Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 10, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1895
Page 2
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•of all cases of consumption can, if taken m the earlier stages of the disease, be cured, This may seem like a bold assertion to those familiar only with the means generally in use Cor if. treatment; n.s, nasty cod- liver oil and il-1 filthy emulsions, cstract of malt, whiskey, different preparations of hypophosphites ar.d such like ftailiaHua. earlier stages, consumption is a curable * f y3 Medical'l/tocovcvy. even after the disease has progressed -,'> far RA to induce repeated bleedings from the lungs, severe lingenng' cough with copious expectoration ("? c _ luc j; ing tubercular' mutter), great loss of nestt and extreme emaciation nnd weakness. re$ ica! Discovery ' ----- ,,.-... dread and fits I -li v.:a;ie ? You need net take our word . r or ii. They have, in nearly every instance, b'.-en ao pronounced by the best and most eXnericrncetl home pliysieiaiis. who hava no interest whatever m uns- Btron; a pre.ieiiti:];; tlicKi, and who \vcrc often onfly prrjiidicecl and advised against tria' 1 of "Golden Medical Discovery," which they arc acquainted. Isasty cod- liver oil and its filthy "emulsions" and mixtures, had been tried in nearly all these casea and had cither utterly failed to benefit or hnd only seemed to benefit a little for a short time. Extract of malt, whiskey, and various preparations of the hypophos- phltes bad also been faithfully tned in vain. The photographs of a larsre number of those cured of consumption, bronchitis, lingering couffhs, asthma, chronic nasal catarrh and kindred maladies, have beea •killfully reproduced in a bock of 160 pages which will be mailed to you, on receipt of nddrcas and six cents in stamps. You can th-.'n V' rlt c those cured ana learn their experience:."' "" Address for Book, WoRr.n's DiSi-BNSARY o.N 1 , Buffalo, II, Y, OF LANGUAGE. InHocnco ol Indian £c!:!'.tMvi nn ttio Ir.lsb- Itnnts of Central AfH-«. "' In a recent Issue of the linlish Cen- •tral Africa Gazette a correspondent givoa some interesting particulars of tho progress made in the district at the northeastern end of Mount Mlanje since Its occupation by the' administration and tho building of Fort Lister, which II. Q. Johnson planted in that region to command the route frequently taken ty slave caravans from the interior to Quillmane. Among other matters which ho notices as dno to the presence of tho Sikh soldiers who garrison Fort Lister is the beginning of what is practically a now language. "Where tho Indian soldiers uru to bo found thoro. will also be found a most extraordinary language, ;i mixture of Hindustani, Swahili, Vno and Chinyanja. This is most remarkable near Fort Lister. It is one of the newest languages on earth; It cannot bo inoro than 11 3'car old, but is well understood by tho pco- - -plo. Tho vocabulary is limited, and as lor the grammar it is as yet unformed, but I am confident that should tho Indian soldier remain in this country another five years tho philologist will bo delighted to study the Jndo-African language of the future and to trace to their origin the marvelous words composing it. Tho same correspondent notes that with tho advent of the Sikhs u wonderful change has como over tho habits and manners of tho native. Where formerly his wants in the matter of clothing were confined to sufficient calico to clothe his family and himself, ho now requires boots, tiir- bans, trousers and coats, and at a distance it is said to be now difficult to •distinguish tho half-naked savage of a year ago from the Sikh soldier in his ordinary dress. Another matter m which the African imitates tho Sikh is in tho military salute, with which the native now frequently accompanies tho greeting of Kuropeans, tho result being more amusing than correct." PROTECTION OF IRON COLUMNS Brick* IJ»lil I" Portland Comoat Snocond- fully Vk'lthstiHKl Flro. Some experiments wcro recently made "by the building inspection department, '"Vienna, on the protection of iron from •fire by casing it with brick, says Engineering. A wrought iron column twelve foot loner, and built up of two channels connected by lattice