The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 15, 1906 · Page 10
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 10

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1906
Page 10
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Cancel Htallnn tlM.-ini.ait ( nl.. Hiock Tarda. (Hi let niaBaaKe. toiiaga aollrlted PERSONAL. A -UAN' tNH TAI'ilHT rapidly. Walla and Two-all. u uaianll rompLta fur t-i iw. Pf ; l.4 Mol'NlA MT naar Nlnlrr All Hi. dani-ro taugnt for me a.. a- '".'. MVfN THoMAH. .Ain.rl.a a rta.t t"h.r. ! a m. until l V m. dally. f' ' Cfli Mao"iu"ai Ar.-al. Krlday avanlni at T au o'.bwk VMI.Ii HQP.K Ur.Nn.ratAN i.nnamrnl d..lraa a.-iiualnt-nna of aiiiur1 y.iuna or mlddl.-aa-ad liy t HiMiia. objoct. .arty niairiaa.. w lbnqulrr . AiruriVutM wantad: barbar of rsllroad.r pr.f.n.d' W II W. Knquli.r OKNTI.ICMAN win. ai -ff "f P.vnth at. j-ar on ar W.liMtan aftn..n wl'h.a l.i rmwI l.'atr aal ha tt.pd hia hat to j 1 f, Kiniuli.r atrl.ACN: 1 in I- a., (h.ia la Ihal ln.ll' JoK you rn.lay Bight T Anaw.r. you Ff IF M M la In 11. at the ladlaa' Balling laAHY pori.aia.n lenl wkllled. II w otaaaa ttran.l 1 -antral 1 In"t, ai it p m Hi " aJtiV iNirriaiNttidsni waiti.J. k F W, ll" !!, I R..r. Ill All EN R. M" 4il. I .a Hoy. III. f.AltY i-orr.i..n.l.iti Bsiiled. 3 to M- H. Bug Af.i. Blerl'tlC. IHllo ,. i . A 1 . Y sc.iua tiiT-TiT ajwa in -.1 . XIX t:nMJirer 7AiTaorr..tin.lrlii want.d. lMween the agea ut 4 and 46 lb.! BI'i.Hoaar Orova. Ohio- XAIY tirr.indnt want. 4, agwl '!!. matrimonially lit.llna.l. mini liov. g.iod flaura and willing In live In California. Uut JfK nan It.inaiilliio, Cal Id 1.: llleae my lull, girl and k.p you for nt. may all route 0111 aright for you. my aweet-heart, and myeelr. It " . 'ANTKII. lo know the ad.l'taa nf J H llualt, harneea maker, fnrmeily of l.a.inglon, AVy. CH ARI.K?MIM.MlHletJliig. Ky. 5TnTKI Tiie a.ldreaa of a ih.I magn.tlc Oikj-lor. aa 1 went lo taka .At M. k,n-qtitrer. i'ATCH- Will m al eiirie pla'-a Thuraday. If hot there Juat al II. wall. arnao buay CUM K. 1WANTFI1. lady fri.n.l fora lady Juat In t-liy for pleaaur. M E. l-nittrrer. . 1V'; nave a propiwililon that will lnier.t traveling men; 110 tu cany; no In aa.l. Call 111 III l-ungwoith at. Aak for AlltUfci.l.Y. jaj-ti rELLANEOUS. A MICK IHt K. MUCKY. IA' W. HHIh at . e.ohol rut.l.lnga; aeieri oii-houra. Itl to I't. fell SlNuTh A E1JIIK WATHtiN, ta lla.te t . . eoin.l flia-r l.a.k. inaliliiitlna. al.-ohol btlha. ruLtiirfcs a,' . for rlidtiniailain. fsl-4t fl.H.r f tela 41' A ' FACIAL tttaaaage,'. vai.r batha a alutnilKHjIKg. JU r. MevrnHt al, MKS. Vul'.V I.IHI" dtvH If El.ECTIloTYI'EHS WANTED EI.KCTROTTriNtl PLANTS IN NKV YORK CITY. ' ; FINISHERS Mol.DKItS BATTERY MEN ItACKKItS l'P ,. BL'llJiKKS-CP . T a VIIHH UiC, ntasaae. manUurlng. batha. 4 E. Heyeitlh si . Covington. Ky , N. E. Madlaolt, car I.U -l A - MltH ADDIHON. klS W. Eighth al Helen. line treatnt.iits bv proieaionai upetaior: waia In. lel4 i't -1- " A -Mint I.KH1.1K. manliurlng, ai-alp treatment. , ali.ihul rulia. lu k .tod W. "ev.nlli. se.i.nd nd NtA. A - MRS MORRIS, tJU Walnut at . alcohol rubs and manicuring- llottra vt a. m. to v p. in. y f.ia-At , 1: HELP WANTED. Mala. A. -WANTED ENllRAVERS- ONrNiiN-HltlllF4T WAOF.S PAID ;N HIOK ORADE E'lllAVrNil H'H-SE; H M.F-TONE AND UNEPHOToOKAPHERS. HAIJi--TONE PRINTERS. HaT.F-TONK ETCHERS. riNC ETC.HFKS. FINISHERS, ROt.'TFRS, 01. imis, R1.0CKKRSAXD I'RlKtFERS; ARS PERMANENT IHSITIiiNS OCARANTEED Til M KM OF tlooi) I'll R ACTER; WRITE ,Fi:i.-1Y. aiVINtl ajXPERlKNOE AND REFERENCE, ADDRESS H W.'CARE R. R DON. KkU.LT A SONS' COMPANY. CHICAHO. . '.7 OO , 427 INI f'JI ia 421 lai 421 00 CAM. OR AIHmrjiS, tSIVlNM AS REFERENCES FORMER KMTM.OYEKS. TYPO-tHETAE OF TIIK CITY OF NEW "YORK. 22U BROADWAY. fell-atSiiTuThhaSu '. - ..'.- I 1 - WANTF-lk Nonunion Job .vemp oltora. $21 par week, nonunion - Mottolv pe keybiard operalora, $J4 per week, a few more permanent poeUtons gvuuanlea.1 u. contpsteiit men of g-.-d character La tbe largest private printing plant In Amer- I't-A, open ahop; transpriatlon tu New York win h. rttrnwheil If references are aattkfactoty and 4pplioaion la accepted. Write, aiatlng ex- peilsn.e and giving names and addteasea of leferances. ..therwiae will not he runaldrred, 10 lM-l-ta.HH K IM Ill.lSHINO CO, Mviom Mil rial Irua Building, New York City. fell-Tl A WE CAN PIT A NI MBFR " . OF OOV.1D MEN TO WORK TO-DAY. CALL AND SEE I'S! THE STAR KMPI-OYMkNT HI ut n 111 awlacs Hotel Bldg , second floor. Sixth aad Vina. A M.hiKKFEPER -Musi Be between 21 and VA. Requlreoteiita- t'hnatsn. good morals, thor-swigh la, modern methods, cat a stent, double sniry tsndas, able and ambitious to learn elec- tricajaraj machinery business sad to become salesman and aaa-stant manager; rate opportunity for able-bodied bustler. Address by letter only- PAIL ROY. 152U Garrard av.. Curing ion, Kyj . kk. W' A NT ED. nan for tn C. S- Jorps; abio-bhdled. unmarried man. between 21 and , 44. good character; muat apeak, read aad writs English : kriarUt service at sea ou men-of-war In all parts of th world, on land la our Island poeaoasliyna and at naval atat'ona f - In tks Cnltsd States, Apply Recruiting otHcer, tthlo. 4-hnraa faod aacurt. 1 4u pr ina oinor to arurk in aiabia ana note Biiia. ii-3rn A. WANTED First-class filters tor wurk on anachtne tools; only flrst-ctaaa man -will rocelv-s ronsldersttoa. Prefer thoss who see looking for yarnvanent sltustlon. Have nice tow B and low ranis sad modern shop, and will lav good wage to good workmen. THE 1NGERSOLL MILLING MACH1NK fA., Bock ford. Ill, fr!3t v ll-WA VTl:l. young nan. about V5. for reprw- aenlallvo wurk for city and road; tuilel be In telligent and a worker, hava good appeal ance, avbrtety and referencea: rxierlenc aa aale. mas desl-wd but aptitude for a. rat stent wotk will be given pre tec-ace. call a a. an, . Thurs- ay i a; r ourth st . suit nil. IA. -W ANTED Men lu la. in barber trade: hun dreds of arraduataa waated throughout thla territory: our diplonuu mean top wage; tew week complete; .an nearlv ern expenses: siiions waittns. v all or wnte MOLER BAR- ttr. r.R COLLEGE, tl Ota-re piece. feliAwt A Yol'Nn MAN na trav.