The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 17, 1948
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VI VOL. XLV—NO. 21 fllythevllle Courier Blytlievillo Dally New* Mississippi Vuller Uader Blytherlll* Herald JBTOMIKANT NEWSPAPER^J.QHTHKAST A.iKAKSAS AND SOUTHEAS'I M18aO Uni Citizens Discuss High School Site Purchase Plans Board to Continue To Rent Buildings; None Have Been Sold Members of the Citizens School Association '"Pi ' i* •^'^\>\,ltll Kill, Inc., moetintr i,, (|, e Chamber- of Commerce offices yesterday discussed plans for rai.s- Ii'fr an additional ? 18,000 np»(lcd to complete inii'chase of a 20-aere site for a new nigh school, ljut a ( 11,0 <,.,,„,, time pvnl'i,-,,, i 11 . pending Investigation into V,™ , 1 ! ' U1C(1 t!lilt »<» stepsj part, il any. in the alleged Senate Committee To Hold Hearing In S.E. Missouri ^CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. April 1,7—It was learned here yesterday that a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee plans to come from Wasli- :iiRion, D. c., to Southeast Missouri in May for further testimony on the nomination of Roy W Harper of this city to fedcrafjudge RM-1HKV1U.R. ARKANSAS, ? lljRDAY, AIMUL 17, 1<|-I8 Revolts in Dixie Sometimes Spell Happiness For GOP, But Not Rebellion Over Tax on Oleo KK71IT i'AOKS By Saiirior S. Klein I'nlti-cl I'ress Staff O<]rres|xm<lnil " ....... • ..... ' tt <• ' the story tltat members I of the House Agriculture Commit ........ any This is didn't wn.sto in Missouri. i -.. Harper, former Democratic Sta'e ; £f, ,?' el ' e tetli "* toda >' «>x>iillhe hail-man i,— !„.., „„....:.._.,: Soiitliom uprising: The Southern Democrats on the , Chairman, has been serving the Eastern part, of Missouri us a roving federal judge under' a appointment by President Truman. Senator Forrest Donncll, Republican Senator from Missouri, .s chairman of the subcommittee thai is to come here in May. When Harper's name was sent lo the Senate near the end of the regular session last summer, appointment by lhat body was held up pending investigation into Harper'': for .^- .IC.-CH litKc-n calling l^oval of the present, litiiltl- l»RS fi-oni the building site. rla,' 0 "''^ ^'l''-*'bv S the a™o-" clatio,, have been sold,'it. was announced yesterday. The si e is North of tl, e present high school. B«. use of the shortage of rental housing a ,, d s!(]< . c t ,°° "' "" '•ylon win not be usiiio the pr'oncriv 'for another year, the houses will continue to oe rented, the scl oo building group has decided. This announcement came after thai a ^ 5Mlall °" received reports tnat so ne persons were under the Impression that property hart been disposer' of without having been advertiser for sale, it was said _ 'Mve Plans Indefinite ,<on was taken on plans ivatmg ihe drive for funds 'le the acquisition of a "tc. Reid, president of Ihe v.-d here, gave a resume of • plans for the school im- program to oe, financed 10 bond issue to be voted 'cial school election May regularities In- Democrats in Southeast Missouri in 19W in a "get out tlie vote" drive in which various were otfcrcd. including a new car or its cash equivalent, which was given in Peniiscot County. commlttee got pretty vociferous during a closed session caller! vrs- icrriay to consider legislation" to cany oil farm price supports to June 30. 1950, They were particularly peeved about a provision to reduce the support of cotton from 9.6 per cent of i.ariiv to 90 HIM- cent. ' Republican ruiniiilltep iiu-inbcis. still irkert over tile way Hie Soii- llicinei.s maneuvered Hie olro- niarcarine tax bill tnirunl a Moor stinwduH-n, dpciiled mi some rlub-H-avInr of their own. A member rcprcsentinK a Mid- W<wt dairy .state 'offered an amendment to end price supports for three of the Smith's agricultural Capacity Audience Hears Concert Presented by High School Singers of Mrs. j. for to bin. M. «choo. the be prove! by a s on in j At an earlier hearing. Harper ™, ne «?' ^ *" te.stified !l)at he had nothing to do ' mAlnsu > — toDatco, with originating Ihe |)lan or in conducting it, and that at the time, he was serving as Democratic Sta'2 Chairman, with headquarters in Jefferson city. Costa Rican Reds Seize Big Airport Rebels Ignore Truce, Attempt to Seal Off President's Escape rice and pea- nes, 1 : la .man. .