bars, was used. This was set up in a small chamber constructed of 'brick, and the column was loaded by levers. This done, it was surrounded by a four and one-half inch brick wall laid in fire-clay mortar. Tho wall did not fit closely around the column, and advantage was taken in this to fix there samples of fusible metals, and which should servo as a gauge of the temperature attained. Various samples of stone concrete and : other materials were also placed in tho chamber within tho column. This chamber was then filled with split firewood, which was lighted, and the doors immediately walled up with slabs of plaster of paris. After the fire had broken • out the doors were broken in and a stream of water turned into the room from 'a fourteen horse-power fire en- cine An examination of the room next showed that the walls ol brick, laid in Portland cement, retained their strength, while most of tho material stone left in the chamber had been de' stroyed. Tho ceiling had been lined nartlv with plaster of paris and partly with "term cotta tiles. Both were darn- arred The inclosure around the iron pUlars was still standing firm, though -comers of the brick-work were clipped one inch or so, and the fire clay mortar was largciv washed out of the joints. On removing the casing, however, the pillar was found to be injured, oven the Lint being nnscorched. and tho fusible - Su« only showed a temperature ol .one hundred and lorty-nine degrees •: Fahrenheit. _ —Persia was so named by the Greek* from Perse'polis, it* capital; the native* were "P»rs»," moderat.ly called -Par- RELICS OF LINCOLN. CAN'T AGEEE. Gathered by the Memorial Association of Washington. They Arc to He Exhibited In the Home In Which the President Hied—The Collection >'ovr in Charge of O. IL. Olilroyd. House Committee Discusses President's Gold Bond Suggestions. There has been foundud in the city of Washington, D. C., a society -for the proscription of historic; relics. The name of this society is the Memorial Association of the District of Columbia. Tliis .society, writes Ilarric-tte Palmer Oaljbe i" tiie Wostern ilaral. has b-injrlit the lruildm<? opposite FortVs l!iv.-:itor where Lincoln was carried after IMS iiSKiissination, and where he died. In this building the association propose- to gather tofruUiLT everythinfr that is ei.unecti-ii with the life anil work- of Abraham Lincoln. Twenty-five hundred articles make up the present collection, livervbody knows that there is a liiost complete colleutitn of articles formerly owned by or eonin-eted with the ffivat ami <jood Oeor^e Washington at his old home, Mount Venion, .so picUii'fsqiK-ly situated on the beautiful Potomac river. Very few persons who have visited the capital city have failed to visit the home of Washington. Hut Lincoln having 1 had no homo at the nation's capitol, it was deckled that the building in which he died would be a suitable place in v.-hich to place the Lincoln memorials. This building- is Xo. SU! Tenth street northwest, and is exactly opposite the old Ford's theater building. This will add another point of interest to the city. These 2,500 articles illustrated the life of Lincoln from his birth in Ilardin county, Ky., to his death as the president of the United Stales. This collection is in uUiiJ'jjV of. Sir, 0. H. QVlroyd, who for so many years occupied the old Lincoln home in Springflcld, 111, Mr. Oldroyd has been more than thirty years collecting these articles, some of, them arc very interesting. Among the Wsi highly prized prt.1o.len <s a ra ^ split bv Lincoln, in 1830, and although I have seen various rails said to have been split by Lincoln, this rail is genuine. It was formerly owned by ex- Go v. Richard J. Oglesby, of Illinois. Gov. Oglesby presented the rail to Judge Ilurton, from whose family Mr. Oldroyd obtained it. Another interesting article is a table, designed by Mr. Oldroyd. When Lincoln lived in Jsew Salem, he lived with Caleb Carmen, and out of the house occupied by ;' Then Adjourns Till Monday—Ch'ca~o ! Post Office Bill'in the HOL-JS —The Senate. A IW2LTC OF LINCOT.X. [Tho onair that sold for SMO at the recent PliU- tulolpkla salo.l thorn this table lias been made. Th.o lower part of the table is rough hewn, representing his homely