-tlng trrearrtter aaVrs-man wllb iumn kavinr eat .bushed reputation: posit ion extra deslrabl to parson nf real ability and Integrity; no others should to ll); typewriter experlene not eeawnital; give .B. anu o ,w, enquirer. fei4-tT A. WHY NOT be a barber? Earn a 2 . Ll day. Th Old Reliable Cincinnati Barber Col lege, X4i a.. Tinl st, wstabllabed Its I. fits you for suoh position. Ipkomaa and catalogua free. lip Positions guaranteed. f.lSMtTuThSaSa A. MEN To I earn barber trs.le: w nreiavee voo poattloaa complete fur 41U: money oatraed from atart; don't miss thla month Call or wnta LEA TIER BARBER iXHJJXiE, 334 aaruauwsr, viscidmu. ror rraw caisiogus. felo-3t A HOW to obtain official position: Just th thtng ror acaoolteaolver: anaauraoturer a rlerk to l-ev a aay. Addrees f. w FINt'H layton. Ohio, or to-day at lorea Hotel frooa v to 1 a. rr(s ano nycamoro. A vt ANI s-ir L-onipsteitt offloa man aa cocrs- apondent and supervising accountant; have wide sxpsrtencs and high gra snees. Yra.,1 a tlH,H. un ttlanop at. A.-IK INTO b.-al and aaal'at raiivaaaln I n . imwIi ttn rr of7rd. r Itat par rani prunt, apaclal caah prrDiiun.a ta buatiara. fall k lu la a tn , I no fcim .1 fla ti l'nHu A. Ti'MHoPlToHby Nununinn, fur ainaa-braak- lac purpua. at Clnrmna l and othar cltioa; parmatnt paaltlona ad long aa atnaa laaia; ow inq tons noua. owa-it I A - lAftHl'HH-Htay away Ohio; trouble on at ahopa. J. I'. OF A. rtltk and flyca- mora ata. e21-U A.-WANTKIi- Unoiyrw and monoty pa apria-". romprUnt nonunion man M'VTuv a. uuivvy .TiTinvrRl vl HI Uoula. M j. fali-tt A. VVANTKIA Kap.rt.noad oparatora on panta; work ami i.d pay. Addr.aa M. OOK-IXiN. i ara Kahn Tl. lo, lndlaitapolla, lnd fl4-Bt IU'RHT. 1H. AC. Third at . flrnlnnall. Ohio. fa!45l A -W'ANTKIl- Kir.rl.nw . f.r.aarra l.CtCAL 221. J. B. fall-Tt" A t MEN FOR M1.1HlrSIPPI HAW Mll.I.H: IN.'UIHK STAMP. Q. X. TURNER. BOX KI7.lTT. f.15 -I 'A WANTED Three or more men fir o-k ' im aaiii.ns, good pay. c. F. A. CO . Stl W. Mm h al reig-piM wxnwawu A.- MEN" to take CI'RIT for Indlgeatlon. bllloua- neaa, hraduche and constipation. At atl drug- gi.ts. xeiit-tti AIMTKRH- h palnlera. Apply ClNClN- N ATI KVrt lI'MKwr o. ; WANTED, 1. 1 b t c oti 1 pos 1 1 . IM "III I'KI NTINtl I'll, take Beuamavllle car. tak thk'a. II. ourth and Pike ata. Fot .- EXPERIENCED cushion maker. HIOH- LAND HI'llilV CO.. Elmwrod Place. feU-.t A - PATTERN MAKER-At rnlveraal Pattern Works. Itt:il W. Eighth at. Al KltTININH HoUlf ITiiRS With experience nil aiieclul edlllon.. II W D. Enquirer. ItiiYH Hmall. Boom in. 10 work around light machinery, at Ml W. sixth at. ItoY'Al 11. a. cor. Broadway and Court at. lu i7 HI. Itrlght anil strung, for sample room, about ai 42 Vine st. ItVltllKK F. Hatur.lay. at Zt W. Third al. HoYS of Itl to is, tu ork In veneer mill, at l-JW W. Sixth at. HCFFKR And polisher, at Tf 8 yea mute at. ItoVS At AllianOoa Tils Works. Tenth Monroe ats., N.WKirt. atit.e.i. gKi for 411 ant 41: JOHN Itlt'llKK, Cynthtana. II. VY-To Elm al. I in lY Youn BAKER-Ouod aecend hand, at lalo Race al. ItoYS -In brsaa factory, st 2524 Spring Grovs av. IIOY-Tn do packing and ahipplng. Call at 4. 3D or 12 to to-.tay ai 12 K Ninth at. HI'S RoY-At Queen City t lub. HoY Strong boy tn do porter, work and learn fade. at22 E.ThliM at. UAKKK A good baker, to taka charge of ahop. at t.'.i iir-ta.iway. BAND SAWYKR-Flrat-claa-. No. 2-V'tB Rogen. BARBER For Friday evening and Saturday; njnaea 4 nu. o. Zllo vv . f.tgnin at. BOYv-Tn run errands and ntsks himself gener- atiy liaerut. at non 1 entrai av. BOX SAWYERS Experienced, and years old, at Reading road. HOY Small; rference. N.x 4u7 W. BARBER- At 10l4Central av. BOY-O.Mid. about 1. nnd fltx-r. BOY- Exnetl.n.-ed. Armleder Civ ruatutM aliupa; tmparat. I.SHilUH. I'rbana. Ob to tnd II A R It KK W Ith loola. for Saturday: will pay fOe on the tb.llar and 4uarantee J. No. 4Uo Plum. BARBER - Young man; tui i-r cent; 4u 5u guar- no Sunday wurk. Ky. make corea In biass foundry, at 42 g and bright. 10 make lilmactf gen- boya 14 Fifth st. at 123 W. Fifth St.. BOY To run errands and-maks himself useful about the store, at 521 Race at. , . BARRER-For Er day and Saturday, at 402 Bay- mititr ai. Millan at. , iiy useful about a small printing office; ref-1 PI ll CTEI V I ..".'h requlre.1. No. ai E Third at . R.Mim 11. I l rioY-Uood, atrong buy. about Id. with refer mt. ine rtoiiman e sons Co., Fifth and Vine ata IIARIIEH-Fltat-clsaa young man: 'aaiary and ...i-- .. . tv- a i- , 1, 11 . .I, . . . ...'.... a v . . . n tt . o n l r . riSnSIBlUU nUUSS itsrt-ei- artrvp. Milwaukee, wis IIARHER At .me : union man preferred. FRED It A VIS. St. Maryn tthio. tor stockruOBv, Tba Oito I JT. HOY To work In takery; must bav sums ex perience, s. e. cur. Carlisle av. and Mound st. ROY In cutting room In wholesale panta houas. at n w . reart at. BOY To learn the mualc engraving trade; ex- client cltan.-e for right boy. a?. O. NL'LSEN, l . . Sycsmore St., fourth floor. HOYS-At W1ELF.RT8. 14tW Vlns St. BOY At button factory, 12v Government placs. back or postomce. RAKER A gol cake baker for every Satur day (Mt k.K Av, carter and ShertnaB avs, Notvvoo.1. BLACKSMITH Good man for general klack- smltMng and good on aag.a wo k. BLACK- SM ITH. Enquirer. BvlYS At the femi; r-ferem-e. No. Sit Race at KAKERiA-Two, at Slu W. Flfihtat. BOYS -To work In retail grocery store, at 3o4 r:. sixtn at. BoY Cm fourth floor of Power Building. ElgbtA antt s yes mors sta. . BoYS Small, at 12 W tansl st. BOX SAWYER At Ninth at, snd Kg r lee ton av. BOY The F. H. La Railroad and W haiely at waoa Co.. C-, H. and XA. HoYS Kxterterx-ed wrappers, for retail cloth ing and turnianing roods, "vo. act w. nttn st. HOY AS Wm. Miller Pane Works. Seveam and Broad a ay, BOY Small, about 15 Years of agw- K. 'Sixth at. j BOY 5 iTV?. HUNT kh)Y F. I'NNEWEHR A CO, . No. 4i3 At M. A. A l-O 'S. Delwpasy St. .. M. ana o. ity.. halrniount BviYS Two small boya. n. w. our. Second. Vln ata. b LACK SMITH' A HELPER Good. No. 1411 Eighth at. - xaa. b. A. A.