-its efforts to put itelay the board irovement • program and ,-_. u P'UDKIIH rtlll] DCKIIl construction of a new high school He was answered by Mi-. Reid who again pointed out that Mr! Simon's plan was financially un- feasable because of the limitations on changing millage allocations for debt service. - . -: Mr. Simon's plan calls for a bond Issue -il.'"-- •• - .. • '.— power (,•/ PANAMA CITY. April 17. (UP) — Costa Rican Communists, rclusinf; to bow to a truce, in the country; civil war. attempted today to seal ni,,, h -n t. • n " 5 lass ' ble escape routes o! na- l - th«' m.eXl^r'idS 1 ?^^ C ° Sta RiCa " K The bioadcast said that lorces o! Commua'".'. 7anguardia Popular nuts. The Southern members shrieked bloqdy murder. But a vole was ordered and the amendment was approved 12 to 9. Then the Republicans voluntarily called for a reconsideration of the vote and agreed to permit the price supports for the three crops to remain In Hie measure. But it w'as clearly one of those "we'll-show-yoii" gestures. In the end. the committee approved tlie bill with the lowered cottoti price snpjxirt provision. Rep. Stephen Pace. D.. Ga. leaner of the Democratic farm group, served notice he would try to have tlie 925 per cent support figure for coiton restored when the measure gets to the floor. Before jhr hous< gels arntuul fo that, however, it will take up tlie bill to remove the federal lax on olroniHrjsarinr.. This will proh- The high school auditorium he mytlicville High School Olcn Club under tlie Wilson Henry, presented the Spring Concert. -•* The (Irsl part of the prngram was given by the A Cappclla Choir. fuberculosis Ass'n Board Hears Memphian Missco Directors Attend Dinner Meeting in Osceola SINGL.B tui'IES FIVE CENTB New Move Is Due !n 'Nerves' War Soviet Marshal Back In Berlin After Moscow Conferences Ky John I!. ,Mcl)frmut| M'nlirrt I'ress Staff C'on-<>s|i<milenO BERLIN, April 17. <JJP>-Sovlct Mai.sha! Vassily D has retutped to Berlin from „„_ day ii-ip to MOSCOW pre.sumably with a sevcn- the 'latest Instructions from on how to conduct 'f III Ijive Their numbers were; Sani'lus hy Oouimd ivllh M| ss Jo Anne Trieschmann ns solosts'i'; "Out of the Depths, i Cry To Thee by Will James: -aide Tt,V- dim-lot" n negro Snlrlltml arranged by Smith and "Aln'a Tina Clootl News" by Jo Anne Tricsclnnami and Jiinmv I ward on'i- Ko'il-Yi,^ mLA", 1 ! 1 ' 1 - 1 ' ,'"" Uiwc were soloists when (he airl'shlon, the UivjerriilnslV i-ii-ini. Glee club SUIIR "j cs n. The Verv I fiillve. oilier official sinle ,,,', '' X ''~ I'llouRht of Thee" by Wai, and I.lslMiona! anencle.s a, I (hn ,- ,,mi- LK, rn ''i' ^ C ", <Ki ' Pmm " T " p " y "«"' cl « «»<! Indlv"jm, " ' rlOl V till V llV On ill M .... n y-> . . l i n ,._. . - . •> •'»'»'•>. foiinrt a S |i(-c'n'le"curc"will '!,','. ,,„ '"lion,' Ilrynn Wilson. ,iir,.,,, r „ '!><• Slll'lb,. CMlinly. Tomi.. -,-,„,'" n.losis SocU . lVr ,„,„ b(mt .; ^ f ftrs of ih,. Mtatalppl Countv T - beiciilosls Assot-lailon n t „ ,]i,,, ' JiiectliiK liel.l I,, the First i-,,,",,," {< Clnueh In Oscrnla. bst Mi'. Wll.son imlnlcd oul t) ml fol . n v.'i'll bnluiu-Fii Inbercnlasis nro- ' Excitement Runs High in Italy on Eve of Balloting By J. Kilxarrl Murray (Hilled I'rtss Sl«ff Corrwpundenl KOMK. April 17. (LJ.P.)—The Italian (fovoi-nment «n"<»"H, !( i I 01 |ny „ (hree-clny election vacation fo, a Italian mon'n 8 "° ^T ?" M "» rli(:i "" l « »> «'* f"t«*ul vo e" IllO) I l)\V II ml A [rtitil,. i. I,/.I ,,v.. • . . viv- 1,1^— Unwelcome - - - - --,..,,, , lv ,ui | [l( . Holy City" by Gaul. Mrs. it c Allen was violin soloist In the latter .selection. The Boy's Glee Club numbers In?.'.'!l! cri . " lltow '''''"ini'Ms. lilow" by • "•"•!" «.->. uLuvt i jy i •«"••"»". ii l< IK) • t J I(*C K PC I Will Jiunes: "Dcdlcalloji"; "Kemo'-1 Individuals conlacl II. HP emphasiwtl the tdm i| K n ihe imriiosc for the lubercii'i Is mo Ki-mn Is (o learn where ihf'mL-. jnlosis Is. and |o see that it is 1 isolated and chec-Ked before oiliert ,.,,,<, „.