and inartistic body, but the top of the table is of fine black marble and highly polished. Upon the marble slab is inscribed a verso by Whitticr, which is as follows: " Lot man bo froc: the mighty -n-orcl Ho spako was not his own: Toe spirit or iho hlgliest st'.rrod His mortal lips alone." There are a couple of chairs and a cooking stove used by the Lincoln family in their Springfield home., also a blade walnut cradle in which Lincoln's , children were rocked. Indeed one of Mrs. Lincoln's relatives told me she had often seen Lincoln with his foot on the cradle reading his paper. That Lincoln was a great baby-lover we all know, for have we not all heard from our fathers and mothers many a story of his kindness to and fondness for the little ones. In this collection are more than a thousand volumes upon the life of Lincoln, and a collection of recollections of him, -written by request, by his personal friends. The hat worn by Lincoln on the night of his assassination is 'here under a glass case. It has a, barttl of crape around it, put there at' the death of his child, Willie, which had occurred at the white house only a short time before. Upon the very spot where Lincoln died stands the chair occupied by him at the theater. To some persons the speeches made by Lincoln would no doubt be the most interesting part of the collection. This collection of speeches is said to be absolutely complete, every speech he ever made from the beginning- to the end of his life. The building is open every day and will no doubt be visited by thousands of interested people. The Strongest Wood Known. The strongest wood which grows •within the limits of the United States is that known as "nutmeg" hickory, which flourishes on the lower Arkansas river. Tho most elastic is tamarack, the black, or sheUbark, standing not far below. The wood with the least elasticity and lowest specific gravity is the fiscus E.-orea. The wood of the highest specific gravity is the blue wood of Texas and Mexico. The heaviest of the foreign woods are the pomegranate and the lignum -vitae, and the lightest is cork. Four hundred and thirteen different species of trees grow in the various states and territories, and of the number sixteen; when p*r- fectly seasoned, will sink in water: These woods of hig-h specific gravity ? grow mostly- in the arid regions of Xew Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. .S 1 , Feb. 9.—The discussion at the meeting of the house ways and means -committee Saturday developed so much opposition to the recommendation of the president favoring the issuance of a thirty-year gold bond, that the subject was postponed until 3 o'clock Monday nfteruoon i:. •-•;.. Mr. liynam introduced a resol'.V.' .-.i that the resumption law of 1S75 be o amended that in addition to the 6. •'.'-; and -1 per cent, bouds now anthor:/.c,l, the secretary shall be authorized to issue no more than a 3 per cent, gold bond for thirty years. Mr. Keed, of Maine, one of the re- pxiblican members • of the committee, spoke for some time in opposition to the resolution, arguing that a long loan bond was unnecessary in view of the statements of both the president and secretary of the treasury that tho national revenues will soon exceed the disbursements. Mr. Grosvenor (rep., O.), another republican member of tho committee, regarded the suggestion tha.t the bonds should be paid in gold as an effort on the part of the foreign syndicate to dlo'ato the financial policy of this government, Mr. Hopkins, Of Illinois, another republican member, also made a strong speech against the proposition, as did Mr. Bryan, of Nebraska,' one o* the democratic members of the oommitt£p. The discussion indicated that but two of the democratic membeia (Mr. Wilson, of West Virginia, and Mr.. Bynum, of Indiana,) were strongly favorable, to th3 president's recommendation. Nothing was said by the other democrats present that' would indicate their position upon the matter. Finally Chairman Wilson proposed an alternative proposition looking to the issuance of 862,000,000 O f thirty- year gold bonds, to bear interest at a rate not to exceed 3 per cent. Pending the consideration of this resolution the committee adjourned until 3 o'clock on Monday next, Iloune Proceeding)*.. WASHINGTON, Feb. 0.