-WANTKl Man from w. -aalC-HI)! M A K KR-Ono a hi, I., work on i CABINKT MAKRRH Oiind; airady kmI a aff-a .No. K!4 Mlraa ar. panie: at.aly au k. Ail .re. a M. OiRLKiN. care pmi-M AN-Oood poaltlon for tba right Kahn I'lg. Co , In.llanapolla. lnd, fa!4-4t na ttirara pi a-.. - WANT Ell Ooud fram.r an reed rha're; alwi rt.Hid all-round rMd workrr. TP81I.ANT IE ED FURNirrhE CO., Ioiila. Ml.h. f.-Tl A - WANTED Three flnrl rlaaa landla grinder PEERI.KHH MoTi'H CAR CO. Oak- da I. and Ciutltcy ata.. Cleveland, ifhbo. falu-il A -WANTKh Furniture r.pai'r.r. Mrat-claaa, on fin. wuik: required. THK EZEK1EL HElt NMKIM CO., No. :14 Main X. A W A N'TKt I -t'.rrtir. trimmer on I'aht work: A W ANTKU - W'uu.1 iu-r.d carv.ra and cabinet mak.ra; only rterl.n e.1 men need apply. . Ad. drera Ha A 44. Kligtilrer. f.lo-ai A.-f'I.ANEK HANI'H-And atrong boys over Id year, of at;., THE WEIK FRoU VO.. East Norwrwt.1. Ohio. fa4-tf A - IIHHI I'l.AeS wrflrllor of good appearan.e. Call lM-iween lu and II to-day, 314 Mercantile Library Mlilg. - A -HlloKMAKEKH- He I aeourar. a1ge trimmer. iH.ya In welt and bottoming room. Tuo nycA-ntore at. A - llELI.BttY - one living on hill preferred. 'all at 1 1 Ni l N N ATI I'LL B. Meiroae av.. Walnut H II la. ' fel3-St from Portamouth. loH PRKBHMAN At 111 E. Pearl at. JoU-PHEHrt FKEUER.4-AI VM ljngworth at. TIIE EKQIJIBER. CINCINNATI, THURSDAY. rnnuUABY 10 moo. TBJCS A.DVEBTTSINO. NO CHARGE. XXXLV WANTED. A.--SALESMAN la art general ageat for Cincinnati and surrounding i-rmory. article ? tvtTIlVV 401 RALE FOR ftEMT, FOTtTTT, l moi..y makae and la M lo rlger trade; r .7 sa aoptbl. n.iur. nd hot ,'!'' ai. words' la .mall adv ! ,r?,. frT! '! HI FF, GU-K41 all. but only ons BdvBrllssnissl oo ina s-ns AWANTED, ..pert-med aAenographar. wltk No buslntea udvoitiaemeat laiart Wlt-Owl "? an..... fait I. . J": alt. a .anv inaertlime " W? J. d rure what you .dv.rils. fr- "J' twlliMi la feel that thm, are Mat lanpoe Bg . Ma br using tar free eolumne, THIS ENWUl.tKR la TH E MEDIUM Tkrough which the setters! public may alwari hnvs ihsir wsnta aiippHed. , Adv.r.ia. r-m-rjb.r that Umt- rect-d to INITIAL- oNI.Y ara not -''' t hi uah n..m. If inl"" Af " BhnuT.I b. d7r.rl.d o lk -BJB Of 1-ar.on. knowledge of oookk-.p'ng; nuat b rapid snl legible writer and quick at Agurea Adurw.-s ta own handwriting 21B Carlisle Bldg,, Fourth and Walnut. (in w ti ..wa after ' I A. TWO man wanted t, dairy work, o to :.. frm advertisements taken artsr f I ai, . .. . j drtva aauntk. and 'clock p m Na fraa a4ariiaamant a.t- IT VINB T riNCINNATt. BTATIONH TOM WAST ADVBHTlPlCMEMTi. . r.i . tiuia ikiHiHat Talaaraph-Tom aav will d.tlvT "Wanf advnl.maota o E vi.. . r,.r ilka aum of d.r !.! Cor, .arh adyrtlaamatil frum tbd failnajina aiiid ataltuna: H. M MrUIUan at.. Walnut Mill. Ko M Main a.. Avondala ! AM Vina at kit Aubotll And ika WMtarn I nLm Tal.rkPh Comp Irom tba rolloalna aiauuaa Irand Panlial Lapt. ItrlahioB Miail'ia ho IM4 ItarrlauK a. , Ullla Miami I'.pot ,. ' , H. and I I.ot t. and N Dapol. A -WANTED latelltgeat unloa oual minor, for Bias una thai onid But intarr.r wit a regular work: gooo money to eomtwtaiit man. Addtee W. t. MAUNDER, p. 6. Bog A-4. city. ' fl5-31ThFa t -MIN a ad boy wanted i lara lumbna. fell-Maylnc pltxrrlnc iradra: )r 4 a dr. t'iIH bllOd XJ.. J"T W. Id aij Ctnrlttiuai, K Turk. L'alauo. HI. Uaula. Fnm EZLT WANTED. KJt. B RHKH-WMi: maat k arat-f-Uaa. 4wr and rvltabta: br M i. JfeVSSIKOBi. V I'liiAH MAKtrUt-Al a. OatraJ ar. t ITUttJr or tat m aarca. ' (Una. ttbw. H- 'T T vurk ta atur and rwa crrsada. at 131 Mala at UtKII M-rim - b!a aaaa, at amr : M and hair svar tH pr wak; coed ute. Ztnu. HAItT. tnnravtl, lad. CXiAHMAK-Maat alas Mka hlBM about prUBlaoa; rtrmr rulrd. aad Itl a. a at tU I "art- a. CHWK KB rtrw-elaaa. t2 Vina at. ru u it If aaalul .UII l4t. a. av L a. cur. kiaik at. aad CAHKIAOK WoKKtKrt Ftrat-rlaa a hi paatar; alaa. ud aaadm; vthar aad apply. Jrl arrlaaa 'o Carthaao. Hio. Mala at aaroa. a lux d Am wurk. ml K3 Cl'PoLA MAN nnit-elaaa. mx .rftro. Tba J In-ortta bona Kiiumii t. diaiaanth aad CARRIAUE.THIMMKH-n arhu baa urkd In Al'tr- imm..... .... I and rua th bn b: awl t lcw fc. J. ate ckmJ m ; wkir atilniita K AKAMal l t,T- atlbllnfar i arrla Company. Aa- . ail W Ninth ai. Ml aiTuThr-Haku' "-uZ"-,2? A - W AM Kit -All bamru. illa CirTTER Klral-claaa; aiiut alao kaoar boat w maka a ouml. H. A.' H MN W A I'O, Bluo flld, W. Vl and aadJI, I' 1 TT-H mak.ra atid utira and maiblna opraura. tu I atar away from l 'tm.ti.natl. atltka vii. ffwal-lnt laal No. 4 A -WANI KD F drat-claaa oparatur oo I f:lavaland and Hartford auioniatl(: alao, eon-pla flrat'i-iaaa machlntata. Addraaa Hoi H. fclyrla. t'hlo. fl-Tt 1 I A.-WANTHU fMltiHlTt)K-Job tr opa L'uatom i.-utir. a.uat b tbr ouchty sprWovd tu drauaht pattvrna fr nwn a aarm.nla without l r -on ; duo. olhar nvt.1 apply . atata rafaranca, aa aa4 xp.rl.nca. ft TTKK. Enquire CAKTKRHANl-At klu Wllmlnk at. work and 1KAI UHTHMAN--tlood ar. hll lural diaucbta-maa of about 4 yrara' axparlanea, at aj Jotui- aton rtulldlni'. UHAl'OHIMMAN-Archltartural. at 10 K. Mc Kaw- you to-lay. THE ATAR EMPIXtTMENT Wl'- rta.At: to., faiara Hotat Atiag.. Htxtn at n. EHRANIA MOT In ator.. al dig Vina St. Fl HNlTtHli PACKER Klrat-flaaa at 2u I o- nal at. FARMER-Mlddla-agad Qarman fur farm work. No. us w. aVoond at. Ol.rEH--Eiprrt.ipod on olnt work, at a. 0. cur. QHiM'ERY Cl.KKK Wagaa 4k par week lo man with .xuaru-nce: give tuvmea of former am plye a. O A. Knu u tfvr. ' HKI-i KhH Muat have experience on light Iron work, at 3iu iawrenco at., fourth II.Mir. II AI.LBOY Young man. iiy t lub and understand furnace. tlonal bank Building. Call early at ju t.ady i..,nl..n. Ad.lraaa The Walburn A Klker I -ANI roH Kor flat building; muat bo sober man i n., Halnr I'm In. Ohio. felo-.f No. 311 Ji iH-PREtiB FEEDERS At r urlh and Plka ata. I JoB-PKESS FEEDER Fourth floor ef Rutler HulMlr.g. Hlxih al., nea Vino. JOB-PKERS FEEDER At XIA W. Fifth 1 f'.urlh flour. JOH rHKSH FEKDKH.-4-Twu; good wagea. -.'4 W Eighth at JOH-PHEMH FEEDER At III Walnut at JOB PKINTER-Al fourth floor Commercial Tri bune Building, manufacturera anlrsnca. LATHE HANDS And visa handa un. machine tool work. No. audi Spring Prove av. LABORER With experience in machine ahop. The Evhacht Mfg. Co.. Bpniig uron a.