„,... _ l>fcss reported today. •^ n "'.,! tim1u>sscc MoiMilnlii Soi, K - Mr Wilson s, w ke (o a|>proMi,,.,ft. l.lttU- Wheel A-Tnrulu" » s ,,,,.|t.;iy 30 nicinh..,-., and KI!CMS who wore also shown a Him "Tiu.s | s I, H.". and heard the minimi' n-- liort of HIP i-cili-ing officers Mrs Holand oreen preshlont o[ Ihe board, spoke briefly mid Mrs c G Hcdinan) ncrlmaii, exccullra.sccrr.tnri' for'tlic tl, c I ual nrraiiBed by Wilson, nnri "Okla- — the ! 1 ' 0 " 1 "" |J - V "odgers-llmnmerstcin In Berlin, the German , '"'Mn'minute Iniermis.sion fol- • lowed these three parts of the prou- lowered' Sm ^ "" u '»ii'ies maintained ''"'"• losvcicd complete secrecy about .SoMuvsky'., ' tri]>. but allied q • his return would o paiRii in Berlin's war or nerves The German Press, quoting nliled sources, said the Russian commander returned to his headquarters -In Potsdam In the clo.sely- B narJcd Kui-'iHii Zone late ye.sterdav ' — "' ' Wwicrn observers noted, that! "" mll " s v "-<: " Russian officials attending the dep-1 Lifc - v M" 10 "!- n .„ r, , • „ , ,,,,„ nly commnndnnls- mectittg yeslcr-1 7 _ ' „ e , Ch !}?'.' by Clli " ""'' "There ,._• "H'l liohilcd onl Hint the rll- ncs maintained r, f , ,„ . •».....,.,,,„»,. ,,neny ar, ( | Mrs. c G bout Sokolorakyv, ' . "' ^: *'" >n ,,- lt '" °- G. Redman R«l'»aii, exccullra sccrctnri' for (lie inartcrs expected l V-"n' 1 Carroll Evans were soloists a.ssodallon marie her annual re- >pcn a new c,,,,,. *"" l ' lc f| Cnppella Choir Kriv e! |'»>'l- Mi's. Rednm,, i-xprewcil the *ar or nerves , N| B htlll Bale" by Tsclmlkov- ull '» "ml case flndlii,, woultl be osh >'-' 'Lowlands. Cnplnln Clmnlcy" ""'cli 'norr tlioroiish next venr be by Scott-Waring and "Set Down [cause of (he extensive mob'le X- Scrvanl" by Shaw ami Waring. | "'">' clinics Hint will bciiln in the The Girls Qlt;c Club presented tin cm i»'y next 'Iliestlay i next portion of the procran. Their I " olh Mr. Wilson liud Mrs Ued- - --- 'A Ultlc SOUR Hf.inannmn warnr.l ,, Bn in., t . <'„,„„,„- "SoiiB To A'. CC11C - V in dealhiBs with hibercil- begin sent revenu, sufficient, ft interest and Tnaturities and operate the school system. Wrong Political Judgment in U.S. Rapped by Lodge of other graduate training school. Xo Progress Made Latest reports from San Jose Itself said lalks between the president 2nd Father Benjamin Nunez. NEW ORLEANS, April 17 (UP) PaP ?' """ C '° se "' in S ns «be| emis- -Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr R sary ' "°""nued without progress. Mass.. warned today that United' '' e rc P orl - s also 1«oted instates sni>nHi,irr i,, J. ..:."": I formed sources as believing that the truce in the civil war would not seasc dill not rest, was no reaper.- lor of DIM-SOU, and that only bv the j c ''''>' most thorough co-oiH'rntion 0 '[ In- of s . Party have seized the San Joes Airport. It said the seizure had blocked ihe alleged plans of Teodoro pieado and Pretender . Rafael Caldcron Guardia to leave the country. 'Diplomatic quarters in Washington said unconfirmed reports (or:n San Jose indicated the Communist^ control of the city > Mora, the Com. suri ' c rider their arms desplu the truce Pieado sixn- :ed»w»th"-rlgtttcst rebels. Mora was ' ami the Midwestern GOr Tlie oleo measure. blcK ed by the ' n Can-nil Evans and Jimmy Hen- would provide for support at 90jicv Robert Nagidolf. National Droml- <aslliiK' corjioriillon correspondent In Moscow, Is prcparliiK lo loiwc Russia tomonow |n response to a sUKKc.stlon from Ihe Soviets that in; no lonper Is welcome, lie has been accused by lib; .sct-relnry. Ceceli.i Nelson, a Michiuan Klrl who forin- - , - c-rly worked for the U.H. pylni! on the Soviet Union. The rge was mndc In a letter writ- ten lo the Government newspaper luavcstin, accenting lo the semiofficial Tass Agency. (NBA Tclu- photo) .of parity for whef.,'. .tqbicc'o, corn, rice and peanut-';. It would '-- - ;,..*^.iu .tui^.i. .viu.rt ».-.