—In the house Saturday senate amendments to tho house bill granting right of way to the Kansas City, Oklahoma & Pacific Railroad company through Indian and Oklahoma territories were concurred in, on motion of Mr. Cockrell (dem., Tex.). The senate substitute for the house bill authorizing the construction of a §4,000,000 public building in Chicago, which directs tho secretary cf the treasury to contract for the whole work,was laid before tho house, and Mr. Bankhead (dcro,, Ala.), chairman of the committee on buildings and grounds, moved that the senate amendments be concurred in. Mr. Sayers (dem., Tex.) chairman of the committee on appropriations, asked that the bill go over till Monday. ' Ho Baid ho did not know that he should object to the measure but it was an important bill fixing- a liability of $-1,000,000 on the government and he wanted to look into it. The bill will lie on the speaker's table until Monday morning. Mr. Van Voorhis (rep., X. Y.) made a personal statement denying that he had insulted the English peace commissioner, Hon. W. Eandall Creamer, as had been charged. Consideration of the legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill was resumed in - committee of the whole. The amendment making personal clerks to members annual instead of session employes was agreed to, but a yea and nay vote will be demanded in tho house. During the discussion Mr. Breckinridge (dem., Ky.) severely denounced the civil service law, as did also other speakers. A joint resolution, reported from the committee on ways and means by Chairman Wilson, has been agreed to, extending for this year only the period within which returns may be made for the collection of income tax from March 1 to April i:>. At 3 o'clock the business of the house was suspended and the members listened to eulogies upon the life and services of the late -Myron B. Wright, representative from the Fifteenth district of. Pennsylvania. At their termination the house adjourned until Mondav. Somite. WASHINGTON, Feb. '9.—The credentials of Senators Bei-ry (dem.. Ark.) and Harris (dem., Tenn.) were presented to the senate Saturday. Mr. Washburn (rep., Minn.).from tho committee on commerce, reported a joint resolution authorizing a preliminary inquiry concerning deep wa- tervrays between the ocean and tho great lakes, and it was read and passed without objection. 1 i authorized the president of the United States to appoint immediately three persons with Dower to meet and confer with any MWWmnmmmmiFmmm+———' YOUNG MOTHERS . . . . W« Otter You « Remedy Which Insures Safety *> LW« of Mother ud Child. "MOTHFR 1 ^ Bobt ConfiMment SniewrS of it» Pain, Horror FRIENET and Risk. 3tr. J". P. Col« Like a Lump of Lead Distress in the Stomach, Nausea, Etc, Mood's Sarsaparilla Cured. Tie following testimonial comes from Mr. J. I". Cole, -svho Is with C. A. Cole, the well known Jeweller and dealer in druggists' sundries at -Wlnterset, la., who because o!closa confinement iullered torn indigestion and that tired feeling: " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Hnss. : ""Without any hesitation I can recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla. As I havo worked a» a watcli maker and jeweler and have been closely eonHnod to my business, I w.»s sometime Blnca Troubled With My Stomach. It seemed as it there was a big lump ot lead In It, and I was unnblo to taS* a long breath. Everything I ate distressed me ?try much and caused me many sick spells. I oocld not sleep nights »nd would cot up in the morning fading worse than when I went to bed. Iliad no energy whatever. I finally tried a bottle o: Hood'*. H Helped Me So Much that I got another, and I havo now taken four bottles and leol 0. K. I can sleep well and oat Cures hearty (or which my thanks are due to Hood'f Sarsaparlllu-" J. ft COLE, Wlntartct, Iowa, Hood's Pills cure all liver illi, bIUou»Des», jaundice. Indigestion, tick hoadachn. tl* not eiperlenca that » ' Siraal In «ach ouei.