-. Ll'Ml'ER STICKERS Experienced, at Freluerg Lumber Co.. Poplar and Mclean av. LATHE HAND On machine tool work, with 4 or & years' experience. The t'arroii-Jsmleeon Machine Tool Co.. Baiavla. Ohio. MEAT CI'TTER-Flral-clasa. (1. C. RICKETTB. Huntington. W. a. a MEAT t'l'TTEK Aotd poaltlon for a good man. Inquire at grocery, cur. A ard av. and Canter I at.. Atetievue. Ky. M MACHINISTS! Machinists'! Machinists! l.athe handa. alao aaae.mbleni. fur eleMrt'al work: 4 75 per day. No fee. Out of ctiy-THK STAR EM PLOY M ENT Bl'REAC Palace Hotel Bldg.. second floor. rUxih A Vine M11LDKRS Two Move bench molders: aleady work. Apply at a. w. cur. Front al. and Cen tral av. MAN With horse, to alack atone, ai.. Room 3ud. M At'HINIrtTS Thres all-round men on engine work, '.st 13 E. Front st. MAN Tt hone razors . muat bo experienced. i. e. cur. rum ana stain ata. MACHINE H A ND First -claas machine hand and Block cutler. Ilopktna and Harriet ata. NAILERS- Box and rrats nailers, at Sua Elm at. IIAKKH Hy a steady, sober man, aa second I OFFPRESitER On coats, at 44 K. Ninth at.. nana on firmed an.i caaea vt m i rtnir,it, i-y.iw.. " i . ar- or . J. l ark.r. urai nouia ,H -. aiore- i 0FFH'E HOT- Between 17 and 18 years of sge; an... ,..1.. i ., ,i w I s-rsnl I -i Tl l n xa nee wear rat ran. -a. . Km M II Mt ll Ell Klrat-cUsa. a .her man: atsady Job; Met roll ihemital totnpany. salary- No. "oh Walnut at. . urn th and Pike. $12 and half over $-; Job ..pen Monday to right I PHEMSER- In wholesale clothing bouse; good man. II. II. DAY. Kutintaln square Barber snop. ixncaaicr, tihlo. HKBER-Ood, steady man. at bnce: atea-ly Job; guaranttaj lu; tkl tier .'ent over 415: unlou anop AI.KX. HOWARD. Una City. lnd. Bell Telephone hd PRINTER All-round country man; sober, industrious and truatwurthy: atale wsgea. W. M. Moss, Weal Terra Hauls, ln.1. PORTER In a aaliHin: muat apeak Oetman and be polite, at cor. Bank and Linn ata. PRKSSFEEDERS-Tu feed cylinder preasaa, at 413 E. Eighth st. PAPER HANUER -Ooud, at K.77 Central av. PRKSSEEEDERS For lob presses, at COHEN j at t o w. I .'a lealtgwortn st. PRINTER All-round married man for foreman of country oftlce:.muet be sober and reliable; none other need apply; atata wagea.' Lock Box A. Portland, lnd. PRESSFEEDER -The Heekln Spies Co.. Second snd Main ala. PAINTERS Experienced on wagon wurk, at a. cor. Second and Ludlow sta. ItiHTKH-Tn work In a first -rlaaa cafe, colored or white. B H W. Enquirer. PRESSFEEDER-Poy to feed Jofc press, at Slv r;. secona St., nrsl noor. PREShFEEDER Young man. tn make ready and feed lAordon lobbera: muat bo experienced..; Ground floor. Brandon Building. BoYS -A few giHl boys, from HI to an esr I PORTER German, at a. w. cor. Seventh and out, ateaay wora. can at ur omit. Monarch I Main ala. t urrlage Oooda t?u., bpttng tlrovs av. and Township at PRESS FEEDERS To feed cylinder press. bad BOYS Sixteen years nf aga : goad chance for proiwoitoa to hov a w rvq ar witung aad active. Kuen far a entrance. ROY A I 1411 Elm at. BAKER Giavd second, hand, av., Newport. Ky. No. 543 Central BOY To run erranda and learn millinery bu. nets, at IV W. Fourth st.. Ofth Boor. BAKER eacond or third hand, at 414 W." Sixth. 41a a.. Kiantn st. l'R ESS FEEDERS On cylinders and Job ureases. No. 21 E. Math st.. second noor. PRESSFEEDER On cylinder press; muat be ex- per.enced. No. 142 V . Sixth st. PORTER At 11.17 Hsrrlsun av. . ' PANTRYMAN To work In restaurant, at 22V r rxrurtn at. PoRTER Colored boy In a barber ahop. ai. vt. .-intn at. No. RIP SAWYER Good man to run ripsaw; atewdy Job for good man. u. 2ttl3 Spring Orove av RADIAL DRILL HAND Good Job a first cta-s man. S. s. cor. Sixth and Baymlller ats Rl'BBER And polteher. at 1415 Elm at. R1PSAVVYER At 141 Plum at. SHOEMAKERS Bottom atainer. bottom bur nisher, cleaner on macnine. heeler and hoy oa second lasting table. No. 41S v . seventh at SHOEMAKER Ufl cutter. No. 14 W. Canal at. SADDLER At Carthage Fair Grounds SHOEMAKERS Wert rounder, lift cutters, edge Inkers, cleaners, brushers and povlsbers, at Z2U Sixth st. SALESMAN-. Exp r eacod; pe msae t paltlua. No. At Eighth SI. SHOEMAKER First-class keel sander. at a. 4. cor. Fifth and Sycamore aia.. second flour. STENOGRAPHER Young man about 14 years of age J S A CO.. Enquirer. SALESMAN Fbr carpets and furn'taro. 33 year ler week, with good future prospects. 11 F, fc.nv.utr sr. SHOEMAKERS Pulleraovar on McKay, al 317 Walnut st. STEEPLE CLIMBKR-Kxperlencvd. at once, at cor, fclftb and central av. SHOEMAKERS Trimming cutters . snd shoe stampers, at a. s. cor. Elgnlh and Sycatmsia. SHOEMAKERS Heel Inker, law-era. boy to turn up channels and boys to learn, at aX4 Sycamore st. SHOEMAKERS OverpuUera. - assembler boya to pull lasts at 14 W. anal st. BARBER Friday evening and Saturday, at 1542 1 TRIMMER Good top trimmer, onto Valley Bug- rvava sv. gy t o., Aurora, ina. BARBERS Two, wltk or without tools, at oo4 I TINNERS Four - to 4 rood 01 BOY At 1434 Mala at. HOY About IS, to atalat tn shipping depart ment at a. s. cor. r-vari ano ftace sts. BOY About 14. for factory work, at 424 Hroad- - ' III'SHF.LMAN Must be sober aad Industrious: good wagaa and ateady wurk tot right party Io, to v . tvyurt st. tsnd the business, st X1U4 Rsvtn st. w bo uavdsa. ! TURNER And band sawyer, at one. Ievckiand Lumbar Co., Lockland. Ohio. Th TAILOR Oa coats ami paata. fur Muncte. lnd. No. 427 W. Fourth st. TA1IXR8 Two experleactd bands; good wage paid. No, 1st w. 1 ourt st. I PHviLSTERER Steady jrork. at 314 W. Pearl. VARNISHER In bar Kllitn aT; "gjod wagv ana etc Ay work. N. reur. John stand j-tial av. HOY Ovsr 14 years of S4. at 12 E. Ninth at. I WAGON MAKER At 4M P.k at.. Covlngtoa WAITER Flrst-claaa dinner alter, at a. a. cor. E ghth and Mala ata. WASHER Oat buegtea aad carrlagea. at 421 Cea- trai av. Yol'NG MAN To make himself useful arouavd a prtntlng office. No. sAA TV. Sixth st. YOCNO MAS-Ei o.