-, , hold .supports for milk nnd milk" reported to be directing operations j products at at least 90 per cent with the assistance of Moscow- i of parity. The measure would provide supports ranging from 60 per '' n i-Rssing Western allied traffic from Berlin to the Western zones. Six- - trucks, part, of „ convoy driving the stipcihi from Berlin to the British r.nnc ne o oscow trained Rodolfo Guzman and Congressional Deputy Luis Palla, an- Communist "•> •""•ii-vi njinty mat united Stoles spending in Europe will be i In vain unless there is a marked tin- ' provement in the political judgment of this country. Lodge told the third Mississippi Valley World Trade Conference that "in spite of our great efforts and vast expenditures we have been highly unsuccessful insofar as the battle for men's minds abroad is concerned." jtt-'hilc this country spends money, h™ charged, the C be extended. They reported growing tension ill San Jose. night the general staff ordered all cars cleared from the streets. Senlries were ordered tn "specific exceptional missions." Francisco Calderon Guardia, brother of the presidential pretender, already has slipped out to Ma- cent of parity to the top support level reached I" 1948 for either non- basic commodities such as eggs, potatoes and poultry. UN Asks Jews, Arabs to End All Hostilities LAKE SUCCKSS, N. Y.. April 17. (UP)—The United Nations Security Council today ordered Jews and War Chant." The final portion of Ihe program was composed of selections given by the Mixed Chorus \vllh Carroll Fvnna ns soloist. The Choris Sana "America The Beautiful" by Ward"Land-Sighting" by Grier "Arkansas Traveler" an American Tnne- ftcjiper. and the "Alma Maler" wilh the Old Alelody. Mrs. C. M. Smart served as accompanist. control point at Nowawes The trucks carried equipment nnd representatives of the education branch of the Allied Control Com- : i'^'^vor"^^!™!^! 0 "' 0 RiveTFIood through the checkpoint imlilndcr*') Tlie latest Soviet maneuver was a report by the Russian conlrolleil German news service and that th* United States was evacuating American women and children from Berlin. ^The report «as attributed to Col ,. .....lll.lL. Sl|. livaii, Joe Evans, of Hlyihevllle: ''r ir, f' 0 ' 1 "" 1 »"" [ 'h»"!> McKay of Victoria: R. L. Howk. of Luxorai ni. C M. Harwell, Mrs-. C. U. Lloyd, Steve Ralph, chcsier nauelinwer Mrs. R. L. Nallllllg. the Rev L T Lnwrence, Hie ficv. llerschalle Ooiichiunn. Mrs. D. V. Maioch, Mrs. J. S. McCants, of Oscenlx, State Ren. I.oe lieaulcu nnd Joe Wheeler of Leachville; Curtis Downs of Dell. Allen SoRinves. Carson, and the lieu- president, (fny., Sullivan, of Hurdctte. Damage Spreads; iRussiansReject Two Girls Drown Protests Over »}• United I'ress «/. _, oil 11 ^ 00 ^;. 1 KS," "IS Vienna Blockade add Ihousands of refugees lo the I more than 2.000 In November. Neither Arabs nor surances lhat they WT charged, the C.-mmmiiits win I er ' alveady has slipped out to Ma- , u . Bnrp , that tl cv VonW arrent I n " TCS - Thcv reversed their ,H,'d • " l;w "°" niul »" : the support of the people. nagna. Nicaragua where he rece.v- £"Srder , wa ' ea ed Uie - st i °» «" Invention of he n ' n ' "''"• ? l H Cl ," n »'- * Kf """' 1 "'**' r nns nri rntnc r nri.,n -^;^ ., ed R.svlnm from rjpfpnsp \CiT\i^to.- ' ... - ., .... J " L ' ni,- ^,-nrK ,--..^-_ . „ . .. " l ' MI1 expected n th*> Nounwivl.nln^i. since last .'5. gave as- won Id accept tion Division. But Textor said II was all news to him. "Thai's the first I've hciirrt of any such order." he said. However. Soviet officials backed down on one phase or (lie war --'- 22.000 persons already driven from 1 ri ,"f. N , N f' A f"' U "' 'Of'-Russia •i- their hnmp.q KV ri/^iu... ..;.. , rejected American nmt niin^h ,.,.«_ Iheir homes by flooding rivers eight states. in DefenseSpending May Strike Snag Two Senators Warn Of Deficit Danger in Expanding Air Force Tty Wurn-n ]!uffer (Ifnlfwl I'rcss Sliiff C<irri-s|)(iildviil) WASHINGTON, April 17. ,up,_ Two members of the Senate Armed Services Committee wjumvl Con- Krcss today to go slow on the defense .spending program if 11 means putting (he country In Ihe red. Sen. Kthv.