— MBS. AS5H GiG*. Bmiwr Sprtugm. Km. . Sent br Mull or Exvran. on r»«lpt of price, U perboul*. Boot to Kotlicra niflxl - BE1DFIEID BB60UTOBCO., lUnt*, 6*. Similar bommlttee that may bo appointed by tho government of lirea^ Britain, or ol the Dominion of Can-; ada, who shall inquire and report whether it is feasible to build canals that will enable vessels engaged in ocean commerce to pass to and fro between the great lakes and the Atlantic ocean, where they can bo most conveniently located, and their probable cost. House bill to readjust the salaries and allowances of the postmasters at Guthrio. Oklahoma City and Kingfisher, 0. T., wero passed. Also senate bill directing the parting and refining of bullion at the assay office at Helena, Mont. Senator Call's (dem., Fla.) resolution for a select committee to inquire into alleged acts of interference with elections in Florida, by the Honduras or Louisiana 'Lottery company was taken up, and Senator Call again expressed his views on the subject. Tho . resolution went over and _ tho | diplomatic and consular appropriation bill was taken up, the pending amendment Tjeing that appropriating SSOO,000 toward the construction of a telegraph cable to the Hawaiian islands. At the close of the 'debate Senator Mills' point of order was made, and tho senate voted, 30 yeas to 25 nays, that the cable amendment was in order, all the republicans and populists voting in the affirmative, with Senators Butler, Call, Gorman, Hill and White (democrats). The Hawaiian cable amendment was then agreed to—yeas, 30; nays, 20. The diplomatic and consular bill— with the cable amendment—was then passed and the post office appropriation bill taken up. Eulogies on the late Senator Stockbridge of Michigan, were then entered upon. ITEMS IN BRIEF. United States officers discovered that Italians had flooded'the coke regions of Pennsylvania with bogus money. Owing to the intense anti-foreign feeling°iu the Shan Tung peninsula American missionaries wore fleeing for safety. Margaret Cook, who died at Colum* bus, 0°, was aboard Fulton's steamship Clermont when its initial trip was made in ISO". The home for friendless women at Cleveland, O., was destroyed by fire and many of the inmates had narrow escapes from death. Ten men, all the crew of the British brig Nelson, were drowned by tho wrecldng of that vessel on the rocks off Douglass, Isle of Man. The First Baptist churcb, the finest in Mason City, la., was destroyed by fire, together with the pipe organ. Tho loss is 512.000; insurance, 33,500. William Rask, a farmer living west of Clay City, 111., was instantly killed by a sawlog rolling from his wagon on him. He leaves a bride of a few months. The public schools at Kingston, I1L, have been closed as a result of a dispute over an order issued by the board ol education compelling all pupils to be vaccinated. Under a new time schedule shortening the running- time of passengei trains between Portland and St. Paul, the mnninR- time between New York and Portland is reduced to 111 hours, LAKE CASUALTIES. Intereitlnc Report Iwaed by tho Agricultural Department. WASHLXGTOX, Feb. 9.—The agricultural department has issued an interesting report giving in detail the number, of casualties occurring on Lakea Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario, and the connecting- rivers, during the season of 1394. This includes, besides the record of total loss of forty-four vessels and cargoes, involving a loss Of £643,243, the partial loss on sixty-eight vessels and cargoes to the amount of 5349,5-H, and the sacrifice of sixty-eight lives. THE MABKETS. Grain, FrorUion*, Eto. CHICAGO, Feb. 9. — Dull and weak. Winter— Patents, 12.5032.65: str»i,;hts, {i355ii50: clears, Sil! 4»i,30' seconds. Sl.WiiOO; low grades. 61.S] OI.8S. Spring— Patents. 5S.20SS. 50; sirsiglus, JilOa^SO: bakers', Jl.S3a2.ir>: low Rr:ides, ll.T5aa.SO; Kcd Dog, fl.65SI.T5: Rye, S13>.\a £.50. WHKAT— Active and unsetUeJ. Xo. - cash, B0*;35l^c; T'ebrunry, SO'XiiSO.'ic: May, !>3SSJ 63.SC. COBS— Quiet ami steady. Xo. 2 aad Xo. S Yellow. 4';yc: Xo. 3. -lO^c. and Xo. 3 Yellow 41-^c; Jlay, •HilO-'JHc: July, -M.'i ,5-M^ic; September. -IS.'-i'C. OATS— Fair trading »«*! easier. Cash, No t, SSM'Saj'J.c: Muy, J9iil.-9u'c. Ssuaples sti-iwly: supply fid '• Xo. X a^iSO'-io: Xo. S Wliiie, Sl'.-iitSlc: Xo. '2, CS?r'ii3:,o; Xo. 2 V. T .".ile, Si^ . RYE— Scarce and i\rai. Xo, i :n sioro. jOj 50;.;c Sample lo:^. 5j;i5-J!ii!; May ih-livery tiSa^c. i BAULKV— Firm anil dc'inanil equal to.siipply. I Common lo pro'.