-ctef-ao la running a scoring n,acn.n in a psper sos iswtory. n. a cor. Etgttlh and Bros daay. YOCNG M A y Unmarried, lor clerical work; Biuat spesk .German, p p. station b. clrv- TOrXO MA$v Bright, tor office snd oulauet work, at 427 Walnut st. Call after o'clock. TOCNG MAN la Are taaurance ofrW; muat hava axperteae la Anaaranc Una. A B. Ea-qulrwr - 1 Yol'NG MAN Experteacod la auiderlng, at 5CS rtunt ax. Yol'NG MAN To aaalat la ome aad avhlppiag itiTiTa -. .o. son nycarnore at. YoUNO MAN Fur ofl work; give age. experl ene saa salary vaaua. r. o. atx ;x, Stailoa H. city. YOUNG MAN Of 1A with syxpert, rare. V at. e-nqmr-r. Fern!. ervcw la hard- BOYS To drill wheels. Harnett Carritut Co.. 1 a WANTED A lade In a rubscrlDtion denset. cor. Rich rra ovd and farr ata. I ment of a large nubllahing house; must be over 14 aad possess good baslaeaa ability; fair aae in Keeia with? Incrwaae when ramtei.Mi- Appiy or anaii oniy, wiia iuu osuuiA, I Awti airtghi nny. wtt t some sapsnaaca aA rtAing 1 sood rererence requtra. a. . 1 a a 00.. .una Mullding. ski, . - I k-raas. at 174 CwauwA ar, . I A4 plaAaruvg Bid Caa4-x ArpiJ e - Elm SOLICITOR-An Intelligent young man of g,-l I HELP WAVTXIX 74XuUa. KKKKBIt: .;.Vt prin. T I HI i4T fAM- TT. HAMI1.TXIN. T (TCAkuKI aT. f.l4 A WA i.Bl tad 4"- I unatrata. not var au. iiaiikia la city to tba ruht party B au. .ara a.tuirvr A. W A NTtlA aMmoCTiplMr. wl ll M work. p.rWncd on atandaid ktui-d. Apply, la own handwntlng. P. o. Hoa 4M A litRI-Brtahi alrt. orT 14 aara old. to i.oun in pound drpaJtmaal, M awi nit larniiif a4 In. ai A HAND UIKIJi-And atrl to baata tm. un- orw Itninc. on naa catta. X. w. ror. mia a Bo fiura ata.. fourtn B'or. A.-WAXTEIA PtoifrjaJ': .aprrtanuad lady. TH k A. 11 PL'UH Co.. Jr-utirik ahop; a.i.a l for 64 hura work. THE w- CAHRUUK TRIMMKK-Oa ruatotn wurk, at 414 1 and Plka ata. Main at a Kl hakwhin cu A IT UIU. A" AY rn.ra.ttr man and ." canvaaaara to taka un broowalttua ..ff.rd at I l'A Kim at. all to 12 a aa. f.4 TbBu A. WoAIEN to taka t l KIT r.r ludlaaaliua. bll- euanaaa. beada. ba and eonatltbaiAua: ai all I drtigalala. fall-W A W A.NTKIt-rial-alady who caa aiau do aitarm- itona. at -JA W. Ktfth at. OmK Woman. In amall family: good wagaa. ro. iw t . rirtk at . cuvtngioa. after a . aa. CtrOK-A girl to da rook Inc. at Til Ororawood ar.. ATonaato; will pay rar faro. A Tol'Ntl MAN-Willing to atari at f I Au par I ENtllNKlCRU! Wa hava a numbar tlaa for I CA8HIER Young lady who la rompatant and at day doing Bundling, for ohanra for a go.d road I poallloo lal.r. Adlrni 11 47. rata r.iiuulrrr. f'U'f.t A - MKN-IJ to 3 par day dojng so'lclllng. Th'MM. who bualnaaa rail or addrata KL'S F.KRANO Atol-At til W. Fourtb at., port. Ky. KRRAND HT8-At 4I W. Fifth at. b-at - yaara uf aga. J U FRI IT. Enulr.r CooK fllrl bb oak and Co do kouaawork In a amall ramlly or adulia; w waablng or Ironing . gooa wagw. r.o. wogan sr.. Avowist.. I CooK J. RAT, spring Grove sad Mitchell ara. t-neter park. CooK Woman, at a. w. cur, few rent h and Mala. I L I Cm K tilrl. riri -a-1 - rutkrr eta. In buteA. at a. 0. cur. pearl and I It'imK-And U"lnlra w.irk. t tarnutn gtrl; caa go noma at night. No iaa rf ace at COoK tlernmn girl, at -lii Mcviregor Auniim. fli.Mi. N lata 1. ICOOK-'No washing nr Ironlrg. H. No. 5v Race I l ana nurnet sva., Avonoate. T.I nintn anu walnut ata To cook at. ML. CooK In a nice family; good wears, raaoram-o. No. now Uncoln av.. Walnut Hllie. l-HAMHERMAlU At Hotel sterling (MtiK-tllrl. Pearl at. t'HAyttKIIUAII. At M.o.l uir.ll.e r. er F ureal N S.. CooK, Ac lllli to ruuk and do downatalra worn In amall family. No. Z-MA Burnat Taka AvondaUa rar to Mrtlrejor av. COOK. Ac-Whlia girt to cook and clean at ore. no. lizv walnut at lOOK I'olored Woman; beet wagaa. No. Oreenwoud av.. Avon-lala. T.I N X3UU I COOK- Must bo flral-claaa. Call at Park Hol.4. 'ullego Hill. Take Hill and Main car ITNK And housework; no washing or tn.alng: 44 .Vl; good home. No. 112 Fultoa av.. Walnut llllla. t-iMiK-la a eaiall family: good wagaa. No. I4il ataotaon av., vovington. DISH WASHER At H.xter'a Hotel, aavanlh sad ins ata. . DISHWASHER Herman gtrl. at a. a. our. lAOWNHTAlKS WoHK. downatalra girl and cock, al K.'l Windham av.. Avoodale I'l-H WASHER-Woman, al 142 E. Court at. DtSHWASHEH-Olrl. 4-1 per W alnut at . aecond fl'or. week. av.. walnut Mllla. . 4k No. Ill DININil KooM WORK Ailrl. at l-'4 W. Sixth DININH-RotlM WORK flirts, st til E, Fink. DRESSM A K ER First class walat mak.r; alao, a gin to trim; g...d wag as- No. 2144 St. Jamas FINISHER Fiiat-claee. on coals, alao, small girls lo learn. NO. 4 -J Kirs at . third I'W. Q1RI.S-AI 441 E Main St.. second floor. iilkl.-i.ur downstairs work and to with weaning. No. 1314 lee-usl at.. Hills. OlKt-t-To pot In uutald. pocketa; ala-i, girls tu icarii. . .-so. w v . I niru al. tllld J--Ta o, for houaeworb and nurse; good wages. No. KM I lien wood av.. A too. Isle. UIR1.S In extract depart ment; cor. tec,nd and tne bib. wagea 4-1. N. HIRI S For llrht wntk In pai-rr bos factory. ROHERT NEI'MANN. alxlh Door. Commercial Tribune lttilldlna. I (.1IRI- Tr as.lst In flat, at 13tn Burdett a. East Walnut Hills Phone North 2KM U OIRL Rriglid girl from 14 to 14 years old In an oe-...eaoia siore. o. sw v. 001 mei c us. i 1 mum Building. OIRL-To work In a atom; rwte who underatanda EitKllah and German. No. tujd W. Fifth at. ItilKl E..r fruit pantry, with first-.-lass expert e ki mauager at Burnet Huuee. U1RI.S Ten, lo wrap aap: good wagea. R. A JoNES a '... Soring Urovo av. and Alfred at . j.rgena Huliding. UlRIFor dining room, at 4 E. Ninth at. UlRL-To aew tickets on paata; .