnlilf. 15-22-W-5 the undersigned commissioner, In ' be ret[iilred lo execute bond with compliance wllh i:ie terms of a approved security, lo r^ctire llu: decree rendered by Ihe Chrmcery ' pnyment of llie. piirclmsu money, Court for the Chlcknsuwba Dh- ; mill n !lcn will retained UIXIM trlct of Mississippi- County, Ark- tald properly us additional security net.s you feel show. Three" days will icll y,ou vvondei^il Grove's 'I i Chill Tonic is plcusanl; • lo take u ml contain", nothing hsrm- lu). 40 years of usc-nttc.sts to Its i.i'.-ilt and safety. Get a bottle lo- ; clay lit any stare —Adv. 3 , mlttce that Blytheville employers their businesses lo comply with the agreement which they swned. When' the code coverfnir their business is approved it will be a sirnple matter to make whatever changes mav be necessary to comply with H. The big thing now j lo get within the provisions of the . nereement and operate within those provisions until your code is adopted. II is £ti?»ested by the NRA thai employers may place one blue star en their insisnia for each person \>'bn h«s been employed under Ihe NRA plan In order (hat the b'.iy- ine public mav know just what rach emplover Is doing to further [lie program. The local committee has received the following bulletin: "For the-convenience of employers, the dueled at the local cemetery Wednesday mornln?. The Rev. Mr. Vollmer, pastor of Holiness church, was In charge. The deceased is survived by his wife nnd five children, several brothers and 'sisters. NOTICE Notice is hereby Riven that n suit .hiis Ihls day Iwen filed In the Chancery Court for the Chicka- rnwba District of Mississippi Co':m- iv, Arkansas, by J. Nick Thomas ssrairist Clyde Robinson; Ad:i Rnb- iiUOu:.Mi;s. G. W. Miller: Mrs. Lee Richardson; Mis. Paul Elnm; Tom Miller: Mary Phillips Robinson and firs. C. D. Elam, by which said ncl cv<- Fidcen plaintiff, seeks lo ijiiiel an 1 linn'his iille to'the Ensl National Recoverv Administration acres of the North Half of the will make available through Cham- 'bers of Commerce Information cmlaiiied in all present and f«- Noilh Hal( of the Southeast Quarter of Section Ten (10). in TOvn- Fiflcen US) North. tv:e inlerpretntions of (he Presi- Eleven (111 F_ist, in Mississippi dent's Reemploymenl Agreement." ;coiuity. Arkansas. This information will be passed on i ptaintifl particularly se^ks down ihrongh these columns received. All employers who have not re- ns M!t aside, as conslilulimj a cloud t.|»u nls title, the following nnu- The consumers pledce cards which i ceived a copy of the agreement hnve been distributed lo employers in Blytheville, and the smalt consumers emblems are intended to be used in enlisting the buying nubile in this program. The em- IStrvices Held Friday for Ida May Renfro LUXORA. Ark.—Funeral servic- Its for Miss Ha May Renfro, 2o, •daughter of Mr. *<nd Mrs. T. B. IRcnfro. who succumbed to an ill- Iness of two weeks duration of ty- Iplwld fever in the state hospital • for nervous diseases in Little Rock iThursday morning, were conduct- l p d at the Methodist church Fri- Iday afternoon with Rev. Eli Mey- |ers, pakor of the Osceola Meth- Xi'sl cterch. in charge. Burlat'-was in Hie 'oca; ceme- Itery with Swift Undertaking co. lirt chatfe. The deceased Is survived by her Ifether, T. B. Renfro, mother. Luta •Revier Rtnfro. a brother, T. B. |Henfro jr.. and a sister. Mrs. Max 'Stewartt_ Osceola. |DUL?i;HKAnACHFS GONE |SH«PtE REMEDY DOES IT Henclaches caused by constipation s tone after one dose of Adlerlka. this titans all poisons out ot BOTH upper ind lower bowel*. Sires tetter sleep, ends nervous lotM. Sold In Blytheville by City |Dru* Stire. -Adv. J-l arc advised that same may:be ob- Inined Irom the local postoHice. In view o( the fact that the local committee will, within a short time, start publication^ of the The following short questlonnnire will be a part of the daily local NRA column until the time comes [or the regubr checkup campaign. All employers and signers of the President's Re-employment Agreement are lequ^ted to clip this (orm. nil fn the answers to the questions and return the blank to tlis office of the Courier News or to the local NRA committee headquarters In the Chamber of Commerce offices:— I (Wei have signed the Prcsiifcnrs Re-employment Agreement and arc complying vrith the provisions thereof. lYcs or No). I (We) hart employees -vhen Ihe Asi'tcment wns signed. I (We) have shortened the hours ot employers. I (We) have Increased the pay of employers. I <We) have discharged employees. I (We) have decreased the pay of employees. I (We) have Increased our monthly payroll $ 1 (We) have added full time and l»rl tlrhe employees. I (We) nre (nrc not) displaying the Blue Eagle. I (We) have not signed the Agreement for lh<- following reasons— I (We) have signed tlic Agreement and espect to be complying with the provisions thereof by Name .. Address IITS. Decree of Chancery Court, rendered May 19. 1933. In cnse number 503U. styled Mary Phillips Robinson, plaintiff, versus Clyde Robinson and the defendants above named except Mrs. C. D. Elam. which is recorded in Book. II, nt page 190, of the records of the nlxtve named courl. JKeport of .sale subniitled by It. L. .Gaines. ns commissioner of paid court under.the above decree.- showing a sale to Mrs. C. D. Elam of Ihe East TV- acres of the lands above described, under date of. June . i7.. 1933. which Is on file in the office of tire clerk o( said court 'But not recorded. > Commissioner's deed from R. I,. Gaines. Commissioner, to Mrs. C. D. Elam. nlleniptiiiB to convey the lands last above described, which deed Is dated June 21. 1033 and is on flic in the oflicc of the clerk of the above named court, but is not recorded. Order of the above court, dated June 21. 1031. approving the above mentioned commissioner's • deed, which Is on file^ In the ' office of the clerk of the above named courl. but Is not recorded. • All parties having or claiming lo have any interest in or to Ihe properly first above described, arc warned to appoar In said court within six weeks after the date hereof, and. scf up their claims; otherwise the same will be forever barred and precluded. Dated this 8th day of August. 1933. • ' R. L. OAINES, Chancery Court Clerk. Reid,. Evrard *: Henderson, Attys. for Plaintiff. DC NEED CA/H? TEE C 0 U K 11:: R NEWS WANT 1 ADS GIVE YOU MANY A N OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT AND TO SAVE IT Things you no longer need ... or things yon wish to rc- plarc viih s<»;; now always find a really rnarki't as Furniture, Radios, Used Curs. Office. 1 ICqiiipmenl, clc. in the Courier News M: ':ml- Ads. You'll find (hem every day under such classifications lioth sellers and buyers find the \V:int-Ad columns (he most logical means for (Jiiirk Action. Use the want ads (o buy and lo sell . . . YOU'1,1, FIND IT PAYS. COURIER NEWT HANT-ADf \

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