«l Xo. •!, -IS^a-lc: ,Vo. 3, MjlSOo amlXo. i o-Vs-ii.Wic. • MESS I'oui;— Tradics «-as moderately acihv. Price-slower. Quotations raiiRVil ut & 1 .90CtlO.<W for cash regular: SO.srii'J'.'.i'O for February, andSl-XO: i sViIJ.07'-i lor May. LAUD— Kaihor active aui.l lower. Quotations nin^od ILL jiirivj.ilnr 1 : for casli; c-ii.jj^j^'ijj for February, ami SVOJi-iiCii i'i for May. Livi: 1'ouL.TKY— IVr ij.iuiid: Turkeys. 6^70; Cliie-keus, Tit7|-;c; Uucl;s, Si'.ij; Ocesc. par do'/.on. SlOO.-iiS-X). JiUTTCK— Creamery, liSfik 1 : dairy, SS^Oi; PaciciiiK Stock. SiSc. Oius—lieaailcat. 175 tost, PC; Gasoline, S7 den's. lUc; 7-1 den's. So; Xnpbtlia. S3 dci;'s. 7c. LnjuOlis— Whisky iiuotu.t steady at $1.22 pc;r gallon tor hifhwlDtfs. XKW YORK, Feb. a. FLOL'it— State imrt Western quiet, sieaJy. WMKAT— Xo. 2 red dill'., steady. Murcli. 5So; May, K lt-H>S5S?io, July, 5s)i«CD'J^e. Cons— Xo. 2 quiet, easier. May, July, •iii>aiS- l9 ?»c; No. 2, -tSl-ia-iSVic. OAis-Xo. 2, dull, oftny; May, state, 8(in,43o; w«i>iern, 8-lSn3c. UEKU— Bull Extra mess, $7,252,7.75; family 59.73iil2.00. POKK— Quiet, steau.v. Mess. fll.C3QiI10D. LAUD— Quiet, easy. Steam-rcndorod. *fi.S5. BDITBII— Firmer; light recoipts. Western dairy. lOa'Oo; do. creamery, 103200; do. tuc- Jory, 15c; rolls, aa>Ho; Elslns. 2B@20c; imitation creamery, lO^Ja'o; held creaiHGrj, JI^lCo. CHESSE— Qulec, funcy arm. State largo, 9® llo; do. fancy colored, ll^o; do. whlto, 10-^iJ ilcjflo. «mall, 9>iSllJ£oi part sUims, 8<&,»c; full do., ixaiKo. EGGS— Moderate demand, linn. Western, Wo; limed, lS@Sle. _ __ , ».,:t. IxlVO Stock. • CHICAGO, Feb. 0. HOGS— Quality fair. Market active and foellui; firm. Prices lOc lilKhcr. Sales rautred at f3.00a^.20 for pies: i4.OOO-l.40 for light; frf.103-l.2S for rough packing; f4.10a-l.50 for mixed, and S4.303-l.0r> for heavy packing anO shipping lots. CATTLB— Market rather active. Tbc fcel- inc was strong and tlie best tirades a trilla UlKuer. Quotations riiBtfC'l at $5.oO(ns5.fl5 for choice to extra shipping Steers: Ji.-1034.05 for good to choice do.; $4.00S4.00 for fair to eood; $3.4as-J.(Xl for conimon to medium do.; ta.l&3 3.60 for Butchers' Steers: J2.:0i£2.90 for Stock- or«; S2.90.WiOO for l^oedors; *i -10.52.8) for Cows; ii7Q3S.C3 for Heifers; 52.OJ.ii3.75 for Bulls; $2.753-1.13 for Texas Steers, and S)<00a 6.50 for Voivl Calves. KNOWLEDGE j Brings comfort ;\r;<l iinprovemcat and , \o\ls-. "ic ;ieisoii;U enjoyment when i 'igiitly usci-i. The many, wiio live l>et; ,- r thsn oiltoi^ :un3 cnioy Iifo uiorr, with. •xjiomlituro. L~ nuirfr ]>nm>ptly j <.J;i:it-ins: t!'n> world's Ix-st pnni«CW 10 ! ,}-.<• 'aetii? \a •/::;,V.ea! behiy. xviil .attest j :':.'.-. V.-.lu-: '* l:;;;!:i: ol' tlu^ puro liquid -!- is <Uio to its •us: lo the- l:!;>u - , l.ho n.'l'ri'sSijiig.'in tr •iriii'Scki! nro]*.' ,-!;«• «: n perfect l Uive; ofil'fliia'My ch-ansiiij." the .\vste jixiK-ili.'!!!; Oii'fis, lies or, dies and_ fev ! : Tromondom Force ol' <Jo«. PARKERSUUHG, W. Va., Feb. 0.—Tho "Big- Moses" gas well on the Spencer farm, on Indian creek, owned by tho Victor Oil company, which company has spent thousands of dollars in u, few months in endeavors to shut, it off, burst all bounds, tearing up fifteen acres of land, carrying- everything before it. It is pronounced the greatest gaser ever struck in tho world. A Terrible VUItant. Pnln is always a terrible visitant, nnd often domiciles Itself, willi one for life. This infliction is pievuntable, in cases of rheumatism, by a time. jy resort to Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, whicli checks tlie encroachments of this oostlnuw und dangerous malady lit the outset. Tho term "daiifierous" Is used advisedly, for rheumatism ISHlwuys liable to attack the vital organs and terminate life. No testimony Is more conclusive nnd concurrent than'that ol physicians who testl- fj to the excellent effect of Die Bitters In this disease. Persons Incur a weltlnK In nlnyor snowy weather, and who are exposed to draushts, should use the BI«ors as n preventive of 111 effects, Malaria, dyspepsia, liver and kidney trouble, nervousness and debility are also among the ailments to which Oils popular medicine Is adapted. Kor the infirmities, soreness and stiffness