-so. 1 la t nir.1 at. flnlsrvera til H I - To operate power aewlng machines, also gins to ao pasting ami general work, at Mae-aachusetta av. and Straight at.. Camp Waahlng ton. Q1R1- Hand girl to sew on custom bants: sar go.oq wages ?lo. -T-Tl I 1.0th al. UlRlJt--lo learn In make paper boxee; wnile learning. No. 124 W. Pearl at. OI RL- paid and do Housework, at 1544 OIRI- Expert, need In all kind of circular work mo. IW11 B. Enqul-nr. GIRI.S-Al Room t7. Murdock. bldg.. forth at. 1 nursnsy rrnmlng. RUIgrway snd Harvey a vs., Avoadale 12u Long UIRL In amall family; good wages. No. klvS rtutnnins av., Avonoate. GIKITo work upstairs and wait In dining r-otn Aip!y at 244S Spring Urove av. early GIK1-A good girl In s small faintly; no chit- ir.n; on n..nie; light work ami top wages. No. Fcai v iiKllun. av., avoihisis. GIRLS To leara papar-box making, at 241 Main. GIRL About 14. to aaalat in kitchen In family or cio. . n i-aurei at., r lai a. IjlRI-S For Ironing shirts: new work: good wages; experience not necessary. No. 21 J fc xixtn at. Gllil.S Young glrla. Ai to 17. for light work tart at 4- ou per week. No. Ilk E. Slxta st Ol KLS To I'ne traya la trunk factory . w. I van at. H. WANTED Girl to aaalat with boas. work- No. 1727 Kinney av. fell-.t HOCSEWORK Gh-I for booawork- Klnner av.. Walnut Hills No. 172 felO-at H0CSEW0RK Girl. Flat 5, The Eaaeg, Head Ing road and Pr.ap.ct pace. Avondale. HOISEWORK-aG'rL Hill. Mill at 434 Oak at-. Walnut a;p ara nee ror ctiy sour nor of ina A-rogrsas hoi SK.WoRK-Glrl for light bousework, at luul aagaxins- v v. a. enquirer tvnrrsl av. Hol'SEWORK-Glrl. In small family; n objections to amall child. Room 55,. Gtotui Bldg., a w. cor. Fifth and Race ats. HOCSEWORK G rl: reference. Na Sad Keaa-fa-r la re- Phone North 2X& X. Ho sr. WORK Girt, to do light houaework. at AM Kenyon av.. first floor. IIKNi'H HA Nit Young man, at 212 Walnut st. I old: give names of f rtner employers. $12 I Hoi SKWoRK Girt, at Flat h. Ths Harvey. I Hoi SEWoHK-Wblte girt, at IJU2 Myrtle av., vvainut tin is IioISSIViiRK-Girt. In a wage.. No. nT2b Warsaw HOI'SEWORK-GIH ; lull Vine st. HiUSEWORKe-Glrl; mua work: 3 In family; 44 ps Clifton av.. CI if ion. Mol'SEWoRK- 1074 E. water .Irl or MOCKEWoRK Girl. In siwatl.fa wage. No. Sli Hoi waste av. 11 family; good Prtco Hill. Hol'SKKEEPER Whit wo runs, willing to work. No. l.lal CKspel st.. Wsinut Hills. HOCSEWORK German girl preferred. No. buT Greer av.. Covington. Phorte 771 R Soutk. HOCSEWORK Girt, at 1Jo4 LorusL at.. Walnut Hill. - HOCSEWORK Girl, at S4S Albany It. Arsa- oa te rnott m. t. H0ISEW0RK Girl; no washing or rooking No. ICS Kockeske av.. AvofMAsle HOCSEWORK Girl. Walnut' rtllla. Na liov Harabarg at., Ao apatalra work. Ittit'SKWijilk-Girl, la a small family; HoCSKWORK-Glrl. In a amall family adults.-good wagea No. T2J BtArnct av. Hoi sK WORK Mlddle-ag-d wo Uy. No. 44 W Nlntk sc Hv'iUSEWoRK lltrt: gvavd wsaee. 1 No. 2aa Mesrvae av-. Vtal-uA Ml iiy; No criilren: ni waablng. Call aa th evening at ctwi 1 an av. A la faav- with laundry a. No. auio HOCSEWORK t.lrL No. 2ltl A lass plates. Wal- unt Hills. Pbcaa .n itav i HOl'SEWORK CUi; as washing ar Iron Ing. No. . " I i ttsrvey av.. Avonoafte. Hoi SK WoKK Girl for a. casework aad kelp to the kite a. at nn r. nan aa. Hoi SKWOKk-W hitf girt, about 13 or 14. 10 aaalst dunrvg tat aay. at w. fc-lghta at. secv.nd floor. Hi d SEWOPK Girt, at Flat 4. war av. Phone X. 441 X. 72S K. fUdg. beat of HOUSEWORK Flrat-.-las servaavt; good wages; spply esrly. No. MP Viae at., s.tal fl a.r. HvirSKW'oRK-smail family. Ctrl . good boaa aad good pay; Na. -.SI Vnton av .. A rrovda le HOUSEWORK Gtrl. Flat A n-en et Boitdiwg. cor. Main and Btalr itt . Av4niaie. HOUSEWORK Girl: ao wanning. Highland sc.. Mt. Auburn. No. 27 HOl'SEVfORK ilr. at 414 Croat a ai . Mi nit Hills; V na S-td Norwood car; get off st Eseem HOUSEWORK Girl. Btk'2 Vlra SC " HOUSEWtiRK Good girl. Afty at on NelsoCt pisce. Newpetr t, Ke-. ' wall faavby. buCaaWwaa,-vsood au I. al 4.4 a .a(n EX LP WAVTZ1X Sixth at. TimAJav A saatad: aaportoaod a I Hr;iron r nr . o waafctAac. Ka aa W am. aaara. atiirHara. baalara. kirta al Thlr4 at pa4 rolAmra and laa. aa4 aaaatt a " fvm . on an. ..atom rata. App.y L. at Hit! I,'KJ" OR k x. War Mtaa . Hyraaauro ata. Dow, fc'b aad Hrsr-MBU r. AK TR l'N"ltlttr AKHKa TK rXPCHIL' r.D Hr'HHRM TEALY WORK .11 AKANTEKH ANU tX'D WAUU CALJ. IkARI.V. 114 W. MARL ST. A TAILoREhtfKM waat. lpWarl baad (1'K Put l aaarora. aaraiaa aaarhlaa i aiar and ftrla tn bra eat Una ruaa m aoaia Aptly I. HAT A OA. P-wa l14. U H'.-r. Lifhtk aad rajaa aa. A.-WA.NTKO-A kmdr. about au. a ata to -.-bo popto at a of a hlark-.loaa ai.tpoall Ki ; anould ka of pi p'taaaia.aa arMr-and a Duoal rjararaattuauiliat. A 4X .1 . ta o aaaaiA laadi. mm I . du,a a . Aa"dao HH at. ,,.,.. i. a a al a., ..a 1" a faaally ( , h rklutrM. a-. 4 a4 ksaaa. om a bo rao obit. I C-4 Iji, s Koat tAalaut Hltta, MH.CW.,Nal UlH. aa aataa ar kna aja kttea . k xa-aa hoi Uauiiivau aut M " aood far a at. Ctrl aT a. Kt Waiaot HHia Hoi K Work aocoaal rrl TadAt-Hdato tar faia I r-wA-.N'Tr.iv-fcxPKRT Hr,rfz?Ziczx'- M',miii ';KK:.viJi."T PIHIIN, AD on MKNk rll'll.1 FRIi-l: an a Bi.ia . a rt'M aKVOHb.-4alrl to a HI awf a.u- HoL'fAa;tK-a.rl. ato aAuAraat Ha. lao HOI l(im-kl44 MH a Maik at . K.apvt If at ta B. H-adtaa I b m mm a aad lib haoaMtr-r ob la ad I. 44 i Na auto (uraoa a . nrwo at. ai a tnir01 B .. lirwo V waaa I M.M BrMki.Kii -4Aoad ml ta aaalal. maa aaw- i.B. waanitHi I t Nona aaa K HolHKWi.HK-la family 1. aaao.1 Ha- IKtu W KtAAI. Halaaowt aad Laural a.a. t'ulM,, MIU. !- Park 3 K. ttol'ttCVtoRIC al-ud lrl to aaalat. at IBM kAa- my a. .. aa HtaJBut Hltta H'HAfWi .KK ittrt at kid HmH Hoi St.u...RK-ii.rl. a H'M KipR.-Omii n, wltk raforooxa. aA ""b- a., iuaat Wamat HI ta Hoi MKWoRK-lui aur giaaral aoawawi k a aauvll ramlly: ad atagaa No. 7; llra.swaod r.. aacurtd door froaB atata at A l I EHukK.MuU..r-l lad.. 1. ail. rie,iaiT. Ixuraat Oro a Oadaa. Ataadaaa. Phono 1104 H. HiH AEWoKK-W kita girl, to aaoti W. Aa. ajg Paul Atutid'Bg. Hoi HEAoKK-OJrl. in aaaaU faaally. Na. 444 rtoreaei. s.. AtruawlaJe. Hot:rTWORK Otrl; no waah ag or kroolng . r.rreno. No. aa, Juno at . Aaoodale HofHEWoR AC O Irl. at 461 K enaw ar K ITCH KK WORK Otrl. at Hotel Alma.' LM'MK ,-a-rirsi-cUvae aoturod w i-aan al UI'NilRKHH- 4: apply; at aaT A LNIrHKka Ouud and reliable. Call amftg at laA Flndlay at. stare hers aad aaaxBars, at Ulikert aad 4'Aur-erere art. LAI NliREMa Lady la taka charge of c.ller aepartnwal; must hava .spertanca . go., salary I ana regular smptoymoat. jsu pl . kVroadway. LADY -For candy and rlgar ator a. la Nurwoud. cor. amita not and Mala av. LAl'NDHKnet Kxparlearwd. alia! o. fsr every Monday and Tuoadaf. at Tag Boo IS t Van-cent av.. Avordale. laAl NDRrJAHiat-Ailrla, aa kelp la Baangte room. SI laJ v ins w I MACHINE H AND First-class one en custom pants; one that raa Balsa. No. SAV aV Fwartb t . rloorn 64 MAI1A lir. Holmes' a hospital. E Klghtk sc MACHINR HANDay oa paata. staady work. -vo. tJi r-tm at. NI'RBkV For child Ik montha old. No. asA It-air v.. Atondelo. Telepboae N. 741 H Nl'RSK OIKlAt 1X11 law-wat .t . W alnut Mule t) pewrtter. NO. 9t il. knqutrer OFFVK WtiRK-Young Fourth aa . aec-ind door OFFICE WORK -Orrl as assistant la phyartaa s om.