-mt V. R[ibcrt.son, R. Wyo. snldjlhe legislators "mnst'nut he stampeded" on the multi-blllion- Anicrican antt British pro- ([ , tests today and continued dollar prcpnredni'.ss project. The world siluatltin would have be A housand soldiers nnd vohj.uewsi "" "f,J° n ^" m th ". Bl .'! tish " lr ' :or " L • | lu cxll ' f!1 »fl.v serious, 1 - he said | le support of the people nagna. Nicaragua where he receiv- iv,- ,, r ,|- r „ „,,, V.-..-J ,, , This indicates. Lon£e iaid. "some- ! «" -ylum Irom Defense Minister | !^ht conUnue Mielr bloof bT I ""' =™«'"between''^ Briil«h nl'rHn" line the matter with our miWi^ i Anastnsio Pomoai. ,,„ ,„_ „„„,,.„, „, tK _ „„,.. ,-. fought to save the Newport "KV° i i\Tt"if u Y! 0 """ °" ""-' Ijroiiiids Mood wall from crumbling' l^as'IX, ^?™^^ M * ^~ the Ohio sent a massive swell of; The Russian., rofu.sed "„( «„ „]. water an Newport and its sister Hcd council meeting yesterday lo was' the blockade. Later the Brl- thing the matter with our public relations policy—and I do not mean publicity: I mean political judgment" Rites to Be Conducted Sunday for Storm Victim Gale-like winds Much swept across Mississippi County last Monday resulted in one fatality, it. was " disclosed today when fnncrnl incnt.s were announced for Lo,.,., Jefferson. Negro, who was killed I tlle Pcmiscot when a house was destroyed west ot ! Board. Dell and south of shony'o Crossiiip. ' ' ' hci-> Pemiscot 1 County Soon to Award Hospital Contract. lie for control of the Holy Land. I f nri . n Russian fighter by nsrrccinr: Dispatches from the Holy Land , . llstc " l <^ the testimony of Amer' ' n new five-hour Arab at- • lc:1 CAR.UTHERSV1LLE. Mo.. April. »ii.s nis- 17 — "• SMS.OOO hospital for Pemi- j l mblv „, «. trl ., 1 arrange- * cal County will probably be started i ' ana jjav IT to devh for Louis I "' the near flltin-e, according to ment for P ?e.« ,e t-,o I.i1l_-i I thn Pdni'icnt. rVillllK' Wr»cT\!*nl reported n new five-hour Arab at- • lcnn ^ n ^ German witnesses, tack against Jeiv.s north of ifatfa. ' f f Other reports said 5,0(10 Arabs ! °' •' Hl " l slaii and British witness- equipped with artillcn' have joined j ts col "d be heard by the joint Anthe Palestine battle from neighbor- ' f'o-Soviet cominission invc.stigatliiK ing Arab .statc.s.1 I the crash. Tlie council approved a detailed -truce plan designed to smooth the the 57-nation General As- expected in the Newport-Cincinnati i tish '"cwivcrt n Soviet nole demand- area today. i "W Hint tlle nrltlsji "cease forlh- Two tcen-ane girls iM-camc thcl I 1 ,! 11 , 1 ',' """W violations "roverlng - - _,,,. fii'sl. drowning victims or tile Ohio, S.,,.? , Ul f A ti.slrtan capital." Earlier the Russian., !„,,.„„, thllt flood Wanta Mowery. ,7. S nd Mnry nn "Inc, eased lumber ^ntah,,"' Jane Bnrchett. ,0. wore S W,..,eel,, B A British s,«ke!'man re, lie 8 hu upstream from Cincinnati when 1 Britain had no agreements with .... .._.... ..,,,.. u...,, umii 11 ^ nr-j j ui a. a in j IIKI jiq Ji^rcpiiionis wiMi thrtr outboard motor overturned In] t"c Rn.s.sinn,s oi 1 nnyoiic rlnoViii thr: tlie riiRhin^ w F n(*?r. between now e a new Eovcrn- Due Sunday \ v County Hospital project was given Impetus o t nvj,>,j[[ » ;t .s a vi^nor in thi- 1 i >*:siero«y wncn ine ooarcf received limise which was rirstroycd. it \\~XK M->ie go-nhcad sisnnl from the frd- , indifntcd by employes at the CHS- CI '^I government. Tine Femiscot proj- t OH FlinCrfit Tin ITin Tim in ;..