of. the aged it Is highly beneficial. Children Cry for Pitcher's <5 When you feel bad with headache, take Rinehari'8 Liver Pills. One a dose. Sold by B. F. Koeslinp and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pi (.cher's Castor ia. For OT«C Fifty Te»n Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty jeare by millions of mothers for their children while teething 1 , with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gume, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little Bufferer immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for • Mrs. Wioslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. •Wbeo Bthr WM Hck. w* gw« her Outarth Wttea die w» » Cnfld, the criod tof Cutarfe -fflxn die beoma Mta^ *e dang to Cutorih Worn* *ad Wormi are K en « c *l>y troublesome to young child-life, and are often the cauee of pale, emaciated and Ufelest condition of children. The best remedy to dispel all kinds of worms i» Rlnebart's Worm Lozenges. It IB the only remedy th»t de»troy»: the worm neat, which, If not 'removed. BCOD breed* more of the peel*. Sold by B. F. Keesling »nd Keystone drag (tore. truly erfect lax- tem, x-.! i, , _ fevers x!:<! permanently tiui-ijii; constipation. ;r. has given sii.i->f:;'..iioi! to millions and •;:i-t witii -tin 1 approval <if *.he medical ;.rnfcssio5i, iH'caii.-o it sots ou the Kid- •.vvs I.iver :!i;:l Ivcm'i?'.- \Tifhoitt wcak- •;•'>:;£ them ui»i it. i^ perfectly free from ..very obji;c;i.>u:i!>ir s!il)stu:icc. tfyrup of Fi^s ii ;br i.i!o by H\I clrog- f^istsin 50c aiin ?] boUlos, bi:t. it is man- •.ii";iCTured \iy tho California Fi;i Syrup (.v. only, whose nnuic is printed ou every rscbnjr*, a!<« \.\-,f r.r.y.?. )?yvnt> of Figs, 5/:(l Iwiuj: «v\\ ii;'v.n:<t-1, yen -will uot if cJliir"'- 1 « SPECULATION I Whether you hnve ever speculated 11 I or not, you will find uomeibing of i > I grant inierest to you in our n»W| ;• psmphlot. It tolls 11' It HOW TO MAKE MONEY QUICKLY $ In Stocks, Bonds, etc,, >nd Ii rtnt free upon request. I • | RICHARDSON &, COMPANY, r 10 WALL ST., NEWYOBK. 1 ••MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI PAP CALENPAR Par * » * I 1895; A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind o( storehouse (or memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest O f a ]i—f u ]l of dainty silhouettes nnd pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you ol the superb quality of Columbia Bi- . cycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Addrcsi Calendar Department, POPE MFC, CO,, Mention thij piper. Hartford, Conn. Illllllllllllllllllllll dine »nd Cure -'if Hwi<J»che. Hoadacno is i/eoerii.ily'caueed by the> tTro main crg-anF. the liver and. kicU neya, not pur'ui-iaic^ i.bol'' several duties.and thcrerjy impairing digestion and impa-viog to tho blood itnpuritieB that in turn icllimo tbe svsletn and. produce 'everH ar-d headache. Th« remedy 10 prevent and cure these troubles !s Rloeharl'e Pills. Sold by B. F- Keealing and K'-yslone drug store. A Bljf Sarprlne In store for ail wfto try Bacon'a Celery King- for the nerves. <'bo general verdict of nil who havo used this great vegetable preparation is that il i» xh» grandest remedy ever discovered for tbe cure of d.repepsia. liver com plaint, general debility, etc. Bacon's Celery King for tbe nerves stimulates the digestive organ*, refjulales the liver and restores tte system to vigorous health and energies. Sample free. Large packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cartorla. RinehariVWorm Lozenges are the best because they remove the worm meets. Sold by B. F. Keeslicg and Keystone drug More. i Grut Leidrr. We are pleased to in form jou that we have received tbe sole agency lor Otto 1 * Cure, the great throat and lung healer. Gilo's Cure U the great leader of all proprietary preparation* for tbe cure of coughs, colds, aitbm*. bronchitia,consumption, etc. We will guarantee Otto's cure to cure you, and if you will call ht our store we will give you a bottle of this guaranteed, remedy free of charge. Otto'i Cut* instantly relieves c*oup and whooping cough. Don't delay. Samples freo. Large bottles 50 cents at Beo FltierV the druggist, sole agent.

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