-e; rare t he ace for promotaa. o. zut - I utlbert av. PLAIN UH'KINil-AM light refernco. ao. 43u lAroadaay. I RKitHER on Udkee' work. t c vlngl'Oi. K y. No. U Pike st . 8HOEFITTKR F. r-ladr la flttlcg room w ladtea and m rears flne aV-s k 1'. F.nouirsr v7oo 2."Lri.,:t "rrtr.t?. wr:.!7'r' STKN-IRAPHER-At 121 K. Bavenlh et rars, Msuieoa rosd. HHoE FITTERS- Folders, skivers, general fce.p and glrla to tears, at 1727 Spring 11 rove ev. IIIH iEMAK ERA) Freaaoi a. ' la-ors. clsanVra aad girls to leara. at 2A E. ktatb at. il'Kl H WOMAN At Hotel Larkmaa. at a ace gTOtll K M AKERn Raiwrhfcrraksra. w rapper. binder aad Altar strippers aad atsmaaera, at Ilia Elm at. HAIESIwADY Expertenred la teasAurs. at a. e- rur. sixih and Mound sts ailoEMAK ERi4--oltta In treeing room, at 711 Syraiwors st. - aad inv-king ei'RI'H WOMAN-Fur geaersl hotel wdrk. at 3 Ak'RI'B OlhL-or wonaaa. Seventh and. klm ata at tdueea City Club. 1 STAH.'HER-ln laundiy. at Hotel A lane. Wslaotl Hina 8TENOORAPHEH-Young man, one wfh knowl edge of t -ok keeping iwrererrad. A. J 4 . ha- quirer. TAILi iKESSEI Machine girl to sew la wuiade pockets and band girl to taste eugea oa Aae roals. at 1 13 K. Third st , fourth floor. TAllAjRrUiSEn Ma-klna and hand git la on rua- (ran . steady, work the year round: gouo wagea paid. . a. cor. r iftb and PIubb ata, eacond floor. ToBACin STRIPPERS 411-la; pay shit, bars- ing. FRITZ liKoa , Kacs aad t anal tta. TAIIjORESSES Machine girls to finish oa panta. ateady work. No. n a. Mcaicaen air TAILoP.ESS Girl, to sew oat battuaa aad band Bergs, al f-i Ptone er at. TAll-oR ESSES small glrla to learn. carls to make linings; also. No. 312 Vine st. L'PSTAIRS WORK lrL at 447 B-gsrt av., Avondale. VPSTAIR8 WORK Neat 4 Irl. at 117 UaiAeld pises. I'PSTAIRS WORK- Expei-te-ic-wd ealorwd gtrl reference. Buna Motel. Shliuto aaa Mala av., Avondale. I PSTAIRS WoRK Girt f upstairs work and lo assist la washing fur family ef X parson No o6B Wesley a WASHERWOMAN While waahlng gevd Ironing horse No lo taae 2S C Fourth. W AITRESS At a. a. cur. Third aad t'eairal av. fall early. WoM AN Te scrub and clew a tall aftar s. sa.. 114', W Sevan I l St. WMAN-Ts llvs sa a shanty bosL DRW. rnqulrsr. YOl'NO GIRI,-To nil and label svAilea 1 4 sndd p. m. at AY4 Mound at. Iiil'N.J LAIY-Wiik eapwrWBce Aa the toy bust- TsL 3 K. POB SALE M1SC1OXAKE0TJK. A. BREAKINQ I P rrOrPFKEEPl-ftl? IF AO. f BFFoR" tiiaPoaiNG Op IOI R FI RNIT1 RE. CARrr-l". ro ua. rliut l.HHir feli-T-t'RHS .TlH ART. Ac. WE SV.ION COMMISSION: MAKE UBFR.A.L v CASH ADVANCES: GCARANTEE SPE.T- V ritfl. WL-W1-, a-o. ..a. a. 1 - W . .1 "C O I-1UT w. ,W . 1 c 1 ' nr.. ,a, BV 1 ........ . -' . SPOT CASH. THE EZFKIEl. A HA'RVrlElM, CO . NO. 444 MAIN IT. fell-Stfell. 12.1S ro auxr KiwiXLXjrLovaV. klT-aaod aa a.a Maw araao. taa at m l"t aa a Cal. H01'EH0t.D FURNITURE ANO CFVF.RAt M ER. 'H AN DISK PA'KKD. a-HIPPl.D OR STORED IN EN1XED ROOMS ON REASONABLE TERMS. A. A FIK8T-'XJAA aewdry B-sJ-t ta .a Has or B.UUO; tarwaa roaaonsBA. ?tawspspar aad Job pe)ntlr ofW. la a Iowa of Aasi: laree ctrculatlow . tar va. Sl.aal caah. aaeclal tndw rixv-nta an th rtcnt pwr-.y. . Grocery, rnvoace 44.1ASI: ."ai.ouo bos' nests ha th last 13 arMmtr-s: L-sst bwslTvoas la th city. AA Cr-s. E A 1-4 4, PFTERAOX. R-al Estals Agents. CTBUtlaaa. Ky. f 1 2tTa4e A. NEARLY new Uadai wsoda al 4 Bwt-er bargains ta Resntngtoas. Is"! Pres ilsrs ssj Otlvers; 3 days' trial f-w. We rent etandarl irachtrve. 3 ma, 4V. THE TT PEW R ITER KX. AU." CHANGE. Asa PlysvooTh, at- UMs4. Jall-tf ' a. six-Hole mason range h cawdliloav. cheap, ar w Ml sar Bans for g.a gas rang., sol Orsndvaea sr.. Bailevwa. Ky A- SAFES AassrtBBew at Bra and burg tar BradT. stasdard tnaAre: bedroom as Tea I ' A. safas bought aad exchanged. DAVIA. 414 Piasa at. A TAN COVERT JACKET Srse IB. anldvi-F-aced wuanaa. at' rtAVc. Xa iivib-1 sv Walnut Hlita. felO-7t A FOR SALE 4 roaxa Erv'a astH raaari. tv business, ft AM M. Yol'XG. AVasavah Avenue Hotel. Terrs Haul, lnd. 'eB-tas A. FIVE rasb aad parcel earrtocs Istr Itwev. with abtftra. la aaal anhr. K. A P- VERGES. I-- Vl. Me-ea.h. f-A-tf A FOR jiALE One set tep-aes aad 1 pal linen bbb' a cilml-j-s. kt -4LEnquu r. f-la-7t A. TWO gout se I Mvs, for the right aaansT" Cal at Jut:g Alrew I's A I H .M - 'K i I V. THAVSXI-iSloN GEAR I -.-I as new; coat $5U. leSe 414. S-. - Hawtksara v.. l-nce HIM. Phone V leal - fchslKS Threw, sir; FtIIt of rv-rng ti..l aa4 3 other A. H BARN DOLLAR, hli Vine at. . BARKER SHOP ia good locatkoa. Westera av. " -va at n a aa.M . kAkllKaaA Ko. T', ' ' atia in aut a klkl HI toll - na 'Ot 'a a a . Mr4 Bj t1aTHava-loaa aoa a ta aa k . Li.t XTlHa- laaw Mr ar a R-4i rtaaa gala, ao diaisra No. n.enr 111 " aa Imi b"' nr i aa a.-aa ' it . a- a l- o . r-ua m llAkllt.M H'--raV itM i i. -1 ataad. aauaa bni KXmaubv aaaavai ARarat fr - Too iN . bbi vi-axd. ia lai ta aia t i f at lead. iraaiA. iaba kAXtk1tM04 m aai4 aoaaiai. aa- ' I". U Kl tM A I A . a a Aav kl.Ai k. aniTH MoT iVa f-laa ai. "t.oi. a a A'ABII HAAtaTA R -Satkaa-al to. r.M k.ya No 4jT Iroax at t A yoau-a tiok -aw sot tkt Ollb-rt a . i.t Mllk 1 at N I fARPkTTa a-ial trarrata aad tva kraaa. Na B44 tk' a-aaa at H. rwoa.r, - . H'H KKWoRK-ti, rallabkt girl. Xa. 1ANI NTI.R-I tght foot, for AU al 144 Mrtlo ar. I C.rTM-J 04-tar-. fall waalt-rwt, tai Gltia-ERY-And dally w-a'kei Ivv4 BI"Y.'I V-TISA I S-4 SB BW. Chess If a... Ihs right party. wAd eiaad rhwap I'-r raa w. eoc Bttik a a.. New poet. Ky UAMOLINK IJ..HTIN.I wllb I bajrlaara aad Be K li-art at K'l R a) W. Sixth at . third (base H A R N ES: t ata lata) I a. m t. i ii a it aa a tt Hot HKUtoKa. -i.ii. aw rwaiaf . 