^..i f^r:( M'ae; oiv-nn a tti-ini-Lf i? ™ < Inn. ,,*• ton Funeral Home. The injured man was brought to Walls Hospital here for treatment, but died en route to ihe hospital. Funeral services will be conducted al '2:30 p. m tomorrow in the Shari-- C.rove Baptist church at Dell bv Rev. G. W. Parnell. Masonic rites and burial will be In the Yarbro Cemetery. He is survived by his wife. Dorothy May Jefferson, three children his parents, William Jefferson and Lucy Jefferson, four brothers and one sister. ecl was given a priority ralin? of "A", and on the oue-to-two basis of allocations, will receive $175,000 federal apportionment. The board members indicated (hat they were rcad.v to advertise for bids for construction as soon as the federal money was received. issue of $350.000 sometime ngo. Great Britain ends her Holy Land mandate on May 15 and many UN diplomats hoped that at least the truce \vould r.uiet Arabs and Jews until that dny. f- C. Fleeman Enters fospital for Operation ~1 E C FLEEMAN"— 12 .......... E. C. Plceman of Maniin. member of the Mississippi County delegation in the House ol Representatives bf It was decided that the hospital would be located on Highway 61.' just North of the intersection of this highway with Highway 84, near Hayti. Dynamite Used to Blast Southern Trailways Bus JONKSBORO. La . April 17. (UP) —A Southern Trailways bus was I dynamited today while it was parsed in the center of Jonesboro H A. Cununings, Ihe ticket agent rc- NEW YORK, April 17. Close, firm. . .. .. Mar --., tomorrow, skywritiiii; . May for the soft drink company, Jim- July Hcnry skywriter, and Laird., the Pepsi-Cola will fly over Btytticville 1 (U.P.I — my Sanders, manager of tile Illy- Ocl. thcviltc Pepsi-Cola plant announced todav. 3218 3717 3(551 S.120 3241 3260 3755 MM Spots close 3Pa3; up 41. 31!18 3715 3R46 3317 3241 3253 37U2 3CR8 3.152 3280 financliti;. We're golnn to take a careful loot: before we leap." Robertson's warning about spending in excess of government income cclincd a similar statement by Chairman Chan Giirney. R. S. D. of Ihe Senate Armed Services Bi'oup. Giirney would not comment directly on the House's action 'n ramming through a $n.l!)8.100.000 appropriation for expanding the nation's nir power. However, lie recalled administration estimates that a 10-gronn HIK! democracy. A government Imposed slienc* blacking out campaign upeechM selllcii over the land on election eve. Liquor was banned for two "ays by government decree. It appeared the weather might turn to mill, favoring the disciplined Communist vote, Itlsiug excitement gripped the vot- Ini! masses as they reached the . crossroads where lliey must accept or reject the principles of Communism. Their ballots tomorrow will elect 57-1 deputies and 237 senators of « new parliament lhat will rul« Huly for Ihe next two years. Italy's lonsli inlcrlor minister Mario Scelba. ordered four policemen oul lo gunril each of the nation's 41.048 polling places. They were Instructed to keep tlie entrances clear and forbid any etec- onceilng or attempt.s to influence Ihe voters. I'remler Alcldc de Gasperl, th« Communists' most powerful foe, decreed a three-day vacalionwllh pay for all workers so they could return lo their homo precincts to cast their The decree provided for a special TO per cent discount on fare.s of candidates and electors going home to vole. Railway officials said thousands wore Inking ndvnnlnge of the unexpected five-day weekend holiday to return home. Freight cars were pressed Into service for p«»- The tumult and the shouting end. «l nt midnight Friday In » carnl- viiI atmosphere, but Italy's ltttl» people continued to discuss election Issues—(he United States and Run sla—In Ibelr and Btrecl.s. The Fascist Italian Social Movement, inking advantage of the popular anti-Communist trend, closed It.s campaign wilh flashing torch- I "Kill parades In Naples and Rome Ten thousand Social Movement members (MSI1 marched In Rome chnntlng.old songs. Thousands of onlookers Jammed the marchers- route to listen mid watch. Souadi of fully-aimed police in turn watched the onlookers. -- : Anollicr MSI parade march*! tn Naples with 100,000 on the Aide- lines. Fireworks, brilliant banner, (and flaming torches marked th» spectacular display. "; Violence was minor «nd scattered In Italy Itself, presumably because of Community policy calling for a return to parliamentary procedures In Italy and Franc* In Trieste, however, » mob shout- hig "down with Russia" attacked *' Soviet sailor from the Russian vessel Karnlatgovsky and tried to lynch him. Club-swinging police rescued the Russian. A drenching rain fell on Naples as De Cinsperl closed his slumping tour of Italy with air"hour-ion! speech from the balcony of the City Hall. The rain was perhaps more Important than the Dual speeches Biul weather could mean a light vote, damaging the anti-Communist markets,« One of 4 'Black Raiders' Who Beat Veteran Admits KKK Membership By Jack llarrry (I'nilerl Press Staff Cnrrrsponilriil) Klux Klnti chapters are called Kla- . ---.