44l I lTHl-a.M aad aowM aaa a. loaa. ar . Aiiaat- I laiiiaa 44. oaUM A3 a MM i aoa, i. . t.a aa . P9 a y aa. mil aw. aa iad at llMW-rma w.k ital ratf. 1.4 f raault , 1 11 w Stalk at I , m H fbood a. . n TVaoaao. a. t I NAia-iait. i-a too; raa. aAVaaa. at oa Or IB OA . Bra. a oo. fiat uu ad-ao. o ta r-winat; awly oara I wta Na. Bxa) tk a-aut at . bat f aad ta a w CUI RAt-lM-iaaibaal Ca't alm a 4V 1 raajrao. raoop to. roob i H A IU M K. Cta.K aToV fcV Aad koatAa a -a. a. al 4-aj W 1 .-art at ICtit NTHY BTtiR IC-RaaiA-ar. 4dk. I-.WM1 aaay. V . kt. I -haei-r. ky. 1-Al NokKAMEta-BIBxrhers oa col tare, ruffe and !" at --Va MaiV..a. . Nwf .tri .11 . aae.a-l.ra. an aaora. ana, 1 t'liTHINtl-A suit -I gaol's - a, aaa v - aa 1 a-a I fvrea SI Horo OA . r ial R. ruaga white, b, -wrat -1 (arm . fAaa I I ASM RKOIrTRR-Aad katr aatareo. aiMti'a aa4 I aw out aret-riaae raaaw I OARPF T4 Too terna laooatiy Ifaaae riga. "o. aw --srai o. mlmm kt rlmt ribta.1 No III K Fa ai ni.ririBironc young wonaaa lor oa. u,i NTtka-Tana. ata. 4 awaae emtio, e. aba we I nr. worm al lb. iai.a i.n.o,. - . u,a- . . - - i . aw-avoen w a ( . rii.iu 1 , 1 1 a aa AR M wi - - I la I' vf iR aiaav sw u . t . 1 I . . , . . . owd un abort al 7 A-I days thte weak l-aowo Para luu H I - Minuwaa tut tar ktrla. avangka girls. DIAMOND .T I l A israial. a bargaaa. g-we 4 No OQ4 w nr at lRI ! Tom kV - la a geewHsa bawa ed now p BBIAoa. go.e4 keamle-a. aeillaa oa ai'ooa4 1.1 kaollk I M J. law tk 1. See et IiRI Kg -reae1ful blwo alia deeaa a a 4e Poae a. aiae 44) to aa So lxo Uaai aa ri kVITI HK-tBAWwt keleed wna mir.-or. la saal nmiiao. 44 far b- a. N 74B W F.gbia N'I'RSE OIRIe-Expertenced. lo ears lor Aafaat. I FCRN1T I R K iMaliaj T court. Avesvoale. I e-.s at are fr aa. t ptoew. Tr:.".." rra ,,r DFFII K WimK-Youn, lady .lib eipeswo. la I Fl RMTI Itf.-of a Bl, fWMe 4a I a 4 I : . 7'r " ' ao.irewalng. aung and nrMtl omca worn : on. I meme. ta ceatrsl ian or rtt f Aw as A addreoalng. kllng and getaajal ofTice work; oa. DrtKMiMAKKH-Young girl Lo- aaalal. al Lu&a I ana aomo kn..aleoga nf the health premier I Nm'h si w tin soma knowledge nf the Health praaaAaf i en Ira l av., rial a art. g-aa a aw Aat I OR n 'EH Y-Fret- la.a. c-a-Wer sloee . a IIKINDSTOXE Skid. ei.pleAtasw. aes.w HAS HKATEH-CiWop. aa have wa aae far It. at llal f. ewe bv . 4-ast ".Blast MH t;i a' ART - Vt Ith allh.w ha4 : vary Save. No 21"2sl Hu'St B . Mt Aal-ein ItAWoLINK SToVE Tw bwrwer; anawssl li. 41. N . Bo I .a oral st OHAPIIopHoNK-kttaon. ar wl.l eaihsata ll i-f raaat-r brake Id yrb. AD FKEY. 11$ F cWr a:. UA RADIATOR -With rwldwr boa alia ha rue healer No bll Vine at ooat WAiHiN-Fino aad ih-ap. at laaw Uiavd- stusvs ar Ul'.V-Fine Heruingtoo. eye-ir . latiarM lar- Tr R larinMN. IJta-ty lnd TAUXiREjASES Flnlaher and anarhlns gtrl to 1 QHn'fKf Flrat-cla-a .mm aland. avatewT, -4a-. wora oa cow is. at ii-i s- nuts ei.. nun ns. i gant host news 4il.TKH A im, lUata aad SHOEMAKERS Glrla to irara lo paste aqua res; aain aa. lay whlls learning. No. 412 A- Court St.. topioia'ART- Vt ita dr . la. k sad Irual. chew p. at rssje, over carnage iacaus-y . A a Its te eat wf light aprtng vara ha-we-a. with fly art; prVsa $7 Aw. eaat 4JU No 114 Mas at. HARNESS I -oa!4e set alser awanTed rwrrtag. fcaenewa. 44; 2 ea tags ssaV-s. $4 sack Al At I I CUMING. IIZA JarBaoa M IHoN H ED And sprtaga at FVat 11. 14 4C Bas er.! a at. IRoN HKIsS Tare . with aarln-e and slnwwrl new Flat 3H. At. laager pasta I PSTAIRS WORK Girl Na T W Indhasa If , I IMu.X MEAT RACK-About faa, fcawg. far wai Av.artale Tel. N. l.M R WASHERWOMAN Fo Monday an I Tl steady work; anno but first -class aad apply, reference required. No 4417 Harvey a v.. Av -on. Isle I 'hone North 147 X. W'ASIIEKWoMAN-Horieet, while tody amall family. fall la tba evening a Vaion av., Avoadale WOMAN About l. to aaslet about houee No. WA W Liberty at. fa- - cs, r has a st 47 psrtl at-, third Aae. n IN I lUToR- Pralrte atata. a ews Ka 4Zt W. :tghib at I -how. V 7JI I N.'t 'HATtiR -Cipbees. at 214 Y piltb st JA. KA.T- lady a ta V eey chews, at Jaw-Bet. s-sud SB . Ninth st . as set JAt'KKT Fins raaeet etolh acke4 . an. nast a 4a . will aoli far 4. gi No Ion 4 fhsf I . KiNhji Itllla 1.1 M il AND 11 KTKk gTAND 41 Fatquirwr LADY S jAi tun; will sou lor 4A I aa Cowrt. LA 'Nt' If Him iM Aavd kabses. csairatlf baraied Bad doing ana basins ee. g asd fiasaai far aaAl' lag J ll M. Enquirer LAMPA-Aia 4 4 -nee Haavphrwr heat la g-.-4 c-wditfcras: aMiiag a accowat at aawrtag. ,va 4-A K Pearl at LA I NI.RT- rAiwrt am 4t I -lloW Ll Ni'M MT A N la At C. la lasciBi a trsae oaviwete wllb all Ootiax g-nd I iv . iHwugaHd. tea I LIT ll njH A Pri a iwiwesr snd r .'ian fas r- i ats; ar wtu laae portawr. MH HALL. Aa. qulree. LA M P-Al . 4 eh ap Mat 111 K4 MILLINERY ATotH K-Aaas-4 aad I I area . gaa laralAaa, vary tlaa DAY. Xeetla. 1 salo OVA'RfoAT-A ill Al nail IB. pre-e 43 74 Na tM OTBTFR RAY Aad aswall f-e tai ss ww war has oil Fnqulrer, OV CklflAT- Balls Imed. it wmew at tail F-w. e OVfRunT-l la hi weight. fa lilt ,Va -. Ceatrsl a. am s-'t j r m. tr FRCOAT la gad l.arnt a w . will ar naalAwaa- .'er-l wan. g ' n rar wars aaa ar art see. Nw Sll W Ae-ree.ia it . tbl-d gar OV K.N Patskoe; rAewp 4ar lash. ut I t. w qatrer. . A'.ItiUVT Hslil" Woe a aatly a tea tl else TT 47 414. A .ft. Ill -- Tsrtf. si PATENT MEDICINE ANAII 14.15 Msla st. R:FH.KKATt.K-An- kne IBlnstna a v A v on 4a le i- tot. rtasa, al PHOVOOH APM-A-tve-a. m ,s torre Bora and re r rv. a a .as- aut avaefc a; . Bass. A. LAW. i.v. 1172 W. laloerty at. 'W" aaat w" ToH r.kTI M. FI'RNITI'HK- Priweaaa a. gaa renew, w baas 1 . . a lady. No. SJ V. I ' .Z. ewansalad bad. awew -aa a. .aj.-w B 1 iv. 1 at a. atiwaw-Taka-a Wwaa, I i ua at 1 1 a at Ywt-4 aa ta I sa L ! ttitti TaLf 4Bi. 4al Tr -.-- a. iota) at r. - a-fW I 0- a oa-Ta " a .,a a!. a. A ! -at 41 a a p.i.a r -r a LA, r ituti. kie.Larapaai.eM l-attaa.Va 't I g yT t.i e -- ua g . aAV KHlai'lsa iv-.a. 4aPt a go a- . I r x hi h Ba a.ti- A Nat.. . lilt IkU . . t-a t an akoav a- M -- ata a. a I - aiatk Mat 1 earaaaOMB a t ! t aat aw ! 4 B ax A M oad O eka A aaa a-a I rankaa h4, ii'iA 44ny waaa a. 414 at a-e.k 4wa. B.MaF-Taiw la a a wa-. a-a a awp Ml 0 i.a a M a M ld a i. 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