-... ; ^'. v """im.-n umii v w'nue n was narT i - ' -. - - ....... ,,,.,., ...,,, i-n^njimt:iii > verns. le^™^™' 1 ^,",,', 1 '"'^ 1 """I cd '" lne ccntcr of Joncsboro K. T ,;7 LAN T A -. <:i "- 'V> ril "• W'- Keheley said the fourth member .lie or J.tnnnnn « m ,,rfim. „„„ ,„., » ^ :..__ ., The confession of one of four of the quartet. Camboia. is not a CaruthersviUe Council To Take Bond Bids May 4 _CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. April W. D. ported. Cummlngs snid no one wa s injured. It was the second dynamiting In little more than 24 hours as violence broke out again in the year- old Southern Trallwuys drivers- strike. Two sticks of dynamite ripped two holes in the Shrcveport bus station late TVnir.sdnv night. Cummincs said the dynamite ap- ..„",' i.";,"'.^ ;,' '" °" c " f """ '" mi; quanei. cambola. is not a Black Raiders' accused of Hoggin* Klansmail. Camboia and Berry the an uneinpioscd white laborer with victim of the healing, nrc broiliers- H,,t H C ^i J'al''" *""!> today 1,,-law. having married sisters linked Ihrcc members of the whip- n ,,._ , , „ . . . Ping party wilh the Ku Klux Klsin. ! -,.?..!'. * h . | te-»'»fcd construction S. C Kehelev 58-vear-old silver- ^ c lclt hls wlfc Rl haired construction lorker a in t- K ."vern'^r, "' "" " Bf '"' V " ted_,o police ,„„, he and ,wo other £"V™ * h ,'' c ac'cii. t -c<i floj;j;ers are Ku Klux Klavei ns in members Atlanta. of | number r.f commercial lllght.s per| milted. He said the flls'llt.s "v.ill ; continue." AiiK.Tic-nns. nvolrliny the roads Involved, found a third route lo their airport, which was not guarded by Russian troops. Hi'tain Him the United Stales had demanded free use of nirvirl roads as provided in several fo'ir- nowcr agreements. Aviation Enthusiasts To Visit Jackson, Tenn. The Blylhevllle Private Mlrrs As-' social Ion's .scheduled breakfast] IliRhl. to Osceola lomnrrow has been | cancelled and club members will ; m.ikc a flight to Jackson. Tcnn.. in- I stead, it was announced today. I W. H. Yarbrough. BPFA sccre- ! tary. said this morning thru ihe Qsccols fligiit will he niiiite April The Jackson breakfast flight will (leave here between 8 nnd 8'30 am he and The' other i lo '" or " nv - hc *» M An invitation to other t |n!lk( , , hc flJKJl| WJ , S5< , |U ,,, c BpFA Trtrsl* Isnue » Faclw WASHINQTON, April IT (UPI- rhe United States rested Its cas« for an anti-Communist. Italy-todav of Ti'leUe 1 '" 1 n|>1>Cnl f ° r ' lle reU ' r " Diptomaiic ofTicials looked tor no further moves from the Western re the Italian polls open --•• •••••»• i« iu-f.1 i/mj air force eventually would cost an i" 1 '"'" mov extra Sfi.OOO.OOO.tlOO. and said "you ', Pan ' c ™ befor can get Into deflctl, financing" with I lo "lorrow. such expenditures. [ But they held out the possibility Die Senate Appropriation Com- ••--•-- T inltlrc will decide next week what i action to take on the House move. that ! Russia might make an eleventh-hour bid for support in th« |Missco Highway | Work to Continue, County Judge Says fateful balloting. They sold, how- i ever, it was unlikely that any Soviet diplomatic stroke now-even cancellation of Italy's $100,000000 reparations bill—would seriously affect the outcome of the election In an clTort lo clinch nn anit- Commimist victory, the United States, Britain and France reminded Russia publicly last night that County Judge Roland Green of i sllc flloll!! Is blocking the return of Bljtlu-viiic said today thai the can- .'"'"''stc to Italy. The. three powers ccllnlion of secondary road projects llr Rcd the Soviet (Jnion for the third by Hie Slate Highway Commission I """ to n B lce to a revision of the will not affect Mississippi County I P cn ce treaty, restoring the terri- Although Mississippi Comity IB lor S' lo Ila| v. i" District 10. the hardest nil by the <-ancell.ilions, the closest project to be affected will bo a road improvement program South of Lepanto, he said. Paragould is headquarters for District 10. Secondary road projects in Arkansas totalling nearly $1.000.000 i\m.\\crns in Alan a „, ,, ,, , •olice p,c,.sed Investigation of the [ "' '" C """»""*• three went to Berry's home, took him to the woods and administer- by the Jnrksnn pllols club. . . Missco Spelling Champ Ranks 8th in MidSouth Event Held in Memphis MEMPHIS. Tenn., April 17. (UP) —Thirteen eyear old Charlotte O«- r I '' Binck Raiders" lo dry to learn if cdiParently was planted inirtcr the rcm y as pane uner te rear o ry o earn right wheel of the bus here H wasl" lp - v arp members of an "Inner Cil " home and told him they wanied to . . yesterday that May 4 had been des- talk to him about some construct- report et! in satisfactory condition this morninit by his brother. Fred Pieeman of Dlythevillc, T> rt ... u i. imuiuw inr inemncrs not f vins nerr.\ said the men came to his their own plane?, Mr Yarbroiuh ome and told him th^v ,,-,.,,r^,i ... .,,j ' ' iitiorougn common lo^ncVti,rotations ^0^0^^%^°^ °" Planc seats win be available to- j «><"<• ™uiUy judges of Ilie .slate, j.sippi won the M dSoS?h SMlimXl orrow for members not m-tns I Jll(| W Green snld that a mad 1m- lAi ,,i«.,. 'LV'° .V.'" sp f" mg «* works and sewerage systems to various sections of the city. These sections have been taken mto the corpora I e limits, and It is the council's plans to make these services available to residents -.....^.., „. n .^ nun _viui micnt. to i'n\r H^L-UACCI nun ot not siipporung murder, along with R. B. Ellison, »'.v wife and child" mid told him .15-year-old office manager; E. W. they were the "Black Raiders." Mitchell. 37. a brick mason: and : Berry said his abrlurtors forced special film on svphilis wa, nmf' C * m *°''*' "' '""^ rC;Wir l^, '" f'l'r '° I!" **,"" ""? le "" -- "MIL against, a tree, then they whipped Health Film Shown blind Arkansas College Board y^&,^^ -S1s~^co5;r?r S?~? J ^^— - '^^^^•^£^ZK plunged Into the woods and caplur- said. Weather Judgc Green snld that a road ini provrii-.enl project was .scheduled tors lo spell "delicatessen." si e il*"™ na "L" ri" ' • b "" d chlcf ' s s »''"'.v was nxed at. *2580 »„. xSi^ "»"«ti=;™s'tr t r,n,~; --.. ..,.,,.,,.. juvjvti, niiA , n iiCcivv icfltiior strno n^^nd^wom'eV'oVu^ Xrim Ms^fvf, ^" CC ' llftl ^ *"' »"">*™ ""» "» »^«- «« ™P'— R«t Baptist Church?' "'""" , SS? " ? v ^£" "," i"^" S ». f ^ ."«' 9»«l« u-UWn 10 minxes, i j.,, , :,, ^ »•'"•••«i.-> ui r.<\ IIH- quaiict wunin .(U nilnnL&<i, Pi" tdiffcrcnl Klavcrns In Atlanta. Kn s after a chuse ol about a mile. 7.32. Aikim*A5 forecast: pnir today, lo- ) 'tcfnlUTnrr Hva^s *" Im ^'«"l Minimum this morning— 50. M a \i m 1 1 m yrsterda y — 82. Sunset today— 6:34.' Precipitation. 24 hours to 7 a.m. today — none. Total since Jan. 1-. 20.02 Mean temperature i midway between high and lowi-66. Normal mran (or April— 01. This Dale Last Year Minimum this moimns- 35. Maximum ycstrrday--69. --. Precipitation, Jan. i to this date JV W- «^« rr^'^e^^^T 5f rt «^'£;M.^:«-^rsHsiS sponsored bee. Charlotte and another Misslsslp- plan. Cletus Morris, of Alcorn County, were the finalists. Robert. Hamer of Brownsville, 0«WnO Takes Oath As KOXas' Successor . , Tcnn • lepresenllng Haywood Courir fin V C ''S d ° f " aliolll<1 »>°»»'- 1 V,, « ^ rMltlollt X ! ami(!l RoXils 01 ' " s VV "° ck f Pemiscot County Mo Bobby Williams, of Dvess. repre- "l«l Mlwlsslppl County and plac- efghth '" the entir * conlwt. »nd was third among the Ark»n,w» ri. „ M was r among te Ark»n,w» nas night, were set for a week from contestants. "Nonchalant" *«s the tomorrow. The services probably will word which Bobbv failed to «xll be hel i - and which eliminated him iromtht' j competition. . be held at Stadium with mil- Itary ceremony.

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